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I'm told Donald Duck is an important cultural icon in Finland & the modern art museum has a current exhibit! So here we are. h/t @ann_arcana
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Okay they mean it.
This is one of the best art museums I've ever been to.
Absolutely no jet lag left.
"Being the worlds richest duck is not an enviable position". Indeed.
Whoever curated The Duckburg exhibit at the Ateneum, please marry me, adopt me, let me adopt you, or something. Anything.
"however, the serenity of the scene is only superficial, and art historians have discovered.."
Okay that's it they're closing the museum and kicking me out. I leave you with The Fighting Waterfowl.
Someone put it all together in a moment! The Ducksburg moment!
Now interrogating people on why Donald Duck doesn't wear pants *but* wears a towel out of the shower—if Finns can't answer this, nobody can.
I'm in a very small boutique book store.
It's gonna be a foul reply, regardless. *sorry/notsorry
How about Goofy having a pet dog
Thanks for the laughs - adorable!
the slightly disappointing answer might be: «because it’s conductive for the storytelling»
Because he's wet!
Ask about Goofy and Pluto while you are at it
Clearly the White House staffers. Though many actors have played Goofy since november.spicer wore it best
When you're famous they let you get away with it.- Donald
Obviously it's water off a ducks back to him so only his legs are wet and in need of a towel.
Sorry, it’s the algorithm. Our hands are tied.
Donald Duck is a Christmas tradition in Sweden too. Disney Co sued Marvel Comics to make Howard the Duck put on pants.
Are you going back there tomorrow to give us more wonderful excerpts?
these are just amazing..... thanks
this is amazing
Can you imagine leaving syria for this?
And the bath toy is a duck 😂😂😂
But, of course.
LOVE IT. I grew up with Donald Duck. QUACK!!
Thanks so much for this thread ❤️
Donald duck is an imporant culteral icon in all of the nordic countries.
Still Moomins are the best in Finland :)
cc: @deoxyribozyme this seems like it would intrigue you.
I have wondered if they're going to rename Donaldism (yes, it's a thing!) now that Donald means so much more than the pants-free duck. 🤔🙁😱
Following this thread. I don’t even understand, but it is amazing.
But actually not the modern art museum
:) Same for all the Nordic Countries. The comics were more popular here than in the US.
🎶Life is like a hurricane 🎶
Someone should do a study of the similarities between Donald the duck and Donald Trump.@realDonaldTrump