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Blame 'Portland' ... really? Wah - it's July. Try 'realistic expectations' and maybe valuing quality of individual engagements over volume
let's hear about the events that you organize. do you have issues when you purchase refreshments and only 20% of the ppl you expect show?
or when you have to shut down RSVPs because you've hit your maximum for the space? you have folks on the waiting list, then 1/2 don't show?
In my experience, this happens all year round. It isn’t relegated to the summer months.
35% turnout is the norm for college Major League Hackathons too we spend avg $55-$60 per registered person so no shows suck Karma baby karma
I tried charging $5 to get the dropout rate lower, didn't work. Raised to $10 and still had only 65% turnout.
2016: 39% paid $5 and attended, 73% indie RSVPs attended 2017: 65% paid $10 and attended, 88% indie RSVPs…
What this says to me is the more people feel personally invested, the more likely they will show up.
I organized a big scavenger hunt on 7/8 and managed to get 98% show up rate by assigning teams, sending people their teams ahead of time.
...but mainly because I am so used to portland's abysmal RSVP culture of which I am part.
Also no one opens their email so people act offended that haven't invited them when invites went out 6 months in advance. Frustrating.