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In this post, I basically lay out my entire argument for the Web and building PWAs:…
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This quote is exactly why I've proposed the #ixd pattern Execute & Exit…. Would love your take on it. Great read btw
That was an awesome article, hats off ^_^
You should have seen the presentation ;) 💯
I'll watch as soon as they release the sessions on YT ^_^
thanks for sharing! haven't finished yet, but i do agree with "tech choices literally shape tomorrow’s job market!"
Reading now, but early typo: and and gaining
thanks for sharing, gotta go and gain my insights on PWA learning.
Great article! Excellent points on why we are seeing the growth of PWA and stagnation of traditional native app dev
So many good points in there. Great post!
Could you please post them in a few brief lines?
Awesome article 👏! 100% aligned with your vision 🙌
Awesome article Henrik! 👌
really nice post, well done. re: react-native, i wouldn't see it as being mutually exclusive with pwas. they go well together. 1/4
see: react-native-web and its use at twitter on just a pwa, and mlssoccer for sharing btwn web/ios/android. 2/4
other pt i disagree with is that apple could ban all rn apps. there is no precedent for this, it would be like banning cordova apps. 3/4
as for ota updates in general, if apple changes their policies then it can be disabled to come back in compliance. 4/4
Thanks! And yeah, I've heard this perspective before. It doesn't negate the other points, however; playing to closed platforms, etc.
I also don't think it's at all likely they would reject these apps, my point is they own the platform and *can* do whatever they want.
makes sense. given that is the objection, why mention building webview-based apps calling into native apis w/o calling it out as a risk?
i think you can play to closed and open platforms at the same time with an abstraction like react/react-native, whatever is best for product
I agree with your conclusion, but to say Flash died because it was closed ignores the 20+ years when it was the shit. (the good kind)
Can you elaborate? Ignores it in what sense?
Flash went 20 years, if being closed makes something die what made Flash last that long? In 20 years you think PWAs are going to exist?
PWAs are not "web", they're web+OS+browser (though not so much browser). Not as fragile as 'closed' systems, but not indestructible either.
"We’re building tomorrow’s legacy code today™." Humorous and true!
Awesome, awesome, as always! Could you point us to a good guide on getting started with service workers?