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Education is a huge issue in the US, look at the student debt, people are loosing their job and cannot access education, yet many companies
Including @amazon are struggling to find the diverse skilled workforce they need. We need a new college that provides high quality education
To the most. That's what I started 2 years ago. It's a program training software Engineers. Blind admission process, no upfront tuition
We end up w/ a diverse group: 40% women, 50% POC. All walks of life: teacher, musician, cashier, high school graduates, poker player...
They end up working in Tech companies including prestigious ones like @NASA, @Apple, @LinkedIn, @Dropbox, @creditkarma , @nvidia
The education brings hard skills for immediate need -> a job. Also train student on learn how to learn to continue to grow -> lasting impact
Also diversify the "Tech industry" with a non bias selection process. We need to solve this discrimination issue quickly for a sane society
Yes to fixing the “tech” industry and education.
Yes! Let's continue the conversation by email:
Check out @Code2040 - diversifying tech today AND strengthening economy long term
Can your program be instituted by other groups? Would love to see your curriculum
Supporting this x1000 <3
Ed/student loan debt. Agreed. I'm trying to put my kid through her 1st year & still paying a big portion income on my own loans
Jeff: check out my organization @humanutility + you can help poor families in the United States with their water bills.
In places like Detroit and Baltimore, when you're too poor to afford your water bill, the city-run water companies shut you off
My organization @humanutility uses data and crowdfunding to get families' water turned back on.
Our software platform intelligently subdivides donations and applies them to whichever bills would get the most impact
Where "most impact" is defined as getting someone's water turned back on, preventing shut off, and/or saving someone's house
Saving someone's house comes in b/c in Detroit + Baltimore, you can lose your home in tax sale/foreclosure if you don't pay the water bill
Lots of poor families who own homes get caught up in this and it contributes to displacement, blight, and exploitation of the poor
Some families have lost their paid-off homes they've lived in for over 30 years over water bills as small as $362. It's a travesty.
endorse +4,693
millions spent on many areas of health but #Dental care is neglected, REDUCE cost of dentistry by focusing on eliminating dental cavities
Eliminate caviies> Mass Apply Ag Dia Flu - cheap, easy, non tech — STOPS cavities> cheap filling reducing need for complictd costly dental
Can be deployed at a mass level akin to campaigns focusing on diseases like malaria Make deployment simple & cheap & u have global impact
Can you elaborate on this or link a resource?
Silver diamine fluoride be painted on a tooth (dry & paint) to treat dental caries — techniq simple that even rural healhcare workrs can use
70% of US population can't access dental care because of high costs - If we are able to stop cavities by a simple method we reduce the need
For costly dentistry - or maybe the person would have gotten the tooth pulled This way we stop loss of teeth and the burden of $ dentistry
I have dental problems daily and no money to fix them, it's ruining my life. Great idea!
one ref to the topic
Advantage Arrest… is still limited to dentist - its definitely possible to reduce cost and mass distribute + awarenes
Setup AWS infrastructure and data centers in Africa. We can take it up from there and help ourselves.
Seriously, African innovations can bring a lot of Africans out of poverty. Free AWS accounts for 3 years for most African startups will help
This is such a great idea Victor!
Do you know any startups who could use credits? Which startups would you give them to?
😂 I will start with mine - then our new project Seriously, there are too many to fit 140
Awesome idea. A localized AWS instance is important as African govts get serious about data protection. MSFT already caught that.
About free credits. We are waiting for our 1K AWS credit from YC startup school 😃. And we don't mind more haha. Company is @Adroyte
can we do this? Let me know how I can help.
Are there African startups 'suffering ' for a lack of local hosting? Also, did AWS get rid of free Tier for a year plan?
Pls check out - all storage on AWS. Blockchain secured UBI that doesn't rely on taxes but free market forces
Project UBU
UBU Core - Universal Basic Unit
We'd appreciate one
What he said
+1 this will definitely help a lot
Yes!!! Awesome idea!
As long as you can still help those racists at Brietbart, I'm ok with any help you can give to the poor.
Idea: stop advertising on Breitbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
How about not giving advertising dollars to Breitbart?
Or paying your employees a living wage?
Re your philanthropy effort: Education. Programs that teach tangible skills, grades VPK - 12. Mentoring. Second langage is mandatory.
Please block Amazon advertisements from the Breitbart website. Your lack of ad dollars for them might break them up for good @slpng_giants
amazon isnt going to lose revenue to make you happy.. get over your small minded self
How about u stop advertising on breitbart
Stop advertising with brietbart.
Stop advertising with breitbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
I can't think of a more urgent here-and-now project than not advertising on Breitbart.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. It's harmful to America.
Stop promoting hate. Stop advertising on breitbart. From an amazon prime customer.
An org devoted to making sure in 2 yrs every eligible American is registered to vote by setting up centers in communities across the country
Hey an idea would be to stop your ads on white supremacist websites. Cldn't get much more "here & now" than that. And I cld get prime again!
Urgent Need idea: Protect Americans' eyesight from fake solar #eclipse glasses sold through @amazon as real @EclipseGuys ISO CE certified.
Pull out of Breitbart thats a start
:chiedo di fare qualcosa.Un rifugio per i bambini che vivono nelle fogne di Cittá del Messico e di Bucarest.
Stop helping to fund Breitbart w/ your ad buys. Sleeping Giant has asked u repeatedly to stand up & be counted as someone vs hate.
Jeff, the first and most useful thing you can do is to prevent Amazon ads from showing on Breitbart.
2200 advertisers have blocked Breitbart. 26 remain, including Amazon. End this.
Breitbart’s Traffic Plummets, Advertisers Flee Under Trump Presidency
Stop advertising @amazon on Breitbart and supporting their white supremacist agenda. cc @GrabYourWallet
DEFUND BREITBART!! Stop advertising on hate sites, or nothing else you do will help.
Stop advertising on news outlets that support Trump now, particularly Breitbart.
Stop advertising @amazon on Breitbart. It's a site that whips up racial resentment, causing social division.
Solution to racism as the #BlackFamilySolution 1000 investors 100 yr trusts at $50M a yr in 300 markets at #2017BlackFamilyReunion
Dear Mr. Bezos, I suggest you withhold @amazon Prime advertising dollars from Breitbart, which promotes racism and hate. @slpng_giants
Pull @amazon ads dollars from Breitbarf, a site that radicalizes Americans into white terrorists.
Please stop advertising @amazon on Breitbart. Cc @slpng_giants
Pull your ads from Breitbart. Done.
Stop advertising on Breitbart
I have some renewable and free energy ideas that I'm afraid to submit because of their could back me with your funds
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Protect the last reserve of foods "the oceans" Doing that with innovative Radar in innovative drones ,
Why does your company support Nazis Jeff?
Fund a teaching lecture series on US history 1865-2017 - the truth about reconstruction, Jim Crow, mass incarceration.
The biggest problem is we are ignorant about this part of history since it is not taught in depth in school.
Correct information = power. If people are shown the repeating pattern resulting from public policy, it can spur change.
Stop advertising on Breitbart maybe? Seems easy.
#DisruptiveEating can defeat #obesity n #overweight prevalence here n #HPP ed Indian food is the key, people are hurting, contact us
so how does someone get in contact with u
indoor entertainment center
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Its about $9 lunch or dinner Vs $15 pizza meal for a family of 4~we make #Healthy Eating easier n tastier #obesity
Want to take a short-term action with long-term impact? STOP ADVERTISING ON BREITBART!
I am high school stdnt, trying to improve road safetyin India. I run an organization called
Streets are discourteous, noisy, and fatal and I'm trying to help change that. Would you please support my cause.
With your help I want to setup Amazon Audio-Visual help centers to educate masses on empathy, respect, and patience on roads.
Get Amazon to pay proper tax: sure way to help the poor and the sick and the needy.
Right now, a Museum of The South, including a section for Civil War (monuments, statues), would be a good cultural contribution.
Dump your Breitbart support. Please join the 21st century.
I read ur bio-ur terrific & will figure ideas! Keep laughing, I luv it! Saw u on Martha w/gadgets! Been ur customer 17 yrs. Walmart bad pkg.
90K deployed troops get stuff via US airmail only. Troops/taxpayers pay$100/care package. Amazon sea/land & direct from Eurasia. Cost = $2
Well, let's see. 1) Defund Breitbart. 2) Figure out how you will help all the people, primarily women, losing their retail sector jobs.
Do not advertise on Breitbart. Please @JeffBezos #NoNazis
Give socks to the homeless. Doesn't seem like much but it can make a difference in a person's day.
So many little things we take for granted are a BLESSING to those in need. I got DDS to donate an entire carton of sample toothpaste. 🌎💕
Easy strategy. Stop advertising on Breitbart. #StopFundingHate
If Amazon would stop advertising on Breitbart, that would be a good start towards making the world a better place.
Please stop placing ads on racist fake news breitbart.
#Amazon could stop advertising on hate site Breitbart. @slpng_giants
To make the world a better place, stop giving advertising dollars to hateful "news" sites like Breitbart
Please stop advertising with Breitbart.
How about disassociating from @BreitbartNews completely? Now that Bannon is back, and out to destroy you & AMZN stock, why not pull the ads?
Stop advertising on Breitbart. 👍🏼
Why in the hell is @amazon advertising on BREITBART of all sites? #cmonman
Stop advertising on brietbart.... that's do wonders. @slpng_giants
A good place to start: stop funding Breitbart with Amazon ad $
How about cleaning up you Ad buys and removing anything that supports Hate , bigotry .....
Addition by subtraction: stop amazon adverts on brietbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart
I'd like to you support the ACLU.. but if you elect to give elsewhere, perhaps you could just quit advertising on Breitbart. That'd be good
Stop supporting the spread of hate & misinformation through advertising w breitbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart!
Stop advertising on hate websites like breitbart and info wars, or running any ad content on fox or sinclaire affiliates.
You can do more good by doing less bad. Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Please add my vote to the more than 500K others who are appalled that Amazon advertises with the horrific Breitbart News.
Why don't you just buy #BreitbartNews? Everybody has a price.
Suggest @amazon no longer advertises on Breitbart's website. Both you & the company are better than that.
Quit giving ad revenue to Breitbart
You could start by ending your advertising on Breitbart.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. #BoycottBreitbart #TrumpResign
Stop advertising with Brietbart!!!!
Helping teachers with student loan debt would ease stress on our educators and show appreciation for the work they do for very little $
Stop advertising on Breitbart. That would help our country tremendously
lobby for universal basic income in a public and open way...😂😁😉
Pull all funding for Amazon ads on sites that promote hate, starting with brietbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart!
Stop advertising with Breitbart! I have a prime acct, i order often & i have other accts linked 2 amazon but ill cancel. #StopHate
my startup is out to save 120 tons of books from landfills in 2018 and redistribute/donate them. Kids get books for free. Chat?
Please pull advertising from Breitbart.
Stop funding Breitbart w your ad $$$
So many wonderful ideas to support. But sometimes the way we best impact the world is not just what we do but what we don't do. 🚫Breitbart
Stop sponsoring Breitbart. Defund hate!
Please stop @amazon from advertising on Breitbart.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. That's a start
Stop funding hate on Brietbart. Of course you know this, but you're a greedy little f#ck. #HateFinancers #BoycottAmazon @slpng_giants
Please save the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Texas from @realDonaldTrump Border Wall.
should stop funding hate. Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Stop funding hate by advertising on Breitbart.
I need a list of all other people who advertise there! Resistance will boycott n call them all we took out Mfg Counsil DEATHCARE
pls Sir if u can provide this list we Resistance will work hard to finish them! Thx deb
Here's an idea: stop advertising on Breitbart and start supporting anti-fascist causes.
Pulling advertising from Breitbart is a great start in making the world a better place.
Why do advertise on be Breitbart?
Give homeless people tiny homes, see if they had a home, with supervision, could they keep it and get a job?
Stop buying ads with Breitbart
stop advertising on Breitbrt; Redistribute all your money
How about @amazon stops financially supporting hate speech on @BreitbartNews? Is that a simple enough idea for you? #NeverAmazon
You could stop advertising on breigbtbart? That would help the world a better place... Prime member for yrs, this will make me cancel.
Fight the alt right!
Pull your ads from breitbart. Give that money to @splcenter
How about you stop advertising on Reich-wing hate sites like Breitbart? #DoBetter #StopFundingHate
Dump your advertising on Breitbart.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. #ENDWHITESUPREMACY
Please stop advertising on Breitbart! Insane.
How about ending your ad placement on hate sites like Breitbart
Stop advertising w/Breitbart!
Speak with your pocketbook strings, dear amazon. Pull advertising from fake and malicious "news" sites on the internet. Breitbart maybe?
Here's a request: STOP YOUR ADS ON @BreitbartNews. stop giving hate a voice. @amazon
Stop @amazon advertising on hate-site Breitbart! You could immediately make the world a safer and kinder place ...
Here's an idea: stop advertising on Breitbart.
Do NOT support Breithart! Thugs.
Circle Ranch/Van Horn is near and dear to me. Please quit Breitbart advertising.
stop advertising on Breitbart
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
for a philanthropy strategy, how about not advertising on Breitbart, or does your company openly support racism and zenophobia?
You could pull @amazon's funding from Brietbart. Just a start.
How do you feel about helping a public school for gifted students in Brazil?They are need of robotic room support and
Support with equipment, financial, Legos and computers
Please contribute to our civilization by stopping all advertising and association with Breitbart. Thank you.
PLEASE stop funding hate media. Breitbart News is divisive and xenophobic. It promotes intolerance in speech and behavior to our children.
URGENT NEED! #SaveAlfieEvans! PLS HELP! Diagnosis & treatment needed for Alfie! @Alfiesarmy16 #Action4Alfie #AlfiesFieght #LittleBlueWarrior
Please help #savealfieevans! Can NOT have Charlie Gard repeat! Alfie needs diagnosis & treatment ASAP! @Alfiesarmy16 please help
Withdrawing your Breitbart advertising is a good start 👍
BIG DREAM - buy 58 acres of inspiring land in VT to heal people NOW with the joy of farm animals: Goat Yoga/Cows/Horses/Donkeys/Chickens.
Animals and Mindful Practices have the immediate power to bring people into the present moment and heal themselves and the Planet.
Audience - low income inner city kids from Boston, only 2 1/2 hours away, children and adults with developmental disabilities and veterans!
I envision Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra for an amazing healing experience in the present - The only time that heals.
Inspire others with those Teachers that have inspired me. Heal others with the animals that have healed me.
Stop advertising on @BrietbartNews Jeff. It's really not that difficult.
Yes, stop funding Breitbart. Sad.
PLEASE. Stop the advertising on Breitbart. They perpetuate hate and your customer base is VERY diverse. Easy fix.
Help survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence heal and find justice by supporting @TheJHF @ENDTHEBACKLOG @NOMOREorg 💙💚
STOP ADVERTISING ON @BreitbartNews Won't order anything from @amazon until u STOP.
Stop all adverts on Breitbart immediately. Hate has no platform.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. That's the best thing you can do. The good work of the Washington Post doesn't eclipse your funding of racism
Stop advertising in Brietbart. There's an idea. Funding Nazis will not help anyone.
Pull your @amazon advertising on Brietbart and stop fuelling the hate they spew.
Find supergenius GE Diamond down in LA colossal disruptions in healthcare (addiction, autoimmune) defense (deterrence) save tens billions!
Stop advertising on Breitbart.That would keep money out of the hands of racists, antisemites & wh nat'lists who r taking money & hc from us.
Don't support nazis and white supremacists. Pull your advertising from sites like @BreitbartNews
Here's an idea. Just stop supporting the hate site. Breitbart. You are one of the last ones that is.
Still looking for here and now strategies to make a difference? Discontinue supporting Breitbart with advertising dollars- now.
Stop promoting hate speech. Drop Breitbart advertising now. Otherwise, we will boycott @amazon.
Have Amazon pull its ads from @BreitbartNews -- don't support hate; don't support a propaganda mouthpiece for this administration!
How about the idea that you stop advertising for media that exists to promote hate speech? That's s good idea!
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Removing your advertising from hate-rag Breitbart would be a really good start.
Your superpower is technology. Technology is change. Change is people. Work with enablers to deliver tech to citizens. Change will come.
I have an idea. Please don't advertise on Breitbart, the propaganda arm for white nationalism.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. That's pretty philanthropic. Just out of curiosity, why do you continue using them? Ideology? Not marketing.
Mr. Bezos my grandpa was a Nazi ,I loved him very much.One day I said opa why did you do the things you did?He said he had no
Choice.I said what do you mean opa?He said if I didn't do the things I did you would not have been born!I said to ops there's no way anyone
Could make an American harm mothers and children. And opa I love you very much but to me it seems it isn't that important that I was born.
One other thought would be to help grow nation wide. Stop powering the hate of Breitbart & support all workers.
Ops died the very next day we buried him back in Germany. Where I also buried my father. So Mr. Bezos what could be more important than that
'Gap-breaching' children's learning in at-risk communities & the rigorous/tangible support of their teachers is my life's passion.Plz help.
Pull @amazon ads & affiliate links from Breitbart. W/O that revenue, they're out of biz, decreases propaganda in wild. Much better world.
I cancelled my Prime mbshp because Amazon advertises on Breitbart. I will gladly sign up again if Amazon stops funding hate.
Stop advertising on Breitbart. #BoycottAmazon
Quit funding Breitbart
What no one can wait for: Health, Hunger and Security Logistic capacity of Amazon : provide emergency products in areas where nothing exists
Hey, how about you quit advertising on right ring websites like Breibart?
Dump breibart
Here's an idea: STOP advertising on Breitbart & ANY Fox program!!! I haven't shopped wth you in months & wont until you do the right thing!!
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Stop supporting Breitbsrt pull your adverts please
Stop advertising on Breitbart? That'd be a good start, Jeff.
Ditching Breitbart would be a good start - use those dollars now, like helping to stop the alt right destroy Charlottesville
Stop funding Breitbart?
Partner with us: create jobs for women in rural India. Women spent income on educating kids. #shortterm #lastingimpact #womenonwings #jobs
Queen Máxima supports our work, saying we're a wonderful example of helping people make a better future for themselves and their communities
Prime member for nearly 10 years, now considering canceling until you withdraw ads from Breitbart.
Restore Ft Stockton, last stop b4 Van Horn & most historic town in west Texas. Archeological dig to recover St Gall and Comanche Spring!
Stop funding Breitbart for a start.
Start by pulling your ad money from Breitbart, the loudest and proudest nazi platform in the country.
Did you read my suggestions? Pt.7) oh and buy @Uber @travisk become business partners to deliver @amazon packages to #primecustomers or sell
How about an NGO providing western well-paid teachers to public schools in developing countries?
See this: The Rez infrastructure needs a fresh modern re-think. EMPLOYMENT, housing, food, transpo, schools, etc...
Thread of what it was like to grow up on the Navajo Reservation here in New Mexico
's tech project for #refugees: production and distribution of microSD cards filled with critical legal asylum info in #Greece
Bring electricity to Africa, using only wind and sun. Every materials need to be 100% recyclable.
Stop funding Breitbart. Stop advertising and funding hate! #StopFundingHate
fights human trafficking in Albuquerque, the city of your birth. They would love your support!
Idea: take breitbart ad money and 1. donate to build food banks in less fortunate areas. 2. Help children whose family torn apart by trump.
can change the way Aussies think about sun protection and invest in game-changing cancer research #ChangeLivesHereAndNow
Stop advertising on Breitbart.
Stop advertising on Beitbart! We love the WP.
Lake Atitlan sewage system is a project that is ready to go. Most important impact investment in Guatemala.
Posibles Soluciones (eng subs)_.mp4
(no description)
It is not a wrong approach, but the scope of his words is worldwide and somehow many people also need help and end up asking for personal
things and the purpose is endless without a goal. Imagine an unemployed father reading this news and thinking: God heard my prayer!
And you do not get what you requested, it's more of a frustration that this person will have to live with. And there are not few in the
world.The ideal is at least direct to where you believe it is necessary, education, health, drinking water ... where the
United States, Africa, countries in civil war, Latin America, Mexico ... where, directly, NGOs ...
Stop funding Beitbart
Support the protection of Galapagos from the predatory fishing fleet sailing just outside of Ecuador jurisdictional sea.I can tell you how.
be santa claus and christmas send to all the kids of the world a pencil and a notebook 1bilion kids 1 dollar pencil and notebook
Mr. Bezos,my philan. idea invol. a strategy 2 provide immediate assist. 4women who unexpectedly lose their jobs&income b4 becoming homeless.
I'd like 2 help the homeless but also 2 help prevent homelessness where possible. I'd be honored 2 meet w/ U 2 give U in depth details.
My idea helps here, now&short term.I'm local 2 DMV area&wld make myself your convenience.I think this approach has its pros & cons.
Finally, pls feel free 2reply, DM, &/or otherwise contact me if you'd like 2 know more! I look forward 2 hearing back. Thank you, LaWanda
Land restoration in low income rural areas in the developing world? Help farmers/families with food supply and local/global environment.
Education can change a life. With our school expansion in Africa, we now need 2 school buses.…
Buy woodland to use as a residential skill development & activity centre space for young people released from the secure estate. I'll run it
Unfortunately that's what most think. Mkt gap is risk capital. Large VC-like investments in transformative ideas and social entrepreneurs
What about refunding your customers when they don't receive their order, even after A to Z guarantees that did not work ?
I'm sorry about this. What information was provided regarding the denial of your claim? ^GR
Proposal to utilize Amazon's wide reach to bring people together to contribute to our global communities with urgent and immediate needs.
buy homes, gift life estate to disabled people, ill people, unhomed people, upon passing, life estate is re-gifted by the charity
You could stop advertising at Breitbart, to make a positive statement about the intrinsic value of every human, a concept they don't get.
Can you open Whlfoods in Hudson Yards NY? Developers sunk $23 billion in one square mile. It's either you or Trader Joe's. Who'll be first?
Deliver stress/trauma releasing technique to masses via open system empowering person/community. Results: profound interconnected love.
how about tackling student loans industry. The govt. cant support it and companies (incl. banks) have tried and failed
investor search to revolutionize online sales
When people die, their digital foot print stay during years (nuclear plants). Detect it. Reallocate resources & save the earth. Contact me
Invest in mathematics and fundamental science. Create a network of scolarships worldwide. NOBEL created a price. Do even better ! M.M.
Connect mid income families with low income families to provide groceries delivered. Passionate to provide software startup to do the above.
20,000 or more students living in the greater Seattle area may have #dyslexia or other language-based learning difference.
Dyslexic students are often unfairly and inaccurately labeled in traditional educational settings as “slow” or “lazy.” #dyslexia
Without help, dyslexic students have lower graduation rates, lower job earnings, and higher levels of unemployment. #dyslexia
Dyslexic students need specially trained teachers & multi-sensory teaching that helps them learn and excel. #dyslexia
The impact of specially trained teachers & multi-sensory teaching on a dyslexic child’s future is profound and life-long. #dyslexia
is a critically needed resource within the state of WA. Filling new campus to capacity. #dyslexia
A health care system for your own employees.
We build self-sustaining kindergartens in refugee camps, training mothers as teachers, keeping kids off the streets
Home | Early Starters International
(no description)
Perhaps you might look at bioZhena's Mission: A HEALTH TOOL FOR EVERY WOMAN
Good morning Sir. You could help pay for my tuition and accommodation. From a Med student in Nigeria. $2000 is all I need
Have you ever read something as crazy?! Jeff you need to take a look at that! Your assistance is getting crazy
Stop letting breibart in your ad program
1/ Feed starving children, our future, and the elderly, society's most vulnerable, in every country Amazon does business.
2/ Addressing hunger would have both immediate & longterm impact. Imagine India, inner US cities. Leverage Amazon infrastructure.
create buy land create edible landscapes so people have access to free food.
give out small business loans to people in poorer neighborhoods so they can create jobs.
fund adult literacy centers.
use Amazon's advertising budget for Breitbart to fund tiny homes and rehab for homeless people.
I want to create a digital media lab at my library.
Streets are discourteous, noisy, and fatal and I'm trying to help change that. Would you please support my cause.
With your help I want to setup Amazon Audio-Visual help centers to educate masses on empathy, respect, and patience on roads.
Buy or start a drug company to make a full array generic drugs and sell them at cost.
Use Amazon power to help millions "access to affordable health care" - this is an "urgent need" and will have a "lasting impact".
Amazon "Contracts" with healthcare providers, to provide healthcare at reasonable costs to, as a starter, Amazon Prime Plus customers.
"Job carving" opportunities for people w/disabilities (PWDs), including Vets, whose disabilities impede "traditional" employment. #PWDsWork2
Recycle all the boxes from customers instead of letting them go to landfill. Have drop back cartoon program specially in August.
Drones in Tanzania, put to life savinf missions
+@zipline & Tanzania announce 🌍s largest drone delivery ntwrk: 120 drones, 2k daily medical deliveries to 1k+ clinics
Jeff Bezos / Amazon
Teaching people life skills. Introducing people to living their lives to the fullest. Teaching people to Serve this universe too
Please stop advertising on brietbart. That's a good idea!
Solve the London housing crisis
Fund educational programs and incubators. There's not really a "now" solution. Work today to make a better tomorrow. Educate the world.
Apparently, people responding believe that if they post enough tweets in a row they will get your attention.
Hi Jeff. Please do anything, everything you can to help the people of Houston. #GodBless
What about creating a social enterprise for small and artisan mining!? I'll help!
Create a simple system which ensures no one goes to sleep hungry tonight, anywhere globally. Possibly use leftover food in homes / eateries.
if you are looking to make a difference in the present, stop Amazon from advertising on Breitbart.
Really, the best thing you can do for people is show them the door to success. Only they can walk through it. But you can show them how
DM me so we can talk about solutions. Pro bono to start
You should think abt the welfare Bihar, India.It is the most backward state in India.people of bihar, India will always respect u & remember
I think it's about time someone took the ocean pollution and a drive against this. Something for long term and need of the hour!!
You're welcome!
I'd love to help you Jeff. Follow me and DM me. I'd be a great asset! 😅
Can i have $22,000,000,000 please ?
Admire your leadership. Stop @amazon's advertising on @BreitbartNews to stand up against white supremacy and the alt-right.
Nice typo catch, Bezos. When is Amazon developing the typo bot catcher?
I give you to do anything for India.
For doing better
Mr. Jeffry. Is thinking about welfare or income?
Reiterating my invitation to sit down with you for a coffee and to share thoughts and best practices.
Has been very appreciative of your incredible philanthropy and dedication to aiding students in STEM with a passion for space.
We love you when you give more. Keep it up. Stinginess helps no one.
are we still on time to reply?
It would be really great if Amazon would abandon using Bell Pottinger as a client for their ethics and racial campaign in South Africa.
Here's an idea, denounce breitbart, trump, and the altright. #Resistance
Please help us open @OUTERSPACEsea a space-themed indoor playspace for kids of all abilities located in West Seattle! #localhelp #kids
Would you be interested to know what the trigger is for serious illness. Medical science will never make the link in a thousand years. DM.
I got a better idea Jeff, Houston.
Any effort that extends beyond your own fortune to spread wealth more equitably will amplify your impact. Suggest integration of others' $$.
It would be really astonishing if you would let the public decide on which philanthrop acts to work on. That would be profoundly democratic
Tamanho da área protegida na Amazônia liberada para mineração por Decreto presidencial dessa semana
Hey Bezos, where'd Nancy Pants merchant go? No recourse, no appeal, no explanation. Destroy a young man's business. How compassionate
Amazon drones dropping bottled water off in Houston and other flooded areas right now would be amazing. Looking forward to the future.
If the government gives us regulations for the drones we could but they didn't
Too bad the idea of philanthropy is so unnatural to you that you need to solicit strangers advice on how to do it.
Jeff ji what is this,only huge thanks,come on at least you must give Amazon gift cards to every respondent.
I need to get in touch with you .
The Texas hurricane and flood victims would be a great place to start #HereAndNow
Direct as much help as you can rn to Texas.
Can you add...... GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE? we need that NOW!
The homeless and the mentally ill need immediate help.
very helpful? sure? what about my case that pending since 126 days and no one respond and i see no help from you?did you remember me?Maen!!
Maybe have a day or week of Amazon purchases donating money & you match it?
business idea venture : make your own tvvitter?
Philantropy should foster entrepreneurship (social) and competition (among ideas on how to help). It also needs a currency.
Revolutionise education and knowledge in 3rd world countries with green technology. Like using solar powered ecover readers for kindles.
Thinking of some new web platform to help people in something?:)We know it's your specialty!Have you created a think-tank for this, to join?
Thank you for inviting your customers to give back with you!
Find a way to get involved and help solve the #water crisis around the world - technology exists today, need to find better models to scale
Koi na @JeffBezos bhai thank you bol kar paraya na karo. Bahut paisa tumhar pass. Tanik baat diya karo #philanthropy
Jeff Bezos - disruptor of retail and the 140 character limit
You are seriously one of my fav people that owns now 2 of my fav stores. BUT, come on with the Breitbart ads. Start there!
Give back to small towns where Amazon is putting people out of work. This is the right thing to do.
It's nothing it's a lay up 💁🏽‍♂️
Pls support Basic Income. As robots &giant retailers make jobs &businesses obsolete, this wd be fair& humanitarian thing to do.
what did you decide to do?
I wish someone who could help my situation with just one big donation to my go fund me page for my hubby! Still praying for a miracle!
Most Philanthropists focus on 3rd world. Would be great for you to help immediate poverty, schooling, literacy here in the USA #philanthropy
You're welcome. 🖖🏽
Please don't get bogged down with the overwhelming need.try to remember that sometimes Bad things happen to good people natures order pray
You're the best. Holy moly, we need jet packs, too. All weather reports say warmer oceans, stronger storms.
Thank You, Mr.Bezos!!!
Please accept our family blessing
If anything were to convince you to acquire Twitter, stats on that tweet should have
“I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.” – Abraham Lincoln Sir: just do your best, America applauds
"Here and now" I could visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. everyday in America and create smiles, I just need financial support
Established USDA
Number 1 for 2017 "Here and Now"
American History
Accolades; TIME Magazine US and International Editions, endorsed and autographed by the President Trump
Sir, pls consider Echos for blind students! I use mine in class but wish so much to send each kid home w/one. Think of the possibilities 🙏🏻
So it's OK for my villa in Miami? Or a 1 million Amazon Gift card?
It was a pleasure I would also appreciate a visit at our FC (Ory1) it would be a honour
Keep #Galapagos in your mind. Protect the #Galapagosmarinereserve from predatory fishing
Is it too late to send mine? Ex Amazon employee 👍🏼
Help create a program to teach others how to get out of poverty so they can pay it forward. Sometimes it only takes something small.
Organization that helps the homeless through running it teaches job skills, budgeting, clothes and self esteem. BACK ON MY FEET
lets make the world good
Looking fwd to more support now: and Logos School of St Louis; "from homeless to self sufficient & helping others".
I need $ 2 million to help you enjoy life
2- and, supposedly, antibiotics are in short supply according to the nytimes. Idk I posted what I think about that.
1 way to reach the masses in a philanthropic way and have a profound and lasting effect would be to slash all prices 50% at Whole foods
Have ya ever put any thought in to Exact Timer Technology… and all da power of pay by second & any rate being charged
EXACT TIMER TECHNOLOGY Trademark of INDIE EX L.L.C. - Registration Number 4948168 - Serial Number 86558907 :: Justia Trademarks
Computer services, namely, providing an interactive web site featuring technology that allows users to collect, store, manage, deliver and showcase electronic and paper-based content; Computer services, namely, providing an interactive web site featuring technology that allows users to consolidate and manage social networks, accounts, and connections to existing and emerging application programming interfaces (APIs); Computer technology support services, namely, help desk services; Consulting in the field of information technology; Consulting in the field of vitalization technologies for enterprises and businesses; Design and implementation of software and technology solutions for the purpose of product and document authentication and tracking, and brand monitoring and protection, to protect against counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion, and to ensure the integrity of genuine products and documents; Development and implementation of software, hardware and technology solutions for the purpose of productization of electronic components and electronic systems; Electronically tracking and monitoring computer chips worn by sporting participants using computer technology; File sharing services, namely, providing a website featuring technology enabling users to upload and download electronic files; Franchising services, namely, planning and design of information technology systems for business franchises; Hosting an online website featuring access to video; Outsource service provider in the field of information technology consulting; Peer-to-browser photo sharing services, namely, providing a website featuring technology enabling users to upload, view, and download digital photos; Planning, design and implementation of computer technologies for others; Planning, design and management of information technology systems; Providing a members-only website featuring technology which provides members with the ability to access multiple databases and automobile industry services for the purpose of conducting automobile purchase and sale transactions; Providing a secure electronic online system featuring technology which allows collecting exact viewer watching data; Providing a secured-access, members only website featuring technology that gives members the ability to pay to view content using 15 second increments
Your help is very important for us. Help one African It's to help many persons and God will bless You one day. Thank.
I will always have good ideas to share :-)
Dear Jeff , Greetings from Dubai , and wish U a nice day
And so are there personnal replys ? Thanks
Ojalá usted pueda ayudar a la gente necesitada que no tiene que comer y comprar sus remedios
Dont forget to Support Blind Children's Center on Marathon St in Los Angeles!!!
Will amazon have a page to donate and ship goods to people in Texas in need for supplies? Would love to support.
Whatever you do will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your generous idea ! So, see you soon... I hope ! 😉😉😉
Good luck with changing the world for better! ✌
In the meantime, how about just a small first step and stop buying $AMZN ads on Breitbart? @slpng_giants
Thanks to You for this great oportunity !!!
energy and drinking water for humans
Imagine an interconected "pipe" like water can reach out to household, but with a click package delivered, drones? Guess not
I can not write you the technical detail on the internet. a mail (5 minutes) could show you the potential of the project. thank you
Nice to see someone with your ability to influence, asking for input from the public!
Aside from my previous suggestion it would be good to hear why trickling down the wealth to your employees isn't considered.
I repeat my suggestion. Buy #Oracle and release its database as #OpenSource. This would help many companies and developers.
Jeff, A new education system for the brilliant minds of kids with ADHD in Western Wa. We would all benefit greatly. We/they learn by doing!
Must've missed that tweet 😏 how about starting with those devastated in Houston by Harvey? 👍
Read it - what about a % profit of dog food sales on amazon goes to animal shelters and Aspca this month. Next month a % goes to helping ..
Break it up so your doing cool things for different group per month with percentage profits help the homeless or hungry or schools Now.
no they didn't lol. Anyways......
Like this month all sales of X go to helping blank. Schools clean water dress for success programs free lunch programs for kids % of sales.
I look forward to hearing your response to my immediate healing project through the joy of animals and mindfulness on a VT Community Farm!
Love You Jeff Thanks for caring ❤💚💛 you could definitely start helping In a now time way with amazon sales profit of this item goes to: ?
I did Jeff still here homeless n LA but I appreciate u takin the time to give people a chance to give u ideas long term r short term help me
YOU Can Do Something GREAT !!! - Along with your Philantrophy - Would You Consider Buying TWITTER for Future Instant Global Communication ?
just give back the money you made loss for innocent sellers
Jeff, wish Ud help our government to be as efficient as Amazon; that would save us.Bury the hatchet with @POTUS @EricTrump He will listen
Another idea: urban rent-controlled apartments for urban workforce.
Sir, I hope you had seen mine. What may be pocket change to you could go a long way in changing the country for the better for ages to come!
There is no "this" without "that" - we all will have to think about the harmony. To implement it afterwards.
I've applied to the Community Engagement Specialist position at Amazon in Seattle and hope to help you in this effort!
Considering that you know own @washingtonpost , how about a contribution to @freepress ?
Also- stop the Breitbart advertising!
How about a little help for the people of south Texas.
Hey Jeff we need to monetize the internet for average people. Please check out
Impeach @realDonaldTrump ? Short term and long term benefits.
Just a thought... have you partnered at all with @IDEOorg?
People in Venezuela are starving u did what I said and purchase Whole Foods which provides groceries,South America has the perfect climate
With the perfect climate you can provide jobs for these people in countries like Guyana that are know for agriculture produce,put the pieces
Personal opinion you'd make the most revolutionary change would be implementing drone delivery wide scale
Together and you see the bigger picture not just share price boost but another step towards making amazon global reach and more votes 😉
Has anyone mentioned taking your Ads off of breitbart? That's a good place to start.
Mr. Bezos, My fiancee and I are in need of your short-term, here & now philanthropy. If willing to help, I'd provide any info you need. Ty
Reduce produce waste - get it to people who need it than go to waste.
If u can really do somthng fr society thn take over a hospital which is in very worst condition in my village,Bihar,India will be the best👍
Reduce amount to trash from food and produce packaging.
Urgent: Implementation of Best/Brightest solutions to meet need for transit-accessible housing that's affordable 4 transit-dependent people
Basic: Feed a poor person. Then: Educate an underprivileged person. Free of cost. Can be a few only. Dont expect anything in return.
Je veux juste avoir une maison avec un grand jardin pour ma femme, mes deux enfants et moi. Help me !!!
Most Philanthropists focus on 3rd world. Would be great for you to help immediate poverty, schooling, literacy here in the USA.
Can I talk to you on your the private
Revamp the educational system and the way we approach learning. And I do not mean on a technological level.
Fantastic idea! How about giving to art heritage? Historic art house theaters are disappearing cornerstones of many small cities.
Often used as centers for community education, outreach, and gatherings.
Set up a marketplace for sellers(?) to subsidize certain products for those in need.Would require reliable verification of income & wealth.
I have ideas that can save the world (end crime, poverty, etc), but they take more than 140 chars to explain. How can I send you an email ?
No need to look far. Went many times in Seattle. I met bunch of people who struggle a lot just next door to your new headquarters
How about a non-profit dedicated to making medicines that no longer have patent protection. It should be a self-sustaining company.
Why has so many Asian-Americans become successful both professionally & personally in the US in such a short amount of time? Contact AANC.
E.g. People Tweeting in Hou needing rescue; no way to know when they're picked up. Meanwhile many volunteers with boats. How to crowdsource?
What I'm trying to say is create online switchboard to coordinate rescues over social media, letting volunteers back up first responders.
Well I have ideas for you, but wait, you have banned me from using simplest services on Amazon for being Iranian. I ban you from my ideas.
Mr. Jeff Bezos, severe autism in children and adults is one of the longest diseases and with very debilitating effects for those who suffe
We will TRY paying ALL who are involved in modern media patent # 62/159,796 filed on May 11, 2015. /\We r @GlobalVideoServ @indieexchicago
there is lack of leaders in philanthropy. Pick problem that speaks to you, commit to solving, invest ur time, not $$.
oh and make it as cool to work for a philanthropy org as it is to work for a silicon valley org. that creates sustainability.
Autism in Children and Adults
Persistence is the term if I recall.......
Whatever if all the poeple was like you it would be better for the World.
"Alexa, donate $20 to hurricane Harvey relief". I tried today without success.
Sir Building Up The Big Educational Institutions and Giving away a Free Cost Education On Scholarship Basis Wud B Amazing Idea
Complete Free Education 2 Those who aren't allowed 2 Study Further or Just 2 any1 who's willing By Opening Big Institutes Cud Do
Girls or ladies Who r Either Homeless or Can't Afford Personal Hygiene Stuffs There Shud B an Organization 4 Them it'll help
Improved Logistics, where amazon can reach out to asia far less time where point A to B is a straight line
Karmagy is exactly what your asking for, our venture addresses the challenges of today through a philanthropic scope-we would love to share.
Constructing a Big Institute & Charging Almost 4 Staff Management wud B Helpful 4 those who really wan2 Get Gud Education
there shud b a New project Amazon Institute Of Technology Where Only Brain & Curiosity 2 learn Matters Providing Free Education
4 Bringing Up Better Society Ones Mentality Needs 2 get Better&Dat's Possible By Getting Gud Education.Education Sector Sir!!
Could help some very poor kids of India by sponsoring their lifetime education.
Maybe have non-profit "Amazon International School" of world class standards providing free education to the poor kids in need.
You are already investing in @GeneralFusion but many other fusion projects need funding. A Manhattan project for fusion would be great.
Could provide shelter n job to those who beg n living by sleeping on d footpath. Get work out of them n pay them.
Help travel and/or accommodation for family members to those who become suddenly critically/intensively hospitalized such as trauma/ICU.
I try to go upstream for high leverage. Things like @Smiletrain come to mind (may be overfunded?). Early healthcare and education. Love MP 2
Oops, let me put this here.
Jeff, A new education system for the brilliant minds of kids with ADHD in Western Wa. We would all benefit greatly. We/they learn by doing!
You could start by reporting real news in your paper.
You could support @DSWT @HelpingRhinos amazing work.
there's lots of poor people in US, help them to have a better health
I think by paying back even only the losses to the innocent sellers you closed down they lost all their money they struggle
I just read about an org Distributing Dignity that supplies bras, tampons and pads for women without resources. Would love to do something
Bring in cruise ships to Houston to give temporary housing, shelter from the elements, and safety to families with children out of the rain.
Invest in yourself. That's what #alphamales do.
This approach is not wrong. Immediate happiness is always more expensive. Safe homes for homeless is both lasting, and urgent. I can help
5 STAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️#HOSPICE End of Life Treatment. Including assisted suicide, psychedelic encouragement to let go, positive groups &people❤️
How about being philanthropic and stop advertising with the alt right racist Breitbart News! You must be prostituting yourself for money!
"2094" can save the world Jeff! Check the album out. Space & science meets music.…