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Going from bad to worse:
+@gruber “Medium is supposed to be good” 😂😂😂 They’re testing this right now.
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I bet they find it dramatically increases sign-ins over the original design. If that's... what they want I guess. Not to let me read...
Well, goodbye Medium 🤐
John, imho there should be a public free site with great export that does what Medium does with easy to install open source software.
You mean WordPress?
I’m all for more people having their own blogs (and I know Dave is too). WordPress is amazing for that. But what Medium does is different.
What’s the difference you see? Personally I envision a tool automating as much as possible setting up one’s own VPS+domain+blog engine.
I would kill for an installable CMS with the attention to typographic detail that Medium has. There is no equivalent WP template (I think).
If you can spec it out that would be a first step.
You spec it out, I'll build it.
The default @TryGhost theme is a good starting point in terms of quality typography and good readability (& has been ported to many CMSs)
….so build it.
Anyone can complain .... but what about to create?
already built it: - using standard micropub to post to sites. Try it with #indiweb is close to that.
Went from medium to extra-crispy.
Glad I wasn’t the only person to be horrified by seeing that today… #badux #nothanks
How Quora doing these days.
I used to LOVE that site. Some of their recent decisions around content and curation rub me the wrong way. They're in a tough spot though.
Why is anyone surprised by this? Common path! 1: get users. 2: monetize them, even if it means abandoning what was appealing in Step 1.
Maybe they don't care about the small percentage of desktop users?!
If you're not signed in, they break the footnote links. I shit you not.
Can you call this a dickwindow or dickpopper?