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I've been using the Pixel 2 XL (mostly) for the last three days. I have some thoughts of my own.
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Battery life on the XL is excellent. SD835 + Oreo makes this an all-day phone without question for me. Range anxiety is totally minimal.
This is the best camera on a smartphone, period.
Also, automatic motion photos are AmAzInG.
Automatic motion photo capture is a camera game-changer. It's like finding a present - you don't even know when they're going to show up.
Pixel 2 performance is class-leading. So smooth. I've never seen Android run so consistently.
The quality of the devices physically this year is also up substantially. These definitely look and feel nicer than the 2016 Pixels.
Combine that with 3 years of guaranteed OS updates, and I think the Pixel 2 XL is an easy sale if you're buying a phone today.
Curious to hear your thoughts on OG Pixel XL screen vs. 2 XL after few days of use.
More about screen quality please & how it'll held in two years time.
Too bad you can't buy one in France for absolute no reason what so ever (and Google France can't answer)
Pease comment on display. Do you get used to the more natural/muted colors? Too minor a qualm to worry about? Current phone is Pixel XL
I still would love clarification on how 3 years of OS and security updates works. Pixel 2 gets P, Q, R then instantly loses support?
That makes no sense. It should be P, Q, R, and a 4th year of security patches.
Has Google clarified this to you or @ArtemR? Just curious.
Damn. There was me thinking it was an easy decision to get either Note 8, V30 or iPhone X over it but apparently not. Decision decisions.
Have you got the Mate 10 or 10 Pro? I'm not expecting camera to be as good, but it does seem very smooth and Google 'endorsed' it at launch.
But is that possible when the other guys have higher Geekbench scores?? /s
I only wish motion photos weren't so jerky when looping, but I'm really looking forward to trying out the feature!
How is this different from what iPhones have done for a few years now?
Except low resolution.
I expect it'll be great for memories but not useful for reproduction (printing, artsy stuff, etc)
who cares, you get the full-res photo regardless? this is a non-issue
On the phone, it's fine, but on PC, it looks like butt. I care.
then take an actual video? the whole point is this happens in the background with no effect on camera performance/output.
We also live in a world where 90% of the people are consuming ALL media on a phone, so PC performance is less important.
the same that photo live on ios ^^
Isn’t this just Live Photo’s from the iPhone? I doubt you said it was a game changer then.
samsung galaxy the best macro!?!
What kind of battery life we're you seeing on last year's Pixel (for comparison?) The battery on my 2016 Pixel is abysmal.
What build are you on and are you on Sept or October
did you notice the "graininess" that ArsTechnica is reporting? i keep hearing muted colors too, but no one mentions trying vivid mode
vivid is on by default
Ah ok wasnt sure. Heard people mention it on standard or RGB on Reddit, but haven't checked for myself. Thanks.
How is touch latency compared to OG pixels?
Already pre ordered. Coming from the Galaxy s8+ I heard the screen is disappointing. How big of a deal is that for you?
they are saying the xl screen is muted a little bit, the smaller one is just fine
Is Max screen brightness outdoors adequate to be able to see the screen outdoors?