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#indieweb @calum_ryan: This is the 1st anniversary of Homebrew Website Club London
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#indieweb @barryf: Tantek came over a year ago and did a pop-up one and now we're regular
#indieweb @loopdouble: I've been getting the rel-me links working for
#indieweb @loopdouble: I'm going to be posting to my website will quill and then sending it out to twitter as well
#indieweb @loopdouble: It shows up as twitter via bridgy publish, but doesn't end up on twitter yet
#indieweb @manuelpueyo: my site is which is a wordpress site and I added the indieweb plugins
#indieweb @manuelpueyo: I'm trying to add the different identities on twitter and so I can log into indiewebcamp
#indieweb @loopdouble: I have twitter coming up twice on my site as I have 2 rel=me's on it
#indieweb @kevinmarks: rel=me is not just for indieauth, it is also for showing that you own both sites
#indieweb @kevinmarks: I have a distributed verification browser plugin that check's rel-me
#indieweb @kevinmarks: because this works on twitter, you can see which sites people actually own, without begging twitter to verify
#indieweb @barryf: I've been playing around with progressive web apps - I got my site to pass the PWA checks
#indieweb @barryf: it has a service worker and https and a manifest
#indieweb @calum_ryan: if you go there several times it works out that you're a regular and offers to install the app
#indieweb @barryf: I set up a thing with cloudflare to add a banner to my site advertising HWC London
#indieweb @barryf: they have a net neutrality banner for your site if you have cloudflare caching
#indieweb @kevinmarks: so today @Cloudflare does the opposite of usual and makes your website really slow for net neutrality?
#indieweb @calum_ryan: Jeremy Keith, @adactio, pioneered using progressive web apps for indie sites
#indieweb @calum_ryan: I've been tidying up my website to have better microformats so webmentiosn works
#indieweb @calum_ryan: we also got the @HWCLondon site and to advertise so more people show up here
#indieweb @barryf: uh oh @hotzeplotz is doing the lighthouse scanner on my site - not too bad 73%
#indieweb @kevinmarks: ownyourswarm doesn't work on my hosted known site as the json version of micropub didn't work
#indieweb @barryf: I had to change my site a fair bit to get ownyourswarm working wiht the nested location in json
#indieweb @barryf: I turned off the ownyourswarm webmentions from swarm, and it got a bit much as my phone was buzzing
#indieweb @kevinmarks: trying again and it isn't working with my hosted known, getting 403. Scope mismatch?
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: My site is https://mey.dn - it's a static site - I moved my blog from wordpress to google and made them private
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: I use gatsby.js for my site - it uses React and is very fast and offline-first
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: Also it is graphQL which makes it easy to reshape data using a unified data language helps
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: It does serve static html but also enriches it with React so you have a dynamic static site
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: on netify you can install other auth plugins
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: I've also been using the static site generator lektor which has a nice web interface to the git repository
#indieweb @hotzeplotz: there are a few static site CMS tools now that work with these
#indieweb @barryf: siteleaf is a nice static site generator that can deploy to github pages
#indieweb @kevinmarks: I serve my website from heroku even though it is static - I should really fix that. Maybe I'll go to Hugo
#indieweb @loopdouble: I use the post kinds plugin in wordpress that formats the different post kinds differently which is uselful
#indieweb @kevinmarks: I made for Chris with Hugo and an indieweb friendly template
#indieweb @loopdouble: I use pocket for bookmarks - I'd like to be able to bookmark things on my site and then go to pocket
#indieweb @barryf: I use @Pinboard for bookmarks from my site as they have a simple api
#indieweb @kevinmarks: I have my twitter links feed to @Pinboard, so maciej has them safe fro me to pull back to my site eventually
#indieweb @barryf: I see @manton got from wordpress early - it supports micropub
Be easier to just restrict one email per account. Then, restrict people from following huge amounts of people without any followers.