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I believe that's why it is called "your base" to begin with.
You lose elections because you fail to activate your tribe. This is where microtargeted disinformation comes in....
Based on news coverage, I'm pretty sure only white people in MAGA hats are allowed to vote for president now.
You also were positive Hillary was going to win
Kinda why they are called "the base", right?
GO TRUMP KEEP A DEMOCRAT CRYING ONE DAY AT THE TIME!! Glad I voted repub first time!! Never will I vote for this dem Party that cries daily
Many who were dumb enough to vote for Trump once will be dumb enough to vote for Trump twice.
Time to move past his base and reach for the normals. Besides, Trump will screw his Cult anyway. And they will love him for it. Total losers
I know you were going for 'it's not the base that's their big problem'... but you totally do lose elections when your base stays home.
POTUS and admin need to change the logo from MAGA to Make Russia Great Again = MRGA. I guess they forgot to round off the top of the A.
or #MAD - Make America Dumb.
No, I take offence. He has made the office of POTUS appear dumb. Half of America and the world sees the con man and what he is doing. LOL
Not usually, anyway.
D's lose when their base gets split. Disastrously so in 2000 and 2016.
Do these deplorables from little town in Ohio have access 2 news? Let's pitch in 2 buy them bus tickets 2 visit Jr. in prison. #Braindead
Very true. At his nadir, Nixon still had a 28% approval rate.
Question is how many independents are there any more, also elections will never be the same unless trump is ousted from office
Supporters dismiss it in part because GOP doesn't seem to take it seriously.
You lose elections by losing swing voters.
And there are plenty of us in Ohio to lose
Esp if swing voters are picked off by highly targeted stolen voter data?
I have to say the amount of bot activity on kasichs Facebook page during primary was ... telling.
That's v. Interesting. @selectedwisdom said Rubio was targeted. Don't recall if he mentioned Kasich, do you?
I am not familiar w/that. But I was active in following him & from my experience they were crawling all over his page.
Not to say there weren't plenty of people that just don't like him. But it's hard to miss the sheer number & slight off-ness of their posts
I noticed the bit swarms on twitter same way, they were "off". That was during general tho.
Of course, no education, no jobs, no future, only bias and closed minds.
Don Jr's emails were sort of like a self-inflicted punch in the eye, weren't they?
This is just unbelievable. Very scary.
That is why there will always be con-men; there will always be rubes.
CBC did a feature on a couple of #Trump supporters who'll be bankrupted by GOP Healthcare plans. They said they would still vote Trump! WTH?
We don't have health insurance and we're gonna hafta sell the house but gosh darn at least there's a white man in the White House!!
I keep reading these circular-logic stories. Isn't "the base" defined as "the people who stay with you no matter what"?
Until the day before Nixon left Washington, he had majority support...MUCH more than Trump...
This is the point that I keep making. Also, after he resigned he still retained a quarter of American support. About 15 points less than T
Begs the question, are they STILL being targeted via Cambridge analytics etc with the Trump admin and pro trump media propaganda
GOP taking cues from their unconcerned constituents, constituents taking cues from inactive GOP. Bad cycle.
These are Americans that proclaim patriotism/love of country while ignoring the treason of their cult leader #TrumpRussiaTreason #Collusion
"Despite healthcare website snafu, it appears voters in every Chicago neighborhood are sticking by President Obama."
Is there any reason to believe Russian propaganda / hacking efforts will be *less* effective now that Trump can aid and abet from the WH?
Why, Ohio? Why are you like this?
...but you do lose elections if you lose your base. #necessaryversussufficientcondition
Article #1,057 with some variation of same title: "Trump's base STILL Trump's base." Yawn.
Ignorance was key word in that report. Also, for some, political belief is tantamount to religious belief.
Lesson: "To understand them, we'd have to think like them. If we thought like them, we'd vote like them."
He could shoot a guy on 5th Ave. and they wouldn't care.
Ignorance is bliss & almost seems that's true almost . . .
You ppl are so dumb and stupid I can't wait for him to take away u'all healthcare and your benefits & leave you all to die
You lose them because a foreign adversary helps swing the election for a criminal. And because a large % of voters are fearful & stupid.
I'm familiar with this area. Democrats are still absolutely ignoring these people, or openly mocking them. Not a great strategy.
1. I disagree with this theory. Dem ideas and plans help these folks just as much as they help folks in urban areas. They are the ones doing
2. The ignoring. They'd rather have their cultural biases confirmed with the lies spread by the Koch-run/corporate-run GOP who in the end...
This is exactly why they vote against you.
3. Have their own agenda which has absolutely nothing to do with helping the middle class. But as long as they're making these people...
4. Feel comfortable in their own bigotry, it's all good. Dems should not be playing that game. If they aren't savvy enough to realize...
Again, you just called them all bigots instead of seeing the abandoned factories, rampant drug addiction, declining wages...
You're an elitist for understanding demographic and sociological nuances.
Admittedly, even my evangelical family that lives in the area are smart enough to see through Trump but Dem arrogance/mockery isn't helping.
5. They are being played, that only means we need to invest more in education so that people are able to discern when they are being used...
Because they look to the left & see "You're a dumb bigot who we had every solution for even though nothing you see around you proved that."?
6. & manipulated. Dems aren't perfect but their policies work to provide a level playing field for all and that should be enough to draw...
And yet they aren't. And until you figure out the reasons the non-bigots also voted for Trump, and I wish u would, you'll keep losing seats.
Listen, I hate Trump as much as ANYBODY. But to the folks who live around my family, the Democrats come off as aloof, arrogant, a-holes.
7. Voters to their camp. They should not be feeding into race or identity politics.
This is the "upscale mall" near where I grew up. This happened post 2008. Sorry if I slightly empathize with people there feeling abandoned.
When HIllary's message was "We're doing great let's keep going!" and the rest of the left:"You're all bigots anyway, we don't care."
ya lets be honest, these people are stupid
You lose elections because you have nothing to offer.
These idiots yell "Patriot" the loudest yet trump working with a foreign ADVERSARY is no deal breaker. The founding fathers would hang them
Nixon still has a base.
if democrats best answer is elizabeth warren, yeah, many "evil" moderates are gonna vote for the supreme court justice again. do better.
Read this. Proof that Trump supporters are too stupid to feel sorry for. These are the people who make Con Men rich. #DonaldTrumpJr #Russia
Again SMH. 45 does NOTHING to promote or uphold the proverbial Christian values argument....
Reality disagrees with you.
If you stop supporting Trump, Liberal Tears just don't taste that good anymore -- and then what do you do with the coffee mug?
Especially if your base has its collective heads in the sand.
They don't know what they don't know.
When the Democrats lost their base by their move to the right, they started losing. It will happen once DJT/GOP's policies start to hurt.
I would love to hear Peggy Noonan's honest opinion of how we went from Reagan and Bush 1 to Bush 2 and now Trump.
Guy on twitter told me he didn't really like trump but his vote was a anti-immigration Hail Mary. Doesn't like "low IQ Mexicans". Core issue
My God... that woman in the article is EXACTLY the kind of person that NEEDS Obamacare, too. The very definition of cutting off your nose...
You do lose primaries by losing your base. And there's the rub.
did anyone ask them about whether they got more jobs, or if healthcare changes are good for them?
This is scary. The level of disengagement w/political reality is frightening
Uninformed Americans continuing to be uninformed. No surprise.
Thank you David!! The obsession with the "Trump base" makes little sense to me. Who wins elections with 38%??
Forget the radical right-what. Will make the indifferent middle finally wake up?
Asked about the Russia investigation,they stared back blankly"I have never heard anything about it,"Neither had her two colleagues ...sigh
Why keep doing this story? Are we to believe that some morning these people will wake up and not be stupid and racist? #are who they are
This demonstrates the impact of Fox News.
True. But maybe you survive an impeachment threat if your base runs roughshod over the ruling party in both houses of Congress.
His base is irrelevant the closeted voters who didn't show up in the polls who voted for him instead of HRC are the ones we need to focus on
Don't forget the lesson of 1992, when George HW Bush received literally zero votes because he lost his base.
These people imagine themselves to be model citizens. They are the worst kind, in fact.
Enough with his base. The 50% of the country that stayed home need to vote.
Fake tan
There's no cure for this type of blind stupidity. I'm tired of hearing about the Trump voters & what they "think". Waste of time & energy.
had similar story about Nebraska. Sick of notion that Trump voters decide how democracy works-they don't.
Where's the tipping point on stupid in the US? Passed already? Possible to reverse? Seriously concerned.
Oh, Russia told a Joe Blow in OH, WI, and MI to vote for Trump. You are insulting your own intelligence.
Trump, McConnell and Ryan are leading the lemmings off the cliff. They will pay. But how much damage will be done first?
David, you memory is better than mine. Do you remember press dismissing R's uproar based on Obama's base?
True of course, but it's amazing to witness how little respect they have for themselves as their intelligence is insulted by daily lies.
Those Baptists don't want to tell Tim Reid/Reuters that they became fans of Putin's when they learned he was anti-gay rights.
They probably think Nixon was pretty cool, too.
Sincerely interested in seeing how the editor of the Hillsboro Times Gazette, Gary Abernathy has treated Trump critically or aggressively