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Of course we'll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren't the focus. 😟
We as individuals use WP also! So, you will not support individuals with WP then? :(
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What about mobile devices with Windows on ARM?
Then its a failure..
you’re just realizing this now
What about PROMISSED Continuum v2? This is all what I need as an example.
Continuum is getting improvements in feature2, Windows 10 desktop in ARM(64) is supported in the next version of VS
Ahahaha no it’s not. On fast build. Nothing near what we’ve been promised has arrived. Only stability fixes. WP is on life support at MS.
Continuum got a portrait-mode for one
Oh yeah, a flip in resolution. Still nothing near what was promised (windows and performance improvements).
That's nothing then a giving up. Sad because there are NO alternatives.
Why then would enterprise people choose WP when there will be no new features/hw? Will you make them eventually migrate?
They’ve all migrated away years ago. Windows Phone never stood a chance.
Poor NYPD, they migrated away too late 🤣
but it should be... you should have never given it up. :( the silence since the 950 is horrible..
Eheh! In MS silence means... Exactly ;-)
What about continuum and windows on arm
VS 15.4 apparently has ARM64-support for desktop apps
Burnt too many times, I won't go near it.
glad it's officially confirmed now.
Yeah. Pity those who are still invested in Microsoft's ecosystem
All 2 or 3 of them lol (sarcastic). MS makes fantastic apps for Android and iOS. MS users aren't hung out to dry.
Nadella said to bring 3 Lumias/year. Then he said to build devices if no OEM would do. I guess the ultimate mobile device is a lie too?
Provide support by removing services, pitiful ! You don't care about your consumers ! #Microsoft #shame
In lieu of W10M futures, can we expect an ARM device "pocket PC with ink" running W10 from Microsoft in the future? #hope
Don't think OS feature set was a problem. WinPhones were catching up in India and Europe. But hardware division got killed ☹
With Groove gone and WM dying - we have massive # of devs running from UWP and MS - with no trust you won't kill off key platform features.
Sad, but understandable. Carry on.
There is truly huge amount Dev concern that Microsoft is sacrificing/leaving consumers for business. Devs already skittish, now horrified.
It didn’t help that there wasn’t a good hardware platform for people to buy where the app owners would then need to port their apps! 😢
Hope MS will at least keep updating their own W10M apps. Google Pixel presentation just showed how innovative MS was with W10M back in 2015.
Is this you saying it's worth investing in iOS or Android devices instead of keeping our Windows Phone as consumers?
Did you consider to provide an Android firmware for those great devices? (So at least they can be useful)
Well that’s lame. You guys had a chance, didn’t blow it, then just... quit.
I hope you are sincere about the bug fixes for W10M b/c many can't afford to switch yet, and there are lots of things broken
Joel, been on Android for couple of weeks but was on W10M fast ring before that. Thought bug fixing was going well.
Thank you for saying the truth about Windows 10 Mobile, the barrier to build a new ecosystem was just too high despite hard work.
lol the barrier wasn’t too high the microsoft devs just decided it wasn’t worth considering what third party devs think & fucked em over 3x
And all you will do is kill off the last remaining users. Tbh the users you still have are the ones being most screwed 1/2
This is honesty 😉
And the ones you'll need to be on board for any future mobile attempts. Its a loose loose situation. Sad, I liked wp very much. 2/2
So Microsoft is back to old square one. Less consumer interested, more companies space again. Sad
This is the BEST NEWS FROM MS camp.. Just communicating to loyal fans.
Thank goodness I moved to android
Great news for today The most loved and supported(frm starting with nothing new from 1year) OS for phone is dead officially #WindowsInsiders
for me Iphone and Android Phone is dead #WindowsInsiders
Microsoft please don't give up windows on mobile-like devices!! I hate the market power of monopolist google - apple is for too rich people
you better get rich then lol
Porra @AndreHBuss agora tá n hora de você falar claramente que está Porra Acabou!😂
So no hope or chance of WP hardware in near/ distant future ? Then all WP fans should move to Android/iOS ecosystem ???
Any chance you can unlock the bootloaders of Lumias? Would save great hardware from being abandoned in search for new software. #ecofriendly
recent developments, this comment and Satya's book pretty much has laid to rest any hopes among fans for the revival of Windows Phone.
By "Platform" Is this W10M or all Win OS iterations on a phone form factor?
Now I understand why my #Lumia950 is unusable ... All those "fixes" and support :)
In other words dead.
Maybe rumored surface phone is an Android one!
There is no surface phone and it will be DOA should it ever turn up. I love winmo but I can't see me buying a smartphone for a long time.
May be with windows and what if, if it comes up with android
Well all bets are off if Google is forced to decouple Play Store in the EU but it would have to be the best phone ever to gain traction.
that's true though
A too undervalued feature for users' health is the blue light filter. Windows 10 Mobile needs it. Please do this, at least.
(Possibly sensitive)
I bet this decision is 2 years old. That's the main problem with MS: You, as a company, DO NOT TALK openly to customers. Bye Bye Microsoon.
So should we be waiting or not for the surface phone?
Thank you for being open about the platform. It's all we wanted. I switched but will gladly return if new hardware is ever announced.
Thanks for the honesty here Joe. Hopefully one day the focus will shift back to new features and whatnot someday
This is really disappointing. I've been left with no choice but to move to a cumbersome OS that is Android.
I didn't have fight with WP to manage my contacts or move/store/manage all my files/apps/data on an SD card. WP performance was always great
Anytime I needed to get something done WP worked with me. Everything I do in Android has always felt like it is working against me.
Given that the 950 was released less than 2 years ago, like many are saying you should consider looking at letting us put Android on it. I appreciate your honesty rather than trying to guess if MS have given up on it
Guys we should start a Class Action! Ms deserve it for having lied to everyone!
Was shocked when Microsoft said they are removing Groove and replacing it with Spotify music for windows phone.Pls don't give up on windows
i think this is the first time a MS responsible is honest about the future of windows mobile #ripwindowsmobile hopefully my 950 not breake
This is sad .I always loved my Lumia, and my Microsoft ecosystem but now i lost my faith in the this company. I ll just switch ecosystem smh
Decretada a morte do wp
Since it's dead, you might as well release the Android Bridge. Give the users some apps.
Finally...thanks for being honest with the fans Joe
Don't tell honest yet.. He told MS will support with bug fixes and security patches. Read it as we still have a promise to break!! LOL 🤣
All you needed to do is allow Android apps (via project Astoria maybe) on W10m. People are on the W10m platform for a reason... (1/2)
I hear from W10m users (and not W10m fans) trying to switch to other platforms. They don't seem to like iOS at all... (2/3)
Thats really disapointing to hear 🙁
... and they are ok with Android but are not comfortable using Google services.. It is really a pity... Putting your customers through this
HOOWWWW did you not know THIS when you asked HP to invest heavily in Elite x3. People bought them for over $1k. Not to mention Acer etc too
Hp and acer should sue MS
Why did you have to leave for an year? They've killed your baby while u were gone
So what reason do i have to be in your ecosystem at all? What does a single user experience, a desktop...give me?
Especially when my school district of 90k kids ditched windows. My kids dont even know what windows is unless i force it on them...force!
Thanks for finally being honest, much appreciated! I really, really hope UWP will work out without a mobile platform...
Please don't kill the Windows mobile 10. Best UI ever 😒.
If you guys could fix the call waiting sound issue, that would be great (reported through FBhub and my carrier contacts several times)
Moved to #Android months ago and been VERY happy. Dropped in "Launcher 10" and never looked back. Not only have tiles, I also have apps!
Glad to see Focused Inbox just came to Windows Phone this weekend. :)
My Lumia 950 is garbage now thanks to Microsoft's "support". Crashes 3x a day on the latest "bug fix" builds. Just kill it & say so already.
Have you replaced the battery? It's the source for a lot of these kind of complaints.
Another battery is like $80. Not spending that on a phone that isn't getting new features. I'm getting an iPhone.
get an android instead
Don't trust Google, don't trust China wo t put spyware in them, don't trust the apps. No thanks.
gladly mine doesn't
Well, the problem is that means Microsoft is at the mercy of Apple and Google in mobile - if you think that's a good strategy, go for it.
Spot on. Consumers have made apple and Google respectively the most valuable companies ever. If Microsoft get beaten in cloud, what then?
Wtf-long beginning end of Microsoft's strength-kid,windows,ms office, it-decision.Without mobile system kill yourself Nadella-Amateur!
We all wanted this announcement for closure. Unfortunately, I think many remaining apps will be pulled from the Store now.
Remember rocking my 1520 with it's super battery life, people hub, incredible camera.Then came Cortana, the best personal asst @ the time ☹️
why is it not possible to just uninstall this thing?
It's cheating to shareholders(me),fans,insider and employees. WM10 was strong before killing Hardware-Failure... Very BAD, @satyanadella
It's time to look elsewhere ❤ios
Many failures, bad communication, no new hardware, bad marketing, MOBILE first??Without mobile??Cortana international?german features?? BAD!
I'm so disappointed w/ Microsoft. Windows Mobile was so unique, user-friendly OS and you guys failed developing & marketing it properly.
No way it was user-friendly. It had 3 and only 3 alarms for a decade. While there is no even one reason on earth to have such limit.
Where is that 3 alarms limitation in Windows Mobile?
In Windows Mobile 3,4,5,6 it was still there. Then I lost interest. Because it wasn't there in Android 2,3,4,5,6,7
The company just abandoned the Windows 10 Mobile so the talk is about it, not Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows CE.
You repeatedly mention Windows Mobile (sic) in your prior twits. Either way - long due. It's dead, yay! No more wasted millions for nothing.
So much for Windows Mobile is for Microsoft enthusiast. If this is how MSFT treats its fans, the 1's that advocated for wp since day 1...
Same. Disappointing to say the least, took us for a rude and then screwed us yet again.
Then why should we invest in anything else MSFT makes?
you trying to suggest nothing @Google or @Apple have made has failed? #Newton #MyTracks etc
This is so MSFT, make something great, but if it's not #1 or a close 2'nd, kill it. At the very least, move its UI & all its features to...
It's barely 3rd. Microsoft had so many opportunities to make Windows Phone/Mobile a great success, and squandered every one of them.
Which opportunities?
So it's too late for you to update high end W10M devices to add CSHELL to have only one code for features...
It could have saved W10M and the beautiful vision of one OS for everyone and every device... 😢 so sad...
You guys really blew it. Too slow to develop and many stops/starts killed the ecosystem. Also W10M was laughably buggy.
Would be great if the bootloader was opened up, to allow community Android ports. A way forward so to speak.
You should find a way to compensate those people how trusted and bought WP and you let them down.
Das news, but at this time a 7inch tablet with Windows and Phone functuonality is the Best hope instead the Android Phone y have now
Thank you Joe. I know you didnt say a lot, and most of this was obvious, but thank you for finally saying it and giving us some closure. 🙏
are you saying MS is ending Win10Mobile (the OS) or leaving Windows10 on Mobile devices? IOW: OneCore on Mobile in 18?
So, i can switch to another platform then ? Misere de misere 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Windows mobile is dead, Vive windows mobile !!
que hacemos nos compramos un iphone, o vais a sacar un movil nuevo alguna vez, ¿tenéis algo nuevo pensado?, decir algo pronto
Hey @joebelfiore, I still love my WinPhone, do you recommend I get an iPhone or an Android?
Of course we'll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren't the focus. 😟
Nik Nastev on Twitter
“@joebelfiore We as individuals use WP also! So, you will not support individuals with WP then? :(”
Any official updates on WCOS for mobile devices?
w10m is sometimes unusable, please solve things so that it is at least usable
I hope MS at least has a proper replacem. with coreOS or whatever. Still using, my fam and friends too- I introduced them to WP
parece q os #techmanjas tavam certo seu trouxa mau comido, quero ver vc vir com esses papinhos ridiculos de novo
thanks for killing a perfectly viable mobile OS by treating developer labour like shit
don't waste it , give it to free software community and it will get another life.
They wont open source it.
Are you working in a full featured release of Cortana in iOS and Android? At least available in more languages, like Spanish?🙏🏻
The problem was to choose in between PC and mobile ... My back prefered #wm10 and Continuum ...
Anyway the next step is browser integration with apps working online AND offline ... Let's hope for a better O365 mobile web ...
Just convert the phone to android, windows phone is dead
I think MS should be sued for anit customer practice
At least you had the guts to say it. I'm done with your other services as well. Tired of getting screwed because you give up every 2 years.
Why should anyone who has been a part of Windows Mobile/Phone trust anything that MS management says? Nothing but lies to us for years.
Only one words. Fuck you Microsoft !
MS mobile screwed me w/no Win ph upgrade os options leaving me stuck w/ the 925 , its been a fiasco, u failed us, I'll never trust MS again
Can we assume that W10M will get the same extended support as W10 - until 2025?
What next? Groove is dead. Maps will die. Just lost iOS search, no Cortana presence in homes. Hope is tied to AR/VR with no mobile device...
I also remember the day that the first build of win10m released.three years ago.days and is ended.the contribution own to ms.
Had five wonderful years on the Windows Phone/Mobile 7.5/8.0/8.1/10 platforms. Will always miss the "wife" live tile.
This is pure tragic.This is bad for the whole company in the long term.
sorry to hear that
I'd tolerate Android if I could have the Windows Metro interface. Arrow launcher just doesn't cut it.
Would be great have a windows 10 launcher from Microsoft with some form of live tye setup
I am still using my 950XL and waiting for a new hardware to come out 😢
Could be an issue if AR apps reach critical mass on mobile & give other platform holders a library of applications to launch AR/MR wearables
We the fans of WP are not giving up the platform yet, so why are you giving up
I love my WM 10 Alcatel Idol 4s. Its the best phone I've ever owned. The dependability has been top notch I'll use it till it stops working
Hey, at least make it easier for me to transition after buying a $400 windows phone by making Windows Camera for other phones
Will apps still be around? Like updating Maps, Groove, skype? Also what happened to bringing Sway to W10m 3 years ago. iOS has it...
And if @Microsoft brings the @Windows Camera app to iOS and Android please have ISO, Macro, and shutter speed adjust ability. Thx if u do
Until you guys get bored with it. Good thing it will be free...I hope.
well rip, i giving it to my mom, please keep it update, thanks
I feel so sad. I use wp for years. I think Microsoft did not try hard to improve the platform. I will never buy any Mic's devices.
What of new hardware. It's difficult to get new WP from credible outlets in this area
Or maybe it's a high time you thought of a hybreed hardware. A WP that can run windows, IOS and android apps. Giving choice to the user.
Mobile is needed for complete W10 business integration. What's next, kill off Cortana as well? The marketing for W10 M blew big chunks!!
Please do not abandon us @joebelfiore. We trusted vision for Windows mobile. Why are you keep abondoning us from WP7? This is Ridiculous!
Microsoft has a BIG problem...MARKETING!!!! That killed, Zune, Microsoft Band, Lumia, Groove Music, Windows 10 Mobile.
No mobile = switch ecosystem. As simple as that.
Thank you for such making my days more worst. Ps: I'm still love my Lumia even u thrown to the bin.
Shall we expect a brand new phone running a full w10 (not w10m)?
I'm so glad 😞 ... W10M FOREVER. 😞😞😞
I think you must turn this device's to Android
gaming on pc?
I am so disheartened upon reading on this 😢
What about enterprise? Do you have anything that is a focus to replace Win Mobile/CE, or are Microsoft handhelds EOL for some industries?
MS just showed us the mid finger, what a way to treat your USERS! At least unlock the bootloaders of our Lumias so we can make them useful!
Really sad I had high hopes for WP and even made apps for the store. It really sucks 😢😢
But isn't the purpose of OneKernel of Windows 10 to have the same features in both W10M and W10 Desktop?
Ah Joe... The system is gr8. Unfortunately @Microsoft didn't paid (literally) attention to developers to bring their apps to the platform
sad day - I was hoping against hope I'd be able to switch back in future
Too little, too late. I mean the statement that you leave W10M..err...that MS left it already in 2015. Unworthy of such a company like MS.
All I know after winmobile, wp7.x, wp8.x and win 10 mobile letting me down, I think I will think twice before buying another ms product...
Hello sir, I need to access the store. :(
so basically WP is dead.
I'm sooo sad to hear this 😢 I've bought my Mom a Lumia. I was surprised and wanted to change from Apple to Windows phone...
this has been one of the saddest day in my life as the dream of Surface phone's fading. Talking bout betrayed by your hope. SMH
:( ... sadly the other mobile OSs aren't that good
MrBelfiore,une honte de faire acheter des smartphones qui n'ont pas d'avenir,sommes nombreux a croire dans W10Mobile pas vous
, a shame to make buy smartphones that have no future, are many to believe in W10Mobile not you!!
At least, could Microsoft please provide Android firmware for Lumia 950/ 950XL?
Come on man don't make me buy an android or iphone 😢
Disappointed! I will continue to use Lumia 1520 until it breaks!
open the code for the community and everyone will be grateful to you.
Will it be possible to install Android on Lumia 950/XL devices in future?
Does this mean the Windows Phone platform is effectively dead?
then help partners building the hardware
Well we all knew this back in 2011, the bad thing was that you had to take Nokia down with you.
We just lose to disgusting Google - the worst tech corporation of human history. Google is absolute empire of evil
I switched to Android in June after being loyal to Microsoft since Windows 95. Not paying for office or OneDrive. Good luck Joe 👍
Strategically, in my view, this seems like a mistake. WP mkt share whist niche would have been a centre of excellence like Surface.
And what should i do, if I need a 5 inch device that runs UWP apps? Hold on to my 650 forever?
It's not fair... What should I do now as a user?
kill WP. He stop the sale of terminals and the communication around WP and then you pretexte: "you see that we sell nothing"
Thanks for spitting in the face of customers like me who bought devices like lumia 950 xl.. Are you gonna reimburse us? The device is bought on a promise after all.. :|
So that's that... Moving on..
since your not continuing with W-phone system, can you make all W-phone upgradable to Android? (Not sure if technically acceptable) 😕🙃
Don't, please DO NOT!
Where can I send my list of bugs that need fixing? :-P
just expect the improvement of Continuum for phones,it's useful.
Okay, Nokia CEO. too young too simple. Sometimes naive. 2333, 666
Hi Joe, would there be any chance on open sourcing #Windows10Mobile 🤔?
Very polite & diplomatic way to announce the official death of windows phones ... 😒😑
Too bad. I liked the OS.
That is so sad. I used 7.6, till 10 .... Now is everything at the end. People laughed at me - now they are right ... thank you for nothing
I'm frustrated & angry. W10M is elegant & fluid. iOS is a cheap attempt on flat design, Android a fragmentation nightmare in candy optics.
shame, i hoped for the best. but i know there is always a broader concept for billions of users then a selfish wish of a one of a kind msguy
Do we gona see any new Surface Phones from MS in the near future?
Does this really surprise anyone? It was a LONG time coming. #WindowsPhone was dead before it was even a thought.
Well, I need to learn #Swift now. #UWP are dead
Would someone please provide an Android platform for my 950 XL?
About time. It is the decent, honorable and respectable thing to do. Still love Windows Phone but it is what it is.
Wish that Skype hadn't disappeared for Windows Phone. There are no other options now that Viber is in maintenance mode.
It's a thousand pities! It was a great platform.
It's a shame really, I was like an ambassador for WP, i had convinced people to switch to WP, I owned all the flagships, but ->
-> the lack of important apps, the significant changes brought to WP that made it slower full of bugs (L950) made me abandon your phones.
So sad 😢 to see you tweet this. Love my L950, but Microsoft never seen to put the money they into this. It's a dam shame.
I hate windows and did not even know there was a phone LOL, can't imagine such a thing.
It's hard to see Windows mobile 10 go. It was a brilliant OS. But lacked the apps.
Windows Continuum is now: Edge on Android/iOS and continue browsing on your large screen ;-)
So no more Windows on ARM? Also... tbh, let's face it, Windows Mobile 6.5 was where it was at. 7 onwards was a trainwreck
First WebOS, now Windows Mobile. Sad day that the better OS can't/won't survive
I'm going to miss WP it used to be more reliable than Android but less friendly than iOS unfortunately.
why should who have invested heavily in your infrastructure have ANY faith in ANY product line u promote? what next surface pro for the bin?
What about New Surface Phone?
is it all dead continuum and all? Is surface phone dead too? Kill me all at once please 🙏🏽
Fire is the MS marketing dept. The WP should have been an easy sell. Many People I know have never heard of a windows phone, but should have
i change my #lumia950 only if you change yre coiffeur #w10m #cortana #Enjoy
Where are the devices first.. if you don't have devices, your presence is nil ! Frustrating experience with Windows 10 M
So disappointing. My family has 3 xboxs, 2 Surface RT, Surface Pro 4, laptops, Desktops, other tables and 6 WPs not to mendtion music and videos. Dev account £100s spent and time invested waited 3 years for the Surface phone to hear this. NOT HAPPY.
Does this mean that CShell is dead too?
No! Cortana on Windows phone is the best speech system for disabled people, tried them all,#Cortana gets 95%+ for me.Really wanted a surface
Why don't you make a phone with Android, Arrow Launcher, swift key and the rest of your apps. Windows Mobile 10 sucked but your apps rock
This is fucking bullshit! After 1 year this Lumia 950XL pos gets dropped by MSFT! Same with the Surface RT! I want my money back! Fuck msft!
Thanks for making this official. How long will the support window be? Any plans to do something to keep us in MS Services?
It's time to stop buying any hardware from MS. MS needs to quit Surface brand, and go back to do software.
I have a Lumia 650, WP device and had a Lumia 800, also WP device. I like them and find myself good with them!Don't let it go like this man!
Would love to put Android on my 950 then.
Release night mode for Windows 10 Mobile please 😢 I frequently use my phone at night 😎
(1/2) well, putting 'building new features' a side, i do agree that the focus would be more on solving problems/bug fixes of existing stuff
(2/2)Otherwise, currently, more features would also mean more bugs/conflicts to fix, focus on current things 1st b4 moving on to next level😉
before leaving,plz provide us a chance to switch to android from windows phone @joebelfiore
If MS give up then get XDA-Developers a chance to porting Android on 950 and 950 xl. 🧐
Is there news about the new phone.surface I am waiting for its release
You will soon learn how big the mistake #Microsoft did is. it’s only a matter of time until complete failure. Future is bigger than cloud 😉
I bought the #HPEliteX3. Though a new device like this meant @Microsoft was moving forward with mobile or universal OS. This sucks!!! 😭
Pity. I'd greate experience work on Lumia 950 w/ full Office, editing huge excel sheets and even PDF docs, staying tent on mounting w/ 4G+
For those that bought into the 950, would be great to have a bootloader to install android on it. Device hardware is still great.
Can you please at least fix the USB audio DAC LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play, to work with my Lumia 950 XL before saying farewell?
sad times, best phone I had was windows nokia lumias. it is sad
sadness. But thank you for sharing the truth with us finally #RIPWINDOWS10MOBILE
then please make a new mobile device for those who are still in love with WP. A new device like Surface Phone 🙁
Take the chance and use the Microsoft launcher for Android to keep the WP start screen alive. Don't throw it away!
you know what? F... you. You lied to so many people, so many customers!
Got in love with WP 8.1 and think WP has the best user interface (minimal and effective) .. had to switch to Android due to app availability
Please 🙏🏾🙏🏾 release firmware that allow install Android that will be fair for people who trusted @Microsoft and buy all that great hardware “phone” #WindowsPhone @joebelfiore
Seems like MS once again threw in the towel.. You have such a hot product...but you never pushed it that hard. Imagine a 64 bit win mob os
Let W10M be the underlaying OS with genuine apps, please. Build an intermediate AOSP-Layer. Build an AOSP store with other custom ROM devs.
I will never trust Microsoft again...less than 2 year old phone. Already DEAD!
Maybe its time to open up the windows mobile system and let the community take over the work. If msft wont create new features fine, we will
Sad to hear this. I assumed a hush MS team was fixing this, and had been of the opinion I would be owning a kick-ass Win phone by 2020.
Win phone 7 users were left with useless bricks as a result of no updates. It's no surprise to see the OS Dead in the water!
Early backers of WP should have been provided with the latest OS instead we faced expensive upgrade options!
Bye Bye insider program. WP was the only reason for being an insider... Invested days and nights... No more anxiety... Thanks Joe.
Some wonderful years... Thanks Joe... Thanks @nokia.. still beyond imagination buying a Nokia phone using Android OS. great OS, great camera
But sad you took a great hardware platform towards dead end.. Including all services like here, mix radio... कोई लौटादे मेरे बीते हुए दिन !!
Android is the solid foundation users want and need. I will never use anything else ever again.
Yes we knew it coming but bad timing to announce, saidly my beloved MS never get designers even today....why?