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My friend is a history teacher. She's compiling a list of great historical figures and she needs a male to add to the list. Suggestions?
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nope stuck there......😀
what about that sexy brown haired guy who did the thing in the war? I forget his name.
That was just a fictional movie
No he was real. Private Ryan Dunkirk was his name.
Thank you for your picture of Abraham Simpson of the "Fighting Hellfish" in this response.
Who? I thought it had to be someone famous?
The whole point of the film was the PC brigade wanted to make him famous because of what he is rather than what he did
You lost me. I don't whatch dick-movies, and this sounds like one.
No not him. But there was the other guy who invaded that place... maybe that was Cancun on Spring Break...
George Henry Lewes - dedicated his life to supporting the great author Mary Ann Evans.
Yes! Men are natural helpmeets but some rise above drudgery to be exceptional helpmeets. Their small contributions should be acknowledged.
It's especially poignant when they sacrifice themselves to further their wife's career. Really, what else have they got to do?
It's the gentle submissiveness they bring to the home. It's such a balm when your days are so dynamic.
Branwell Brontë. Need I say more? There are attempts to right that wrong in Cold Comfort Farm, but sadly they often get mistaken for satire
What else do they have to do? They can start by making me sandwich.
Excellent typists too, some of them.
They're naturally good at menial tasks like that!
And thank Lilith, because who has the time after all that time researching?
Does she really need a man? I mean, I'm all for equality and stuff but maybe there's no historic male figure worth it...
Yes inclusion should be on merit and not just to pay lip service to equal representation. If there aren't any men they obvs didnt figure
Not sure about that. As they can't make it on merit, may have to introduce quotas. Only gradually though.
You can't force these things, Simonetta. It only backfires & then the poor little men wind up worse off than when you started. Cruel, really
I take your point. *sigh* it would be so much easier if they could get there on merit.
If only they were good enough! By which I mean more like women. Obviously.
Feel sorry for them though. If one of them ever does anything notable, media only focuses on how what they're wearing. Gotta be tough.
To be fair though... if they don't want the attention, why do they get all dolled up like that? It's just cause & effect.
It's surely just inexperience- not used to dressing like a leader.
Good point! If only they had the confidence & assertiveness to dress in a powerful way--while still retaining their masculinity, of course.
Upton Sinclair exposed the horrors of animals being processed for meat. The Jungle is one of the defining reasons I'm a vegetarian.
Does she teach men's history or normal history?
Me too, while walking down the street, like a loon
I was in my car laughing like I'd never read anything funny before. I'm glad I was alone becauseI was embarrassed for myself. 😂
I have been reading the whole thread to my husband (in between full belly laughs and snorts!)! 😊
I can really only think of Churchill. Any good?
Really, someone who was impotent? What sort of worth has a man when he is no fun in the sack?
He was also a drunk. And the next morning he'd be a drunk again. And so emotional!
Umm.... There was a fella in the bible, can't remember his name.
There were a lot of men in the Bible but really only in the context of the kids they had.
I like the bits where so-and-so (man) begat so-and-so (man). Maybe one day they'll find a lost scroll with some of their stories on
Lots of famous women had husbands that helped them, maybe one of those?
Men are so helpful! But we prefer the behind the scenes work.
It's best I think, men can get so over emotional under pressure
And the pride we feel from seeing the women we support get the recognition they deserve is enough for us.
The First Lady's husband, for instance.
I'm not against including men on the list as long as they have done something to deserve their place there.
I think you need to talk to some masculine based historians and those concerned with social history. @greg_jenner Men in history? Starters?
There aren't any. It's only women - men simply aren't recorded in the annals of history 😉
Have you tried reading the gaps in history? You men need to rediscover your voice that females have erased. Lucky you have me to guide you
There was that guy who was married to Cleopatra. And you could work in a male angle by pointing to Joan of Arc's squire, or something.
Who cooked Elizabeth I food, do you mean?
Exactly. So many untold male stories. And we can piece them together from the little we know of comparable men of the time. All the same.
This story has some men in it, how about them?
this is my favorite thing that has ever happened in the entire world holy fucking shit
My life is better having read this tweet.
Who was the guy who tried to impress Elizabeth with his fleet? I heard he failed though? 😓
Wallis something? What an idiot! Stick to the kitchen mate - it's all you're good at!
Or Queen Elizabeth's advisor? What's his name Geoffery Rush?
Or that one that Victoria married. His machinations behind the throne secured the line of succession.
Royal men are always so sneaky. I'm a sucker for the Homme Fatale.
Think that chap who was married to Cleopatra was probably a brother, so probably named Mr Ptolemy. Don't know much more about him tho, sorry
These men were only bred to marry. It doesn't matter.
You're right. That's why most of them are just numbered. Ptolemy IV, Ptolemy XII, etc. Otherwise how on earth would we differentiate 'em?
Such a tragedy of men's history is that they had so few names. Naming was a secondary consideration so they picked what was familiar
Good point - the (British) Queen's son just gets named after a "country" that ceased to be independent 600 years ago.
Wales? True. But I'm named King after an institution that ceased to be relevant a long time ago ... admittedly I have an advantage (no dick)
But isn't there some chap named Jimmy Wales or something who got people to write an encyclopaedia online? He could be History Mail for OP.
This will be an impossible exercise if there aren't any statues. How can we think of any without a statue?
.... Lmao at how simultaneously crabby and smug this is. Wish I could favorite it harder
hahahaha this is an A+ joke but also i work on the 17th century and it is real for both men and women and it makes me want to SCREAM
currently working on a fam where a Francis married a Frances and is both the father, son, and nephew of other Francises with same last name
Frankly, this is nonsense. *cough*
I'd go for Franciii or Franciscans. But I'm just a woman.
It's a franchise, common marketing strategy. Makes sense if you think about it
Very good - very very good
What Michael said. 😂
My French male ancestor Jean married my American female ancestor Jean. It was great fun.
Someone (in a pub, mind - so it must be true) once told me that family names were often deliberately confusing to avoid tax. Possible?
Yes, I think it's highly probable you went to a pub. And someone said something along those lines. And yes the tax thing is true too.
And that's how France was populated...
Makes me feel better abt my g-grandfather's mom's name being Mary Maguire (née) & him marrying a Mary Maguire. So many Marys in my family.
I work on Roman history. Which of the seventeen Quintus Fabiuses or Marcus Claudiuses are we talking about today? Worse for the women.
Writing up notes for my partner about rural Ireland in the late 19th C. Same five forenames, same five surnames
This still happens, almost all my paternal male relatives are Alan, Arthur or Colin Welshsurname.
Where even to this day entire households are known by nicknames to distinguish them from others in the village/townland
A good example: all those Indian male politicians named Gandhi. Trading on Indira's name, of course, but how else could a man get elected?
Why do you think they're protesting removing statues of men. How will anyone remember us?
Sometimes they didn't have to. There were two Darrins but they looked so much alike, and were so unimportant, they didn't even number them.
Heard, still sketchy, that he was from somewhere, "north across the sea".
Didn't he invent a famous salad? Contribution from the kitchen where he belongs.
Are you aware how maternalistic your comment is? Your femsplaining silences men trying to address deep rooted matriarchy. #notinmyname
It's not women's fault that the field is so female-dominated. The savannah just didn't prepare men's brains for the study of history.
How about Catherine the Great's husband?
And not because we didn't care enough to try looking. There was just never anything written about men and their history before. Until 1983.
surely men must have played some sort of a role, as helpmeets? playing devil's advocate?
What about that man who invented the windup radio. Can't remember his name. men all tend to look the same
That guy Maria Theresia of Austria married with even became nominal emperor. Or you could try the husband of Catharina, but she murdered him
How about that bible translation guy?
It's Tuesday, so welcome to Part II of #SexyHistory! Today we'll be discussing James VI/I, and how X-Treme Thirst nearly got him killed!
This thread is ridiculous. These masculinists think they can speak for all us men. Yet we are happy w/our place in the shadows of history...
sherlock holmes.
what do you mean he's not a real person he's historical right? so picky
Well JFK was kind of hot.
Men like to be admired for more than their looks. Please look to the accomplishments of whoever that is.
Sarcasm on twitter doesn't always come through 😀
Oh I see what you did there! I need wine !
This thread right now 😂
Lol! That came through loud and clear... 😂
So true. Sometimes people take things too seriously.
You were both being sarcastic?
Mansplaining in this thread??? ;-)
Nope not seeing any accomplishments. I've been lookin for 70 yrs. They're a mutation of the female species so they don't stand a chance
He was that guy that was married to Jacqueline Bouvier wasn't he?
Oh yeah, he accompanied her on her very successful trip to Europe.
Jackie's husband?
Yeah but did you ever see him in a bikini? His figure looks good in suits but he needed to work on his abs. Jackie could have done better
and a blatant womanizer. He gets my vote too.
The guy who used to have an affair with Marylin Monroe? Naaaaa
Katherine, think you've made the age old error of confusing 'hot' with 'hit'.
Famous for the vietnam war...which we lost to hoards of chinese. Democrats love war. Achieves nothing much. Kills. Creates Senators.
Wasn't he Jackie's husband :P
Yeah, but Jackie was the one who constructed JFK's identity. She controlled the images. He even introduced himself as Mr Jackie Kennedy.
There was whatsisname. The one that was in thingummybob. He was with that fantastic woman who changed so much but can't remember his name 🤔
Oh I know who you're talking about. That stand out character in thingy. Top man that. He's on the list for sure!
Yeah he was ace in that thingy he did. Obviously the women outshone him & he was never likely to be noticed but he tried his best. Bless him
Oh you mean the hot one in the tight trousers? Oh yeah. Not sure he'd be suitable for a classroom though! Don't want the girls to go wild!
Do you mean Matt Skilbeck out of Emmerdale? They changed his wife and he never even noticed...
No, we're talking about that really underrated guy who was involved with the great women who achieved that excellent thing. You know?
oh, you mean that bloke who worked with Julie Bishop?
Hope you don't mind if I chime in, but are you talking about Amal Clooney's husband? Who played that slutty Booker character on Roseanne?
Nice looking guy though that whatshisname. Looked great in those trousers.
Ooh, yes! I think I know the guy you're referring to... the one with the enormous bulge. He was great in that. 8/10, would do.
That's a hard one - how old are the kids? Too young to hear about famous male actors / muses / prostitutes?
do you mean suggestions of men in history that didn’t kill, rape, destroy and control populations? That’s gonna be tough
If it's an all female list, tell her to just keep it that way
Just to clarify: That's nae compliment.
Understandable mistake. But Thatcher is actually a woman.
Oh I know, prince Phillip! Longest standing royal consort, that's something the boys will love! He's always smartly dressed too
Sad though the grandchildren are both male. No female heir. There's talk of changing some laws so one can rule despite gender.
True, very sad. Male heirs always make a mess - start wars, sleep around, start new religions, get known for their intimate piercings etc.
Silly make heirs spend massive inheritances on fancy toys! Why there should be matriarchal inheritance laws until they reign in testosterone
Typo 'male heirs' not 'make'
Mulan? Oh, wait...
Why does she need male ones? Does she want the kids to be excited by history or not? Everyone's so concerned with being PC these days.
We were offered ideas of inspirational quotes for a new building that's being constructed. Every one of them was female. #whataboutthemen
Richard Pankhurst? He married an activist and raised two more! Very inspirational! Quite good looking too 🤓
Really laughed at this one
Can we stop focusing on the looks?
Oh cmon it's a compliment. The guy has nice pecs and flaunts them - he wants us to notice.
Duke Of Marlborough
didn't Vera Nabokov's husband do some work outside of the home?
Something with butterflies, men love pretty things
The Skyler Sisters speak very well of a gentleman called Alexander @HamiltonMusical
Eliza built that great orphanage but her husband died young. Sad!
There was that one guy who worked with Ada Lovelace... Babble? Cabbage? Something like that. Enjoyed calculators I think.
Yeah, there was the man who was going to build Ada Lovelace a computer to run the algorithms she invented. He never got around to it though.
Or you could just say that leaders like Boudicca had plenty of male followers. Some of them fought as soldiers! They don't need names right?
Is there proof they had names?Likely they were called something or other,but once you start learning about Boudicca,who really cares!
Right! I can't remember for the life of me any of their names. They are in some book that has been out of print for centuries!
With her & Cartimandua there's not really much room for any male "queens" in Roman Britain.
Between our Elisabeth and Victoria... not much space for male queens in modern times either! Fortunately!
Probably "son of Ethel" or "Elfrieda's husband" or some such, I mean who cares really.
Can't think of any, perhaps the reference library archives suggests someone had a role to play apart from playing golf and gentleman's clubs
Great Male historical figures? Is she trying to make history as boring as possible? I guess she might find one, but won't be interesting.
It's a sweet niche, academically but it's a distraction- no one's going to do serious research in this area
Agreed - definitely sounds like an easy option to study. Fluff subject. Employers won't take it seriously either.
I have binders full of men that would be perfect
Little black binder?
I think Jeanne d'Arc was a man.
Branwell Bronte was a woman.
Nope, far far too terrible a writer to be a woman, really.
Right! John d'Arc!
I can’t only remember the ones b/c of their gruesome deaths...Burnt at the stake. radiation poisoning. crushed for being a warlock.
Right! Husband of Martha Corey! Named Giles? He was "pressed" right near here. He was a crook, but *she* was an upstanding community member.
But he was into all that gender-bending, so really still a woman.
Ugh and too skinny! Who wants to look at that?
Oh, Iman's husband? Heard he had a few decent records. Im sure she probably wrote most of his songs and he most likely knocked off her look
I think boys like him often marry successful women just to mooch off their careers. Not to be sexist! It's just you can't help but wonder
I think you are so right.
You know how some of them sleep their way to the top. Mick Jagger for instance, hard to take seriously. Fun to sleep with but beyond that
Well and if you look at the outfits he wears, you know he just wants that type of attention
So true. Sort of pathetic he is still flaunting it, way past his prime. Not a good look for a "man of a certain age" a bit undignified
Like, look at her. Why would she settle for HIM? Those wrinkles, and has he ever seen a stairmaster? Is he a really good cook or something?
I'm sure your joking but for the record by the time they married in '92 he had released 19 albums
And we need to think about the message that sends to children. We can't have lots of little boys worrying about the thigh gap
Yes, there was more than one. Whatever their names were.
Sorry the only ones I can think of are fictional
This made me cackle out loud.
Alan Turing, to prove that affeminate blokes have a more analytical mind, due to the lack of boyjuice hormones
Best. Comment. Of The Night.
Wasn't Agatha Christie's husband famous for something? With the right wife to guide them men can achieve a lot.
Had a respectable WWI military career, but was really known best for being her husband.
Well he probably did lots of work in kitchen bedroom etc - some of it may have helped her get in the mood to write her masterpieces.
Unfortunately he started doing "work" in another woman's bedroom...
You can't just insert men into history and pretend they mattered.
such a distortion of history! Obviously there is a good reason why there are no men in history books!
It's all about tokenism these days isn't it? Why does she need a male on the list? Nobody's interested! Let's just teach Herstory
I'm sure Betsy Ross found 'inspiration' from a few fit boys whilst crafting the flag for a brand new nation. Yes,let's concentrate on them 🙄
Without that testosterone clouding her thinking, She understood "branding" & the importance of symbols. She was able to mentor those boys
Let's hope their tiny brains - scientifically proven - could understand. Perhaps they were inspired to raise non-menist sons?
I don't know. They're so emotional, with all the hormones swamping those brains... question for the ages: can they evolve?
As a male-businesswoman I can only hope for the best. Not holding my breath for the extreme menists though
You just keep your pretty chin up & keep trying! You're a credit to your sex!
George Elliot
The supportive husband of some truly important figure, for sure.
King Alfred - knew his place, in the kitchen. OK he burnt the cakes but perhaps it was the first time he'd tried - bless xx
Didn't he start that big fire in London? Or was that another bloke? Maybe they should stick to what they know instead of doing women's jobs.
You're right, that was another one. Aren't they all sweet little ditsy poppets? Bless!
Nah, men has only done bad things throughout historiy, nothing to add really. Tell the men they will be added when they make something real
I can't think of one right off the bat, but I'll work on it.
LOL! another bullshit virtue signaling academic pushing PC culture. Women won all the wars and built all the companies. Deal with it!! LOL
I'm just so tired of the meninist thought police trying to corrupt our culture and tell lies to our children!
Wasn't Guinevere involved in some love triangle? Must have been a man in there somewhere!
Do we have to talk about the dull trysts that women inevitably get into, the men in those situations are not worth bothering about
We do need learn how it was all his fault that the Guineverian court came to an end though
No, she liked to do it with a triangle involved. Kinky, she was.
Hmm. This is hard. Doesn't Hillary Clinton have a husband? Maybe he might have some stories...
About running bake sales at fundraisers and smiling sweetly at cameras? Maybe a lesson in visual merchandising - but certainly not *history*
Perhaps he has something to contribute about raising Chelsea, child rearing is soooo important for a man.
Marie Curie's hubby was very important to her work. Can't remember his name but he'd be good. You do need some men in there to show willing.
It was something like Rock? Stone?
Maybe Mr Marie Curie was named Polonium? Pretty sure that element in the periodic table had something to do with her. Mr Polonium Curie?
That must be it. I definitely remember it began with P.
There you go, dear; tell your friend about Polonium Curie. You might get some Scout Points. There's nice for you. 😊
He was very important. He transcribed all of her notes.
😂😂 that's right...I remember her thanking him on the dedication page for that once
That was Walter Pidgeon who played him in the movie w Greer Garson as Marie
I'm using that as my new twitter name to advertise my Wokeness™
Also the son-in-law, who adopted his wife's famous family name.
Walter Pidgeon played Marie's husband in the movie. Would that b good enough ?
No, it's polonium because he was Polish. I think.
It's so sad though, when men have to sleep their way up the career ladder 🤔
Oh, there's a kind of man who knows the sausage chequebook always pays the bills.
This thread. I die.
You kind of wonder what some men might have accomplished if social norms hadn't required them to marry...but nah.
They didn't have many opportunities! If they wanted to learn about the sciences, they needed a partner that would talk to them about work :(
Marry Curry's groom was Kurt Kuma, not worth to mention, just filling up some yello wish, but, yes, he had been active on Radio Felt Polish.
Or Florence Boot's husband. Whilst she was pioneering advanced working conditions to drive productivity and loyalty, he was running a shop.
Not to mention the periodic table...
Can't blame them for making the most of their limited opportunities, though. That's the nature of the Matriarchal Bargain.
Minerals Marie!!!
Pierre Curie was a French physicist, a pioneer in crystallography, magnetism, piezoelectricity and radioactivity
Behind every great woman there's a great man.
Marie to Pierre ... "If one of us disappeared ... the other should not survive him. We could not exist without the other."
I think he was called Ptolemy. Yeah, that sounds about right.....
Behind every successful woman is a good man.
Yup, and he knew it. He refused to accept the Nobel peace price without his wife's name on it
What about Jesus?
That bloke who tagged along after Mary Magdalene? Didn't he run a food truck or something? Not sure he really counts.
Fish! I knew fish were in there somewhere. It's a slimming food. Good for him, supporting his fellow men that way.
Oh stop whining and go across the lake
I think the very fact that she allowed him to tag along was part of what made her so great and ahead of her time.
She must have had the patience of a saint!
Jesus is fine, but he'd be nothing without Mary.
I think he was Mary Christ's son. She founded a religion! Also, there was Fatimah of Mecca's dad. He was a credit to his sex.
Her "Thunder Perfect Mind" is exceptional. Did he also do public policy?
Can't be true. Sounds made up to me.
Which reminds me, Anna Magdalen Bach had a husband too. Anyone remember this guy? A very fertile bloke from memory
Well, that the person named Jesus, if she ever existed, was a woman is uncontroversial among us who work in the field. Frock, long hair...
Moreover, Jesus was a name they gave het much later. And Jesus was clearly not a male name in Armenian. Ancient Armenian, that is
Not even Paula called her "Jesus"
It is possible that a woman bears a child without a man being involved. But, as everyone knows, the baby will be female (2 X-chromosomes!)
Whomever she picks, she should make sure he's attractive.
And keeps a tidy home.
UGHHHH I haaaate men's history. Just a bunch of child-raising and knitting and stuff
Important stuff like whittling carvings of great men of society, passing down their history in little wooden tableaux and figurines.
It's interesting the still carry this need to play well into adulthood via "action figures" Why's parenting not satisfying enough? Neurotic?
Why do we need specifically male representation in history? We all benefit from the works of history's great women.
Come now. I'm all about equality but I'm not about erasing men in general. How about Henry Ford or George Washington Carver?
This is too hard. Shouldn't we be discussing other serious but proper things like who's going in the Man Who Has It All calendar 2018 ?
the husband of Marie Curie? didn't he do something useful? I just don't remember his name at the moment.
Answered already: Polonius Curie.
PoloniUM Curie. Polonius would be a good idea too if he weren't fictional. Like most important men lol
Oh that's right! Polonius was a character in a play by that minor playwright married to the Anne Hathaway from the 16th century
Mozart's younger brother. Name escapes me. Made to give up at 18 to avoid risk to his reputation.
She was such a genius that Mozart. The young brother may have been as well given half a chance. Wolgin? Woolgon? Something like that anyway.
Woolgon... 😂
Wollongong Mozart. The Mozarts are famous Australians, after all. That's why Sydney has an Opera House.
Wolfhound was accomplished in his own right. At 7 he played for Empress Maria Theresa and...and her husband. The Emperor, they called him.
didn't WallaWalla also marry the famous publisher Constanze Mozart? or am I just making that up since he happens to have her same last name?
Now you mention it there were those two young men who fell for Clara Wieck. She was such a genius, no wonder they were driven to insanity.
ah, one of those courtesy titles resulting from marriage, not from any achievement of the man...
He could have made something more of himself if he wasn't so concerned with fancy dress. But a man's hair is his glory.
I'm a big fan of Wollongong Australian Mozart's The Magic Didgeridoo, as premiered ar the Sydney Opera House.
I am CACKLING. Nicely done!
Guys, it's Wolfsbane. Come on. Read much??
I hear that Mendelsohn's brother had a modicum of talent.
There are many great husbands!
One of those male pop stars. I think there were two in Hanson.
Pierre Curie - Marie found him very handy when it came to tidying up the lab.
Joan of Arc wore male armour. Will she do?
I love to see you getting into the proper spirit of this.
Prince Albert? Love of Queen Victoria's life, so must've been important.
Dennis Thatcher? <Scratches head>
Yes but he just married well and had nice clothes
What else are men good at though?
You could go with some famous suffragists or early meninists, but do you really want to fill kids' heads with that stuff?
Men have played a really important role in history, but it's usually been a supporting role, so their actual names are not that important.
George Elliot
Just laughed hysterically at the nail salon at this! Well done
Does he have to fit "great"? #struggling
Sherlock Holmes is a good one 👁
Sherlock is a girls name
They're called historic events not historic stevents
Hahahahaha @christhebarker wins today's internet. 😂
Chris if your a woman, nice one. If you're a man, well done sweetie
It's so cute when they say something clever isn't it? Like seeing a dog in clothes.
Yes, sherlock holmes! He's a male! We got 1 yes! The only one in history! Oh wait...
Oh for goodness sake do we really need to be humouring them? They always need attention. Oh alright then, George Clooney. Will he do?
Is he the dude who married Amal Alamuddin?
That's him I think... knew he was just some successful woman's hubby 😉
Of course he is sweetie. I'm sure he has some talent 😉
I heard he was Batman once.
They only made batman to stop men whinging about there being no male superhero as good as catwoman... so he doesn't count...
Batman is the world's best nasal engineer. That's very important
Everyone knows the word engineer only ever relates to females, nasal or otherwise... 😜
Commenters are on top form tonight 👏👏👏👏
Totally agree! 🙌👏🙏
History is just a meritocracy. If a man had done something notable, he would obviously be rightfully in the history books already!
Women were the sole architects of all great advancements in human civilisation, but your friend could include a history of men's fashion
What about those two airheads that worked for Rosalind Franklin and blabbed in the pub?
She obviously a shitty historian then.
Henry Fawcett, wonderful husband to Millicent. Such a great role model. #BehindEveryGreatWoman
Next presidential election we should ask the candidates what man they'd like to see on paper money. Tough Q, I know. Just say "my husband"🤔🤔
If men had contributed anything worthwhile it would already be taught in schools!
Yeah, they would be on our money. Lol as if.
If we put a man on our money that would be erasure of women! Menists have to learn they don't get a prize just for turning up to the game.
And thank God schools have been evolving where all of that has now been forgotten!
It was just a different time really, it's hard to see how men really were able to make any contribution to society. No use making things up.
I hear Eleanor Roosevelt's husband was pretty great. In a more enlightened time he might even have been known for his own achievements!
That's just nepotism, if he hadn't been her cousin too then you would never have heard of him.
If remember well Eva Braun's lover had some importance, but I guess he was manipulated by another man, it's all gossip blabber all the time.
Benjamin Franklin
I seriously still don't know who sired Queen Elizabeth's children. Serioulsy.
Let's give our men a time out and ask them-best answer gets a set of gourmet cookware !!
We can't ask them - what do they know? They're not capable of logical decisions - it's been proven. We need to make the decisions.
William Marshal - from hostage aged 5 to regent of England at 72. Involved with re-issue of Magna Carta. Jousting champ as a young man.
But was he hot, Elizabeth?
If you had named anyone but him the order of my universe would have fallen apart!!!!! Lol
I think Marie Curie's husband helped out with some of her early research, so maybe him?
This was discussed upthread. His name was Polio Curie. Best write it down--it's easy to forget!
Who was that German bloke Queen Victoria was married to? I think a couple of things are named after both of them.
Leopoldo? Wilhem? Can't quite remember who Queen Victoria married, but his name was sort of similar. Ludwig?
Wilhelm is a distinct possibility. Or was that his not quite as attractive brother?
I'm working really hard to find one man for the original poster. I don't want to be sexist and say "all handsome-ish princes are alike"
Oh, you don't want him. He's got a piercing named after him. Not the kind of example we want to set for the children.
Prince Wilhem? It that who double pierced ears are named after?
Though, to be honest, if you just created a sort of amalgam of all the handsome princes, nobody would be any the wiser surely?
The focus on princes creates unrealistic expectations in boys. A princess isn't going rescue you! You need to learn to shift for yourself.
#LeanIn, fellas! You're your own worst enemies at times, LOL.
Albert, as in the V&A. The story of his introduction of the Christmas tree helps boys see what they can contribute through their family role
Nothing like a pretty object to draw attention to a pretty object, I say!
And the family changed their surname to Windsor in order to totally erase him and his contribution from their history! Bastards.
He was extremely loyal to her his whole life, and gave her many children. #RoleModel. We named our hunkLit reading group after him.
I think the term is #dicklit sweetie.
My bad! And so sorry to interrupt your important talk with my silly little story. I get a bit giddy sometimes!!!
Omigod, omigod, she replied to me! I'm never washing this tweeting finger again! Sorry sorry sorry.
Ermm.. its always the man rescuing the princess. Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel etc.. Come on. The man as hero is a common stereotype.
(Ⓐutismus, Man Who Has It All is a parody account about reversed sexism. If you look through the thread, we're all having a bit of fun.)
At whose expense?
Ptolemy XXXIV and Prince Wilhem. They've been dead for a while, so I think they can cope with it. Ditto Polonium Curie.
No, incorrect. It is a account having a dishonest dig at men, and I don't find having a go at men "fun".
Don't you think that's up to their fathers to show them the way. Those dads have got to stop with-the Cinderfella stories
But fathers want to protect their daughters from the Big Bad World. We're all little princesses to them. And that's a good thing, too.
I agree up to the age of 6. All fairies and glitter. 7 it's warrior training time and technical training We can bring the princess along too
That's a good thing until it's not. U leave childhood and enter adulthood, there you fall into nothingness .Then u come out of it. All good
Umm… George Sand?
And George Elliot!
And that brilliant pastoral novelist Currer Bell - don't forget him
Psst. Queen Vic's husband was Albert & I think he was her cousin.
Of course, those princes were all very incestuous, handsome but halfwitted.
No, no, it wasn't Wilhelm. God, people, it's not that hard to remember. I mean, the Victoria and Englebert museum was named after them!
So would Englebert Humperdinck be somehow related to them? Don't have any of his CDs, but am a fan a Victoria so is he relevant research?
Rupert maybe. I don't know where the bear came in. Erased by a bear. The ignominy.
Mr. Victoria, wasn't it?
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
Cool. Is there like a Wikipedia link or a Reddit thread about him you could share with us?
Nope it was Albert, and from the books and PBS he seemed very progressive and backed his queen all the way. A very secure German. Amazing
that's a good one! cuz Christmas Trees, that's somewhat significant. I think his name was Deiter
something like Lord Albrecht was it?
He achieved a little fame for a joke about his being in a can, right?
You could also say the same of her Great Granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth, and that...Greek..Danish Prince chappie
Prince Albert ...
Queen Victoria herself was German.
Beckham something?
Yes, his name was Station.
you could try Stalin...
Ethelred the Nearly Ready and Will be Down in a Minute??
When I gave hsbnd permission to get his degree, his thesis was on a man from history. After he tucks the kids in, I'll ask who it was.
OMG, we should nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize! And wow, how did he balance all that? Bless his little heart.
He works hard, just like I taught him.
Nice. But don't let it all go to his pretty little head. You know how they can get. #crazy
Benjamin Huntsman - he invented a way of making steel economically years before Bessemer...
It's adorable that you want to shine a light on history's forgotten gender. Just the kind of nurturing approach I like to see from a man.
They can't help it, Jenny. Caring is an instinct of male biology.
To include a man would be tokenism. If they want equality they need to get on her list on merit. Or be very good looking.
Difficult to say. Don't want to make a gender based suggestion unless he really deserves it.
Isn't there a man on one of the bank notes? What did he do? Could she put him in the list?
Does she need a male? She could just teach them 'the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world' That's a man's true greatness right there
James Tiptree, Jr. is a very inspirational male author she could use
There's a guy in Gotham city who helps citizens. An alien in Metropolis. Diana Prince of Themyscira teams up with them sometimes.
Oh for goodness sake! I'm sick of the PC brigade. There aren't any. Get over it!
Doh! Harry Potter of course.
Oh yes that's right Hermione's pal. The other one was her boyfriend.
Ooh no, the poor dears will feel badly if you have to resort to a fictional character.
And he was totaaly over shadowed by that wonderful main character Hermione. Harry was just token good guy window dressing.
Joanne Rowling probs just made Harry a dude to please her publishers? It would make so much more sense if he were Lily's *daughter*
I wonder if @jk_rowling is a bit if a manist? She did let her male characters play with magic or is that more of a metaphor?
This lady's husband. He appears to be somebody
Or thinks he is! He needs to "swim his lane"
This is one of the next yet!
How about the Sartre chap? I believe he was a bit of a writer when he wasn't taking care of Simone deB and keeping house.
He was such a slut though. Slept with other women. I think men should use something other than their dicks for power.
This thread!! 😂😂👌👌
Zheng He (1371–1433), Chinese court eunuch and explorer. Does that count?
Not sure eunuchs quite count here. Some behaved like dicks, but most of the great dickless eunuchs were closer to women. Need a real man
No! Transwoman. We need actual men here - they're doing badly in academia because of their misconnected brains & need cis examples too.
The 2nd husband of the Augusta?
Not this menist revisionism again. Goddess! I've got too much housework to do to fill my tiny masculine brain with politics and suchlike
Ioannes Anglicus?
George Eliot, perhaps?
And Miles Franklin ? 😁
People just need to accept it was a different time and the women were the important ones. I'm not saying it was right, it's just how it was.
Russell Coight?
The typical family in history didn't have any men in it. Stop lying to our children.
You'd be so much prettier if you smiled more often.... just sayin'.
Wait! Do male actresses count?
They're called historic events not historic stevents
actual LOL
Mary Shelley married some kinda poet- maybe Google his name...
But would anyone have even noticed his writing if he hadn't been Mary Shelley's husband? Let's be realistic: I think not.
I heard she actually wrote most of it. He may have helped with some transcription.
It's sweet when wives indulge their husband's little efforts this way but I worry that it gives them ideas.
Oh heavens, good point. It wouldn't do for them to forget their place. The entire order of things would be disrupted.
Next thing you know, they'll want reproductive autonomy, equal pay and the right to vote! Ha!
It may not be 'PC' to say so now, but historically men were too busy chopping wood to have significant impacts on societies. That's a fact.
This is true. Valuable in its own way, but really a dependant role. Of course, powerful women appreciated the warmth provided by fire.
President Obama 😄🌟🌟
Granted he was the lover of the Russian queen, but do we really want to parade the antics of a cat that really was gone before our children?
Shaula, maybe rather than judge men on their sexual reputations, we should recognise the agency sex provided within a limited social sphere?
I hear what you're saying, Van, but I just can't get behind Boi Powerrr & Guyliner Meninists. What kind of husbands will they make?
I'm not suggesting we promote them as role models, Shaula. But maybe fetishising their sexuality is the best way to control and police it?
I like the way you think, Van. After all, it's for their own good. Plus, we all know a little beefcake is good for morale around the office!
What else are we going to talk about when we're all gathered in the locker room reinforcing our gendered privilege through exclusivity, huh?
It's just girls letting off steam. Girls will be girls!
Oh, those Russians...
Y'all 😂😂😂😂😂
[My poor husband listening to me laugh hysterically at this thread]
I mean, gendered sexualisation can be very empowering for men. An object of desire is at least desired, you know?
Yes! If only they'd smile more & recognize that when we catcall them, it's a sign of affection & encouragement. And validation!
Most men I know really appreciate the compliment.
They all do. Even the ones that don't let on. But when you look them in the eyes, you can tell.
I agree. It was a shame how he carried on.
That reminds me! There might have been a bloke in Boney M? I think he did some jiggling about..
It's spelled Rasputina. She played with Kurt Cobain. Hey, there's one. He was married to Courtney Love
That guy that married Michelle Obama - then you can tick off male and minority at the same time
IDK, that's a slippery slope that might lead to Hillary Rodham's husband, and I don't think our kids should be learning about him.
Yes - good try but no cigar 😂
Kasturba Gandhi's husband seems to have had a not inconsequential role in gaining freedom for India...
I had a student last year who was very inspired by him. Tho, I had to knock his mark down for not referencing Michelle enough.
It's a bit artificial; I'm sure men would feel quite uncomfortable at the idea. Best leave things as they are, it works fine
We don't want the men to think they're equals or something - I think this is a mistake to include men.
Roy Chubby Brown
Empress Wu never married so I think you're stuffed on the ancient China angle.
I think Franz of Lotharingia, husband of Empress Maria Theresia, was a great partner and father. Their contribution is often neglected.
Also, who could forget Prince Albert?
Why would she need one? That his-story thing is so 20th century.
George Eliot was *the* man
And I just learned something new! 😄 I ❤️ this thread. I'm sorry, did I speak out of turn? 😳
Well of course you learned something new silly man! Although, you may want to consider leaving the academics to us.
Thank you for the suggestion. Of course you're right. If you need anything I'll be in the kitchen. 🎶
I'm just pleased you academics are finally exploring men's literature
I feel so empowered just by reading the thread! Sad I don't understand most of it, but it makes me feel great while I do the dishes.
The problem with men is they apologize too much. Can't take em seriously
I can't believe the impolite responses you recieved. Girls: be nice and don't scare the sweet guy away. He might even know something.
I was going to mention George Elliot. Good thing I'm not all girly jealous of you pipping me to the post, as men would be
Im grateful in a demure way and secretly flattered! #blush
This is my new favourite phrase
Georges Sand surely? Both of him was the man, er, mens
Is it really necessary to have one? Any concerns it might lead to accusations of tokenism?
Oh, that was a good one!!
Look, when we say womankind, it includes men too. Don't get your boxers in a bunch
It's just about CONVENIENCE, picking one. At random. To mean both. You people are SO oversensitive.
You. Of course.
That man Trump is having a go at politics.
Isombard Kingdom Brunel
Martin Luther King, Mohandes K Ghandi, and my Dad. Can I do anything else for you?
Stalin was a good guy, or Julius Caesar, Romulus, Nero...any roman basically
Well we're Kansas-biased, but surely you have to include a Midwest dude. There was the one that died with Amelia Earhart. Fred Midnight?
Who were those two guys that assisted Sacagawea exploring west of the Mississippi? She was pregnant while on this mission, too much 4 a man!
This is a good joke and I love it a lot
No no you're thinking of George Eliot. Or is it George Michael? One of those was definitely a dude.
No, I think she was just pretending to be a man to underline how hard they had it. Dunno why she'd bother, but it was a noble effort.
I hear her boyfriend did make some music. Of course, we don't know how much she helped him with that.
See, I'm always doubtful of those claims. Most likely she wrote it but didn't want to distract from her writer persona...
You could almost think he was a women given the quality of his writing..
Drawing blanks here
That's a toughie. Men were usually outside the home, dealing with unimportant things like wars. No one bothered to write their stories down.
I'm glad to see it's mostly women responding to this. We wouldn't want the menfolk to trouble their little heads with this difficult stuff!
Look, some of them are making an effort and I think that should be encouraged.
I think the men replying are struggling as much as we are to come up with someone though
There are a few though: Currer Bell wrote good novels!
I prefer the work of @RGalbraith Good male authors are hard to find though, it's mostly just #dicklit they produce.
We're clutching at straws here (#dicklit 😂) Has a male ever won the Nobel Prize?
I think Marie Curie's husband might have had an honourable mention
Only because he cleaned the laboratory for her so had to be invited to the awards ceremony when she won the Nobel prize.
He must have felt mighty great sitting pretty, holding her purse while she gave her appreciation speech
Someone had to do it. While we're here, can I just give an honourable mention to the young, gorgeous guy who reads the local weather...
It's the pride. The pride.
I don't like seeing pride in men if I'm honest, I don't think it's very attractive.
I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. @ShaulaEvans? Can you?
Van, they award the Nobel for achieving outstanding advances. While a man could hypothetically win one, the odds are astronomically low.
I'm sure there was one who wrote poetry.
When you consider the systemic barriers to full participation in society they face ... frankly, even posing the question strikes me as cruel
Besides, men are naturally modest. They're drawn to homemaking & little domestic things. I can't imagine they'd want all that attention!
Not to mention that awarding a Nobel to a man would instantly discredit the entire Nobel institution & devalue the real awardees.
Everyone would assume a man had won because of politics, no matter how good his sewing or cooking skills might be. There's no way round it.
Better for everyone to avoid the inevitable scandal & just award the Nobel to women who clearly deserve it. As usual.
You're so right. If they can win it on their own merits, that's one thing, but the men I know wouldn't want special treatment to get there.
And we're back to meritocracy: the day men can really win on their merits alone they're welcome to all the prizes!
Didn't a bloke write that book on home making and manners ...? Does that count?
Was it about women? For women? Were there illustrations of scantily-clad men? What's in it for us, Simonetta? Where is its GREATNESS?
You say "intimate, psychological realism of subjective experience" I say "domestic humbug".
If only they led interesting lives to write about! But that's the limitation of the male experience, I guess. Hardly universal.
read one you've read them all, Shaula.
I tried to read one once, Van. I couldn't get past the obsession with moisturizing & eating almonds. Could. Not. Relate.
"Blah blah blah, I'm so unfulfilled, me me me, i'm repressed and unhappy with the wealth my wife has built." Unbound #gashenvy.
There are modest ones... and there are the pleasingly immodest ones, wink wink. Gotta maintain that virgin-father-bonerdonor triad, Shaula.
Mike Brady in the streets and Magic Mike in the sheets!
They've got to learn to take responsibility for their own failures, Sharks. It's a meritocracy, after all.
(Did you just autocorrect me to "Sharks" or is that my new name? I'm good either way.)
OMG IT TOTALLY AUTOCORRECTED TO "SHARKS". This should be your bowling name. Also, we should bowl. Drink beer. Talk shop. No men, no trouble.
One day we will bowl. It is now a life goal.
Do you not think there is some merit though in having men-only Nobel prize categories so that they can be assisted in achieving recognition?
For what? Best kept house? Prettiest eyelashes? Hardly the rigour, infallibility and hard science of economics, is it?
I suppose they could call it home economics or domestic science or something?
A special Nobel category to award a prize for achievement in Home Economics to men. You've cracked it, ladies!
Isn't this the noble and traditional role of the county fair? Best cake and all that? Do we want to demean or destroy our living heritage?
A Nobel for best cake could really cut down on the catering bill...
So you're saying given men a noble prize and save the Nobels for women?
Or... a Nobelette? Something cute & diminutive they can relate to? Maybe in pastel blue.
Like a Nobel fringe ceremony? That could work you know. They could have those panel talks you were discussing earlier.
Ooh... all fenced away where we wouldn't have to see it, you mean? That's brilliant, Rebecca!
The radical meninists are kept happy and the rest of us can enjoy the real awards in peace.
Maybe they should just organise their own events? So we don't have to alter the traditional definition of our sacred institutions.
Good point. Rather than always criticizing all the amazing things women have built, men should just go and make their own.
And then (!) they might earn a place in the history books, Van!
Yes - carve a civilisation out of the ground with their own hands and grit and absolutely no participation from any other gender at any time
Like training wheels or a booster seat, but for Nobel prizes? Not a bad idea. A special category might really help their self-esteem.
You'll be wanting men on panels at conferences next, Shaula. Underqualified and overexposed.
Van, I don't mind if you give them a little man-panel off to the side where they can talk about man things but not the real panels, please.
I just can't see where this leads apart from a dystopian nightmare where gender has become irrelevant and we're reduced to social equality.
You're right, Van. I take it all back. The risk is too high!
I mean, one wants to be progressive, Van, but not at the cost of the total breakdown of society! Think of the children.
Always happy to think of the children. You know, if someone else is doing all the childcare. Unpaid.
Virtue is its own reward, Van. I wouldn't dare insult fathers by offering them money. They do it for the love.
Being a father is the most important job in the world. That's why all men do it all the time.
The greatest achievement a man can ever have.
Not many people realise that Evelyn Waugh was actually a man. So was Sam Pepys. Had to adopt female names to get published.
Waugh's only really known because of his lovely daughter Auberon, though.
They call it womansplaining when we try to educate them. So touchy!
Encouraged? Sure. But let's not go overboard. I mean, they're MEN. It's not like we want them to think they matter beyond being eye candy.
I'm a graduate in man's rights and I know some, but all African and South American. But for white ones, theres no recorded history :(
I mean, there is some recorded history, but only of awful ones.
Isaac Newton, Nelson, Wat Tyler, John Ball, Beesley (Titanic survivor), Pliny the Elder, Brunel, Wolsey, Milton, Crazy Horse, Henry Hunt.
Dr Frankenstein? No, he's fictional. Well I'm stumped.
When she's studying Ada Lovelace she could mention her father, Lord Byron.
I think one of the Pharaos was male. Not much is taught about him,not his politics, only that he was the lover to two great military leaders
Bradley Manning?
This is crazy! You're overlooking a man of film, tv, books, a pillar of XY since early times: Fred Flintstone.
True but without Wilma he was just a caveman.
Why force it? If there were great ones you'd already have heard of them.
Nobody pops to mind, sorry.
That guy who discovered leaden irony?
Joseph Bramah.
Mileva Maric's ex-husband? Just because he married his cousin doesn't mean we shouldn't judge him on the aid he provided in physics.
Damn! I was gonna say that one 😁
Catherine of Aragon had a few husbands. Maybe one of them.
Also Catherine Parr had several. Like, a lot of them. Maybe one there?
Yesss! 🙌 also there was a man who helped her publish "The Book of Common Prayer" but I can't remember his name 🤔
Somebody told me St. Frances was a man, and it Blew. My. Mind.
He was a disciple of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, The little flower
We should get better at mentoring and fostering male role models, so the boys of the future will have great men to look up to and emulate. 💪
Btw I think this 💪 is such a great icon. It reframes something men actually have, dumb muscles, to mean empowerment. (A woman's idea though)
There is a signif. biological diff. between women & men. They must face the facts. It's testosterone-makes them unstable & prone to fighting
Your friend is contributing to the MASCULINIZATION of culture and the DECLINE OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION.
Forrest Gump was good man.his momma told him that.
There was that guy who disguised himself as a woman so he wouldn't have the constraints of society's gender roles. Does that count?
How about that guy who did those paintings of people with Big Eyes? I think they made a movie about him...
I'm sure there was an important butler to Queen Victoria
Wasn't there a Royal who drowned in a barrel of wine? Was that a male?
Is lack of buoyancy enough to warrant a space in the history books? Sounds like affirmative action to me.
This was the coffee splutterer.😅
hmm, there was one that got the chop. Typical male, losing his head in a crisis.
Tricky. I think one one of the Popes wasn't a woman...
Hey, now. That male clergy talk is blasphemous. " Husbands, submit to your wives."
I think I remember one of Hoelun's sons was eventually allowed to hold a leadership role in the Mongol Empire.
I think he just procreated a lot. Which is important for the future of the human race - I get that - but not really notable
Woah! Hang on: men aren't there JUST to make babies you know. They have a lot more to offer (when not doing that obviously)
Like... um ... er....reaching up to get stuff off the top shelf...?
They're excellent at opening jars. People forget that.
So is a length of rubber. Plus rubber doesn't steal the bedclothes [ INSERT OTHER FLAWS HERE ]
None I'd want to bang, so who cares, hur hur
Wilford Brimley, the diabetes guy
Frosty, Dr Suess, Caesar, Hirohito, Churchill, Lincoln, Harry Chapin. Perhaps the question is rhetorical?
This is exactly the sort of PC nonsense that led to male companions in Dr Who and ruined my childhood forever.
Ian Chesterton?
Next thing you know there is going to be a male Doctor and the whole damn franchise is going to go to shit
Well, I'm sure there must have been men doing things, other than just, you know, being there in the background.
Wait--that guy. Said boys should be allowed in university to study. Not sure he was real-- it was in mykod brother's book of fables.
Alan Turing, @RuPaul , John Waters
Wasn't there some nurse?
Yes! Wrote a book about "grass leaves", and I think his name was Whiteman
The Histoy of the womankind covers both sexes,"woMAN" have "man" in the word. So why male historians? Normal historians do it already!
I know he's always just thought of as Eleanor of Aquitaine's husband but Henry II maybe, if you can look past the association with Eleanor
Ron Swanson seems like a good guy? He's in a documentary about Pawnee, Indiana's Parks and Rec department.
does he have to be soooo manly, tho? it's like he's shoving it down our throats. and he's kinda superfluous to Leslie's story, so...
Billy Lee Tipton. Famous Jazz band leader.
Noel Edmonds?
Bill the Cat is male... and he's offended fewer people than D_______ T_______.
Queen Victoria's husband *may* have been a man?
Don't believe the rumors, Dean. Good scholarship has debunked that scurrilous theory.
Some bloke once passed Rosalind Franklin a test tube - he might be important perhaps? I doubt it tbh - she clearly didn't need men.
This list should be based on merit. Since I can't think of any men off the top of my head, they obv. don't deserve inclusion. (Sarcasm!)
Men don’t menstruate. I think that’s the beginning&end of the argument. If you MUST have one, who was that dude that worked w/Marie Curie?
I think if they were able to & bear children they would feel more complete,not fight all the time. I wonder how much "womb envy" led to war
There was that guy that rode the dinosaurs.
Eli Whitney. Henry Ford. Upton Sinclair. George Washington Carver. Nat Turner. Charles Dickens. Frederick Douglass.
George Eliot? I'm not familiar with his work, but I understand he was quite a well known author? 🤔
"Smokin' _ cigarettes and watchin' _ #KaptainKangaroo"
Don't tell me there's nothing to do!
This is clearly a difficult task. Should we ask the gov go put the face of at least 1 of them on a $ bill? Might help us remember him
Isabella co-ruled with her husband. They sent out 3 ships that had a male captain to the New World. I'm sure she asked him what he thought.
Well. That's what *he* told people.We can guess the truth tho.
James I promoted his lover George Villiers to a dukedom. Typical male ruler emotionalism overriding good decision making but entertaining?
They were manbians, history likes them because face it, two men together - that's hot!
Someone could ask Venus or Serena Williams if there is some male tennis player they could suggest.
I don't know...Male tennis players tend to be over emotional, have temper tantrums & throws their racquets
Queen Hatshepsut wore a fake beard sometimes. Can't we just count that and call it good?
Pierre Curie? Helped Marie a lot.
This is so good.
Always admired Dopey from the seven mining men. Although not so into their extractive industry.
I think there were some dudes Elizabeth I used to send out on trips and things.
This is my fave
Oh yes those sailors, I remember one smoked quite a lot. Wonder what happened to them? Maybe fell off edge of the world?
Are you talkin about the guy who used to wear those mini-skirts over his tights & lacy collars,not sure he counts ,he wanted to be a woman
Nikola Tesla. Weird, enigmatic, strange? Yes. Masculine, tough, manly? No. But, a great historical figure who changed the world? Definitely.
Wasn't there a guy who worked in Rosalind Franklin's lab and wrote a novel about the people doing dna research?
Watson Crick i think his name was...Crick Watson... i don't know, he wasn't even attractive
They're terribly dowdy a lot of these fellas, aren't they? One suspects the lab is a bit of a refuge for the plain boys.
Boys are terrible in the lab: they fall in love with you, then they cry...
I half wonder whether men should be allowed in labs. Could be a distraction to hard working women. They at least need to dress appropriately
Oh, yes. Word is that men in labroratories can be distractingly sexy. It's about the books, not the smouldering looks, I say.
It helps if they can cook though. At home, where, tbo, I think a lot of them are more comfortable.
They just look so sexy and ridiculous in the lab coats and goggles! Poor silly things.
Oh it's not just hearsay. 3% of female scientists agree. And obviously we should listen to the minority
That's evidence-based reasoning, isn't it?
I don't mind guys in the lab. I think they have a unique POV on problems and can contribute well to a project.
SIDE NOTE: I feel obliged to inform the audience that near simultaneous to this tweet, I received this:
No two marriages are equal what you want is communism
It's PC-Communism! I was raised right w/ proper role models. Men are the natural care takers. Jobs & education r a distraction from family.
that's just idiotic. i have so many talented men in my lab. some are fathers and they do their jobs as well as anybody else!
Look I know SOME men want a career, but not be a dad as well. Can't have both. Men shouldn't have kids if they can't stay home & care 4 them
But they can! That's my point. Obviously they have v supportive wifes, who even take parental leave in some cases. I think that's great.
Can't even do this as a joke. It's harrowing the bs women have to put up with. Any1 claiming we're treated equally is lying or has no idea.
It's indeed pretty revealingly grimm when you go through that arguments in a vice versa fashion :/
If focusing on a persons talents instead of their sex makes me a communist, then so be it. #HerForHim
Well it looks like I am a commie too. Who new!
I'm still not convinced they have the intelligence to handle science, though. I mean, I'm not being sexist, there must be one or two but...
Hey, old tshirts and cargo shorts are just comfortable, we can't help it if some women find that distractingly sexy. #mybrainisuphere
+1 internet winning point 😂
Or they're like Marie Curie's lab partner who x-rayed his feet all day.
I do recall that he studied under Hedy Lemarr.
Oskar Schindler
Great women have always made history. One day, a great man will, too.
Sadly, I witnessed a male professor actually say this...reversing a couple words, of course.
Men just aren't entering into the fields of math and science. There's plenty of opportunity for them to succeed if they really wanted to.
There might have been some married to great women?
You mean 'MR Hedy Lamarr' or 'MR Marie Curie' or 'MR Chien-Shiung Wu' or 'MR Jocelyn Bell Burnell'? Ha. What a quaint notion.
certainly whatever work they may have done was heavily influenced by their wives
I'm sure they provided much needed support.
behind every great woman, there's a great man
Yes, without their selfless dedication to child rearing, aged care & domestic chores, how would we women manage the demands of our careers?
Let's be fair, most women would never accomplish anything if it weren't for the unwavering support of the men in their lives
Omg, so true. We really should try to acknowledge them more. Maybe purchase them labour-saving appliances?
That's the least we could do, bless their little souls
That's liberal nonsense. Unlike SOME men, I know that guys are biologically happiest when they're homemaking the old fashioned way: by hand.
Oh come on it is the 21st century, let them use the technology that is available
Then what will they do with their time?
Gossip, probably! You know the menfolk always love a silly chin wag with the boys.
TRUE! this is what a real woman sounds like, ladies.
Exactly. Us traditional men know our place and only CULTURAL MARXISTS say otherwise. I LOVE my woman & these hands were made for dishes!
These are the words of a REAL GENTLEMAN who's empowered by the choice to fulfil his natural, caring role!
That's so good to hear. I can't stand those awful mascunazis.
I just hate testerical men telling me what I can and can't do. YES I am a ballet dancer. YES I hunt deer. YES I'm a Christian. YES I cook!
I love all of you so much!! Thank you for this. 👏👍😄
"Testerical" I'm keeping this one, thanks <3
"Testerical" HAHAHA... I'm going looking for a fight, just so I can use that word 👏
I've just added a new word to my vocabulary! Thank you! Now, to find a reason to use it at least once a day. Shouldn't be too hard...
Yes, they're very shrill, aren't they? Wah wah, victim this, wah wah I'm offended that. Boo, structuralised exclusion & disadvantage, hoo.
The shrillest.
Y'all are killing me 😂😂😂
If only they could find a way to sound calmer, more compassionate--more womanlike, in short--maybe we would take them more seriously
That's true. Every time you tell them no, they get
Tell me about it. You catch more flies with honey, boys. Shrieking just turns people off.
That's true. Remember boys, if you really want to be heard, speak very softly so as not to appear threatening.
So bitter and twisted in their hatred of women and jealousy of more attractive men.
Everybody knows that meninist are bitter bachelors anyway
Thank god for that. I wouldn't wish that constant harping on any woman. Or what remains when boys like that let themselves go. Shudder.
Yikes, yes! They don't bother shaving or making any effort to be attractive to women. Sometimes I think they forget what they owe us.
Put a ring on one of those fingers you find yourself shackled to a monster soon enough.
If only they'd smile more ::sigh::
We should never have allowed them access to higher education. It was better when they were content to be homemakers and knew their place.
Oh, they only go to university to find themselves a wife with good career prospects and earning potential. Such a waste.
Exercise so they stay pretty?
Don't they already *have* to do that? To avoid social shunning that is
Mmm true. I take it back.
They might start reading unsuitable books and getting silly modern ideas in their heads.
I'm sure their wives could come up with something - that might or might nor involve the bedroom
They'll only get up to mischief
Can't have these men knowing too much and plotting rebellions now can we? Women already work so hard maintaining "world peace"
No of course not men would make a mess (those hormones running wild)--technology for home caring only, in a natural fashion
Oh i see. But knowing how clumsy they are, it still might get misused
Men with time on their hands will only get into trouble. Keep them barefoot and ... not making war? Not raping? Not killing?
Everyone appreciates a shop-vac but they never dare buy one for themselves
It's Fathers day tomorrow!
When's Mother's Day?
Nearly choked on that!!! Isn't everyday mother's day?
Or pretty trifles and boxes of chocolate (splurge on the good kind!) on appointed holidays
Yes please. I have been begging my wife for a dust mop and a washing machine for years.
Yes! Very true! I would be no where without my amazing partner in crime x
Behind every great woman there's a man struggling to keep up.
Apart from Joan of arc perhaps?
Misters are doing it for themselves!
Who else could put out the bin, for heaven's sake?
I think I remember reading Marie Curie let her man help out in the laboratory sometimes, which must have been *adorable*
Don't you mean Hedly? ...yeah that's the best I've got, I kinda figured any other joke would just miss/play into this thread's intent.
Mr Marie Curie is a good suggestion. I think he helped her out a bit.
I think it should be Marie Curie's husband, because he was such a good assistant. I'll ask at tea for my mother and sisters to vote for him.
don't make me #mansplain Pierre Curie.
As others wrote, "That's HEDLEY Lamarr!" -- Harvey Korman
Pretty sure you are all forgetting that guy who started that war about.....hmm.....what was it about again? Lots of deaths. Destruction.
I believe Bill Clinton was married to Hillary.
I am sure that just supporting her and being part of her work is reward enough.
Like Eleanor Roosevelt's husband! I seem to remember him a little.
i'm sure Catherine the Great married someone at some point maybe. what about him?
not a lot of people know, but Mark Twain was actually a man
I think that's been debunked though. How could that wonderful writing be done by a man?
I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense. I think a lot of people just wish it was true.
That must be it. Because we all know men don't have the capacity to write like's not in their inborn nature, bless the darlings.
It's just biology; men are fine at some things, like lifting heavy objects. But they're not good at everything, like women are.
And they're so unstable. With all those mood swings, how can they concentrate on intellectual pursuits?
well, as long as they're cute to look at, I don't mind that they can be shallow and emotional
And good at cleaning, and a good heart, for the children.
So often emotional. Mood swings, binge eating, bloating. When you think about how many times a day they could procreate... PES is real!
Wait was that super popular wizard book written by a man? That's the only one I can think of.
It was J.K.Rowling! Men often just use their initials to make readers think they're a woman, cos no one would read a book by a man!
I was shocked when I found out. Everyone knows women are the queens of the fantasy genre! Who knew a man could do it?
Bet you lot were all surprised when "it's her turn" didn't work.
And incapable of multitasking which is pretty much a prerequisite to be a writer (I don't make the rules)
It's all that testosterone clouding their thoughts, they can't focus no matter how hard they try. Can't fight nature.
I've been wondering that, too. I often wonder how they can keep it altogether?
True, look how 'hysterical' they get watching sport - you wouldn't want to trust nuclear codes with them.
Like nationalism and white privilege?
They get testerical at the slightest thing!
It's a blood thing. There's enough for the penis and muscle functions,not enough for the brain. Makes intellectual tasks difficult for men.
Yes! It's important to stick to the science. Men are wired differently, plain & simple. Why try to make them something they're not?
Have your fun at our expense ladies, but be warned, some of us men have learned to read and can read this thread.
There's a theory that some writers that just use initials are really men. Like jk Rowling? As if 😂
This sounds like bad bar chat where the man is agreeing with the woman about everything so he can get into her pants.
Is that your assumption? It wasn't mine.
I heard that Mark Twain was going to use the name Currer Bell but that name had already been used.
Ok but remember they didn't have our modern concept of "man" back then.
Twain was nothing but a fake. However, Samuel Clemens was a REAL man.
I'd look for a macho macho man.. if i were you..
What about husbands of great historical figures? Behind every great woman is a great something something....
Did Joan of Arc have a squire?
George Eliot.
Just look out your window. There's millions of unsung heroes walking amongst you.
How about Lord Cocklsberry. Last seen in Cockford northwest of Uneathkock.
There was that Alexander fellow. Someone called him 'the Great', but honestly, he died at great could he have been?
True. Does he even show up in the writings of women of the era? Case closed.
I prefer Alexanders who don't die young.
The son of Olympias? Poor little guy. He tried so hard.
He was a great eye candy.
thanks to his mama Olympia he became king of all Hellenes.
It was really his mother and that Barbarian Wife he married that mattered. He pales upon a grander scale
What of that adulterous ruler Queen Sheba had to visit and bail out of bankruptcy. Anyone remembers his name?? Heard he wasn't really wise
The only name that comes to mind is Don Knotts. Otherwise I'm drawing a complete blank.
I have an idea...let's put him on the $20!!
Eleanor of Aquitaine had a couple of husbands...I think they were minorly important in English & French history, maybe? Can't recall names.
Catherine de Valois had a few interesting offspring - by both her husbands too.
This whole bloody thread is a history lesson for us ignoramuses. Oh look. She was a Scorpio.
I can't think of any but I can ask one of my gay friends who's a Men's Studies major at some all-guys school. He'd probably know.
I have a friend who is a Men's Studies major, too! I wonder if they know each other?
Anyway, I shared this w/ my friend. He didn't feel like having his major femsplained to him AGAIN, and refused to tweet. So emotional! 🙄
Got me. Not a lot of great men in history. However, check into Ching Shih (most successful pirate in history), Pearl Witherington (a spy....
...for the British in WWII), and Hedy Lamarr (actress, inventor, and fierce as hell). That's a good start. Enjoy!
Are you going to make everyone learn this stuff? This is just for the boys so they feel included, right? It won't actually be on the test.
That's really the only fair answer. Otherwise it distracts from important history, and makes things more confusing.
It's very telling that in Antiquity they wouldn't let men be philosophers or mathematicians... who knows a male Hypatia might've existed...
I was just thinking about her. Didn't her dad or somebody sometimes do math?
Here we go again. Look, men are biologically different & that's ok. We don't have to rewrite history. After all, behind every great woman...
Apart from Elizabeth I. No men behind her. That's why she's the most famous and successful queen in history.
One of those kings did something right?
I think Rosalind Franklin had a couple of males working in her lab? Not sure though. Could be worth checking.
Her husband. Enough said.
That is gold
Lots of cool history guys in @brookekroeger new book THE SUFFRAGENTS. Just out!
well what's next men's history month? at least make it in February & cancel on Leap year
What I wanna know is why there's no WOMEN'S History Month!! 😡
Zelda Sayre's husband was a writer? I think he plagiarized her work. Such a disappointment given so few believe men can make good writers.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
I never married so I'm not important.
I also died a virgin so didn't do my only use on this planet. My life was a failure
Mountain Charley, of course.
There was that guy who accidentally discovered antibiotics when he left his bread out too long and it got moldy.
Don't just add a man for the sake of adding a man. Make sure it's based on merit. Otherwise it's just tokenism.
I’m sure there’s at least one man who’s done something interesting in the last few thousand years. Maybe even four or five if you stretch.
Um.... Vanilla Ice? He was VERY influential in my 90s dance style.
Fathers. If you're really stuck, pick an accomplished woman & look at her dad. There's usually a lot of petty jealousy. Also broken dreams.
See, they resent their daughters' brilliance & they engage in quixotic attempts to control them. Never works. Poor little duckies.
This post & responses would scare the 💩outta all those old white guys stuck in Washington. 😆😂🤣😆😂🤣
George Sand's boyfriend. I hear he played piano decently.
Head scratcher. Too many of the so-called historical texts are unreliable sagas written by other men; can't be trusted.
I hear there was this guy, married the woman who opened the first public orphanage. Didn't even keep her last name.
(No comment)
I mean, is she planning to teach it year-round? That sort of thing can wait for Men's Herstory Month. Any more would be... excessive.
Let's be honest. The kind of men who ask for this stuff are probably a.) fat and b.) can't find a woman!
Alexander the great
There was this guy named Bradly Manning who was pretty decent.
Mary Shelley's husband...that writer guy...he was a poet or something...
He was so very terrible at it, though, and he drowned on a trip while cheating on his wife... not exactly a good role model.
I mean, this is for children. Can't teach them about men who cheat; they need to preserve their natural modesty for marriage.
good point. ummm...Sylvia Plath's husb...nope. Frida Kahlo', not him, either. uhhh Mr. Ada Lovelace, maybe???
Didn't he come to a sticky end?
Don't they all?
Well, poor dears don't have the capacity for rational thought that women do, so of course they get in messes.
Honestly, never paid much attention to him, he must not have had much of a personality or it would be in historical record already.
Lee Krasner was married to a painter, wasn't she? Enthusiastically flung paint on canvas? Total alcoholic but she thought he had promise.
Can't recall him at all. He must not have been very good. Men's art is so...domestic and limited, you know?
Well whatshisname's art clearly derived from Lee Krasner's -- thank God he stopped painting to curate her estate!
this is my favorite part of this thread
Totally. I think his work is seen by many now who think they can do what he did. But no one can replicate Lee's work. It stands alone. 😉
Maybe a musician? I think Yoko Ono married one of her groupies. He was in an all-boy band. Kind of a novelty act, but might tick off a box.
Yeah, I sort of remember that but still not enough to recommend them. I can't remember for the life of me: did they ever have a hit song?
And of course Yoko Ono is an artist and I know her work but still can't remember the guy who was married to Lee Krasner. 😂
I think she was, but for some reason his name escapes me. I can only think of her and her work -- I'm blocked!
Sylvia Plath married some bloke that was apparently a bit of a pain & wanted the lime light - he was probably just menopausal.
I think it's good for a man to have a hobby. Painting pretty pictures and drinking suicidally prevent him from becoming dull company.
Oh... And there was that old guy that Georgia O'Keefe married... Dabbled in photography... IIRC he had a gallery and put up her 1st show.
It's so nice that she let him have a little hobby outside the home, isn't it?
I think Ada Lovelace's husband was a Count, or was that her father?
her dad was some washed-up poet, her husband was an earl. Whatever that is. He dabbled in science, it's so quaint.
No; wasn't it her daughter's husband who was the poet? The daughter who revolutionised horse breeding and travelled in the Middle East.
Her father *literally* washed ashore, death by drowning, overwrought poet, "BFF" w/the guy who ruined Mary Shelley's work by "editing" it.
Wasn't it the BFF who washed up? I heard the dad went off to join a group of insurgents in the Eastern Med & died of dysentry.
Hmmm.... Has one of the US presidents been a man yet?
If one HAS, it would be a lot less boring than when my history teacher tried to do an entire afternoon on "First Husband stories".
That barely counts? She basically edited and rewrote all his work for him anyway.
There is that one...hmm can't remember his name right now.
Not sure. There may be a statue of one somewhere.
Joan of Arc. Woman who dressed as a man to fight in the military.
That Bill Clinton guy. He is married to Hillary, that brilliant Sec of State and popular vote winner in 2016.9
Like as a garnish?
Ferdinand: the ornamental parsley of Spain
George Sand? Michael Learned?
Because men didn't generally work on things like feeding and clothing people - important domestic tasks - they don't really matter.
Thomas F. Ryan (1872–1971) – invented five-pin bowling, sure couldn't without 5 pin bowling......
I can only think of a few. Jesus, Gandhi, Rumi, Einstein, Pope Francis, Mandela. I'm pretty sure that's it.
Wow. It's really impressive you can name so many, even if I've never heard of most of them. Did you study proper history as well?
Popes dress as women though, not sure that blatant appropriation of the dominant gender's marker is a good role model for boys. Best omit em
Oh come on. You made some of those up.
Yes, sure. They were pretty good. But do these few really make a difference? It's women who shaped societies. Not men. And that's a fact.
Winnie Mandela was a woman. She had a husband in jail, but why would you bring up him?
What is a Jesus?
well thank god male's and their( admitidly rididulous) decision making skills have survived so long in such splendid isolation
Do you want flawed or near perfect..???
I'm thinking "Deborah Sampson".
Sir Isaac Newton - among so much else, developed the scientific method
Don't they cover that material in men's studies?
I think men's studies doesn't exist anymore because of lack of demand.
Only in liberal PC schools. There's just not enough material in men's studies - let's face it, it will distract the students from real work.
This reminds me to mention the other problem with men's studies: it doesn't pay enough attention to women.
Look, if we don't contextualise so-called merits of men through a wider frame of actual important history (i.e., women), no one will care.
with no reference to females and the behaviors they endorse. it's not like, mens primary motivation or anything
I did some research and I wasn't able to come up with anything useful :| sorry abt that. Good luck with the research
what's an agrarian economy? What is aristocracy?
Ooooh... who was it that Mary Shelley was married to? Surely he did something to support her career? Whashisname?
Fredrick Douglas
Thomas Sankara
I suppose Boudica must have had a man around to father her daughters but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Abigail Adams' husband was almost as a good a writer and thinker as she. Can't remember his name...Jeff Adams maybe?
No no, you're thinking of Cecilie Thomsen's husband. Danish model, acted in James Bond. She married a Bryan. Brian? w/e 🤷
mm, tough. there's so much pressure to provide boys with good role models, but if you look at historical men, they were so violent...
do we really want boys growing up idolizing mass-murderers like caesar or columbus? not sexist, just concerned.
Surely that Caesar who had a salad named after him (not the bloodthirsty ones) might be a suitably positive role model for boys to emulate?
Eleanor of Aquataine ? Oh wait she was a woman.....
She might have some luck with those saintly men who abandoned their duty of procreation by staying single & celibate for a higher purpose.
Who is that guy that was so boring Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein so she didn't have to hang out with him? I think there were two of them?
The husband and the poet Lord fancypants who was probably just a girl playing at being a man.
Yeah and that Lord something went and scratched his name onto ancient artifacts all over Greece as a pathetic cry for attention. Sad.
Johannes Gutenberg, where would we be without him?
Didn't Joan of Arc have a guy who carried her spear or something?
Didn't Mary Shelley know some male writers?
That one that Shelley created?
I was at a conference once where 3 men had a panel on this very topic. It was scheduled at 8 am on Sunday, I'm sure someone showed up.
It's always so great when we manage to get away from yet another #allfemalepanel !
Are we trying this "make men great" thing again? It didn't go over so well the last time we tried it.
Wasn't Mary Shelley married to a man who dabbled in poetry?
Just make up a name. They're all the same and nobody will really know the difference
"Bob Mann, historical figure"
Popes!! There we're dozens of them that knew how to pope it up really good.
this guy
Mileva Maric's husband helped with her groundbreaking work in physics. But we all know 'help' is a relative term when it comes to men.
I believe Martha Washington and Mary Todd Lincoln had spouses who did something in their own right. Not sure, though.
Mary Todd Lincoln's husband decorated the Lincoln bedroom, hence the name. Nice chap but awfully domestic as accomplishments go.
Martha Washington's husband was a tree pruner or some such. I mean, potter in the garden all you want, but don't expect go in history books.
Drawing a blank. Sorry I got nothin
King Tut? He died before he could do much damage and he left museums-worth of treasures to enjoy.
My BFF Michelle,a Harvard alum, is married to a guy with *some* sense. His name escapes me though. I think it rhymes with Tarack. 🤷🏽‍♀️
No such thing as gender inequality! Stop trying to erase female history by including men. But anyway, check the money. May be some on there
Wasn't there that guy who was married to Cleopatra?
Who was that little guy who ran around Europe playing soldier? Had some success capturing flags, but women had to do all the cleanup, obvs.
I think he might have been one of Joséphine de Beauharnais' lovers.
Probably the first individual whose name we know was a Mesopotamian accountant named Kushim. It's a neat way to notice men were there too.
Maybe the NYTimes books editors could ask for a list of some male authors? Not sure what you'll get but it's a start.
Just trashy thrillers probably. And a lot of those are women using pseudonyms
if she wanted to use men in history who destroyed their country perhaps she could use Hitler and that new guy Trump.
Annnnd Elisha Gray, Edwin Howard Armstrong, and Tesla. So many people who made advancements in technology but don't get proper credit.
Timothy McVeigh
Look, don't add a man to her list just to be PC. Students may not understand it's a list of great people if there's a man on it.
Who wa that guy who helped Rosalind Franklin discover the shape of DNA? Jimmy Winston? I bet Wikipedia has him on a list of Male Scientists.
He was actually NOT involved. He was jealous and wrote a fiction book where he claimed to have been around when she discovered DNA. Sad.
Can't think of any offhand. They haven't really done anything worth noting anyway.
You could include McEnroe, but honestly any of the top 500 women on the tennis circuit could best him in a match.
Isn't it enough that we acknowledge that behind every great woman stands a man, do we really have to know their names?
Alexander Hamilton
Oh, come on. There were at least 4 in the nineteenth century alone, and that's not even counting famous authors, which would take you to 6.
What about Michelle Obama's husband Brock? He always looked so dignified standing next to her—presidential, even. I think he ran a gym, too.
Ya, but Michelle has better biceps.
That is incredibly sexist. "A male" is a PERSON first. His gender is redundant to his achievements, whenever you find one.
JFK, Robert Kennedy, MLK, Malcolm X.
Sorry, Evelyn Waugh is a woman. Just like Mark Twain.
What about her brother, Steve?
Stop reaching. There weren't any. It's just a fact of biology. Stop trying to rewrite history in order to suit your political agenda.
Is it weird that I feel like this AU we've created in this thread would be better to live in than this one, even as a male?
-- Post something, half-drunk in the middle of the night. -- Wake up the next morning, it's one of your most-liked tweets. Same opinion, tho
I think Mary Wollstonecraft's husband wrote poetry or something. He wasn't very good at it though.
The actor playing Q Victoria's brother-in-law is really worth a look. Playing Natalie Dormer's bit of fluff on Stage in London this Autumn.
I don't think you've posed this question adequately. Let me mansplain it, apply whitewash, and then we can create an amazing list together.
Oh, gosh, who was that Pope who came after Joan?
Maybe just feature them all in one month like with a cute bulletin board.
yes, make it pink
didn't Anna Marie Mozart have a brother that did pretty well? Wrote a few pieces of music or something?
Elizabeth I's father, maybe? Altho, he was a bit of a slut ...
Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr all married the same guy - worth a look?
Jackie Kennedy had a husband who had a bunch of pigs or something about Bay of Pigs. She could mention him. He wasn't bad looking,either.
Mary Arden's son wrote some plays that were pretty popular a few hundred years ago. Too long ago to be relevant?
William Hathaway, I think they called him after he married up.
I can only think of Warren Buffett😊
Yes but did he really write them? They are just too good to have been truly written by a man. Plus I heard he was illiterate
Assuming it's true that he, and not Frances Bacon, authored all "his" writings.
Is it too silly to ask about Elizabeth?
Oh! Coretta King had a husband who was a dreamer! Maybe he was a seer.... he saw the mountain top. She was a strong woman.
In 4th grade I read a biography of Dolley Madison. Her husband, maybe? Trying to remember him...
Maybe the father of one of the other peoples on the list?
Shame they had to adopt their wife's name on marriage though, makes them hard to trace
I don’t see gender so it is really hard to tell.
My friend is a history teacher. She's compiling a list of great historical figures and she needs a male to add to the list. Suggestions?
Does anyone need anything? A coffee? A martini? Ill be in the kitchen, cleaning the inside of the salt shakers.
skip the male, keep going with females
haha I hear Cathrine of Aragon & Anne Boleyn's husband got a historical figure in his later years.
Oh! That was Queen Elizabeth I's father, right? I seem to remember he went to church a lot or something. Rather a pious type.
Yes! Mary's father too! Wonder if he had some influence over all the religious conflicts they had then.
Etta you cannot be serious. He was just one man. There were SIX women who reigned during that time. It makes more sense to look to them.
lol I was just making a fat joke about the poor guy. He shouldn't really be on the list.
3 children by 3 different mothers? Hardly a role model - definitely shouldn't be on the list IMO!
He also had several by women who just didn't want to marry him. He really let himself go as he aged as well. Definitely not a role model!
His greatest accomplishment was his fondness for the menu. Other than that he liked giving his wives the runaround. Bit of a berk.
He really let his historical "figure" go in later years though. I don't think we want our boys emulating that.
maybe that Shelley dude that Mary Wollstonecraft married? he must have been pretty important for her to just take his name like that
How specific are we getting? Rich Aurilia circa 1999???
i figured that the airport would be dead at almost midnight on a friday but it is quite the opposite and i'm annoyed
I think we need to consider biological differences here. Look at nature! Bees, ants, sea horses- women are just natural born leaders.
As well as elephants!
Bonobos, too, and they're our closest relatives!
There was that guy who did not actually build the computer Ada Lovelace programmed the first code for. Barles Cabbage, I think it was.
Salahuddin al- Ayyubi
What about Richard Simmons? He helped so many boys deal with their weight problems and reach their true potential, find wives, etc.
George Washington Carver
I'm so tired of this PC bullshit. History was forged by women. Period.
The young teenage boy who set out to fight the world? Admittedly he caught a cold & died but then, that's men for you.
Charles Hamilton Houston
I can't think of any important male figures based on merit - are you suggesting we need quotas so that men get acknowledged?
Mary Shelley's father might be a good one! Married one smart lady and raised another, like a good father should-- always put family first!
There is a popular academic theory that many "Anonymous" works were by men. Apologists seek to fill the gaps in HIStory any way they can.
Not to mention it's laughable that their big, clumsy hands could handle writing very well. Most men weren't even literate.
Problem solved-Make it easy, and have her name her father.
Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord
Catherine the Great’s country had a talented male dancer ballet dancer last century. He fled to the West & was in a movie.
My friend is a history teacher. She's compiling a list of great historical figures and she needs a male to add to the list. Suggestions?
There was that male author Caro Lamb had an affair with... no real literary merit, of course, mostly men's fic, but he had personality.
Dick lit? You can't be serious
George Washington for 1 important reason. In his secret spy ring during American Revolutionary War, he had a female spy.
The WW2 Women Airforce Service Pilots taught the men the B-29 could be flown, including the guy who piloted the Enola Gay. Oh, whatshisname?
This is like one of those way out sci fi shows where everything is flopped and dudes are in charge of stuff. I love them!
Gene Roddenberry was a pretty good guy. His wife let him play at writing sci-fi that had some small impact on entertainment and society.
if you every want to learn why fewer and fewer women identity as feminists, just read this thread
I think there was a statue of one. He was a famous traitor, but it was torn down so I don't remember his name.
Wasnt there that guy who followed Sacagawea around? Louis Clarke?
No, pretty sure it was thingy, Eleanor Roosevelt's other half. I learnt that from Night at the Museum.
Postman Pete? Oh, hang-on you said male not mail ...
Alice Roosevelt's father did something. She's such a freaking badass I could talk about her for ages. Maybe there's mention of him in books?
What about Glenn Close? Or maybe Drew Barrymore? Ah-ha! What about Daryl Hannah? I've heard these dudes all did some good things.
Could mention ClaraSchumann's hubbie +FannyMendelssohns brother but seems like tokenism.There's a reason there are no famous male composers!
Deborah Sampson is probably the closest you'll get.
Do men have to be naked to get into MoMA?!
No uggos or fatties, though, please.
Mendelssohn had a brother. Mendelssohn took pity on him, so she was ghostwriting music for him to boost his career. Not sure if he counts.
I hear Amal Clooney's husband did a couple notable things?
Nah, he's just an actor, at home taking care of the kids like he should be.
She married a male actress? Really? Is he hot?
Like really hot. Though he's not aging that well...
Oh, that Brönte boy...sad ending for that one. A poet driven to an early death - taught at home while his sisters were sent off to school
Sir Nicholas Winton
Wasn't there a guy involved with the Enigma Code. I know that I've heard that he was gay but people say that about all successful men.
The Dude. Because sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude.
Marie Curie's husband did some good work, I think.
Well there aren't any decent male artists yet. Maybe in the future.
Men are biologically different from us. I'm not saying they're inferior just different. Inclusion could really lower the bar all around.
It shouldn't be that hard after all behind every great woman is a great man, and behind every great man is a great behind.
The Spiderman in Houston making kids happy right now
Look, all the great women in history had fathers, prbly some were great-ish. Can't think of any off top of my head, but if you dig around.
the problem is history is written by the victors; men just haven't achieved enough for their achievements to be written down
Rather than focus on individual men, which is hard because of lack of important sources, why not cover the 'role of men' instead?
Delightful start to my morning xx
I believe one of the astronauts Katherine Johnson sent into space may have been male?
who was that guy that Marilyn Munroe was into? he'd be good.
Fred Hampton, Huey Newton, Marcus any of these guys?
R/redpill is so triggered rin
Philosopher with two cat doors (large for cat + smaller for kittens) had other, better thought out ideas. Man who made Jane Russell's bra
Didn't Zelda Fitzgerald have a husband? Stan? Steve? He might have scribbled some.
Who was it that Hildegard of Bingen wrote to? They might have been important. Maybe not, if they were just following her suggestions.
Wasn't there that guy who like wrote a lot of stuff? Mary Shelley's fella?
Speculative. A bit like Elizabeth Barrett. Probably let her husband take credit on occasion.
Nikola Tesla was a delightfully deranged genius who imagined the 20th century, got boned by marconi & edison, and loved pigeons.
probably already has *the* julius caesar
Eva Braun had a stupid lover - he could do. That would really teach the kids never to allow a man to think himself 'above others'.
Kevin from Accounting.
Might as well be Jake, from State Farm.
Just pick a name like Chuck or Chet or Harold and put a number after it. No one will know the difference.
If you need a token male who will go down in history as really making a major contribution, teach about #RobertMueller. #MuellerTime
Define having it all Lenin, Napoleon, and Henry VIII probably thought they did. Trotsky thought he'd got away with it all until ice picked.
Elizabeth Tudor flirted with some dudes, I think. Abigail Adams deigned to actually marry one!
Famed aviator Katharine Wright had a couple of brothers who must have done something with planes too.
I think they used to allow men to dabble in computing in the old days - you know, before it was considered a *real* job. One of them maybe?
I'm afraid they were just glorified typists & file clerks. It didn't become *real* computing until women pushed them out & took it over.
Carl Sagan tho cmon
Didn't Rosalind Franklin have a two male assistants who did something about DNA? It'll provide them with male scientist role models, too!
I don't know, if they'd been doing something worthwhile, wouldn't they have received Nobel prizes too? Besides, one of them is a total nut.
I've been hearing about Harry Tubman more and more
Michelle Obama was married to that one guy... He worked for the government I think he was like a comptroller or a game warden
Didn't Sylvia Plath's husband write sometimes? He seems kind of overly emotional though.
We need more white men represented- it's not fair to all the men of color in this thread. Who was it that married Pocahontas?
He was just a means to her discovery of Europe. No one thinks she really loved him. You save love for equals.
I think Katherine Johnson worked with some men at NASA. It's surprising because space and maths ect. is really more a girl thing.
Didn't they launch some men into space? After the tests with dogs and chimps?
Maybe.... Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space though. There might have been some men who also went there as well.
Yeah .. not sure but I thought they sent a few as test subjects while they were working the bugs out. Was the chimpanzee male?
Answered ny own question and I think we have an answer to the original riddle - Ham the chimp…
I only know about Minnie, the female astro chimp. There were probably male chimps too.
To boldly go where no woman has gone before!
Yes, to make sure it was safe for dogs and chimps......
The 1st dog to orbit the earth (Laika) was female - I'm not sure anyone got around to writing down the names of the boy dogs who went later
George Washington Carver, though @DemonBob_Badman is right. Nikola Tesla is good choice too.
misha collins
Ashoka The Great.
I'd say the inventor of the washing machine; but there are three, apparently, all claiming that title. So not surprised...
Does she want to be politically correct or does she want to be honest?
Everyone always talks about the foremothers of our country... who were the forefathers? I'm sure they contributed by taking notes or... ??
Sewing. Serving tea. Raising children. They helped in so many little ways, really. It all adds up!
Don't forget moral support. It was invaluable when the founding mothers came home at night!
Wait, I know one guy who studies history. @HerbertHistory can u help us out?
Hmmm. Not ringing any bells. Who was he married to?
Here we go.. almost everyone of them.…
Tecumseh. Gahl. Geronimo. Crazy Horse.
Didn't Virginia Woolf's husband have done sort of part-time bookish career?
I hear Frederick Douglass is being recognized more and more. Perhaps add him to the list?
Pretty sure Michelle Obama is (was?) married.
That cute "Community Organizer" think she was charmed by his cute projects, his enthusiasm. He was quite the arm candy too!
Raoul Wallenberg
You mean HERstory, right?
I know Julia Gillard had a male hanger-on.
I think there was a guy who worked with Ada Lovelace but he didn't make much of a difference tbh
I think Sacajawea got married to a man whom she explored w/, he couldn't speak the native languages so he was practically useless
My dad always said behind every great woman is a man. So just mention the great woman and the man is covered also.
2 biers in, I remembered another fantastic diplomat: Eleanor Roosevelt.
Fredrick Douglass
You could invent a caveman. Call him Ugh or something, and claim he invented something. Maybe the first man to wear makeup.
That's controversial though. I mean, there's no actual proof that men existed in the Stone Age, is there?
As an archaeologist I can confirm that there were men in the Stone Age, even though we say cavewomen. Women did all the artwork though.
You don't think there's anything in the theory that men might have carved some of the male figurines of the time?
I think I read somewhere that some viking warriors were also men but everyone just assumed they were female until recently. Fascinating!
It's hardly surprising, given their effeminate behaviour. In all the pictures we see Vikings wear their hair long.
I think it is pretty obvious from the female gaze of the sculptors that those figurines were just porn. Primitive times, of course.
I suppose you're right. Why else would anyone make figurines of men?
Some of the figurines were fertility figures. The Roman god, Priapus, was worshipped by insecure & impotent men hoping to achieve erection.
There are so many phalluses on Roman material culture. It just proves that men's only purpose was and is procreation.
There's a theory that pyramids are a primitive phallic symbol, but buildings of that size & sophistication could only be made by women
Look at the shape though! Clearly yonic symbols
Actually they would have been rounded, but women hadn't yet invented the dome. They represent wombs to which the dead are returned.
Typical superstitious men! They were right to worry though - how could they keep a wife if they couldn't carry on her line?
Isn't Angela Merkel's husband known for something besides the Chancellors spouse?
Um well I think Matha Washington's husband might have done something in the revolution maybe? But it was definitely trivial at best.
1. Why are u rubbishing existing knowledge? How dare u? 2. Nice idea; not priority. 3. Didn't they just start wars? Anything constructive?
What we historians really ought to do is understand the causes of economic growth & falling income inequality. This is a distraction.
I think you'll find that men DO feature in history books. Sure, it's not 50%. But that reflects REALITY. They had a marginal role.
So don't try to reverse engineer history to suit your manist ideologies. The facts are real. Teach those. Anything else is PC gone mad!
Also, isn't there already a special month for men's history? We shouldn't have to pretend to care about it the rest of the time too!
We've given them sooo much already. I say stop pandering. Research the facts, don't shoehorn in your manist ideology.
That's an ace gif.
I'm so tired of identify politics. I care about the person's contribution, not her gender. This divisive rhetoric is destroying progessivism
Sorry, there were a lot of big words in that tweet. Could you put it into manspeak for me please?
Sorry, sweetheart. I mean that you guys just need to stop whining and work together with women. It's for the good of the country.
I know you guys mean well.
Basically, lad, ur pushing for special treatment. We're saying, it's just not the right time. We're addressing other priorities right now.
Just fed up with having to be twice as good for half the reward. Sorry, I'd love to continue but the cake is burning.
I'm sure you're wonderful at baking. Maybe focus on that?
Speaking as a man, I want to say that men are people too; we too can be talented and find a role outside the family circle
And today all is equal. The UK even had a male PM recently. Although he did leave the country in utter chaos.
To your third point, shows what emotionally unstable creatures they are. Hate to say it but they aren't ready for big jobs like governing
(Possibly sensitive)
What a shame that in 2017 we haven't moved past tokenism. It's time male contributions were recognised. They're not just sperm factories.
They're not?????? No. Way.
Yep. Disgraceful, really. They have to work twice as hard as a woman to get any recognition & if they complain they get mercilessly trolled.
I also hear they get paid less! Poor dears.
I think that's just a fallacy. There's no proof. And if there is a pay gap, it's just because men choose different careers.
Got it... Is the "glass ceiling" is also not a thing? Honestly, how do they manage climbing those tall ladders women keep putting up?
Oh please who wants to read about someone unattractive? Most men are just too plain. They should consider themselves lucky to breed!
I don't know, let me go see if I can find a statue to research.
Fan favorite: one of those guys who had to dress/act like a woman in order to reach his potential... Then discovered he was gay!
There was that John Smith guy...John fuck em
Also, Hatshepsut the longest reigning And most successful Egyptian pharaohs was married to someone...I forgot his name though.
Dr. Detroit. He literally founded the city and drove Mom and her henchmen from town.
I think that if you expand your search to other cultures, you'll find a few from Western Europe.
Who was the dude Simone de Beauvoir married? Didn't he do something? Can't remember what it was though
Sartre - a philosopher. Interestingly they were lifelong partners but never lived together 👍😊
The only great man from history is David Attenborough. Still living of course, but lived during history. A man who truly loves the world.
Wasn't there a king who broke away from Rome? Mind you he needed 6 wives to lick him into shape
I take it you are only after the white middle class heterosexual ones? They are very under represented but really are quite cute bless them!
I mean, even if we found them, we know they couldn't have done anything significant on their own so find the woman who really did the work.
Just stop it. God made man to help support powerful women. It's simple biology.
am a history teacher too 0729239699 hook me up with her. i teach at mama ngina
Mary Todd Lincoln was a great man.
What about that cherry tree chopping dude named Abe, he was married to Mary Todd I believe? 🤔
I think a guy invented some religion, maybe 2000ish years ago? But he never had children or even secured a wife, so he wasn't a "real" man.
Wasn't he the odd bod who called himself son of god? Poor Mary, having to be a true leader of the time while having a delusional son.
In the garden of Eden there was surely a Mr Eve? Might be worth a trip to the library
Yes, but how else would Eve's descendants exist?
I'm pretty sure Maria Antonia Habsburg-Lorraine was martyred for her husband's stupid cause.
Can't remember what he did, but if she'd stayed in Austria she'd've been perfectly safe from those Jacobins.
How many women have had their careers derailed by inadequate helpmeets? This is a sadly common story, really.
Robin Hood
It always makes me mad when I think about how I underrepresented men are even today. We need to stand up and do something about it!
Manne Boylen? Marie Mantoinette? Boudicka? The Bro-ntes? There are a few around...
Scratching my head. I got nothing.
Fanny Hensels little brother wrote some nice tunes. Died shortly after her, poor thing.
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcom X
That one Jane Austen dumped cuz she figured being single was easier?!
This is just an academic exercise , right? I mean, it will never make it into an academic journal...
History only remembers Rosalind Franklin. Francis Crick and James Watson made key contributions to discovering DNA, but never get a mention.
This! 👏🏽whole! 👏🏽thread! 👏🏽 The original idea and literally hundreds of outstanding responses! I laughed loud enough to wake the neighbors!
Clara Schumann had a husband who composed. We could probably pull enough money together to fund a concert and hear some of it.
Felix Mendelssohn. Had to google his name, but he was Fanny Mendelssohn's brother who also composed.
And they tried to be kind and pass off a few of her works as his so he would feel better. How generous.
I think Mary Shelley was married to some bloke when write a bit?
Your friend could have a look at Catherine de Médicis' husband and children, but you know, men were just there for show at the time...
Mary Todd's husband did something, I think. I heard they actually put a statue up of him somewhere.
I believe Mary had a son that did some cool carpentry work.
I hope he made her some nice furniture.
Steve in accounting
It's important to remember men who contributed via their writing. I suggest Currer Bell, George Eliot and more latterly, Robert Galbraith.
I've got binders full of men.
Wasn't there a guy on a banknote after some overreactive campaign
Frankenstein's monster was male. Possibly had some female parts but under the circumstances may be the best example to use.
Queen Elizabeth I had an affair with some guy whose legs looked great in medieval tights, didn't she?
James Miranda Barry? Oh, no, wait a minute....
The champion for vegetarianism and photographer Linda McCartney - her husband was in a pop group that had some success.
Isn't it wonderful when successful women let their husbands have little hobbies on the side like that?
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
What about that black dude who refused to give up his seat on the bus for that white dude? Seems pretty important?
Mr Rogers, who talked the Senate into continuing to fund PBS
There must be some. After all, behind every great woman is a great man, offering support.
What about George Eliot? A novelist, but that's all I can think of.
I can't tell them apart anyway, can anyone? So who cares? Just get a sexy one.
Boudicca's husband? Her rebellion would never have kicked off without him. I think he's nameless, though, as they all were at that time.
What about fathers? I mean beyond just biological contributions; I know that fathers get thanked frequently in award speeches. One of them?
john lennon ;)) or bob marley...either one...
My suggestion is we should drop this stupid political tug-of-war over the past and start figuring out how it all actually happened.
Even just in the past century, ppl on the left & right have changed history out of spite so many times, the past is now barely recognizable.
No-one is saying that men haven't contributed to herstory but singling one out to compare with actual proper achievements is too PC.
Just choose people based on merit ffs! If men haven't contributed anything significant to history they don't deserve to be on the list.
Weren't they all in navy with that Admiral away doing their duty?
I don't know about "great", but there's that English guy who broke up the Plastic Ono Band.
It's a nice idea, but I think the truth is that men are just biologically unsuited to the sort of activities that result in historic events.
Maybe look more at recent history and popular music. Men did use the platform to get a message across. Like that Mick Stone or so.
Was he the skinny one with the sexy pout?
Yeah! I think that is the one!
Wait !! George Sand was a great writer ! There your male figure - got you feminists right there !
I dont know if it counts but I think the chimp who went in the rocket was male?
Joséphine de Beauharnais, Empress of France was married to a size-zero-guy from Corsica. Don't remember if he ever achieved something...?
Oh yes, the guy with the "small apparatus" complex. What did she see in him? All that drama for what?!
She was married twice, he was number 2, there had to be something about him. So, as his size was small, maybe his technique was a good one.
George Eliot.
I thought I'd cracked it with John Evelyn & Samuel Pepys, then I found out that they were at home writing diaries about buying tables & such
Nope. None
Sir Craigey Whyte,,, changed the course of history and doesn't get the credit he deserves
Wasn't there a male Noether? Born around the same time, also in the German Empire, also ended up in the US, also physicist? Albert someone?
I think Nero was the greatest of all, he drowned his dominant mother. and banished his sterile wife.
Subramania Bharathi. A renowned Tamil Scholar. Ramanujam.
Martin Luther King.
Fanny Mendelssohn had a brother Felix. He wrote music too.
This thread was made for fans of 'The Guilty Feminist' podcast. Thanks to @CommsKathryn for sharing. #brilliant
Some say Frederique Chopin actually was named Frederick. Time to acknowledge this!
Don't say God is a woman.
I hear this Isaac Newton guy died a virgin, maybe him? Might be a good role model for the boys! A working man with some decorum!
But he had a duty to have children, so he is really a failure. Big fat no from me.
King James: openly homosexual, translated the bible that is read by reactionist white Americans
this is right up your alley. Awesome feed
William tecumseh Sherman.
I'm pretty sure Caroline Herschel would have had some support at home. Difficult to ascertain contributions though
Ummmm......Leonardo da Vinci did some great pictures 🤔
This Dr James Barry guy was pretty cool - unfortunately F. Nightingale stole a lot of limelight. Might this be the type of thing?
Tell her to ask a male teacher to make her a 'Men in History' display. He'll be much better at bubble writing and neat scissor work. 😊
What was that guy who said let's give them bread but Mary said don't be silly, give them cake and stuff.
Two guys working with Rosalind franklin? They did all the work but she prevented them from publishing it. Such a female dominated field.
Alma Mahler's husband was pretty interesting. I think she knew a couple of painters and an architect you might want to look into also.
IDK, seems more suited to 'softer' disciplines like Pol Sc and Eco. Should we be wasting the initial years of our children on those?
Didn't Winne Mandela's (ex) husband do something in South Africa?
Didn't he just sit back on an island, while she did the main organizing with the public?
This is the best thread ever. EVER. Thank you.
Mr Anne Hathaway? Did a bit of writing and acting in 16C London.
Yeah, but it was mostly dick jokes so you can't take him too seriously
And men dressing up as women dressing up as men for comic relief.
Ah, the famous movie Victoria/Victor. Jules Andrews was magnificent in that genderbending tole! A pity no one has followed in his footsteps.
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. In exile in UK during WWII, was considered to be the only man in Dutch government.
Robert Fitzroy - captain of Beagle and pioneer of weather forecasting to save lives at sea.
These replies really messed with my head. Some great work here.
Check out Eleanor Roosevelt's husband. I mean, he was nothing to look at (and sex in a wheelchair, ew). But he did his bit.
Haha, maybe Prince Harry? He is really hot and have you SEEN him in shorts?!
There was an opera singer who covered some of Maria Callas's work? Pavo something? Not bad for a man.
That chap who was married to Clementine Churchill, father of five adorable children.