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Maybe, but then whose job is the computers? I think we need a bit more Craig and Phil, and a bit less Jony. Not zero, but a bit less.
I think it’s okay that Tim doesn’t focus on computers, given that his scope is bigger, including health, transport, energy, media
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Or maybe bring in some new perspectives.
Hire @siracusa. He cares deeply about the Mac and is knowledgeable and hypercritical.
You’re right. I’ve been put off getting a Mac for years now. I’m looking forward to the up-tick in this area
I think we’re already seeing the start of that. But jony has been a towering personality at Apple for long time so it’ll take time.
I know everyone loves Craig, but isn’t Apple’s software a bigger letdown than its hardware? (Note: I haven’t bought a Mac in 5 years.)
In fairness, it’s all gotten way better. Everything works now.
Ehhhhh. Continuity still randomly, inexplicably, infuriatingly fails. Finder handling of networking is still as bad as it was in 10.0.
I think their hardware is impeccable and better than ever, but the software has been disappointing since Lion. High Sierra is a disaster.
When I wrote That Lion is a mess people laughed at me that I still use Snow Leopard :/
Yes and no on the hardware front... next Mac Pro really needs to be a home run at this point.
Everyone loves Craig because he does great presentations and interviews. But the software problems really started during his tenure.
Ouch! (You're right, of course...)
His tenure is when the OS release cycles were all synchronized… for better or worse.
Problems go from low-level (discoveryd, Bluetooth) to frameworks (PDFKit, etc.), to first-party apps (Disk Utility, etc.). All under Craig.
It took a couple of years before Handoff, Continuity, and AirDrop were reliable enough to trust.
AirDrop has always been hit or miss for me. Handoff, Continuity, Universal Clipboard worked well initially for me; broken last few months.
Airdrop still never works for me when I’m at work. Probably something to do with the network...
FCPX doesn’t support HEVC 🤦‍♂️ You’d think they’d at least have basic support on day one.
What has Jony done for us lately, though? EarPods, maybe. Other than that?
If “done for us” includes unreleased stuff, I’d say: iPad Pro, iPhone X, Watch s3, AirPods, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, iPad X, AR Glasses, Car.
I know he’s of course not doing all those personally, but they’re managing a massive hardware pipeline compared to 15 years ago.
Maybe some day they’ll hire Scott Forstall back lol
Apple needs Marco.
Spot on. Jony needs editors and Craig and Phil have the knowledge, passion, and hopefully power to do that.
There was a time I’d be 100% sure of buying a computer from 🍎 and have it make me happy with how it worked. Not the case now, and that’s sad
I think there needs to be a czar for each area: iPhones, iPads, AppleTVs and Macs. I want them to push to be the very best in the industry.
Craig’s biggest problem is he’s spread too thin. You can’t give your focus to all of those at the same time to be the best.
I think Apple needs a reminder that they are, in fact, selling computers. They’re a bit too starry-eyed about their “mission”.
It’s almost emblematic of the entire Silicon Valley problem that people selling ads and software think they shit pure gold
OTOH, this tweet is pure gold.
I think Craig clearly has that love and enthusiasm for the technology. It’s like watching a 5 year old playing with dream toys on stage.
Also, maybe Apple doesn't have to do *every single thing* like Microsoft of the 90s