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TIL: there are people who think I advocate for better performance because "personal brand"
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Let's set a few things straight: 1.) I'm a Blink engineer, not in DevRel 2.) My advocacy comes from work with partners building PWAs...
3.) I only started caring about this *at all* because the results I'm seeing are so poor 4.) I will drop all of this when they improve
5.) the motivation is to *help teams and users succeed more often* 6.) This is the opposite of "not having empathy"
Just post a few traces Alex. The F500 ones I looked at doing research for Moovweb would make your eyes bleed.
In my exp, devs who don't work on large commercial content/commerce sites have no idea how poorly performant the median site is.
You are doing great job Alex
In any case, i'd be happy to help in making perf and ux #1 priority in dev cycle to make it a part of muscle memory when doing web dev
Talk to @sw12 about yesterday on creating courses & helping community remember the basics on web dev so as not to perpetuate bad patterns..
That is rampant in web dev: misuse of html tags, convoluted css, and overuse of js to "hack" the misuse of html & css..
These bad patterns are the reasons why we have big slow web in the first place. We forgot how basics work & went to building overcomplex web
I think we should really go back to basics rather than asking what framework or backend to use.
Out of respect for performance. Why are you using both . and )? You could save some bytes by removing the redundancy.
It's all sub-packet-sized. If chunking was a risk, might re-evaluate!
IOW: show me the trace 😉
I personally love what you do and how strongly you feel about this #groupie
"The slightlylating will continue until time to interactive improves"
I completely understand this. I'd love to expand my work to more than just accessibility but the results out there are still so poor.
Yeah, very much not my job, but it's also in the way of accomplishing truly important things. Not making me any friends, tho.
If you can't bash em for their work, bash em for their motivations to do good work. The point isn't the work, it's the bashing.
HA! people really think that? Must be that classic line about Web Performance that Gary Vaynerchuck is so famous for.
I learned recently that webcomponents have bad API because Google secretly wants to force Polymer on people. Internet never stops to amaze
Can you share which part of API is bad?
I think he was referring to someone who made this claim in a different, very frustrating, conversation.
Yeah i do remember someone telling me Google was shoving webcomponents because they want to #breaktheplatform and not #usetheplatforn
Just because it didn't go well with other existing libs like jquery or frameworks, as if those big libs and frameworks are the platform :(
But no matter how hard this could be, its a step forward towards standardizing some part of web...
To me rewriting every component over and over everytime a new framework come around is more frustrating!
I remember the time Mozilla started the MDN and creating specifications. Now we appreciate and see it was needed
Haha. That was me :) All Twitter conversations are frustrating :)
is this sarcasm? i hope this is sarcasm
Literally *every talk ever* from the Polymer team is about a future where web components are a native, amazing thing, everywhere. Period.
i think @_ergo_ was just relating a thing he read, not saying he believes the thing himself.
I always thought you advocated for better performance because you were always slightly late
but seriously, I can't think of a worse way to build personal brand than telling everyone "your favorite framework makes your site unusable"
it's hard and I imagine mostly thankless work, so thank you :)
Nah man, caremad always comes from a place much deeper than that. ✌️🤘🤜🤛
Dieter Rams once said “The designer is the user’s advocate within the company.” As a user, I wish more developers were inspired by Rams…
Or Tron - "I fight ... for the users!"
It's easy to get causality backward when trying to infer it from correlation :)
Some people will think anything so long as it makes them feel better or furthers their agenda. You be you, mate.
In the javascript-industrial complex, personal brand is a major currency. User-first advocacy ftw
That’s insane; obviously if you cared about branding, the first thing you’d do is consolidate the mismatched slightly* ids.
Nobody would claim I'm *good* at the things I try to do.
After we meet in person, that would have been the last thing I would think.
Same. Alex is one of the most down to earth people I’ve met.
I was so happy to see you at that Chrome Dev Summit panel. We need more people like you that speak out when shit sucks and could get better.
“what if we make everything faster for our users and it only makes Alex look good?”
That's exactly what I thought of, too.
That's some stupid thinking... Personal brand? Better performance is a must and it is not about branding
They clearly have you confused with @FakeAlexRussell. He is the one who advocates based on their "personal brand".