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Here's the memo that just went out to WSJ staffers regarding social media use
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Ffs, who writes without Oxford commas anymore?! Has trump turned us all into complete savages?!
AP Style, brah
Was about to say 😂
It goes without saying...
Good advice for @POTUS
Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?
tl:dr Check your personality at the door and all your accounts are belong to us.
should have given the advice that I always got: Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to appear on the front page of @nytimes
That’s an old-fashioned idea, imo. Twitter isn’t the front page of the paper. That’s like, the whole point. Adapt your voice to the medium.
The subtext of this memo: We don’t trust you and our readers are potential adversaries so be as boring and indistinct as possible.
A bit much, don't you think @WSJ?
liberal media "They're like f**king this is bullsh**t. They hate Trump."
Any time a memo uses the phrase “we need to be mindful”, an angel loses its wings.
You may be right, but it still makes me sad. I always liked that phrase.
FK the @WSJ I will never read them again, ever! They are so part of the problem now.
Too bad #FakenewsCNN has no code...right @brianstelter ?
encouraging but vague memo #reputationmanagement #EmployerBrand Do they provide #medialiteracy training? #culture
looks like a memo of dubious effect that can do more damage than good. I would deliver the message through supervisor, not memo.
I wish someone would advise me on proper use of Linkedin. Wait, no I don't.
I’m pretty sure you are just supposed to log in every now and then to like the work anniversaries of your colleagues whose jobs you covet.
Don't forget to like and repost the corporate account
Dear @murraymatt and @NLipschutz -- if you have specific concerns about any @IAPE1096 represented employees, we should chat. Because this:
this is why unions and the workers they exploit are rapidly disappearing. Keep it up the moral victory will be yours. No more pay checks tho
Honestly, I’d rather they not hide their partisanship. We should know individual reporters’ biases, because there’s no objective journalism.
Indeed. I'd say knowing a reporter's/outlet's bias helps judging the accuracy of their reporting.
An that's why you'll never get them: management sees it as a barrier to revenues.
That's what the editorial board is for. Literally zero people are confused about which way WSJ as an org leans.
Individual journalists have their own viewpoints; they're not just clones of the Editorial Board.
Interesting. There are better ways for management to share such objectives.
It is a good thing @brianstelter works for @CNN, so he does not have to hide his anti-Trump bias in fact I believe it is encouraged.
Like drug testing, do employers pay labor for taking 24 hours of their lives? #Capitalists believe they own you.
Eli Stokels is okay, but otherwise WSJ is utterly useless Trumpy trash now, so whatever, keep destroying yourselves.
I like the last part: 'If you would like a personal visit and investigation from the Tweet Police, please let us know.'
I would love to see @_cingraham reaction if WP told him he tweeted too much.
Here's the memo that just went out to WSJ staffers regarding social media use
Isn’t curbing restrictions on posting about partisan politics a violation of First ammendment rights? How is this different from players kneeling? Oh yeah, it’s part of the employment terms ;-)
Probably a result of numerous @Project_Veritas recordings showing obvious bias and partisanship in newsrooms. Will @CNN follow suit?
I've seen far more draconian examples, including the one I had to sign myself.
"informs and delights our readers" "being fair, factual [sic] and impartial" Sounds like a Fair & Balanced outlook. Delightful. Thx @WSJ
Brian stelter you and your Fake News crew at CNN should read that memo hourly
Interesting that this is coming just days after the NYT sent out a similar memo to employees.
“Impartial” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
yes, better to take the Marc Faber approach: "when in doubt, don't tweet something egregious, put it in print and send it to subscribers"
Honestly - I don't see anything wrong with this. It seems obvious & reasonable. (and concerns ab too much time spent tweeting is valid)
China: Xi gave a 3 1/2 hours speech: brainwash even brain needs rest
Would not bother me. At my job so of my co-workers use work as a break from FB.
When did the WSJ become an ‘impartial’ news source? Must have happened when I was on social media.
people always say too much time tweeting when they mean too much time reading tweets
in my case it's actually too much time tweeting.
that reminds me...
Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
"Some staffers frankly are spending too much time tweeting"
"Not enough Jesus"
If you'd like to express an opinion, don't worry--we'll issue you one.
What else are they supposed to do since media has become a total joke
Betting last time they give an official memo without a signed "I will not share internal documents on social media"! Glad I'm not Matt/Neal
Spot on. Too many journalists share partisan views or humor on social media, then want to be viewed as objective when the light comes on
WSJ could start setting an example by limiting their memos to 140 characters. Excessive memo-ing.
Can some get the President a job with the WSJ, fast, so he can't spend "too much time tweeting"?
The WSJ has been an outlier from Day 1, as it won't even say Trump lies. The bigger issue is the acquiescence on the part of reporters.
It seems some have stopped calling Trump out on his outright racism and misogyny. Is it weariness or fear?
I find it laughable the WSJ would even compare itself 2 social media- The WSJ is 2 "report" news& NOT 2"make"news..Social media is different
Impartial journalism??? Oxymoron.
sounds reasonable
Wise advice to journalists from WSJ: 'be judicious in how much time you spend on social platforms,' don't be partisan, 'get this right'
If every staffer would live up to it, fine. I have my doubts.
My god, edit your memo. When in doubt, leave out extra adjectives.
Interpretation. Staff, please don't offer evidence that you are a bunch of bleating clintonoids and purveyors of Fake news.
can they send this memo to trump? he spends way too much time tweeting. I love the guy, but he needs to stop his twitter addiction.