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Omg...cant wait to see you on T.V. discussing this.
Trump hires the best people.
Yep.Illegal @POTUS-TRAITOR @realDonaldTrump+the trumpinoffs always hire the best+brightest+all firmly believe in maximum transparency-Duh!??
Nope, he hires people willing to lie for him to the end.
Exactly. He hires the kind of person who's willing to work for him: other lying grifters
When @realDonaldTrump interviews potential employees. He doesn't care about education. His 1st questions is: Would you lie for me?
He doesn't get that an employee who will lie for you will just as easy lie to you. Thus, his leaking ship makes since.
Excellent point. Story about a river, a frog and a scorpion comes to mind.
Damn you're messing up Eurythmics songs now
Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. ... Everybody's looking for something.
Throw in that racist bent, too. Ty Cobb is following in the racist footsteps of his familial namesake.
Nailed it Jason!
Trump, his family and his administration is so dang corrupt. #Shameful But Obama wears a tan suit and the GOP act as if Obama broke the law.
And don't forget about the type of mustard Obama used!
His "loyal" people.
Everything Trump touches dies!
trump hires the dumbest liars......
I wonder if they insisted on advance payment.
They look rather low energy to me. not to mention the malpractice.
Tremendous people, believe me, everyone says so.
Bury the criminal Fraud @realDonaldTrump and make it permanent please, TY! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Hint. This week Monday - Friday what can go wrong. But you are correct about Trump / Russia probe investigation.
Even his legal team have been infected with "Trump Chaos Disease!"
I just love dissension in the enemy camp, don't you?
These are lying scimbacgs
So this guy, McGahn, will quit this week?
Yes....he's gonna be in the hopper Hopper!!
God there is nothing that brings a smile to my face more than when crooks&their lawyers form a circular firing squad. Ready, aim, fire away
Subpoena that safe open
He also thinks giving more info more quickly will exonerate Trump & discussed the case close enough to others at BLT to be quoted in NYT
Search warrants that practically write themselves.
Congress couldn't get evidence from fb of skullduggery Mueller did though one two thred
I'd wager that Cobb's full disclosure approach & less cautious attitude is a result of him being spoon fed info& NOT knowing all there is.
sounds like a competent crew. prez has nothin to worry about.
Right? Lol. No wonder he's been paranoid and flipping out. The guys supposed to be getting him off are Laurel n Hardy'n it up 24/7.
God. What I would do to get in that safe and see what they are.
If you aren't Tom Cruise in mission impossible I wouldn't recommend it
Sounds like some good info is in that safe!
Why doesn't the story name the reporter that overheard the restaurant conversation?
It does. Well he does... kenneth Vogel ny times
Thanks.I must have been reading too quickly
Constructing a safe. Constructing objectives. It's all constructive. <g>
he knows the TRUTH will Set Trump FREE
Here's a photo of Ty Cobb & John Dowd casually & loudly discussing details of Russia investigation at @BLTSteakDC while I sat at next table.
These people are comically stupid jfc
Jesus Christ this is amazing
But how do they keep themselves so trim
Steak and Scotch diet.
By eating lunch at a steakhouse
What are you wearing?
knows a thing or two about loud conversations
which is why I'm always looking over my shoulder
"Maybe @peterbakernyt was the one who overheard them at BLT" thought no one
Not the blazer draped over the extra chair. 😜 Excellent work!!
You think they knew who you were
The jacket looks familiar
still sporting the same wardrobe from Rosslyn, or, as I like to call it, Venice on the Potomac.
Did they not recognize you?
They seem to think they're the only people in the room.
Hard to believe these two seasoned lawyers were not acutely aware of their surroundings & exactly how far their voices would travel & to who
Having worked for several high-stakes case attys, I suspect they knew where they were & how far their voices carried, & did not give a &$%#
YUP. THAT kind of ego. They think they are bulletproof. Pretty foolish.
They look old enough to have hearing loss but still be in denial so not wearing hearing aids! Been there done that!
Seems similar to after the Challenger disaster when the scientist invited the general over and chatted while he fixed the gasket on his car.
I can totally imagine Feynman changing the gasket on a car whilst discussing physics problems with the brass.
They just like to look/sound important. Silly dick s
Maybe they were doing it on purpose?
No. They are just that inept. Which is why Cobb's former associates said he was the D-team and a bafoon.
On purpose
My guess is they are both going deaf. As you lose your hearing you talk louder and don't realize it. I do it all the time.
There's a defect in human brains that erases their surroundings when deep in conversation. My office is awash with daily examples.
Even smart people turn stupid after working for's contagious I think! 😳
It was intentional; clearly to get the "two documents in McGahn's safe" intelligence public innocent of intent. The question is why?
McGahn "worried" about est "precedent" is nonsensical. Cobb draws attn to '2'..bc SO sure..'all'.. dox requested will prove DT innocent? BS.
Sure. But what do Cobb and McGahn really disagree about?
FEC McGahn & Pence have a GOP hobby in common. Remember the missing Bush WH emails in the prosecutor purge (vote suppression) investigation?
Sure but that's sort of meta, isn't it? I'm thinking Cobb has a specific tactical intention; he represents Trump, McGahn the Oval Office.
Maybe Kushner/Trump v Pence/Koch McGahn GOP; McGahn possibly has something implicating Pence that Cobb is rattling Pence/Koch GOP cage about
Here's the most provocative thing in article. If not staged, they think they've a shot at w/holding from Congress & no prosecution via DoJ?
That seems on point. Maybe a matter of timing. Somehow Cobb seems to think that McGahn's withheld evidence is important to his client.
And let's not forget that @kenvogel has been a tool, witting or otherwise, of the @GOP for years. As is well known.
The first rule of any restaurant or train in dc is everyone's a lawyer
No kidding! I'm a small-time estate planning attorney and I would NEVER discuss any matter I am working on in this setting!
Hear of the problem: "They seem to think they're the only people in the room" #AlternativeFacts #FakeNews #TrumpRussia @AC360 @PaulBegala
4 dimensional chess: when they lose, it'll be bc of the librul media SPYING, not because of their incompetence and their client's guilt
Can you say amateurishly incompetent?
Representing a blowhard; likely blowhards themselves.
I am pretty sure they knew exactly what they were doing.
Would not be surprised if this wasn't on pirpose
Oh they know. No way Ken "just happened to be there" & heard this convo. Who does this info benefit/help/harm? Always helps 👉🏼 the source
Man, I'm loving all you nerds so damn much right now. #StupidWatergate
Omg stealing that phrase
And nobody tipped you off??
I'm getting very uncomfortable with this conversation 🤤
Not fair for the lawyers--You should have been wearing your reporter hat with "Press" card on it.
Thank goodness this exchange continued! I was worried there for just a minute! 😉🤣😂
More important Q. WHAT is it with Maggie and Thrush?
Didn't you mean WHO are you wearing? And, Ken, I hope you treated yourself to two scoops.
Do you two want to be left alone?
Now it's getting weird
(has flashback to the beginning of every telephone call from a male, back when people actually made calls - sighs- goes on reading)
Sounds hideous 😀
A wire if he's lucky😂😂😂
"And just at this point, the thread hit Peak DC geek."
Actuall, THIS is peak DC geek. The little Mexican buritto restaurant in alley on 19th Street.
If I were a spy, I would frequent this place. Alas, I am only a legal minion.
Wow. I remember when bar associations would invite lawyers in for a chat for blabbing like this. In the Trump era, nobody gives a shit.
• Can something be an "era" in 8 months?
You have a point. "In the Trump nightmare..."
• A nightmare indeed! For the swamp dwellers and #FakeNews twits. That's the whole idea! 😂 Need a hug?
Well, it's not like they're going to get paid, right?
Cobb is on government payroll, he gets paid. Dowd is paid by Trump/ his campaign
Like watergate, but with stupid people.
We'll call it DumbRussiaGate.
This is priceless. Copyright it and put it on a t-shirt.
How did I forgot about this John Oliver segment already? It seems like years ago. Thanks for reminding me. #stupidwatergate
Like Watergate, but attempting to dismantle democracy and basic US values.
Thanks to anyone with the fortitude to brave complacency. Check out what my rep's son has been up to. #va06
HUGE, thank you!
My overwhelming pleasure. I'd be amiss if I didn't ? Falwell & @LibertyU 's funding. I'm in Lynchburg if anyone requests a local squirrel.
I would like to request a local squirrel. cc. @JulianAssange
Damn. Now I want a latte. A good one.
So... like Watergate.
Yeah, but with more international shell companies able to be found out and prosecuted.
So, like Watergate with stupid people.
It's gotta be the water.
A girl can dream
But with Russia and money laundering and much much bigger.
In Russian.
Do you have a clue what watergate was about? What ideal of democracy has been dismantled? What three basic US values have been dismantled?
Darn. You made me watch the whole episode again...
Had to watch that again. 👏👏👏👏 Stupid Watergate, perfect.
I believe it was #JohnOliver who coined the phrase "stupid watergate".
Your thoughts on Harvard paying Sean Spicer to be a visiting fellow?
"The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."
Anyone think just maybe they knew damn well they were being listened to? Lol idiots. Leaks are real news is fake.
What does "leaks are real news is fake" mean? Autocorrect snafu?
Watergate had stupid people too. Nixon resigned, 46 of his staff were convicted, 14 went to prison, some up to 8 years. AG John Mitchell one
Nixon was pretty smart. I won't ref law degree cuz "best schools" makes nothing matter. He was just more...criminal.
No. Just like Watergate.
stakes seem many orders of magnitude higher than watergate. . . ?!??!
Exactly what I was thinking! Lol
This made me burst out laughing and I woke up the cat. A+ tweet.
That says a lot, bc we thought that actual Watergate involved stupid people. We didn't even know how stupid it was going to get. #stupidgate
Now that's really funny
Me and you....we here >>><<<
& the American public just seems to shrug 🤷‍♀️
Whereas if he just told you he'd be disbarred?
My caption: "Can you believe how much money we will make defending kooky POTUS?"
"How much do you expect to pay YOUR lawyer?
For what? Defending me against a sense of humor?
Not you, lol. That's MY caption. Sorry for the confusion.
LOL. Sorry. I'm used to being on the defensive. Very good by you. Love it.
No problem! This pic is dying for a caption contest. I like yours better - Have a great night!
You too. Sorry for mixup. Good luck to your #Dodgers (though I think I'll pull for #Indians this year since #Cubs finally won last year).
You should definitely pull for the Dodgers!😁😊
Grew up in #Albuquerque, where #Dodgers have #AAA farm team, loved them as kid, but gotta go for long-suffering #Indians fans. #MajorLeague
You gotta do what you gotta do.😊I get it. Dodgers for life here. Best of luck to you!
Why not? I mean they're only working on a case that involves national security and possible espionage at the highest levels of the US govt.
Why keep your voices down...they must be as arrogant as Trump.
Or it could be intentional and bad info to mislead, discredit...
Probably not...Mueller is turning over all the stones like fine gardener. There banter is lightweight.
I think it is genuine but just trying to play safe, as I'm at a third party level experience.
Staggeringly stupid of them. Very smart on your part, but I think even I would easily recognize you if you were sitting at the next table.
I had the tuna Niçoise salad, which is solid. 🥗
But …. popovers….
Be sure to expense that.
I hope you tipped your server well for seating you at a great table! :)
Pretty sure it was a very large prepaid tip
Solid pack tuna?
This story has the makings of an excellent episode of #TheDaily.
Dude, you're awesome! Did they not even see you? You're on TV like all the time.
What did they order? Some old timey food like sassafras or sarsaparilla?
Amazing scoop. Did you have a 7-Eleven Big Gulp when you realized what was happening?
It's really hard to go wrong with anything there - minus the conversation these two had.
That waiter sure had an afternoon though!
the popover is like a meal unto itself
now there's a scoop... (photos?)
I love the popovers so much
.... are popovers .. muffins? >.>
More like a Yorkshire pudding.
That hasn't collapsed.
Basically a Super Carb.
There's a little protein in there, what with the egg! 😉
I hadn't thought of that. It's basically on Atkins!
Not Atkins, sadly. Too many carbs. I'm experimenting with coconut flour.
Popovers: basically flour, milk and eggs blended together and baked in hot butter. Heaven. Best on west coast Cliff House -San Francisco
I often wonder who has taken the recipe home and attempted to make them
Popovers aren't necessarily that hard to make. Getting the right pans makes a lot of difference.
Key is to avoid the free liver pâté BLT tries to pawn off on you 1st to slow you down. Must be cheaper than popovers. Bet Cobb falls for it.
Exactly but I need them to take those small grilled cheeses they pawn off and just give me a bucket full of them to go w/ the popover
Shit, now I'm hungry for popovers.
Wait wait. Forget about the cheese go back to the "two documents locked in a safe" bit.
Why do we have to forget the cheese? We can multitask.
Are we sure that's not Wilford Brimley & T. Boone Pickens?
okay whens dinner im hungry now
I have never loved twitter more than I do right now
Who knew so many people felt so strongly about popovers (and indiscreet lawyers)?!?
Come for the baked goods, stay for #stupidwatergate
If only this thread was about some idiot that hacked the BLT Steak popover recipe that they could have yanked off a thread. Night y'all
This thread is...
I love love love this & I love y'all (if I may use the language of my adopted home). And I especially love the reference to the niçoise 🥗
If you don't have a popover pan or cast iron muffin tins, you can stack 2-3 regular muffin pans together so they hold heat better
This string is hilarious.
I can't even remember the D.C. restaurant where I saw Barry Scheck schmoozing a woman at least a foot taller than he was...good old days.
I have never heard of a pop over but now I am craving one.
More intrigued now to learn about popovers than to learn about what's in that safe. One might be criminal, the other criminally delicious.
OMG these guys are cracking me up! Too freaking hilarious!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. THAT MADE ME LAUGH. Grilled cheese rules over anything.
I currently love twitter, and crave popovers. I am going to make some for dinner I think.
Is foie gras legal in DC? It's not in CA
What? Why? Baby animals?
No way! I love their pâté! I'd even go so far as to say my love for the pâté is inversely proportionate to my disdain for the president.
Yeah, Cobb looks like the guy in the gout pill ad who winces every time he steps out of bed.
It's a pancake in a muffin tin
Oh, thanks. I prefer apple turnovers
Key isn't the pans, it's the smoking hot grease!
Yes. After that, they're simple. They were one of the first things I could bake as a kid.
Baking a pop over is snap. Come on over. Been making them for years. Nuthin as good as a popover. MAIN COURSE OR DESERT. YUM.
Poppers are easy as long as your flour and eggs are fresh and the pan is hot. Make sure you turn oven down after they pop so they cook. Mmmm
I made them. Not difficult. Delicious.
Please! I need this recipe... Please!
Me. But I only make and eat three at a time
I have an amazing recipe if you want it. Giant, puffy, eggy, hollow shells of goodness.
My wife has been making those popovers every Easter for years now from a recipe she found online.
Best popover recipe. Cayenne pepper optional for UpNorth Wisconsin winters. Double recipe and use a seasoned pan.
DM me if you want N.F. recipe
They're actually not that hard to make
they have popovers???
How did I miss this brilliance, sleep I curse you.
Hope it wasn't because you were too busy speaking loudly at dinner
I thought I'd tweet some national security secrets before bed....
*raises hand* they turned out pretty good
Popovers are easy to make. There was a legendary,DC, waterfront restaurant in the 70s that was known for them. I still have their recipe
I've made them often. Easier than you'd think. Find a good popover pan & good Gruyere:)
I have! Unsuccessfully. I didn't have the right equipment.
Lots of batter, use the right tins and plenty of PAM, and they're easy to make.
Once you master popovers, try Clafoutie. Best payoff/work ratio for any dessert. Then, there's always Yorkshire pudding. Not dessert.
Idea: PopoverCon ‘17. Just nothing but popovers from across DC
Next it will be the Seinfeld episode where Elaine just sells the popover tops
Top of the Pops. Trademark it.
This is the future liberals want.
Are you sure they didn't call you over to "overhear" this conversation?
I make traditional Yorkshire pudding with roast beef & gravy every xmas - which is a giant puffy popover. Height of my culinary achievements
almost killed me with one of those popovers.
A meal not lasting a grown up very long
Now we all want popovers.
Their passion fruit soufflé dessert is to die for.
now all I can think about is the salt shaker + butter
The ignorance of cointel is asstounding! Good luck in your next careers. cc: @EmbassyCat #vault7+ #Cypherpunk
RIP the Popover Cafe, UWS.
Pics or it didn't happen.
I ❤ popovers!
Oh my God the popovers. I tried to make them at home but they were either too fat or deflated :/ Also, Russia.
Shannon- you got me in trouble yesterday with your buddy Dana L of NRA fame 😜
Lordy I hope there are tapes.
Sure beats ketchup-smothered Trump steaks from the White House kitchen
Popover is like a Yorkshire pudding? Trick is to measure the eggs and then equal amount of milk. Pan must be oiled & HOT.
Can't beat Notmandie Farm's though🍽
I'm refusing to enterthe US for now, and I miss a few things. @BLTSteakMiami popovers are on that list.
All right that's enough. Off to the freezer I go.
Does it matter if Russia hacked the DNC or not ken?
Is a popover similar to a Stop and Chat?
Avoiding gluten myself, but the salad sounds delish.
Were they purposeful or was it truly eavesdropping?
Perfect connection between media and Presidential campaign.
Will @BLTSteakDC be on the coming MAGAgate double decker bus tour?
just imagining the time you took to summon the ç symbol instead of just typing a c, and I respect it
Just hold down the 'c' and like some kind of Latin School emoji dream, they all appear
Niçoise with a side of treason. Did you have fresh ground pepper?
Not the Cobb salad? For shame!
Nicoise olives, not the salad itself, are why the Tangster won.
Trump should fire Cobbs
This is really amazing because they were sitting outside and the NYT's DC bureau is about 50 ft west from there.
Those two guys weren't having a salad.
Also you expensed it
What's the matter with you? Who orders a tuna salad when they could get the filet mignon.
Wasnt a tuna salad, dude. Get real. Salade Nicoise. Haven't you ever left these shores?
Sorry these popped into my mind when u said Niçoise.
Also, solid use of the cedille.
With a humongous cup of tea🤣
I ❤️ this.
Sure it wasn't the Cobb salad?
Rather than the deepfried fry Nicoise?
Okay. Seriously. Now, they're just punking us, right?
Love that dish and the "side dish" too. Good catch!
BTW Salad Niçoise is tuna salad.
You can't eat something with that name and still be WOKE.
Bet you were like:
Petty. Good work.
Did you happen to get the name of Ty's Barber? He is a hazard to public safety and should be identified.
Did they not notice you taking their picture?
You didn't have steak at steak house, my God
You should have waited to publish this piece and followed them to more restaurants.
Checked the menu... looks like they charge extra for the tuna on the tuna nicoise??
Nicoise with a couple douches on the side. A Very French-themed meal!
I love a niçoise salad!
I would like to learn to love it, or have the opportunity. <3
it's not hard to make at home! i've made it with pacific northwest style smoked salmon, too, which is yum.
At a steakhouse. See, why you still have your girlish figya.
drinking. I could not believe how they could talk about senators and congressmen and their agenda like they did in front of a stranger!
A Niçoise without tuna is not a Niçoise at all.
This tweet! Pure Gold! Scope due jour! Followed by, what did you have for lunch? 😂🙏🏽 Thank you so much for making me laugh.
It appears that neither Cobb nor Dowd opted for the salad Nicoise...ever.
I picture that this is how you were dressed too, with a pad of paper and pen furiously taking notes. Oh brother!!
Amazing thread. Thx for the color commentary. 😂
That truly is a great salad there.
(Possibly sensitive)
Lol, you're a riot. Nice hiding in plain sight! You could have live tweeted, like the guy did to #Hayden on the train. 😂😂
They're dying of laughter over this story on #MorningJoe. Ha!!
Respect the reporting. Do not respect the ordering. You can do better.
Where are the pics? Why would you start eating before taking pics and posting on Twitter/IG. It's 2017 version of saying Grace 😂
Did you turn on your recorder?
Watching you now!!!!! Did @nytimes pay for your lunch???? You are my #hero. #promotion #impeach
Ah, Cobb is going to be unemployed soon!
Or at least sent back to the minors. Is Buffalo still a farm team or will he go to Beaumont? OMG which is worst? Got to be an old Tiger fan🤔
The Prince wants to know if it's better to be feared or loved, Sally Quinn wants to know if it's better to a stupid or crook POTUS? Tough ?
Good morning Ken, I like when you are a guest o their show @MSNBC "Top Trump lawyers talking freely about #Russia at lunch spot."
Please advise us how you had your steak for verification of story purposes.
Cobb and Dowd are arrogantly dumb enough to do this, yet smart enough to know it might get them fired. The latter might explain this.
Ty Cobb thinks one of his colleagues on Russia defense team is a Don McGahn spy. Why the distrust? Discussing next on @CNN w @PoppyHarlowCNN
I thought Ty Cobb died in 1961?
Ty needs to learn that he does NOT blend in with that facial hair.
It's a setup, dude.
you think he wasn't aware they might want him to hear?
Gosh, when I've had roles involving sensitive info this would probably have meant dismissal.
Do you want fries with that?
I worry about your heart, Rose.
Do you think maybe that's the goal?
Or breach of the duty of confidentiality?
Lmao. Tweet of the night
So good. Just so good.
Makes me want to drink ... more.
This administration is absolutely the stupidest, most incompetent and unaware bunch of miscreants that I have ever seen. I just can't....
An effective ruse. Smart GOP strategists know Dems are prone to indulge in smug heckling of impenetrably 'dumb' GOP frontmen & drop the ball
Keep telling yourself that
Sure Beulah......Cobb, Mooch, Flynn etc....all just strategy.....soooooo much strategy.
Surely you're not suggesting that Tubby and Moustache acted that scene out for the benefit of Mr. Vogel? That's a long way to go to leak 🐎💩
Down sent a secessionist rant defending Robert E Lee, Cobb got pranked by someone & talked Manafort, & Kasowitz threatens strangers at 3 am.
If these are the smartest guys in the room playing some sort of strategic long game, then Trump is fucked and I, for one, am all for it.
We are very lucky for that. Imagine how insidious they would be with brains!
That's alone why we need DT in WH. Pence is worse. He's big in #SevenMountains religious mvmt, which is aligned w #ThirdRome = #TrumpRussia
What was your tab and did the @nytimes ask for an explanation?
This is my favorite AMA ever.
I hope they didn't recognize the source unless their loud convo was the source? Whew, what a circus.
"Source lunch, although the source didn't know it..."
So in other words you were "given a tip"? But of course not from either Dowd or Cobb, right?! 😉 No way you just happened to be there lol
Omg I am laughing so hard it hurts. There has to be someone else above level 45 masterminding all this. Because it's Not these guys.
I am not sure you're going to be able to claim a secret source but we promise not to tell.
For this story or another, because. Shit. Getting a scoop while on the process of getting a different scoop feels fucking amazing.
And who was the source? LOL!!
Which one is wearing the wire? ;)
My guess is they know what you look like now
As if they wanted to make sure you could hear them. Imagine that.
I totally need you to hand that totally exonerating doc in your secret safe to mr. mueller, dude!
Inexcusably stupid and a breach of client confidentiality.
Eavesdropping is super rude, Ken
This doesn’t make you creepy at all imo
As John Oliver says, "Stupid Watergate." cc: @bobcesca_go, @AuthorKimberley
Twitter will be referenced in the history books.
Please tell me you're the guest on NYT The Daily tomorrow...we're going to need the play by play on air
Agreed. If he's not already, this must happen!
Seems odd in a place like D.C. that Cobb could be so clueless the press was around or that he'd be that reckless...
So much so that it feels like "Absence of Malice II," doesn't it?
arrogant lawyers... why to keep voice down..mmm esp with national secutity
Arrogant lawyers usually have even more arrogant clients and the lawyers tend to "ape" their clients' behavior.
Do I know you from college, Tom?
Not unless you are older than dirt and attended half the schools in Michigan before they gave up and mailed you a bachelor's degree.
The guy still sports a speak-easy curly 'stache so his discretion isn't the best.
honestly, they both seem/act like drinkers.
Scotch loosens the tongue and inhibitions.
He has nothing to reveal since he is complaining about not getting all the info Mueller is requesting. His own client is not giving him info
Think they're above the law and this is all some kind big joke. #Resistance #RussiaGate #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachPence @GOP reps need to go
Ego and entitlement. They wreak privilege and it's coming to bite them in the a$$.
Fake dissemination of information probably
I've seen enough info about it from multiple sources to know it's very real
It's not a ? of it happening. It's a ? of motive for an attorney like Cobb to speak loud enough for a well known NY Times reporter to hear.
What do you think that motive is?
Hard to say, but Cobb is too seasoned not to have an M.O.
Cobb got pranked by a rando and discussed the Mueller investigation. You're giving him too much credit.…
Perhaps it was intentional? I have no idea why. Someone needs to check and see if smoke is coming out of the fireplace chimney of the WH #SF
Could've been intentional. Can say the NYT did poor job just reported what was overheard, w/out proper legwork. Turns NYT into "fake news".
Or it could be a deliberate plant to make Trump look legit, innocent.
ARROGANT is the missing word, Cobb does not care
Or they wanted to be overheard
Starting to think his reputation 'exceeds' itself....
Geez, keep hearing the press doesn't really make money. Spendy lunch, but bet you get to write it off now ;-)
Duh! Trump's dim bulbs.
something something but her emails
Something something, uranium. Pay for play. Lyin' HAG. Yup. You got it figured.
Never realized Wilfred Brimley had a stunt double.
Serious Q: Do you have a responsibility to ask them to comment in a situation like this before you write the story?
It's more of a courtesy.
Seems more like an ethical responsibility if you are truly a journalist. But what do I know, having gone to the top J-school in the USA??
Seems like only a dick asks "serious" question so he can condescend abt "top J-school" but what do I know?
Honest question, not meant to be sarcastic: legally, can a reporter do this? Is it an open info kind of thing? Pub sidewalk, pub convo?
Bravo Ken 👏👏👏
What happened to confidentiality?
And he doesn't recognize you. Oh.
The gang who couldn't shoot straight
Hold on, couldn’t this be a false-flag diversion of some kind? Pieces of the KGB playbook are in use.
My wife and I thought the same thing. It would be an astonishingly stupid false-flag op, but it's an astonishingly stupid non-false flag op.
I'm sure the Office of Disciplinary Counsel would be interested in this!
Did it seem too good to be true, at 1st?
Malpractice in action
😮 Juicey! Did you hear anything good you could bring to Mueller?
Wasn't Ty Cobb a baseball player a long time ago?
Yes, and this Ty Cobb is a relative to the baseball player
Maybe Cobb shouted in purpose? Knew journalists around, so if conman @realDonaldTrump won't cooperate with Mueller we'll know whom to blame!
And they're only drinking San Pellegrino??
Looks like a martini shaker on the table to me.
Major High Five. It's so good.
Ty Cobb looks like Wilford Brimley in The Firm f*cked Kurt Russel's mustache in Tombstone
Kenneth! The best eavesdropping is at the @peetscoffee on Pennsylvania diagonal to the White House. See you there tomorrow? #LeakyPeets
What's that famous saying: "Have your steak and eat it too?" - They give me indigestion to no end. #TheResistance
If you're gonna loudly announce your convos in public; no need to worry about secret wires worn by colleagues.
Can't get picked up by secret wires on WH staffers if you shout your conversation across the table in a steakhouse.
Is this a fucking joke?
I was unaware that steakhouses had outdoor seating. Please excuse my Massachuttiness.
Are you sure they didn't know who you were? Could they have put on a show for you? Cobb did something similar with the email prankster.
I think it was the other way around. Reps aside, these aren't the brightest guys.
Damn. They are seriously dilettantes. Our democracy is in the hands of unprofessional, careless people.
I'm okay with that in this circumstance.
is it possible when in public where there is noise surrounding them there is a hearing problem by one/both, and hence the increased volume.
Why eat there as if the White House doesn't have a nice cafeteria?
Documents?Mueller already has Comey doc frm DOJ so...Revisions or is there a Yates Doc too? What other docs could it be?
Niiiice work. 👍🏼🇺🇸
They were probably trolling you and feeding you false info. Look at their guts.
Hope the Times gives you both a great big GC bonus to a better steakhouse
Trump's reaction: "Why are you going to non-Trump properties?"
No doubt 🙄
2 docs in locked safe?? Mueller??
They're all cut from the same cloth. Hubris is all they know. Fame is all they seek. Their reward? My greatest hope will be prison terms.
Get a life, Elf looking person
Did you interview the waiter? What did he think of Trump's Russia situation they were discussing? Did he have any advice?
They should blame those popovers. They're so freakin' good you do rather lose a sense of your surroundings and the space time continuum.
It's like he is trying to get fired
Aaaaaaaand?!?!?!? Don't leave us hanging! That is some public info right there!!
Perhaps they know so much more than everyone else. Perhaps they know people who can pardon.
It's almost as if they wanted to be heard.
Fake dissemination of information probably
Bad OptSec. To say the least
Should have gotten video.
Why isn't this getting more coverage?!
Absofuckinglutely surreal.
#Emmys were on. The poop will hit the airwaves BIGTIME in the morning...and all day long into the night. #TrumpTV #MuellerTime
This beats "Law&Order" lawyers and detectives walking around talking about cases like nobody is listening
Would it have been legal and professionally permissible for you to record their conversation? Is there an assumption of privacy here?
No expectation of privacy having a loud heated conversation at a public cafe. Terrible attorney conduct here.
Thanks. Wow, can you imagine how crazy it would have been if KV had simply recorded this convo?
give us details please. recording?
They obviously have no experience in Hollywood. (Ya never know who is around the corner.).
You didn't know? They were talking off the record!
Did you ask them about their strategy to ensure the case remains confidential?
You're a stalker
How sad the least crazy, which still means VERY crazy,#TrumpRussia lawyer, has to prod Don McGahn (taxpayer funded) to work w\Mr.Mueller.
Is he obtuse or did he want you to hear?
Does Cobb get his hair from Trump, or vice versa?
Neither should be eating there.
Astonished that there is just Perrier on the table.
Does working for DJT always cause suspension of everyone's professionalism and common sense? Or is something wrong with the WH water supply?
I think you have to be that way to want to work for Trump. Stupid from the womb to the tomb.
I can't believe Ty Cobb is still around is he still playing baseball too?
First lesson to D.C. Intern classes is that it’s a small town and everyone who hears you knows who you are and what you’re talking abt
Good thing it's a nothingburger
Hope this all goes down in time for Wilford Brimley to play Cobb in the movie.
Brimley is perfect as Cobb. I'm advocating George Clooney for Christopher Steele.
Hope your notes are good.
It has always amazed me in restaurants and on planes/trains that lawyers are such dumb shits thinking no one is listening.
They have absolutely nothing to fear, and they both know it.
As a European I can honestly say it seems to be a very American affliction. Being loud that is. The things I overhear that I don't want to.
Yes. It is a uniquely American form of pollution.
Walking down the street my husband and I can't even have a regular convo without overhearing things that make us go "nope, didn't need that"
Most of the time, it's even difficult to understand each other over the scream talking. It's like they want everyone to know their dirty
Laundry, details, and "oh no she didn'ts" like it is a contest of who can get the most looks and/or eavesdroppers
Yeah. So many desperate for attention. I've started putting my hands over my ears in an effort not to hear.
I don't go quite that far, most times the "look" is enough to get them to pipe down a bit. In restaurants I literally tell them to use
Their indoor voice, and if they complain I just shout the nastiest thing they said during their conversation to make a point. Usually helps
I know... it's a mean thing to do but needs must sometimes 😂 plus the looks on their faces... priceless
I laughed out loud!
It usually does make people giggle, but I am glad my twisted sense of right/wrong makes you laugh! ❤️
I am a lawyer in the American criminal justice system. This sounds like a perfectly just, immediate sentence for behaving badly.
Oh Lordy me, I bet you have stories 😂 I call it calling out karma 😂 yes, I am slightly strange lol
If ur brave & have backup, repeat their convo pleasantly at similar volume. Works on train/bus as last resort. Say it's an acting exercise.
I'm not sure if I am brace or stupid, but it's a fine line anyway. On a bus/train I just butt in and make the convo as awkward as possible 😂
Brave you!!
I'm seeing you, patron, get up from your table and say, apropos of nothing to some other patrons "YOU SHOULD SEE THIS CORN ON MY LEFT FOOT!"
Usually it goes something like this. I stand up and yell "MY NEIGHBORS AT THIS TABLE *point at table* WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW ... "
It embarrasses the heck out of my husband, but at the same time he thinks it's hilarious.
Your hub calculates: "I'm never going to see the restaurant's patrons again, but I've got to live w/her." We call it "picking our battles".
You must have some great stories!
I NEED to be in a restaurant with you to experience this first hand ....priceless.
That's amazing. I'm inviting myself to dinner with you so I can witness that firsthand ;)
My alt universe version of this: a creepy French PUA was critiquing women 1/3 his age one by one on the bus. I translated when he was done 😏
On Newburgh St W1 I was once forced to hear an American shouting into his mobile "ARE YOU WAXED...I SAID ARE YOU FRESHLY WAXED?" 😦
That's FUNNY!! Also, a very good idea! Great tip!
I was an hairstylist and when I got a client that was loud and gabby, the stylist next to me and myself of course put cotton in our ears
I don't blame you! I'm chatty, but only with ppl who actually enjoy it. Otherwise I just zip it.
And the way most of us operate silverware? I hear that a lot from non-US friends.
My neighbors make personal phone calls in backyard. I play 'Born in the USA' really loud on repeat to drown them out and annoy them. Works.
Hahaha with my neighbor all I have to do is go out on my balcony, he is scared of me 😂 a 5ft7 girl. I can scowl like a champ though
Nice! Completely oblivious to their overbearing, overboard, overdoing, "ugly american" characteristic.
I'm sympathetic to all dogs on walks whose idiot owners are on the phone. Dogs must get tired of all the inane blather they're exposed to.
Worse, the ones in dog parks not looking at their dogs but their phone and then wonder why Fido got in a fight...
- I live in Canada & all we can hear out of the South is a dull roar from the scream-talking
Like "If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college"?
More along the lines of "omg so Timmy rimmed me last night." Friend "girl you are so nasty!" Didn't need to know that....
This is mainly an urban/suburban thing.
Here in the city. Oh boy, the things I hear. Things I do not want to hear or need to know... holy crap on a cracker...
May I ask what state you live in? I don't think people are that loud where I live, in the S.F. Bay Area, California. :)
Illinois, Chicago. People here are loud. Really, extremely loud.
I was at Target today, by 2 men conversing. 1st one said, "So, how's Ken doing?" & the other one's loud response was "Really shitty." 😂
So sick of this. Are some Americans loud? Yes. Know who else is loud? EVERYBODY ELSE. I've traveled all over. Every country has loud people.
You realize you just twitter shouted right? 😂😂 sorry, I'm a douche canoe and can't help pointing that out.
So? I never said Americans aren't loud. I said every country has their loud people and this stereotype is bullshit.
Seems a lot of people agree though. I mean I have traveled the world and Americans are loudest in greatest numbers in my experience.
So your response to "this is a bullshit stereotype" is to say that a lot of people seem to agree? Yea, cause it's a bullshit stereotype
I've traveled a lot too. There's loud people everywhere. I also deal with tourists every day here in my city. A whole lot of them are loud
It's because they think they're right!
...Have you ever been to #Australia? Really loud-talkers too....The 'blokes' that is....
"Pollution"! Heh, heh! Well said! 👍
The "lager louts" have that problem as well.
The 'Ugly American' is back with a vengeance.
I wouldn't call that the "ugly American". I reserve that for the special kind of stupid that is white supremacist, nazi, racist etc.
Ugly American(s)? Let's start with the Trump clan and go up from there.
That is SO true and insightful! Americans are truly the worlds only "loud" people
Ah, but here you assume sir. Just the loudest.
You are DOG. We must attend to your wise intonations. ; )
As an American, I can say that I've been all over Europe and you folks are really loud too. Just keep being biased though. It's a good look.
This is much funnier if I think of you as an actual dog.
My voice naturally booms. If I try to speak like a mouse, an E F Hutton commercial attentive, results.
I am American living in Spain. I can tell you that Americans are quite quiet comparatively!
As an American who lived overseas I agree with this 100%
Hell is being stuck at Willard Round Robin Bar in between two shrieking blonde pharmacy lobbyists named Heather and Kirsten. #Whooh !
Rufus and Jeeves, stone lions just above 19th & M, have suffered at their hands. Rufus: A lobbyist just barfed on me. Jeeves: Bastards.
I am very introverted, and loved how quiet the Paris and Tokyo subway cars were.
I am guilty. I'm loud even by American standards. Try to control it but it happens. I really notice it when I'm in Europe.
You need to spend more time around Russians, Chinese and Dana Carvey (Canadian)
It is because: "They seem to think they're the only people in the room"
Yes, European tourists are so quiet and reserved we never notice them on the Metro. Especially when yelling and gesticulating at each other
As a North American living in the UK I can say that people from certain parts of this country go toe-to-toe with Yanks for shouty, TMI talk.
We're the four-year-olds of the world, so we never use our "indoor voice"
Huh? I've been to Italy & required ear plugs. Even in church, Italians are loud. Germans too. 😳🍷🔥💯🇮🇹
You've got that point, on point! 👍 👌 ✌
Not all Americans, but certainly many from the northeastern region.
I used to think that but while traveling, I noticed that Germans give us a pretty good run for our money.
Cellphones have exacerbated this!
Did they acknowledge that hey r up shit's creek without a paddle? #TrumpRussiaCollusion
mindblowing that they were actually discussing this in public, i mean holy shit this is absolutely crazy.
Dumb asses; they're ignoring basic confidentiality considerations. Malpractice?
The best thing tonight!! What buffoons. Ethics violations galore to say nothing of malpractice. Donnie gonna be pissed! @realDonaldTrump
Were they intentionally trying to leak certain information, or just stupid?
The MacGuffin is revealed
Welp, I hope you got a scoop!
Will we be honored with the information you may have heard?
Is the water complimentary or did they pay for that bottle? I feel like this may be an insightful anecdote.
OMG! Everyone connected to this WH is a yuge leaker! Sad!
a couple of geniuses then, amirite?
Prolly bs-ing...
Scratching their heads saying "WTH? We still have nothing…absolutely nothing…what are we gonna do? Maunufacture it? 😳" 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
They are @realDonaldTrump’s lawyers
Yes I know, I'm referring to them having nothing to give Mueller…
So are things going well on that side? 😅
even I would know you if I saw you - guess those guys don't watch much @MSNBC
Tom Cruise is sweating furiously in the corner...
Top legal minds? More like washed out legal advisors 4 a high school law class.
Movie flop. No screenplay writer is dumb enough to put this in the script. No one will believe it.
Ugly motherfuckers. Seems about right.
You have done what Jeff Session so very much wants to do: Find the leakers.
No audio captured? Or maybe that would have been illegal.
They wanted you to hear this. You were played.
The entire population of D.C. is now going for a 'not guilty by reason of insanity' plea.
Bet you couldn't believe it.
This is so good that I have to retweet it again!
F@@king morons. But still they're in charge of these United States. Are you sad yet? And if you ain't, Dear God, what would it take?
I can believe it, but... What if they were rolling you? These are mob attorneys.
"Set up" was my first thought.
I'm that cynical these days to suggest that they knew they were being overheard? Eh.
This is not "news" - it is called "eavesdropping"
It's not eavesdropping if its in a public space. No expectation of privacy.
"Described as" and "seemed to suggest" are not events, but assumptions and/or conjecture. "according to people informed about" any proof??
They are an incompetent bunch of corrupt SOBs, that's for shit sure.
And they all wonder how leaks happen.
I don't know....this seems like a set-up on their part.
Let me guess: they're going to be applying for the General Counsel role at Equifax soon. #looselips
Impossible I don't think either has a ba in music or masters in fine art
This is the funniest thing to happen since Ted Cruz liking a porn tweet
Could u record it?
Don't you find it mildly suspicious that they would discuss these matters, so openly, in public, and with an NYT reporter at hand? 1/
Don't you think there's at least the possibility that the NYT is being used as a vehicle for some other ulterior motive? 2/
To leak info that can be used against McGahn, or to set up the press or Mueller in some way? I just find this a bit hard to believe. 3/3
Hey guys? They’re dumb.
OMG these replies are so funny! Thx everyone! 💜🖤💜
Obviously, they don't watch MSNBC or they would have recognized you and kept their mouths shut.
Why is he patting his head like that in the photo?
this is utterly hilarious
You cannot make this #Drama up! So unethical and unprofessional... Sloppy and grounds to be fired! #TrumpRussiaGate😡
Maybe they will be invited to appear at #Emmys too!
Too bad this wasn't at The Kingbird at The Watergate..
It's the equivalent of the minions telling the big bad's evil plan.
Saw John LeCarre interviewed on 60 Minutes tonight, & he's thinking of ideas for his next spy novel. Maybe give him a call, Ken....
If Hopper were illustrating the moment, this is what it would look like.
This is what oafs do. Talk loudly so those nearby are impressed, not knowing those nearby at thinking "corrupt old d*cks."
Did you at least try to get a selfie?
That's so awesome.
Still feels like a big nothing burger right @seanhannity? A set up right @newtgingrich?
They had to discuss the case, so they could bill their time and the meal.
2 schmucks. 1st yr law students get drilled on this: no talking on elevators, in public bathrooms, restaurants, or any public places.
What, no chocolate cake?
Were you tipped off in some way or was this pure serendipity?
Please tell me Ty Cobb discussed Pete Rose with Dowd 😀
Were they TRYING to have you overhear?
Fake dissemination of information probably
What have I learned? I need as pop over from @BLTSteakDC 😃
Tfw the room where it happens comes to you
Did they not recognize you?
Huh. Almost like they remembered they were in public and dangled even more loudly It's part of some obscure and/or bizarre legal gambit.
Lol Trump will be billed for this working lunch as business was discussed. What is combine hourly rate for these two? I smell a DJT law suit
He doesn't plan to pay them anyway.
Trump has the best lawyers LOL.
Did you bring your Super Secret Spy Watch with Tape Recorder?
clown 🤡 show
Yeah..that's Wilford Brimley. Fake News? 🤣🤣
Purposely feeding media disinformation so they can scream 'fake news' to discredit? WHAT two documents?
Same thought crossed my mind.
Hard to imagine this man drawing attention to himself in a public place. Also, does he sound like Foghorn Leghorn?
I grew up with a Ty Cobb. He and his son Junior are distant relatives of the original. A bunch of them named that. They look identical
I seriously bet the "distantly related to" actually means they're about as related to the ball player as I am.
Ya, cousins but do they really all need to be named Ty Cobb? Folks just trying to show off.
"Ah say, ah say, there's a turncoat amongst the ranks!"
love to be a fly in that salad. The shit storm they are going to defend against. Trump has Russian dirt and money all over him.
Right, seems like a distracting plant story.
Trump hires "only the best people" remember. Wow, these jokers should be sued for malpractice, pulling such a stupid stunt.
After conviction, they are going to try to expand the ineffective assistance of counsel defense on appeal to pre-indictment attorney conduct
Unless their game plan is to actually leak intel, hmm?! #HurryMueller
These 2 are literally sh#tting right now.
No. They're not. That's part of the problem with these malignant narcissists who know no shame.
Lawrence Tierney and Wilford Brimley star in ALL THE PRESIDENT'S GRUMPY OLD MEN.
Inb4 body language expert notes his arm is stretched out towards you in an open position :P
Wonder if Ken got an anonymous call telling him he should have lunch at BLT that day.
These lawyers both like like 250lbs of aged sausage.
does he know who you are & did he know you were near him?
Will try the popovers in Charlotte @BLTSteakChar without the slime balls defending @realDonaldTrump at the next table, hopefully...
that's the whitest picture I've ever seen.
f-ing buffoons.
Ty sure has very open body language...wanted to be overheard? Maybe overthinking, because its hard to imagine that lvl of incompetence.
Could it actually be a ploy to get themselves out of defending DJT?
They used you.
That’s pretty clearly a seal staring at a walrus.
Thank goodness they are as incompetent as Trump. All rank amateurs.
Were you seated first or were they? Do people select their own tables? Given the proximity I'm wondering was this deliberate.
I wrote owners when they declined to stop doing biz in Trump's bldg and said I'd never eat in any of their places again. I've kept to it.
, any chance you'll play Dowd in the flick?
Maybe it was deliberate?!
Hahahahahaha morons! @BenSotoKarass
This must've totally happened !
Umm there's a picture of it. And a full report of what was said. Which they responded to. It happened dude. You don't get your own facts
They were sitting at the outdoor patio?!
This is an amazing thread. Lol
Smart they're not crafty they're not arrogant they are
"Really John. We'll never get sick, we won't get any older, we'll never die."
Yeah, ya know they're on that skin flint Trump's payroll when they're eating at some downmarket place like that.
selected the dumbest & clumsiest people he could find to work for him. What's that make him?
And they wonder how leaks get out!
Maybe a bit unprofessional but it's not like they were using an unsecured email server or something grossly inappropriate like that #impeach
Dumber than dirt.
Great job @kenvogel As to Cobb and Dowd, discussing such things in public was incredibly unprofessional. Even if they wanted to be heard.
Occasional the story walks in the door and sits down in your lap. Is there a Pulitzer for lucky?
He should have had a V-8
1/ When I worked for a very large multi-national company, we were told constantly to never discuss even innocuous business matters in public
2/ Never, never, never. You never who is listening.
F-ing Grifters and Amateurs.
Why wasn't this recorded on the SmartPhone??? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Anything good going on? 😉😉
All these leaks are horrible, a secret group working against Trump...oops!...just saying
They look worried, I love it!
Just like their clownish lying faux pres. Over privileged, over paid, over fed.Trump & his lawyers deserve each other.Glub, grub, glub, grub
Since Cobb is working for Trump, he's probably not going to be overpaid, for this work anyway. He'll be lucky to be paid at all.
The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight
Looks like Trump's lawyers were pressed from the same mold as Trump's doctor.
Doesn't this seem unlikely?
ooh awww sooooo ?
Good god! Is everybody inept in this admin????
Yes! U knew that before this interaction w the lawyers.
I bet you can't pat your head and talk about the Russia investigation at the same time.
They forgot the cone of silence was not over them. Damn, I hate it when that happens. Well played.
The walls have ridges - and ears.
Mr. Vogel, you have taken eavesdropping to another level. However, you must be aware that this game can be played on U as well. #Anonymous
Billable Hour: Lunch. Billable Hour: Yell fest w/ WH Counsel. Billable Hour: Reprimand by WH COS. Billable Hour: Looking at photo of lunch.
This is too good. How did you get a seat so close?
"My Big Fat Lawyers Lunch."
This has got to be the clumsiest leak in the history of leaks. You couldn't make it up.
it's just impossible to tell what is planned and what isn't with these people. They might not even know.
Thank goodness we didn't elect someone who was so concerned with security she had a private server to be more secure
Did this feel like a set-up?
Mueller is probably having lunch right behind them😂
He's just trying to warn Dowd about Diabeetus.
This whole thread is friggin hilarious, for more than the obvious reason.
I wish you had recorded the Convo. Guess against law to record without ones permission, but oh how juicy to hear it.
Wonder about lawyers and their professionalism in a highly sensitive investigation. Then remembered they are lawyers,sue you for listening.
I can't but wonder if they weren't speaking for your benefit, as a way to be off the record.
Hum like to know what details they were talking about
If what you allege is true, this is professionally embarrassing for both of them.
Pls pls tell me you heard something juicy!
And? Was anything heard that can be relayed?
Attorney/client privilege?
Does that stand when it is 2 attorneys alone w/o the client?
If they discussed what their clients have told them they it can't be OK. Especially where, apparently, anyone can hear them.
We are blessed by the quality of our enemies.
Trump surrounds himself with men as unprofessional as he is. Bigly sad!
Of course staying at trump hotel! I'm sure the tax payers are paying for their room and meals somehow! 😡
What were they saying ? They look agitated. Lol
I'm so lucky to arrive while this thread is still being woven. Thank you, everyone. You made my night.
ooh, what'd they say?!
Get your stories straight guys. LOL
the D-team hard at work
Not that they're being stalked or anything. Just happened to be at the next table. W/a camera. What a coincidence.
Donald with lawyers like these...
This is about par for Team Trump
Hey let's not gloss over that fancy sparkling liberal water on the table, ...with lemon no less! Sad!
BUT.... HER.......... EMAILS!!!!!
Do tell👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻
In public. Wow. I trust you recorded it!
They were just discussing diabeetus testing supplies
Is there a lawyer version of Keystone Kops?
Are you trying to get free steak by tagging them in this tweet?
Subsequently, when Mr Dowd was reached for comment, he responded with his signature 🖕and blurted his customary Foul Disgusting Expletives!
I'm confused. Do they serve BLTs there or steak?
Clearly knew & wanted to be heard. Now everyone is talking about it. I'm sure he will have those documents from the safe in the morning.
Perfect lawyers for a loud and vulgar POTUS. Was there chocolate cake?
There's two guys I wouldn't want on my legal team.
Fingers crossed someone brings this up at tomorrow's briefing.
This is fucking hilarious.
Part of m is thinking they can't be so unaware of themselves & their environment, maybe was done on purpose.The other part is like yeah,dumb
Please tell me you recorded this conversation.
That posture... Yikes, he's got one foot in the grave.
Trump will have a temper tantrum and will lash out at Alec Baldwin in the early am instead of his lawyers because hes a coward that way.
Maybe we could get a network of inconspicuous volunteers to stake out every popular lunch place in the area to report on their public convos
Are young to be witness for Mueller now?
All this tweet made me do was want to make some popovers
Good call on where to eat lunch, Ken. Impressive.
How in the hell did they not see you take a picture this close to them???
Man, they should watch MSNBC more. That way they could recognize reporters.
Anything juicy???
Did they have Russian dressing with their salad ? @kenvogel @AdamParkhomenko
Real Legal Eagles ! Arrogant enough to disregard public area case revelation.
This happening outside in full daylight makes it more unbelievable. I imagined booths and mood lighting that gave illusion of privacy.
Yeah I believe that one! 😂
should open a BLTSCIF
This.freakin.thread 😂🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️
What a sc*mbag snoop you are. I bet if you overheard one of crooked Hillary's lawyers you woudln't have printed it you left wing biased hack
Seems a bit odd that these two wouldn't check to see who was around them or keep their voices down. Are you sure you weren't set up?
Gosh...the hack @kenvogel caught by #wikileaks colluding with the Hillary campaign suddenly has an anti-Trump story. Totally made up
They are trying to sow discord. did it on purpose to deflect from Trump. The theatrics are a distraction.
Donald must be ripshit about their complete lack of judgement in choosing BLT over BLT Prime at Trump International Hotel where he'd get a %
The human centipede that is the Trump Org/Russia/White House can't think that far ahead. The lawyers might as well pay Trump directly.
Orange is definitely stewing tonight. I'm happy.
Don't forget chocolate cake
We've got to do something about all these White House leaks!
So 3 @politico hacks caught colluding with the Hillary campaign are now @nytimes? @maggieNYT @GlennThrush @kenvogel wow..State Media
Cobb: 'How deep in shit are we?' Dowd: 'Up to here'
otoh if strategy was to force mcgahan into releasing documents he is hiding, talking loudly about it in front of @nytimes is pretty smart
Or it could just be their only method now of getting misinformation into the media. I don't trust them as far as I could throw a tank.
Possible malpractice, no? Violates their ethical duty of confidentiality!
OMG. They had no idea that one of the 1st journalists to dive in to Trump-Russia was sitting right next to them?? 😮
Ty just back from gym?
Could the loud discussion have been for your benefit?
Not very professional of either of them
Stupid lawyers & a stupid client!
This thrills me. Because incompetent people with incompetent representation are more likely to go to prison when they commit treason.
You must have been thrilled to watch mundane Real Genius❗️Loved the movie😁😁
You have a distinctive face. These men are idiots, Ken. Idiots.
Unbelievably unprofessional.
Advanced Eavesdropping Skillz is what made me certain I was meant to be a journalist. And/or spy who can't keep secrets.
Idiots. Plain and simple 😳
They should have read Jeffrey Archer's book Kane and Abel.Criminal defense attys in media cases usually aware of waitstaff & table neighbors
(Possibly sensitive)
bad move to out them now. shoulda kept stealth. the next meal could have revealed more juicy details. Now they'll be mum around people
How can @realDonaldTrump hire a loudmouth like that? Jesus he needs a lawyer to watch his lawyer @POTUS
Anything interesting? The
Discussing legal matters in public is taught as no-no to1Ls & it's an ethical violation. Hard to figure why high profile guys would do it.
Is there a chance Trump lawyers will face Trump's ire for eating somewhere besides the DC Trump Hotel?
O. M. G. 2017 blows my mind, man.
Guessing neither one of them settle wild "this is off the record" 😏
Can't even imagine the WH comms team right now. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trump lawyer Mr. Dowd said. “All this is getting worked out in a professional manner.” Sounds like no collusion, nothing to fear.
Seriously! No, I mean really seriously! That's not the grandfather from The Waltons? Come on now! Seriously?
I make popovers . My Gma made them all the time when I was a kid. Super easy!! N yes popover pan is a must!
Can u explain why this is not ethics violation? cobb disclosing confid info to non WH counsel. joint def agmt?
Ya know... that phone camera can record video too... just saying ;)
Is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?
Judgement: These lawyers get the big money? Excuse me while I LMFAO!
This tweet thread is surreal and hilarious. 😂🤣
Wow! True that Cobb mentioned that Don McGahn has some interesting papers locked in a safe? If so, would bet R. Mueller is interested!
Old coots talk loud because their hearing is shot. No "al fresca" or others certain to hear.
Heard lobbyist debate over steaks/liquor about who would be the last standing in coming reckoning: Insurance companies.
Ty really struck out here. Little hope for him to be the White House MVP this year.
Sir, will you have a Cobb salad with that glass of indiscretion?
only seeing oatmeal here !
And here I was pretty certain that Ty Cobb only spoke loudly about Grape Nuts and his diabetes.
How are you sure that Cobb & Down weren't setting you up, only to cry poor reporting/ "fake news" tomorrow?
Not a mistake...
TC and JD don't even pretend to have diff clients. If TC represents WH how can he disclose WH secrets ("vaulted docs") to JD?
and loudly discussing confidential info about most high profile case in the world at blt steak? wtf? where is bar association on this?
Enough about the food. What did you hear?👂
Fair game. Hope they always talk in front of reporters if they are going to be so dumb as to not find a secure location.
Here's another angle
Looks like they fell for the "regular or sparkling" water scam too
"The truth is, these are not very bright guys..."
The leakiest WH in history.
Why "loudly?" Are they hard of hearing???
O rly. Will the details be released?
Is that wilford brimley?
You're either being punked or they're incredibly stupid.
Lordy, I hope you have it taped.
Ok. Maybe there are no leakers. Just these two
ie. *not very good lawyers*
They weren't at a trump hotel?
Any fried chicken? Or crab cakes?
The salt shaker is wearing a wire.
Nothing surprises me anymore
That's lovely. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Proof again that @realDonaldTrump can't hire competent people. Just look at his cabinet an staff for more proof! Administration is a mess!
Too bad you couldn't have recorded at least a few snippets of conversation.
Awesome popovers aside, please tell me you copiously took notes/recorded if it's legal
I was @ Marriott Marquis in DC last week. I was in M Lounge on computer in the back room where several lobbyists and their clients were
He's asking .."Think I should put sun block on my head and btw,why in the f*ck are we sitting in lawn chairs and where is my bologna !?!?"
Thank you all so much for this thread, part scandal, part food network. Really all I needed. #Chops
If a doctor did this, they'd be sued. If a soldier did that, they'd go to jail. Lock them up.
#1 rule of Trump WH survival: never make yourself an easy scapegoat for a president always looking to blame someone else for his failings.
"Here's a photo of Ty Cobb &amp; John Dowd casually &amp; loudly discussing details…" #1 in United States
United States · Top news and photos
(no description)
Was this your disguise?
At least they weren't using a private email server. #IOKIYAR
"What do you want to do? I don't know. What do you want to do?" Right out of Jungle Book classic as vultures speak.
I see security and privacy are as important now as they always have been to Trumpsters.
Nigga y y nigga smfh
How did you note the conversation? It's amazing they'd expose themselves to this.
Of course they chose sparkling over tap.
Listen... the least you AMERICANS could do is hold your meetings where the NY Times or the FBI are not present. Yeesh! It's not complicated.
I love that you got the scoop. But my brain weeps that such idiots advise the dumbest person ever to be Pres
Ah so that's what hubris looks like
How did you take that without them knowing? Lol
One thing the Trump adm didn't bring to the WH is people with class
What did they say?
So they just happened to discuss details that 'would absolve' Trump in a public place, in full earshot of other diners? #setup
Dis info likely, agreed
Transcript would be better...
So much indiscretion and they don't even have the excuse of being inebriated
And no alcohol? Figured lips those loose were fueled by a Gin Tonic, or Whiskey on the Rocks
Looks like an aged Mr Wint and Mr Kidd #JamesBond
Is there any chance they deliberately wanted to leak info, or am I giving them too much credit?
with blabber mouth attorneys like these morons, who needs enemies? more solid proof 45 hires the BEST ppl 🙄
Focus: @POTUS' lawyers were talking about Russia "...documents hidden in a safe..." The incompetence is funny, but the evidence isn't.
So, you're sitting in a restaurant in DC. What are the odds someone in the media or government is nearby? Nah. Let's talk collusion!
Was it a set up? Or are they that stupid?
So instead of telling us the meat of their convo, ya'll are discussing the menu and your attire. #LolzWytPpl the journalistic bar is low.
The servant is no different than the master. #ImpeachTrumpnow #TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist
Did their coversation mostly consist of "what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?"
Are you sure they weren't leaking the "information" because they knew you were there and who you are? I don't put anything past them.
Can the fact that they inadvertently (?) leaked info be used to negate investigation process in any way?
Priceless... Absolutely priceless....
Loose lips sink ships.
"The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight." These are the dregs of the legal/political community. Not to mention DC is FULL of foreign agents.
My homey, this is gold...As with the Old Gene Hart; SCORE!
Russian investigation? Kangaroo court is more like it ~
Not smart....
Yeeesh That is a restaurant? You DC guys really lose out. That place needs a renovation
Btw glad they are tolerant to allow the competition (KFC guy) at this place: fantastic
There guy on the left is all "I'm going to get sunburned on my lunch hour! How come YOU got the shady seat?"
Stupid SwiftKey is killing me these days. "*The* guy on the left"!
Trump's ppl scared of ppl w/"wires"and @ DC restraunt,seated at outside tbl,2 trump attys loudly talking abt trump case.Ken,great scoop!
Even their lawyers are idiots. #facepalm
So what were they saying ?!?!?
Dumb & Dumber. Keep talking you old farts - hopefully it will speed up Trump's resignation
This seems like really good lawyering.
They only do "loudly"
I pray Ty Cobb and John Dowd remain feckless as trump is impeached convicted of criminal conspiracy, and is jailed. May it please the court
I hope you ate slowly and took notes. You were the virtual 'fly on the wall'.
Uhm, I hate to burst everybody's bubble but that's actually Wilfred Brimley & that high-talker guy from that one episode of Seinfeld.
If you look closely you can see the Quaker Oats in the bowl in front of Wilfred.
By " revealing your source", you made damn sure he will never slip up again. Wish you hadn't done that.
The remind me of the lawyers from the movie "The Firm".
not lawyerly. staged it: "But these docs would absolve him and the campaign forever!" "Evil DC will set a standard.."
Sure wish I knew what was in those locked up documents.
Right place, right time
Should have ordered the caviar and a moscow mule..shaken not stirred.
Real pros those two, with ethical standards matching their client's.
The inherent egotism of lawyers.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣dumb ppl who think they r smart r the best !!!!!
as says, Russia, Mid East, Asia,???
This was a planned can't be this stupid and it not be on purpose
OMG OMG OMG this, this is so horrible! Stop the presses!!!! Hold everything!!!
Do you think this was intentional?
just a couple of rubes - they couldn't possibly have known anyone would overhear them .....
They did an interview with u just not face to face. Wanted u to hear every bit of it!
"I will hire the best people!" Jesus even your Lawyers cant keep their mouths shut! Lol...SAD!
Bottled sparkling water? Coastal elites.
Great legal minds at work! #1 rule of D.C.? Know who is sitting around you. 2? Don't discuss anything you don't mind being shared. So hmm
Next thing you know, the President will be discussing North Korean missiles with a Head of State over steak at Mar-a-Lago. Oh, wait... 🙄
He doesn't curl the mustache on weekdays?
I'm glad you have a photo, it's just so hard to believe.
Seriously, right out in the open! The White House is calling for an ESPN reporter to be fired. Trump needs 2 fire these 2 swamp things.
Is David Crosby going to sue for copyright infringement?
Great catch! Fools forgot that D.C. is just one big company town.
Maybe it was a setup. Stupid as Ty Cobb is, are these guys really THAT stupid?
When I worked at WH, security training specifically covered not discussing work matters in restaurants. Ever. Spies everywhere around WH.
Hope you recorded it!
Wait, are you the spy that McGahn hired?
Are we sure they are really lawyers?
I don't see the spy that McGahn hired in the photo...or is it you??
You can't make this up!!
Loudly discussing confidential details of the story of the year -- next to New York Times reporters!
Dont think for a second that Cobb and Dowd accidentally preformed a mass delivery of alternative facts.
They’re incompetence astounds me. If they were MY representation they would be fired in two seconds. Smh.
Next Huckabee Sanders will insist the DOJ prosecute you for this breach of "classified" info...
So you are basically stalking them hoping to overhear something. If journalism doesn't pan out PI on divorce cases next best choice.
McGahn/Priebus-same attorney; @GOP signs JFAs w/@POTUS/@Trump; @JonesDay reps Putin/Russia & Trump campaign; JonesDay/RNC v. POTUS/TRUMP ORG
Not 1st time @POTUS has turned on a McGahn; remember Uncle Paddy; McGahn @JonesDay @GOP deserve everything coming their way; 2 birds/1 stone
Ty Cobb's peripheral vision
And? They talked loudly in a public place! WHAT DID THEY SAY?
Best part is that they expensed the meals and their time to the Trump-Russia case. Classic!
Nice one Ken!
are they that stupid? oh wait there attorney's. maybe a setup
These idiots will never get hired by anyone again lololllolololololol
This is way, way too obvious...
Ate dinner at BLT in August on a trip to D.C.. I chose it bc I hoped I'd run into some politic types. Did they think they were off the grid?
Good. I hope they keep flapping their traitorous gums!
How can you EVER say no to Pate'? OMG. And yup for Popovers ya gotta have that TALL pan for the **best** results. It IS all in the pan.
The news doesn't get any fresher and firsthand than this...
White men talking.
When is the final act of this frightening tragic comedy in the WH? This script would be rejected everywhere...
Found "the leakers". Well, 2 of 40
FWIW, Ty Cobb did the same thing, ironically, at Off the Record two weeks ago.
Holy Hell, Is Wilfred Brimley still alive ?? lol
Soooo... what did they say?
Be satisfied with the knowledge that Trump rarely pays his bills, so they will be stiffed for the reimbursement of this meal.
Hmm...I'm trying to recall the technical term for Mr Cobb...oh yeah...dumba**
Another shot of them, just before the check arrived:…
Caption: "Taking a Leak"
Wow! I don't think I would trust them to handle my affairs. However, these guys fit perfectly with realtime disaster Trump. #NoEthics
Share details!
Is everyone on the @realDonaldTrump team/staff obese ? I mean wtf? They are all 50-150lbs overweight Start calling them the heffers team
Anything juicy? In their discussion - not on the menu.
Hey look it's Wilford Brimley!
So now my heroes are Batman, Spider-Man, Supergirl, and you. Not surprising that my heroes tend to be journalist's.
Ken, what's funny is that I warned public figures of this exact thing on my Mr. Media Training blog in 2010.
Any sense they did this on purpose and if so why?
How much per hour did they bill while eating this lunch?
Who do you think a nincompoop would choose. It makes perfect sense.
This could have been staged by the lawyers to distance themselves from Trump holding back information from Muller
Expect a call from Mueller soon
They were loud because they are a couple of old man who can't hear!
Just saw this reported on CNN... my first thought... I wonder if that was Ken sitting next to them. Great luck and good reporting!
Ineptitude seems to be rampant
They look concerned, not
hope Dowd put sunscreen on that dome.
No surprise here. I recently listened to two GOP congressmen waiting to get off a very small airplane discussing the AHCA
One said that tens of millions would lose coverage and he knew it was a bad bill but that he was going to vote for it and push hard for it.
They talked about it in full voice -- like they were alone, instead of standing on a quiet plane surrounded by 30 other people.
So you were spying on them........ can't blame you for the culture @nytimes
What is in the safe?
Ty Cobb with guy who got Pete Rose kicked out of baseball. ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️
They all think they are above it
#SpyCraft Amazing! Cobb & Dowd discover that reporters these days have tiny tiny cameras hidden in their phones for espionage! @JoeNBC
Two seasoned lawyers discussing highly sensitive legal issues in public= Not too fucking smart. Somebody needs to build them a Lunch SCIF. 😂
This is a long way from Champions in Highspire
Ken! Shhhhhhhh! Don't you want to be able to eavesdrop next time?
I for sure thought it would be liquid lunch
Where is video of them speaking of it?!
You work for the same paper that posted the Boy mowing the WH lawn is "a bad signal of child labor". You're a joke & your paper is a joke!
Did anyone catch what they ordered, aside from @SanPellegrino?
The level of incompetence is astounding. They're way out of their league.
Loud enough to be heard? Done on purpose? Wanted to be heard maybe.
What's Wilford Brimley doing there and why is he talking abt the Russia investigation? 😜
they had to have known that someone from the local paper would likely frequent this establishment? right? #StupidWatergate
Zounds! The Cobb-Dowd follies might overshadow the ongoing antics of the Mnunchkins, if only briefly.
Hey @pwnallthethings your theory is looking better and better, the very next table! @20committee @counterchekist @TheRickWilson
Only the best people 😏 or... Q: could anyone be MORE stupid than Don Jr A: YES!!
Looks like 2 men who want to be seen & overheard.
What are the odds it was all a show to feed disinformation to the press?
This was a calculated risk on their part. A reporter fell for it. Come on guys. The palace intrigue. Exhausting.
You know who you wouldn't find doing something like this?
It's a relief, actually, knowing that his lawyers are as incompetent as he is...otherwise, they wouldn't be his lawyers.
Damn I remember when people could eat without the getting pictures of them taken without permission
When was that? Because taking pictures of fools in public has been legal in America forever. And eavesdropping on careless people… classic.
When the going gets tough..I will forever be brought back to this story. 3 Scoops!
This is why they earn the big bucks!
In other words, they wanted the conversation to be overheard/reported on.
Have you considered that this loud conversation in a public space known to be frequented by NYTimes reporters was intentional?
Haha, @kenvogel doesn’t know that Ty Cobb was only ~pretending~ to be incompetent. Can’t you recognize ~strategy~? Where’s @ScottAdamsSays?
And @realDonaldTrump wonders who's the WH leak?
That's the same block as the NYT DC office, right?
At this point I think I would even recognize most major D.C. Political reporters. Seriously, Ty Cobb? #StupidWatergate
Amateur Hour
This is tremendous! So glad the Times reporter decided to have a steak for lunch that day!
Do u think it was a set-up?
ABSOLUTE DOPES representing the BIGGEST DOPE of all!!!
and @realDonaldTrump calls it the "failing New York Times"...
Gotta love a @nytimes reporter, a @HuffPost reporter and a @HillaryClinton advisor canoodling over twitter. Nothing 2 C here folks. #biased
I love that you tirelessly labor to get the next big scoop, yet one of your biggest stories falls in your lap when you go grab lunch. 😂
- Did you have the sausage board? #FirstRuleOfSausageBoard
Two very dumbasses right there, probably wrote the lunch off too
welcome to the thug state.
Is this a pop up restaurant?
Like Cobb's colleagues said; he's not a player in DC & considered a D team guy, at best. Baffoon was a word they used. @realDonaldTrump
Someone needs the Cone of Silence.
Not only did they talk loudly in a public place, not only did they talk loudly in front of a reporter, but a reporter who is on TV often.
so journalism at restaurants is about location, location, location (oh and indiscretion).
That's believable Ken....#clown
How one of these guys would ever be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame is beyond comprehension.
The only thing that could make this gathering even more incompetent is you, @JaySekulow.
Things don't happen by accident
See it all the time, folks with big egos also have big mouths.
Just makes you a sleazy journalist for eavesdropping
Mr. Cobb hasn't even grasped the telegraph yet, not sure he's equipped for theb21st century.
Didn't they even notice that a top notch reporter was sitting next to them?? Were you in disguise?😂
So what did they discuss?
Hear anything interesting?
Talk about right place right time 😂
What you missed was them saying, "ok, here comes Vogel. Let's do this."
What are the odds this was staged?
I wonder if the audio has been turned over to Mueller?
They've also just waived #privilege- lol
I think you may be right - would love @SethAbramson input on whether privilege has been waived
Bitter old liberals are the most deranged sort of liberal.
Scoop. Write it up.
From a man (Trump) who is known to stage stunts to shape the story - couldn't this be a stunt that you simply fell for? @Morning_Joe
You can't make this S#$i&up. HA.. even in your wildest dreams.
I don't trust this at all (them not you). They can't be that stupid to be talking that loudly about something so important.
So nothing from nothing = nothing, right?
Like To Be A Fly On A Plate.....
So Dowd is discussing one HOF'er with another? Does this mean Pete is going to get in? He's the all time hit king! Deserves to be there!
They must have thought it was safe because they were not in Trump's hotel.
Nice to know the leaks from WH aren't coming from leakers talking to reporters. Leaks are coming from talking in PUBLIC. @realDonaldTrump
Please tell me Cobb kept saying "It's the right thing to do."
Cobb: "How can I leak to the NY Times without actually leaking to the NY Times & getting disbarred? Find out where Vogel gets his popovers."
I assume you considered possibility they knew very well you were there and in fact counted on you reporting what they said accurately.
Conservative or in contempt?
It's ALMOST as if Cobb Might Not Realize his Client probably committed heinously treasonous crimes.
He k is attorney. Client priveledge don't know if applicable with treason
It's absolutely applicable
Soooo...were they trying to leak a hint to Mueller? "Psst! Look in the safe!"
Trump hires only the best people.
Does Meuller have Twitter? Might as well @ him so he can use all of this for proof of further obstruction. Would you voluntarily testify?
I heard he didn't at least not u der his own name but I could be wrong
Let me guess, one of the docs in the safe are his tax returns.
Don't they have to or be in contempt?
They can get around that you ha EA to know who to break
Locked in a safe?
Mueller is going after everyone in it involved. In this administration bc they are all involved this is like a spy novel Always hated them
It seems too obvious - Ty Cobb is pointing attention against an opponent and at documents which, unless hand written, Mueller has.
Was this an accident?
Are you really thinking they weren't being loud on purpose?
"Two are locked in a safe." Mueller: "Not anymore..."
And now that he knows they exist and are in that safe, I'm sure Mr Mueller will waste no time subpoenaing them specifically. Morons abound!
Meuller needs to get a search warrant for that safe immediately and get his hands on those (obviously incriminating) documents!
This right here is why not to live in D.C.
The knives are out. Wait for confirmation. That will be the WH denying it forcefully.
Last sentence. Damn.
Perception is also a somewhat ambiguous descriptor here:
Anyone who hasn't cut a deal w the FBI and is wearing a wire, is doing time. Nixon went free 40 of his staffers were arrested / imprisoned
I ❤️ it. Take them all down, every last one of them, & debar for life all the crooked lawyers immediately! Let paranoia take hold BIG TIME 🕸
Wires where do TRUMP think the leaks are coming from everybody is trying to save their buts they didn't know TRUMP that bad before joining
NOW they do and if the don't help MUELLER they are involved in the conspiracy also TRUMP don't have any friends just witness against him
Reading, scrolling...and there's the photo of Another of Trump's Dudes. Ty Cobb looks like he's cosplaying Col Sanders and Buffalo Bill.
Where does he find these people? Is there a warehouse in Jersey packed full of bozos with dubious professional certifications?#thebestpeople
Is there a refundable deposit for when you bring back your Gorka and swap it for a Miller? "We got a special on cryptonazis, this week..."
Thanks for breaking it down...hit the paywall
The cannibals are attacking each other. That can't end well for them.
Me thinks there's a few nervous idiots feeling the heat! Bend over & hang on to your little weenies boyz as fun times ahead for ya! Smile!
Kelly replaced Reince. And McGahn and Reince hired a same lawyer at same time? Hmmm.
McGahn sounds like a guy trying to stay outta jail
Mr. Vogel, does the bill from the steakhouse have the imprint of the fake Trump family coat of arms at the top?
The rats in the cage
Illegal alien children in California are starving because they don't have shit to eat, and here you are throwing shit against the wall.
I didn't think they had a choice and how much they wanted to cooperate just shows what type of lawyers they are
I mean what can you do but LOL?
Gee, lawyers arguing with each other? Inconceivable!
Spies, Leakers, Backstabbers; all indicative of a well oiled machine, Don't call me, I will call y'll
Mayhem begits madness... Or, in this case: the madness came first!
Let's do this. Divide and conquer.
The beauty of t/ WH hiring Shady Nasty Lawyers, is that they're BOUND to Cannibalize each other-their clients & piss off important folks!
Can't keep lies straight
There is no honor among thieves (and traitors).
GREED, looks so good until you realize that pool of shit is nose deep👎
DTs defense team squabbling Muller is going to roll right over these boobs.
If Cobb said he wanted to turn over all the documents to clear things up they were trying to set you up. He knows Trump is guilty as sin.
Paranoia --> it'll destroy ya, lol
Ty Cobb has been nothing but trouble after he retired from baseball
As sloppy and unprofessional as these people are, how are they not all in rikers?
How much to cooperate really, how about fully as the law says.
They work for a spy at the WH. Delusional Don is the new bumbling idiot spy for Vladimir. He'll do anything 4 Hotels!
I smell Sanctions.. WHICH JUDGE ordered the Pepperoni pizza.. 😎
Gawd I love it when the Trumpanzees eat their own #MuellerIsComing #TrumpRussiaCollusion #TrumpTreason #RICO
Is he really called Ty Cobb?
Subpoena Trumps Book Keeper , then u will find your answer.
Looks like you took the bait
Is it possible @kenvogel kenvogelthat this was bait? I would be very disappointed if that is true.
You really cant make this shit up! 😳
Trumps legal team needs to grow up I wan Tg to send them all pacifiers to suck on They need to suck it up cry babies
Its all crashing down! So good.
they have a spy on their own team? golden!
I love the irony in this one.
Umm 🙄 what's new
innocent ppl have no reason to feel paranoid. i'm loving this.
"Do we have enough deck chairs?"
please tell us how you got the photo without anyone noticing.
These guys are supposed to be professionals?
top of their field!
Too bad the field isn't law.
When you want info spread without doing it yourself,you talk about it in public where people will hear and spread that info
Ty Cobb had late night email back and forth with a random guy? The guy makes no spelling errors but Cobb's emails were full of typos
Yet another op sec failure by Cobb. These are amateur errors. Very surprised. @NatashaBertrand
Was it a mistake, or could he be as sick of the mess as the rest of us, and hoping a leak could speed things up? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I would vote mistake/carelessness
Probably, but it would be no shock if someone got fed up & betrayed the others. Spite's a thing with them.
If you don't want to be quoted as a direct source AND violate attrney/client privelage, this seems like the only "defensible" means to vent.
It might not even be a completely conscious choice. Walk away from another cat5 tantrump, spot reporter, sip cocktail, think "screw it."
I would VOTE it was no accident? Wanting hear something so that the message is sent. Code PROTECT STUPID
agreed. if choice between assuming smart+evil and dumb+evil the weight of evidence leans to latter
or a scripted distraction?
You know people who are on power trip get careless, Mark.
Is Cobb on drugs?
Oh please! They are all amateurs, babes-in-the-woods. This admin can't see the light of day! They are so inexperienced, so incapable. Idiots
It's all in the mustache. He stopped being a good lawyer when he figured out all he needed was the stash to bring in clients.
SERIOUSLY! I'm's been 20 yrs since law school, but I still remember VERY WELL how it's hammered from day 1 -- DO NOT DO THIS!
Don McGahn right in the middle of a corruption Gong Show. Gee, who could've seen this coming?
😂❤️ Priceless!
Cobb is an experienced litigator who assumably knows better than to have such discussions in public places. It was intentional.
Subpoena to McGahn will be issued tomorrow for all documents that are currently, or ever have been, locked in a safe on behalf of Trump.
Yep. This right here
His own firm calls him part of the D-list
um . . . yeah . . .
Best not to send him emails though...
His namesake was infamous for sliding feet first into base with sharp steel cleats. There you have it.
And was an avowed racist who damn near had a heart attack when jackie robinson broke the color barroer
What's your theory as to why he did that?
I don't think he would intentionally engage in behaviour that could result in a State Bar action against him.
But he did it therefore accepting the risk.
Not really.
He seems like a hot head with lapses in judgement.
That was my first thought. Seems too obvious.
Lol. Who overheard him?
Yeah... probably not intentional .... you give too much credit!
Interesting point.
No big surprise that there is dissent on the legal team, there is dissent on the Foreign Policy team too.
I'm not sure about his lawyering skills, but Ty Cobb seems really unprofessional.
This way Cobb can say he did not tell press anything and not be lying.
Still don't understand why taxpayers are stuck footing Cobb salary.Trump should be paying. He caused the whole mess.Yet taxpayers foot costs
What about the documents locked in a safe?
Lawyers being lawyerly
BLT Steak. Next door to NYT.
Overheard? You mean used a microphone? 😂😂😂
Bargain basement lawyers for a bargain basement President.
Ty Cobb was not a closer.
Came spikes high though.
Bigly conversations. With bigly mouths
"Loose Lips Ignorant Pussy Grabbing Colliders?"
The lack of decorum and restraint is rampant throughout this administration.
If @nytimes has any open "sit around at steakhouses waiting to overhear juicy details while eating juicy steak" jobs, I'm in the market
No kidding! They must have a "No Vegans" policy.
I'll join you!! I'll have the salmon, medium rare with a side of impeachment !
I hope they all rot in prison
What was the "NYTimes" doing at this particular steakhouse on that particular day? Inquiring minds are speculating madly!
The steakhouse is literally next door to the paper's DC bureau.
So....a lucky break? Cobb seems extraordinarily indiscreet, even by WH standards. Maybe he should learn to recognize local journalists.
Or not be so obvious
Maybe he wanted the @nytimes to hear it.
This is a picture of the dinner in question happening... seems more like boneheadedness than cunning to me.
Here's a photo of Ty Cobb & John Dowd casually & loudly discussing details of Russia investigation at @BLTSteakDC while I sat at next table.
Agreed. Kudos to @kenvogel for his sharp wits & to both reporters for their great WH sources. The "people's house" is leaking like a sieve.
It's in the article.
The location of the steakhouse is indeed in the article.
Umm. . . eating?
The knives are out
The horsehead in bed!