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We're investing £20m in electric vehicles capable of returning electricity to the grid. Find out more
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Can someone explain why this is a good idea and how it would work in practice? The webpage doesn't.
The difficulty is balancing demand (which spikes in the evening) with renewable energy which peaks midday (solar) and unpredictably (wind)
Yes, so (effectively) a huge national back-up battery to better balance supply/demand. Web-page doesn't explain this.
Well, a distributed one. We have a huge national one at Dinorwig…
EVs can match Dinorwig when we have 10% cars electric, plugged in donating only 10% of their battery capacity. Could be Huuuge.
And more responsive than pumped storage, probably more efficient too😀
Having batteries attached to the grid can smooth this. So the cars charge during peak supply and discharge for peak demand.
As long as cars themselves are not also needing to be charged at peak times, presumably.
It makes total sense as mass energy storage. Nice move. One of the problems with electrical energy was always storage
If you have solar power with battery car you can store power for home and the grid and make money by sending to grid
This is great as my last vehicle was capable of doing this in 2011 yet none of the suppliers would actually sell me a product to do it #late
About 1/2 my tweets are on this topic, including links to peer reviewed studies on V2G & #GridIntegratedEV