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My Twitter feed is turning into terribly long, competing threads. Blog, people.
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Agree. Twitter not for multiple posts strung together. Blog and link.
This tweet works better if you tack (1/204) on the end of it
Are blogs still a thing?
I like those. Twitter should recognize them and offered ui tweaks to make them more usable and less dumb (moment style? horizontal scroll?)
Per your point this afternoon...
But I need 500 word blog posts delivered to me in 2-sentence pieces at a time. Attention span, remember?
When asked I say, blog to reflect; tweet to react. I know, you didn't ask.
Thank you. It's especially bizarre given the way the algorithm sometimes sorts them into its own order.
Mmmhmmm...20 pound bags of stuff stuffed into a one-pound bag. Terrible use of the platform.