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okay all you people asking me what an egg cup is better be fucking joking i swear to god
jesus fucking christ
and don't even get me started on the fact american eggs need to be refrigerated
ok ok seriously though we did not go through 300 MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION to have an egg just roll around on a fucking plate
AND HOW DO YOU KEEP THE YOLK IN? does it just pour everywhere or do you have to hold the egg upright, or...? what is your game there?
alright, so what i'm hearing here, and this is pretty upsetting news, is that americans DO NOT SOFT BOIL THEIR EGGS
I am going for a walk, this is too messed up
so many hard boiled eggs just solid fucking eggs rolling around on plates
and also WIND THE FUCK BACK UP because apparently a bunch of you americans who said you did have kettles meant STOVE TOP and that is fucked
okay look i know i got emotional here but if nothing else i try to be an educator, so americans, for your own good, you need to know
1. electric kettles are good & cheap & boil water in 2 minutes here and you can never be fully trusted if i do not see one in your kitchen
2. when you boil eggs you need to stop before the yolk gets hard and then put it in an egg cup and cut the top off and dip bread in it
I know I can trust you all to accept and learn from your mistakes, I understand, we are all still growing <3 I believe in you
never fucking test my patience like this again, though, jesus christ
Is this a bad time to mention Scotch eggs are rare too?
the real travesty is that no one here eats beans for breakfast
Beans for breakfast? What in the world?
Thankfully have a place in Seattle that serves a (mostly) full English. Just missing the black pudding, thus only mostly full.
Black pudding is more Scottish breakfast right? Don’t see it most places for the English breakfast
I feel like that's because American beans are super weird. Served with brown sugar? The hell? Where's the tomato sauce?
I never knew people cared so much about hot water and eggs
They don't have hollow chocolate Easter eggs either!!
I’m scared now.
wait wait wait what is this claim you are making
I mean, what's more common is hollow easter *rabbits*
but the eggs are around, just less common
Like this? Perhaps I was misinformed, but these are /everywhere/ in the UK
oh thank god
But are they made of good chocolate or vomit chocolate?
Hershey makes Cadbury's chocolate here so even if it's labeled Cadbury it's still vomit chocolate. We do have good chocolate, just not those
Worse again Hershey's bough up Cadbury chocolate & are trying to mak all chocolate vomit chocolate. Only new products are "Oreos in it" 🙄🙄🙄🙄
.......does UK sell....vomit chocolate?
no. thank god. (except in american import stores)
Though the tiny non-hollow ones are better.
I thought he might be referring to Kinder eggs not being a thing in America because of the possible choking hazard.
They do have hollow chocolate bunnies but they make them from hersheys and its eww
Or Christmas crackers, unless you buy them at great expense from Williams Sonoma as a novelty.
They don't have Easter eggs or Christmas crackers?? Wtf are they okay?
So umm... I moved over to a metal stove top kettle these days. Sorry. Still got like a dozen types of tea to drink, but I like metal kettles
Still on the eggs thing?
every time i think we're done someone replies with some even worse revelation
about breakfast food in general, or eggs specifically?
everything, it's a rabbit hole with no end
I remember when I used to cook bacon that wasn't thinner than a school ruler and didn't break up in my mouth like glass.
Have you heard that Americans don't sell custard or know what it is? I found out 14 years ago am still upset.
Custard is a problem here in CH too! "Creme anglaise" exists but it's not really the same. Too runny.
What do they put in a trifle then?
My Murrican husband never had a Trifle or a Banoffee Pie until he came here 6 yrs ago
I'd never heard of banoffee pie before coming to London either. (From South Africa.)
the funny thing is the 1st time my hubby saw it was in an American frozen desserts section in the supermarket & he was like. NO ONE in
has any idea what this is.
Ha! I've also heard Brits refer to it as a South African thing and again... No. Really really no.
so......WHERE did banoffee pie come from then?
(Possibly sensitive)
We all learned something today. Maybe the REAL pie was the friends that we made along the way. (wait, no, that doesn't sound right)
and yet it made me snort laugh tyvm :P
Indeed. I, for one, will remember this chat about eggs, kettles and custard for many days.
*covers @innesmck's ears* DON'T MENTION EGGS!!!!
I've had it in SA ... made by my Very English Mum (who also makes the world's best trifle, so there's a theme here).
Fuck knows. Or on an apple crumble?
Well, ice cream is good on crumble, tbf.
Ice cream IS good on crumble, but custard is standard.
Presumably not in the US!
Beef sauteed with peas and onions? (Honestly though I don't get the point of trifle myself.)
You're only saying that because you've never tried one made by me :P
whip cream. 😂I'm serious
you’re a damn saint, Innes
Innes, I'm worried as an Aussie my tea game is lacking. If I want a basic cuppa, what's the difference between a Lipton and a Tetley? Thanks
I'll be honest I am not a tea snob, but here Lipton mostly means iced tea or fruit flavoured tea?
I think Tetley is considered an okayish black tea, but for the real british staple you want Yorkshire
Who in the world is going to drink 1200 bags of the same black tea before they go stale? I have over 56 teas and I rotate them regularly.
Also, loose leaf is the only proper way to drink tea.
Agreed, but options at work are limiting
Lipton recently changed how they construct their tea bags and that causes them to break apart in hot water, spilling leaves everywhere.
Bagged tea: you had one job.
Sorry to jump in on this, but you’ve got to get that Yorkshire tea, if you want the best cup!
Alright I'll get the posh shite, twist my arm
Posh 😱 Yorkshire is the complete opposite of posh, we’re all working class in Yorkshire!
You're all a bit posh to an Aussie <3
I think every country outside of England thinks we’re all more posh than we are 😂
Historically it's because you colonized just about every other country and told them how much more posh you were than them 😘
Hey that wasn’t me! Just the crazy people who used to run the country
And I apologize for the savages who ruined all that good tea in Boston Harbor!
Ordering tea in the US is so complicated. Hot black tea, with milk please, really hot, no, not lemon, just milk. No, not cream, just milk.
Oh and btw I'll use my own tea bag that I bought with me from England. Don't want that insipid Liptons stuff.
Ah no worries then I'll use both ey
What do I dunk if some asshole ate all the scotch fingers
oh come on, I won't believe someone from the nation behind the Tim Tam Slam isn't gonna dunk a round biscuit
I do love that they're called Scotch Fingers though
What are they called there? And is it required to split them down the middle? Cause I never do that after a childhood of trying and failing
Lipton and Tetley are mostly the same - basic roasted black tea. I drink sencha
Interesting. Much like Innes, the only Lipton I've seen in the UK is bottled ice tea (which is fruit juice, let's be honest).
I'd go for Dilmah in Oz, extra strength. Or Twinnings, but overpriced. Lipton is the worst imo. @innesmck
Some of us know better
ooooh yeah. that's the good stuff
Oh hey, that's the same electric kettle I have! It's such a godsend.
my sister has this same one! I have one that automatically stays hot for an hour in case you want to go back for more
back for more? you mean "I forgot I boiled the kettle until an hour has passed", sounds great!
Eh? Surely if you do water at more than 100 degrees you don't have any water? Oh... that's Fahrenheit.
im american n i grew up with egg cups n soft boiled eggs but i was also raised by immigrants so ?
Nor do they have hot water bottles, & don't even try asking. 'Bottles of water? All our water is at *room temperature* ma'am...'
Mostly true. Instead, we have functioning heating systems. ;-) (I lived in England and know whereof I speak on the cold and damp thing.)
Not in my relatives' house in Upstate NY! The heating hasn't worked in the room I sleep in since approximately Nixon 😫
How exceptionally unfortunate in Upstate New York. Perhaps they earn extra income serving as a mortuary?
There has literally been ice inside my window! You can see how my desperate hot water bottle quest was born.
I do get it. I brought a water bottle back from the U.K. and used to sit writing in my underheated Connecticut apt with it in my lap.
Well done on introducing the hot w bottle to the US! You need 2 though so they can breed- reverse grey squirrel situation
How about Canadians?
Just to add to the list: no Christmas crackers either. My brother & his wife had crackers on the tables at their 'British stuff' wedding...
It's the only wedding I've ever been to where one of the traditional speeches was detailed instructions on how to correctly pull a cracker!
This soliloquy has literally made my day already! I've had almost the exact conversation with my friend and his husband who live in NYC...
...on the plus side, whilst they still dont have an electric kettle I did manage to get them addicted to crumpets.
What fresh hell is this!? Someone send this man an eggcup while we determine a long-term solution & apt penalty for this flagrant barbarism.
(I've spoken to the embassy and they have suggested deploying your stiff upper lip and making do with a shot-glass in the meantime.)
I've never been more hungry for egg and soldiers in my life.
Strong words from a nation which until very very very recently was under the impression that Nescafé was coffee.
just asked some American friends. Only one of them eats soft-boiled eggs. Out of a bowl/plate. I am dying. No, he doesn't know what cups are
the others don't have kettles. they boil water in pots. it's 10:20am and I don't think my blood pressure should be measured right now
They don't have Christmas crackers either
Saw people use these when I was a kid in the 70s here (in America) but not really since then.
They microwave water too
kettles take like 2 minutes you boil, you monsters
Innes, take a breath goodness.
broke this news to me and then IMMEDIATELY WENT TO SLEEP, I had to get this out of my system somewhere
I'm concerned for you friend.
What can I do? Alas I am way over here and it's not quite 0500
ahaha i think at this point i just need someone to come shut off my internet connection entirely :)
/tries to unplug your connection via long distance telekinesis
USA is 110v UK is 240v, so boiling a kettle in USA takes forever. Trust me, I'm a Brit in the USA with a very slow kettle..
Voltage doesn't matter. Wattage does. Have electric kettle. Am American. Can attest my German made kettle is fast.
Where do you stand on toasters?
Don't get him started on that one!
Run your water through a coffee maker. Then it's there all the time and when you wake up in the morning.
Not soft boiled, over easy sprinkled with Ham bits
yep, about 12 min. with the electric kettle in the microwave about 2 min.
Voltage is irrelevant, you just own a bad kettle ;)
Ive never even been around an egg cup much less used one 😂😂😂
I kinda love you. Canadian in U.S., and you will find both an electric kettle and egg cups in my house.
I like cheese scrambles with bacon bits.
This USA citizen thanks you for the above rant. Having used egg cups in the past, I understood your point of view and am laughing.
Nevertheless, still not tempted to returning to eat soft boiled eggs.
Canadians buy their milk in bags.
Only easterners buy bagged milk. The west coast is far more enlightened.
Pull the udder one...
This whole thread has put me very much on edge. How is a country so much like ours so very wrong?
...which is awesome?
The Americans do, however, have nomenclature for serving fried eggs. We English do many things right, but they do have that.
I scrolled down this tweet thread and predicted every step and every single reaction.
Dude, we don't eat eggs off little cups like little hoes. Go f urself.
We actually boarded the mayflower all because of the way eggs are cooked
This thread just made my morning. Thank you @innesmck! Looking forward to a soft boiled egg when I travel to England.
This is like me when I found out about their Dorito flavours 😂
Typical ignorant foreigner that has no idea how big this country is. Yes we soft boil (esp. when sick). Yes we have tea kettles(smh dumbass)
we have egg cups you're hurting my brain. You either got this info from a really secluded American with no tradition or from a non American
Craig. Is that you?
This thread was a journey. An amazing, Wild & energetic journey.
to be fair to americans, their egg hygiene standards were very bad for a long time, so a lot associate raw/softboiled egg with salmonella.
completely with you on the kettle though. i have friends who boil their tea in the microwave. barbaric!
Was just gonna say this. Soft boiled eggs are arguably unsafe to eat in America for the same reason we can't enjoy raw cookie dough
This thread has literally saved my Monday. Apologies from uncultured America. *goes to buy kettle* *and egg cups, apparently* 😂
This was the best thing I've read in a while
but yesterday i had a deep fried deviled egg, so i think we get points for that?
So there's only one proper way to eat eggs? #autisticscreeching
Ok but have you ever had deviled eggs? They're fucking bomb! Also Canadians have egg cups and kettles so yes just be mad at the states. Lol
Fuckin microwave majority using bastards lol ovens are the superior food heater. Even a toaster oven!
I have lived here 15 yrs and it is a savage savage land. I had to shop and shop to find an electric kettle and yes they don't soft boil eggs
Thank you, sir, having a shite Monday but this made me laugh out loud in public 👏🏽👏🏽
Scrambled eggs bitch do you speak it
You are testing my patience and I am 73,WTF
Thank you for the insight. If it makes you feel better, I have an electric kettle, a coffee pot, and a stove top water boiler.
but if the yoke is soft we can't take it out, mash it up with some mayo and make deviled eggs. nor mash the whole thing for egg salad.
I thought you were going to bring up our lack of bidets next, honestly.
Americans don't have egg cups nor proper kettles. We do, however, have an abundance of tacos so I'm calling it a win for America.
How do they have the big end/little end argument? And did you know they don't have Shreddies either? It's a disgrace!!!
Is this a bad time to mention the whole tea issue?
Apparently they don't butter their sandwiches either.
Mayo we use mayo puto
Shut up you guys drink warm beer y'all are disgusting
You really come across like everyone who doesn't align with your own personal cultural norms they are wrong and stupid. Seems shortsighted!
What do you do with the egg whites then? How can you eat it if the eggshells are still on? I'm genuinely curious
What? Use a spoon! Scoop that shit out!
Jokes on you. That sounds excruciatingly pointless. Egg cup, really? Sounds to me like you fell for a gimmick my friend
I am crying with laughter 😂. You'll be glad to know that in Canada we have egg cups AND regular kettles.
Although a regular kettle was harder to find.
i don't like egg yolks, especially runny ones. there. i said it.
this was actually really enlightening tbh. electric kettles are a whole new concept to me but I'm fully on board
They're awesome, and good for more than tea. Recipes that call for boiling water, cleaning, stem tent, more.
omg I'm american and my brother eats a soft boiled egg in an egg cup every day for breakfast like we definitely have them but i guess
they're less prevalent in america. we don't have an electric kettle, though, and i'm bout to try to get one on amazin
I usually eat over easy eggs or sunny side up eggs, I don't like hard boiled eggs :(
So the country with the worse cuisine is telling Americans how to cook? Lol
Give us time. We Americans are only 400 years old ya' know. It will take a few centuries to come up with delicacies like HAGGIS 🤢 LOL
What the fuck is wrong with you
To be fair, I thought Europeans had an obsession with cups for their eggs and never new why until today.
I don't know about everyone else, but growing up we had (and used) egg cups. AND I had 🥑 toast w/soft boiled 🍳 @James_Republic this wknd. 🇺🇸
Yea I think we all learned from our mistakes today. Never read a thread from a European. No one really gives a fuck about eggs.
You know there are things called bowls, right?
>British people telling us how to eat definite pass
Get a grip. Different cultures eat eggs differently. Here in the US we like to eat our eggs as omelets or scrambled
We use shot glasses for our soft eggs-my brother-in-law thought he was being served a drink at breakfast 1st time he stayed over lol 😂
Shut the fuck up getting mad because we do stuff different is childish and stupid
I hard boil so I can make deviled eggs. Plus, runny yoke is gross
I'm in my 30's, have never had a soft boiled egg & now I want to try cooking one! Lol Cold hard boiled eggs are sold everywhere here- yuck.
This American has an electric kettle, had egg cups till another American saw them & thought "the cutest thing ever" I gave them to her.
if all of us Americans get egg cups, will our political situation improve? #Trumpistan Got a policy on egg coddlers? Thx for LOL
Sorry, we had other priorities than "where to put our eggs"....
Hey Egg Nazi, Is freaking out about nothing a Scottish thing? Stop generalizing. Thanks, All of America P.S. Mind your own fucking business.
Can you recommend a good eggcup? Do you use egg cutters or a knife to get the top off?
This was the worst thread I've ever read, why is this even a Moment lmao bye af
hard boiled eggs can be good too just marinate them in vinegar x___X
also you can totally dip bread in sunny side up eggs too
Most Americans in my experience are terrified of undercooked eggs
yes, because we don't eat raw chicken period. We cook it first
wait until you hear that we eat them fried over easy down in the south
i am gonna be honest i have no idea how to speak the secret egg language
Fried over easy has a similar consistency to soft boiled. But the white is still sorta runny too. And its fried lol
I have to disagree. Over-easy is not similar to soft boiled egg. One is slightly warmed raw snotty cracked egg in a frying pan...
....the other is a hot in the shell solidified White with a liquid orange yoke. Quite hard to perfect for some 😋😋😋
that's not over easy that's just gross
That's because you learnt all the important stuff about eggs before you could talk.
gotta have them toast soldiers, for sure. thank you for spreading wisdom to the unenlightened.
SOMEONE needs to
What you're saying, next GDC you're gonna have a class where you teach us americans whats up
i did this a lot growing up! but my mom's english, so
Intriguing idea. I have eggs cups because I thought they were cute. Do you just not eat half the egg, or do you dig the rest out w/spoon?
Who boils eggs, they're better fried
Now look cutting the top off is crazy you get eggshell bits everywhere
Why would you try to shove bread into an egg cup? This a tiny English muffin? Sunny side up, sop the yolk off the plate with a normal slice.
Waiiit wait wait... BREAD? You know what a toaster is, right? What's wrong with toast? Bread has zero structural integrity.
Or toast. You can have toast soldiers instead.
I have always tried to soft-boil, but I can't find the sweet spot where I don't get any gross unset white but the yolk is still soft.
Here's where you are going completely wrong. The best thing is to cut the toast in small cubes, put it in a bowl (not a puny egg cup)...
Then scoop the soft boiled egg into the cup & stir them around together. This way the yummy yoke covers all. It's a vast improvement.
I was raised with a mother that had a serious hatred for a runny yolk. It was either thoroughly fried or scrambled.
That's disgusting.
But i can see you're emotional, so if I may? Not just bread but toast cut into 2 centimetre strips and they should be called soldiers.
Surely either an inch or 1/2 inch if the eggs are smaller
2cm are a little under and over an inch and half an inch I think. I don't think in 1950 numbers, sorry.
:-) Child of the 70s and still think most distances (and building materials) in imperial
I was born in the 60's...Well the last 8 days at least.
This is perhaps the most disgusting way imaginable to prepare/eat an egg. Very okay with its lack of presence in N. America.
Google 100 year old egg, reconsider your comment,go make yourself a dippy egg and go eat one of the simplest, most satisfying things ever
Bread?! BREAD?! It's toast soldiers or nothing!
this aswell...
How do you do shots when you havent got any shot glasses then? This is blowing my mind!!
So true! So very true.
You probably don't want to look at American bread too closely.
You forgot marmite!
honestly soft yolks are good on fried eggs, which is what I dip my toast in
Soldiered toast to be precise.
I tried to try this when visiting the U.K. And they just hardboiled them on me...
They have never experienced the pain of mistiming a boiled egg and there's no yolk to dip 😱
How do you get the soft boiled eggs back out of the electric kettle once they're cooked?
But when you cut the top off don't you run the chance of getting little pieces of shell in your egg? I hate crunching down on eggshells
Fuck you and your soft eggs buddy
There are many ways to enjoy eggs and it's all delicious in my books. 🥚
my American fiancé was flabbergasted when he saw the egg boiler at my German home. Makes perfectly soft boiled eggs
...and the bread cutting machine. #germanengineering
That is properly disgusting 😬
That's gross.
What the...? I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth.🤢
And a billion children in the world call those about to be dipped slivers of bread "soldiers".
This sounds fucking awful
And then what happens? Do you take it out of the cup and peel it to eat the hard white part? 🇺🇸Do you ever eat the top part?
Yes. That's a special little treat all by itself.
You use a spoon to get the white and any remaining yolk out - we are not barbarians!
>says they're not barbarians >eats raw egg yolk
* toast Toast soldiers to be exact
But most Americans may or may not be gluten intolerant, hence no dippy bread, hence no soft boily...
This American hates egg yolks & only eats egg whites. My dachshund appreciates the pickiness.
This seems doable, though perhaps elaborate, but where do you put the KETCHUP to dip the egss potatoes and toast in?!?
"cut the top off" how? Don't bits of shell get into part you'll eat? How much of top to cut off? How long to boil for runny yolk?
That actually sounds delicious. We fry eggs "over easy" and dip our toast in the runny yolk, but all over the plate.
That's what over-easy eggs are for ;)
Lol who boils their eggs?? That only happens at easter! Scrambled or fried please!
Egg and soldiers is the best.
I don't need a foreign tranny to tell me what I "need" to do with my eggs. Besides, your British way sounds fucking retarded.
Soft-boiled cut up on toast > dipping bread in egg cup
Ew you eat raw yolk!
Fucking disgusting. I'll take washed eggs in my fridge anyday over some nasty chicken ass mucus all over it. And they come in egg cartons
Also, we call it raw toast now.
That is fucking disgusting. You dip your bread in raw chicken period?
No, toast has to be toast, cut into soldiers
Toast soldiers surely?
I feel like that would give me straight diarrhea...😓 I'll eat poached, scrambled, over easy, & hard boiled. I know nothing about soft boiled
This sounds so gross to me ewwww. Runny egg yolk grosses me tf out. Nope nope nope.
I sooooooooo agree with you.
Honestly that sounds pretty terrible. Do you dig egg out of the shell with a spoon and just hope you don't end up chewing shelll bits?
Do you also put your pinkie outward when you drink tea?
Why are you like this it's fucking eggs
Oh god...yuck!! I would not dip toast in the egg with the shell still on..what about little fragments of shell? The thought makes me sick :(
Everyone everywhere eats their eggs the way they like - why you trippin?
I've never eaten a soft boiled egg. I feel like a failure.
Yes, toasted bread, cut into triangles is how we do this.
Ewwwww..........I only eat hard boiled eggs
That sounds disgusting. Don't tell me what to do with my damn food.
If I'm eating a boiled egg, it better be boiled hard, but mostly boiled eggs for Easter, or to make deviled eggs
Dip bread in it?
In Pennsylvania we have "dippy eggs" it's like soft boiled eggs you put on toast, except they are sunny side up
Ameican eggs are smaller than British eggs. Soldieors have to be so narrow they fall apart. It's a bloody nightmare.
Ew, why would I dip bread in egg yolk? That's gross.
Do we have to extend our pinkies when holding the bread? 🤔
AMEN Though you do also need a bit of salt and pepper or else you might as well give up
But I don't like them like that..... ☠️ there's different cultures for a reason....
This... sounds and looks so gross /Canadian
Oh that's endearingly anachronistic, dear. This century, no one struggles with a shell anymore. I'll have mine runny on a bibimbap, thanks.
Wow I need an egg cup, i would usually lets the yolk drip on the plate then dip my bread, this sounds amazing
Holy shit you blew my mind. I'm trying this tmrw morning omg. I would usually just make them sunny side up and break the yolk with my break
Y'all can see the yolk while boiling eggs? We can't do that here in the US mate we're not magic
What if we don't boil eggs? I mean I work at a breakfast place and nobody ever gets boiled eggs there?
Nope unless you are a 5-year-old!
I just threw up a little in my mouth. 🤢
The more I learn about soft boiled eggs the grosser it sounds.
This is even more disgusting than the time i learned what beans on toast was
My husband had a traumatic egg-perience as a child, so we have no runny yolks in our house. Sorry for the disappointment. 😂
my ancestors taught me to make dippy eggs (aka eggs over easy) which have been adequate for dipping bread into sans egg cup :)
You need to explain that the bread is often toasted (I hope they have a toaster) and cut into strips (known as soldiers).
So wait, do you boil your eggs in a kettle?
JOKING, of course
We never would, we are all terrified of salmonella
You dont immunise your eggs? :0
this thread is amazing. Thanks for retweeting omg
The importance of eggs omg 😂😩
this is the most extra thing wtf juST EAT NORMAL EGGS OMg
When people who eat eggs (I don't unless deviled) want them runny with bread they make hole in ones (or egg in the basket)
That's what sunny side eggs are for and you're able to eat the whites of the egg too and you don't have to worry about a shell in the way
this sounds really good?? I feel so uncultured now.
thats sunny sise up on a plate, cooked faster and yes we eat them with a fork and knife. #howdoyoulikeyoureggs
Careful there, don't start Gulliver's Travels-esque arguments over which end is the top/best to cut off D:
I usually eat my eggs over easy.
Egg cups are a waste of time and space. Place the over easy egg directly on the bread.
tbf, kettles here are awful and slow because 110 volts. Was horrendously disappointed when I moved here. Still own one on point of principle
and they save on electricity!
2 minutes huh. That is technically faster than my microwave. Also sounds dangerous.
Wait, you're calling microwaving water *less* dangerous? It's easier to supercrit water in a microwave than a kettle
I'm in UK but only use my kettle if I'm making several teas now because I got one of those instant hot water machines. It's real handy!
but what if i have a stove top kettle
i mean, at least you're trying
110V just isn’t enough I’m so scared to move here please send help
Impossible to use on van power but maybe someday
Not having a kettle as standard in a place was one of the biggest eyeopeners from moving from UK to CAN. Hahaha. KETTLES, GET THEM.
And yet Americans would be just as confused British kitchens didn't have a percolating coffee maker. (Kettles = instant and French press.)
I've been told that because of the lower voltage in the US, electric kettles aren't nearly as fast or efficient.
And since we drink more coffee than tea here, it's a wasted small kitchen alliance. Most homes do have a stove top even if it isn't used
often. It's kinda like "a house isn't a home thing without it sitting in your stove". I personally drink both. I use a French Press for
brewing coffee and use my stove top tea kettle to boil water for that too. I even use loose leaf tea which is another issue I haven't seen
yet brought up but I have a feeling people of the U.K. would love to make fun of and that is that most use tea bags rather than strainers.
I have loose leaf, strainer/tea bag for over 20 years please and thank you. Also bought this Nessie stainerva couple of years ago😍
Electric kettles are getting pretty popular here, at least among foodie types. With good reason! I got one back in February and it's great.
Wow it's amazing how smug British people are being about this tweet.
Tea isn't as popular here and people don't like cluttering their kitchens with single-use tools. Hot water has many uses for culinary sorts.
People who drink a lot of tea get electric kettles, as do people who rehydrate stuff or whatever. Britons live to criticize I guess.
I'm sure most Americans own or use things Britons have never heard of, too. Remember, our cultures diverged over 200 years ago.
And at that time, tea was a relatively new thing. Green tea had just made its way from China in the early 1600's.
We have tea issues in the States. We had this party, people got shot, we switched to coffee. It was all rather complicated.
Less useful at 110 than 220 though. Slower.
My electric kettle is a bit faster than my stovetop kettle, which I loved but which recently broke. Not 2 minutes fast but fast enough.
(American, I should have mentioned). Microwaving water isn't convenient bc I usually make a whole pot...& microwaved is just depressing.
115 Volts = slow kettle.
I lived in NYC for six weeks. Kettles were too much for my budget. Had to make tea in a pan. Did you know they also call them water heaters?
I didn't but I have heard a whole lot of messed up stuff here today so that doesn't even surprise me
As an American, this is a kettle:… . This is a water heater:… (but latter is subset of former)
Now that's interesting. Is the latter huge? We only use those for mass catering I think.
Not too large. I have a 4 L model, it’s about 30 cm tall.
Smaller kettles are a pain when you have three children who all love tea and instant ramen :)
We do kettles in all shapes and sizes but the 'water heater' we only do in massive models
The only smaller kettle I have is the stovetop type that @innesmck hates :)
Stovetops are fine but electricity means you get tea faster.
This is true, and I'm German.
But since we use 110 voltage rather than 220, electric kettles don't boil nearly so fast in the US.
Nobody had kettles here because almost all 110 kettles suck and take 5-10+ minutes to boil a liter of water
take forever with US power, it's really feeble, you switch it on when you get up, shower etc & it might be at 70 degrees when you're dressed
Yoooo electric kettles don't boil quickly over there because of their shitty different power. I have investigated thoroughly.
Yes and that wedrink more coffee here. I thought we made our thoughts pretty clear on what we thought of British Imperial Colonization and
disgusting destruction of India via the British East India Tea Company when the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Native Americans in the
middle of the night and threw 342 chests of tea overboard in the Boston Harbor? That little thing called the Boston Tea Party and the
colonists fed up with the corruption of the British Empire? I mean we went to war with you in the Revolutionary War and then again in the
War of 1812. Pretty sure we made it clear we aren't your bitches anymore though, when you start trying to make fun of the US over things
like egg cups and electric tea kettles, you really ok like sore sorts on to of poking incredible stupid when you voted in Brexit to
kill your country. Idiots here voted for Trump for at max 4 years girlfriend, your idiots voted for life.…
Is the reenactment cheesy yes, but it's very historically accurate and informative and fun. If you are in Boston sometime, I highly
recommend it and you might learn something!
Electric kettles are no good over there because they have a different voltage system which is very bad at boiling water
americans have lazy electricity and can't really boil a kettle off their mains
Mostly cause our country is so fucking huge
And the ants that carry your electric get tired?
the kettle thing is because American house voltages are so low it takes like 8 minutes to boil a kettle.
so basically,electricity, the temperature measurements, the writing of the date, and the refusal to believe in metric. 'merica is broken
They have weaksauce electricity (120v vs UK's 240v) so their electric kettles take longer than stovetop
I almost spit my tea out when a podcaster mentioned she made her tea in a microwave. WTAF!
In America tea isn't usually tea anyway, it's fruity or flavoured or green or chai...and they rarely remember to add milk. :/
Electric kettles do exist, but US voltage is 120v It takes a seriously long time to boil water Stove top is quicker
The voltage is also why murrican vacuum cleaners are almost useless. After moving to the UK I was stunned to find that they actually work
American household voltage is about half that of the UK, so electric kettles aren't efficient here. Besides, microwaves work well.
I don't drink hot drinks at all and even I know it's essential to have a kettle in my kitchen.
I mean, even British *tanks* (as in, the army) have kettles in them
Apocryphal, but apparently in WW2 a tank crew was ambushed when they got out to brew up, so from then on kettles were placed inside
Armies have always marched on their stomachs. And stopping war for tea is clearly the only civilised thing to do.
Also starting war for tea.
My aunt in Texas got an electric kettle from Canada after she became envious that even we, in South Africa, have electric kettles.
The only tea I want to hear about is at the bottom of the Atlantic
Electric kettles don't work well at American voltages, the poor bastards
Genuinely asked my American friend this and gave him a similar lecture on his response 😒
Inferior US 110V electricity means proper 2.4kW kettle, needed for reasonable boiling time, wd need 21.8amps & power leads thick as your leg
US current is 110V, which is why the electric kettles suck. People just microwave water in the US, and it works fine.
Electric kettles in the states have a bad rep because they used to take ages to boil due to lower voltage. Not a problem nowadays though.
We have them, they're called microwaves.
Just moved into a new place. Kettle was literally my first purchase #realhumanbean
We have both of those things.
Went to Spain in Jan, stayed in 3 airbnb, none of them had kettles. How can you live with out kettles???? It's impossible
Sadly, at 110 Volts and 15 Amps they take a lot longer than 2 minutes. Stove top is on a 220V supply and _much_, _much_ quicker, I'm afraid.
Of course we have electric kettles. And other kinds that one heats on the stove. We're not *complete* heathens.
What do you need boiled water for?
cooking eggs
That's what frying pans are for.
A pot boils water in two minutes also... Don't hit me!
I have one of these and I use it to make tea... into cold sweet tea.
We have induction hob & stainless steel stove top kettle which cost <£20, boils water fast as electric (we tested) & has 25 YEAR GUARANTEE.
Electric kettles get really gross quickly if you have minerals in your water.
I would like to thank you for telling me about electric kettles. Legit didn't know those existed. Excited to get one.
i have a water filter machine and so when i press a button hot water comes out, no wait time!
PREACH! I'm in the states and us my electric kettle daily!
#EarlGrey & #kettle. If it wasn't for #ginormous @Starbucks mug you'd think you were in a #UK kitchen!
My kitchen doesn't even have a stove. I live in an efficiency apartment. We have an electric skillet & crock pots to cook in. It sucks.
I have an electric kettle! 1/2 is not bad.
I just came back from my sister's cabin which is quite literally in a forest. It doesn't even have a kitchen. But it has an electric kettle!
Here you are friend. Some of us are civilized.
Many of us have electric coffee makers... fewer tea drinkers over here.
*raises hand shyly* we have no electric kettle because power cuts/limited worktop space and Rayburn.
I have an electric kettle 😏
When Hurricane Gustav killed power for 11 days, the gas still worked & I could boil water in my stovetop kettle. The eggcup thing is weird.
We have electric kettles but yours are better since they bring water to a boil SO much faster.
We do have electric kettles, but I think they are used mostly in offices and places without stoves. My office has one.
Our American family uses the Kurig! Most Americans now have instant coffee machines like the Kurig that you can use to heat tea water quick!
You just don't put coffee in the machine (Kurig) and stick your cup under like normal to get hot water for tea 😜It's very quick!
Actually we have Keurigs, many Americans do, that make hot water fast
I heard the electric kettles don't work the same here because of our electrical wattage. Otherwise, I would invest.
Tip: tho not civilized enough to put kettles in room to start, many hotels do have kettles theyre hiding and you can request to have in room
Electric kettles & 110v don't mix - it takes For - Ev - errrrrrr. BTW US tea bags have half the amount of tea hence weak for lemon or iced 🙃
ps: I'm a Brit who lived in NYC for 14yrs
Electric kettles are the wave but eggs should be kept fresh and we just have so many other ways to cook them egg cups didnt make the cut 😬
Some people have instant hots at their sinks here.
What do you do w/ your boiled water? I just boil water in a pan for pasta. 🤷🏻‍♀️
America's national electricity grid was not designed with tea in mind. US kettles are bad and boil tiny amounts of water slowly.
idk if this is true in Europe, but in US electric kettles are really crappy. I've been through a half dozen that broke in a few months
I have an electric kettle, but it takes five minutes because our electricity doesn't run hot enough. Y'all's was designed for kettles.
Do... Do i make you proud, dad?
I have an electric kettle
I have a Smeg electric kettle that I love, but FYI it takes longer to boil here because your electricity is beefier.
I have one (electric) & use it multiple times a day and have a brand new unopened one in the cabinet in case this one dies.
Yeah but Americans have crap second-rate electricity and so electric kettles take an age to boil water there.
electric kettle changed my life bought one on amazon like two years ago and i've never been the same
Takes longer than 2min in the US
We use a coffee maker for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and cup noodles. We live in an apartment so no room for 3 appliances when 1 works
Love my electric kettle. Got turned on to the idea when traveling i China. Also makes a great soft boiled egg!
who has time to wait 2 minutes? you need to know the power of zojirushi water boilers.
I have a water cooler/heater that keeps water at the perfect temp for brewing tea at all times. Spoiled? Of course.
Electric kettles are less practical in the US, where we only have 120v mains. But they do exist (I have one)
lmao, I'm an American with an electric kettle. they're readily available, but people apparently don't want them.
You can trust me! American with electric kettle. Then again, I'm addicted to @Escape_Country.
(No egg cups tho.)
I did actually buy an electric kettle after this and I will say it's magical. But I also live in New York.
We have those. But not egg cups. We don't even soft boil eggs. I barely eat eggs at all. Yuck.
US does have kettles but they're slow because it's 110V, not 230V so they're only rated 1.5kW instead of 3kW.
Wait. Why does it have to be electric? I like my kettle and it boils water super fast — yes on the stove.
Come live on the wild side, Murica!!!!!!!!
I'm getting one now
They're pretty popular in American college dorms
I have an electric kettle in my bedroom b/c I'm the only one who drinks tea & I made a mini-kitchen in my room when kid+grandkid moved in.
I mean I barely eat eggs and I don't drink tea so all of it is irrelevant to me anyway.
If you can't add cheese to it, it isn't American. Srsly, Most people just ate scrambled before media/Julia Child/minimal cultural awareness.
DO NOT get me started on american cheese
Ok processed cheese isn't cheese, even Americans don't think so.
Here's one for you...they don't play Badminton with a 'shuttlecock', apprently it's a 'birdie'. Fuck off America, you're doing it wrong
A message from Texas 1. Cups are for drinking, not eggs 2. Best egg holder = tortilla 3. Tea should be iced and sweet 4. Feel sorry for you
That's hilarious! Tortilla, right on, man.
You sound *just like* an alien from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not like an antagonist alien, but like an alien of the week alien.
You where the Enterprise-D has to go to a non-federation planet and stop a super Volcano or something.
They beam him up and and are like “here are your quarters” and he’s all like “where’s the blue widget” and the crew is like “WTF!?”
“We don’t have any blue widgets.” “What? How do you make Fluppys!?” “You can replicate some…” “jfchkjhpoiupoiuewhkjhf…”
After the obligatory scene where they fail to deal with the super volcano and are in dire straights with only 30 minutes left in the episode
The alien shows them how to make fluppys. There’s a poker scene where Data asks the other cast members about what they grew up eating.
Crusher’s grandmother used to make the best dumplings. Worf’s adopted mother made great mince meat pie.
The episode ends with like everyone cooking something they love on the holodeck or something.
Lol wut. Why would you put an egg in a cup. Just put it in the fridge. What is soft boil? Is that that like scrambled?
I feel this strange, prolly petty, obligation to boil and eat eggs this way which offends you so dearly, just to torment you. 🙂
1. Growing up, had kettle, s-b eggs in cups. But 2. Parents were 👵🏼Depression-era. Also means 3. No 🙅🏻 cursing in/at public! 😉
😂😂😂 never thought I'd meet a person as pissed off about eggs as I am about people LMAO
An "educator". -Finds out Americans doesn't use egg cups*
wait what's wrong with that
I just heat water in the microwave for tea but I also only drink tea when I'm.sick
Same. Microwave my water.
Innes I never thought reaching the point where I imagined you might do me violence was going to be over *boiled eggs*
Well Todd I never thought I'd hear about an entire nation of people with nowhere to put their eggs, and yet, here we are
I've watched Utena! I know what an egg cup is!
Now THIS is the kind of Twitter meltdown I can appreciate. 😂
I am an American with an electric kettle! ...but my husband is British.
They don't know what they're missing out on. Open a place with egg cups and kettles and it gonna be Starbucks all over again
Shit imagine soft boiled eggs and tea that you make on your own table, it will revolutionise American Breakfast
We did, it's called "Target," "Walmart," and "Bed, Bath, Beyond."
Innes, have you ever felt an American power plug? Like, there's no way something that flimsy could cope with a kettle.
oh god don't get me started
But America needs to feel bad about it's atrocious plugs And the fact that apparently a non-negligible number of houses still lack earthing
It's better when they have the three prong dealos
we're still a young nation, please give us some time. We'll learn, we swear.
Like, what on earth is going on over there? In what world is a house with 70+ year old wiring OK?
Anything before about 1945 you have to redo to bring it up to code. And "grounded" is the same as earthed.
i feel electric kettles are like using microwaves... i can't.
Once a brit went to an American uni, plugged in the kettle and shorted the dorms.
There's.....other kinds of kettles?
This is what happens when Americans encounter an electric kettle. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED
Nope, I have an electric kettle.
When I stayed in an Airbnb in LA, there was a mini stove-top with a kettle that made me wait 30mins for tea while it boiled 😭
I don't think the owner would have been happy with me messing with their tiny sink 😂 Is it boiling from the tap or just hot?
Hot from tank. Then water replaces. A good number of homes and offices have this in NYC. Need a licensed electrician to install.
Oh, they have tankless instant hots also. 🤔
I'm in the UK, although I've seen them around. We rent, so can't do it anyway. But my kettle boils in one min, so I'm ok with that!
Thank you for this indignation. It is good and true.
Yes, mine is a stove top kettle. Had an electric one, but it didn't work well & gave up.
I have an electric one. It's handy for brewing tea or French press coffee. (Btw your rant is hilarious. 😂)
Stove kettle here ✋🏼boiled eggs r hard boiled yolk is solid, eggs cut in half, placed on a plate with salt & pepper.Some ppl like em plain😏
The more pepper, the better! And I don't think it's anyone else's business how we boil our water. It's personal! LOL
Their electricity is only 110v so an electric kettle would take more than twice as long to boil.
We have kettles who ever told you we didn't lied 😂 we also use Keurig
I have a stove top kettle! It's not optimum but it means I can live my life full of tea
Sure, I can genuinely get to Tesco and back quicker than the time it takes to boil... but tea!
And some of them have been known to put an electric one on the stovetop #TrueStory
Only the complete idiots.
"Put kettle on" not a phrase to be taken at face value 🤣
A lot of Americans don't have electric kettles because they take too long to boil, as the US have a lower level of voltage to the UK.
A home is not a home without a tea kettle on the stove. Sincerely, an American.
Proof, if it were needed, of a deeply neanderthal strain running through american "culture".
As an American, I hate metal kettles. As soon as I found out about electric, never again.
I guess we Americans will just have to suffer. But honestly I do eat soft boiled eggs and know what an electric kettle is and egg cup are.
a kettle in my house... what's this called in yours?! this is a fun game
Some people have instant hots installed inline with kitchen sink.
The 1950s 😜
our electric kettles suck, too. Take way too long.
No, I meant electric, I plug mine into a wall. Stovetop kettles take too long.
I'm sorry, soft boiled eggs give me the wiggins, but I do have an electric kettle and it is nice.
Nope. Not a thing here. The notion of "taking the pot to the kettle" is entirely unknown.
#1 Americans drink coffee more asshat and there are tea drinkers but try getting American history, Boston Tea Party ring a bell and
reasons why it's not as popular due to an association with fucked up British Imperil Colonization and its horrible lasting impact on the
world. You think Americans are War mongers? Over 100,000,000 deaths are attributed directly to the British empire. Look at India today? They
have never recovered from the disgustingness of the British East India Tea Company. Ever thought to think most Americans have hearts and
are capable of noting historical reasons not to make a particular beverage with a horrorifc past (and yes, I get coffee beans and their
political environment isn't awesome either but most companies have ended policies that weren't great) Seriously, get a life if
that with all that's going on, you're content being petty and trying to hate America over lack of egg cups (they aren't outlawed, they are
here) or tea kettles. And for the record, the second biggest reason why we don't have an abundance of electric tea kettles after the fact
not a lot drink tea regularly, though most households do have a stove top kettle is the electricity issue and it takes more time to boil
I legit had no idea anything other than stovetop kettles existed. Intrigued enough to buy electric kettle, but better than microwave? 🤔
We have an Electric kettle that takes about a week to boil. Oh how I pine for a rapid boil with integrated water filter sigh
Hey hey hey we don't have the same amps you do, man
I have an electric kettle and a teapot to brew my tea, my gma is from N.Ireland so we were raised right 👍🏼
also, my egg cups friends from England sent. Lol
I was once majorly trolled by a dude, because I wasn't aware you called "water cookers" kettles. And for me a kettle (ketel in Dutch)...
... belongs on a stove. So he managed to convince me for a few minutes that the thing you put the electric kettle on, is called a stove.
Nvm, you just should have been there :P
I literally didn't know that anything other than stove top kettles existed until I visited Scotland...
a stove top kettle on an electric stove, this was a blessedly small portion of my childhood
I have an electric kettle; after spending lots of time in Europe, I, too, thought not having one was silly. I also soft-boil eggs, ❤️ them.
However, if you want to really be upset, many Americans heat their water in the MICROWAVE- which I will never understand.
I think that's because of their lower mains voltage, an electric kettle would take too long to boil. Also why they use so many light bulbs.
tbf i eat my eggs over the sink as i peel them because i can't wait
Perhaps this is the origin story of the egg and spoon race?
yeah SAME, we dip it in the egg yolk and it is amazing
What a hateful, hateful place.
I just peel, rinse, chomp chomp
Oh no I asked my friend about this
Nah, plenty of soft boiled eggs in the US, only the philistines don't eat them. Poached, fried, au plat - however you want 'em.
The refrigeration thing is maddening, though. I feel like I was robbed of 30 years of refrigerator space.
Can't make deviled eggs or egg salad with soft boiled tho I need the yolk to be mashied up
How do I egg?
I think we make hard boiled eggs when we make deviled eggs. I've never just had a solid egg before.
Not if you stick a fork in them
Nah Dude. Over easy with runny yolk. You dip your toast in it! Bacon is also acceptable! #americaeggyea!
I don't if you've ever heard of scrambled eggs but..... yeah lol
I am an American and I own egg cups. Each morning 3 minute eggs are on the menu. But that's because my grandparents were Ulster-born.
Hard boiled eggs make me want to vomit.
Egg cups are an anomaly in America.
Okay so I think sunnyside up is the equivalent? They don't roll then
Bad id (too old): 315034781127684096
I hard boil eggs occasionally, but after taking the egg out of the water I peel it and proceed to mash the eggs up together into egg salad
Nah, dude. Mostly scrambled.
Who in their right mind puts a hard boiled egg on a plate we just peel the shell and eat them
are you kidding that lunchbox food or easter egg hunts.
We cut them in half. They don't roll around anymore.
no but see we don't really hard boil them either American is the land of the scrambled. sometimes the omelet.
We cook them and call them "scrambled eggs"
thats what my dad did after I came out lmao
I would but I am a coward. I only eat soft boiled eggs if they're in ramen
no way can i sleep right now i am livid
this whole thread 💞 honestly don't understand why they are doing eggs wrong
SERIOUSLY, it's a whole COUNTRY, you'd think someone would have told them
that's a LOT of eggs just rolling the fuck around
Americans have eggs with almost literally everything at the few diners i went to in SF and florida. also they do bacon wrong.
The protective coating stuff being taken off never made sense to me. Soft boiled eggs though - what do you do with the useless white?
I mean, you still eat it? So it's like... the white is the same as it would be but the yolk is still runny
I don't eat hard-boiled eggs unless they're ground up in some larger dish so maybe I'm just too broken to receive this wisdom
On a related note - ever had french fries in a burrito?
How did they survive after gaining Independence?
By gatherin' more guns 'n everyone else!! 🇺🇸 WHEEEE-HOO! 🔫*pew* *pew*🔫 Muhrica! 🇺🇸
I am only just reading this now, & I too am agitated & need to go for a walk.
Yeah time to get off the cell phone big guy, there's a whole world in front of you, maybe live a little?
What are you blabbin on about???
Hope you fall in a ditch, because no one else insulted your culture. FUCK YOU (I'm not even american)
Seems someone has had an oeuf.
You're eating a hen's period. Chill.
wait, that means they don't know the goodness that is... soldiers!!!
What with this and not having electric kettles, it's a wonder they've got as far as they have.
Well you know our eggs are filled with disease because we don't vaccinate our chickens because there is zero food regulation in USA
So y'know never eat anything in USA
Hmmm giving your animals *fewer* drugs doesn't sound much like the america i know and love
We are only allowed to put things in the food that make it LESS healthy
Yeah, that little thing about having no food regulation... that's a blatant lie.
Not to worry: We substitute with hormones, just like the Almighty Dollar commands.
"Zero food regulation" bitch what?
Yes we do! Sometimes. Def was a thing growing up.
naw they do but they dump it out directly onto the toast in a big goopy mess
classic eggly americans
I see what you did there 😂
This from a culture which ruins good toast with watery, anemic beans... Americans don't need no snooty egg pedestals. #Freedom ✊️
I’m afraid I have to side with the Americans here. Runny yolks make me gip.
this is a tragedy of the highest proportions
I soft boil my eggs and just eat them by the handful like potato chips
this is incredibly messed up
We fry our eggs sunny-side up or over easy if we want runny yolks to dip bread in. No need for special egg-specific dishes that way!
Fried eggs have their place and only a monster fries their yolk hard, but they're no alternative to runny eggs and soldiers
Maybe having to fry eggs in oil and butter in order to be able to dip bread into their yolk is the root of the American obesity crisis.
Frying takes me 3 minutes, soft boiling takes 10. If I'm being that indulgent and brunchy I can serve the egg in an avocado
Truly, a cultural ravine
I'll keep the avocado, you can keep your black & white pudding, and we can agree to disagree on which constitutes "cultured breakfast food"
you guys have breakfast waffles and put syrup on bacon, you definitely win
..."breakfast waffles"? There are places where they eat waffles but do not eat them for breakfast?
Parks & Rec has misled me
No I mean my question is, what would it mean to not have breakfast waffles, but still know what waffles are?
When do you eat waffles? They're - not exclusively, but primarily - a breakfast food in the US.
I bought an electric kettle for the office, to make it habitable. Doesn't boil as quick here because 120v :(
Oh man i forgot about your insane electricity and 2 pin plugs as well
"Shall we make our electic fittings safer? Nah just half the voltage"
You're also vastly overestimating the number of eggs we eat! Culturally speaking fried and scrambled and MAYBE poached are the only way here
But speaking as an American, the very idea of soft boiling (an?) Egg, putting it in a cup, and eating it slowly enough to dip toast into it>
Is an absolutely unconscionable waste to time and energy. Scramble it and get it over with already. Got places to be.
An enduring and favourite part of my morning for decades.
if you don't know the sheer joy of egg n' fingers there is no hope for you as a culture. NONE.
I mean it's only literally the least efficient possible way to eat an egg :P
if you wanted eficient you wouldn't make waffles for breakfast. IT'S NOT A CIRCUS.
You know I don't actually remember the last time I had waffles... I've got a machine and everything, I should make some tomorrow morning.
This is so wrong.
we do poached eggs, does that count?
Same here. I have poached eggs on toast at least weekly.
Me, I can't get the hang of this whole egg cup thing to save my life
Over-easy eggs are a big thing around here, and you put them right on the toast for a similar effect.
From Wisconsin, can confirm.
Salmonella is a real problem with their eggs. I wouldn't eat one soft boiled over there. Or poached
Hang on: don't they have dippy eggs and toast soldiers?
Your missing the bigger picture here, they don't soft boil eggs or have egg cups in China...that is a lot more global egg foolery
I had the same bewildered conversation with my Chinese wife, she is now converted to egg cups...mainly because she thinks they are cute
I do, but it's finger food. You eat it in like three bites. I don't need a bourgeoisie cup and spoon for eggs.
What?? Not ever?? They don't know what they're missing!
Why are you stabbing that potato with a pickle?
Yes we do. Someone is jerking your chain.
Got fixated on yr problem. Kettle at Walmart $20. Egg cup, called Ramadan here, $1., or shot glass. Pic to follow.
Ramikins are tiny soufflé dishes. Egg cups are different.
They're missing out on soliders! #sillyUSA ;)
It's #magical that thread. The horror.
I'll bite, what's a soldier?
Toast cut into strips, for dipping.
There's more salmonella hysteria in the US & I'm still a little traumatized by the scare-mongering news stories w a 'cook eggs well' moral.
Now try asking for an egg over-easy in the UK. My friend once had a fry cook shout "You're not in New York, mate! Get OUT!"
I'm neither American nor a British, but we refrigerate the eggs after buying them, and hard boil them due to salmonella.
Getting an omelette or scrambled eggs cooked properly (ie v. soft) in UK is nigh on impossible courtesy of Edwina Curry.
As one who used an egg cup as a kid and young adult, guessing you are correct. I no longer soft boil
I hard boil and then peel and use an egg slicer. No rolling about.
We fought for our independence and the right to do whatever we want with our eggs.
lol no hat sounds gross. Like salmonella haha
I don't know what's wrong with us over here. Look at the dipshit we have for a president. We just can't get it together.
I def soft boil eggs! Two eggs over buttered toast with a bit of salt and pepper! One less item to wash...
When I ate eggs I preferred hard boiled but I still think a egg cup makes eating it a lot easier than having it roll around a plate.
Also I lived in Lanzarote for a while and people made tea in the microwave. 😷
Thanks to Japanese we know about soft boiled eggs
Over easy is the way to go, mate.
Wait, I love soft boiled eggs!
As long as it's not over-hard, you're good.
I love soft boiled eggs. I open them up and drip the yolk on toast, then chop the whites over them and then a little salt and it's delicious
I passed! I have an electric kettle annnd soft boil eggs! Whew....
lol I have never seen an electric kettle in person so clearly I'm flawed & will seriously have to upgrade my life!
I have one mostly b/c I'm impatient & lazy, so I'm not bragging. Electric kettle is fantastic!
I'm forgetful at times so I really need this in my life lol I've found a few to choose from what do you think?
Nice! I had a metal one at first, then bought a ceramic kettle (yes cuz it was pretty).
Oh that's really cute!
Annnd it was in clearance!!!
oooo clearance is a huge score!
Justification for having 2. Lol
Most def always need back up on appliances.
I saw this one too I love the country feel to it #cozy
yo I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that's a teapot. Is it an electric teapot? because that's just messed up
Knock it if you want but it's super handy, & yes electric. Meh.
I'm not knocking it so much as it's like seeing a car that turns out to be a large suitcase.
Mine's the one in the upper right. @innesmck Eggs: Scrambled, poached or 7 min. boil (yolk soft but not runny), eaten on toast. I'm sorry.
I soft boil my eggs, unpeel them and slice them open on toast
Us Canadians use egg cups AND soft boil. Americans are philistines
I'm American & I prefer to soft boil my eggs. I dip toast in the yolk.
I soft boil my eggs all the time in the little cups that used to be my grandmas from Germany and the tiny little spoon!
More fucking fake news. You been watching #FauxNews again. Come see my kitchen with electric kettle, egg cups, brown sauce, vinegar etc.
I must have read that wrong
Crazy Americans. *takes sip of cool canadian milk from a bag*
Umm, yeah, no, not soft boiled. *hard shudder* I usually eat my hard boiled egg freshly peeled standing at the sink. It's the American way.
😂 "standing at the sink." Sir, I wish I could refute this last bit, but I've seen it too often. We are, in fact, eating our eggs over sinks.
Eggs and bacon buddy. Beats the shit out of a little egg cup. Wtf are u a queen? Not gay. Llike royalty.
I am shocked 😲 ... what is wrong with people? Soft boiled egg are the best how can they not ...
I do. I love a runny yolk.
i want to puke, who the fuck wants to eat raw eggs? this is why i hate british people
Will it help or hurt to know that lacking egg cups, I crack soft boiled eggs right onto toast? Often rye. Restaurants usually oblige.
Weighing in: I do soft boil, but then I gently peel them in hand, nibble the top off, sprinkle salt and pepper in and then suck the yolk.
Quite savage, I know. Have heard of egg cups but don't have an egg cup drawer so where would I keep them? Plus hands are nature's egg cups.
I hard boil my eggs, peel them with my hands, slice it in half, add salt and eat. Deal with it. 😒
Ok, you better hold onto your hat! I HATE eggs. They are the most disgusting things ever and it doesn't matter how you make them! YUCK! 🤢
If that's the case we usually poach them meaning we break the shell first and then we fry or boil it
Did not learn that soft boiling was a thing until I was over 30.
Excuse me I love soft boiled egg, but I don't use an egg cup I mash it up and mix it up with lightly toasted bread yummmm
And electric kettles here take twice as long at which point you may as well boil it on the stove
It's just how we "Americans" like our eggs, just like how you probabaly like them soft boiled. Diffrent people diffrent tastes.
My dad used to make me soft boiled eggs when I was little. & yes, we had crystal egg cups. But dad ran off & took the egg cups with him. 💔😂
Is it actually funny?
I miss the egg cups. I used to dip little toast points in them. As for Dear Old Dad... (1/2)
My biggest vice is that I permanently cut people out of my life if I feel wronged. Those people are dead to me. So it's easy to laugh at.
I don't know where ur getting ur info but we do have egg cups. I don't like mine super runny tho so I boil them til they are fairly viscous+
+then crack them and scoop onto toast or sometimes onto steamed broccoli and fresh tomatoes. They r still buttery and soft but not running.
what the fuck is soft boiling??
That is accurate. Many of us find the runny yolk to be....gross 😬 sorry. I poach my egg for a solid 8 minutes. I could bounce it.
Oh my god yes we do my roommate will only eat them that way or poached.
How do you softboil an egg?
Some one is lying to you.
I cannot imagine eating egg yolk that is not cooked all the way.
Yes, because Americans have their own culture. So surprising.
We have egg cups and kettles wtf also my eggs don't have to be refrigerated they go from my chickens to a basket.
We don't soft boil eggs here. I haven't seen an egg cup since my great-gran died 40 years ago.
Hahaha! We soft boil eggs. I crack open at top, scoop out with teaspoon onto toast.
You got it. Generally speaking, no.
Sorry to report, if the yolk isn't firm, this American won't eat it. But, i do use Hungarian egg cups for hard boiled eggs (only)
We do we just eat more than one. What are we, skinny?
😱 that's the best way
It's true! They don't!! We have egg cups AND make dippy eggs for our kids. It's like our special secret (well that and marmite 😂)
We did in my family
Yep. I prefer my eggs solid :)
I soft boil eggs pour yolk into my mouth then eat the egg... with my hands.
What is this soft boil? I just crack them, add hot sauce and drink straight from the glass. Or like Cool Hand Luke, 50 hard boiled eggs
Not unless we're making egg salad. That faded hard in the last couple generations.
White Americans tend to have a weird thing about "undercooked" food
This is the second time I've heard this today. Of COURSE we have egg cups and OF COURSE we soft-boil eggs. Who is spreading this calumny?
sunny side up, over easy, over hard, scramble ether plain or with goodies added, poached ... i guess we just consider more options.
Nonsense I soft boil and just hold the egg in my hand and eat by spooning the egg out. My hand is the egg cup
largely because there are no egg cups
Met my first soft boiled egg 3 years ago. Was so excited/astonished that my french host mom cried laughing and bought me egg cups
sure we softboil our eggs if we're making deviled eggs or cutting them up for a salad. but we don't just, like, eat eggs plain
i took nine eggs out of the fridge and am hard boiling them *right now* 😅
Where did you hear that? My American aunt always preferred her eggs soft-boiled.
Mr Moth. I am an American and can say we do have egg cups and we do eat soft boiled eggs. Maybe not everyone. I also have a kettle.
Dude you just gulp it. Like a tequila shot. Good for your health.
It just pours all over the plate and you kinda end up using it as a makeshift dipping sauce for potatoes n stuff.
Do Americans eat boiled eggs?
Yeah we do but like, do you folks just get yolk all over your egg slicer?
we have soft boiled eggs with toast in an egg cup, we wouldn't slice them, that would be hard boiled eggs
We thoroughly cook the shit out of our eggs so they aren't runny, or we fry them in bacon fat. It's patriotic that way.
What? You've never heard of egg mittens? 🙄
don't mess with me here sam, i can't tell truth from fiction any more
Hahaha if it helps I am an American who grew up with both egg cups and kettles.
it helps a little, thank you
Americans who soft boil eggs have egg cups, and people who like making tea have kettles. It's a big country.
The refrigerated egg thing is dumb, though. The whole industrialized chicken thing is pretty messed up.
We poke a straw through the egg and sip it like a mai-tai 🍹#truestory
If you want runny yolks, you cook them 'sunny-side up' and put them on a plate and eat them with a fork and toast.
you hold the egg on your hand and you slurrrrrp it! 😂😂😂
If it is fried (with butter or bacon grease) the yolk is held in by the hardened whites.
Most of us do not eat soft boiled eggs.
We really don't eat eggs like that for the most part. Love this rant btw
Yo we hard boil them, then peel them, then cut them in half.
That's what toast is for. Sopping. Delicious. And BTW you may order egg cups online. With itsy bitsy spoon and salt shaker.
Bruh we eat eggs scrambled or over easy we don't got time to sit there with a spoon and delicately eat a damn egg
Why is the yolk runny? I'm confused. Cook your damn food!
It pours onto the English Muffin. Throw some ham on that bad boy too @McDonalds #McMuffin Delicious & you don't have to wash the egg cup.
The yolk spills out, man. That's what toast is for.
I never had a dippy egg till I moved to the UK in 2003. We just don't eat eggs like that in the states... Love eggs and soldiers :)
Was 2003 the best year of your life? Go forth & spread the word of dippy eggs to your American friends! Dippy eggs are our go-to :)
Would say so as I've stayed in the UK :) #DippyEggs
Very good call on your behalf... Dippy eggs FTW!🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚
I'm on vacation in the US and I've been improvising with paper towel nests for my soft boiled eggs. #thestruggleisreal
i sop my yolk up w biscuits ... like DUH
You soak it up with the toast!
We don't break it?
Been alive over 30 years and have never seen anyone eat eggs like that until I started watching Nigella. And I thought she was being quirky
Over easy or over medium on the plate. Then you dip your toast in it. Frankly the egg cup with the shell on creeps me out a bit.
We bake slices of bread until they're crispy, and mop up the spilled yolk with that bread. My plate is cleaner after breakfast than before.
Maybe soft boiled eggs are just things some people find disgusting. I prefer scrambled or in an omelet so why would I own egg cups?
I'm a master eating egg in a hole; no yolk drip.
It's usually served over toast. Here, most ppl like to see it run all over everything.
the yolk is solid.
You need to take a visit to @WaffleHouse my friend
it gets all over the place, like a breakfast food equivalent of a stag film
Or is this to advanced for your country
Runny yolk is repulsive. Fuck soft-boiled eggs and fuck your egg cups.
That's why we scramble them
innes they never had soft boiled eggs they don't trust their eggs even in Canada they don't put the freshness date, i'm mad
I haven't eaten a soft boiled egg in MONTHS
I eat soft boiled eggs often. On breads or in soups though. Do wish I had an egg cup.
I'd love too, but how do you know the egg is fresh enough without the date? I haven't found a brand with it yet
whaaaat mine always have a date on. D: I buy the one w/ a weird egg-in-baseball-cap mascot (free run variety, but don't think that matters)
jesus christ
Apparently American electricity isn't strong enough to boil a kettle
So funny 😂 is British humor, not so funny
We have softy boiled eggs on toast,yummy
Do not swear like that, grow up
Yes, we have soft boiled eggs, just cook 👨‍🍳 them differently, want to fight a 73 year old grannie
I basically never eat a hard boiled egg
If the cereal companies have won and you can't find an eggcup, a pop bottle top makes a wonderful alternative. #eggs
I use a shot glass.
My g'friends asked what I wanted for my b'day. I sent them on an egg cup hunt. Finally found two. Took about a yr.
Or they could have gone online and found egg cups, any where in the world, in 30 seconds. Free 2 day shipping even.
honestly this is the best tweet for a very very long time on this ridiculous website
There's the problem, many Americans don't believe evolution happened. Maybe they're waiting for God to deliver them a receptacle for eggs
Evolution, or more aptly stated - lack of evolution, is how we got Trump elected. He might be the poster child for lack of evolution.
You mean EggVolution?!? 😏😏
You're right. We didn't go through 300 million years of evolution to eat our eggs raw like some damn skunk
an American I know once had a twitter meltdown as you couldn't buy packs of boiled eggs here. Is it THAT difficult?
Christ! That is a new level of laziness 🙈
you can buy them in 6/12 packs there. Hard boiled to f**k
We prefer hard boiled eggs over soft boiled
can confirm. Runny yolk makes my stomach churn (although grew up in household with no eggs as mother was allergic, so mileage may vary)
Whoa man! We usually fry, scramble and if we boil- we hard boil them, de-shell, cut in half & salt/pepper.
Hey! I'm a proud American egg cup owner. Thanks to @marimekkousa purveyors of egg cups to us heathens stateside!
We didn't go through 300 million years of evolution to let our eggs sit out in open growing salmonella🤢
Look friend, theres a right way to do things, a wrong way, and the American way. Which sometimes is the aggressively wrong way. #USAUSA
I would have enjoyed this anger management session better if there wasn't the arrogant overtone suggesting that Americans are inferior.
Harden the fuck up like a hard boiled egg. LOL
Lol the fact that an entire country can't make eggs and tea/coffee for breakfast properly explains #trump what else do they get up to?
You know about the butter thing, right ?
...butter thing?
Oh. You don't know ? They don't butter bread for sandwiches. Or toast. Or anything
How do they stop the bread from getting soggy in cucumber sandwiches?
They deserve everything the get. Soggy sandwiches n all
We don't eat cucumber sandwiches
....huh. at least here in Canada we butter our bread for those
I butter my bread...?
Hey I butter my toast, back off. 😏🍞
THE BUTTER THING. we keep it refridgerator. Lmaoo keeping it out is nasty af
But, that's what butter dishes are for..?
I use mine for a spoon rest while cooking 😂
Also the utter i buy isnt in sticks. Its in a tub that needs refridgeration
No no no, you cut in half & scoop out of the shell into a bowl! Or, like me, you poach them in the microwave *ducks flying egg cups*
That sounds more like how to eat a kiwi, not an egg! Although there's no reason why you can't also use eggcups for kiwis. #versatile
I don't put the kiwi in a bowl, I scoop directly into my grateful maw 😂
1. But, don't you hard boil your Easter eggs? 2. Don't you hard boil the eggs for making deviled eggs?
Who eats Easter Eggs? I rebuke you Satan and ur nasty colored eggs.
I have a hard time taking culinary advice from someone whose culture thinks eating beans on toast is appropriate.
They dont roll!!! They lay flat. Sunny side up eggs over any other type. ANY DAY
Scrambled or fried stays on a plate, bimbo
porque te importa tanto
We don't keep our eggs on plates either. Why do you keep trying to set eggs in places outside the carton
Why would the egg roll around on a plate? After 300 years of evolution, thats the best you can come up with?
We don't eat eggs like that son. We fry the egg we don't eat it like a chocolate bar
Don't they just fry the bastards to death, on both sides. Yuk!!!!
That's why you put it in a bowl so it don't roll on a plate
I've never even seen an "egg cup" for sale. Pretty sure no American bride has ever registered for an egg cup set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
That doesn't count, amazon/online has everything. I'm talking about walking in to Macy's or Pottery Barn. But thanks!
We don't eat eggs like that dude tf?
I met an American lady once who told me their hand dryers blow cold air. I said, "You people put a man on the Moon, what happened?"
Fresh egg, softly boiled, in egg cup ... butter, salt, bliss.
300 Million Years of evolution and all the people care about in the U.K. is egg cups and electric tea kettles. I see why Brexit happened.
Surprised the EU didn't try to actually kick you out.
So, I always thought egg cups were fake. Thanks for showing me otherwise. #Murica
Teach us your ways! We'll all be moving back soon. 🙌😭
They just don't eat soft boiled eggs why are you losing your mind
I need this person to care about their blood pressure more
no we did it to learn how to cook an egg rather than get a little bowl to hold a raw one. My dog won't even it an egg unless it's scrambled
works for cadbury eggs, too
Nobody _wants_ to wash the eggs. Pesky laws.
Maybe not on a radiator though, eh?
wait, you can buy eggs with a coating on them? Even in england I see refrigerator-only ones
it's illegal to sell eggs which would need refrigeration here - the eggs are all just on regular supermarket shelves?
oh.. In that case I must be confused about which part of the egg is which
I assumed those had to be refrigerated.
America mandates power washing of eggs before they are sold, which makes them require refrigeration Europe mandates NOT doing that
I don't like shit on my eggs, I have my own chickens and still wash the egss, y'all nasty folks.
I grew up with farm eggs in the uk and have always refrigerated them?
We don't wash a protective membrane off them, so they last ages out of the fridge (hence why shops just have them on shelves)
In Germany we have two dates on the box. 1. date: when to put them in fridge, 2. date: best before if keept refridergarted from first date
Salmonella can't multiply in fridge conditions. But UK chickens are vaccinated, so only imported eggs are a risk.
I live on a farm, and we gather our own eggs. We still refrigerate them, because they last longer.
What's... Protective coating?
eggs are born with wee jackets on
there's a membrane which covers the egg which apparently american egg producers are legally required to wash off
Huh, did not know. I thought you meant they add some kind of coating in the US at first :p
IIRC high pressure water jets also tend to push bacteria *in to* the egg because the shell is kinda permeable, thus higher salmonella rates.
But, you know, can't have the chance of any visible dirt on the eggs 🙃
My brother have chicken as a hobby, he told me if the egg is dirty, you have to wash it with water with a higher temp than the egg itself
He's right (as far as my knowledge extends). Basically don't wash unless really necessary, if so use warmer water.
What is the best way to wash and store my eggs? from My Pet Chicken
Backyard Chicken Help - What is the best way to wash and store my eggs?
Otherwise the bacteria might penetrate the egg. Fun fact: no one has ever been registered sick from salmonella in Norwegian eggs or chicken
Wow, that's a pretty cool stat to have. I know UK rates are lower than US because we keep cleaner coops and don't wash the eggs.
I had to google it to make sure I was telling the truth. I could remember that it's safe to eat raw eggs here because of that.
Glad I learned something new today :)
Yeah, it's always interesting to have conversations outside of my normal topics. Thanks :)
The UK came up with laws that prevent salmonella being in the farms in the first place, the EU all use them now, so we don't need to wash
The natural coating off them and therefore they stay fresh for longer with or without the fridge
It's called the bloom.
This surprised me my first time at Sainsbury's
???? EGGS GO IN A BOWL ON THE COUNTER???????????????
wait no what
eggs go in a decorative bowl on the kitchen counter, that's just where they're meant to be
i think my mum had a bowl shaped like a chicken specifically for this purpose but i think that is going too far
i mean, they're not fruits
They're chicken fruits. Unless they're duck eggs. Then they're duck fruits.
Not too far, my parents have one like that too 😂 it sits in a corner out of the way, sure, but definitely on the bench/counter.
these romans are crazy
Farmer's know. It is city ppeps who don't know.
Our farmers know. It's the government that makes them wash and refrigerate.
Are your eggs freshers than ours? I'd leave mine out if they were fresh but store bought eggs are 2wks old by the time they're packaged.
LMFAO, dude, in US we pasteurize our eggs to lower risk of foodborne illness. Must then refrigerate. You're living in the Dark Ages.
Actually our focus is on making sure the disease isn't there in the first place. That's why UK Lion eggs are the highest standard on earth
It all came from an era when we had 3 epidemics from poor food, salmonella, foot & mouth and BSE. After that we regulated the shit out of
Our food and here we are
Certain bacteria like salmonella cannot be eliminated from chickens you sound really stupid right now
I guess that's why less than 1 in 10,000,000 have traces of salmonella in the UK without washing or refrigeration then. Dumbass 😂
Since U R too unintelligent to understand let me explain. Conversation veered towards why US refrigerates eggs, I explained why. Fuck off.
You have to buy pasteurized eggs special. I've never even seen them for sale here in NJ.
What protective coating?
What on earth are you going to do with the egg tray in the refrigerator then!
50s Robot Cosplay?
You can't very well put your butter on it because there is already a butter tray right next to it!
We don't have them? There's a lil cheese shelf instead 🧀
Alright, you know what, I could get behind a cheese shelf
I keep butter for baking in it
They gave you a cheese shelf and you spat in their faces
Where else am I gunna keep 3 different kinds of butter
On the shelves that are a free for all with the various sauces & salad dressings that rarely get touched and may have been expired for years
It belongs in a door Emma
I'm afraid to ask where you have been putting your sauces and salad dressings
Top shelf at the back
I did not realize it was still the dark ages over there...
SAME do you have egg mayo over there that's all you can do with a gross hard boiled egg
The only thing hardboiled eggs are for is deviled eggs, and don't you dare speak ill of deviled eggs!
As I know it, egg salad is what people make after Easter because they have to repent for their sins if coloring hardboiled eggs
Because what else are you going to do with colored eggs
Like duh that's fridge 101
Even if the coating is washed off, eggs stay good in the fridge *months* after expiry date.
wtf is this protective coating ? What the actual fu..........
This man is seriously in his feels about eggs
No you need to tell our stupid government
Commercial eggs are washed as required by FDA then req refrigeration. Fresh can sit on counter uncleaned. Most Americans by commercial.
They come in a package so we leave them in there until we need them. Yes refrigerated eggs then we cook them if needed
Wait, even if it has been previously chilled in a store? I know fresh eggs you can leave out for 1.5-2 weeks basically, but once it has
Put in the fridge, it has to stay there because it starts the deterioration process of the egg itself? I like my eggs scrambled 💁🏻‍♂️ btw
Yeah, but that reqires the chickens to be kept in clean and comfortable conditions.
The things that make you say, "Hmmmm."
Protective coating?
Actually it's a bit more complicated than that! The first time I went to Australia, NZ, SCOTLAND & elsewhere I had to learn why
Wait don't wash the eggs that aren't refrigerated? Then they'd be dirty so we put them in the fridge
American eggs are factory farmed, need refrigeration d/t salmonella risk. FDA regulations weak. #poison…
considering that chickens lay their eggs out of their anus we think It's more sanitary to wash the eggs and refrigerate.
Eggs can't be sold unwashed in US. So, I bought my own chickens. Best eggs ever.
Our farmers know that, our markets don't
...And this is why we are all scared of salmonella 🙃
I went to school with a Sal Monella. Guy ruined everything.
Backyard chickens solve that problem. Straight from the chickens butt to my kitchen counter.
no we don't wash the protective coating off of ours
Woah woah woah you don't refridge your eggs??? Now this is too far.
You don't need to if you don't remove the natural external membrane, which is washed off in America for some reason
They can be left outside for weeks if the membrane isn't removed
yeah we wash off the stuff that makes them able to be sat on the counter
its bc we aren't required to keep the hen cages and stuff free from poop so they have to wash the poop off
Another intresting one: The US doesn;t vaccinate hens against salmonela. I could never live somewhere eating cake mix is dangerous D:
Wait... We can just vaccinate that shit? God damnit America.
American here, I've always eaten cake batter or other things containing raw eggs. Just don't do it when pregnant.
It's illegal to sell unwashed eggs there, but egg shells are permeable, washing them is how shit gets inside!
whoa, whoa, whoa. Some of us *have* egg cups and love their egg cups.
but I do have to keep my eggs in the fridge, got me there
I can't blame you though, I know the rules
you are good and pure and i love you
?????? Innes, we need answers
You... Don't refrigerate your eggs? That's a thing everywhere innes
No? We don't have to, that's why supermarkets just keep em on the shelves
Only America, Japan and, apparently, Scandinavia. Elsewhere they're shipped unrefrigerated.
Good old chemical washing!
Well we wouldn't want to vaccinate the chickens I heard vaccines cause autism
my parents refrigerate eggs, but i think that's just force of habit since the eggs we buy are just kept on a shelf in the shops
also i've never owned or used an egg cup. my family is, like, religiously against runny eggs
you own a kettle though, right? you're scaring me here
of COURSE i own a kettle. i'm not an ANIMAL, how could you even ask me that
yeah, i promise you don't have to here
and don’t even get me started on the fact british eggs have bird poop all over them.
America is weird, they are too yellow too
Agreed, an IMPORTANT point which definitely requires FURTHER INVESTIGATION
Ours apparently taste nicer, according to @kuraine
They're real tasty & super orange I like 'em ~
as someone that doesnt eat eggs im sorta confused about both of these arrangements its great
Look eggs are important okay?
yes true but i dont understand how they work in general neither of these methods make any sense but im sure the americans are wrong as usual
Soft boil an egg and dip toast in the yoke it's the best 🥚🍞🥚
i really like eggs aesthetically as part of a breakfast! it looks very good! i just cant eat them
wait wait wait go back do you just put the egg in the cup and then cut off the top and dip stuff in it is that what you just said
yeah? yeah! now you got it!
wait wait what eggs are so small how do you dip things into them do you have to tear the toast into tiny ass pieces
how do you remove the top of an egg do you use a knife or your teeth or do you tear it apart with your hands
do you have a lot of egg cups in your home? how many eggs do you have in a cup during any given breakfast? do you arrange them somehow?
or do you transfer eggs between cups as they become useless to you?
why dont you just pour the yoke into the cup if that's all you want
why do you bother with the rest of the egg you know you can crack the egg and cook the yoke seperately
wait are all eggs uniform enough sizes that they can all fit into the same cup? i legitamately do not know if this is true or not
are cups sold in sizes? or does each brand have their own cup. do people hand out branded egg cups at fairs like they do normal cups
do you store your egg cups next to the regular cups or next to the eggs
are egg cups cushioned for the egg's comfort
isnt there a shell
You use the spoon and scoop it
Do you need me to like... cook one and film eating it for you?
i i dont i dont know
can you film the entire lifecycle of an egg cup from buying it to storing it to using it
Like, an egg cup documentary?
I love this thread 💜
This thread is super cute, but... how DO Americans eat boiled eggs.
Is that a yes?
please do this lotte
kickstart this
please do commentary also
ah yes... here we have a majestic egg cup in it's native habitat
I'll try but I'll probs not be that compelling... and I'll probably call it friend a lot
carefully. With a little spoon 👍
THIS CONVERSATION IS APPEARING IN MY FEED AS LIKED BY PEOPLE AND NOW I WANT EGGS. :C It is adorable tho there are so many egg questions. 🥚✨
No your not <3
Some people collect egg cups
I like to make my eggs in shot glasses and chug those yolky mf's
Yup, boxes are solid in size categories (s m and l)
how big are the biggest egg cup who determines what egg cup sizes are how do you know if an egg is small
Cos it's nice
wait do you do with the other egg cup
how many egg cups do you own?
Two eggcup per person is important
wait why two
It's optimum
it looks like you are eating a brain straight out of a skull
Perfect 🍳💕
Interesting. I think the dangers of salmonella are beaten into us so we don't eat runny eggs as much as y'all do.
that must take forever
wait, do you just dip toast in the yoke and ignore the egg white? if so, that's amazing. yolks are so good and whites are the grossest.
guess I'm an exception because I grew up with egg cups in Los Angeles. Now I have them in Tokyo too.
Didn't grow up with them (we just brazenly spooned out soft-boiled eggs into small bowls) but did see them occasionally.
Someone helpfully bought us an egg cutter from one of those cutesy brands popular in Japan & it's completely useless with US-sized eggs.
We actually never use the egg cups now though. just peel the eggs and plop right on top of toast.
I usually just put them into a bowl with soy sauce and maybe some kind of dashijiru. (Usually more onsen tamago texture than soft-boiled)
Same here, I like the onsen texture. Isa makes great perfect softboiled and marinates in soy/dashi overnight. They're fantastic.
Wait what now i was agreeing with you until this point you DON’T keep the eggs on the freezer!?
Eggs in the freezer? What?
This is why brexit happened
The fridge I meant sorry I’m not awake yet we have this thing called sun down here too very annoying place feels like a sauna
that's actually a health thing. Different countries clean eggs differently.
they do????? I'm sure they don't actually NEED to be???? how is an American egg different from any other egg?????
I am german and I leave my eggs also in the fridge O.o
I'm feeling this EXCEPT most a lot of European countries refrigerate their eggs as well. And butter. Butter goes into the fridge.
It's not weird if it's the only way you know. Countries do things their own way. I hear Canadians get their milk in bags.
Nothing to get all riled up over.
My USA eggs sitting on the counter. From my chickens in my backyard.
Ok, I thought all your egg tweets were too cute way too funny except this one, not your treading on health and safety (((salmonella))) 😉🙃🤣
Omg I just went to Europe and I was shook about the eggs being on a shelf and not in a fridge
I just want to point out that eggs don't have to be refrigerated here. Most people just choose to refrigerate them.
You act like we don't
Let's rehash this.. we don't need egg cups. We fry them and undercook the yolk, then dip the bread. Also the whites are tasty too.
That egg cup thing looks insane. Why would anyone want an egg like that?
Because unless you get them right from the farm, they are not as fresh.
Well yeah, unless you happen to live in a rural area and have chickens or know where to get fresh eggs.
Why is that?
You can join us on south beach for breakfast !
I'm British, & I don't have egg cups, simply because I'm not 5 years old. The FSA recommends that you store eggs in the fridge.
That's because pur eggs are not loaded with preservatives...smh.
My brother in law from Japan couldn't understand eggs in fridges or that the Best Buy date was weeks away.
when you buy 3-4 dozen eggs at a time it's a good ideas to refrigerate them; they last longer.
They sell eggs on shelves in the middle of the aisle, no refrigeration. But also sell in smaller batches & shop more frequently.
Because we wash them
US requires all eggs to be washed, EU requires that they not be washed, in an attempt to keep chickens in cleaner accommodation.
When I was in Scotland it took me forever to find the eggs because I kept looking in the refrigerated section. Never knew that before.
who the fuck a) eats eggs, and b) needs a cup for that shit
How else do you dip your soldiers in them?? I just realised how full of innuendo my childhood was. 🥚💂🍆
I'm like, actually mad that Americans don't know how to eat eggs
The best way to eat eggs is to not eat eggs.
I can't even right now, Jack. I can't EVEN
Eggs are Satan's manstruation.
I don't kinkshame.
You misspelled “soft boiled with short slices of bread dipped into them” there, Jack.
i just vomited
That's too fancy we just mush them onto toast
when I get a fresh carton of eggs I immediately transfer each one to its own egg cup, it's how to keep them safe
as a southerner, heres where we put ours
This is classic Philly too.
Ps it's all about the dish.
The only reasonable explanation for uncooked yolks us that these people were, at some point, infused with lizard DNA. Likely Komodo Dragon.
wait.. you don't completely remove the shell before eating the egg?
fascinating.. I've never even thought of not removing the shell, and eating it with some bread or other food as a 'messy food'. Really neat!
How do you avoid getting spoonfuls of shell in your mouth?
I have to answer, because this makes me sad. You put the whole egg in the cup, you take a spoon or butter knife and tap >
the shell until it cracks. Then you gently peel the egg down to just above the rim of your cup. You take the top off the >
egg with your spoon and eat it, then either scoop the yolk with your spoon or dip thin slices of toast in. Then you scoop >
out the rest of the egg white. The shell is tougher after boiling, so as long as you don't bash it, it won't break
You are correct you tap the top lightly then cut it off then dip with toast points or ( linear cut toast) soldiers.
...this answers so many of my childhood questions. I mostly watched British TV and didn't understand why I never saw egg cups in US stores.
Somehow "you live in the US" never occurred to me.
I don't even remember why I started following you, but you're becoming one of my favourite person of the internet.
i can't speak for the heathen masses, but i generally aim for yolks which are just set,
i peel them and slice them in half lengthwise, and serve them on top of other food. if i ate them with liquid yolks more, i'd get egg cups.
I don't have one. I use a shot glass that's in the shape of a boot. It works exactly the same way.
I don't understand why one would want to do this...?
I read this and said "I'm with you Rocko, who needs 4 eggcups for 2 eggs". Then I read the thread and I'm simply horrified by your ignorance
I'm horribly dysfunctional in this confusing world. I don't even eat eggs. I've seen people eat these with their hands, but not with...these
wait excuse me I had egg cups growing up but I guess my family has always been a smidge less american??
i knew you were a good 'un
This seems really messy. What if I soft boil, peel, then put in the egg cup?
It might be flimsy
I could have SWORN WE HAD SOME EGG CUPS IN THE CABINET but now I can't find them?????
Mom confirmed my belief that we had the egg cups and also can't figure out where they went. @ egg holders where are you ?????
#NotAllAmericans I mean I don't have egg cups but I know what they are, probably because I watch a lot of UK TV
this image popped up on my timeline again and for the second time i thought the spoon handles were nangs on the table with eggs
I'll be honest here, and I hope that doesn't change things between us, but that is not a word I have ever heard before
oh!!! N2O bulbs, for whipping cream (or used recreationally like laughing gas)
ohhhhhh the classic breakfast combo
what the hell happened here
Classic Karaoke fun times.
Why would you ever eat your eggs this way lol. Just peel it and eat it like a civilized nation :P
There's a lack of respect for b'fast in general in US. Scrawny bacon(&no middlecut bacon), Whipped butter, jelly, the boiled egg thing🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
We have this at my home but we're French American.
I have plenty in my cupboard😏🇺🇸 Where shall I send them?
We may not have tiny egg cups, but we do this instead... @EggSlutLA
This looks disgusting. Don't post this garbage
Yanks are thick,on a cruise one asked me what was that? Pointing at my fish knife,but claimed he'd got restaurants in new York, ha ha
Is a fish knife an offensive weapon??
Ewww...won’t you get shell in the egg?
No you peel the shell off before you cut it open
And then there's that pesky question; About what came first... and by the way, what does a brain on drugs look like? 🍳
Who eats an egg with a spoon that is just weird
I had two poached eggs on crumpets for my breakfast this morning!!
You are hilarious 😂😂😂 all this ranting about eggs love it
This sir, is my favorite way to eat eggs.
My American daughter's breakfast this morning. Toast soldiers popping up soon.
do you have eggcups ??
Oh cute. Confused about how you would cook and then eat in these cute little cups. Love, an American.
You boil the egg so the yolk is still soft. Put in the egg cup, slice the top off and dip bread 'soldiers' in the yolk then eat the white
With a spoon lol
my dads set he had from his Belgian mother broke, we COULD NOT find any replacements, ANYWHERE. The struggle is real to enjoy eggs
Gross. Why would you want shell fragments mixed in?
??? Why would they mix in unless you crushed them? An egg shell is not that fragile
Thought this would be fun to read. But you have limited vocabulary
What in the goofy hell is this?!?
I don't understand what is happening in this picture.
There are no egg cups in the USA
Lol we DO all have kettles, but why the hell would we want an egg-cup? We cook our eggs in a skillet, and eat them on a plate
you just leave the shell on? how are you supposed to eat the white?
You eat them out of the shell? How do you not get bits of shell I your mouth? Yuck 😜
Are shells really flimsy in the US? You just peel a bit of the shell on top and eat the egg out of the shell.So how would the shell fall in?
How does this even work? I need a thorough explanation.
Wow I've never seen this thing in my life
So, this isn't an egg cup?
(No comment)
What about the white part? You just throw that away?
You eat it too....O_o
Why would you eat a raw egg?
When I was a child, I was served eggs in a cup like this at my grandparents.
Anyone who thinks beans in weird red sauce are appropriate breakfast fare should NOT be lecturing others! #donttreadonme
How many eggs are you eating that you need a special egg cup for it? 🤔 maybe I need to eat more 🍳. I just crack em'
What in the actual fuck is that?
My grandparents had these. My parents didn't because they didn't eat them the same way.
They don’t have them here! This reminds my of my childhood…
Looks like a waste of egg and time to me. Fry it up over medium in some bacon fat and move on.
Hey man I'm American and I grew up using them?! Not sure why outraged, they are used here dude!
is the egg cup for your ketchup when you're dipping your fried egg sandwich?
Why do these egg cups upset you? I often use egg cups as a metaphor for the pelvic girdle in discussing tai chi anatomy and relaxation.
I knew these existed, kinda, but I have no idea WTF they are for... storage before cooking? Or as a tray/ bowlish thing for serving??? 🤔
Awww adorable little snack, yea give me a denver omelet, you can keep your stupid egg cup!
No disrespect but that looks like the worst way to eat an egg.
in our mouths, whole
great fun rolling them about the plate, actually. ;)
no no no. bread gets dipped IN the egg
It took me a while to realize you were talking about boiled eggs I only ever fry mine 😂 usually in bacon grease
Scrambled, browned, in a plate with cheese YOU DAM INGRATE
They can't just roll around the table. This seems extraordinarily unsafe. YOKE EVERYWHERE.
Where do they put them? 😱
Just... on a plate? Just sitting on a goddamn plate
But, that's just fucking mental. I bet they eat them with a knife and fork too!
worse: with their HANDS
I thought Europeans did that
Thats how you get them in Jail! "So someone told me"?
In Omelettes. Or Scrambled, Fried, Poached, Benedict, Hollandaise, in a Sandwich, Egg-In-A-Hole, Deviled, Florentine, Egg Salad, Rancheros.
probably sold as "Egg Stabilisers"
All in one basket if the elections were anything to go by.
Fried,Poached or Scrambled,i haven't used an egg cup in over 30yrs,& i'm not teaching my kids to either,i just can't see the why i should!
In one basket, likely. But we do have egg cups - just most Americans are as extreme about eggs as about other things: hard boiled or runny.
We wrap it in a paper towel.
Most of us eat them fried, scrambled, or poached. I agree with you about refrigeration. #SorryWeAreWeird
In shot glasses! 😬
The first time I soft boiled my eggs, I had to find a makeshift egg cup... so, I used a shot glass. 🤷🏻‍♀️
This makes me laugh as my husband is from England. We had to have his mum import them from England for us!!
We have Egg cartons 😂
We cook them first, so we don't need a little bowl hold them upright.
IN OUR MOUTHS! For my grownup giant little brother, 1 boiled egg = 1 mouthful.
What, shell and all?
Lol. He's a bit of a savage, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't eat shells. But who needs a bowl if the whole thing fits in your mouth, eh? 😉
If you're not eating the shell, you need to peel it. If you can peel it, it's not hot. If it's not hot with runny yolk, it's not delicious.
Seriously, if you're going to eat a boiled egg, don't mess around with boring peeled, luke-warm or cold hardboiled eggs.
Cook egg just enough so the yolk is still soft, place in egg cup, cut off top, dip buttered toast into soft yolk. Use teaspoon to finish.
Now, I like poached or scrambled eggs as much as the next person, but dipping toast into proper boiled eggs is also lovely.
There is a way have all that without an egg cup. I was brought up on "Eggs-in-a-Hole" (aka eggs in a basket). No cups for us savages. 😉
Yes, we have eggs-in-a-hole or eggs-in-bread too. The experience and taste is quite different. You're missing out!
Not missing out - had them lots (english inlaws) I just personally don't like runny, gooey, or uncooked food. 🤢 Again, different strokes...
(Don't like eggs & meat unless they're thoroughly cooked, I mean.)
🥚 I see your logic but disagree w the goal. 😉 I like my food cooked. 🐔 To each their own. The world would be boring if we were all the same!
* I mean that if you're not eating the shell, you need to peel it IF you're going to eat it in one bite. Egg cup saves you from this folly.
Shot glasses, bro. Dual purpose.
This is America... We mostly eat fried stuff... Scrambled, over easy, sunny-side-up, omelettes.... All Fried!!! 🍳
Egg sandwiches. We serve liberty between slices.
In my anus, usually.
most americans dont eat boiled eggs tbh
if we do its usually in the form of egg salad
On a plate like normal civilized people. Ha, egg cups? Some uppity shit, no?
I'll tell you where I put my eggs....
I used shot glasses for many years!!!😱
When I was a poor student and didn't own any egg cups I had to either use shot glasses or blu-tack my eggs to the plate
We put our eggs in our belly after we cook them properly. We have egg cups here, we just prefer our eggs in a delicious form like an omelet
this guy
yeah i saw this moment but didnt click on it. Why the f do we need a cup just for an egg, its called a plate or a bowl.
We have a contraption that can hold 36 eggs brah f off
i eat my eggs instead of putting them in dumb cups
In the fridge, of course. Right next to the axle grease stuff that we use as butter.
In a pan. Then we cook them. Maybe you folks are the weird ones.
On. A. Plate.
We are a bit fkkt about eggs. We can get egg cups but we don't boil much of anything, at least in Cali.
In Cali eggs are Huevos Rancheros! With COFFEE! We make tea in the sun and then drink it chilled!
We peel them and eat them! Sometimes whole!
In a tortilla, scrambled, with all kinds of toppings.
In the frying pan you barbaric savage
Omelettes, scrambled, on sandwiches, fried, hard boiled, in fried rice, on salads... And that's a norm Saturday
I use a sake cup most of the time; I don't often make eggs that way.
Quite simple really... I don't eat eggs. Unless it's eggdrop soup. 🙂
In our asses. With our heads. Where the fuck did you think?
In an omelette. How do you put good stuff like mushrooms and cheese in that thing? With a syringe? You're an animal.
in a egg tray that holds multiple eggs. egg cups are so 1700.
we probably think y'all are crazy for using an egg cup so🤷🏽‍♀️
on toast. you put it on toast
I scramble them and put them on a plate with toast.
I use a shot glass but I'm also in college so please understand
I did too, until I bought!
Ummm, we let them roll around on our plates aimlessly and heroically.
we put them on plates my dude
Fried in organic butter Between 2 slices of toast with xtra sharp cheddar and hot sauce(eggy sammiche)
Americans don't eat eggs because that's abortion.
Best. Comment. Ever. 😆🤣😂
In the all Americans do
No one eats soft boiled eggs hear, to be honest. That's probably a key reason
We usually don't boil our eggs. Ever heard of scrambled, over easy, or an omelet? You can't put an omelet in a fucking egg cup.
We fry or scramble them and put them on a plate like any other food.
I use an espresso demitasse. It's awful. The egg falls to the side and the yolk spills out 😢 Hoping to move to a land with egg cups & no DT
Dippy egg is my favourite, I have it at least twice a week and I don't own an egg cup 😂 I just use the egg box haha. It feels kinda rustic.
in the fridge like this. We don't use an egg cup at all to eat one We chop um, scramble um or eat them sunny side up or other ways
But for serious what's an egg cup? I have literally no idea.
I mean I've lived in Arizona my whole life and I only started eating my eggs ways that aren't scrambled like a few months ago so...
Indian here. What are egg cups and why not just put eggs in the freezer instead? Or get a tiny bowl?
it's a metric measure of volume.
I'm not joking lmao wtf is it
Their soft boiled so the yellow center is runny. You add butter and dip your toast in it. It's pretty good I used to eat them as a child.
You don't peel your eggs....?
I'm not. I google images it and they're precious af tho