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New Twitter = tapping on the wrong thing because all the tap targets are too small
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And I have a 6-inch phone
Trying to open a tweet I swear I tap everything else on the page at least 2 times before I hit the sweet spot.
Seriously imagining a data scientist sharing at Twitter all-hands that engagement has gone up since the roll-out.
i've been watching a noticeable uptick in the past six months or so in retweet/like nos for twitter-wide english lang viral content
and interestingly, it's actually very proportionate to reddit's, after they tweaked their algo, and i think twitter's filters/tweaks = same
it's also definitely sitting in favour of the platform tho as rt -> follow conversion even for viral tweets is so incredibly bad
but hey, if you can't even moderate it, suppose you might as well throw all care to the wind and just minimise the bounces and max the ads
Oh that might be true; I was suggesting the numbers will be falsely inflated by people tapping on the wrong stuff and retrying
oh i agree with that entirely as well, sorry - i was just sharing a parallel thing i noticed recently
(realise now that it wasn't clear that i was agreeing rather than suggesting a counterpoint)
No worries! I thought maybe you didn't see above that one data science tweet, since Twitter now arbitrarily hides parts of threads lol
ah no i read it i think i just communicated badly
"People are using the search feature 100X times more, but strangely, they tap the search button and then go back to the TL"
Certainly my engagements for header pictures has gone up inf%
especially the back button on people's profiles, conveniently layered over the giant tappable header photo
Word. Did they even try to use that before releasing it?
I can't imagine that they did, because it becomes frustratingly obvious that it's broken every time you use it
YES!! I do not want to see everyone's header photos.
Every time I wanna block someone or report a tweet I'm going to their profile by accident
Hahahha yes!!!! Every time I tap and it goes to header photos I'm like seriously? Who ever wants to look at a header photo?!
Omfg yes so many times!!! It's maddening.
This is what it looks like on Android when I try to click the little chevron to open the menu on your tweet. WTF
Clearly by tapping RIGHTNEXTTO it, I was actually trying to tap your name.
Ahhh yes same thing happens on iOS!
Did they even test this?! In addition I was trying to back out of someone's page earlier and it kept opening their cover photo.
Oh, Android's back button helps there :)
This happens all the time to me, too. Also: on Galaxy s6 edge, the people edge menu is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TINY CHEVRON (grey thing on right)
the biggest shitshow in the game
This is me trying over and over to open the tweet context menu
This is what it looks like on Android when I try to click the little chevron to open the menu on your tweet. WTF
Android user here, experiencing the same frustration. Also love how the app arbitrarily fails to load huge parts of long threads.
I think that's a "feature"
good thing they never ~lowered the bar~ by recruiting more diverse engineering talent
I couldn't believe they found a way to make the lines seem even thinner.
Did you ever think your hands and fingers were too big?
I use Tweetbot almost exclusively.
Yeah it keeps happening to me with the back button.😖 They should hire me for Interaction @design *cough*. 😇
I have fat fingers and really poor eye-hand coordination. I've been smashing the wrong buttons all over the place.
I thought I'd hit retweet, but now I have to reply to agree. They're also too spindly and grey #faintdesign