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Politics in a populist moment works very well with villains to target. Mass media is easy target for many reasons.
There is clearly both a WH strategy (use the media as a villain) and nonstrategic deviation from that strategy (personal attacks on Mika)
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Media, especially CNN, has long treated politics as a spectacle and even hired master of the debased form, Cillizza, after the election.
During the election, CNN hired hacks just to shout on screen. You turn politics into pro wrestling, and a pro will wrestle it away from you.
There are many great journalists and amazing journalism being done. But, overwhelmingly, esp. TV media turned politics into a clown show.
Pearl clutching after all this is worse than useless. Only one productive thing media can do now: Do your job, unlike before the election.
As for the political? Naming and targeting political actors is effective politics. Dems could try figuring it out, but with real targets.
Our media environment—Facebook, Twitter & cable news—are in a symbiotic financial relationship with Trump, in different ways. Here we are.
SV engineers are in denial about what structural role their platforms play; most media in denial about their industry. Trump made it plain.
Two concrete actions SV corps can do to atone: (1) cut him and his nazi fans off their platforms. Sudden sweeping permanent ban.
(2) donate billions to D house/senate campaigns.
These two actions would probably begin Civil War II. We must not convert SV incompetence & native denial into overt partisanship.
"Don't resist or there'll be a civil war" is not a valid position to take. If things are that bad it's a mandate to resist.
Resistance != getting social media companies to become political & "boot off users". At least not useful, productive, successful resistance
Nothing is non-political. Hosting them is a political act. And a morally indefensible one.
It cuts both ways though. Once you go down the road of defining 'illegitimate' political content there is no telling where it will end up.
No, that's not how it works.
Both are subject to backlash. Backlash against one is self-defeating. Backlash against the other is empowering.
Naive "neutrality" principles do not defend freedom and human decency. It takes hard work & organizing.
These arguments would apply equally well coming from Trump to justify restrictions on CNN.
You don't think Trumpists believe they are organizing for empowerment in support of freedom and human decency?
You don't think every government that enacts censorship of the internet says they're doing it for reasons of patriotism and decency?
I do agree with you that technology is not inherently neutral or apolitical. The most profitable ones target directly human concerns.
Denying a platform is not censorship. This is 101-level stuff you're wrong on.
No, I don't. I think they believe those things are fantasies we imposed on them and the real world runs by millennia-old rules of brutality.
Look at who their heroes are and what sort of symbolism they use. They want a world run by might and naively think they'll come out on top.
Re-establishing social norms that overt racism, misogyny, and identification with nazi ideology are unacceptable is resistance & matters.
Also that war was very much about resistance and fighting, to the death, about what some believed was wrong.
I highly doubt people these days have the stomach for it, if that's what it took to liberate us.
Good to know you want Minorities and the sick murdered. World would be better off without you.
No idea where you pulled that out from.
That is towards Alex there.
SV social media is new to this. Media insiders portray themselves as checks & balances on gov without admitting t'heyr unelected powers. 🐇
One could do a ballpark estimate of revenue from stories like this w/ a system collecting data from attempted ad buys. I fear to see results
Like I remind ppl that are 'oh-so-surprised' by him now- *he told us what he was ages ago.*!Too many laughed it off. I didn't.+
Maybe a week into campaign I listened to a speech and said 'That is straight out of the Nazi playbook!' Further he went, the more I saw it.+
Now - I don't feel surprise, just determination to stop this & frustration at puff pieces press STILL tries to put out instead of hard news.
If the profit is in polarizing. Why would for-profit organizations change?
#Mips Media induced psychosis was identified 25 years ago. they never listened, only got rich
Any examples of this other than your analysis? @CNN isn't perfect, but the whole thing has been a shit show
This thread is amazing. I want to inject it into my veins as a vaccination against Sarah Kendzior.
Ad-supported platforms that favor clicks and outrage over quality/curated content. Thanks for this thread.
TV just needs to die.
(Possibly sensitive)
Politicians turned politics into a clown show
That's offensive to clowns :(
It's been exactly the same here in the UK.
No, no, politics IS a clown show.
That environ. to me precludes talking about news events with authoritative voice. @RadioFreeTom's book on this was great.
Was on the front lines of the pizzagate stuff, no one cared about the message--it was the source. MSM, even factchecked, was "compromised"
The president of the US doesn't have to lower himself to other's behavior. He should feel a responsibility to rise above it all.
Umm. I think FOX did that long before. They actually directly created the current culture of network news.
They're all different sides of the same coin. Hopefully Fox will die with CNN.
They still employ some of those hacks.
Prove that fact, bucko. I cant see any news org hiring hecklers, except maybe fox, which is not a news network....
CNN primetime is dirtbag pundit central. Which does a great disservice to the excellent journalists who also work there.
Dude, they hired Corey frickin Lewandowski during the campaign.
I didnt like that either, but for years now news shows have show both sides of the coin to kerp it balanced, even if one side is all crazy.
It's not a coin, it's a complex landscape. Reducing it to 2 sides makes it more like pro wrestling, and limits the overton window.
I want to go back to the days of Walter Cronkite where news was news. When the prez spoke, that was it. No offering opinion from other side
Riiight. That soft spoken judge Jeanine can hardly be heard, or Alex Jones, or Rush. Gotta turn the volume up for those whisperers.
As CNN prez Zucker said, he sees Trump apologists Jeffery Lord and Kayleigh McEnany as "characters in a drama."
fucking nailed it.
And trump hired ppl to line his tower wen he announced he was running for pres. #sad
Thank you.
Do you really think this is a chicken and egg argument with Trump and CNN? CNN "turned" politics into pro wrestling? Laughable thesis.
CNN spent months on missing plane then started live streaming trump's empty podiums. When CNN isn't clowning it's parroting US Intel.
When you say "shout on screen" do you really mean @seanspicer ?
They are still there. CNN probably invites his more than any other. Zucker probably loves this. #ratingswhore
So CNN does what Fox News has been doing for decades and u only find it bad when someone else does it? It's Trump that has made it a circus.
Politics has been a media circus for a long time. Fox and CNN are propaganda networks, not news. Hopefully soon we'll move on.
Wow well said. I gave up watching CNN. I don't mind hearing other side, but panelists like Jeffrey lord are an insult to my intelligence
Thin line between ESPN drama 'news' and what's on CNN and it's competition.
Can i be helped who is the best leader between O.R Tambo and Chris Hani
I hope @Acosta will read your tweet
Recent events definitely have me rethinking my own approach to world domination. #ImOnTwitterNow
that's exactly what's happening to them. trump masterfully manipulated zucker & now he's biting the hand that fed him
The hiring of the likes of Lord, McEnany, Scott, etc etc is a permanent stain on CNN's already stained reputation.
most pro wrestlers die young. steroids. same may happen with social media manboy pundits.
Just curious when did this happen? I don't remember. Not that is not true but like to know more.
That is what pro wrestling fans have trying to tell people!
This is what ignorance looks like in #TrumpTheIdiot era. Congrats!
Oh geez, yeah Fox turned cable news into pro wrestling 20 years ago.
They can't pay Jeff Lord to take DTs side faithfully and pay Cilizza to emoji up policy proposals while they claim the high ground
Very poignant.
Well said but so wrong.
Give evidence of what u just said or admit u just created fake news
Whether u like what they do/say or not CNN, journalists, news networks, etc (on both sides) & POTUS have diff roles/jobs. This is DJT's job:
...1) what hacks. 2) so that excuses trumps actions?
Cc @brianstelter u guys just refuse to learn, brag abt ratings. Amidst real journalism in CNN you promote grotesque theater and conflict
Also AFTER the election
CNN still uses that hack Jeffrey Lord. He doesn't scream, but he doesn't offer insight any more useful than DT, Jr's would be.
This is utter nonsense.There is no equivalence between people shouting on TV & threats of violence against media. YOU above all know better.
Unfortunately, Trump is merely beating many in the media at their own game. Never play "slippery slope" with a pig who revels in the bottom.
Cillizza churns out like 10 articles a day and they're all shit.
Nah - you don't see him attacking WSJ right now. That might draw attention to the real substance of the matter.
Master of the debased form? Chris Cillizza? What about Alex Jones? Michael Savage? Sean Hannity? They debase the very notion of objectivity
That doesn't give CNN or Cillizza a pass.
YES to this string. Stopped watching CNN in Jan 2017. Cable "news" is all about making $. I respect REAL journalists. Even so, 45 is wrong.
awww...give cillizza a break. someone's gotta fawn over ivanka
thought @realDonaldTrump was already doing this @IvankaTrump @FLOTUS what a joke platforms are stop cyberbullies & pro women work 👉🏼YA RIGHT
From I Claudius: you are not really the destroyer..we must look elsewhere for that. You are merely the putrefaction that spreads after death