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So yeah, got a second source on this now: Andromeda was shelved. Some of the work being moved to other things, though. Trying to learn more.
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Fuchsia, a separate project that you are all aware of by now, is not dead and effectively serves as Andromeda's spritual successor.
Andromeda was absolutely real. It was Android-based and sought to bring Android to different form factors. Google was preparing hardware.
Hardware like "Bison" laptop, Huawei Nexus 7 tablet, others we never heard about. Assuming all shelved this point, but work won't be wasted.
Fwiw, one tipster says there's still a laptop "Chromebook" project in the works. Could be Bison, dunno.
This is disappointing. I was hoping to see a big generational leap to Android software soon, as we haven't seen one in a while. 💔
Desktop "Convergence" remains industry's quicksand. See headstones of Ubuntu Unity, Windows Tiles, delayed Play Store on Chromebooks.
It's not been a good year for any software called Andromeda
Mass Effect was a disgrace
I thought Fuchsia was Andromeda?
It absolutely was not.
Watching competitors (macos+ios) I can understand a reason to drop the project. But I really wanted andromeda to become true.
By the way, with andromeda being dropped, I pretend the obnoxious and ugly Fuchsia to be dropped too (i hate that scrolling view)
I was really looking forward to it