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(THREAD) Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are now indicted. This thread analyzes legal and political aspects of their indictment and surrender.
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This made me pause
And it succeeded... What to do from there? Live with it? Fix it? Undo it?
Me too. Seth, could you dig a little deeper into the meaning of this phrase, technically?
Me also... that is treason pure & simple... gop platform change about Ukraine’s invasion by Russia was Manafort (& Dump) making.
I think Seth stated that treason is used during war times or an act of war. Conspiracy is used during peace times. It gives me chills.
I think the implication is charges are not only financial. They already have something specific to the conspiracy charges.
I wonder if Russian election meddling is proven if the charge of treason can be added?
Conspiracy is a plan do to harm. He's down for conspiracy against the United States. I definitely think conspiracy covers it.
But yeah...
32/ Understand that "Conspiracy against the United States" *can* just mean a conspiracy to hide taxable income from a federal agency (IRS).
this is false. you are wrong.
Not a bot! Seth literally just said above that the conspiracy charge is likely related 2 tax evasion. The charge sounds far worse than it is
it's okay! i know i sounded like a bot LOL; but Amy shouldn't spread hysterics! the charges are already BAD enough. no need to embellish
Thx for accepting my apology! Big hug!
I'm telling you that the worse charge is failing to register as a foreign agent. Because he was an agent working on the Trump campaign
Treason would hinge of whether Russia is still considered an enemy of the United States.… No requirement for "at war"
18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
(no description)
The few cases that ever SCOTUS arose during WWII & dealt with the same "adherence to the enemy" provision with which Trump would be charged.
However, treason would be a hell of a fight in court as Russia, although a massive pain in the ass, isn't an "official" enemy of the US.
Hell. The Rosenbergs, U.S. citizens who sent nuclear weapon designs to the USSR were tried and executed for espionage rather than treason.
Not necessarily treason. Could be something as simple as hiding money. Not that this is a small deal. Penalties are only about 5 yrs + fine.
5 years in a federal prison though. Not going to be a fun time.
It's sad GOP abandoned those ppl. Horrible
Seth mentioned in the thread that this count could be hiding financial documents from the US government.
I believe in this case the conspiracy charge is referring to defrauding the US in regards to the tax evasion.…
If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States...18 U.S. Code § 371
The conspiracy could *just* be hiding income from the U.S. for purposes of tax evasion. I believe Seth addresses that specific item above.
Conspiracy against the United States is common language when looking at tax evasion charges. This what it relates to in the indictment.
It can mean anything, but it's a common charge for tax fraud
A conspiracy against the US might also include conspiring to defraud the US (federal taxes, for example). At least that seems possible here.
Read Renato:
14/ If two people agree to commit a federal law and take a concrete step towards doing so (called an overt act), they've violated 371.
I think he’s busy
Technically, Conspiracy against the U.S. could refer to something a “minor” as tax evasion.
Oh, boy, here we go.
In the indictment they say it means interfering with DOJ’s efforts to investigate, like giving false statements on FARA forms.
Me too - that sounds VERY 'illegal' (for lack of a better word)
Holy carp! 🤔Essentially treason, eh? Or cyber sibling thereof? Technically not at war w Ru, but hacking/disinfo re election 👉cyber warfare.
Seth says in his comments that the details of that have not been released
read the whole thread..from 1>XXX ...bhe addresses that
that one's my favorite. 😁
It may mean as little as tax fraud, or as much as betrayal
Take EVERYTHING they own. Every dollar. Every piece of property. Every possession. Then take away their freedom. Life in prison.
I whole-heartedly agree. Lock him up.
You mean if care isn't taken they can lock their dog up too? 🤣
i'm sure there are some people out there that would love to adopt their pets and name them Mueller or Hillary.
I say the dog too!
No, not the dog, please not the dog!
Lock them up! Every👏🏾last👏🏾one👏🏾of👏🏾them👏🏾
I say, freeze all their assets and take their passports. You have to hit these a-holes where it hurts- their hip pockets.
That's part of the Indictment.
Ironic if it would be Manaforts case that ended civil forfiture
Come on, he should HANG.
They are. It’s in the last part of the document
Page 29 of the indictment - they will have NOTHING if they are sentenced.
What is worse for the guy who only loves money? In jail for life with a substantial part of his fortune intact, or on the streets pennyless?
These money monsters are going to be somewhat safer from Putin in jail.
Rico brings triple damages. (I am not an attorney).
Well, I believe everything he owns will now be seized IF they stay with these charges. But they want him to turn on Trump instead. Bigger.
Limited sentence: 10 years then make them live on the outside as poor people.
It all belongs to the American people
What they are forfeiting is listed in the indictment. It's a lot!
Water board- too cruel?
I'd like the 600,000 in antiques he purchased please
Perfect picture for some @facebook ads.
by @bfry1981 50k+ VIEWS! THE article going deepest/exposing most on #Trump #Russia #Putin PLZ SHR! #Manafort #Gates…
Is all this verified?
meticulously. Check links.
1/ Draw no conclusion from the two being allowed to surrender rather than being arrested at home/work. It often happens in nonviolent cases.
It’s crazy that Paul Manafort is considered “low hanging fruit.” He was the campaign manager for Christ sake. Can’t wait to see who’s next.
🙏🙏🙏let it be jared
Yes... 100% Jared 👍
so, what is "conspiracy against the united states" in law-speak?
Basically it's failing to register as a foreign agent, defrauding the us by tax evasion & money laundering, and lying about it to the gov't.
I got it; these are general add-on charges, identifying the US as an offended party here
2/ Here are the charges (via CNN):
3/ CNN also reports the timing of the indictment might have been influenced by the statute of limitations on certain tax crimes running out.
4/ America is getting an education in how prosecutions work: prosecutors charge everything they possibly can that they think they can prove.
Many 🤡 associates are already known to be guilty of similar charges, including Kushner and Sessions.
5/ That doesn't mean new charges can't be added on these men later, but we can assume this is everything Mueller thinks he can prove *now*.
6/ Don't take anything from the fact that the charges do not immediately, on their face, implicate Trump or campaign collusion with Russia.
Conspiracy against the United States seems bad considering he was the chairman of Trump’s campaign
7/ In an investigation of this size and scope, the early charges are *mostly* intended to compel defendants to cooperate with investigators.
8/ No one believes Paul Manafort is the final target of the Russia probe, nor even necessarily that these are all the charges he could face.
9/ But these are the charges Mueller has now, and he may have investigated them first because they're—relatively speaking—easier to prove.
10/ To be clear, financial crimes are not easy to prove. But if you can get the records you need, you can proceed. Collusion is testimonial.
11/ What that means is that the evidence most likely to prove a Trump-Russia conspiracy involves words said between persons, not documents.
12/ Because words often have no printed record, you tackle documentable (e.g. financial) crimes first, and then the sexier testimonial ones.
"Sexy testimony crimes" I think I know what the hot halloween costume is gong to be this year.
I have questions 🤔
13/ Registration, false statements, and failure to file charges are "easy" to prove assuming basic underlying facts and some key documents.
14/ Just so, assuming access to foreign bank records and perhaps a "black" ledger or two, conspiracy to launder money is *less* testimonial.
Gee, wonder why @realDonaldTrump hasn’t released his tax returns?
15/ So a prosecutor in this situation would follow documented crimes—i.e. less testimonial—in order to compel a defendant to new testimony.
16/ That Mueller is able to start with the President's Campaign Manager—rather than some peon—means he is that much closer to getting Trump.
17/ We mustn't forget that in a case in which evidence is *scarce* a prosecutor would have to start *much* lower on the chain than Manafort.
18/ A big question today is whether the two men will be given a bail they can afford—if not they'll sit in federal lockup until their trial.
19/ If Mueller wants them to squawk, it is *desperately* important he secure a bail on both men that they cannot afford—lockup loosens lips.
20/ With financial crimes, a prosecutor can often force defendants to make a showing that any money they put up for bail wasn't ill-gotten.
21/ Given how much ill-gotten money we believe that Paul Manafort—and possibly Rick Gates—received, that could be a tough showing for them.
22/ It's even harder for Manafort, as he worked for Trump "for free"—so it's not clear he can prove a legitimate source of recent income.
23/ While we don't have the details of the "Conspiracy Against the United States" charge, it's listed first and will be most key for bail.
Here's the charge.
So nothing more than plain old fraud - no conspiracy with the Russian state.
Seth you give us -- the world -- hope that truth will prevail. Thank you
24/ The federal government is headlining this attention-grabbing charge to better make out its case for an exorbitant bail for both men.
And $25 mil bail? Uhhh, can he use his dirty laundered money to pay that? 🤔
Nope. Earlier in thread it says he must prove bail payment is honestly procured 😈
25/ Keep in mind the "aggressive" no-knock, pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort's house is what tells us—ironically—he is *not* the final target.
26/ Were this just a financial crimes investigation, such tactics wouldn't likely be used. But Mueller wants Manafort for something bigger.
27/ Mueller was obsessive about nailing Manafort on these charges—and will be obsessive about a high bail—because he needs Manafort to talk.
Will the Gov freeze their assets?
If so, call Optima Tax Relief. I hate it when the government tries to garnish my wages
28/ Manafort is a *better* candidate to roll on Trump than Page (ideologue) or Kushner (family loyalty) because he's clearly a venal person.
29/ And by bringing in two *connected* defendants, Mueller can play them off one another—because both will be rushing to cooperate first.
Mueller is going to be fired Mark my words So Mueller won’t be getting anyone to flip
He can go to court to prevent that. And it’s unclear if congress would allow it. And if Trump does, all bets are off.
30/ Manafort knows that if Mueller thinks he and Gates have the same info to give on Trump, he can choose to cooperate with either of them.
You've no idea how seductive the game find yourself in the company of powerful men & believe you belong there
32/ Understand that "Conspiracy against the United States" *can* just mean a conspiracy to hide taxable income from a federal agency (IRS).
Who cares?! This has been going on since at least 2006 and he was hired in 2016 to lead a Presidential Campaign.
At least 65 million American voters.
One would hope it's closer to 100 million by now.
Thank you for all of this information. Greatly appreciated.
Keep it coming, Seth, and thank you.
But it also says the DOJ.
Google told me "conspiracy against the US" carries maximum 5 years. Is this the incentive to flip? Or is asset forfeiture the bigger stick?
We’re talking about almost everything he has.
923. 18 U.S.C. § 371—Conspiracy to Defraud the United States ...In summary, those activities which courts have held defraud the United...
States under 18 U.S.C. § 371 affect the government in at least one of three ways: [cited in USAM 9-42.001]
1. They cheat the government out of money or property; 2, They interfere or obstruct legitimate Government activity; or
3. They make wrongful use of a governmental instrumentality. I say Manafort is 3 for 3. #MuellerMonday
33/ The first thing the indictment tells us is the volume of money Manafort brought in as a foreign agent was huge—$75 million (2006-2015).
34/ Months ago I said that a venal man like Manafort would only work for Trump "for free" if he was getting paid from elsewhere—now we know.
Just saw he lived in trump tower for basically free?
35/ While the indictment's date range ends pre-2016—when Manafort came on the campaign—he may have been paid "in advance" to handle Trump.
36/ Certainly, all these payments occurred while Manafort lived in Trump Tower, was close to Trump associates, and may have known the POTUS.
37/ Secondly, note that this is a "speaking indictment"—Mueller deliberately chose to recite not just the charges but the facts behind them.
It's important to note that Manafort is being charged w/ unreg foreign agent for pro-RU Ukraine party, changed GOP platform to that end.
38/ This helps us see that Manafort was lobbying the United States, here at home, on behalf of a now-gone Putin-backed Ukrainian government.
39/ Recall, too, Manafort once made a more direct offer to Putin's government to help it advance its interests abroad. Well, he did so here.
40/ I'm telling you now—the chances this work on behalf of Putin's interests isn't in any way related to Manafort's work with Trump is zero.
41/ It was clear to Putin in 2013 that Trump, if he ran, would be pro-Russia (via the Agalarovs). Manafort was indirectly aiding Putin then.
42/ But the connection between these two courses of action is still murky, perhaps—so Mueller gets *hyper-specific* on the financial crimes.
43/ We must consider the Manafort/Gates indictment extraordinarily specific—it lays out its case in detail, which indictments usually don't.
was it worded in a way to potentially put others on edge in hopes they might step forward and surrender themselves?
44/ Let me now make a *key* point: Mueller could *easily* get Flynn on the same FARA charges we see here. So why hasn't Flynn been charged?
45/ The answer is that either there's a sealed indictment on Mike Flynn the media doesn't know about—unlikely—or Flynn has already flipped.
46/ Another sealed indictment is unlikely, as why wouldn't the same source who leaked *these* indictments to the media have leaked Flynn's?
47/ Meanwhile, this indictment inadvertently revealing Flynn *has* already flipped is *very* likely—as we know Flynn has *offered* to flip.
Wow, Flynn is very agile.
What section are you seeing that tips you off to that? I missed it.
I would say his IMMENSE prosecutorial history and experience for one.
Not throwing shade. Literally want to know what he's seeing that indicates Flynn has flipped.
This thread of @SethAbramson could be HUGE... it’s like a fine wine, you have to let it breathe first. Patience grasshopper
The existence of the sealed indictment for PM but not one for MF
Ahh ok. So the fact that Flynn has not been charged? That's fair reasoning.
It’s the absence of his name at the top of the document. It’s a bit of a stretch to frame just 2 alternatives like that.
Where is that in the indictment?
48/ So anyone, whether Trump or pundit, who says this indictment proves Mueller has nothing on Trump can be disregarded almost immediately.
49/ Months ago I said "Phase 3" of Mueller's probe would begin in November of 2017. It instead began October 30, 2017. (Pretty darn close.)
50/ I've also said that Phase 3—in which Trump co-conspirators are indicted—would last 2 to 5 months. So that's what we're in for right now.
Jesus... I can't believe all of this is even happening. It's insane.
51/ Between now and March 31, 2018 we can expect more indictments. Almost certainly Carter Page, Jared Kushner, and Mike Flynn—at a minimum.
52/ Today's indictment underscores that Mueller *will* indict for false statements or FARA violations, and those 3 men have such liability.
If only he would charge that dirty Jeff Sessions for blatantly doing the same, multiple times, during his testimony to Congress.
Can you explain for this Brit how long the grand jury process could take, once someone is indicted, please?
Well in that case, trump will definitely get an indictment. Eventually. I hope.
53/ But we should also look at the *bare implications* of Mueller saying that he believes Manafort willing to lie about his pro-Russia ties.
They got Papadoulas
54/ Manafort claimed he was looking at his phone and not paying attention as Kremlin agents pitched dirt on Clinton at Trump Tower in 2016.
55/ Manafort now claims he never thereafter discussed the June 2016 "Veselnitskaya meeting"—in Trump's house—with Trump, Kushner, or Don Jr.
56/ Manafort claims he had no role in changing the GOP platform at the 2016 RNC—and doing so had nothing to do with his many pro-Putin ties.
take a break and look at newest indictment/plea…
57/ One thing I think we can presume, now, is that neither Mueller nor his agents believe *any* of those key Manafort claims to be accurate.
Thank You again for always explaining in detail how this all flows together. You have helped keep my anxiety down a bit with your threads!
papadopolous !!!
Dude! Slow down and check the Papadopolous release!
Wait, so Manafort is lying? Are you sure about this?
first laugh of the day, thanks lol.
58/ So we can assume that when/as Mueller flips Manafort, he'll want the truth: who told you to change the platform? That'll be a question.
59/ We know from reports that Trump ordered his team to change the platform on March 31, 2016. Did Manafort tell him to? Who told Manafort?
60/ Manafort, Kushner, and Don say they never told Trump that Kremlin agents had reached out to them. But that was almost certainly a lie.
Former Trump campaign adviser GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS has pleaded guilty to a charge of making false statements to FBI agents.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
61/ If Manafort confirms he told Trump of the Kremlin outreach—and Trump lied about that repeatedly thereafter—Trump enters the conspiracy.
Dude, read the Papadapolous indictment that was just released. Much more directed at Trump campaign, you'll flip.
62/ This is especially true given Papadopoulos had revealed himself to Trump as a Kremlin agent seeking a Trump-Kremlin channel on March 31.
63/ The point here is a Manafort roll almost *immediately* implicates Trump, and it's clear that's what Mueller is after with these charges.
Can a pardon derail the investigation?
Thanks for your work with this thread! Most informative n' shit yo.
And Papadopoulos has just pleaded guilty of lying to FBI. Significance?
Been up late waiting for indictment Monday and up early like a kid on Christmas. Soooo, indicting just Manafort is the equivalent of wanting Barbie Dream House and getting socks.
Except those socks could be persuaded to give up the keys to the dream house.
Folks, these things must be painstakingly due diligenced in order to stick. It won't happen overnight. Nixon's ousting didn't. #RESIST 💚✊🕉
Due process of law = FIRM CONVICTIONS AND GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT. Mueller us dotting his 'i's and crossing his 't's to ensure justice done.
I can't get any work done today because I keep watching this thread 👀 keep it coming!! Heads are starting to roll
I had just sat down on a plane when the news broke and now spending layover trying to catch up LOL! Keep it coming indeed!! 😊
Sky over Washington looks gloomy doomy Dooom! DOOOOOOOOOM!
Reports that George Papadopoulos has already pleaded guilty (on 10/03) to lying to FBI. GP was campaign advisor on foreign policy.
Here is the Papadopoulos document. Amazing!…
Papadapolous just admitted to lying to the FBI about his Russia contacts.
THERE'S NO COLLUSION W/TRUMP! It does NOT implicate TRUMP AT ALL.Mueller is AFTER SOMEONE,he's wasted enough tax $$$ SOMEONE HAD TO GO DOWN
I figured you were. You look like one!
64/ BREAKING: Papadopoulos—the Kremlin agent who revealed himself to Trump March 31, 2016—plead guilty 25 days ago.…
I feel like they are closer than we know and that the indictment leak and then dropping this after the Manafort reveal is strategical.
Arrested in July, minor guilty plea in October. Yeah... he flipped.
Here is plea deal Page 4... he flipped…
I'd just keep going if I was you - another 50 or so tweets and we'll end up with Trump
Who's going back to Oct 6th to look at how crazy Trump tweeted? I have a feeling that day must have been a fever-pitch...
Know who else lied about connections to 🇷🇺? Sessions, Jared, trump jr., trump, EVERYONE. 😡🇷🇺😡🇷🇺😡🇷🇺
65/ Reading the Papadopoulos docs now (h/t @Anthony). Will continue this thread momentarily. Please share the first tweet in the meantime.
See paragraph 35. He's cooperating
I'm assuming Mueller took guilty plea as his green light to pounce?
he admitted to seeking emails
Big deal. She was colluding he's a hero for trying to find the emails
-is it possible Papa first to flip & plead guilty so fast cause he brokered a deal?
Just remember that Seth is a conspiracy theorist and there are no links to trump. This was before the campaign
No collusion with trump. Even müller admits it
LMAO !!! And you used the German, not American English spelling. Mueller is a decorated American hero ! Unlike Donny bone spurs.
right after trump tweeted NO COLLUSION!! The day isnt over yet.
I'm reading it, too. Damn.
What what spill it.
Looks like the dam’s starting to break.
Don't tease me like that
Don't DO that! Now I can't move!
This is game over. April 26th...
Best tweet of the thread hands down!
67/ Papadopoulos almost certainly flipped 10/5. And as I tweeted in this thread in September, it means *everything*:…
(THREAD) This is a picture of one of the biggest moments in the Trump-Russia scandal—and no one has reported on it until now. Please SHARE.
68/ Papadopoulos met a Russian national to set up a Kremlin channel for Trump on 3/24/16. It now seems clear he told Trump this on 3/31/16.
69/ This means Trump ordered a GOP platform change to benefit Russia *pre-hacking* and *after* being told the Kremlin wanted a relationship.
How people can actually believe this nonsense is crazy
Explain why he would do that Seth. Please enlighten your sheep
70/ That is to say, it now seems release of the DNC emails was a quid pro quo from Trump ordering Gordon to change the GOP platform 3/31/16.
Dnc emails were hacked by an inside source why keep lying to your sheep followers Seth?
Quiet, troll. Adults are talking.
Why ignore uranium one? The real and only story here?
Why keep making up conspiracy theories. None of what you have said so far is based on evidence or fact. Right Seth?
Sheep. Seth has zero evidence he's a conspiracy theorist don't forget that fact
Stick this in your pipe troll/bot.
Have you ever seen Wolf Blitzer do this? Brian Williams?
Lol Great minds
You were about to send him the same thing?
We tweeted it at the exact same time 😄
Seth even said probably showing he's got no clue himself. Please learn some reading comprehension
Please watch the video and learn about the facts behind the Uranium situation.
Hahahah you wish
You mean the exact opposite but us ok your intelligence is lacking
Russian bots trying to deflect the conversation is great confirmation that Seth is telling the truth
I'm an American not a sheep like you guys listening to Seth who has zero evidence of anything he's claiming
😂🤣😅😆😅🤣😂 Good one Russia-bot!
I'm guessing you've never heard of podesta working with manafort when he was colluding with Ukraine?
Russia-bot, no one cares what drivel you come up with today.
Exactly like Seth
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's adorable
No, it's adorable that you keep trying to deflect even though no one cares. Anyway... you do you. bye!
What am I deflecting? You don't want the truth since Seth won't show it
🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just adorable
Please leave the thread, Lenny. If we want disinformation and distraction, we can watch Fox.
No one listens to you because you're just speculating
Keep trying Lenny. It's entertaining watching you flail!
I'm trying to open your eyes sheep
Speculating with documentary evidence. Piss off back to your 4 followers and leave us alone to debate the details.
no idiot, we’re all reading the CONFESSION of a Top Trump aide who says all of this.…
You know Tony Podesta and John Podesta are two different people right? You also know this isn’t new?
Yes of course they're brothers
You also know manafort was arrested on something that has nothing to do with trump right? Sheep
72/ If Trump ordered the GOP platform change after Papadopoulos laid out the Kremlin's interest in him—and he did—collusion has been proven.
Another key work. Speculation
73/ I said this before—that the GOP platform change was *provably* collusion—but *now* we know Mueller has that witness in his back pocket.
No we also know you're just speculating. Or do you have evidence? I'm curious
Keyword probably. Do you sheep even know how to read? Why listen to this conspiracy theorist
He said PROVABLY - not PROBABLY. Heed your own advice.
I know Seth is the worst right
Do you sheep even know how to read? "Provably" is a world apart from"Probably". Why listen to this conspiracy denier @Lennytheman222
Hahaha you actually think manafort has a thing to do with trump. It's podesta
74/ The Papadopoulos plea is BIGGER than the Manafort indictment—at least for the moment. Anyone who knows about Trump-Russia will say so.
You mean all the conspiracy theorists like yourself?
Nice try, Russian. 🙄✌🏼
Why not one mention of uranium one, even to discredit it? Why are you so scared?
How is Moscow this time of year?
hasn’t and he seems to be the foremost expert.
75/ My birthday isn't until tomorrow—but helping break the Papadopoulos story back in September is all I could've asked for. I want to help.
This is so interesting, man, thanks.
The best ever birthday present for any right minded citizen.
No one listens to a liar except sheep
Hey Lenny Calm down and let the adults discuss
Baa, Lenny, baa, baa!!!😉
You're doing amazing work. Thank you, Seth.
They got Papagiorgio? Damn. He was a good kid.
Or nuclear winter in North Korea.
What about his wife and kids back in Yuma????
Don't be fooled he's got his own agenda this Seth guy
yes, preservation of democracy and truth—that is my agenda too
Thank you so much for your diligence and even-handedness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And happy early birthday!
Thanks for the great reporting.....and Happy Birthday!
76/ Doing an interview now, but will return momentarily. This thread may well run throughout the day—and today's a *historic* day, everyone.
Seth is awesome!!!!'n
Seth is our best and most reliable source! Thank you for all your work. Christmas comes early this year.
Seth's posts are amazing and no typos. He's the real McCoy. He'll go down as being very influential in covering the downfall of Trump.
Don't know how that 'n got in there! Damn fat thumbs.
It’s okay. We are all excited and our thumbs can’t keep up!
Manafort did all this before contact with trump. Why ignore that fact?
Congrats man proud of ya
We all owe you a huge debt for sticking with this, helping others to question and probe and ultimately bring the criminals in.
Happy #MuellerMonday Everyone! I hope we will have A LOT more presents to open soon!
Invaluable work here, Seth.
Thank you for the education and enlightenment. Happy early birthday
No! Come back! Seth? Seth.... *curls up into the fetal position*
Thank you for your work and clear vision on this shit-storm. Take care of yourself!
Thank you!!!
Thank YOU!!!!!!!!! Happy early birthday 🎉🎉🎉
For what it's worth, thx for the commentary. You've been a source of clarity over the past few months and I greatly, GREATLY appreciate it.
interview where? with whom?
That's what I'm wondering, too!
It’s a great day I can see a light at the end of that tunnel Democracy won’t die
One thousand thank you s! Incredible.
I'm so happy you need a conspiracy theorist to tell you what to think. So pathetic
You're the best!! Great admiration!!
Where is you're interview being aired...
You're an angel my friend.
Well done sir. Glad to have been following you over the course of this year.
Will follow you all day. Excellent thread!
Thanks, Seth. Very well done!
Well done!
Cheers, @SethAbramson . Nicely done. Thank you.
You called it Seth
love when I find an intelligent, well-written and informative commentary
I'm out of town stuck at a training and so thankful for being able to celebrate with all of you!🎆🔥🍻
Thank you for all that you do and for explaining this in a way that is easy to understand and follow.
You are the BEST Seth!
Who is interviewing you? I want to watch!
Sweet Jesus! I think I’m in love with this man!
I know, right?
Did WH know about GP’s plea on July 27, and should WH protestations be viewed in that light? Asking for a friend.
Should have said arrest 7/27 and/or 10/5 plea. Friend is sorry. Too excited by today’s news and your birthday tomorrow.
Oh Happy Birthday p😉🤦🏼‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼🇺🇸💪🏻
Yeah, it really seems like this is true after today.
I say with confidence--90% or more of Americans will be like "Popadopa-who?"...but I know this fucker because of @SethAbramson's diligence.
Dude! You are the absolute truth! Wow
Astonishing if true,
The FBI interview where Papadopolous lied about his Russia contacts came on the same day, Jan. 27, Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge.
A. Does Manafort warrant/search timing coincide with Papadopoulous arrest/plea? B. Is Manaforst "conspiracy" charge broad enough to include collusion or does it only infer money laundering?
The more I read of the papadopoulos paper, the more convinced these convos were w/kushner and trump himself. Thoughts?
Wow. What a Monday. Thanks for your insight.
Just finish the darn interview already and get back to tweeting! We are all absolutely rivetted!
Awesome threads, as always! #HistoricDay! Thanks for all, as you're always RIGHT on "THE MONEY", Seth!#IndictmentMonday😜
Holy cow...guess Papadopoulos will get ‘history made’ after all.
Thank you Seth - you're doing the best job of anyone out there organizing and explaining this.
Many Are Getting Arrested #maga
Happy Birthday Seth - Halloween 🎃 Birthday is so cool and especially with indictments 🔥🍊🤡
Chills....hold my popcorn while grab a sweater
Interview is going to long, please come back now.
You need to get Seth on MSNBC. He is a bright light in this crazy situation.
As always, your tweets are highly informative. Thank you! Appreciate it.
agreed, and thx...
77/ More soon, but I will say—beyond doubt—today is the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration. The Papadopoulos news is that big.
Can I give more than 1 like!?
It’s not over until the Marshal of the supreme court sings. (Sorry, I had to :)
Who has eyes on the football?! Trump can NOT be trusted with the nuclear codes. He is in panick mode!!
Get lost bot
78/ Hope you'll read this thread—from 10 days ago—in which I lay out how Papadopoulos is the collusion smoking gun:
Manafort indictment page says indictment (b)... Where's a?
79/ The thread linked to in the preceding tweet also explains—in postscripts—how the Trump campaign covered up its March 31st, 2016 meeting.
Seth, thank you so very much for your tireless explanations, you're a gem.
Thank-you, Seth!
I woke up excited this morning, like it was Christmas. I'm so happy!
I'm tweeting you a big wet sloppy kiss!😚😘😚😘
thanks again Seth. I always read news, and say, well Seth told us this two months ago. why are y'all just catching up?
80/ A remaining mystery that will tie Papadopoulos (and Millian) back to Trump is how the former got on the campaign *pre*-Russian contacts.
You, sir, are a rockstar. Happy early birthday.
81/ If Papadopoulos was developed by the Kremlin beginning 3/14/16, how did a kid with no credentials get on the NatSec team *before* that?
82/ Someone recommended Papadopoulos to Trump and/or Clovis (who assembled the NatSec team) and Millian admits to contact with Papadopoulos.
83/ If Papadopoulos was the Trump-Kremlin intermediary, Millian seems to be claiming he was the intermediary between Papadopoulos and Trump.
84/ If so, given Millian's known ties to the Kremlin, it further underscores how *early* in the 2016 campaign Trump knew Russia was helping.
85/ Back to Papadopoulos: if he knew of Russian crimes in April '16, who did he tell? Did he aid/abet concealing these crimes? It matters.
86/ It matters because the reason to think Papadopoulos is a cooperating individual is because the feds appear to have *undercharged him*.
87/ One of the few reasons a prosecutor would knowingly undercharge a defendant—especially in a case like this—is if they're cooperating.
88/ Another reason, of course, would be not having enough information. But then why rush to indict on a lesser charge on October 5th, 2017?
89/ Many interview requests are coming in; I apologize in advance for not being able to respond quickly. I want to cover the story *first*.
You’re awesome. Thank you for all you do!
90/ So what we know is Papadopoulos is cooperating; we don't know yet exactly what information he is offering. I'm hoping to address that.
Right now I want to know the nuclear codes have been changed and NOT given to Trump.
And the markets, is something happening there?
91/ First, the "Campaign Supervisor" listed in the plea is likely Clovis, Lewandowski, or Sessions. Clovis did hiring—Sessions headed team.
92/ Lewandowski was the one asked to clear Page's July 2016 trip to Moscow—so we might expect foreign contacts would be cleared through him.
93/ Note that the Papadopoulos plea establishes that *every attendee* of the March 31st, 2016 meeting who spoke to the press lied about it.
94/ So all of the Trump campaign representations made to The Daily Caller in this article are now revealed as lies:
Trump Adviser Proposed Meeting With Russians During Campaign, But Was Shot Down By Sessions Via @dailycaller
'Nope, not going there'
95/ Those lies increase exponentially the chance Sessions will face perjury charges. It also explains why he hasn't been interviewed yet.
But nothing will affect Donald Trump in anyway from this because of course in his opinion it's all Clintons fault
96/ To be clear, if you understand how the Trump NatSec team worked—and didn't work—you now see Sessions is a *target* of the Mueller probe.
The more the merrier
97/ AG Jeff Sessions said under oath he hadn't spoken to Mueller yet. Mueller should ask him *now*—as Sessions would likely plead the Fifth.
Sessions needs to be sent back to Antebellum times. Who has a time machine I can borrow?
This morning's indictment was B. Where's Indictment A?
What are the odds DJT uses this to justify booting Sessions out, then turns around and hires someone who will fire Mueller?
Hmm...with the way trump has been acting lately is entirely plausible. But I doubt it. Seems like even they know it won't work.
Sessions recused himself. As far as I know only Rosenstein can fire Mueller. Trump would have to fire Rosenstein and replace him with
Right, which should mean that with Sessions gone, someone above RR could be installed. DJT already tried setting the stage for that once.
Oh true, I get what you're saying.
someone willing to fire Mueller. A la "saturday night massacre" during the Nixon special investigation.
Poor Jeff, publicly abused and emasculated by his boss. Will Jeff stand by his boss?
Hear! Hear! I 2nd that!
98/ All of this confirms my reporting from Spring 2017 that the Mayflower speech (April 27, 2016) was intended as a communication to Putin.
99/ I discussed Kushner calling Kislyak to invite him; Sessions lying about the VIP event; Trump ad-libbing to play up his pro-Russia plans.
jesus christ bro... write a fucking article. Learn how to use twitter.
If you can do better, do it. Otherwise shut the fuck up.
You declare yourself as a libtard. At least you got one thing right.
great comeback, bro. no wonder you're such a critic of others. 🙄
Seems you read it though.. very effective way to pull people in.
I didn't read shit... I saw 58/ 59/ ... then 98/ 99/ what a goof.
Click on any one of those and you get the whole scrollable thread in order.
ya... and if you write an article you can post all that in one shot instead of being a useless moron.
100/ Media should go back and look at the Reuters report on an April Kushner-Kislyak call that—key—Kushner denies though the IC confirms it.
Seth get a damn blog
101/ So *days* after Trump learns Russia wants to meet with him, his son-in-law calls the Russian ambassador? Then he goes to the Mayflower?
Reports Trump in emergency meeting w/ Sessions, trying to get him to fire Mueller. Verify?
Where are you seeing these reports?
Just something on my feed. But, what else would you expect?
Too late . They are going down fast.
Gee, nothing suspicious there at all!! hmph!
102/ I want to make a perhaps obvious point: were Trump not a narcissist, we might expect him to resign the presidency this week. He's done.
Oh how I want to believe you.
I don't think Seth has been wrong yet. So why not believe?
Don't want to get my hopes up.
I understand the hesitations. In Philadelphia, they have a saying: 'Trust the Process'. Mueller is moving, and has flipped Papa-d. Trust
True dat. So true dat.
103/ He told America for months and months and months he knew of no Russia connections on his campaign. But he *did*—as of March 31st, 2016.
So saith the document.
You should write an article instead of 100+ tweets
I prefer this way. Wouldn’t read an article as it would seem too large for me.
FYI @Stonekettle was warning this site contained malware just recently. I have not tested myself.
Thanks. I haven't experienced any problems with it
Ohhh, cryptocurrency mining. Got it.
FYI @Stonekettle warned recently that this site contains malware.
And if he didn’t, he should be changed with STUPIDITY.
the best use of this gif ever!! You know Colbert is doing this right now!
Can't wait for tonight's monologue on @colbertlateshow
it's gonna be a hall-of-famer one!
Haha i know right! His next show ought a be a good one.
Any Idea who the "Professor" is and What about "Source D" from the SteeleDossier ?
Thank you @SethAbramson for explaining this all
Seth, I'm so appreciative of this and so glad I found you. It makes connecting the dots so much easier for us. Thank you!!
There is as of yet Zero connection to Manafort‘ prior dealings with Podesta group and Trumps campaign. To state otherwise is inaccurate.
This is an amazing piece of work - so clearly explaining such a comes set of circumstances. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work.
Watching from Canada. Thank you for breaking all this down.
Me, too.....great, as always
Sweet mother of god that was an amazing thread to read! I feel like I need a cigarette now. 😄
Seth, if this is Indictment B, who do you think A is for? 🤔
You mean *at least* as of March 31st, 2016. We still don't know if this goes back to Trump Moscow in 2013 or possibly even earlier.
Thanks. Super helpful
Happy Birthday (early) Seth!!! Thank you SO much for your tireless efforts to connect all the dots (conspirator's). MUCH appreciated! 🎂🎉🥂💕
What twitter acct spools tweets in order for easy reading? Anyone know...
Thank you @SethAbramson 4 all of the wk you hv done& continue 2do 2 explain the treasonous cancer tht is the trump presidency #sethisthebest
I wonder at this point.. where these 2 indicted individuals would be * kept* safest considering what can happen 2 those in situ like this?
Not that you need to be told AWESOME thread. But also thank you for making this process easier to understand.
Good news, Sir. You will enjoy your birthday even more, I hope. Thank you for your brilliant work!
Is it likely Pence will be implicated?
Why is no one calling for impeachment?
Rhetorical question ... they don’t care
I think he is still assuming he can weasel his way out of this and pardon everyone - himself included.
I feel like there has to be a better platform for your message other than 101 linked tweets man
He's folded on other ventures and still saved face. He's not afraid to walk from failed deal. He'll just maximize his gains beforehand.
Like 76 trips to trump golf courses
Seth your usually spot on, you're crazy if you think this the case for too many reasons to list.
He's going to resign in December, thus fulfilling his campaign promise to have us all saying Merry Christmas again.
Promise? Still waiting for you to be right about something, ANYTHING.
What worries me is that he’d think nothing of suspending the Constitution and declaring martial law to “make America great again.”
103/ On the same day Papadopoulos told the campaign Putin wanted to meet Trump, Manafort suddenly changed the venue of the Mayflower speech.
104/ I reported in Spring 2017 that all the reasons for the Mayflower venue change (from the NPC) were lies. And this is now *confirmed*.
105/ As I said then, the Mayflower offered space for a VIP event away from the press—where Ambassador Kislyak could meet Trump and Sessions.
106/ From that moment on, Kislyak was in an ongoing conversation with Sessions—with July and September meets—on Trump's sanctions policy.
Please tell me Pence goes down too
And Sessions the sadistic cruel bigot.
107/ The chances Trump didn't know his foreign policy head was secretly negotiating Trump's own sanctions policy with the Russians are zero.
He STILL hasn't signed off the recent Russian sanctions either
Question, do you think people will start giving themselves up to save themselves before the shit really hits the fan?
How soon until Sessions gets indicted?
What are the chances Putin has some of TrumpTeam players bumped off to buy himself time? Int'nat'l Justice is coming for him..
108/ Indeed, by the time Trump gave his Mayflower speech, he may have known—per Papadopoulos' plea—Putin wanted to meet with him personally.
109/ There's little doubt that Trump's campaign—contra what the Center for the National Interest said—helped to set up the Mayflower event.
This all feels to good to be true. Like you're teasing me Seth.
Yes, Dimitri Simes vouching for you isnt all that compelling.
Are you trying to break the record on world’s longest tweet thread?
If you get a moment, this might be a good time to tweet your fundraiser link!
Thank you Seth, I am GLUED to this...breaking for coffee and smokes only!
Hey @jack, Seth needs 280...... please give it to him
109 tweets. I think you need to use a different app sir
Perhaps, just MAYBE, you should have linked it to a blog post instead of a one hundred nine tweet thread. Just thinking out loud here.
I cant believe he didnt use RICO
109/ No tweets by Trump since the Papadopoulos news. Want to underscore how close to his political end Trump is now.
....Also, there is NO COLLUSION!
Bonita chingadera.
Maybe someone can briefly explain to Trump what collusion is?
You lost count! That was 110!
110/ Papadopoulos emailing a "high-ranking campaign official" May 4 asking "what do you think?" of a Kremlin meet underscores the lies...
111/ ...the members of the NatSec team told the media about Papadopoulos being aggressively "shut down" on that score on March 31st, 2016.
Every last one lied.
I'm shocked that those folks would ever tell a lie. Shocked I tell you. Hahaha
It's a ManafortPapadopoulosGatesy kind of Day...Happy Monday!
QUESTION: Wht do you think Putin & the Russians are saying now?
112/ For those rightly interested in the footnote on pg. 8 of the Papadopoulos plea: that's Manafort. We know from a Washington Post report.
The Trumps, Kushner, Manafort, Papadopoulos et al have totally sold USA out and brought shame & disgrace to our country
They sold uranium to Russia?
113/ "The Footnote"—another smoking gun—confirms an earlier observation that Page was likely the "private citizen" Clovis later spoke of.
dude just write a blog
He reaches more people instantaneously via Twitter verses a blog
thanks beckie. i don't care, no thread of tweets should hit triple digits. it's a UX mess for the readers
Easy fix. Mute it.
easier fix, just put all the shit in a blog instead of a meticulous thread of tweets
Funny...cause out of the katrillions of tweets on Twitter... well, here you are... on this thread. Smh
lol you think i read this shit? fuck paul manafort but i zoned out after 15 tweets because i'm sick of scrolling
like you'd have to do with a full article!
yeah except it's wide enough to use less than 3 lines for a full sentence and doesn't skip around when i scroll. do you know what UX even means?
it's easy to follow. All numbered and takes no more time to read than a single a document.
i have to scroll down a little to make it scroll up to the 10 previous tweets. it doesn't load them all at once. it's a pain in the ass
My UserExperience is a little different than yours Mine does not skip or jump around I prefer this platform Happy UX to you
i'm using the twitter web app. it should work better than it does. it's not meant for long-form!
to me it's worth the effort.
Then speak for yourself. I love and deeply appreciate this long thread. Keep up the great work Seth.
Exactly ! @SethAbramson is nailing this and is breaking it down do very thoroughly. I'm so appreciative of Mr. Abramson
this thread is stupid lol. Long winded retread of what is already known. SAD!
deep down, these people all sincerely think it's russia's fault and that we don't live in a trash country
It's a children's book format, lady
Smart enough to realize trump is bad, dumb enough to read triple digit tweet threads
But the GOP won't impeach him.
Thanks man! 👊
114/ Page was appropriately "low level" in the campaign, and the IC confirms he met with Russian officials during his July 2016 Moscow trip.
great thread one question what is IC
Intelligence community or committee, depending on context.
Intelligence Community
I believe it refers to the Office of Independent Counsel in Washington, DC. At least in this case, anyway.
No problem. I had to look it up myself.
115/ A key but easily missed point: when the NatSec team was disbanded—unpaid—in July '16, Papadopoulos was one of the *only* men *kept on*.
116/ As late as September 2016, Papadopoulos was giving interviews with Russian media on Trump's no-sanctions Russia policy. That's telling.
Papa, can you hear me?
Like the sanctions tRumputin is refusing to enforce as we speak?
117/ So there's no chance Trump can say Papadopoulos was a brief and/or marginal player—and the unnamed men in his plea are *all* big names.
118/ What's stunning is the Trump camp's willingness to meet Kremin officials face-to-face was *so* strong they sought meets *post-Page*.
119/ So per the IC, Page met Russian officials in July, yet by August—*after* hacking was known—Trump's camp still actively sought meetings.
Trump thought and stills thinks he's untouchable but it might be sinking in that he isn't.
Wouldn't be any point in the meetings without the hacking!
120/ Understand: Papadopoulos was arrested *over three months ago*, so the volume of information Mueller has we don't know is *staggering*.
121/ Here's what's certain from the Papadopoulos plea: many more indictments are coming—and expect to start seeing White House resignations.
What do you think the timeline is?
What do you anticipate the timing will be on saod resignations
When I saw Papadopoulos flipped, my jaw dropped. It felt huge. Glad I was right.... And I knew it was thanks to you. Thank you, Seth.
when and what channel can we hear your interviews today?
122/ Remember that—as I tweeted a week ago—Trump *elevated* Papadopoulos to a Russia-policy spokesman upon learning he was a Kremlin agent.
123/ By April 7, 2016—7 days after revealing himself—Papadopoulos was in Israel explaining Trump's Russia policy to well-connected Israelis.
124/ This despite the minimal professional qualification Papadopoulos had for being on the NatSec team having to do with Middle Eastern oil.
Maybe just try writing an article or something?
What's the point of a thread this lengthy?
He writes as the whole thing unfolds. Live coverage on Twitter.
Yeah, it's great! You can see his thought process unfolding.
I think a lot of people are interacting with this story via Twitter and the small bites help digest a knotty topic
The revolution will not be televised; it will come via @SethAbramson's threaded tweets!!!
Papadopoulos was a recent visitor to the white house in June of this year as well don't forget
so start archiving the Tillerson connection to all of this as well?
Let's not forget people there was no Russian collusion
Ivanka? Do you predict IvankaTrumps eminent indictment in this too ?
Don't be fooled only bots like these comments. Seth is a conspiracy theorist
Lol honey there are formal INDICTMENTS. That's fact, not theory.
Why was manafort indicate. Explain to me. It's got nothing to do with Russian collusion
Try reading the indictment of Manafort as well as the others. Go away.
Actually you should try reading the indictment. Manafort was working for Ukraine. Do you know Ukraine and Russia are different countries?
I don't think liberals have any clue about what's going on in the world, much less the difference between Ukraine and Russia hahahah
I love how you sheep are too slow to realize it has nothing to do with Russian collusion
no one is reading 124 tweets in a thread. Why don't you put these in a file and post it as a single document?
Alot of people read every single tweet, waiting for the next.
Yes we do! EVERY. SINGLE. TWEET. Thank you Seth for you hard work, dedication and incredible insight. Keep tweeting! We need you!
Everyone is reading all 124 tweets. And getting them pushed to our phones live.
I've read every one. Waiting with heald breath for the next.
125/ So every action Trump and his team took in response to Papadopoulos outing himself as a Kremlin intermediary augmented his Russia role.
126/ And every action Trump and his team took once they knew they had a Kremlin intermediary aboard was to seek new secret ties with Russia.
That moment when people realize manafort was not arrested for collusion with Russia
The hell he wasn't. Maybe quit watching faux news.
Maybe read facts and don't get your information from a liberal conspiracy theorist?
Trump is guilty, he worked with the Russians to STEAL the 2016 election, and he's going down. Bigly. Prepare yourself accordingly.
Based on what proof? There's not one shred. But it's ok keep getting brainwashed by Seth
***BOT*** and 🔼⬆️🔼⬆️propagandist
Where do you think Manafort was laundering money from? Russia.
Ukraine is not Russia hahahahhaha
The party he was working for was Putin advocate. They hired Manafort to put a Putin flunky in office. Just like here.
If something was illegal, it will come out, and should be prosecuted. Like money laundering. Like obstruction. Witness tampering.
Oh I totally agree. But this Russian collusion investigation still has not found anything. And won't in connection to trump
For a second let's say you're right. Trump colluded with Russia. To achieve what? Make money? He's already got money. Why then?
He hasn't got money. He's lost an awful lot despite inheriting a fortune. Who actually are you? Where from?
Ukraine is not Russia. Do you own a map?
Vlad, vlad vlad
It's ok sheep you'll see the truth soon. Not from Seth though
Not Things: Uranium One. Podesta. Awan. Anything else y'all thought was going to Change The Narrative and Flip The Script.
Just because he's scared of all those things you believe him? How is awan not real? Google it, very very real
No, Vlad, nothing to do with Clinton
Podesta was the brother of her and Obamas campaign manager. Boom sit down boy
Keep trying, Vlad
Facts will get you soon enough
Ok, come back when they are. Till then it’s all about #trumprussiacollusion
The truth is coming out now. It doesn’t agree with you, does it?
We know why Russia wants the meetings. Lift sanctions; restore Soviet era influence. Why does DT campaign want them. Just help in election?
Trump was basically owned by Russian interests, they kept him from total bankruptcy with shady Real Estate purchases/ money laundering.
Fantastic analysis -- detailed context really helps. Thanks!
Why would he do that if he was being investigated? Are you even buying what you're selling?
Amazing, Seth, thank you and Happy Birthday!
126 parts? Why not just write a blog and link go it?
This is important on intent!
BTW, can I purchase the movie rights to this book?
The Russians are the only ones with enough secret cash to keep the trump/kushners in business. They desperately need serious cash.
Ha! Only the beginning
more like the beginning of the end!
I was pretty drunk by 105.
Seems like its just the beginning....
I want to read more.
Thank you. Awesome.
127/ To understand why Trump will be impeached/resign, see a) The "TIHDC" meeting (see earlier in this thread), and b) The Mayflower Speech.
That moment when your followers realize manaforts indictment had nothing to do with Russian collusion
Hahaha why are your followers so gullible? Charges are from before he was on trump campaign. Sorry sheep
Well at least now we know for sure you can't read anything for yourself and you're just spitting out talking points.
How? I stated facts
The charges go right through 2016 but we are on to Papadopoulos. We all know this Manafort thing is to get him to sing. Pap already spilled
Pap is a conspiracy theory that only sheep blinded by Seth believe. Trust me on that one
loooool. The conspiracy of his own testimony? Who is the sheep now? Like seriously I'm not even hating just take a step back
Do you realize manafort didn't collide with Russia?
I realise the indictment is about laundering money and working with Russian agents in other countries then lying about it. Moot point really
Moot? What does this have to do with trump colluding with Russia to win an election? Wake up
The desperation is so real with you, one can almost touch it. Just sit back and watch it all unfold.
Say, has Trump signed off on that Russian sanction stuff yet?
At the top of the hour, we'll be asking the big question: Are Feet Shoes?
128/ Here is my March 2017 thread on the Mayflower Hotel speech—since confirmed in all particulars by major media.
Seth Abramson on Trump's Mayflower Conspiracy (with images, tweets) · loriaustex
A tweetstorm by Seth Abramson @SethAbramson
My favorite story!
Did you just cite your own conspiracy theory? Why are people so gullible?
Let's not forget that manafort was not arrested for colluding with Russia
So, basically Trump et al conspired w/Russians against a fellow US Citizen (Hillary)threw HRC to the wolves {constituents} for personal gain
This is an epic thread.
Outstanding! Kudos
129/ So, to sum up: today will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration. Keep thinking otherwise if you prefer.
This is the best ive felt since November 9. Almost a year.
Your site has bitcoin mining in it, avoiding from now on.
Uh.. Ohhhh 💩🇷🇺💩
This is are the best
Big takeaway: Mueller's HUGE scope. Indictments on $ laundering and collusion, not Comey. Trump can't believe he escapes that vast a net.
Seth your knowledge and effort has been truly appreciated!!!!!!
1/280 I'm going to attempt to thank you for this thread and all of the hard work you do in the same style that you have written it.
Really hope you're right but I'm skeptical, he will try and avoid as much as possible, the powerful nearly always win :/
Seth....that was enough thread to make a three piece suit...or better yet...a half a dozen orange jump suits!
Re Mayf Hotel-do you think Rosnoft payoff/identities of 3 ambassadors invited/whole set-up how orchestrated will ever be focus? Seems v big.
Write a fucking blog, dude
130/ But today's the day to start preparing ourselves for the reality that what many have been saying about Trump for 10 months now is true.
131/ The Trump campaign colluded with Russia; Trump knew; Trump will be impeached or resign. It was said—and true—in March, and is true now.
132/ Please know that I and others who've been writing about this are *as amazed* as all of you are that all this is true. But it *is* true.
133/ What we're witnessing—and in real time—is the most spectacular and harrowing political and legal news story of any of our lifetimes.
Except it has nothing to do with Russian collusion you conspiracy monger
What does this prove? Seth is a conspiracy theorist
Good! If he is a traitor he should be punished! Please don't think this is one sided! All guilty parties need to go
134/ We must cast aside old notions of what sort of behavior is "likely" in a politician and how/whether independent journos can contribute.
135/ Things will get worse in America—very ugly—before they get better. We all must prepare ourselves now with knowledge of the facts. {end}
wow. can't say much else.
how sadly true
Thank you Seth!! You have given me the best b-day gift ever!!
Trump would never resign. He has no accountability and is a complete narcissist. He will hold on to the very bitter end.
Sessions resigns, Mueller fired?
You have a fan here. Brilliant work. Thanks.
I hope The biggest trump diversion will not be an attack on N. Korea but........
What's the deal w/use of "Company A" and "Company B" in Manafort indictment?
I know this isn't the priority at the moment, but after this all concludes, please turn this into a podcast or something. Fascinating stuff.
What do you know that implicates Pence? (Sessions? Manafort?...)
I know this. No one left with vp pence at NFL kneeler show.... Bye pence
I hope I speak for us all when I say
Thank you for all of your work on this.
This is so depressing, and I know, a necessary condition until we collectively reclaim our sanity and unity. Thank you again for your work.
Thank you, Seth. Pleasure having you in my feed. (Well, "pleasure" may not be the right word for it...)
Your explanations keep me sane.
Thank you..just
Thanx for your dedication and all the information in this excellent thread, Sir.
You are the absolute best there is w all the facts and laying them out perfectly to comprehend for the American ppl! You are a true patriot
Please unroll @tttthreads - thank you!
Thanks do much for sharing all of this. You've summarised everything so clearly and neatly. I bet your mentions are a little berserk... ;)
Don't end it. This is the best thread I have ever read.
Exciting morning but concerned w/how Trumps follower around us will respond.Most we know are heavily armed and mad. Good time to vaca to MX
Thank you for this it was very informative
Seth, you mentioned earlier you were getting interview requests. Will you be doing any, and if so, when and where?
The ideas/actions of the republican actors are quite stunning in & of themselves. This blowing up collectively is an odd blessing.?!? 🤣🤣🤣
And oh, let me be clear, this also applies to ANY Democrats that allowed themselves to be sucked in to this horror show.
Didn’t you once say FBI likes to know answers before, asking questions? Makes perjury charges a snap, w/o even proving a crime.
Hooray for lawyers 👍👍👏
Shouldn’t there be a new election? I’m not seeing anything about this anywhere...
So, when Trump leaves office and his neo-nazis and fascists take to the street with violence, who will stop them?
The police and military
The other side has guns too.
The armed forces
Law enforcement?
People of good conscience. There are many of us.
This is why it’s important that NOBODY convinced people that punching Nazi’s make you the fascist. Times like these.
Eugh, grammar nazis will have me for that..
A lot of fists. My grandpa taught me young, you can punch a nazi.
If they decide to do that, their fate will be the same as that of all the other facists that have tried it...
It will take a while but they will be ruthlessly put down.
We will. There are a lot more of us than there are of them.
That's what I am worried about. Of course they are the ones with their arsenals, thanks to the 2nd amendment.
Thanks for the replies. I have no faith in police and was under the (false?) impression military can't touch civilians on American soil.
This is what my husband fears
Thanks for all the information, clarification, explanation. It's so much to take in. Ur commentary makes comprehension much more attainable
Fantastic thread! Thanks for explaining and keeping us up to date. #MuellerMonday
my god. thank you for all you’re doing.
Gird your loins 😬
The bastard’s going to go full term, isn’t he?
And then there is the reality of Pence.
When people question why I'm so sure about this, I'm just going to point them to your Feed.
Very much appreciate your effort in laying this out. Thank you!
135? Dude.... How many facts you got in this tweetstorm?
Thanks for UR extremely thorough analysis. What steps (if any) are being taken 2 safeguard our future elections from Russian interference?
Thank you Seth. I've been following you for a while now. You find a way to make things understandable.
Longest Twitter thread ever and a masterpiece. Bravo sir.
Absolutely fantastic journalism Seth. Thanks for breaking it all down. Time to repost your PayPal link.
Stunning...... even though I pd. Attention thru out this..i am still stunned that an american, a presidential candidate did this!
These are not facts hahahhahahaha
Great commentary there, Lenny...
What the fuck are you talking about? What does TONY Podesta, not John, but Tony have to do with anything? Go away Russian bot.
Tony podesta worked with manafort. Podesta is johns brother. He had a dnc lobbying firm which funneled money. Need anymore?
Okay but what’s your point?
You know what? Nvm you’re an insane person. Have fun with your head in the sand.
What's my point? This all leads to the Clintons and democrats. Don't be so easily fooled by the liberal just because they scream the loudest
Lenny's a moron!!!!😩😩😩
Um...they are clearly documented. I thought you folks only hated undocumented things?
Wrong Podesta. This guy also had fingers in Ukraine and will probably be charged with money laundering if he didn't properly report income.
Thanks for that, Lenny. Do you have anything to back this up? Or should I just stick with the Prof's thread?
I've actually finished Seth's - so more entertainment! Cheers!
Did you know about podesta? Seth didn't tell you the truth? He stepped down amid investigations
Manafort is connected to podesta. Podesta has a dnc lobbying firm. Podesta is brother me to the campaign manager of Hillary.
It really looks as though all US politics is in the pocket of Putin...
According to the media. However are you and I influenced by Russia? Hahah no right?
Russia bots gonna hate.
Not to a stupid bot teeheehee
Lol you got nothing but lies gop lies.
Your a liar bot gop liar bot no truth in ya
What did Pence and Ryan know? They're the next in line. If , when Cheetolini goes, who steps in?
Pence may be on the hook for seeing something and not saying anything (SOP in DC) but I think Ryan is too far removed from POTUS.
I'd never seen your Twitter before today, Seth. All I can say is this was some good tweeting. Lofty tweeting.
Thank you Mr. Abramson! You are indispensable!
fantastic thread Seth, but what about mike pence? he obviously can't claim ignorance of this whole mess
So, if Trump colluded, for the funsies, how will america have to retaliate and against who, if this is true?
Well, Trump said he wasn’t like other politicians........we just didn’t know how right he was!
Fascinating analysis. Thank you for your dedication.
Is there any chance he’ll get punishment?
Thank you for this. Been hanging on every new tweet all day.
Thanks for taking the time to write that thread. Very informative
Thank you so much again for your dedication and commitment to this. You are instrumental in shedding light on this complicated subject.
The most riveting real-time thread I have ever read - gripping (but profoundly disconcerting)!
Is there any way Pence will be involved in any of this? Trump only fiddles with the buttons, Pence knows how to work them. Pence is scarier.
Your threads are my favorite threads.
Thank you for this thread. I must admit that I've never read a 135 tweet thread before...but it was worth it.
PS/ Things you'll hear today that are FALSE: Papadopoulos wasn't a top advisor; was with campaign briefly; plead to acts "outside" campaign.
None of which matter, because they have his emails.
PS2/ As to the last one: *every lie* Papadopoulos told the FBI was either a) about the Trump campaign, or b) to protect the Trump campaign.
Did you know Podesta just stepped down amid the FBI probe? Do your followers know this or do you shield them from the truth?
Don’t be a moron. We’re fully ok with anyone involved getting what’s coming to them. Climb outside your bubble.
Geez. What you don't get is unlike you trumpians, lib/lefties don't look to just one person/source for all. WE READ POLITICO on our own!
ZERO implications of guilt can be drawn fm resignation. Of course we know how you clickservatives like to leap tall logic in a single bound.
Exactly. Then why are you getting guilt from manaforts indictment? He has nothing to do with Russian collusion.
Master spinner over here. If that was trump you would say he's definitely guilty. Come on now, don't be a hypocrite
do you think Mueller is investigating Pence as well? Seeing as he was picked by Manafort, i'd be surprised if he wasn't dirty as well.
I recall lots of dirt on Pence, but not specifics. Certainly plenty of reasons why Mueller wd target MP once Big Cheese is down for count.
PS3/ This can't be stated enough: the Trump/Sessions lunch today is wildly inappropriate and possibly illegal. Both men are FBI targets.
PS4/ They now *must* have outside witnesses present at the lunch, as any discussion of the Russia probe could constitute Witness Tampering.
why do i feel that Kushner would more than likely be on Ivanka's shoulders, in that photo
And the chances of that happening is what? 🤔
Something close to, but not quite, 1.
And if they don't? What are the reprecussions?
It's 100% about Rosenstein.
PS5/ Media notices for tonight: I'll be on CNN International (9PM PST), BBC News (recorded for tomorrow AM), then BBC World Service (radio).
Thank you so much for the tweets analyzing the situation and explaining what is happening. I appreciate it!!
Please let us know approximate times for BBC TV/radio interviews. Thanks Seth!
Yes please do! Also, am I the only one who immediately thought of Seth when hearing the name Pappadopoulis? 🤔😎 #MuellerMonday
You're going to be very very busy, stock up on coffee and well done.
Big story on Fox is hamburger emojis.....
Thank you for what you're doing Seth!
Thank you Seth Abramson--the political implosion of our lifetimes (I lived thru Watergate) deserves Twitter thread of a lifetime. Carry on!
Seth. As a Brit following you for last 6 months. Proud of Your Work. You called it. Will be listening tomorrow
Link to charging docs, guilty plea, etc.
Yay @ BBC news. I'm in the UK. Thanks for your insights.
Is it possible that this could nullify the election? I can't see how it wouldn't. We've already proved they hacked the vote.
No. That will not happen
and why are you bringing up something completely unrelated? #whataboutism #russianbot
If he's dirty..he needs to go too imo
Well, why aren't you tweeting about Kevin Spacey?
It's too sad, I love him as an actor
b/c today is #MuellerMonday now get back to ur #TrumpSheep barn b4 ur #DictatorInChief knows ur gone #TrumpsGoinDown #TrumpRussia
bc a united states president colluding with a foreign government is a tad bit more important.
Of which there is no evidence
Then i'm sure you'll be happy to wait it out and prove us all wrong.
You just read that 140 tweets and this is what you came up with? That's some serious denial there, cap'n.
Why did podesta step down? Why did Seth not mention it?
Because this thread is about the people indicted today
And not the real story. I get it
So if Tony is indicted tomorrow he will be all over it? I doubt it.
That's kind of like asking why you didn't mention a specific twig when discussing the trunk and branches of a tree...
Not really podesta is directly connected with manafort. Guess who else podesta is connected to?
Why would he? Because the answer is we don't know. If T.Podesta's involved in this, lock him up too. We're not all partisan hacks like you.
I'm not partisan, Seth is
Mmhmm, that's why in a case involving about 400 GOP people you're laser focused on the 1 & only Democrat, whose connection remains unknown.
Many believe both parties are the same. Many believe they all are puppets for bigger money. Both parties keep ramming us with debt and they
"Both parties keep ramming us with debt" NOPE. For over 35 years now, one party has consistently cut deficits, the other increased them.
One word. Obummer
Look all tough when cameras are on, but are pals when they are off. So theater basically? Acting for ugly people maybe?
Because he realizes that there is a lot of not quite legal goings on in the lobbying world, and Trump is from another world, so to speak.
He doesn't realize anything. It's all speculation worded In a way for sheep to think its fact
Like representing russia in DC while russia hates anything democrat? Lol
so basically you're saying "what about Podesta?" btw, your native language is russian
Not at all I'm saying he's next. And then Clinton
Lenny, you are some species of bot. Go away. Better yet, join your idol and get outta town.
Don't give a fuck if he goes down as long as Trump goes down too.
This isn't the Podesta of the emails. You know that right?
Вы надеетесь направить всю тему от новостей на главной странице к своей маленькой истории?
Who the hell knows. Does it nullify or even minimize any of Seth’s explanations?!
Oh sweet Jesus! 135+ tweets laying it all out and you're stuck on Podesta.
Is Lenny a Lenin nom de plume? Cute.
That's ridiculous Same reason he didn't mention Hillary and the uranium. Read his stuff. This isn't Attention Deficit hour. Focus.
Perhaps you should share that in your own Twitter feed. Here, now, is inappropriate.
And thanks for the link, but yeah, we know.
This man sold wmd's in iraq, so he has been paid and won't speak of such things. Can't trust him after a false war the left hated. Smh
You missed the header where Seth says this thread "analyzes legal and political aspects of their indictment and surrender." ?
Based on no facts whatsoever is the part you both left out
If you want evidence stick around and READ. If you want your biases confirmed, perhaps Fox News is your deal.
Business fell for podesta with his ukraine ties, might be just ahead for Tony honestly.
Maybe the same reason people don't engage flat-earthers.
Maybe they are on the same side, and maybe podesta group represented russia in washington. . .
Because it's not prodent to he thread. Obviously. Who gives a fuck about s lobbyist. We're talking about white house down here.
Let's see if I can explain this clearly: Because in light of everything else, IT ISN'T IMPORTANT.
Right according to you
Right. According to anybody following the news. A naval law professor just broke down what is happening. I listen to the experts.
Lenny, read the Grand Jury notes, then you will know why he stepped down.
Financial crimes in ukraine? Representing russia in washington? Or did they find kids from milk cartons in his basement? That's a joke btw
, like Mueller, is focused on the golden egg. Noise like your comments are insignificant.
Tony podesta is next. Remember this moment when you wake up
He has ties to Ukraine it seems. Maybe even more. Podesta group also repped russia to DC as a lobbying firm to improve its image. Maybe the
The dems are projecting their guilt and hoping they pals still in office will help them. I've heard russia same as weapons in iraq and as
Joseph goebbles said "repeat a lie enough and people believe it." So i saw a false war this way, and this stinks of "wmd's" and "terrorism"
140 TWEETS of "Why" wasnt strong enough 😐
He's just speculating
Way back in 2003. Support slowly grew. Now I've heard russia with 0 proof. And wasn't the meuller guy involved in the WMD fiasco, I think so
Happened just a few hrs ago. Not John Podesta, his brother.
If you were on a sinking ship wouldn't you bail? The cess pool is being scrubbed clean.
Because Podesta was not indicted today.
Because Seth is terrified of his followed leaving when podesta goes down and Seth didn't call it
Go back to your Russian cave, troll!
You think Dems care about podesta
Sorry @systemaddict there is only one Tweet, maybe it's not part of a thread? If you think I'm buggy, please let me know 🙂
This coming from an account made on the 19th October. OK, Tovarish.
I'm a patriot what are you? A blind sheep?
Dude is older than the president. Maybe he is senile. Maybe is complicit in something bad. Maybe rolled as part of investigation. No info.
Oh dear, there is no there there is why. When you can demonstrate, articulately, a connection then try again. Until then...
This is a fact. Podesta will be indicted next.
'lenny' is a kremlin bot... I REALLY wish @Twitter @jack @TwitterSafety would do something about them, they're literally slithering out of the woodwork!
I'm an American patriot. You can never shut us down sheep
I count at least 30 misinformed sheep in this thread
Lenny is a bot or troll
Lenny the man = 5 followers. Joined October 2017. They're like cockroaches.
I want to know how insane you have to be to write a 140 tweet thread. This man has magazine pathways in his house.
A look at Lenny's profile tells you that he's not on the level. Joined October 2017, has only 5 followers... has over 1000 tweets in that time.
This guy just read Seth's entire thread. Think on..he stuck with it then posted the feeblest of rebuttals..
Well, after all, @Lennytheman222 is a Bot, so he’s not well versed in rational thinking....nice try Len, but your five followers outed U
Why me when you deny that podesta is next to be indicted ?
No way he read 'em
They are so f-----G brainwashed. It's because they have the mind that can't keep up & understand, so easier to sound stupid than learn.
No tweets from Tweetaholic-In-Chief since the Papadopoulos news broke. 🤔
I'm guessing you didn't hear about Podestas link to manafort?
Doubt he is ignoring, as there is far bigger stories today. This is not about Right vs Left. It is not a football game.
Exactly then why is he clearly on the left?
Missing the point Lenny, This time it will be mostly the right, next time it could go the other way. Evil & greed come in all forms.
LennytheBot222 Tweets 1,014 Following 38 Followers 5 Joined October 2017 #GoHomeIvan #TeamDeza #FuckOffVlad
Last time I checked he's not POTUS.
Exactly so what does manafort have to do with trump? Especially since his dealing were before the campaign?
They are material witnesses, not involved.
Because Tony isn't president?
Manafort is president?
We all know what's the final target.
Clinton yes exactly.
Ah, you're living in that world. Could've known.
Oh 'lenny' and your little 5 followers... is this the best vlad can come up with?
Who said he was ignoring it...?
He hasn't mentioned it once. Nor will he I guarantee it
If Tony Podesta is guilty, then go after him. Next?
Yes he's next. Then hillarys camp for uranium one
1) I'm switching between MSNBC and CNN right now. 2) Never heard of Tony, so don't care. Nothing to do with Hillary. 😁
Tony is johns brother. Who was the campaign manager for both Obama and Hillary. No big deal
Did u not read the article? It was not in cnjnctn 2 the news & it had been planned. They had been strgling & snds like r tryng new venture
Tony Podesta is not POTUS. If Tony Podesta is guilty I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law just lije Trump, Sessions,et al.
If he is dirty he goes too. Do you see the connection to Manafort?
Because we now know the President is a crook who will not serve his term & might even go to jail.
Grow up. Not fake news.
Agreed but it's leading to podest next
nice deflection, comrade
Nothing saying Dems can't be caught up in this too.
You seem to be under the impression that the rest of the country gives a fuck which party the treasonous belong to. Good riddance to all.
The CIA isn't FakeNews, turn off FOX.
Seth is fake news
Wow. Amazing thread. Many many thanks, Will listen out for you on the BBC tomorrow am. Your analysis is a Public Service
Bravo Seth!!!! Thank you so much for your tireless work. And Happy Birthday, a bit early!!
Seth Abromson, thank you so much for your reporting, explanations, meanings & probable outcomes! This is amazing! 🤗🤗🤗
Is there a reason domestic news services aren't interested in you, even now after you've been highly accurate?
Please try to get on @maddow or @AriMelber
Thanks, ttthreads!
Did you mean to only get the postscripts?
Ok. It said 6 tweets. That is why I got confused.
Lol it seems to say that for everyone. But when you unroll it, it’s everything.
Sorry @cynnara there is only one Tweet, maybe it's not part of a thread? If you think I'm buggy, please let me know 🙂
Everything looks fabulous, @tttthreads.
^^JFC this thread ^^ Read it. #MuellerInvestigation
Thank you for all of your work helping us understand this.
The FBI interview where Papadopolous lied about his Russia contacts came on the same day, Jan. 27, Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge.
What do you make of Indictment "B"? Does that mean there's an "A"?
So, did they blow the questions in the press briefing today? Seems they allowed SHS to get away with saying GP never got anywhere with his attempts to set up meetings, etc.
Read them all. Thank you again. ☺
Wld love to see this thread Storified/made available in one long chain, if anyone can help with that. Thank you so much, Seth!
Happy Birthday! And Happy Indicment Day! 🎈 🎂
Read your whole thread with ever further dropping jaw and just wanted to thank you for explaining it all and putting it in perspective.
Thank you Seth for fighting for all Americans.
Where is Pence in all of this? Did he protect himself or does he have dirty hands, too?
Wow, so BBC World or BBC News 24? Do you know?
There is tea all over this bathroom floor now Paul.
You're starting to sound like overexcited Rachel Maddow on the release of Trump's taxes
Seth, you're currently getting Maddowed.
Appreciate the break down and the time it took outling this. Very informative
This is the most insane, rambling, fanciful tower of speculative nonsense I’ve ever seen. Acid brain damage maybe?
I’ll be recording. 😃
I expect slit wrists when none of this happens
Hey Seth, make sure you get around to reading the indictments sometime. That's way you'll make less of an idiot of yourself, going forward.
BTW you forgot to mention that the investigation is focussed on Manafort, Gates activities in Ukraine - as will be shown, with the Podestas.
Otherwise congrats on your epic threads, apart from being 100% wrong they are hilariously funny b/c of their utter derangement.
Imagine if the hammer drops November 8th, it will then become official "Lefty disappointment day".
That would be the perfect date!
Yo Seth, ever considered that Manafort/ Popadopolous were deliberately trying to entrap Trump - and he got rid of them? See, seems odd /..
/..that despite Papadopolous repeated attempts to get Trump to meet the Russians/Putin, he was repeatedly rebuffed. Almost as if Trump/..
/..was aware of exactly what was happening. But please, do keep ranting on your threads, they amuse me. PS Podestas next . Bye Seth!
Manafort was part of Clinton camp's "Pipe & Piper" scheme to help nominate Trump,that's why he offered to work for free.
It's amazing how he just ignores certain findings and pushes personal assumptions and thoughts as fact.
Manafort got Pence picked as VP. Is he in the crosshairs?
What I think would be helpful is a giant infographic on the time line of events showing when everything happened and who presumably knew what and when.
THANK YOU, Seth, for everything.
I am so grateful to you, Seth, for all the work you have done letting us know what is happening. It helped abate the fear. I celebrate...
... w/all good Americans. This is not over, will get worse before better, but we're on the way. #Peace
What an amazing read! Too bad it’s true!
How does Pence fit in to all of this? I heard that he was Manafort’s pick for VP?
How does this work with pardoning powers. Could papadopolous be freed and his testimony rendered null?
What about firing Mueller at this point? It seems this administration thinks it can do anything and propaganda will hold up.
Jesus man, get a blog
Seth, thank you for this unbelievably cogent thread. Thank you for all the work you do. Thank you.
You know you've written a book here between all these threads, right? I hope you have someone working on compiling it all for you. I'll copy edit when you're ready for that step in the process. 😊 See my bio for contact info.
I will be watching. Thank you for your work.
Longest thread ever, but you are right in that we need to prepare. Grateful you are appearing on BBC. Please Unroll @tttthreads
Who the FUCK writes 140 tweets in a row?
You of all people need the 280 twitter character limit... I feel so informed and I feel the need to inform.
Good gracious, dude - you are REALLY in need of strong medication for your delusions.
Longest and best twitter thread ever! Thank you for your great reporting and great explanations. #ManafortMonday #Papadopoulos #TrumpRussia
When all this is done & dusted, we'll look at the conspiracy as intended: to help trump to help Russia. Putin's plan failed flat. He failed!
Doubt that Perjury Boy Sessions knows that about the law.
Lord, I hope there are tapes (of this lunch).
You mean similar to that Lynch/Clinton meeting on the tarmac?
No Bill Clinton was not under investigation for anything at the time. They admitted the meeting after. Trump lied about EVERYTHING!
What the hell is wrong with you?
If that is the case, can @realDonaldTrump talk to anyone in the White House left over from campaign?
Can you address Pence's complicity? He was Manafort's choice.
Question - would Trump's tweets likely be used as evidence against him/others?
Trump already did that with Comey. He's now probably probing Sessions for information on how big this thing is, and potential damage.
They're both too #CORRUPT and #LIARS; that won't happen...we all know #JohnKelly won't enforce that rule... #IndictmentMonday...#RussiaGate😡
I still want to know if Trump is involved in Manafort money laundering conspiracy, does Trump Organization become avail to civil forfeiture?
(No comment)
Unless Sessions is wearing a wire. Poetic justice after Trump publicly humiliated Sessions? Or just Justice?
Remember when #rightwing heads exploded over Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill?
Jesus dude just write a dang article
Their guilty as sin ,and we the people know it...
Sessions is a nervous weakling no way hes not mic'd up w 45
No kidding. Talk about collusion.
But Pence will be there to make sure Trump and Sessions do nothing wrong! (yuk, yuk!)
Do they have to be told they are targets for this to be tampering?
Not a shocker. Inappropriate behavior is the norm for .@realDonaldTrump #MuellerMonday
‘Wildly inappropriate and possibly illegal’ describes pretty much everything the Trump admin has done since the election.
More coercion and Loyalty Oaths.
Thank you Seth and Happy Birthday.
Yet, no one does anything to uphold the wrongdoings.
U seriously need to stop lying just to appease your followers, just get through another day. Follow @__0HOUR1_ if u want to know the truth.
They're circling their wagons
Maybe Sessions is working with FBI?
So, how does Pence come into all of this? Is there enough already known that if Trump steps down/gets booted, Pence is out too?
If shown he was involved yes
Could someone be wearing a wire to lunch?
Trump worried so finding out if sessions know aNything! They called Comey the leaker tho' ! America has Rotten ppl leading it
Why exactly could this be illegal?
Menu: Traitor Cocktail, vile bile spleen salad served with gall dressing, chicken covered in sauce of lies, deceptions, & distractions
When did RW ever have any Integrity toward #WeThePeople's Democracy or Independence-We all need 2 Regulate 2 make this World work 4 us all
Reminds me of the contacts they had before Comey was fired. This may be a big deal.
Let them dig their own graves.
What are the chances Sessions is wearing a wire?
Highly unlikely in my opinion. He's one of them.
Collusion, collusion, collusion. #MuellerMonday
Its the president and the attorney general, a meeting means nothing the topic of conversation “could”.
I really hope ppl don't buy your drivel here...
Are you allergic to truth?
Can't believe they had lunch. Unreal.
Agree w @SethAbramson. Highly inappropriate, but has never stopped #Trump B4. Trump/Sessions lunch. #Resist #BoF #SAMeagle #GeeksResist #TW
PS3/ This can't be stated enough: the Trump/Sessions lunch today is wildly inappropriate and possibly illegal. Both men are FBI targets.
Getting their stories straight and discussing legal angles in plain sight today?
sessions was the key to the success of this conspiracy.if he didnt requese we would all be singing russian tunes
Both men are fucked and unkissed except by Sarah and Kelly Anne, oh, an Ryan. Oh, McConnell, too? Well, the ass kiss line is shortening up..
Pence was scheduled to be at the lunch meeting, too--maybe the purpose was to plan Trump & Session's resignations ;-)
Not as illegal as #Tarmac meeting between two ton @LorettaLynch and #BJClinton. FYI - #Sessions reports to @realDonaldTrump . #Illegallunch
holy shit. Forgot about that.
I'm sure they both wore wires, for future reference. Trusting ties they have.
Why stop now 😀it would be out of character 😂😂😂
Is it possible Sessions has been flipped, with this info in FBI's possession, and is now himself recording Trump?
Holy fuck, write a column, or a Facebook post. You needed that many tweets to say wahhhh? You do realize he is still the Pres, right?Dumbass
A conspiracy against the United States of America?
But he was a volunteer.. Mk can’t wait for them all to go down
Briefing talks about Tax Cut for1% by talking about bars&drinking beer! THIS.IS.NOT.NORMAL. Meanwhile 2 INDICTMENTS & GUILTY PLEA .@PressSec
Thanks for the link to Abramson, so clear and helpful. (Takes me back to my dad explaining Watergate as it unfolded)
Abramson does a good job of explaining well. See also @alexandraerin for a slightly different take on things.
Thanks, I'm going to look at that too! (Also have followed background on the 'What Trump can teach us about Con Law' podcast.)
(a good job of explaining well... Come on Brislen. Learn some good England)
You do realize the Trump administration turned George in themselves right? They say what he was doing & handed paperwork over on their own
Trump posted a photo with Papadopoulos sitting with him and the rest of the top guys. A low level guy doesn't get that access.
That photo should be the response to any of the "who is this guy?" BS. They say a photo is worth a thousand tweets.
Are you listening to @PressSec
(Possibly sensitive)
bingo. that just happened
@OressSec Just shd He was a volunteer w little to do w campaign
Notice how Seth is now doing damage control when it comes out he was making things up again
BLIZZARD WARNING ⚠️: Call ALL yr MOC 202-224-3121 Ask them to #FireproofMueller & #ImpeachTrump NOW Text Resist to 59409 to write them same
Well? We have Indictments! And a guilty plea that implicates POTUS No More Delays #ImpeachTrump NOW!
yep! Sarah Huckabee Sanders is following script to a T
She's up there lying about it right this minute.
(Possibly sensitive)
I can't wait to hear the story of how Jared is hardly in the family
Papadopolis was a shot across the bow to say we're coming, TreasonGate. Gates & Manafort are message saying, we're coming for you, Trump.
ya think alien hands would take a hint from Mueller and resign but no..he wants to shame his family and friends first.
I have no doubt, that in Chump's mind, he is unequivocally innocent of any and all charges.
She just called him a volunteer! @PressSec
At this moment, that appears to be exactly what Huckabee Sanders is doing. Classic.
Show of hands, who else thinks the Female Russian National from Papadopoulos plea is none other than the Natalia Veselnitskaya who met w/Jr?
Of course-they are all innocent, right? Manafort, Conway, Bannon, Stone when they say A-Team it meant Avoidance? or Arrested First!
Not a "Volunteer", then.
Need Pay Stubs
Just heard that one...@PressSec
Damn. Word for word from Sarah Huckabee’s mouth.
Already happening
+@PressSec says Papadopoulos worked in an “extremely limited” capacity on the campaign
Per Sarah H. - he was a volunteer !
Is this really a thread of 135 tweets?
Yes and worth every minute it took to read!
is saying EXACTLY that now. So predictable.
All sarah sander’s answers were predictable - distance, deny, minimize.
You’re really smart.
Sarah Sanders is saying those exact things now!
Yep. Sanders already at it.
Sanders did say exactly those things. Did you post this before she said it?
At the Vatican when the smoke is black they are waiting for the nomination of a new Pope. With #Trump the smoke is black sinceDay1 & B4🙈
Thank you for taking the time to do this thread. 👍
Already happening from GOP & Russian Trolls!
Posited today by @SHSanders45 --check!
Pretty much exactly what was said today!!!
Wtf is the press secretary SHS talking about with this little tax story?
And note the Putin bots out in mass today. Armies marching.
Very long thread but everybody should read this - he says it’s beginning of end for Trump.
Do you think those involved were PAID workers of campaign or Volunteers as WHPressSec is currently saying?
👏Bravo - thank you for such an informative thread.
Wonderful thread. Thank you. If only we can get the same critical coverage of Brexit to save the UK from disaster.
So my question is what about the VP? Is he in on this as well? What about the RNC, were they involved because of Priebus? Where does it end?
This nation will have a new birth of freedom—& that government of the people, by the people, for the people, will not perish from the earth.
NOTE/ You can find the POSTSCRIPTS to this thread at this link:
PS/ Things you'll hear today that are FALSE: Papadopoulos wasn't a top advisor; was with campaign briefly; plead to acts "outside" campaign.
SHS just said he was a volunteer on a committee that met once...
She too was an advisor. She's prob shakin in her shoes.
Trump selected all these people that