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13.4M records in new leak dubbed the Paradise Papers, rivalling Panama Papers in scope, lays bare some of financial secrets of world's elite
Firm Wilbur Ross retains stake in receives millions a year in revenue from a company whose owners include members of Putin's inner circle.
Yeah right lock the old goat up
Yeah yeah. They’re aware of every penny the common man makes and plead oversights on their own billions.
Trump’s Commerce sec will get 5-10 yrs & Trudeau’s Donor will get a $10M payout for his troubles? Same scheme different party.... Being real
The only reason why this is making headlines is because the media invented the “Russian Collusion” hoax.
Does anyone expect anything else from corrupt, entitled bloviating ignoramus Trump? And GOP congress?
I knew no good would come from this presidency but the growing evidence of the enormity of DT's corruption & hubris weighs heavy
Trudeau has never worked for the middle-class and those working hard to join it.
Off with their heads!!!
Of course. Also, I wonder how long the Kool Aid crowd will cling to the image of the coiffed white knight?
Surprised? We have our very own hillary!
I am sure there is a fund at Justin Trudeau'S name in a fiscal paradise for after his political career,just like Jean Chrétien has created
Didn't Trudeau promise to close tax loopholes? Or am I thinking of a less trustworthy public servant?
And nothing will change!
Nothing is gonna happen about it.
Just because there was a leak doesn't mean anyone/everyone has done something wrong.
Im willing to bet at least one person among them is screwing the tax system.
If Bill Browder shouldn't pay taxes owed to Russia why should Trudeau's man pay Canadian taxes? The rich get away with it always right?
Hi, I think you will like this item.
Everyone should retweet this to their followers. #stoptaxshelters #makewealthypaytheirshare
I’m sure JT and BM will deal with this to ensure everyone pays their fair share!!
"No evidence of wrongdoing." So as a financial planner/management planner you are do not support lawful tax planning? Change system then.
Not a surprise at all . They have the means to pay for accountants that know all the angles and loops holes to save them money. 😋
Does it include Trump?
That’s not answer he was looking for
All crooks...Liars and thieves!!
They are accountable to "Political Will"?? You mean the Same thing They Employed to get away with it in the first place?? That Solution??!!
Why is Trump in your headline who isn't involved and Turdeau isnt in it that is you #FakeNewsGarbage
Not just cabinet ministers but the Liberal party itself.
Mostly AngloSaxons eh?!
Let it all come out
Let’s all say it together “we love the lie detector known as the ‘internet ‘ politicians, Hollywood, Saudi princes, Hillary, Donald etc. Etc
Looking forward to the Rebel condemning Trudeau's fundraiser while praising Trump's Commerce Sec for being in the same scheme.
Or In reality, Trump’s Commerce sec getting 10 yrs & Trudeau’s Donor getting a $10M settlement for his troubles. Just being real.
Liars, cheats...may they all rot in hell...
I just threw up in my mouth at the sight of Chretien
Just a peek at the people making laws to keep you poor while they gorge at the trough.
How many of these people wear religion as badge of honour?Man,we are dumb.
Keep on moving folks, nothing to see here, all legal and and in compliance with the laws we made when we ran the country. #cdnpoli
I’m starting to understand Trump now, and the Rebel, and Milo, and all of that BS. People have had enough. I’ve had enough @JustinTrudeau
So you could not resist throwing Trudeau's name into the mix, talk about TABLOID Journalism #cdnpoli
And Pierre's.
But let's tax the crap out of Canadians who keep their money onshore and give Billions of borrowed money away to 3rd world countries
Unfortunately like 🐷 Pigs at a trough the elite entitlement of the rich demonstrates Human Greed - Hence 80/20% rule Rich need 80% poor
"No evidence of wrongdoing." So if nothings illegal, what's the problem?