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Oh shit I was selected as one of the special ones to tweet in 280 characters. HAHAHA suck it losers, I feel like God right now. Wait, I'm not done, I would also like to say that all these words I'm typing right now are useless and I wasted them just because I CAN. These too, lmao
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Don't encourage him. Ps happy to see you're a fellow awl
Zach you should go on @PardonMyTake to discuss the new pod with @Jade_TBF
It’d be an honor
Fuck this looks weird seeing a big ass paragraph
That check mark changed you, man.
I'm so confused! 😂
I'm gona leave Twitter if they change it. 280 is too much. Will cut down on # of interactions per session. No thanks.
For real. Drama queens will murder it.
And political arguments. I can't take it already.
Now you can write that screenplay you've always wanted to.
Jesus Christ let's pray they don't give it to Trump
Whoah this solidifies your star power
No way I read that
I am shooketh
This tweet low key thicc
Wait was @PFTCommenter selected too
This is wrong.
Big Cat with a Big Tweet
Reported. Very offensive.
The threads with 280 characters per tweet are going to be life-changing. Or at least everyone typing them will think so 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Actually I think it just allows people more opportunity to hang themselves.
I bet you're still fat.
are you fucking kidding me?? Hahahaha
Elitist scum
wait, I still have 140. Is this because I lost my accreditation?
no it’s cuz you’re a nerd
I swear you have alerts on when the PMT guys tweet
No he just hates his family and life and loves Twitter and has some stock in it
from the top rope
no, it's because you're a NERD
Nah you're just a sheep
Probly cuz you filled out a bracket
How many words do you need to talk about nachos
No, it's because you are a nerd.
280 is for big time capital J journalists
Nah it’s cause you’re a loser nerd D
Lol good sport
140 is good enough for u
Feudalism for Twitter?
If there is one thing I've learned, it's that they only select the best Twitter accounts. I mean the very best. Not just an average one. The best. And we have the best. And now I feel like I sound like Donald Trump. So I'm going to stop now.
I totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally agree.
aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!!! I am losing IQ points reading 280 #twitterno
Speaking of Donald Trump, this explains why we're still only seeing 140 from him. Thank the Twitter Gods.
Yes but you are precise and succinct. I'd be happy with 160
yeaaah Darren I think we're gonna keep your right where you are, at 140
Nerds are at 140, NERD!
Should probably experiment by dropping you down to 70 characters
It’s for your own good D. Only so much dorkiness you can exude in 140 characters or less
Plug that shit into your spreadsheet and figure it out on your own nerd
damn that really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really sucks #reallysucks
It’s because you’re a nerd, Rovell.
Characters cat
This feels wrong
I'm OUT on 280 characters. Takes up too much of my screen. Was a good run
Not reading all this babble
Thought this was a quote tweet at first bc of all the letters then I realized it wasn’t and I’m disgusted
You should have had your limit cut in half.
Only 265 characters too many!...
Just think of the great Fantasy advice you can give every Sunday.
Did @PFTCommenter get picked? Would you like to come on @BarstoolBigCat 's Podcast to talk about it?
My brain reading characters 141 on
This is easily one of the best gif's on the internet but I never know what to search to find it. Please advise.
Lmao thank you!
You guys made me lol...
Helpin out and keeping it simple lmao .
For real this exchange was gold for some reason lol
Lmfao perfect 👌👌
Oh man this stinks
FFS have to thumb scroll ur tweets now. U are the worst
That was ALOT of reading.
this took forever to read. i'm done with twitter
They've created a monster
Spinzone. With Big Cat getting the test ride on this they'll realize that it was a horrible idea
WTF r u talking about God?... he only gets 140... u look down on god...
*twitter cancels 280 policy*
Respect the biz plz
Stick to politics please
This is problematic
That's ok. I always preferred Cliff Notes vs The Book anyway.
Man fuck yo couch
Tryng to ✌🏻 together @PFTCommenter tweets w/ this change is alredy givng me a hedach
this tweet looks way too long so my two cents is raise the limit to just 180 plz and ty
It's beaaauuutifulll
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Please use your powers to just write "piss piss piss piss piss piss piss piss" in 280 characters
This tweet is complete trash
YAY!! Your words are golden. You deserve this. Congratulations!🎈
This is absurd.
Just do 180 lines of . . . . . . . . . . . .
BarstoolBig280CATacters should probably be your new handle. takes up 23 characters but what does that matter to a hotshot like you now?
you fuckin made it man
mood cause you got 280 characters
I have less clout than you. Sad!
God help us
Sadly, I wasn't chosen to be one of the lucky few testers of the new, two hundred and eighty character medium. I need to be economical with
Big dog...
I'm not capable of reading over a few sentences
Mainly because it's @BarstoolBigCat talking and he's hard to listen to.
this is divisive
I am poor and only have 140 it sucks
Oh man this just looks wrong. Don’t even want to read it
That shit was way too long to read.
I got tired after you said you felt like God.
god damnit
I vote against it. If you allow this it's nothing but a mass email.
I tuned you out after 140.
No one should have this much power
Big barstool sports guy?
Not really. PFT and Big Cat are good twitter follows.
They do a good podcasts as well.
That's what I hear. I've never listened to it
Subscribe, unsubscribe, subscribe again. Leave a 5 star review.
of all the people on this app eh?
I honestly got lazy and stopped reading halfway through
who knew fatty McButterpants was a sell out...
you need to up your Tweetcred!
Imagine how much @PMTnutrition could fit in a tweet with 280 characters. Probably could write a novel
What did you do @jack
I'm exhausted already.
More like MadLib Cat
You typing this tweet out
Damn you. I read every word.
This is too much power
You should do a long nonsense thread with each being 280 next.
This looks like a damn e-mail and there are few things I hate more than e-mails. I vote NO on this!
This is for the haters and losers, of which there are many.
CNN will have 280 next. What a shit show
I have been cut down to forty characters
Twitter expanding to 280 was a mistake
Someone at Twitter HQ beefed up
This is why we can't have 280 characters
My 7 year old read this over my shoulder, and said "he's rude" I like to think she meant bc of the waster words, not "shit"
Debate is finally settled that pft is the beta on the pod
I must be a little piss ant that can't be trusted with that many characters I guess twitter forgot I got over 300 likes on a tweet once
Just wondering what was #Twitter's selection process for designating users for getting the coveted #280Characters?
Hugeeeee mistake no chance big cat uses this power for good
Tweeting when you get 280 characters. #UWasntThere @Mr_Camron
May as well be reading an 50 chapter book right here.
Idk why that's your go to all of the sudden
I saw it all of the sudden
I know that none of the tweets have meaning and are just telling us you aren't saying anything but I keep reading every word#280characters
Big Cat needs extra space to roam
Why am I reading this with an echo
You should've thanked your agent, manager, PR rep, AA sponsor, shaman, etc.
Nah. I prefer 140. Shorter-better.
JR tryna read a tweet after the 140th character.
Welp... I wasn’t selected for the 280 rule...
Can you lend me a character bro, I swear I'll hit you back. Times are tough on us common folk, ironically I feel characterless, SOS 🎇
I'm pretty sure they upped the number to see if @POTUS could follow along.
Wayyyy too many characters stfu dammit
Twitter is just Facebook now. RIP
I hate this already
You can do the whole Rushmore in a tweet now. Well during Rushmore season.
Literally got halfway through that and stopped reading. My brain is wired for 140 characters.
Please note I stopped reading when I saw the length of this tweet. 280 characters is #DAF and I'll quit Twitter if they role this out. #fail
When does your Twitter account get a Wikipedia page? This is too much to read
You must use your powers to glorify hotdogs in 280 characters.. they deserve it
Oh crap. You mean there is no notification of selection? What if one gets to 140 and goes over the limit (which I'm now trying to do) and su
Phew! 😅 that means I am still on 140. Order has been restored. I need panic no longer.
If they go to 280, they should have a 2 tier Twitter where it's optional & your limit shows in your biog. I wouldn't follow any 280 users.
Big Cat aka 280 God
280 characters Big Cat might be my favorite Big Cat yet
I liked feeling like my twitter feed was nothing but headlines.
Lol. That is so funny. Haven't heard myself laugh in weeks. 😜👍
This 280 character thing is going to stress me out so much
What a “beta” move
this man is already living in 3055
sorry, my attention span is only 153 characters long
I'm crying tears of laughter
I wonder if replies ar - damn. Never mind.
Now your twitter characters and BMI have the same ratio to PFT's
how come i only get twen
Is there going to be a wiki for your tweets? They’re just too long now.
Do they tell you that you are selected or is that little circle at the bottom an indication that you are?
All I have to say to your 280 character Twitter gloating.. 🖕
please go back to 140
I stopped reading around “Wait...”
This is classic petty
Hmmm, Maybe I should start kneeling more
This 280 character idea is terrible. I see this long of a message and scroll right by
These big tweets look dumb. I'm not saying *you're* dumb, but the tweet size, it just looks off. And wrong. Additionally, I'd like to explai
I mean, Trump having the nuclear codes is unsettling, but letting him have 280 characters on Twitter is the god damn scariest thing ever.
HahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL
Well. Now it will not take me 2 or 3 or 4 tries to sound like an idiot. Now I can be an idiot in just one go.
So all tweeters are equal, but some are more equal than others? Great.
8 people in LA risked their lives to send you a message: End the Trump nightmare #Nov4ItBegins Donate to bail:…
I don't like this. Our brains have been trained to have attention spans of a goldfish. Just looking at this made me tired
Or maybe it's just bc there's no formation in ur tweet at all, grammar is lost, and it's needed with over 200 characters
Fight the power!
*shakes fist* NOOOOOOO!
I got so tired of reading this...😂
Big Cat on campus.
Flip the switch on #Twitter280 and this is all of us in under a week.
Why the Celtics favorite this tweet lmao
This kinda makes too much sense that you got this
Next time you come in to Chicago, I'd love to meet you. I was at the draft in the VIP section and you left rather quicky. You were the best
#twitter...seeee! this is what will happen!!! stop the 280..all u had was140 charm so people had to be creative..this dumbs it down 2 far
Lmfao I'm laughing litteraly
Too long to read can someone send the cliff notes
Attribute of true Godhood (?): You waste because you can!
280-characters and still don’t plug the podcast. Sad!
There is no god. There, that only took about 16.
How's this possible?
Bwahaha The selection committee criteria includes the recipients predilection for scatalogical reference as a mandatory requirement. No shit
Actually the originally 140 characters improved my editing skills. When 280 goes full effect..I'll have Magna Carta type tweets.😆
How's this even possible ????😳😳😳
Oh, earlier this evening, new update - new char limit is 280. Pilot prog for select users. Update app and see :)
Is it ??? Let me try 😀😀😀
Yeah try it. They said select group of users. May be you’re on the list!
I don't think so😬 Let's see
No change 😛😛😜
Haha me neither. Soon, I guess :)
And this is why we don't need 280 characters, lol.
Is this going to be part of the book club?
We've officially crossed into the future
Imagine how much u can fit in about the earth being flat if u had the extra characters
Sooooooo Wuuuuuuuuuut😂
Looks too much like Facebook. Tbh idk bout it.
I also get to use 280 characters, this is so awesome being able to say anything we’ve ever wanted to say an express. everyone else can go fu
I am now deleting you for being a complete bag of douche.
It was Rigged if @realDonaldTrump wasn't chosen. Bigly unfair, the process was a complete and total disaster.
before i started reading i thought this seemed a little long
you could also just thread your tweets? Not sure why this is a thing.
This is not going to be a good thing.
I still have 140 and I'm not even a dalit.
Hey they didn't even pick trump ... Like I thought surely he'd throw a big enough fit... U lucky shit
Abused its purpose day 1
Lucky you! At 140 characters, ppl become so clever at abbreviating that it makes 1 feel like Mensa to decipher! Will be too easy with 280!
like I’m super uncomfortable
Same 😂😂
Excess verbiage bothers you, huh?
too many idiots already express their opinions on here, we don’t need to give them more room
Hi. I’m idiot. I need more room. 💜
You are not an idiot. Btw meet @SnowmanRoberts he’s a black man
(I see what you did there)
But I could be less idiotic if I could always type 'the' instead of 'th' to save one character!
I won’t have to make myself look uneducated by taking out the punctuation to make my sentence fit
But that’s what threads are for!
I'm always 4-7 characters over. So 150 would be fine by me.
Also... With more characters... I could overuse ellipses even more than I already do!
How much money you paid to @Twitter?
And the 280 is off to a great start! @costrike @pt
Oh shit I was selected as one of the special ones to tweet in 280 characters. HAHAHA suck it losers, I feel like God right now. Wait, I'm not done, I would also like to say that all these words I'm typing right now are useless and I wasted them just because I CAN. These too, lmao
Gotta say I respect this tweet. I’d like to get in depth with a response to your 280 character tweet, but what will happen next is this, I
How did you go over 140 characters
Nah, you suck on it!
(No comment)
Yeah i don't like this.
(No comment)
Sorry. I stopped reading after..."Wait, I'm not done," ;)
😂 😂 😂
(No comment)
Haha 😂😂😂
BigCat you are BigTiger, power to you!!!
The only upside for me, is being able to use proper English again, and not some strange English-like hybrid.
I was looking and was like whooaaaa it's so long. And read it. Fuck you man I want 281 just because you have 280
Now imagine what we can expect from our president.