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Pathetic… even Apple is promoting workaholism now. Check out this ad for their Planet Of The Apps show.
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is... is that real? Please tell me it's fake.
Yuk. It so isn't.
Isn't always like that?
Absolutely not.
maybe not promoting but I guess that's always the culture in Apple.
The culture getting you to think that is part of the problem.
I can't believe Apple would put their name to this – makes me sick, especially being a relatively new Father.
Sir Richard Branson is the best.
Yeah, but you have to #grind #grindneverstops #247 if you want to be a #baller CEO, right? #hustleHard #fuckingjoke #slavelabour
As someone that has stayed up for 5 days straight I can tell you it's possible to grind so hard to you damage your body permanently
I don't think Glastonbury and pills counts mate.
smug, Glastonbury and pills? nah bruh wish I could take performance enhancers Im just telling you as someone that has the abilityto notsleep
Great news!
If a mother said this there'd be a fucking uproar.
The irresponsibility of it all. Some people just shouldn't have kids. Once you do, that's it, your primary responsibility is set.
I can't think of a good reason of why they thought this would be a good ad. And for Apple Music??
Thats ridiculous.
Oh man, that's wrong on so many levels. He'll be so confused when his future teens rebel so hard his head will spin. #notworthit
We are doing this all wrong
What do you mean by "even Apple", wasn't Apple always about making the greatest products through forceful workaholism?
For the CEO who starts his day at 7 am at office, this is not unexpected. And for the money they earn, huge sacrifices for sure!
Tim starts even earlier, not the point. He doesn't have kids. Also, many Apple employees have a good work/life balance.
Really? If that's the case then it's amazing! 👏🏼
Imagine if he didn't take the "risk" - him laying on his deathbed whispering to his kids "I wish spent less time with you & I made that app"
I really don’t get people who say stuff like “never not working” as if it’s something to brag about.
this can’t really be the intent right?
I work smarter so I can see my kid more. Sometimes it costs me easy money but that's a risk I'm happy to take.
If “That’s a risk you have to take” were instead “That’s the risk I choose to take” the ad would have a more palatable message.
This is a joke, right? I'm all about the hustle, but this whole grind-every-waking-minute-of-your-day sh*t is getting ridiculous!
It's crap and completely unsustainable for the broader majority. There's a lot to be said for working smart and maintaining balance.
they have a fancy bldg to pay for...
Hey, @dhh, something you might enjoy.
I don't have a black and white stance on workaholism, but personally I wouldn't destroy my family over this.
please.. get the marketing team in their leaches.. this is gross.
if I'm not mistaken, in the first episode he said his family sometimes had to live on rice & beans because of this 'risk'
Noo.. really? That's insane. Guess I'll have to watch to confirm the madness. Thanks
This is disgusting. The fetishization of 'hustle' meaning you can't balance your life is nonsense.
The reason for that giant doughnut is so employees never have to go home, right?
I've not created a product, I've not been a CEO but I would say he's doing it wrong. If that's a risk, it's one not worth taking
But to be honest this smacks of "I'm better because..."
don't be dramatic jason
He's not being dramatic. It's a real tweet by Apple promoting that founders should choose to spend time on the biz vs with their kids. 😒
Even more confusing, considering that most mobile apps fail badly.
So people lose both their money, and time with their family?
Guess you didn’t see all those Apple employees “joking” about “no sleep till dub dub” for the last few months. (And every year.)
Guess you don’t remember, when Jobs came back, talking approvingly about all the cars he saw in the Apple parking lot over the weekend again
I remember. Not a fan of that then or now.
I wonder if that comes with creating such a big monster.
And the podcast where Apple managers talked about how it was expected that they be on call every hour of every day, incl. vacations.
Every startup I’ve been at post-Apple, every one, had vastly better work-life balance than Apple.
This is where I want to make a snarky tweet on how at least Apple pays well.
Wow, really?
Heh, I haven’t gone to the crazy startups, so I might be an outlier.
The quote is wrong anyway- it should be "I rarely choose to see my kids..." His choices are keeping him away-not some other force.
Yes. It's his choice. But it's marketers choice to reinforce this aspect of culture through further promotion. Self fueling cycle.
Yep-agree. I was commenting on the fact that using the word "get" implies that he feels he is not allowed, when in fact it is his choosing.
Right that's how the psychology of conformity works though I guess. Choices aren't choices they are default expectations.
Made in Eddy Cue. This whole show has his signature. ;-)
Workaholism fits the narrative of sacrifice and valor for a greater good. It is a lie. Just ask any kid whose parent chose career over them.
I tried watching that show, but had to turn it off after the first escalator ride
That’s pretty disgusting.
Why would this even sound interesting to people? Maybe it's just me, but I think it will be much cooler to say that you combine work/family.
(No comment)
Hey, fuckwad — don't have kids if money is more important to you.
Normal isn't working!!! Yea, this is pathetic.
Noooo. What is this trash?!
Dangerous sensationalism and blatant disregard. Don't like.
Bet it was the production company. Apple new to the game. As an entrepreneur & father I find @AndrewKemendo tragically misguided.
And all for a 3 star app review..... Even with 5 stars he still would have gained the world but lost his soul.
... and by "ultimate reward" they mean creating a successful mobile app and not watching your kids grow.
On my way to steal his girl
I have two kids and an early stage startup and I can say - this ad is a bullshit! 😡
Serial entrepreneur, on their death bed "It's all been worth it, I die knowing I have truly changed the world" *shows kids a 3D Lay Z Boy*
They're not even his kids
I just hate that the story takes away from the (potentially great) work that people are doing... this whole show just makes no sense.
BTW did you (ever) post your thoughts on GaryVee-style business motivation? I mean, he is literally one of the coaches, so no surprise here
I see eye-to-eye with Gary on most things. Fundamentals. But we definitely have differences re: trade-offs and sacrifices.
Not too familiar with him aside from a few videos. His Twitter bio says "Family 1st!" though...
He does set time aside for the family. Most of the time he travels home to spend time w/ his children, and head back out once they're in bed
He also says that when he was single, he'd work all the time. When a gf and family came along, he had to readjust things to have a balance
this is really grim and I have to wonder how his wife/partner feels... send that man a copy of The Weekend Effect.
Equating overwork with success = bad business (& bad life). @basecamp succeeds w/o this mentality.Attaching a wee reminder for this dude!
I hope your app fails and you reconsider your life choices
It's even worse when this mindset passed through to factories workers. Those families don't even have a choice.
Wow! Crazy and that is an app to communicatie with your partner... With this app you no longer neer to zee tour kids our spouce! I do it too
That is not a risk. It is a sacrifice of a treasure you will never get back.
Wow, It's so hard to believe this is an actual ad.
I wish it was fake.
Don't see the big deal here. It's this persons choice to do so. They are simply quoting him, not advertising the lifestyle.
That’s the only thing he said? Of course they are advertising it. They chose the quote and put their logo on it. It’s a promo.
Respectfully disagree. They are promoting a show, not a lifestyle.
No. By choosing that quote, they are promoting and romanticising that lifestyle.
Sure, but you get to choose the values you're promoting for the show. These values are disgraceful.
In your opinion they are disgraceful, to others it's a valid sacrifice to achieve a once in a lifetime opportunity.
the chance to fail and have your children loathe you 👍👏
I have a friend who plays basketball over seas and rarely see's his children, but its a conscience sacrifice he made to better their life.
Right and if that league made a poster like that they'd be endorsing that value tacitly.
They dont have to make a poster. Any USA resident who goes over seas knows the sacrifice it entails. Im done talking about a non issue.
Appreciate you're done. It is an issue at some companies though. My point about league poster was rhetorical to give analogy.
I agree it's a problem. Not a choiced I'd make but lets not fool ourselves in thinking sacrifices arent made when starting your own company.
True. I think issue is MOST people by % over working/not seeing family are NOT business owners. They are employees.
Yeah totally agree on that.
You can't be saying that the person creating that ad has zero responsibility in picking WHICH quote to use for promo. That's a choice.
Well interestingly by Apple showing this guys words it led to everyone discussing this topic. Otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it.
What is the risk? Risk of losing the kids? @Apple should be ashamed!
Please tell me this is a joke.
nothing is worth that risk. grow up apple
… Work/life balance went out of the window here. The price of success :/
😢 let's hope he doesn't regret that in the future
If you are not going to take care of them, why have them in the first place?
I don't understand the backlash right now against workaholism. Why are you guys all imposing YOUR values on others? I don't get that.
Can't event tell is this sarcasm? How is one side more forcing than another?
Why are you such a coward you can't imagine people standing up for something they believe in ?
Someone high up at Microsoft once told me that people won't change the world by working 9-5. It was very alarming.
"I forgot what my children look like, that's the risk you have to take.."
No comment. This is from @garyvee 's book. Family first.
As a person with kids this just make me sad
So tired of that narrative. Life's too short to be so frigging one-dimensional. Work is not life.
Ewwwww. Not something to be proud of. 😠
Irony here is that this is a promotion to get people to waste their time on a universally panned ripoff of the Shark Tank infomercials.
That quote is quite literally one of the worst things I've ever heard someone say. Geez.
It shows you what some people value and in the end love more.
Sacrifice to create something that will benefit the world is one thing (health/poverty/education/etc). His app=furniture shopping? Whoopee!
You can only be at your best, creative, and truly inspired to work for a few hrs each day. Good life balance increases ur high output quota.
I always call it doing a “cameo”-bringing my best in a short amount of time. If you’re connected with tech, no reason for 70 hr work weeks
Cameo. Nice one. How about "HIIT training" for work. Carrying on and on w/ low intensity work is a recipe for unhappiness and poor results.
The rest of my company's dev team works 40 hours a week, except my team, we still end up completing everything on time or ahead of schedule.
My team works 6 hours a day 5 days a week, unless they want a day off, then 8 hours a day for 4 days.
even if that wasn't true, fuck our american worship of work
How not to like a post like that? A broken heart would do...
That is disappointing since they were known for their ability to say no and focus.
That's so sad for Andrew and his kids :(
They want you on a Soylent drip feed
Being a Dad this is a daily struggle. Pressure from everywhere to align between ambitiousness and to be an engaged father.
Where’s the pressure to be “ambitious” coming from? And what does that word actually mean? And why can’t 8 hours a day be enough to do it?
Company culture creates the standard (ie: after work meetings, emails sent all hours of the night, company phones).
Ambitiousness for me is an internal struggle. Doing whatever necessary to provide while not missing moments that make me a good father.
May be helpful to put the word “ambition” aside and instead just do your best.
Change the culture? Or, likely easier, find a company with a culture fit?
Or just get good at saying "no". I've got 3 under 5. It's realizing no product or service will make your family respect you anymore.
Your best isn't sustainable.
The way the deal is presented is, if you put in more than 8 hours you'll rise up the ranks. If you do just the 8 hours you'll earn well...
But will more or less stay in the position you are... Because you aren't demonstrating the desire dare I say the ambition
That's something employees have allowed. If the meeting is about work should be inside the work hours.
The thing is with that they've created a competition between employees to see who is more decided to dedicate their love to them.
Their life, sorry. And so, they have a lot of employees working overtime (sometimes for free) to eventually have a higher position.
That will soon be illegal across the EU, and I'm happh about it. One thing is being on-call another is doing remote during vacations!
My only answer to all that is bad management. Try harder to manage my time better, give me better workflows and tools, I will do that... 1/2
2/2 ... In half of the time. There are countries where overtime is forbidden (ex. Germany - where is very hard and expensive to do them).
One night at 10:30, pouring rain, my former boss called & asked me to go to the business & see why the alarm was going off.
I told her that's what the cops are for. She also tried to force me into networking nights and even going to church with her.
A company culture like that will only continue if too few resist the poor work-life balance. It's not sustainable for person or company.
A business that can only survive when its people work 16 hour days is not a viable business.
After work meetings are missed, as I will be elsewhere (gym or archery lately). Emails are answered in the morning. Simple life. Happiness!
But we, the people, create the company culture. Which means that we force behavior on ourselves and others, not the "culture".
Leadership sets the tone. But yes, it's up to everyone within the org to define.
Turn off the phone. If you're not getting paid for it, you're not at work. Regardless of remote/office etc.
My greater ambition is to change the world by raising my children to be responsible, caring adults. That trumps any software product for me.
Ambitiousness is internal and we already work longer hours than we used to.In some countries its even illegal for boss to email after hours.
8 should be enough but the hardest thing is to actually work efficiently exactly when you need it.
Demand for constant connection. I can't cut my phone off. I could lose my job even on weekends.
Being Dad is priority #1. Everything else should serve to facilitate being a Husband and Father.
That's not limited to Dads.
I hate this popular message, gonna enable a lot of rich but unhappy people down the road
I'd rather spend time with my kids than create an app nobody will remember in two years.
But in this guy's case, the saddest part is that he's giving up his life for something most people have never even heard of.
And, everyone should code cause it's not like the trades aren't needed to build offices space for them.
protestant work ethic at work
Sickens me, workaholism should be fought, not promoted. Kids only grow up once.
Now imagine the person making that statement is a woman.
Ewww, that’s so gross.
If I only had spent less time at work - deathbed wishes
Yup, bullshit. Everyone needs to work smarter not harder.
I'm sure he'll feel good about that prioritization on his death bed (possibly surrounded by no one).
this is a prime reason why this show and idea as a whole is inappropriate.
Not a risk, but a loss.
Years from now, on his death bed, curious if he'll whisper, "You know, I should have worked harder..." #thatNeverHappens
Increasing the divide between user and developer-imagined user story. This is bad for the entire industry.
Andrew, at his death bed: I... I wish I had worked more...
yeah, eff that noise. my kids are my life and my work is just work.
Thanks to you and this tweet, I’m gleaning a treasure trove of totally level-headed entrepreneurs and web folks to follow. ❤️
Though I don't agree with the message for myself... I find it very ignorant / harsh to judge the work/life model of other people like this.
I’m not judging him here. I’m calling out Apple for promoting the behavior on a large scale. It’s not a PSA against, it’s an promo for.
Employers encouraging loss of social life, vacations, etc.? Eh, personal choice. Employers encouraging child/family neglect? Not OK.
In fairness, even if that guy actually said that, he needs to take a serious look at his work-life balance if he thinks that's okay.
The sad reality is if they don't "take that risk" maybe they get fired for not being involved enough with the company or their future.
The is the most disgusting ad I've ever seen. It's really unbelievable.
Unbelievable. How could someone read that and think it’s in any way healthy or good.
No, that's a "risk" YOUR kids have to take. It's not their fault, you choose to have 'em, now fucking look after 'em. Think kids are toys? 😡
Single parent devoted to kid: I rarely get to bleed myself dry for my work. That's a risk you have to take. glad I took it cc @robinoula
For real!? So sad.
Yeah I don't wanna be successful badly enough to be a bad father.
Tell me this isn't real. "I'm lighting my kids' future on fire because I'm a selfish jerk who thinks my meaningless job is worth more"
an entrepreneur sacrificing everything for his dream? gee, i bet steve jobs would be outraged.
Sacrificing everything...including his family? I don't give a !%!%!% what Steve Jobs thinks about the relative value of someone's life
this is not a new phenomenon. entrepreneurs, visionaires and mad scientists have been doing this forever. we benefit from it.
Oh, I know. I get it. But for me, personally, I think anyone that would sacrifice their family for business is a complete and utter bozo.
fair enough. i'm not going to judge (this time) but i don't have that sacrificial zeal.
This is one issue that gets my sanctimony into overdrive. Thanks for indulging me :-)
And, yes, that goes for Jobs. :-) I don't like my iPhone more than I would want him to have a great family life.
did y'all shame Apple into deleting that tweet? seems so.
What's the point of working that much?
Wasn't that a common practice during all the history of Apple?
i generally wouldn't dream of criticising someone else's parenting, but
You don’t have to criticize the individual - you can call out Apple for promoting the message. They’re an amplifier.
probably better yes but JFC. "that's a risk you have to take" is incredibly depressing
The real risk is not being close to your children. That carries over into Adulthood. Not truly repairable later on. Poster says understaffed
Workaholism eventually means un-wellbeing, work-family interference, low-quality products too
It is so ass backwards. NOTHING motivates you better than building better future for your family.
Its a disgusting statement but is Apple promoting the idea or the quote of the guest on show?
They chose it and slapped their logo on it. It represents.
Its controversy to get people to listen to show, sure, but its a step too far to say they are pro-workaholic.
All signs point to them being pro workaholism
Child: "Hi daddy!" Andrew: "Hello um *wtf is her name...* Susan?"
Also weird to call this a risk when it's clearly a sacrifice. Risk implies you can get that time back.
This cannot be real. I hope Pair shows up to the nursing home and his death bed to comfort him when he's 90.
This cannot be real..
Gross. Family first, always.
But if you don't have kids it's fine?
I don’t think it’s healthy, period.
I knew I should have added a sarcasm emoji.
which one is the sarcasm emoji? :D
The family is being destroyed by selfishness. If you don’t have time for kids, don’t have them and propagate bad parenting habits.
Unfortunately work addiction still seems to be one of the few socially acceptable forms of addiction.
Totally agree with you. "No success can compensate for failure in the home" -David O McKay
You say that like it's a new thing for AAPL.
Reframing ... "I rarely get everything done before I leave for the day at 5 or 5:30. That's a risk you have to take."
'We'll miss you, dad. Just wished you'd have spent more time at work' said no obituary ever.
kids are not financial aspects that you risk. Such disappointing culture and attitude.
I don't have children but work/life balance it's what matters most.
So much wrong with this show and everything connected to it.
Awful. You work for yourself SO you can have the freedom to be there for kids.
I measure success as being present for my kids, making memories, having them feel supported and safe not by the perceptions of outsiders.
I remember that hospice nurse who said the greatest regret is normally how much time they missed with family, never I wish I worked more.
Work is an important part of our social contract and providing good lives for our families but balance is essential.
Totally worth sacrificing your kids childhood to make the world a better place by creating an app to place virtual furniture in your house.
That's not a risk. That's total failure. Hard to believe that went through lots of hands before showing as an ad.
That's pathetic. And unnecessary. It's the rationalization of a selfish adolescent mind and a shitty parent.
That’s absurd. And an error, surely. No one sensible signed that off.
This is a truly disgusting, sorry excuse for an "ad."
Yeah and promoting workaholism is not the same as throwing light on it... better they should avoid topics that make Apple Apple, right? Pfft
Is it an ad or is it a cry for help from the marketing team?
…and chasing money over being with your kids.
Now I understand why more and more people invest in #cryptocurrency. 1-2 year and you free from chains. Damm.
What do you mean EVEN Apple, all of my Apple friends know there's no time for family life.
That would be a risk if you could get those hours without your kids back, so no, it's not a risk, it's just loss.
How is not seeing your kids a risk? It's a loss you can never recoup.
What the hell is this bullshit
I'm up every morning between 5-6 to dress and feed my son, and I do his bedtime Friday as well. I schedule work around family. No regrets.
8 hours are day are enough if work smart IMHO
I don't even understand this ad...Why "rarely see my kids" is being called a "risk" ??
'even apple'... What?
is this seriously real - I can't believe how fucking awful this is
These attitudes span the entire programming industry but are most highly concentrated in "startups" that just fetishize this sort of thing.
Likely coming from the origin stories told by long-time industry workers about work conditions in the 70s and 80s when ppl raced to market
Though "build it or you're fired and we're bankrupt" is NOT the norm anymore, these attitudes STILL persist, even with new industry workers
You job is far less likely to change the world than being a good father.
Bit of a problem in this industry being expected to put in a solid 8-10 hour day then go home and upskill in the latest technologies
Agreed. I'd never hire one that doesn't have time for their kids: tells me they can't prioritize correctly = big red flag (esp in #prodmgmt)
It's insane to me that in the '70s there was talk that there should be a 4 day work week. Now somehow working yourself to death is a virtue
They will climb the corporate ladder and realize it was leaning against the wrong building
Sad, nothing is worth not being able to see your own kids
Get 3 months free on Apple Music this Father's Day… oh wait
After the divorce that shit gets a whole lot easier, bro.
Reminds me of a They Might Be Giants song.
Is it bad that I don't see anything bad about this add?
Great, more kids growing up without parental guidance or attention. That hasn't turned out poorly for Gen X at all...
When did Apple STOP promoting it?
What disappoints me most is the "risk" is against the kids. Being an absent parent isn't risk, and it certainly shouldn't be praised.
Yes, it is not a risk if you have already lost
Nothing is more important in American culture than "me, myself and I", which is why we lack charity. We neglect our kids for careers.
Ugh. I hate this culture. It's toxic and debillitating.
I'm not a Founder of a digital company yet, but even when I would work 60-70 hours a week, time with my family always came first.
What could go wrong?
That's awful :(
Sorry but if your missing out on family life just to work a few more hours your doing something wrong....
Maybe just maybe if your a partner or CEO in the firm...
But if your just another working stiff no way
On top of that, Apple's campus doesn't offer child care which is just shameful, paired with this message. You won't see your kids for sure!
This is not right.
🤔 I'm curious if this is a reality for Andrew from the add or this just a promo text?
he actually said that in the first episode!
well, he could tell this for looking "hardworking guy" or to show his "commitment to the job". But that could be only "public promo"...
The funniest thing is that 1 day before that episode Apple Announced AR Kit and his business model now is worthless.
He was promoting that he has the best AR System on the market, but after Apple announced their framework this is not going to be the case..
Lol 😂😂 now he will have time for his kids!
Otherwise, what's the reason to have family and don't have time to see this family? I guess, it was exaggerated self-PR.
That's a.. joke, right?
100% BS. It's called time management, and being a good father. Ugh I hate this narrative people try to place on entrepreneurial life.
10 years from now which option do you think he'd regret more? #perspective #Idquitfirst
Work to live, don't live to work.
prisoners have the same problems. prison are far away, take overnight to get to, it's not easy of bus...
Pretty sure Apple always encouraged workaholism.
It's tough to balance at times, but I know I won't look back and say "I'm glad I spent all that time at work and not with my family".
Maybe that's why MBPs can't wake from sleep anymore without being rebooted.
He need to grow a pair
the original Mac team had shirts that said "90 hours a week and loving it!".
This is the definition of misery!
So sad. This & praising ppl for working constantly while on vacation - it has to stop. Ppl are working themselves sick & for what?
Is this for real? This needs to be parodied ASAP smh
Thinking that business is a more worthy pursuit than family is one of the great failures of our generation.
"If you want to change the world go home and love your family." - Mother Theresa
Been there and missed my kids growing up, believe me it ain't worth it.. Regrets now 😢
What part of “90 hours a week and loving it” didn't give that away a long time ago?
You and @dhh are forever heros to me, smart and not greedy
Could be a comedy show?
Worst thing is that this mentality is mostly driven by the hunt for VC-money. Not to cure a disease or actually improving the world.
That's just sad. Amusingly, it's pretty much what early Steve Jobs did. Neglected his own daughter for his business.
Don't get fucking kids if you prefer to work
This shouldn't be "a risk you have to take." It's bad for children, bad for marriage, bad for health, and, ultimately, bad for society.
Give your kids up for adoption if you want to be successful
Rarely seeing your kids is not a risk/path anyone should have to take. The saddest part is, I'm not even surprised this is a real ad.
What a depressing view of the world. Also puts huge pressures on the other parent. Apple - creating functional apps & dysfunctional families
In this context surely "choice" is the more accurate word. The "risk" is the damage to his relationship with his kids & their other parent
planet of the apps & selected judges = terrible concept. must not watch TV for me. and now promoted with this quote? seals the deal. 🙄
this would never happen in Sweden! #moving
i wanted to re-tweet this but it will just promote this show more :/
Rarely seeing your kids is stupid as hell.
Building apps is really serious and noble
Dear God, I have a hard enough time getting enough time for my family as it is. I work to live, not the other way round
Global scope demand with ever scaling delivery rate increases to move from idea to realization are literally killing work life balance. :(
What's actually being said: "I saddle my partner with all the childcare."
Seriously. Who is taking care of fam once his "quality moment" with the kids is done & he shuts himself inside his home office?
Apparently a lot of people who make iPhones rarely get to see their kids either
Sad. And it's not even accurate. It's not a "risk" if it's the actual situation. It's reality
Apple is seriously uncool. At least people are waking up to it now.
Agreed. Never heard of a father looking back on his life and saying "I wish I'd spent more time at work". Fathers - your kids need you home.
I'm taking my daughter to see Wonder Woman tomorrow. If I don't get rich, that's fine. That's the kind of risk you have to take.
Whenever I hear or see this stuff it makes me deeply sad. You can always make more money but you can't make more time. Childhood goes fast.
Maybe he has shitty kids.
I'm sure the kids will appreciate your risk when there all grown up and have no memories of there pops being around but
Don't blame the kids later, when they don't know about you or respect your authority. Their priorities are all messed up.
It's promoting the identity of "app creator" over the identity of "father". That's what sad.
With already cooked lies? You change like a cameleon.
Not getting to see your kids as a risk? I don't even have any and I can tell this is BS.
Completely pathetic.
Apple has promoted workaholism for 20+ years.
Who do we know that would fit in to that culture?
what do you mean? Apple has always been quite pro-workoholic.
"my kids will grow up to be sociopaths HOPE YOU LIKE THIS DATING APP I MADE"
Damn... I want to start a business, not leave my family.
Did you also take that risk?
What 'risk' is he taking in the first place? - this is jibberish to me.
I prefer this approach
This is why I freelance. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my family everyday.
Whether he's wrong or not or whether Apple is wrong or not this thread has lead to a good discussion of it.
Weird how this is framed as a personal "risk" and not as a burden he is placing on his wife/significant other (to be the primary caregiver).
this ad is so cruel with the words "rarely" and "kids" together, why not "I rarely get to see my friends". same effect, same message.
This random developer they interviewed, who doesn't even work for the damn company, doesn't represent apple. Stop jumping to conclusions.
Pathetic. It is consistent though, to their work philosophy.
They only quoted him because it's a profound thing to say, and will attract viewers. Not because they agree. Basic marketing.
At Apple they take for granted that employees should be at their disposal 24x7.
It's not a risk, it's a reality for most working citizens in this country. Vile, disgusting.
I have a dodgy looking carton of milk in the fridge, I'm just gonna make my friend drink it because it's a risk I have to take. Poor me.
This is epically gross.
Completely agree with Jason's comment. Wrong message Work life balance critical.
Sadly, it's totally aligned with Apple's corporate culture.
That statement is pure failure. Working MORE shouldn't be admired. At the end of the day isn't it really just saying you're inefficient?
Yay capitalism and companies wanting to milk every drop out of their "most valuable assets"
After reading through the comments here, I never knew how many perfect people there were on Twitter.
Wrong on so many levels. F the work. Children, other f&f, experiences > work.
Yeah that's pretty messed up.
The company of Steve Jobs celebrating being a shit father is hardly surprising.
The reality is that there's only so much one can juggle and very often people drop the ball on family since they'll put up. Not cool Apple
this was the guy who scammed the panel saying there wasn't Computer Vision talent available on earth so only them could make their app LOL
Work-life balance is an individual choice. None of us know what his motivations are, what he has discussed with his family.
Thanks, Jason. I've run into a number of millennials who regularly work 12 hours doing accounting, logistics ... sometimes weeks until 2 am
Now, there's a dude who got "the hustle" all wrong. No, that's a risk you don't have to take pal.
That is NOT living nor a risk anyone should have to take
Yea do I want to miss out on the important moments for an app people will forget in a week?
became one of the world richest while having family dinner daily. An app company is no excuse for not raising your kids.
No thanks. I'll take a different risk - betting my kids appreciate their Dad's presence more than they appreciate anything else I create.
If that's the Apple way, how come their products have been so terrible lately? 🤔 #shotsfired
It's funny how the people on the show promoting their startup were not even developers. The two said they out sourced their devs.
You probably see rappers talking about their own struggles as "promoting gangs/violence/drugs" too huh?
Got to be a spoof?
"Workaholism."....passion, passion is the word you're looking for.
And by "Apple" you mean the intern who made this web ad graphic that was immediately pulled, not, say, the Executive Committee of Apple Inc.
Maybe Andrew Kemendo is almost blind and just has a hard time seeing anything.
Nobody wonders who is actually looking after his kids...
Imagine it was a woman. She wouldn't be considered ambitious. Just a bad mother.
Isn't this the Apple DNA created by Steve Jobs in the early days? Wrong then and wrong now but not surprising. They have a #KoolAidCulture
I turn my work phone off at 5pm and refuse to reply to emails sent out of hours. It's a choice. I choose family and my wife and kids.
It's a very stupid badge of pride.
It's really sad that a lot of people think they need to forfeit family life to be a successful entrepreneur. I'd argue it makes you better.
what a fucking joke... except it's not!! Someone should put the person in charge of that ad in a full blown headlock.
they took it down, but i said the same thing this morning when it was posted
Also, this is just cheap no matter which side you're on. Would of never expected that from Apple.
We are talking about a company that set nets outside their factories to cushion to blow for potential jumpers due to being overworked
My respect for @jasonfried has upped by several notches.
Put in context by imagining the kids in 20 yrs: "my dad wasn't around to raise us b/c he was making it easier to avoid going to Best Buy"
If you rarely see your kids, that's not a risk. It's already a reality.
Silicon Valley doesn't really like families. Partly driven by millennials choosing to start families later.
A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. Mario Puzo, The Godfather.
At the end of the day the team wants to go-to the bar. Sorry, my family is more important.
This. Is. Not. A. Risk. This. Is. Our. Era. Madness.
Good thing he has a wife to take care of the home, kids, probably a job where she makes $.75 for each dollar a man would make. 👍
Not seeing your kids to live your work dreams. Goals.
This is such a sad thing to be proud of. And for what? Sacrificing your relationships for something you'll inevitably regret.
Invert this to see how bad: Single women of color are maligned for raising kids w/o father. So why OK if Dad absent due to his ambition?
It dosent start at companies but is perpetrated. All nighters start in college, trade schools, code bootcamps etc...
I totally get the work life balance _imperative 💯 but recognize the privilege of that opportunity—not having to work multiple jobs/ rufhours
Absolutely, but that’s not what’s going on here. He’s not barely squeaking by w/ two minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet.
Agreed. However, the larger convo about work/life balance needs to reconcile the struggling experience of many.
Seems more like a cry for help than a marketing ad…