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Can I just look at my layout on the landscape X and cry? I’m sure we’ll all like the notch eventually, but damn, landscape is just awful.
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“Like” in like Apple TV remote, or like the camera bump?
I'm sincerely hoping it's a one-off design and next year we get the 9 and 9 Plus.
Maybe wide bezels aren't so evil after all.
Landscape is what really unsells the X for me. I rather like it in portrait but in landscape it’s just as you said — awful.
I kind of had the same feeling, but then I realize how often I use my (plus) phone in landscape: videos and photos. No list views.
What's it looked like turned 180 degrees?
I can’t wait for almost none of the apps in the store to properly support this
On the bright side, all apps will support the double height status bar on iPhone X by default.
Agree but landscape has always been awful and I already avoid like the plague on my Plus.
Does anyone even use landscape on a regular basis? I never do, with the exception of video / photo viewing
I’m sure you don’t have stats on it, but I don’t think many use landscape for Overcast. I know I never have. What about just not having it?
I thought there were safe areas on the sides that prevented content from going into the pockets either side of the notch?
It does if you’re using standard controls. I assume Marco is doing fancy stuff.
I’m never going to like the notch. I’ll live with he trade off though.
What if you just... didn't support it. Music doesn't.
Kill it. IPhoneX has terrible ratio for landscape, notch or not.
it's a pain for web stuff, too! the viewport is 812px, and you need to account for safe areas:
Designing Websites for iPhone X
(no description)
It’s actually worse for web because you don’t get the option to not support it. Safari always rotates.
Not supporting landscape is kinda weaksauce tho…
According to the current WebKit documentation, Safari doesn’t display content in the so-called “safe” areas by default.
Sure let’s just change 6.02x10^23 websites to work on 1 phone instead of changing 1 phone to support 6.02x10^23 websites.
Ugh, I hadn’t even thought about this until right now. Guess I have some reading to do this weekend. #css #iPhoneX
How many people use Overcast or view web pages in landscape on phones?
You don’t HAVE to do any of that. The notch is not going to hold the web hostage.
Just say no.
WTF where they thinking allowing it. Jobs would've never approved... Sigh.
Aren’t most people going to rotate it the other way, or am I the only one who already has that well developed habit?
How many Overcast users use the app in landscape?
It could work with some margins added, but on a phone that wide, and still a compact size class, why? I mean two table view cells on screen?
Not that I’m necessarily suggesting you do this, but will Apple actually reject your app if you don’t #embracethenotch?
Nobody knows yet, but porobably not. It's not on the list of rejection reasons yet.
Then don't do landscape.
That might be his last resort.
Which would be bad, since I assume most of his users would not have an iPhone X.
I don’t see anywhere in the Overcast UI that actually needs landscape mode.
And you don't need to see it, that's fine. On there other hand, if you fix the phone in landscape mode in you car, you need landscape. 🙂
Well come on. You didn’t even try
Just pretend you have 724x375 points to work with instead of 812x375. Forget you have those 44 points on each side that has rounded corners and a notch.
Whether you want to embrace the notch in portrait is one thing. But I'd definitely black it out in landscape, no question. Just horrible.
Do people hate the bezel so much that they’d rather have that incredibly ugly notch?
What ugly notch...?
This screenshot, and others I've seen on Twitter previously, are why I am not interested in the iPhone X. I'll wait for v2.
v3 and v3 will have a notch as well, but probably more developers have updated their apps for the new design by then.
Oof, very glad I don’t have to support landscape on iPhone.
Can you see how often people actually use the app in landscape? Also, I thought "safe areas" helped with this?
Lock it to portrait! I would leave rotation lock on all the time if not for video. The more apps the lock it out, the better.
Make an IAP that enables letter boxing away the notch!
Maybe break the landscape mode into a few zones/windows like this? Lists on the left, now playing on the right?
Unfortunately Marco doesn’t like this way of doing it for some reason. I personally use it all the time.
Decided I couldn’t do it this year and went with 8 plus. I’ll give everyone a year to figure out the notch.
Just don't support landscape. Screw it dude.
And then there’s the aspect ratio. Really awful in landscape.
iPhone X - A means to an end
This is why I have rotation lock set on my 7 Plus. Damn. ☹️
Ditto on rotation lock on my 6 Plus. Probably if I get the X would turn it on there too.
I really don't like the notch. Can you just leave the space around it black?
I’ve always felt like landscape on non-Plus phones isn’t really usable. Especially when the keyboard is visible.
I’m going to have to be a #NeverNotcher
In my app, I grow the notch one pixel higher every time I'm restarted. #EmbraceTheNotch
I think landscape is most useful to look at something that’s already playing
Can I upgrade my payments to make landscape impossible?
I’m crying with you. The notch destroys one of my favorite ui’s. #smh
The more I see stuff like this, the less confident I am in “embrace the notch”
After spending a week looking at that in the simulator, I decided I don’t want an X. It’s hideous
I wonder if it makes sense to use those spots for something in particular, rather than having the normal layout flow in there?
Can you at least put outside margins/indents on the up arrow & artwork on the Now Playing card, in landscape? Plenty of room.
Columns, man. Columns.
It’d be great to have the screen split like Show the list of casts on the left and current one playing on right.
Are you using the layout guides?
The aspect ratio and the loss of the bottom region seem to kill landscape. My biggest concern with the X.
Yeah, it’s a real thorn to work around.
Don’t give up. I only use overcast in landscape, because that’s how I have my plus mounted in my car. (Also the old UI was way safer to use)
But especially for GPS you should mount it portrait.
Depending on your car it might not make sense to ever mount in portrait with a plus. Its height could impact your field of view of the road
Just kill landscape mode. Do you have analytics for how many people use it? I’m sure it’s not many and it eliminates a nitpicky setting.
Just do an Instagram and be portrait only - notch solved :)
Touch bar and Notch are the Coplands of this era. Or some other callback to a poorly executed pipe dream.
why will we like it exactly?
Is that the way you rotate your phone? I always use landscape the other way around.
If I’m charging phone, I might rotate phone in this way cause my laptop is usually on left side of me.
That navbar isn’t on purpose right, just haven’t gotten it moved/hidden?
Right. Although that’s a standard UINavigationBar that’s, for some reason, not insetting itself. Awesome.
Just looked at it here, when I put it in landscape the time, etc… hides.
Correct Stratasys bar shouldn’t be showing in landscape. Probably a plist setting?
Enable safe area insets on the navigation controller and the table view controller.
Do you have stats on landscape usage? Is it even worthwhile to try to support it?
That’s rough. Dark mode better?
Kill it with fire. We don’t need landscape.
YOU may not. The only way I can mount my Plus in my car is in landscape. It would be an unfortunate loss if it got removed because of the X
Definitely. My preferred way to deal with landscape on large screens is to do what Settings does: multi-column.
How do you even put Overcast landscape? It stays portrait when I rotate my iPhone 7 Plus.
You probably disabled rotation in Overcast’s settings at some point
It’s been off by default for a long time. Most iPhone users don’t want rotation.
Ahh, forgot you changed that. I must have downloaded before that or enabled rotation for some reason
And yea off by default is definitely the better choice for iPhone
I never noticed the rotation toggle in settings. I see the problem. Thx
Safe areas Marco, safe areas!
Who really uses landscape?
I do. Literally Everyday. I may be in the extreme minority, but it would be a severe, if not understandable, regression if it went away.
Unless you’re adding video podcast support, why do you need to support landscape?
this is brutal. how are the side of the notch not just blacked out? Apple biting off more than they can chew here imo
It does look like a scrollbar.
I filed a Radar a while back to suggest returning the phone to the 3:2 aspect ratio. Seems they’re happy going in the opposite direction…
Hide the notch! Hide the notch!
I regret that I have but one 💙 for this tweet
Landscape is also awful as a rule. Perhaps the notch will bring much needed attention to the problem.
The notch is so hipster. There really isn’t a better explanation for “embracing” it instead of just hiding it.
Just don’t support it. How many users use the app in landscape for an applicable amount of time?
Me at least. An app feels broken to me when I switch to it and it forces the orientation to be portrait.
Apple is giving up on landscape on iPhone. Most people never bother to turn their phones into landscape.
I use Overcast regularly but didn’t know it did landscape mode. The X is too wide to be really useful in landscape except in a few cases.
I keep orientation lock on my phone almost always and I have a 7 not the plus. I’m sure the habit will get stronger with the X
Thought I would use landscape in the car but never do. Wouldn’t be sad to see it go.
I was under the impression that the notch is mostly supposed to be on the left. idk if that relieves this a little bit. you'll get it! :D
Horrible! It is not worthy. Just black the corners in Overcast.
Really disagree. Far worse than the camera bump, which still drives me crazy. If this is the future of the iPhone, will finally try Android.
Apple needs to block that off as a permanent status bar. Landscape is just ridiculous.
makes my brain hurt
I will never like the notch.
Same. It’s an epic 🤦‍♂️
Why couldn't they just make the sides of the notch off-limits, have it permanent black and hold the time + signal strength symbols?
I’ve decided that’s where my thumb will always go when I’m holding it in landscape.
Maybe you could try something like this:
I think I’ve fixed the notch issue in landscape 🍾 #iphoneX
Any need for landscape on iPhone X? Doesn’t seem to add anything. Personally I’d just lock it in portrait.
As @yuusharo notes, physical landscape orientation is required by some car-mounts.
Safe Areas are your friend
People coming to like the notch seems like Stockholm Syndrome in action.
It’s perfectly fine during the 99% of phone use that’s either in portrait or in landscape watching videos
Go back and rewatch the video for designing for the iPhone X, there are safe areas that you have to consider.
Add a google analytics tracker on your phone rotation settings and see how many % actually use landscape.
Like? Probably never, grudging acceptance yes.
Come on man. Its just the tip aaaaaa i mean notch.
Ours is landscape only 😞 It’s going to take some work.
I agree with killing landscape, I have mine rotation locked almost always unless I’m watching video.
Why don’t you just letterbox it? OLED should be black enough. Please don’t make it suck on the SE
Agreed, just black out that notch edge... it’ll look a little unbalanced but nowhere near as ugly as the other option...
It's forbidden
As part of the HIG?
Good thing that
For notch worriers: 90% of phone use is in portrait.
And the 10% landscape use is probably mostly videos when the notch naturally disappears
Except when playing Wonder Woman
Just like previous iPhones, videos on the X default to showing the whole frame rather than zooming in. Apple showed non-default zoomed
I know. That was meant as a slight
We chatted before, but id be happy to chat with you and make some suggestions...
Lists on the left, controls on the right around the notch?
They should just rotate the status icons and align them. Like CarPlay.
S8 screen has the right compromise... X screen you'll get used to it but you won't like it. It's a differentiator for Apple at least.
Honestly, your font choice can (incredibly) be worst than the notch. It’s the only reason I don’t use Overcast.
Could always black out the right side in landscape.
Why landscape at all?
That looks like a parody.
Yeah, I spent a couple hours yesterday tweaking my website’s templates and CSS so it wouldn’t look like hot garbage on the X.
And you'll need to fix it when the notch is on the right side of landscape orientation. Doesn't seem like Apple really thought this one out.
Yep, did that too. Sort of annoying, but relatively easy to fix.
Yep. That’s what I based my design changes on. Very easy to follow.
How does it seem like Apple didn’t think this out? I bet no one uses safari in landscape and 90% of phone use is portrait anyway
Then there’s no problem. Nothing to discuss here. Everyone carry on.
Just don’t hold it that way.
Every screenshot I see makes me wonder why it doesn’t support column view like the Plus
Who needs landscape anyway? Ditch it.
The sad thing is that the simple solution was not to have a notch. The galaxy S8 and android handle it well.
So are you not allowed to put matching black borders on each side?
I think the bottom controls should be padded to the left and right so that the album art is completely out of the notch's space.
Something like this:
“I’m sure we’ll all like the notch eventually” We won’t.
You do realize there are people tonight that cant sleep in their own beds because they’ve lost everything? #firstworldproblems
Do/can you keep stats on landscape vs portrait usage? I've never used @OvercastFM in landscape.
Definitely not upgrading my 7plus with that hideous notch intrusion on the X! FWP
That would be enough for me to rule out landscape support!
I kinda wish that they just killed landscape support for UI on the X. Letterboxed content only.
Apps are the new tv, safe zones and all...
Would you rather have a chin and forehead back? No! Stop your moaning.😁
But... who uses a vertical list app in landscape?
I use it, when having my iPhone docked in the car.
"I’m sure we’ll all like the notch eventually," I believe there is a term for this.
The more renderings I see the more I think the notch was for the phone to be recognizable and not for aesthetics
What about something like this..? #EmbraceTheLandscape
Nice! This could be a big opportunity for devs who think outside the notch and design the better UI for the X.
I use landscape for shooting videos and watching videos. I wouldn’t lose sleep over this.
Apple failed with this design
I'm sorry that is disgusting and it isn't your fault.
Really, you think so?
Can you take some ideas from the iPad and do more of a split screen?
Exactly. Portrait is fine but landscape can’t just handle it. Makes me crazy.
Imo, best would be to treat the screen space around the notch as « bonus space » instead of having the notch « cover » part of screen.
Basically having visual design that emphasize right and left as « pop up extra controls ».
Which kind of animal uses the phone in landscape anyways (if not watching video). 🤔
Car owners for example
If you could make the notch artefacts in landscape into kind of tab-style buttons, might be cool and functional.
Notch, natch
as long as you hold the X in landscape: thumb over the notch it is
That’s notch. Epic mistake by 🍎
What's the problem? Web developers will fix bad physical design with some code hacks…. Are we right @Apple?
Why are the icons actually eating in to the status bar???
Just remove landscape left and right from the plist and accept the complaints.
Wait do the status bar icons really stick around in landscape mode?
Why I went 8 Plus. This #embraceTheNotch needs another year to get right
Can you specifically make a design for the X? Seems like there would be some nice possibilities, if.
The only time I use my iPhone in landscape is games or movies where the notch should be less of an issue.
Clipping part of the screen is especially annoying in video and games, so probably I just didn't get the joke? 😉
Of course we won’t. People will rationalize it and as soon as it is gone everybody will be so relieved.
How about moving now playing including podcast picture to the right hand side taking 40% ish of screen?
How about cover flow? :)
I’m one of your 12 users that use landscape in the car. 😑
Who the hell uses iphone apps other than games in landscape?
I would like to have it it this way on X. But that’s just me 🙃
I feel with you. But I will probably not have an iPhone X with a notch, so I will continue to enjoy overcast, in all the layouts! 😉
I’d just remove landscape support tbh, that’s pretty terrible.
layout your edge views with view.safeAreaLayoutGuide.layoutFrame it will automatically take in count the notch safe area
It is ugly, but at least revolutionary courageous!
ffs get over it!
But who uses Overcast in landscape? I’m not saying don’t worry or doesn’t suck. But... no one will EVER see it like that
Why bother with landscape? It is a terrible experience, notch or not. See iPhone Plus. Saves a ton of work as well.
What does a list look like in landscape on a plus model? I bet I still looks awful.
Move buttons to either side of the notch
This really looks awful. I thing Windows had a much better solution for that. Simply rotate stuff on status bar.
I’m not so sure “we’ll all like it eventually” 🙊
How is the simulator even displaying the status bar
Who uses their phone in landscape for anything other than videos? I say just lock to portrait.
Nothing much to “like” about the notch. We’ll tolerate it. Does force the question whether we could live without the status bar, though.
What if you boxed out the usable space around notch with other controls and narrowed the overall width?
Damn that looks ugly. Even apple’s own apps look off, not natural... i bet the lag is still there now with more pixels...
no, we won't like the notch. fuck that notch. im still buying one.
Landscape will be a major issue on iPadX!
All kinds of curves! All kinds of straight lines! All kinds of gaps! You've got it all right here.
I think the better layout approach will be to just bring in everything in to bring it away from the notch entirely. Can you black bar it?
Overcast is actually an app I disable landscape for. It messes with me when I’m using it laying down.
I’m not sure we’ll “like” it. But we’ll deal with it. I guess.
How many of your users use landscape? Personally I wish the phone wouldn’t rotate for anything but video+photo
Block out the notch and go for symmetry
And suddenly, I don't regret skipping my upgrade this year.
Only a small number of iPhone owners will have that phone anyways. It will look great on my iPhone 8.
Wait, Overcast does landscape? It doesn’t rotate for me on my 7 Plus
Oh, I forgot, there’s an in-app setting to enable rotation.
Why is the status bar showing in landscape? By default it doesn't.
Brutal. Is there consideration for preventing that view? Who really uses that?!
what about not doing landscape mode?
And there is no way of dropping support for landscape - once you‘ve had it there is no going back to portrait only.
I thought the HIG said you could truncate the sides in landscape (no rounded corners). No?
Of course I don't have one yet, but damn... I don't think I'll ever like the notch!
Apple missed it on that one. I am not a fan of that look.
Why landscape in the first place. I never use anything in landscape other than video
"we'll all like the notch eventually" is very Stockholm Syndrome
For all the folks saying “I don’t use landscape get rid of it” I’ll throw in for keeping landscape, even if crappy on the X.
I use my phone every day in car, in landscape, in magnetic cd slot dock.
Please don’t ditch landscape, this is me, every day:
That steering wheel’s on the wrong side.
Wait….what? You mean I bought an American car? Yikes!
You’ll be telling me you’re an American living in America next…😳 🤔😉
Aw, man…don’t hold that against me…
👍 on TMS
I don't know how this is useful or usable to anyone. Please drop the landscape 🙏
I'm still waiting for the "easy" fix: status bar remains where it is, but with a vertical layout (like the home screen bottom bar in 6+/7+)
I think this is the worst thing I’ve seen come out of Apple HQ.. I hate the notch, for that reason I won’t buy the X, maybe the 8 (no rush)
Just play in the safe area. It’s not a big deal, really.
Luckily landscape is unnecessary in a podcast app. I don’t recall the last time I saw Overcast in the landscape orientation.
I’ve never even consider trying landscape mode in @OvercastFM What’s the need for it?
time to take advantage of that OLED screen and covert to black UI 😉
It’s a cool shape—quit crying & do something cool with it.