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$FEYE gonna be popping tomorrow
If Russia is behind this it will be my seventh scream of the day.
You get to scream? Lucky.
you should buy some throat lozenges now... you know, just in case.
You are russian to judgement.
Sweet a new db for my collection :^)
sqlmap --dump-all
looks like my old hacking career
That rounds to "all US consumers."
In today's world , cybersecurity is the greatest risk to our national security. Wished it would get the same attention as Trump's "Wall"
Minus a little under half of all us customers...
There are 240M adults in the US. I'm guessing 20-30% don't have any credit history.
Closer to 250, and it is closer to 1 in 10 that don't have a credit history.
so only 60% what a relief I'm always in the other 40%
I have p subst. credit history (undergrad/grad loans, credit cards, rental), wasn't impacted by breach. There are ways to be right, Morgan.
Sweet, they cant make it any worse! Maybe it will get better?
Two false statements, soon to be proven so.
So, like 60% of American adults?
Way to go, Equifax...
Oh good. IT winning again.
Trump's cyber experts will fix it.
That's basically every household in the US.
Do you even cyber ?
If Jared could have $10 for every American Russian GRU hacked every year, he could refinance 666 5th avenue in no time, believe me.
why has no body pointed out that is literally the sign of the Beast
Damn. Now there's a thought. 😨 "Operation Office Space"
Ruining their credit rating would be awesome.
I guess credit is shot to hell for all of us. Or maybe no one has an SSN now? We are all UNDOCUMENTED! 😂🤣🍷👀
"The investigation into the incident is complete.". .........AND???????
Oh, well that's nice...
How's trump gonna defend Russia this time? "I'm sure Putin just wants to send them presents."
Nearly half of US citizens is how I might phrase it
There ought to be some bell the CIO rings whenever he has a cataclysmic #cybersecurity #breach.
Does that count as a ' hard pull' on my credit score?
Probably. Good luck getting that home loan you were hoping for. Glenn Beck was right? We really ARE going to have to go back on the gold standard? *loads shotgun, checks tripwire, pets dog, shivers*
Hey I have my guns
I love the smell of class action lawsuits in the afternoon
Good luck with that mess, hacker.
So what you're saying is "pretty much everyone"
That sounds...awesome.
That's just great 😒
So...dont suppose they will notify those whose DL & SSN #'s have been exposed? Do we need to change our credit cards?
They'll tell the banks first because fuck consumers and then they'll get around to notifying the people who were compromised.
The closest I have every come to winning the lottery. Perhaps they could disappear my student loan?
"Disappointing"!?!?! No, "disappointing" is when a picnic is rained out, not when your financial life may be ruined...
What's the largest number of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit? Hmmm...
Meanwhile, repubs are doing their level best to get rid of class action suits.
Or the consumer protection agency
And cybersecurity.
Tobacco companies: $206 billion to 46 states, 5 territories and DC Equifax: Hold my beer
Uh... Whoops! Nice apology asshole, sry we let hackers get all your info... Oh well we tried...
equinox knows EVERYTHING about a customer. that was the point....
Now who ever hacked Equfax does too. Ain't that wonderful. Call the hacker to check your credit score
was the breach found on July 29 or did it occur on July 29? Bet you it occurred much earlier, and third party told @Experian_US.
"discovered on July 29."
That's even more disappointing they tried fo cover it up this long. What'd they think they'd be able to do? Fix it as if we'd never notice?😡
Good enough reason to close accounts and reopen.
I love how Equifax has another website for us to use now. Guess what? You all should be out of business, as this IS your business @Equifax
Just format and reinstall. Be fine.
"We pride ourselves on being a leader in managing and protecting data..."
Yeah... and remember the saying "pride cometh before the fall"? ...
Be calm, it's like how your garden looks no worse than your neighbour's when it snows. If everyone's credit is shot, yours is no longer bad
I'd be cool with them wiping my bad credit at least.
This is exactly how the US will eventually be brought to its knees. Credit & banking institutions are still lightyears behind hackers. 😡
Totally agree. Apparently, our voting machines were hacked as well. The one, two punch.
Government light years behind banks and credit institutions. Wait till they start messing with electrical grids, US hospitals, military
""This is clearly a disappointing event for our company" - yes. disappointing. That's one way to put it.
Does this cybersecurity incident place @Equifax's credit rating in the poor category?
Hahaha yeah, shouldn't it Lol
OMFG!! What else!?!?!?!
Basically EVERYONE!
Wait - it gets better. They will also report your crappy credit after it gets trashed due to identity theft as a result of their breach.
Oh, but they'll allow you to add a note to the terrible credit report though.
You act resentful that you'll have to write 15 different letters and spend 46 hrs on the phone escalating your dispute up the chain...
Yeah - I’m funny like that. 😑
We are really f-cked now!
you seeing this?
Bugger me sideways
No can do. But I hear that if you're a consumer and you're in Florida it's your lucky day to get buggered sideways
Where do I join the class action suit?
Great, trying to remember if Equifax was the one that mixed up my son's credit with mine, or the one that mixed up my mom and dad's ss#s
Jfc. So all of us then.... this is getting ridiculous. When are these companies going to be held accountable for safeguarding our info????
lol capitalism doesn't hold anyone accountable
is just telling us now - oh great - I hope they zero of my accounts.
Credit card accounts to be specific
Ummm...why should anyone sign up for this or trust Equifax when the company just got breached?!
"We fucked up, but pay us so we can make sure it doesn't happen again!"
Like other breaches, they register you with an OUTSIDE monitoring system, which you typically do not need. Problem: site has dead phone.
The response below makes @Equifax the winner of this week's "Louise Linton Self-Awareness" trophy
Is it even from Equifax or a phishing scam?
They have all that data on you anyway, doesn't matter what you do or do not give them.
No kidding. And their latest shtick is supposedly to protect consumers from the dark web.
And it took almost a month and a half for the public to be informed? That's what pisses me off the most. @Equifax
Great comment, greater name (Kilgore Trout)
How are we supposed to sign up for credit monitoring when this is a credit agency?? Shouldn't they be protecting our info???
No accountability. Equifax should be done. Permanently.
revealed today & they've know since Jul 29!
fortunately it's trending, so at least people will become aware. not a word from @Equifax on their own damn TL!
"Equifax said it discovered the breach on July 29" 🙈
If they can establish credit with my abysmal score, have at it HAHAHAfuck this is serious isn't it??
I've always dreamed that someone might steal my identity and raise my credit score.
But on the plus side, you can sign up to have Equifax monitor your credit. Oh, right.
Ummm.... the breach occurred on July 29. Why are we only hearing about this NOW?????
Are they really asking me to sign up for their credit security system while announcing a security breach on their system?!
Hello, we'd be happy to help with any account inquiries; let us know how what we can do. ^jv
Great. Great news. Let's take away their ability to do business, say... 7, maybe 10 years, for security default.
Uh, no I'll pass, thanks a ton though.
What this should do is discredit the whole credit reporting paradigm. It's been a trap.
Hey, Equifax, just a heads up, I have a *perfect* credit score. Just in case my data's been tampered with somehow.
That seems like a lot.
So... this will be an interesting one to unpack....
JFC Probably use Kaspersky...
How much money do these idiots make and can't even keep it safe?
They're notifying customers vie email? Alright, let me check something out. Be right back. Oh and as for Equifax, fuck them very much.
You can sign up for free credit monitoring with an appointment date. Also it will say if your info was affected. Husbands was, Mine wasn't.
Soooo everyone?
Census estimates there are 249 million American adults. So this leak includes more than 57% of us.
Oh great😡
So the watchers are not any better.
Isn't that like half the US population?
Pretty much everyone but children
Let's just hope the F'd up in our favor 🤞everyone reset to 800!!
Go ahead and pay my bills
I guess right now it pays to have no credit or wrecked credit and your money in your mattress. SMH & 🙏🏼.
You've got that right. By gold and hide it under the bed until you need it
i guess the feds are going to have to issue new social security numbers
oh that's a shame since I was so happy with their human tracking system rating my life and controlling the classes of America.
Seriously Equifax? Ok I'm done with you 2017. Time to just burn it all down.
TBH I'm just waiting for the same to happen to lifelock
I do wonder who cares if some asshole-in-a-shiny-suit meals out a perfunctory apology before collecting another bonus. Hara Kire for him!
Good grief. It's a hackathon these days.
Just about everyone in the USA....nice.
Yay another thing we get to all worry about now! So I assume Equifax will cover all of us for free to get our credit fixed right?
no worries after Irma done with FL,GA,SC&NC Jose will hit rest of East Coast and everybody will have Nothing!
Why are we just finding about now after nearly a month and a half?
It was important to delay so as to sell off shares ahead of the revelation, duh!
Time to give the death penalty to hackers & long prison terms to CEO's & chief security officers who failed in their corporate mission
I am not surprised! My identity was stolen and used to take out loans 2 weeks ago! them back and be happy it wasn't more... Isn't that how interest works?
equifax should be shut down over this
That’s, like, too many.
So statistically everyone whos old enough to be a consumer. Jesus christ...
Time to switch to block chain tech
143M. that's basically everyone in the US with a credit history. way to go equifux
Someone check under the bed at Cambridge Analytica?
You're on this right?
Well, the LifeLock guy just either became a trillionaire or had a heart attack.
Well that's just great!😡
The people who rate your financial reliability.
If this is true, Equifax needs to be destroyed and its executive in prison for the rest of their lives.
I hope their stock plummets to zero and they fold. Consumers don't have a choice as whether their info is harvested by Equifax and stolen.
Not to worry, though: Equifax will sell you protection against the identity thieves they just gave all your personal info--for $20 a month.
So basically EVERYONE.
Hoping this is the Tyler Durden/Mr robot lovechild society's been waiting for
Good thing our cybersecurity just walked because the admin doesn't give a fuck.
Consumers need to be compensated monetarily when businesses treat their data so carelessly.
"Compensated from the personal wealth of every C Suite officer, their wives, children and grandchildren..."
population 324 mil, 143 mil affected. OK, THAT'S EVERYONE WITH A CREDIT CARD. THANKS A BUNCH EQUIFAX!!!
Yet another reason to despise the horrendous credit reporting agencies.
WOW All @Equifax did was apologize. That does not help those it impacted. What have U done @Equifax since to protect ppl?
Oh *lovely*...I had to get credit monitoring because OPM gave away my info years ago, now this? WTF...
I guess having a sub 600 credit score isn't that bad after all
Just reset my score to 800, please.
850 for me, please. Someone named Robber McStealer wants to buy a Lambro!
But I'm willing to bet my credit rating that the top 1% of US wealth holders lose no more than 1% of their total assets on this "incident."
We were wondering why Home Depot threw all those credit card processing terminals away...
Via fuckin mail?!
Equifax should be libel for any identity theft due to their breach.
Yes, they should be liable. 😡
Pay up equifax.
Guess you'll get another set soon? ... Scary
No problem. After all those previous breaches by other companies - they all said, 'Don't worry, we set you up with credit-monitoring.' #SMH
Wow. Glad I signed up for them in June.
Question: How are the Mercers involved We KNOW they are...
do they know yet the source of the hack?
No need to fear! Equifax is going to offer free credit monitoring for all 143 million Americans affected by its own breach! Free Monitoring?
The down side is they will wait a month and a week to tell you that you've been compromised.
Isn't this a paradox?
well,I"m sure .@Equifax will apologize for the inconvenience & when you call they'll assure you your call is important 137x while you hold
And the website they direct you to? The one to find out if your social security # was stolen? Yea, they ask for your social security number!
there is no "system" - just malarkey they sell the info to anyone who pays the fee for it, so does it even matter?
WTF! Why can't the lose my debt instead of my information
Does this mean we don't need clothes anymore? I mean naked is naked..
Has it occurred to anyone that our overcompensated financial geniuses are utter morons?
You're a nerd, aaron
Has anyone tried to enroll yet? You can't, it just asks you ovr&ovr to check to c if ur a robot. Big deal, 1 yr free monitoring..
For instance, why would ANY batch processes be accessible to the internet, and not airgapped?
Since it comes from CNBC who can trust this report. As far as equifax, they should pay through their asses for this breech
Wait a minute. Your system was breached and you're inviting people to use a system monitored by you? Are you nuts, insane? @Equifax
This is bullshit. I just signed up for them as a free service because my information was stolen from Wooster-Ashland governments
I've put off freezing our accounts at credit agencies. Being old fashion I like the security & privacy of paying cash. Am I on a list now?
Holy crap. That's A LOT of people
Good thing @realDonaldTrump is defunding cybersecurity.
I don't understand the use of the word "customer"...Never considered myself their customer.
NP the CEO appologized
Isn't that almost half the population?!
Is there anyone NOT impacted?
Ya really! It's f'ing Equifax! They've got us all!
Wonderful...Donald, are you working on this?
There goes the credit scores
Thanks guys. You weren't ruining my life enough.
Someone tell me where to sign on to the class action lawsuit.
Yasss! I too would like my check for $0.87 plus 18 months of credit monitoring provided by Equifax while attorneys reap millions in fees.
Yeah sign me up for my pack of gum too lol.
's "ProtectMyID" service texted me there was a change in my credit report but their site won't let me log in!
I probably just got fucked but I'll sign up so I can get fucked twice🤔#Equifax🖕
They're contacting people by mail???? Mail??
did they change my FICO to 820?
(No comment)
Says US but what a cunt, I use Equifax
So this one company has a/c's for 50% of the population of the USA? Really?
One year of protection? This approaches the OPM breach, which did 3 years (later extended to 10). My reply to both: IT SHOULD BE FOR LIFE!
Who did this credit company screw over with faulty info on their credit score. What a racket. Come on. Power to make or break anyone....
like robocalls, rise in ID theft is big part of post-fact era harder to trust people online AI likeness mimicking apps will pour gas on the🔥
grandchildren will ask why we let others store our personal data. @PillarWallet #PillarProject
Just about every adult. Nice.
Yikers!! Equifax breach
{He} noted that he's aware the breach affects what Equifax is supposed to protect.
Credit rating bureaus are untouchable due to the power they hold. A class action suit may be what's needed to give power back to consumers.
What we need right now is some tort reform! proposed by the GOP Congress! so nobody wastes poor Equifax's time or $ in a CASuit! *eyeroll*
The worst thing, you can't opt out of the credit raters
There goes the internet... back to manual ballots, paper cheques, and soon no power. #MAGA gets an extra twist to rewind to the 1800s.
That's like everyone with a credit card.
This data is probably already being sold to identity thiefs on the dark web
Get the fuck out of here.
WTF is wrong with them???
Credit monitoring is bullshit. We never GAVE our data to Equifax. Let's see a penalty ensuring these agencies protect OUR data.
It took 5 seconds to do the math, @CNBC, that’s 44% of all humans in the US. 70% of the ~ 205MM working age people.
Sad part is it was a month ago 😳
I'm broke anyway.
That's the end of their brand.
Quick, sign up for Equifax credit monitoring service to detect unauthorized ... Oh, wait.
Don't suppose they fixed any credit ratings while they were in there, did they?
should allow free credit freezes for all instead of charging $10 bucks a pop to freeze/unfreeze/lift freeze.
That's HALF the country!!! WTF?!?
Yup exactly and it's probably worse then that. Get lifelock
How can any of us trust web-based photonic money—until cyber security embraces quantum computing based encryption.
Being that you're reporting it... It's probably a lie. Is there a better source for this?
Looks like Donald Trump and the Kremlin may have your info now anyways.
Where is the DOJ? Equifax needs to be investigated to the fullest extent. Class action suit SHOULD occur.
I give Equifax a Data Security rating of 590.
Used this one only one time. UX is totally garbage.
Oh so nbd not anything to worry ab
Ironically I signed up for Equifax credit monitoring after the OPM let Chinese hackers have my financial info and b'ground check file
Greaaaaaaat. Although you would've been there anyway. They have SSN and addy of most adults in the US.
This is a huge breach and basically means our data isn't secure at all
I feel sick over this.
whoops, here we go again...
If Equifax can't protect your data, probably shouldn't be sending your DNA to be id'd for fun...
I just thank God our election went off without a glitch.
So are they going to cover all the fraudulent charges and or activity
And remember folks, they have a business to protect your PII like LifeLock .... Hmmm, how good is @Equifax ... Class Action Suit on the way!
Technology is supposed to be a good thing, right? SMH
As a customer, I wanna know why I'm hearing about this on social media first. Explains recent fraud on my credit card, though.
Well this is terrible for nearly 50% of the US
I determine them to be high risk.
Change passwords!!
what banks use equifax?
This is what you get for not understanding "cyber"
Let's see now included--opm equifax anthem nycb HD k-mart capital one. The list keeps growing
So should I just change my name at this point?
The Equifax site does not tell you whether your security has breached.
For those of you keeping score at home, that's about 15,000,000 more than voted in the last election for prez.
Out of how many total⁉️ A percent of total at least. Come on.