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In 2013 I met Jeff Jaffe (W3C CEO), who was signing up DRM & ebook vendors, creating an irreconcilable conflict in W3C. Those members voted.
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I wrote about this here:…. Read the comments, Jaffe shows up and gets a tune-up from me and some other commenters.
I wrote "You seem to think the W3C exists to provide members (including paying members, which creates a [conflict]) with whatever they want"
"I think W3C exists first to be a good steward of web standards, which matters most when paying members go against [open web principles]."
If the self-described World Wide Web standards body cannot resolve a conflict between pay-to-play and its founding principles, it will fail.
We need 4 Webs www Free Software&Content xxx Paidfor S&C yyy Paidfor S&C +Ads zzz Porn
Porn should obviously be xxx
What do you mean with "will". I thought it failed and we are done here.
I won't argue about the undertaking ;-).
Basically the same screwup they made in 2004, choosing XML over HTML based on member votes.
W3C management really believes in the legitimacy-granting power of votes by pay-for-play members... ;)
They are paid to!