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The language is actually called ECMAScript JavaScript is more like ECMAScript's monster
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In slide form
An obvious conclusion
Oh my... Stop!
Pls continue. Looking forward to hear it
You mom is ECMAScript.
I always thought ECMAScript was a language specification created 2 years after JavaScript (the language) in an attempt to formalize it.
ECMAScript is the standard... JavaScript is the implementation. I'm definitely playing fast and loose with terminology for the joke
But I do think it begs the question if the "language" is the standard or the implementation I bet @BrendanEich can set me straight
Just seems weird to invent a programming language and then a few years later say it's not the language anymore, the spec is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well it was originally Mocha -> LiveScript -> JavaScript because reasons more than 140 characters...
Think of the spec as another implementation, w/ only mental execution but in minds of leading engine implementors; feedback among all impls.
This helps improve interoperation as feedback flows all ways, and engenders (eventually) shared testsuite. Spec easier to patch than code.
Ignore the name nonsense. Sun would not donate JavaScript, MS offered to donate JScript (no thx), ECMA wanted to spread skin disease brand.
The name is not important. Just use JS. The spec as canonical shared implementation, whose normative observables bind engines, is important.
Spec can still lose to engines if real world edge case conflicts w/ it or shows spec gap. Most lang specs under-detail. Less so w/ ECMA-262.
I guess I'm just not sure what Myles meant by "JS is ES' monster". Felt derogatory. Guess I get a little defensive sometimes since I ❤️ JS 😅
I would not want to pick the monster. Monster twins, lol.
But thank you for the background :) Is Sun doing anything interesting w "JavaScript"? Or just holding onto it?
Sun's dead, extra dead as of this past week (Oracle laid off OS old timers). Oracle pro-forma keeps tm but arguably has lost control of it.
Sounds like it's time to take it back 😅 Let's stage a coup. I got your back.
It was a pun on the classic "Frankenstein is the name of the doctor" 😉
Actually Myles the monster’s name name is Adam Frankenstein. We learn that in I, Frankenstein (2014)
Yes Adam Frankenstein is a monster fighting hunk living 200 years in the future. Just like JavaScript. Wait can JavaScript be Blade instead?
It'd settle for Wesley's char from Passenger 57, I keep saying!
Something something demolition man /Cc @brianloveswords
That'd be ok but notionally a villain - ok ok the shoe fits JS sometimes I admit!
Not the fiendish Simon Phoenix!
He was funny tho.
Gaaaah, I didn't follow 😖 I'll try harder next time 😅
JS is a great name. Two syllables. The language is at the appropriate stage of life to have two letters. C only had one but it's C.
It'd also be cool to setup the .js TLD.
I know @Isz has been trying to get that happening for a minute
According to 96/97 Ecma minutes everybody had agreed on LiveScript then NS reneged
Allen please stop trying to change the topic, we are talking about Wesley Snipes
You make me so proud! 😂
Link? No one wanted LiveScript! Trust me on this one ;-). Netscape had done tm license in December 95 for JavaScript.
I‘ll send you the docs. Not publicly linkable (yet)
I guarantee it was a Carl Cargill headfake -- DeadScript had more chance, lol.
From than January 14-15 ,2007 TC39 meeting minutes
other names considered (from the ScottWil memo)
this is amazing, thanks for sharing these. Rewriting my LinkedIn profile to "RadScript developer"...
-1000, I forbid it.
Given venerability of the language in Internet years I think TradScript appropriate (or using once-rad capitalisation scheme tRadScript).
Why-o-why did RadScript not make the cut? 😎 CoolScript is pretty great too. 🙌
lol, when was that memo from? it would have been hilarious for ECMA to define a thing called W3Script shortly after the start of @w3c
This is like those elseworlds where Superman is hero of USSR, lol.
Bizarro: "Me love Superman" <punches Supes through wall> An apt name for JS, on reflection!
it's almost like someone making an unaffiliated website to teach people standards and calling it "w3schools"
^ lol, imagine the nightmare *that* would cause
can someone please just fork the VanillaJS repo and rename it RadScript
Functional programmers would've been confused by CoScript, presuming it was just Script with all the arrows reversed.
also from the ScottWil memo. "unviable" names
That brings back memories. IIRC we let the PMs and marketing/standards poobahs kill time that way while working on actual spec stuff ;-)
I noticed that you didn’t appear to attend most of the official meetings.
I showed up late, because work.
Remember I took off to wfh to rewrite Mocha as SpiderMonkey, do nested functions & lambdas, regexps, switch, etc in fall 1996. Boss got mad.
I'd show up late and then Shon & I would get into it. Netscape really was not set up to match MS. I didn't get FTE help till fall 1996.
Was SpiderMonkey first used for JS1.2 or 1.3?
1.2 in Netscape 4. Had == restored to ten days state, worked like === which Shon K proposed to avoid opt in versioning & "no break the web".
... but I thought your job was to lord over all the JavaScripts. 🤔
What do you think he was doing? 😉
Anh Nguyen (she & bf and I drove from Paris to Nice & back 20 years ago this month) was in marketing. Carl was shot-caller. All headfakery.
Is it too late to vote for Xpresso/Expresso/Espresso with slashes included?
Subsequent meeting minutes say Netscape had withdrawn offer of rights to LiveScript
Netscape had dropped marketing use of LiveScript after December 4, 1995 when they got the JavaScript trademark license from Sun.
This was just Carl messing with MS.
I like monsters 😊😋
Did I see you at Nordic breakfast?
you always know the right thing to say
Is JScript still a thing?
I certainly don't, but now that Node has Chakra it could have a second spring on the server side o:
Let's face it java = coffee = caffeine = stimulant = cocaine = coke = soft => SoftScript.