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notification dots are dumb
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probably the most half-baked / shameless Apple ape Google's done to Android's UI in a while
A+ analysis David
it's saturday man
Saturdays don't deserve punctuation. Or capitalization. That's Monday business.
It's everyday bro
Agreed. Totally unnecessary when you have notification icons
I dont understand the point in a dot, the notif is already in my notif bar. Its literally wasted UI development time.
Eh, I don't mind how Nova handles it.
Also useless IMO. I turned it off in no time...
Someday you'll send a positive tweet about something.....
Turn it off and move on.
I wish Apple would do the true drop down notification shade and widgets. Only two things I feel they're really missing once they move to QHD
I do not understand the purpose of them
I guess, but I do like being able to view and swipe away notification.
First thing after I updated was to turn them off
AGREED!! Completely and absolutely useless.
Also: an app is running in the background PERSISTENT notification ahhaha :(
Have you try the dynamic badges from Nova? So much better and usefull!
I suppose they realised Oreo doesn't have a lot of user-facing features, so they went with something quick. 😬
But it’s an Innovation, it even got keynote time.
I've thought this since the first O beta lol.
Never understood why it exists either. The notification shade and status bar work fine.
Not if you turn off notifications for the app in question. I, therefore, find them useful.
numbers are better!
I could not agree more
Maybe, but dippin dots are rad.
Dippin Dots are not the ice cream of the future
I figured they'd stick around even after I swiped the notification away, but nope. They're really that pointless.
I'm starting to wonder if anything makes you happy David, or if you're just perpetually pissed off.
I agree, but see their purpose with my older members who can't handle the notification shade to save their life. Dots have been helpful
Totally agree, it should have been number of notifications
I, for one, love them
Yep. I find them fairly pointless. I don't notice them nor look out for them!
If you don't like them, turn them off. I think they're actually quite useful.
Yeah I'm actually really close to disabling them. Why bother when the notification panel is so good?