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And @stranahan to weigh in. Stranahan- seems to be honest and ethical.
yeah. well. I mean. You know the regressives and all. What I am trying to say is. When I sat down with. Fuck it. I am a idiot
ROBERT MERCER and RenTec fund this $hit! #TREASON
Can't see how they are proud Mercer is associated with this Nazi garbage!
lmao wow, this seems like you spent a lot of time on this. Why is everyone so scared of him?
Your pieces are good enough to be published in The NY Times (they're not).
Journalism sucks when it doesn't go your way, doesn't it?
you're a bigot for not understanding my alternative viewpoint.
Lotta work. Congrats. Great research. His journey reads a little like how I've read pedophiles groom their victims
Outstanding reporting, Joe.
Yes, he did an outstanding job of looking at one side of the discussion and loading objective bias into it.
Buzzfeed is Notorious for #FakeNews! It Is Laughable!
If Breitbart is a killing machine for using facts, then CNN is a massacre-genocide machine for using lies.
sure bro. go back to bed. thoughts n prayers n shit.
right? I read this article and maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how this proves hes a racist?
Yes, drink the Kool-aid. It'll make you feel better. Drink it all up.
Lol, another blind follower ignorant of facts. Next you'll call me racist.
Breitbart is far worse than CNN, any objective observer would agree and see how CNN is less biased
ah, the good ol' "NO U R! Fake news!" response.
Are you a racist? You definitely don't appear to be very smart.
Of course Jack, I'm very racist against pious leftist SJW's
“Dude!!! LMAO!...Epic.” -Steve Bannon the conservative intellectual.
Outstanding. When was the last time we've seen an angry article about the alt right or Breitbart? I can't even recall. Certainly NYT worthy
Have you ever even listened and tried to honestly portray Yiannopoulos? Your article makes you look ignorant.
why are you trying to defend a pedophile
Yep one should never defend a pedo
the man on record as saying more children should be fucked by priests seems to have a lot of friends in the far right... curious...
I'm not defending Yiannopoulos, but I am questioning the reporters portrayal of his arguments, which if you had decency, you'd listen to.
are you suggesting that in the name of decency i should hear a pedophile's opinions about how society should be structured out
Lol you are a fool
honestly portraying milo begins with "Yiannopolous, a failed tech writer who advocates adults fucking children,"
Excellent work!
This is extraordinary work Joe
Hard to launder anything more than bleached white hate.
Fantastic reporting Joe! Thank you.
You hate the fact Milo is gay and has married a black man. The left doesn’t own gays and blacks! You are the bigot! From a gay, black man.💅🏽
jordan why are you stanning for a pedophile
Congrats--this is truly amazing.
Really great reporting, Joe. Documents so much that has been hinted at and which needs to see the light of day. Thank you
Nailed the mercury to the wall Like I've been listening to blind men describe the elephant
This is the narrative that has been missing Like we've been listening to blind men describe parts of the elephant Here's the elephant
this is a good story joe
This is very good, thank you for writing it
Incredible. We’ve spent nearly a year talking to advertisers about their ads on Breitbart. 3100+ have left so far. Join us, folks.
Milo doing an article to find out who the alt right is talks to those on the alt right-#fakenews is incensed at how research works it seems
Do you have any facts to back up this 3100 number?
Send this story to them.
You guys are the best! Keep up the good work.
2/ What stood out was, "...these guys really do mostly work in tech, and they were doing a lot of networking." Anyone come to mind?
Thank you for what you do, @slpng_giants!
You are so amazing. Been following & supporting you from the start and you've done an incredible amount of really important work. 👏👏👏👏
Out of curiosity, how many advertisers are still on Breitbart?
That's a lie. 6500 have joined.
I guess that means it’s just about time to get a life. #soros
as loathesome as the movement is, it's pretty impressive how surgical and effective their efforts were.
Hey Joe, you're aware the murder is a legal term and there's been no conviction yet? I might want to edit that first paragraph if I were you
If you wrote for The NY Times, your editor would probably make sure it said "ended in a death/homicide" or "alleged second degree murder."
Heres my legal opinion: shut up bich
He will never write for the NYT.
Well done .... keep the spotlight on all these alt-right rats as they try to scurry away and hide. #TrumpSwamp
Great reporting. This article needs a lot of attention.
This is some fucking fantastic journalism
This is amazing. Great job!
I feel like I need to take a shower after reading this. I can't imagine how difficult it was to have to research/write. Great job, man.
That was my exact same reaction!
Amazing story, Joe. I'm glad all your work came together!
"Yeah, I partied with nazis and pushed their ideas for years, but I was joking! Jokes on you! You fell for it! Heil... I mean, You fools!"
Not a fan of your politics but this is a great piece.
BuzzFeed, hahaha. I thought you were a serious journalist. W⚓️
This is amazing. Consider this your good deed for the day...and your lifetime.
Steve Bannon and his ilk at Brietbart think they're a killing machine but reporters are killing it. A horror movie where the good guys win.
Jesus fucking Christ how do these people keep getting sillier and sillier
hi. i really hope Milo gets help- his sexual abuse manifesting as misogyny is case study.. please also get into the psychosis of patriarchy
I enjoyed this observation, amid the grimness and squalor...
such filthy squalor, I feel the need to clean myself thoroughly.
"Severe myopia" OHMYGOD where to begin with this
insanely well reported batshit story
Outstanding work
Magnificent work. A vital, terrifying read.
"vital" lol, OK chin.
Excellent reporting, well done.
Bannon claims he wants liberals talking about race relations. The more we talk about it the more elections they win. He’s a monster.
Not race relations, identity politics. The more the left divides the races by victimhood, the more they will fight to be "the best victim"
Bannon's point is people will tire of that
lol you're still w Buzzfeed?
Still won’t ever work for the New York Times you silly blockhead.
damn a lot of work went into this, you must REALLY want to work at the New York Times
Whoa, huge step down from the Buzz, no?
Plausible deniability destroyed... a job well done and a great article!
Funny that the people who hated him because of GamerGate (which they mocked because the journalistic corruption in question benefited them) suddenly act like they care about journalistic ethics.🤔
Blockhead Joe at it again
Like anyone buys that Yolo Minneapolis is a saint. He's a fake gay who is pushing a xenophobic agenda for fear mongers
Awesome work. Really.
Dude is a Jewish gay guy with a black boyfriend. Doesn’t exactly scream “Nazi.”
His brand is all about notoriety. He teams up with whoever can give him that, including Nazis.
How’s this? Loud enough yet? Need some “paint by numbers?”
*extremely denzel voice* my man
Uh, it's actually "My Nigga" don't be such a fgt.
Fuck the alt-right and fuck the alt-left (#Antifa).
Please encourage people to join @slpng_giants to stop companies from advertising on Breitbart. We also need to boycott all Mercer businesses
Anyone have a list?
Im with you we shut fat ass Rush down
And Koch Industries.
This is one of the most amazing things I've ever read. My jaw is still on the floor. Fantastic job. 🔥🔥🔥
That's exactly how I felt! I couldn't put it down.
Blah blah blah racist Blah blah blah hate blah blah blah. Jeez it must suck to be a Leftist weakling. Always crying wolf.
My man can't even read. How are you typing all this shit?
Wow. That's certainly a winded piece. Journalism may not be your thing, but you definitely have a bright future in comedy. But no matter how anyone interprets it (reaffirmation or hilarious BS) nice job either way. 🤣
great reporting.
wow - just wow - very interesting piece. I need a shower now, but man is this good work.
Apologize to Sam Hyde blockhead
I can't imagine doing all that research without vomiting constantly. Also worth noting, the #Synthwave scene HATES Fashwave. #bashthefash
Bernstein. It's all I need to know.
Nobody tag @joerogan. He still wants to defend Milo and rile up his fanbase against the people who are actually ANTI fascists.
All that work for month for nothing... pretty much sums up Hillary's campaign 🤔
you boldfaced liar and as a Stockholm Syndrome type Jew you are a disgrace to those of us who are Jewish
Excellent work!
I don’t know how your did it as I can’t read more than a few para’s without feeling nausea and disgust. How many showers a day did you need?
You're the definition of fake news
Truly disturbing on many levels, surprised? No. Great work Joe and I hope you're getting help after digging so deep into hell.
how TF does Milo, who just married his Black fiancé, represent "racist hate"?
How the fuck are you alive in the year 2017 and not know that being in a relationship with a POC doesn't negate racism?
I'm not as paranoid + neurotic as people like you are.
No, just incredibly stupid and naive. Can't believe you can tie your own shoes let alone grasp incredibly simple concepts.
OMG, CONDESCEND TO ME SOME MORE! I definitely see things through your cucked eyes, now!
Willful idiots don't get hand held. Sorry!
at least I'm not all anxious, depressed + confused, like you're so proud of being 😹
I'm not confused about shit, faceless internet person stanning for complete human garbage.
you're totally confused about yourself, your bio is a mess, but that's ok cos it's trendy to be mentally ill 👍🏼
Ok, Becky. Whatever you day.
that's racist. You should be calling me "Maria".
Stop attacking my 1A the rights!
I'm Mexican, you racist. Come back when you learn how to debate the issues.
ya me enfadaste con tus pendejadas racistas y puterias. Adios, mariquitas.
Also, Google cognitive dissonance and tell me again how a to the bone racist can't be into people of another race
You & Richard Spencer are currently working together to take down Milo. You & your brainwashed readers should be ashamed.
Dude you are on Peter theil’s radar now good luck bro
buzzfeed is cancer
Bless you Joe - your hard work will change ppl's minds #Millenials #Antifa #BlackLivesMatter
But he's jewish and married to a black man....
Amazing work, Joe. But the content makes me want to puke. This is the face of evil, and so many Americans fell for it.
Lee Atwater 2.0
buzzfeed. SAY NO MORE.
This is great work. Thank you!
Incredible, important story. Thank you sir. Hope it wins a Pulitzer.
This story is ah-mazing. Awesome work!
This is incredible.
Not even one sentence in, and you're already lying/wrong. It's not "murder", it's "death" until motives are proven you hack. The sub-header is wrong too, Breitbart and Bannon are not alt-right.
Joe is obviously jealous of the giant Breitbart platform and influence. Stick to the top 21 lists for millennials Joe.
The article doesn't accuse him of racism. It demonstrates how he uses racist rhetoric to further his own ideology, himself, and Breitbart.
You can use the same rhetoric and logic with the NAACP - it's all more complicated than a buzzfeed article
The NAACP doesn't pander to folks who promulgate genocide against whites, even hoteps hate them. It really isn't complicated imo.
Clearly no bias from a site with the sub header 'Powerful Conservative Voices.'
Great reporting! extraordinary work
Bravo for this piece, seriously. Chilling and important.
Funny how BuzzFeeds colors are red, white and black. I may disagree sometimes; but Milo is a sexy bitch. Montel; head out of ass, pls.
Joe, this is outstanding work. One question, how did your conversation with Arnim Zola go, and how did you escape that missile?
It's a buzzfeed have no credibility with your racist articles you already write,"20 things white people ruin"
Amazing yet terrifying. Everyone should read this.
Milo is down with sucking child dick so there’s also that
Holy shit. I'm not even finished. I had to stop and take a breath for a minute.
No, really?!?
No question. An article that gets a mention on the Trump Impeachment Wikipedia of the future.
Thanks for this. You've done the country a great service. I know that sounds like bs, but I'm being completely honest.
Brilliant Reporting! I hope this goes viral!
thank you.
Astonishing work.
Milo has stated publicly that he doesn't advocate the ideas of those haven't done your research.
Or you are just simply ignoring that fact and creating your own story. You would make a great fictional writer.
"Man-eating werewolf publicly states that he does not advocate eating people, seen picking flesh out of his teeth with a toothpick"
Real fucking journalism. For a great cause. Great long read. Thank you for the enlightenment.
This article is shocking. Sleeping Giants, thank you for your work.
"The secret furies" of people have been unleashed.This was how Hitler won & how Trump won.Meanwhile,the money men win in the end.(As always)
A dense piece of work, thank you for unravelling it.
He's gay jew who married a black man yet he's a nazi? You leftists are utterly insane.
youll never make it to the NY Times this way joey boy
Leftists and white supremacists in league together to oppose Trump and new Right. Interesting.
Joe - I can't stop reading! Fantastic reporting!
This makes me sick! I am 62 yo & thought I had a good grasp of people, but this much vile is not what I thought America stood for! VERY SAD!
Why? (Genuinely asking - I'm not really familiar with him or his work)
I’ll agree with that.
Jeb, I’m not including you in this at all but it’s not mutually exclusive someone can be good at journalism and a subpar person.
Oh typically the better you are at journalism the worse you are as a human being
Haha well, I know and love many journalists so maybe that reflects badly on me
So what's wrong with Joe?
What a pile of left-wing biased crap "reporting". Even sadder is you probably made about $5 writing that blathering TL:DR novel.
This is really great. Well done you. Xx
I hope you're going back to the beginning of @BreitbartNews to the #FakeNews they created to discredit Black non-profits & people.
What a pile of left-wing biased crap "reporting". Even sadder is Berniestein probably made about $5 writing that blathering TL:DR novel.
Superb reportage 👈
Fabulous work! I've been so impressed and grateful for the awesome journalism we've seen during this administration.
Thank u 4 what ur doing. Still incredulous that these advertisers don't know that Brietbart's included in their buys. Geeze Louise!
Reading these emails makes my skin crawl...they’re like “cmon guys we’re a racist website but try to hide it better okay”
This is a very good read. I hope you're not offended when I say I'm shocked to read this on buzzfeed.
Seems like a butthurt libtard who can't stand the fact that you will never be half the journalist Milo is
journalist? ha! he's a half-wit con who spreads his hate ideology like ISIS. Same thing. alt-right = radicalization of white boys
OMG this piece is INSANE - would LOVE to know how you got hands on cache of docs! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for writing this, great job
This is some amazing reporting. Congratulations.
This is amazing. Thank you for this.
Excellent reporting. Great work, Joe.
Great work
Excellent story! Really excellent!
This is spectacular work and thank you for doing it
How come when an African Prime Minister points out races cannot exist together when whites say it outrage? It is an obvious truth.
you literally deserve an award for this. hooked from start to finish.
Wow, wow, wow! There’s so much to unpack from this piece! Amazing job.
An amazing piece of journalism.
😂😂😂😂 #buzzfeed makes its money off stories using peoples misery and they are judging others as if they are #moral
You mean there are hidden depths of hate to Milo that his cheap plastic Barbie doll wannabe exterior disguises? Incredible.
This is the best thing I've read in ages. Great analysis and fascinating content. It's so good. Thank you!
Nothing surprising in here, but it's brilliant to see it all backed up with evidence. Good work.
I really hated your subtitle.. esp after a Mass shooting. That said.. this moved my view.
>buzzfeed Remember when you got roasted by sam hyde
Thank you ! Great article
Powerful piece Joe. Thank you.
Everything is racist to snowflakes. White nationalism isn't a bad thing. Especially when there's a Muslim invasion going on.
It's kind of embarrassing that the evidence you've laid out contradicts your thesis. It's almost like you see what you want to see.
Incredible reporting. Stuff we all expected was going on behind the scenes, but now we've got the receipts to prove it.
This is the most incredible thing I've ever read.
Yeah that Jewish gay married to a black total nazi
Lmao nice story
Great reporting. @BreitbartNews is trash that's trying to destroy our country.
And I would be interested in reading it But you choose to write for BuzzFeed, the mephitic cesspit of clickbait journalism Too bad
I gotta "mancrush" on you, now. Good work!
Fuck off buzzfeed
Thank you for this. I hope people finally start to wake up to the danger these people present instead of falling for their tricks.
Nice one, really good bit of old fashioned journalism. Kudos.
Milo isn't entertainment, and Breitbart isn't journalism. When an outlet like *Buzzfeed* can put together a story like this---
2/2 that's about the right time to stop kidding yourself that you're on the right side of history here.
My god, I feel like I just read a script for a Wolf of Wall Street style social media thriller. The REAL American Horror Story
You work for a racist site that spews race hate daily. Piss off, racist hypocrite.
This is tremendous work.
Any Australian connections?
Ties together conservatives w/ pro-Putin types too "democracy has failed and that a return to feudalism and authoritarian rule is in order."
🅰ll this information was dispensed & not once did you hear anything about Russia.😒 Maybe it's time to drop the Russia conspiracy theory.
I'm talking about the fetishization of Putin on the right in this country and other countries, but you keep hammering your talking points.
Hillary was hacked with a $20 flash drive. Just saying😒
I'm not talking about the election, I'm talking about authoritarianism. Are you a bot?
😅The MSM is killing America That's what I'm talking about. Everybody is a bot, everybody is a Nazi, everybody is working for the Russians.
Your responses to me were not on topic, so I asked. But you do remain on your talking points.
1) Milo & Brannon saw the potential of lost white men & exploited it. 2) Democrats refuse to admit they exist. 3) Russia is a distraction.
Thank you for this Joe. Seriously. America needed it.
Wow, thank you. Julius Evola.
Grand Slam. Congrats!
It's a hit piece, plain and simple.
Fucking nailed it.
Excellent Journalism! A+!
excellent work!!!!
I often quibble about how journalists cover the far right, but so far so good
I'm sick to my stomach reading this. The 4th Reich in the making.
Please, more, more!!!
thank you for this. one of the best things i've read all year.
Can't wait into was made him all of a sudden evades him.
YOU DESERVE ALL THE AWARDS. Such a good piece.
you missed the milo uk connection - maajid nawaz (quilliam) - nicky cambell (bbc) - iain dale (lbc) - jeremy duns (co-author) .. etc etc
Excellent work!! Thank you! Bravo!!👍👏👏👏👏
But...but..what about "free speech," Joe? They should be allowed to ethnic cleanse us with their white ethnostate ideology... freely.
Dude😔 just stop. Antifa approval ratings are in the gutter. We're not giving up the 1st Amendment. M'kay😔
Big, big story. Some company you keep there, Peter. Make sure you read it all to find out what Milo’s email passwords were.
You have to have something in those emails with completely horrible things said about blacks, right? I mean, come on. Please say you do.
What is most creepy about this story is how easily so many people have bought into it.
Doesn't 'smuggle' imply 'hidden'? This was more like the story my dad told of the guys who stole a canoe from a department store. Obvious.
This article will surely land you that gig at the ny times.
Hey, readers. Please remember these Nazis harass journalists like this & their loved ones. Please give this man credit for his work.
Excellent work... we need more investigative reporting in this country.
Absolutely brilliant work! Can't wait to see what awards you win. Now we can also easily identify true racists on Milos site (apologists)
Joe Bernstein working hard for plantation owners and their slave policies.Even Malcolm knows white liberals are the most racists evil peeps.
Joe - you lost all credibility painting Sam Hyde's World Peace as an alt-right vehicle.
Amazing job sir!
Sorry after months of work you got it wrong. It started with HRC calling Americans deplorable's then went into Antifa hating conservatives
gotta call a spade a spade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Favorite part is the "my wife left me" email
REALLY well done!!!!!!
Thank you, Joe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Phenomenal work. You should be proud.
I just assumed that Milo smuggled them with the Gerbils he keeps in his ass!
by the way,the one extremely not surprising thing about Bannons leaked emails is his liberal use of the word "dude"
Well done. 👏
Thank you! Wonderful work!
That was quite the read.
whoa, deep dive. Excellent work and sourcing. These days reading a story is less fun for all the verification.
Why won't you publish all of milo's emails so we know what other fascists he's been corresponding with
great work, joe!
So tell me Joe which of Hitler's Nazi 25 points do you disagree with?…
amazing work, keep it coming!
Yes Joey, racist hate and nazi ideas from a gay jew with a black fiance.... You're a moron. You're all morons.
Still not the New York Times, joe
Breitbart, Trump, McConnell and Ryan among others, are a great danger to this country and the world.
really, really good piece!
thank you. Many feel vindicated
Jesus, all this alt-right shit and cultish behavior online is so over my head. Kudos to you for being able to slog through it all.
BuzzFeed displays more racist bullshit than I have ever seen from any other outlet.
damn azealia banks was really right about @mitchsunderland
I thought she was just crazy, but with hindsight, she rlly was dropping some truths 😂
Buzzfeed goes full Infowars, "we has the documents" white supremacy is errywhere people! be alarmed!
Remember last time when @BuzzFeed "Had the documents" it was fucking pissgate HAHA
Impressive work, Mr. Bernstein. Keep it up!
I was curious & looked at Brietbart the other day. It’s definitely a breeding ground for racists & all together deplorable people🤢
you and MSM looking for Russians too...dimwitted libs are funny
Are you sure it's not @BuzzFeed that peddles minority hate?
man i wish breitbart actually was as racist as you guys pretend it is
This is an amazing piece of reporting. Thank you!
Sorry dont see Milo as a rascist. Hes a troll. Hard to be radcist and marry a black man. When u abuse the word rascist it loses its meaning
This story is bananas. Great job chasing this one to ground, y'all.
bunch of racist right wing hack pseudo intellectuals like @benshapiro etc
But. His husband...
Do you have enough to do a follow-up focused more on Mercers and Thiel? Help us follow the money to neo-Nazis.
Wow thanks for putting this all together for everyone. This is amazing journalism.
Amazing read Joe. Well done. 👏👏👏
Does anyone seriously care enough about Milo to read this whole article?
You are neg spinning a story on Milo researching the alt-right into something ominous because he actually talked to them for research? F U
LOL! Baloney. 😄😄😄
Joe, I say this as sincerely as possible. I hope to God what you have written is factual. They're smart men, slander won't sit well.
by chance did you send this to @joerogan and @billmaher who fellatio'd little Milo on their show?
The best article I have read in years. Award-Deserving. Horrifyingly Amazing.
Great reporting...thank you!
Excellent article!
"Racist Hate" is just being anti-immigration and pro-women's rights. Great job being a hypocrite and biased #JoeBernstein
Thank you, read it. Best I've read in a long time. Makes sense now.
Amazing job. Deserve a lot of praise for it.
Remember how NPR was fooled by "Alt-Right" crap in 2016?
You're a piece of shit. Quit peddling lies
Shill. You've asked dodgy people to read online content you wrote just like the rest of us, back in the day, for the outrage clicks. #Milo
Are you sure past tense is right...should it be "launders"...??
GREAT READ! dangerous & sick ideas r shaping policy in the WH. Breitbart, Milo, Banon, Alt rite, Trumps = anti Semitic Racists PoS
probably you guys saw this already but sharing anyways!
What’s the good hate Joe?
Great story! Keep up the good work.
I've been explaining a lot of this to people since the primaries. Excellent work! Great summation of it all!
Laundering hate through milo a useful idiot who pushed far right ideas to gullible young people
How was Bannon ever in our White House, guys. How.
Bannon & Milo did not create the forces that elected Donald Trump They just saw their opening & Ran with it.
Curtis Yarvin: Democracy has failed a return to feudalism and authoritarian rule is in order. (advocating to be slaves to the Oligarchy??)
Some of the best reporting I've seen all year.
Holy smokes, this is incredible. Excellent work.
awesome story and even better journalism!
...and he just tweeted it out.
Awesome story. Please turn this into a @netflix doc with spooky music and generic repetitive visuals so people pay attention.
Excellent reporting! Well done.
I've no actual proof, BUT READ THIS BOOK that PROVES THEY'RE ALL RACISTS. RACISTS! (Pls ignore the fact he's a gay Jew married to a blk guy)
Have the documents been verified and re-verified? How on earth would this cache end up in your possession?
Don't get me wrong, I want to believe this is the beginning of the end for those hateful people but this is so totally out of left field.
I'm shocked. Shocked!! Well, not that shocked.
Amazing article, great piece of investigation. Congrats
You could get a Pulitzer out of this! Congrats!
63 million people voted for Trump yet the racist alt-right swept Trump to power? So how many of the 63 million are racists?
What a read! Great work!!
Milo gets a chubby seeing his name in print = this should jizz his nut!
Tim Gunn is one of the most wonderful human beings on this planet. #ProjectRunway
And Breitbart reported on Hillary's baby with the HER age, God Bless Her!
Complete BS! You liberals need to take a Xanax!
Where was this three years ago when Milo was practicing this routine with Gamergate?
Charlottesville ended in murder?? Video shows she wasn't even hit by the car. Let the guy have a trial first..
This is such solid reporting. Excellent job! Thank you.
I read @theintercept article about pigs today... and YOUR article made me feel even sicker to stomach than that...
It's cool I don't need to watch IT now I've seen the face of evil and it's singing karaoke
me after reading this
Joe, very good reporting!
HOLY DAMN great work, joe