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Four Seasons meet-up on June 9th, 2016 appears to have been lunch.
Trump otherwise at Trump Tower (with Manafort) on June 9, 2016.
Just going to say it: I bet Trump was conferenced in via telephone to a number of these Trump Tower meetings with Russians—if not *present*.
So Trump was IN TRUMP TOWER during the afternoon meeting b/t his sons, campaign manager, and a Russian agent. Media MUST ask what he knows.
(Afternoon meeting *confirmed* via Rob Goldstone's morning Instagram photo from 11 Madison Ave. and check-in at Soho House pre-TT check-in.)
Again, the SAME DAY of the meet at which Russia promised Trump's sons anti-HRC intel, Trump announced a MAJOR (exclusively) anti-HRC speech.
So we know that the ONLY WORK Trump Sr. was doing on June 9 was on the SAME TOPIC as his son's big meetup. And he didn't tell dad? (He did.)
If Don Jr. spent June 9 at TT w/ dad talking anti-HRC intel and then met w/ Russia in TT about anti-HRC intel & didn't tell dad it's INSANE.
ALL available evidence now supports a claim that Don Jr. KNEW what meeting was about and DID receive anti-HRC intel and DID tell his father.
Keep in mind Don Jr. *admits* he received anti-HRC intel—he merely says (in what we'd call a self-serving lie) that he didn't understand it.
So @FBI and DOJ should take note: look at the list of people who "liked" Rob Goldstone's Facebook check-in at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016.
If FBI finds the meeting was in the early morning of June 9—though evidence says otherwise—it means Trump announced anti-HRC speech *after*.
Trump *planned* to give a big anti-HRC speech on June 13—possibly using Russian intel from June 9?—but the Pulse shooting occurred June 12.
(DOCS1) Rob Goldstone first (of two) Instagram posts on June 9, 2016 (in case he takes it down):
(DOCS2) Goldstone second (of two) Instagram posts on June 9th, 2016. Appears to be taken from 11 Madison Avenue. Note the time on the clock!
(Please ignore the large red rectangle. I put that on there by mistake. Everything else in the picture is from Goldstone's social media.)
(PS) Goldstone also checked in via Facebook at Soho House prior to his Trump Tower meeting. That's how we know it was held in the afternoon.
(PS3) Did Putin use Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov to get Goldstone to introduce Natalia Veselnitskaya to Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner?
(PS4) Interesting that a guy who was hanging out with Trump during his "kompromat weekend" is ALSO tied to the guy who set up Jr.'s meeting.
POLITICO (5/15/16 piece) *confirms* "Trump’s relationship with Aras Agalarov, a billionaire Russian real estate mogul with ties to Putin..."
So now we have a NEW fact: the guy who set up this meeting with Don Jr. is PRESIDENT TRUMP'S FRIEND and one degree of separation from Putin.
This is further evidence, as if ANY more were needed, that it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for Don Jr. NOT to tell his dad about this meeting.
(h/t DM) 72 hours after Don Jr met with a Russian agent at Trump Tower, the top Trump fan-site had its largest-ever membership spike by FAR.
(2) Note that the spike to the right of it is the RNC; to the right of that, Election Day. Does anyone know what was happening on June 12th?
(3) The spike to the *left* of the June 12 spike was the day after Trump won Nevada and the beginning of the week leading to Super Tuesday.
(4) So something pretty damn big had to have happened on June 12, 2016. Or else someone in Russia turned on a "bot-spigot" post-Jr. meeting.
(5) FWIW. June 22: 10 days after Trump's Reddit gets a big spike in members, less than 2 weeks post-Jr.'s meeting, TT-Alfa Bank pings begin.
(6) Note that CNN and Slate could find *no* event that would explain the sudden *massive* increase in Trump-Alfa Bank pinging on June 22nd.
(7) Actually I'll *tell* you what happened on June 22nd: Trump gave the anti-HRC speech he'd promised...on *June 9*.
Full transcript: Donald Trump NYC speech on stakes of the election
Today I'd like to share my thoughts about the stakes in this election.
(8) Here's an excerpt from the speech Trump promised on June 9 (and was working on with Manafort on that day) and finally gave on June 22:
(9) It's *odd* he says here "blackmail file" rather than just "blackmail." "Kompromat" is a "blackmail file." In America we say "blackmail."
(10) (h/t DM) 3 days after Don Jr.'s meeting, on June 12, Assange said he'd leak HRC emails. And Trump's Reddit saw its spike. Interesting.
(11) The SAME DAY Jr./Manafort/Kushner met with Russia at TT to get anti-HRC info Trump made at TT a speech referring to a "blackmail file."
(12) And the day Trump *delivered* that speech talking about a "blackmail file" on HRC, a Russian bank began pinging Trump Tower like crazy.
You are incredibly good. Don't stop, sir!
If you're not careful, someone might mistake you for a journalist. ❤️ Seriously, amazing timeline here. Keep it up! #OurHouseNotHis
Which is CRIMINAL reason #10,763,469 why trump won't release his taxes & Mueller MUST subpoena THEM ASAP! #RESIST #Impeach #Imprison
I dont understand the significance of the "pinging"...can someone explain?
One computer trying to connect/communicate to another over the Internet
Significance is what were they transmitting
Don't go all Louise Mensch on us. They were Reverse DNS lookups, not pings, and Trump server was hosted at 3rd party, not Trump Tower.
Great work... amazing!
I'm glad the Alpha Bank pinging hasn't been forgotten about. I was never satisfied with how that story was downplayed.
That’s because it’s very circumstantial evidence. It could’ve easily been a server misconfiguration. Trump used a third-party email server.
The traffic detected between the two servers doesn’t look at all like a “secret backchannel”. It looks like marketing spam emails bouncing.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think the Alfa Bank email server DNS lookup story has legs. That’s why it was downplayed by many tech experts.
I don’t think the DNS data was fake, but the conclusion that it was a secret backchannel between Trump & Alfa Bank is wishful thinking IMHO.
Ok, I'll get you specifics that I question, but tomorrow. Remember "Alfa Bank" also turned up in the dossier.
Yes, I read about that, but I also very carefully read the initial report, and that reverse dns story doesn't add up. Want more info.
what do the pings actually mean though?
VERY cool. Well done!
About 3 months from now we'll see the MSM put this together maybe. You are way further ahead on this than anyone else
You are a cross-referencing super genius.
You're the good Paul Ryan! Aren't you glad your name isn't Spicer?
LOL. There was a guy from my hometown Buffalo named Donald Trump (a cancer doctor). There are still some shittier names than Paul Ryan.
Wait, would Trump have known about the Steele dossier at this point?
The_Donald is an awful cesspool. It makes little to no sense.
Trump made his Orlando night club shooting tweet the same day and Manafort slammed Mitt Ronney July 12, 2016
Hate to be the Debbie downer but you know what will happen next? Nothing. The powers that be will not let this be a black eye on America
You are unbelievable dude! You knew this whole time...
What does h/t DM mean?? Thanks for the very enlightening thread @SethAbramson!!
It means "heard through direct message." I see a lot of acronyms I don't know and google them...super fast answer.
Ty! (Thank you) 😎
thank you and good night
Our picture of these collusions in June, 2016 is gaining more resolution.
Isn't language fun?
He's as stupid as his son 😂
Holy 💩. This is it.
It's so weird to read it and realize he's talking about himself.
Yep. First thing that occurred to me was that 45 was really talking about what he knew the Russians had on him. #ProjectingHisGuilt
Putin: when you have Kompromat, they let you do anything. Peskov: whatever you want? Putin: grab them by the but-hole, you can do anything.
That just gave me chills...
Like ordering three beers in Germany in WW II as a spy and making sure to use your thumb first.
Ugh, I can smell the projection from here.
For a man famous for projecting, this might be Trump's greatest projection of all time. May it also a big part of his downfall.
Now THAT is twisted stuff.
Sounds like trump believed the Russians hrc emails
Because the Russians told him they did
Whoa. That speech didn't age well for Trump, considering these new allegations...🤔
He does rather seem to accuse folks of that which he is guilty
Jr. has landed daddy in a pile of trouble.
Oh the fucking irony.
Oh, Trump alluded to the Russians as"our enemies."He spoke of HRC "blackmail" but when notified bout Flynn, not worried about blackmail.
Trump always projects. Always.
Quite possibly the most flamboyantly egregious example of pure projection Trump has ever put forth
Good for @realDonaldTrump! Sounds like someone verified info dropped on his lap? This guy!
So. I dont get it. I need a flow chart. What is Alfa bank and how is it tied to this? Pinging? In what sense?
The article I read said it was a direct connection to a Russian bank with shady ties. Lots of data flowing back and forth. No explanation.
It seemed pretty odd to me, and that's not an accidental arrangement. Not sure what it proves except more Trump/Russia strangeness.
Thanks. Have never heard of Alfa bank up until this point. How does it fit in to the Rosneft deal I wonder.
Also, lots of talk about a rigged system!
makes me want to vote for trump again, jew
Seth when is something going to happen
Can you elaborate on this?
both are fake news though
And this ties back into the server set up in Michigan at spectrum health which is owned by the Devos family.
Smoke is a tsunami of liquid goo flooding entire US & yet no one has found the fire in the 50 alarm catastrophe? #MUELLERPLEASEHURRY #FBR
Is there any way to find out the total amount of their pings? Could the number correlate to an amount of money, etc?
Sir you are better than Sherlock Holmes!!
CNN and Slate? Stretch
Putin: when you have Kompromat, they let you do anything. Peskov: whatever you want? Putin: grab them by the but-hole, you can do anything.
I bet some of Muellers prosecutors are like "Oh, just wait. It gets worse"
Great reporting. When Republicans start worrying about their own lives, will they start to abandon Trump.
I am a reddit user , June 12th was the Pulse Shooting, a large number of subreddits were suppressing its news so many users went to the sub.
That subreddit is hateful though and uploads alot of Russian sponsored fake news
Did twitter suddenly have two or three times it's membership?
I will be glad when this nightmare is over and I am watching a movie version of this national travesty.
June 12 was Pulse shooting...connection?
Trump announced a big speech for the 13th when he was going to divulge bad info on Hillary. Pulse happened on the 12th. Anticipated leadup?
Orlando has nothing to do w this. It spiked on the 12th bc Trump was going to take his newly gifted Clinton info & make a big "she devil"
speech on the 13th. Russia sent in the bots ahead of time to set the stage. His speech ended up canceled bc wuld be overshadowed by Orlando.
Not sure it blows your theory ... but the Pulse shooting was on 6/12. Some of that spike could be gun nuts signing on ....
That was absolutely when some bots were turned on Seth. Great work btw
According to The Week: Clinton drops the first ad of the general election
Seth, the pulse shootimg happened on the 12th. Not sure if it would cause a spike like that, but it might have done so
Seems like someone turned it on again tonight. That unnamed source Comey story is getting retweeted and amped by all the usual suspects
Strange and troubled times. This is going to lead to a fire Mueller push.
they're targeting "leaks", HRC rehash, and pushing "fakenews" narrative @SethAbramson
If Comey leaked classified intel he would be aware that it was a crime. It's calculated and has a goal that he considers worth the charge
that's just what they want people to believe @SethAbramson
I 100% agree. He's to smart. He knows the line and can dance up to it but not ever. Just like the DevGru guys on Neptune Spear.
all the people giddy over the revelation don't seem to realize the gravity of Comey the boyscout willingly going down for this.
Jonathan Chait writer for NY magazine tweeted earlier that Assange announced release of HRC emails 3 days after mtg
You should win an award for this thread (and the countless others) but this one is awesome. Great work Seth
Pulse shooting.
The Pulse shooting.
Orlando shooting
Of course. They were back-patting for all the dead queers and scared of having their guns taken away due to the latest firearm massacre.
Tracking behavior of republicans is like watching a bunch of racist sexist homophobic ants scurry to wherever is the worst place to be
You keep me awake at night waiting for your tweets, thank you, I'm sure you're going to tell us about it. Hopefully waiting
Trump's Hillary is Evil speech was supposed to be the 13th, right?
The Orlando terror attack happened and Brietbart announced that the "only" "large-scale" discussion of the "jihadist angle" is the_donald
Orlando Nightclub attack
Orlando shooting; DJT Sr. tweeted about being right about "radical Islamic terrorism" at 9:43 AM that day.
Jesus Christ. 😯
The Pulse shooting.
Pulse nightclub shooting.
And lots of tweets from @realDonaldTrump calling for the Muslim ban.
I'm pretty sure the Pulse Nightclub shooting was Saturday the 11th/ early morning Sunday 12th.
Seth, you are incredible.
Now *that* is interesting.
you are on fire tonight !
You're definitely onto something here. Wow.
Seth, dude, I think there is something to all of this, but what you're tweeting is inference. It's not proof yet.
Holy Shit This is very interesting Keep going
Soon after, there was an increase in traffic between the Trump and Alfa Bank servers as well.
It was an interesting 72 hours:
I bow to you. Can you be appointed to Mueller's investigative team....or prosecutorial team? You think in ways that boggle the mind.
Great stuff Seth!!
I'm guessing there might have been some donations coming from all those new "fans"?
RU names, graphs, this is getting all too complicated for our sluggish Trumpets to ever connect the dots on. Maybe in comic book form?
Well now that hardly seems natural.
So you think the Russian national is not a "Russian agent"? Proof please. Because she's a lawyer? Officer of the court or something?
I can say @SethAbramson is ON FIRE tonight. The thread is continuing. @maddow @chrislhayes @RogueCPI @ALT_uscis @selectedwisdom
Thanks for investigating & sharing.
Both Dons in Moscow? Which one is the kompromat on? One or both?
wouldn't do anything without daddy's approval.
You're brilliant!!! I'm so glad you're on this!
You know he told Daddy! He needs the approval!!!
Anyone who believes Trump boys aren't feeding daddy all the deets all the time are either mentally impaired or being purposefully stupid.
As we know Jr would tell Sr if he blew his nose
WOW this whole Thread was absolutely brilliantly laid out... I hope the @FBI @CIA Mueller DOJ and anyone else takes a look at this. Thank u
I'm no Trump fan..but ppl have affairs with partners' best friends or brothers/sisters & never tell. It's smoke. Nor more.
Blah blah blah. So what. All campaigns gather opposition research. What is your point. Clinton got dossier full of Russia crap
Beyond impossible. Trump was at Trump Tower that day. He would've known about scheduled meeting PRIOR TO & TOPIC. After all, he's in charge.
His dad had everything to do with it
Wow thank you!
You must be the leader of the tinfoil hat brigade
Dropping a bunch of fake news to deflect from Comeys memos containing classified info. clockwork.
Of course he tells his dad everything 🙄
When the Feds finally come for Jr he's going to cry & plead for the kind of mercy he has never given anyone!
Don't expect Americans to just automatically understand the implications of this. They need it to be explained, with a timeline.
The Trumps are guilty as sin.
those boys do not fart without daddy's permission
hey mom, Seth is a great follow. One of the best at putting the pieces together, to where they make sense.
His father knew! Manafort, Kushner and Jr would all have told Trump. This is evidence of collusion w/ Russia. The fat lady is warming up!
You did it Seth. I just read the entire thread with all attachments. Puzzle solved. Wow.
Will Donald Trump throw his own son out of a lifeboat to save himself? I bet yes.
This is top notch investigative journalism. Thank you.
Does Amnesia run in Trump family or by association with Trump family
Don't be fooled by anyone in the campaign/present administration/Pence not telling Trump, Sr. He KNEW everything going on. He plays stupid.
I think the friend of Trump is the son of the oligarch close to Putin.
Please be true please be true please be true.
Please matter please matter please matter.
tRump is a traitor and anyone who supports tRump is also a traitor. This is unraveling far faster than I expected.
Also part of the Azurbajan Trump building in the middle of nowhere?
we didnt even really need that new fact since the evidence is overwhelming.They r making us work overtime to prove whats obvious but its ok
The evidence is obvious to us, but there are masses out there who are still completely oblivious. More facts help to solidify our position.
more facts wont help, they know all the facts, they are deliberately refusing to acknowledge them .This is a constitutional crisis
Who is "they"? The GOP? I agree the GOP is deliberately ignoring the facts, but that doesn't refute the importance of gathering facts
Yes the GOP and more . What facts do you think we need to gather that the GOP isnt already aware of ? Point is, they dont want them at all
I don't agree with that assessment at all. At least not concerning all of their constituents. Some are just oblivious.
I thought u liked numbers and numbers dont lie, he did win the popular vote and electoral without california
It doesn't refute the importance of presenting the facts either. Let's not be blinded into thinking all their constituents think the same.
Without California , he won both the electoral and popular vote.This is much more serious than people think Identity politics r unreasonable
You could also say that without New York and Massachusetts he would have won both the electoral & popular vote. Your statement is illogical
Its very logical in the context that he has alot more support than others want to acknowledge obviously or he wouldn't be president!
This has to do with our electoral college and yes, in some places he does have a lot of support, but that is fast declining.
add that to my other statement which is that there is no oblivion here , no one is missing information . People voted for trump, period
And it actually helps to read the article, not the subtitles.
They don't. I'm a firm believer in facts. That's my mathematical training. Take it as it is. Facts always win.
who doesn't know that Paula, the point you are missing or rather phenomenon is when people simply REFUSE the facts . Millions of people.
That uncomfortable feeling near your collar isn't your chin, @realDonaldTrump; it's the noose.
But there's no evidence of collusion dammit! 🙄🙄🙄
Hmm. This might be fake news. Donald Trump doesn't have any friends. ;)
Ok but what about her emails?
So could Jr have gone to the meeting not looking for dirt but because of kompromat?
Bet he knows Kevin Bacon too.
Again your point. Even if the meeting took place trump was not their and opposition information still is not collusion.
Collusion has become so obvious that it is absurd! 🇺🇸
So he contacted DT to set up meeting, and DT sent Jr
Like he sent Ivanka at G-20
Here’s a more recent photo from Goldstone’s now-locked Instagram account.
I think we've waited long enough. It's time for Trump to #ResignInDisgrace now! Why drag this out any longer?
I can keep going if you want. There is collusion all around. I can show you a Fed. House PDF as well that ties in HRC & Podesta
There's also an Azerbaijani connection here.
So you are saying if you have any type of relationship with Russia you are criminal? Ok how about the Clintons and podesta?
Obama shook hands with lavrov and told him he could be more flexible once he won the election. What did they mean? Were they helping him?
Surely just another in the mountains of coincidences, nyet?
Da. Dat es correct.
# 4, 932 in the land of 10,000 coincidences and connections
Umm Donald, you remember that weekend, yes? (I heard that on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, stuck with me)
Summarizing @MARKCUBAN45: "Once is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times is an act of aggression..." @realDonaldTrump is a traitor?
Here’s a more recent photo from Goldstone’s now-locked Instagram account.
Magic Eight Ball: "Signs Point To Yes."
Seth Abramson is on a tear tonite. I'm exhausted just watching.
Tell about fusion gps and how they are connected to the dnc and the @HillaryClinton campaign.
This story never stops.
Now that looks like a man who just enjoyed a nice, warm piss bath!
That was the Moscow trip where Trump was making the rounds among Russian oligarchs, desperately begging them to invest/fund his projects.
'Well, upon further reflection...
Perhaps Jr was the one compromised on this trip?
oy vey the goim know SHUT IT DOWN i repeat the goym know
This really does feel like a Russian spy novel
Well, it will be to future generations. 😉
There will be books and movies about this for decades
Holy smokes, @SethAbramson this is some incredible journalistic investigation. BANNER JOB! Enormously dedicated work. Thank you SO much!
Very on brand check in for Rob recently.
I sure thank you for all your hard work...we have to keep at it to rid America of this orange demon....he is pure evil!
This is some beautiful work, hope you can find some way to get it out beyond twitter & also to Mueller. Thank you very much.
Why the hell do they leave this digital trail?? This whole situation should be included in the Darwin awards.
Was the Russian attorney being taped by the FBI? NY Times says she was under investigation therefore maybe a recording of her & Junior??
She says she doesn't write or speak English, so who was translating? Manafort? The RU Amb.? The janitor? Who?
Maybe she lied about not speaking English
I find the Russian popstar thing intriguing. I wonder if DT was being asked to help him break America in some way using his power.
When Donald Trump Jr keeps changing his story but insisting his dad didn't know anything, Seth be like...😂😂😋
These people are so stupid they left traces on social media. Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer did same
Boy if this was 1692 you'd have several witches nabbed by now. Don't give up, Seth! These witches gonna burn!
What about the one from his facebook saying he was going to TT and a google map pic? Didn't someone post that?
Omg... the red rectangle... I can't ignore it 😳
Mueller should hire you
I love the Yuge time stamp!
They're all so stupid. They lie about collusion but - Facebook, twitter, interviews, etc. they left evidence everywhere!!
Do you also have a list of the likes screencapped?
This is Sony headquarter at E. 25 St. & Madison Ave. Abt 10min cab ride to T Tower at 56th.
Time for old Rob to get the FBI enema
Hillary stuff is BS. They were there to discuss easing sanctions. Suspect after this a lot of Putin praise. @McFaul @girlsreallyrule
So the way Sean Insannity and the alt-right Infowars wackadoodles will read this, is that HRC did the Pulse shooting.
A month later, he asked Russia to hack her more.
How would they have hacked the wiped server that was in the FBI's possession, offline? You people are seriously some dumb MFers.
Did all enter through the lobby? Thinking not?
The point of fiction is to make it seem like it COULD happen, prof. You are seriously an unhinged freak. But entertaining nonetheless.
you are so busted
I totally get what you're saying. When my pillows talk to me through my toaster they say the same thing.
The stories peoplw make up in their minds says a lot about them. @SethAbramson
Thanks for being the John Nash of the twitter legaldom.
Am thinking more like the Progressive MacArthur Watch team that fueled Murrow w o any real credit either not that they minded one bit pax
WOW, impressive sequence of facts! Mueller should add you to his team.
Wow, watching that either shows how his speech has declined quickly or lying and back peddling is effecting his ability to speak fluently
(Possibly sensitive)
A few remarked on air re this bit was overtaken by other news
Even if it was before, that'd would indicate he thought he was about to receive info...from the meeting.
Quid pro quo, or providing info free of charge?
Maybe the "goods" WERE provided and he announced after they were in hand
Did he give the speech though? I seem to remember nothing came of his threat. He knew about meeting, but not that there would be no info.
Doesn't matter. In fact, it's even more incriminating if he announced it before the meet. Means he knew what was coming.
Yeah - POTUS Trump is a Russian spy. I feel stupid just writing this, as should you.
But Trump knew the meeting was on, so it doesn't matter when he announced the anti-HRC speech, since he knew he was getting info that day!
Nice work👍🏻
How can this get any fucking crazier
You are so good at this!
Why does it say Jakarta ?
I'm wondering the same.
Was he Facebooking through an Indonesian VPN at the time? If so, a clumsy attempt at obfuscation when you tell the world where you are.
That was what confused me.
Also possible that wifi at the meeting was on a VPN as well. Maybe Goldstone wasn't aware, accidentally revealed it w/ his checkin?
Unfortunately that profile has been scrubbed.
Their is always the wayback machine.
I'm also curious - is he using fake geolocation app, or just straight out using a VPN? Why would someone like him need to do so?
god you are sooo good👏👏👏
Clever spot! Mueller's Monday to-do list is growing by the hour.
Also, I think Mueller should hire you. Nice work you do, Seth!
Maybe he already has! All kidding aside there's so much digital evidence out there that @FBI should in all humility look at everything
Sometimes if floors me just how stupid these people are. Holy hell y make things any easier for investigators what advantage to liking this
Looks like Russians 🤷‍♀️🤣
Somehow I don't think Goldstone is a trained spy.
"Нигяр" seems like a fake name... never heard of it & it sounds like a racial slur.
Yeah. I speak Russian.
The Twitter user with this name seems to have a connection to Emin Agalarov.…
I never thought of looking up their Twitter page. I'm gonna have to check it out now. 🤔
Thanks. It's hard with the different languages. I keep thinking, "why doesn't this awful reality show have subtitles?" 😕
We need subtitles with Trump.
It wouldn't help. Even Trump doesn't know what he's talking about.
Isn't that the truth! He's a pathological liar
I'm bad at translit but the letters are: N ee g ya r
A Nationalist moniker?
Always surprises me when people have their Facebook completely public. These old folks need more millennials in their lives to help.
Xcellent work! Helping USA IC+CIC any way we can! Let's all get busy w/Facts + get out of NameCalling Biz plz. #NotHelpful #NotMature @MSNBC
Why does it say "Jakarta, Indonesia"?
☝️important thread
Fuhrer FatPhuck tweeted at 7:11am, 7:29am, and then not until 1:22pm June 9. Look at the next day- no long break. So what was he doing?
Do you think some of the unmasking DT complained about happened on June 9. They must have had the Russian lawyer under surveillance
it blows my mind that these people would check in on facebook and then like posts.
Trump Tower in Indonesia. Huh??
you are quite daffy, please drink more water, consume a complete protein profile daily, lowfat of course.
I did. Somebody better take note! Or did I?
Why does it say Jakarta Indonesia?
Okkkkkkaaaaayyyyy yah Pops is in it up to his freaky ass hair
We're keeping eyes on your followers as well.
Is he really not bright enough to know that it's illegal despite his comprehension?
I expect Mueller's on top of such nonsense. Don't post everything you do online. Grow up.
Your Trump Derangement Syndrome rules you. 😂😂😂😂😂
Seems to me more like cocaine-fueled schizophrenic paranoia. I have many experiences to compare it to. Seth, you gotta get cleaned up, man!
You look like a pedophile. Seriously, you creep me out.
Why? Liking something isn't always an endorsement, and you can't control what people think anyway.
Fascists use the government to investigate anything they don't like. Tyranny is near. Hopefully we'll be able to stop it and people like you
Trump Tower is in Jakarta?
You want @FBI to go after folks who liked a post on social media? Talk about #fascist.
darn, boy -- get a new tin foil hat -- you are losing it @FBI
WOW FN Crazy Psycho Liberal Stalker. Not really Shocked U let odummer destroy the US & did SHIT Now SIT BACK. R TURN
Great tradecraft 👍
Really?! So they should create secret files against law-abiding citizens? That what you're advocating? Anti-American BS? @FBI
It's not illegal to gain intel on your opponents, ask Hillary 😉 But, spying on Americans for a 'like' is illegal, unconstitutional and more
Nice investigative work you're doing!
There's an Azerbaijan connection with Goldstone - spend a lot of time there with Emin when Trump Tower Baku built
The are so damn arrogant they check in on Facebook on their way to commit TREASON!?! Unbelievable!
I bet daddy is not happy
Trump likes to keep his finger in the "pie" so he probably sent Don Jr to represent him, along with Manafort and Kushner.
Why does the "didn't understand it" not surprise me? I'm sure his lawyers told him to say that, but it's also possibly true. Such a moron.
Is control everything. No one does what he does not want. Or your fired.
Gonna need more than a gut feeling to impeach a sitting President.
The reckoning is a'coming and his name is Robert Mueller.
Stand by for some incredibly insane tweets from Trump about Obama/hilary/not putin, when bad news comes out Trump attacks the innocent
Indeed, because they didn't push flimsy Intel before on Obama and HRC
drip... drip... drip... CRACK!
He "didn't understand it"? He must be as dumb as his dad.
My head is exploding. Is he that stupid?
Hm. Weird question: any chance this was about the pneumonia? This was about a month before that, and I don't remember when she was diagnosed
any ideas as to what the intel was, specifically?
And if that 'intel' was any sort of hacked information that's receiving stolen property.
I think we can establish that this material' s value exceeds $1m in value based on the POTUS salary & post-POTUS speaker fees.
Who does he fire..mueller? New FBI in wings next week.
That family admittedly has very poor comprehension skills
"I didn't understand it" is his defense?
IF IT WAS TRUE what he said, he would have used THAT IMMEDIATELY against DNC. He's lying...and his story is full of holes!!!!
What? The Stg Schultz defense?
Like father like son
It was also anti-@DNC. Or did you neglect that for some reason? Probably because you're an attorney?
Actually Don Jr not understanding something is believable.
When high level Trump advisers show up to take possession of what they see as illegally hacked damaging information on HRC, its TREASON!
THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT, GUYS! SURELY, THIS WILL BRING DOWN @realDonaldTrump! j/k he's your President until 2024. #MAGA bich!
seriously though, what are your thoughts on this meeting?
You doing good work dude, keep it up
Told his father or his father was also there...?
Time to ramp up the collusion-isn't-illegal blather.
And we still have yet to see what Mueller has been processing! Lordy! Impeach to eliminate Pardons. Then indict!
We won't see what Mueller is doing. We will only hear from Mueller IF there is grounds for prosecution.
Yes, of course. He reports to RR. We'll hear about his findings via proxy
If there are grounds? Give me a break. Obstruction is already proveable without Mueller. $ Laundering will be easy easy easy
They would not be investigating if there were not clear grounds and evidential support. We will know when ppl start being escorted in cuffs
Not just investigating! Mueller has brought on like 15 prosecutors. That means they are organizing Grand Juries.
Of course he did. Wait for story change again. I am just waiting. I think you all will see some people speaking out and jumping shit in the
ship in the coming days and weeks
Which led Jr Scoop to get the much sought after pat on the head from Daddy Two Scoops.
Anyone ever tell you you're THE man?
Republicans anything to say to this?
All that remains is to put 45 on the stand, swear him in, and convince him he needs to confess to this.
That isn't "evidence".It's "supposition", also known as someone w ax to grind putting his own spin on it.Most important?None of it a crime.
Come on Daddy knew daddy Trump sent kid Trump to do his dirty work!
Exactly. Mob bosses like Trump need a fall guy. Even a son will do.
All of them tell such ridiculous, lame lies.
Manifort was with Trump jr and Trump Sr the same day. How could he not mention it either?!
Not plausible
Will DT throw his son under the bus like he does everyone else?
It would be insane if we actually BOUGHT this absurd story line that they didn't talk about it!
They are literally incapable of being honest about anything at all; it's like they're programmed that lying is ALWAYS better.
Trump planning to work with Iran on stopping terrorism and N. Korea on reducing nuclear proliferation. It all makes sense now. #sarcasm
Frank Underwood had no idea what his admin was up to either
You do not have the evidence and you know it....ALL CAPS won't take down Trump. Try harder, don't have it yet.
It's insane and improbable. Those boys do nothing without directions from Dad because when they do, they get in trouble. Dumb and Dumber.
Dumb and dumber could get life for unbridled stupidity... wow
They don't blink without permission...there's no way drumpf doesn't know!!
You better believe he told Donald
Secret birthday present?
And quite implausible.
I think Trump may have been there.
Trump knew about it along with Prebus bc he was also @ TT that day bc of raising money for Trumps campaign
It's like they don't talk about the family business, yeah right #Collusion
It's also a lie. Of course they talked.
What's funny is meeting with Russians for intel, but denying to the public that Russians were behind it. Still denying it. Why?
Smoking Kalashnikov time? Seems like it.
Of course he did, All he wants is daddy's approval.
You would have been great at hunting witches is 1692, Seth.
He doesn't wipe his ass with daddy knowing
He did? Evidence? Are you a reporter or just an Internet schlub like me?
Sounds like another accusation with no evidence.
Had to tell dad. This is huge. Exactly what they were looking for.
of coarse he did. Daddy's probably the one that told him to go in the first place.
You lost me at "POLITICO says..."
They're called words. Sound them out.
POLITICO mine as well end every one of their tweets and/or articles with the hashtag "resistance". So anti-Trump. So biased. So fake.
Have you considered that *truth* might have an anti-Trump bias? There are many other sources reporting the same. What's *real* news to you?
I'd consider this possibility if it weren't for the fact that Trump has continually proven these anti-Trump news sources wrong again & again
Trump said that Comey told him x3 that he was not under investigation. Anti-Trump news said, "Oh come on that's ridiculous!!"
Trump said Barry had been engaging in unwarranted surveillance and abuse of surveillance power. MSM said, "Oh come on! That's ridiculous!"
Trump also said "a credible source" told him that Obama wasn't born in the US, then admitted it was a lie. Did you believe all that, too?
You lump the "MSM" into a single entity so you can discredit them all at once. When one gets a story wrong, you blame them all.
Yet, when Trump and his surrogates are shown to have lied *repeatedly*, you still believe each of them. This is the sunk cost fallacy.
It was ridiculous and never proven to be true. Another one of tRumps lies. #ITMFA
Trump *is* under investigation. What do you think Mueller and his team are doing? Or, is Mueller "fake news", too? Comey's not part of that.
Comey leaked his account of a private conversation he had with POTUS. Why? 👇🏼 Comey: To spur the appointment of special prosecutor. LMFAO!
And you realize it was *Rosenstein* (appointed by your cult leader) that appointed the special counsel? Rosenstein obviously agreed w Comey.
How many times have Trump surrogates been shown to have lied? How many of them lied about meetings with Russians? We're *still* finding more
When new revelations are reported, it leads to Trump surrogates admitted they lied (again and again). They're not proving anything wrong.
No he has not. You're just flat out wrong. Trump has been proven to be a liar time and again. He's the fake. He's the fraud. #Resist
I can't believe Fox News let this run. He's totally blowing their cover!
I keep those two Shep Smith/Fox News YouTube vids bookmarked for Trumpadores. You might want to also.
Shep Smith is a total joke and Fox News is no friend of Trumps. Fox News is Jeb Republican. Everyone except Hannity & Carlson hate Trump.
Everything is so black and white to Trump supporters. Either you love Trump (and thus you're real) or you hate him (and thus you're fake).
This is pure cult behavior, by the way--the *textbook* definition of cult behavior. #Cult45
Yes, your meme is right on the nose. If Dear Leader didn't say it or says he didn't or flip-flops, they are willfully blind.
Gah! How can they keep Trump's 'truth' straight when he keeps changing it?! Says 1 thing, then backtrack, then denies, & on & on
So ANY news you don't like, regardless of source, is fake & biased. Yup, you be spinning in stupidity, comrade!
(Possibly sensitive)
POLITICO mine as well end every one of their tweets and/or articles with the hashtag "resistance". So anti-Trump. So biased. So fake.
This what happens when you blindly trust fake polls and anti-Trump news sources. Repeated despair and disappointment.
Dude, Politico article is just an account of a planned speech. Hundreds of other outlets reported this story.
And you hit that one out of the park. He still won't get it.
it's scary this aligns to the North Korean doctrine
Old wine, new bottles. 🤔
They are crazy and desperate, bet Hillary needs a good laugh along with the est of the millions who didn't vote for Trump.
There are no coincidence with Daffy Donnie
he's so a traitor who placed $$ over democracy; he needs to be hung publicly!
The info his son was gathering for him, perhaps? Perhaps he was in the room?
That crap has come full Circle cause America is discussing all things honorable about trumps
You have made one heck of a compelling argument. Imagine what Muellers prosecutors can do with what they have.
This passage is incredible in light of the grift we are seeing daily with trump
The day Jr. got anti-HRC intel, Trump announced he'd give a *major* speech on Clinton's lack of fitness to be POTUS.…
How deranged are you? How deranged is the left?
Won't it be great if the Trumpkins bury themselves with their own social media posts! 😊🙃
365-days in a year and there are a lot of coincidences. This meeting plus trumps announcement plus Wikileaks announcement...
Found Rob's Facebook check-in.
I am missing a piece of puzzle. Who is Robert G in all of this?
Thank-you. I just read about him. We need them out of our WH
Wow! This is big! And I'm sure the Mueller team knows it - why he's gathered a team of prosecutors - they don't need investigators anymore.
Mere coincidence? I think not. 😡
This is highly significant.
sounds sound; certainly hope so.
you suppose that is what all the deflection by his son DT jr was today? Pretty lame attempt.
Top notch detective work. For the first time in history a campaign rep met w/ someone who claimed to have dirt on the opposite candidate
ooops - Rob Goldstone's instagram now private.
Where are photos?
Also a FB check in at trump tower i retweeted
Great job pulling these pieces together! Nicely done.
Oh give me a break he was there one way or another I'm sure Jr tells daddio everything he knew we all know that
Oops..location services aren't always good. Anyone who paints graffiti could tell these rookie criminals that shit...
Never check in
And that's why he was so worried about his phones being 'tapped'
Are we to believe that Comey didn't already know about this meeting?? Comey didn't even have reason to investigate Trump himself.
Also keep in mind, widely accepted that Trump tapes people at Trump Tower.
With how excited Trump is to meet/please a Russian, and to take Hilary down, I can't fathom a reason he'd miss a meeting promising both.
What he knows and when he knew it. All of this provides stunning context for Trump's tepid performance with Putin. He is a puppet.
I media doesn't, you can be sure Mueller will
Congress must ask what he knows. Now.
MUELLER must ask what he was doing!
Well, she's pretty and she's Russian, what are the chances that Trump didn't meet her?
I'm sure #Trump was at the meeting. He probably brought the motherfuking muffins. #Crooks #TrumpRussiaCollusion #TrumpJr #trumpito #sad
But DJT didnt know any of this was going on! He cant possibly think that we all believe him? It doesnt matter to him
Isn't Trump tower wired to the teeth? So doesn't that mean there maybe tapes.of this meeting? Why did Trump Jr. Change his story? #Resist
Seth, someone taped the meeting..ask the q.
Trump knows that if he admits to anything he will be in trouble.
You don't expect an honest answer do you? #TrumpLies
Ask what he knows? I'd put money on him having been there!
Cld thisb why he was trying 2 find out what/if there r any recordings at Trump Tower during the campaign? It appeared 2b phishing when he 1)
2)accused Pres Obama of "taping him".
It was Putin with a candlestick at the G20 conference kicking DT's ass interrupted by Malenia and cleaned up by Ivanka! Mystery solved!
Screw the media. Take it directly to a judge & jury. WH always lies to media
Trump's lawyer is now saying the Borst meeting with Kushner and Manafort was a Democratic set-up.
Let him sweat.
A court, or Congress, needs to ask what he knows.
Or behind a two way mirror.
how many Russians does it take to turn an election?...
Hard to believe he wasn't there. We know Manifort was in both meetings: one with trump and one with Russian lawyer.
Just one person needs to cave.
FISA didn't come until late June, darn...guess we gotta wait some more for the prima facie evidence.
🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Comey never even put Trump under investigation! Inconvenient facts. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
I bet it's recorded
Or was listening in as he was known to do in his buildings
Isn't Trump Tower already bugged anyways? That is why Trump is so keen on having so many meetings there. He would see and hear everything.
Please be correct, please!!! And Lordy, let there be tapes!
Easy enough to subpoena phone records...
And doesn't he "tape" his calls??
Shhh ... they might hear you, no doubt about it, hope Mueller has all communications in and out of trump tower.
He lived and functioned 24/7 out of Trump Tower. He was present. He's a control freak, of course he managed it all. "Only I can fix it".
And did the intelligence community get a recording of it?!
Better hope there are no "tapes"
Which is good, right? Could mean they have him dead to rights?
As i remember the Russian Mafia lived under trumps bedroom and was running an operation out of there , bet trump was involved
i'm willing to bet most of the GOP , especially Ryan and McConnell know 2 and involved also, the KOCHS OWN THE GOP, this is OIL bet on it
Not long ago there was a story about Trump talking to sec via hidden microphone to order soft drinks. During tape talks related by biz man
Washington Post May 12, 2017 article by Marc Fisher
no good reason to have EXXON BOARD DIRECTORS RUNNING THE STATE DEPT , but it puts u in the position to exert lots of pressure on oil rich CO
and u have a handy MILITARY 2 secure that oil EXXON AND PUTIN PUT TRUMP IN to drop sanctions,it Y trump not divest or show taxes,19% rosenft
Yes, they play the semantics game.
carter page brokered the deal on rosenft oil for trump, and EXXON is losing Billions not being able to drill that oil,only thing make sense
Exxon told Clinton to stand down the Kochs throttled down the 16 clowns any 1 of them should have wiped the floor with trump
sanders was the wild card none of them expected,if Sanders won ,trump would have got hammered,no dem/GOP would drop sanctions except Trump
the g20 was 2 Oil CEO's discussing ending sanctions and trump he was the entertainment , court jester, why u think no one there but them
Yes on both I'm sure he's met in person and I'm sure he's had conferences on the telephone this is a Crime Boss😂😂😂😠
I figured he was probably present in some capacity for this meeting. Wouldn't be surprised
yep sounds quite reasonable and likely - wonder if they are checking cell phone records?
Me too & Putin knows & will share with us if Trump doesn't follow through with his promises.
How much did you want to bet? I'll take $1000 unless you want to raise the stakes.
That's why he was so worried about having his "wires tapped."
That's why he has panicked about possibly being listened to
Impeach this liar now
Not only that but remember all the reports 45 had Trump Tower heavily surveilled? He probably has tapes. If they haven't been destroyed.
Isn't it funny how Trump was so confident he didn't need a lot of donors to Win the election. Almost like he had something worth more rubles
Breitbart of all entities, reported the comings and goings at trump tower that day. Or is Trump leadership council fake now too...
And now Trump's tweets about Trump Tower being wired make sense. They knew they were caught.
Great work, Inspector Clouseau. I hear Fusion GPS is hiring.
The hidden super pac also with Corey the bully
Exactly. He was in the building. Of course he knew.
Just a short walk to Four Seasons.
There must be video tapes.
Ironic quote, seeing as Manifort knew at the time they had the entire power of the Russian govt on their side.
Huh. Wonder why manafort felt the money needed to win a US presidential race is less than ppl would think?
Connecting the dots! Ever closer. You'll probably know soon if they had Russian dressing on their lunch salad.
We are closing in
Thank goodness. It's doing my head in. And I'm sweating a LOT.
His plausible deniability is starting to look pretty shaky.
You are such a beast, Seth. Thank you
Tick tick tick tick eat his well-done steak with ketchup.
Can you tell me how many bowel movements he had that day?
Only if it was on a Russian hooker
Trump's psych profile might indicate it was vice versa..."coprophiliac". Hitler was one. Narcissists often have perverted sexual fetishes.
As in Bill Clinton!
I'm still laughing at the irony!
4 . Old and can't hold his mud
You don't want to know.
seems more up PJWs alley. question for ya: is NYT still fake news now or just CNN?
Why you willing to eat more?
I know you liberals are into that kind of thing!
Dude; you are the real Carrie Mathieson (From Homeland)
BREAKING: At 12:05 pm, while on private Trump Tower elevator, he sneezed -- twice. It's on CCTV footage.🍸
So all Trump's supposed ignorance and innocence are going to be based on a long lunch of overcooked cow with ketchup? covfefe.
What's the significance of this?
It shows collusion between Trump and Russia to mess with the election.
Don jr admitted to meeting with a kremlin lawyer who had dirt on Hillary in exchange for ending magnitsky sanctions with kush and Manafort
Anyone who belv's DT was kept in the dark on all of this,any of this,is foolish!
Whenever the words 'coincidence' and 'Russia' are used, please remember the bugged US embassy via @nytimes 1989.…
is this going to change the fact he can shoot people in broad daylight and get away with it? it will take a sex crime i fear
even an ordinary sex crime won't work.
He had to know it was going on. Didn't he once say his sons tell him EVERYTHING?
Thank You for all the work and effort! Fantastic reporting.
Blow this shit WIDE OPEN. Big time wreck.
That'll buff out. 😂😂😂
1/2 "A conspiracy like this-- the rope has to tighten slowly around everyone's neck. You build from the outer edges and you go...
is tightening his own noose, tweet by tweet... #Resist the #TrumpCrimeFamily
I'm sure Trumpsky doesn't have "tapes" of these meetings, right!!!
2/2 step by step. If you shoot too high and miss, then everybody feels more secure." -Deep Throat in All The President's Men
DJT had fundraising on his schedule. He needed $. If you're Jr how do you impress dad? Have a meeting, get $. Has nothing to do with HRC.
Except his statement from his lawyer admits to discussing Hillary dirt and magnitsky sanctions
Nice investigating Seth.
What time was "lunch?"
Boom. Facts hit hard.
So now the @GOP (we can infer) was aware of this shit too.
Well, there we have it, folks. And Trump drops his silly Putin cyber thing in order to please GOP just as shit hits fan.
ah oh!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Donald, you've got some splainin to do.
Yes, T knows personally the client Goldstone represents. Clients father sponsered 2013 pagaent.
Kinda contradicts that whole "My father knew nothing of the meeting or these events" bullshit that @DonaldJTrumpJr spouted off, doesn't it?
Plausible deniability. Until it isn't.
smells like cooked geese around here
:) your brain is awesome. Thankful for you.
Uh oh! You mean they didn't have all this stuff covered and hidden? These geniuses? How could that be?
Wake up America!
Look how Seth putting this shit together like a boss!! RECEIPTS BISH!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Don Jr. shouldn't except a fishing trip from anyone.
When are you people going to accept that HRC was an extremely unlikable candidate, and she was beat fair and square? You're delusional.
Because 3 million more people still voted for her?
When will Jayme believe 3 million more people voted for Hillary? Never. Because DT said they didn't. Oh, the ignorance, Jayme.
259 million registered voters in US in 2016. Less than 24% voted for trump. He is hugely unpopular & his disapproval numbers are climbing
If he used Russia disinformation for influence over voters then he absolutely did not win 'fair and square'.
You just got fooled. Like Obama twice. Suck it up already get a life
You are a tool and a troll
Here's hoping that all who didn't vote will vote in 2018-2020 and not waste your right to have a Voice in what will happen in America
I believe close to 48% of registered voters did NOT vote in 2016. I think they "assumed" HRC had it in the bag. Hope they learned a lesson
The 3 million+ does NOT include the votes that were suppressed nor those simply NOT COUNTED‼️ #HillaryWon #TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump👆🏽👆🏿👆🏻
The same time you accept donald j trump is a traitor and deserves a noose... so, likely, never.
When are you people going to accept that Trump IS an extremely unlikable person who colluded with Russia?
I am #ExGOP and NOT a #Trump fan. I want to see him Impeached then sent to NY #AG for #RICO Trial and JAIL. #Impeach45
Not so sure anymore that it was "fair and square" are we?
Really hate to see somebody on the wrong side of the issue but that's you ma'am
Just because she wasn't "likeable" does not necessarily mean that anything was "fair and square"
I did not like her as a candidate, but I believe there was Russian involvement.
I can't vote for her. I don't like her. I'll vote for Trump. He seems nice.
HRC's "likeability" has nothing to do with this. Try to stay on topic, please.
They have a hard time following anything but trump!
doesn't matter who he ran against, it's irrelevant compared to conspiring with the Russians to interfere in our democracy, deal w/ it
That isn't mutually exclusive with Trump/Russia ties. Both can be true. True to keep your responses relevant to the topic being discussed.
Yeah, Mr. Pussy-Grab is so much more likable. 62.5 million nut-jobs will eventually have 2 admit or at least accept that they were conned.
You don't seem very likable. She didn't have assists from Russia/Wikileaks like Trump did. It is all coming out.
Fair and square? Really? Collusion, hacking into 20+ states election systems, multiple meetings wi dozens of Trump folks.
Don't think Obama met even 1 Russian official during his presidential runs. Delusional? Whoever smelt it dealt it man
Another parody account
Because that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Try to follow.
When you accept that Trump couldn't beat the worst Dem candidate in 100 years without the help of the Russians. #Treason #SurrenderMonkey
When are you going to wake up and realize you support an ignorant, narcissist man child who is also a traitor to our country? Sad!
When are YOU people going to accept that this moron, his hateful children & his sleazy advisors committed TREASON? Don't you care?
Delusional?? Pot, meet kettle.
This election has driven Seth to the freaking nut house... Yikes. 😬
Jayne, when was Trump likeable?
Separating out that HRC piece, R U seriously joining DJT in taking the word of PUTIN over that of the entire U.S. Intelligence apparatus?
there are many responses a sane person with all their faculties could make about that question, but I personally think it is wasted on you.
It's quite simple Jayme. When the investigation is complete. It is a long way from it yet, a long long way.
Sorry Jayme she got 3 MILLION more votes... pretty popular... the electoral college was routed by Russians
Jayme. Start paying attention. Quit talking about Hillary & let's hear what u have to say about Don Jr's meeting to gather intel.on Hillary.
Jayme, how drunk are you in your profile pic? Impressed...
Geez. Is there no fact that can penetrate your brain, no amount of information that will educate you? You are unteachable
YOU'RE delusional. (haha, burn)
Why would we accept a lie like that? We have no affinity for your alternative facts.
How about you start admitting that regardless why HRC lost, your guy sold his country out?
Trump, who is president, is a traitor. But but Hillary...emails..Hillary...horrible.
Even if Trump won by a landslide regardless of outside influence, if there was any collusion with Russia on the election, he's done.
when you accept you voted for a treasonous narcissist
I adore HRC giggles. she must have a great sense of humor especially to have put up with all this bs from Republicans and still giggle
#HRC won by 3 MILLION votes. #DirtBagDonnie won ElectoralCollege by not that much. 68% of Americans voted AGAINST his dumb ass. #Impeach45
Why dont you except 45 & Russians coluded stole voter data in 37 states used a hack app to mess with touchscreen vote machines in 7 states.
And you are deaf, dumb and BLIND! Ignorance by choice!
It's not about who won it's about Treason
It doesn't matter whether HRC lost on her own merits. It only matters whether DJT colluded with an enemy to try to guarantee victory.
they aren't delusional. they should run her again and again and again!
Yeah but he doesn't talk to Jr cause they're...estranged. Yeah, that's the ticket!
Walls are closing in!
Trump: Russia is #fakenews! Trump Jr. "Hold my beer." #MAGA
oy vey the goim know SHUT IT DOWN i repeat the goym know
So how many "coincidences" can there be in the overall Russian story?
Reminded of DT Jr.'s pic with a beast he killed on a hunt. Picturing deer in headlights eyes on him when FBI comes with handcuffs for him.
Maybe the Kremlin lawyer brought a sack full of laundered money to the party
There goes that " NOTHING BURGER again!
Dude, you are AWESOME! Great work!
Reasons like this is why I follow a read you. You take facts and sharpen info down to a lawyerly fine point! @MarkWarner @RepAdamSchiff
I'm completely shocked that Trump was at his hotel, completely shocked. He should be executed for that.
Being at TrumpTower same day/time as Donald Trump Jr doesnt prove anything. Its yuge! DT can't possibly monitor who comes/goes (How'd I do?)
It's foolish to assume DJT was actually working.
Reading this thread from this attorney/professor is definitely worth your time.
Clearly in search of another taco bowl
Bravo....Dad had to know what Jr. was doing. Jr. has admitted now to collusion; lets see dad deny it. "Oh, I was never told."
According to 45 Jrs tweets, 45 jr flew in and out of Russia on the 9th.
America needs a timeline of events (or at least I do)
Dots don't get more connected than that. Bravo Maestro Abramson!
My bet is they paid for info. Someone knows who paid, how much, & where the $$$ landed. Comey knew. Mueller knows. Thread being pulled now.
Of course he was!
Guess what this means? A rally. He always holds one when he's in trouble.
this article reminds me bout "self-funding" of 40 mill. I'd say his Financials need to be subpoenaed.
If I were Trump, I'd be using a dementia defense. 'What son? I have a son?"
It would be very believable.
If you said "cocktail-hour human sacrifice" I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. #ImpeachTrump
It would only make sense rinse penis was there too
Tick... tick... tick...
godforbid he should miss lunch!🤣
The building is yuge.
welll RUT RHO....maybe @realddonaldtrump and @DonaldJTrumpJr want to speak to those attorneys again hmmmmmm???
Is this gun smoking? Or is it just you? Cool as all get out Mr. Abramson. Thank you thank you thank you.
Follow the money!
Accountant here. Always follow the money. It reveals all answers.
Fe-fi-fo-fum I smell the scent of a smoking gun.
FOR THE thumpteenth time⁉️HE'S A LYING CROOK🐷💲🐍💯🖤
Does he not understand the whole world is watching? He cant not get caught w/a dismissive lie when there is valid proof to the contrary!
He simply doesn't care. He's uber entitled. Laws and rules don't apply 2 him....
This is exactly it. Social media will be his demise. He can't keep his mouth shut. I say keep talking DT.
Wow,just. I. Do. Not. Have. Words. #RussiaGate
So the day of @DonaldJTrumpJr's meeting happened to be the day the campaign held a huge fundraiser? In the same Tower?
Wow so no proof, awesome. Trump's lips are firmly planted around the cock of your people's homeland, I dunno why you hate him so much
He knows what everyone of his crew are doing, he knew. Manafort & Kushner are not going to "not" tell him. Why even ask Manafort to be there
This is a very important Tweet!!
I bet this is the same story Flynn wanted to tell for immunity, he must have been w/ trump sr. in TT the same day
Wow information leaking from #TrumpTowers. Did the butler spill the beans?
Take a look at this tread
#25445 for the not so quick, impeach Trump
But DTJr. was only peripherally involved in the campaign. "He played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time." Spicer/Manafort
No wonder he was so freaked out about having his phone "tapped!"
No person who harbors this much hatred for our president should be allowed to teach a single student.
Looks like Trumputin and his gang are in deep trouble. Wasn't it Jr. who said Democrats aren't human. Lots of dems in prison.
Actually it was Vampire Eric who made that proclamation
Super sleuth!
Who could really believe that Don Jr would have a meeting w/ someone with info on Hillary & not tell his dad. My mom didn't raise a fool.
Jr: "I did good, didn't I, Dad? I did real good, right? Better than Ivanka? You like me better than Ivanka now, don'tcha? I'm the bestest!"
Keep up the good work Seth...You ROCK buddy
Goldstone. Agalarov. Trump.
That's exactly how I think this went down - People forget that at the time traditional GOP donors would't touch trump with a ten foot pole.
it will be the 20 minutes of the meeting he was at lunch LOL
Seth, who is the source for this private meeting? Is it Manafort?
So was Priebus in on it as well?
No amount of KFC would have kept him away from this
Thank you and all the journalists are American heroes!! BRAVO ! 😘😘😘
This is amazing! Thank you!
No doubts 45 had full knowledge of all of this. He is being protected. It's obvious.
Seth, thank you for continued intelligent reporting and #resisting!
If these idiots didn't feel the compulsion to post everything on social media, they'd be a heckuva lot better at subterfuge and treason.
The real reason they let Manafort go becomes clearer
Who gives a flying fuck. Go the fuck to bed. Or better yet build a bridge so u can get the fuck over it. ✌
If anyone believes @realDonaldTrump knew nothing about the meeting, I have a covfefe to sell you in Moscow. #Collusion #TheResistance
Please send all of this information to Robert Mueller. Including the photos etc. Thank you.
Oh but I'm sure this is all just a remarkable coincidence and/or "fake news"...right? Wrong. @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #Dump45Invoke25
The. The next question is who was in the room to be briefed after the meeting Pence, Prebius, Bannon, Flynn let's try and get that list too
Can't Donald Trump pardon him
"Lordy please let there be tapes," No wonder he was shi**ING himself that Obama had wiretapped Trump Towers.
Known by many for months. Just reading and filtering out noise and BS. Who is worse? Uneducated or Uninformed?
paper ballots ONLY for 2018
is geting closer to having that wall built around him, and a free orange jumpsuit to match his skin. #LockHimUp
In his defense, he met with no Russians at lunch.
So...he hasn't done anything so far but he wants money to run again in 4 yrs?! WTF. Didn't trump say this job was hard?
Well there he's been caught in another lie, that's 3 in one news cycle, or his Dementia is nearing mid stage, and he is gravely ill.
No dementia. Don't let Trump off for decades of stupid corruption. He was *always* dumb.
If he fakes Dementia, those of us that have worked with elderly ALZHEIMER'S patients will know. @SenateGOP
Trump is a criminal. Runs a crime family. He has no excuse.
must have been out of ketchup and well done steaks at his restaurant.
dang son. mueller should hire YOU
Trump better hope Obama doesn't have tapes of that meeting.
Probably are tapes...that's why potus hasn't been back to Trump tower..he's scared
June 9, 2016.
great info, thanks. Will be following from now on.
Have bad news for you Sethy. There is no law against looking for dirt against your political opponent even if the dirt is from a Russian.
If this is where you take your final stand, you will lose because we can show the same or worse and worse with the Hillary campaign.
Whataboutism I believe is the term.
You need to unmask the email hacker(s) and prove a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russians. That is your only path.
You do that, Ole Willy will stand down. It's over. Bye Bye Donald.
There is a backdoor. It would be a cheap win. Perjury and obstruction if people lie and cover up. I'm sure u don't care. Just win baby, huh?
Old news? Significance?
He may have been busy on the escalator rating the ten year olds he'd be "dating someday"...?
Uh oh as the plot thickens, the buzzards are circling, prey are being hunted, Dems get your impeachment papers out, circle the wagons😂😂😂😂😂
Hey, Seth... YOU STILL HAD A LOSER candidate! GET OVER IT! You will get shingles.
Get some sources Ahab. You quote articles like they are gospel and 99% have turned out to nothing!!!