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Nice wallpaper!
Work gave me a brand new maxed out model in November '15. Best, and fastest, Mac I've ever owned/used. On it right now in fact.
100% agree. It was my favourite too. I wish they’d bring it back
They still sell it
Well technically yes, but the price is crazy
I totally agree. The only thing going for the new ones is size (weight and thickness) and the improved display.
Exactly - I still have my Oct 2013 model chugging away. The most future-proofed laptop with 2.8GHZ i7 and 16GB of ram. Why upgrade?
If my MacBook Pro 2016 fails, I'm definitely going back to one of those. I'm jealous whenever I see my wife using my old one.
Dig the simplicity of the photos in the writeup 👍
The best laptop Apple ever made was the MacBook Pro with the matte display.
Supremely well said. A true pro laptop without compromises. I have one I bought in 2014 - i7 and I am not every buying the new design till it is a reliable pro machine.
I prefer the keyboard from the 2008 MacBook Pro, but the 2012 chassis is much nicer. A also miss the 2008’s anti-glare screen.
I’d argue MagSafe 2 was a step back from 1 due to its looseness, but it’s fixable with a cheap hack and better than no MagSafe
Please check staingate
Well said. “I hope it’s not the best laptop that will ever exist.” I’m still rocking my mid-2015 rMBP.
Totally agree, @marcoarment. Recently sold the LG monitor, prepping the Touch Bar MBP to be sold. I greatly prefer my Thunderbolt Display with the 2015 15” MBP.
Biggest hardware regression I have ever witnessed.
My MBPr turned 4 a few days ago, but still works and feels like a new machine. I'm loving it.
This feels like an obituary and that's terrible.
Ordered mine day of the announcement in 2012. I’m sticking with it and dreading the day it fails.
I have the 2012 rMBP at home & use the 2015 rMBP at work & I completely agree with @marcoarment
Yes!!! Love my decked out 15” 2015 MBP
Yes, my 2013 maxed out 15" is still going strong...Needed something more powerful, got maxed out 2017 15"... :(
I got this laptop’s last model from work and I do NOT want to move to the new MacBook pros. I hope it will keep on working for years to come.
i still regret my upgrade...
Maybe more the best recent laptop in the past 10 years. There could be an argument the Pismo PowerBook G3 was the best ever.
I have the 2017. I do not like it.
Just recently upgraded to the Mid-2015 variant. Love it.
100% agree and that’s really well written. I have tried both Retina MacBook and new Pros (sans TouchBar) and I keep coming back to my 2015 MBP. It feels like a professional computer.
As an owner of said laptop:
It’s my everyday computer.
I have the 13-inch 2015 model that I bought new about a year ago from B&H. It’s the best laptop I’ve ever used.
The 13" is magnificent as well. I never want to give mine up.
Just swap one USB-A for a USB-C and keep building it indefinitely
You missed one disadvantage, no external battery charge indicator 😉
I’m not alone! Though not as eloquent or productive with my mbp as the others, I too ditched a new MacBook Pro touchbar stellar grey almost bland HP-like thing for the tank that is the 2012 15” MBP Retina.
I’d say the best macbook ever made, but i agree with the rest.
exactly right. One additional detail: only the 2014 (which I own) and 2015 are brand-free on the hinge, below the screen. All the others are branded “MacBook Pro”, feeling in your face… in a Samsung way.
I believe all MBP of this chassis are brand-free. My late 2013 is, and I’m 90% sure my friends 2012 is too.
Ah true! Still the 2016+ are a regression
I love this. I’ve got a brand new iMac that I adore and a 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro that needs a new battery. With the keyboard stuff with the TB MBP, I’m almost tempted to get another one. (From 2015 like you)
Do it. Seriously. You’ll be amazed how much of an *upgrade* it is.
can confirm, it's a beauty
hell of an endorsement. im in the market for one for sure. wondering if a refurbished model from apple would be better (apple care wise) than a “lightly used” one off ebayz
Nothing will ever come close to my 2006 17 Inch MacBook Pro.
I agree with Marco. Mine has been a beast used every day all day for 4 years. But yeah my 2006 17” I still have (used by my daughter as a backup) and besides batteries that sort of exploded a few times it still works great!
I'd still be using my old matte screen 17" if the logic board hadn't died one night. But the replacement (retina 15") is as good or better in every way, and I don't miss the old one much.
USB Ports on both sides. Actual screen real estate. The ports on that thing had ports. (Only bugger was the meh express card slot.)
I'm thinking about it too. Is Refurbished from apple the best way to go? or wait til Marco is selling one?
I bought a refurbished 2015 15 inch MBP in August when I needed a new computer. I just couldn’t bring myself to get a 2017.
When they first released the slimmer MacBook pros, I immediately went out and bought the last of the old models, because they were just so good! 😌
Yeah, I’m thinking that too! I suspect many are, 2015 MacBook Pros have got seriously expensive in the UK
Following suit from ATP, I got a 2015 from Swappa. 40 battery cycles, 512 GB SSD, and 2 years left of Apple care for 1600! I Highly recommend giving it a look!
Same here. I have a 2012 at home and the 2017 toolbar one at work. Totally prefer the older one.
Almost agree. The day after the new Macbook Pros were announced, I immediately went out and bought a 2016 Macbook Pro.. but 13" :P
I’m in the minority, but I prefer the new one. Hated having unused ports (HDMI, SD) - much rather have 4 that can adapt. I now bring two charges when traveling, USB-C (MacBook/Switch) and lightning (iPhone). Also planning to get an egpu when they’re better supported this Spring.
That 10.4 desktop background ❤️
I have one of these with 16GB/512SSD. 2 complaints: 1) fan runs too often when the CPU pegs, and 2) it's just too heavy...I'd prefer a 13" with same specs and less weight
If what you have is 15", the #2 complaints is not valid when comparing to a 13"
Fully agree here, and makes me a bit sad to see design principles go haywire with the tbMBP. Worth mentioning imo that the 2012 rMBP started the non-upgradable components trend for the MBP line (e.g. RAM, SSD, battery).
Still using the mid-2012 model at work, great machine
strongly agree
I can’t keep track, how did that one rate on your list of “fans spin up too much under load”?
I have a 2013 MPB, and totally agree
Get off my lawn with your new-fangled hippy USB-C ports?
I bought a 2015 13 inch when the new ones came out. I felt a bit of a FOMO while getting it as my "reasonable" choice. I've never regretted my decision since.
The loaded mid-2015 13” MBP is the best of 6 new MBPs I’ve owned since 2004. No interest in the Touchbar. Paired with my 12.9 iPad Pro with Duet it’s a killer road warrior setup.
Same here. Best Mac laptop I've ever owned. I guess if there had been one with 4 USB ports and no Touch Bar, MAYBE I would have picked that... But in the end, when I read the horror stories with the keyboards and the dongle life, I'm more than happy with my 2015 !
The 13 inch is pretty fine too - robust, probably not quite the battery power, but great size
You done stepped in it now.
It’s the least controversial thing I’ve ever written. I’m going to see more counterarguments for the MacBook Air than anything newer.
MacBook airs screen is why it can’t be the best.
Personally I like the 2015 13" MacBook Pro. But that’s purely for bagability and weight reasons.
The 2015 13" MacBook Pro is great, and I use that one everyday!
I’ve got a 2015 MBP and a 2013 MBA and end up using the MBP far more often. What I miss about the MBA is Apple’s willingness to give a low-end model *much* better battery life than the high-end model in the name of ultraportability - wouldn’t see that now.
[see also the unused empty space in the current day non-touchbar MBP’s chassis] the ridiculous excellence of iOS devices today makes me wish the Mac were actually becoming more and like a truck - it has more freedom to go in that direction than it used to
I was able to snag a maxed out Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015 MacBook Pro when Apple was still selling them. It’s my daily driver and my all-time favorite machine.
Same just wish I could upgrade to 1TB
I 100% agree with @marcoarment here! I love my Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro.
I worked at the Genius Bar until this summer. Before I left I used my discount to buy a new laptop and I went with a maxed-out 15” 2015 over the Touchbar one and I am so thankful I did.
I still have my 5 year old top-model MacBook Pro and there is no way I can part with it.. The only thing which lets it down is the battery after all this time. It still has more horsepower than many new laptops on the market!
Replace the battery. I’m on my second lol
I’m really tempted but the pricing was horrible when I looked locally here. The retina MacBook has the battery attached to the keyboard or some madness which blew the pricing to hell and back :(
I suspect my next dev laptop won’t be Apple. After that I probably won’t buy an iPad any more etc etc...
I’m reading that post on that laptop
“It’s designed for us, rather than asking us to adapt ourselves to it.” Forcing us to adapt is unfortunately the state of all Apple products right now. There is a clear lack of vision company wide and we’re all stuck being beta testers while they try to figure out what works.
Totally agree. For many reasons, especially the gap between trackpad and space bar to rest my fingers while using the trackpad. I like the glow of all the little Apple logos on tech tables in a dark auditorium during theatre production rehearsals. Be sad when that’s gone.
That model was a fucking workhorse, had mine for almost four years, only complaint, didn’t get a big enough SSD (work computer)
I love my 2015 MacBook Pro. I will be really sad the day I need to get a new Mac laptop. For a video editor on the road, it’s damn near perfect. I’d love to have an Nvidia GPU for the CUDA core benefit, but other than that it’s absolutely perfect.
Completely agree! Trying to make my 15" last forever and when our daughter needed one this year got her a refurb 13"
Having used the recent ones. How does the retina compare between now and then?
Great commentary, I still rock my 2012 MBP and couldn’t agree more.
I "downgraded" to one of these from a 2016 MacBook. I'm happier with it in every way.
Waited about four years to upgrade from a maxed out 15". If I had another 15" I don’t know that I would be happy, but the 13" is nice.
If only my 2013 Macbook was a little faster and the screen wasn't delaminated and I could charge it w/ a USB-C charger i'd be set. Everyone's disdain for these new ones is keeping me from upgrading
One of the most important details, it has distinguishable cursor keys
I got a new one on eBay with Apple Care for almost the full 3 years for $2k not that long ago. I think they went up a little after the touch bar models were revealed.
Despite completely disagreeing with the premise and conclusion of this piece, I enjoy your love for the Mac. Great photography, well reasoned arguments, and a nice homage to a great machine. You’re wrong about the new machines, but you’re right about these machines. Thanks.
Thanks. Honestly, I think you’re the first person I’ve heard from who has disagreed. It’s the least controversial thing I’ve ever written.
I run the (2017) 13” touchbar Mac, not the 15”... so maybe it’s the bigger ones. Dunno, but I love this 13” Mac. Small as an 11” Air (my all-time favorite), but as fast as the 15”. I sometimes walk back to my desk in the evening because I panic and think I forgot to pack it.
Do you ever plug anything into it? Is it your primary machine? I suspect the fruit companies insularity may be shielding it from how everyday workers use their Macs.
Two 4K displays at work, 4K ultra wide at home. Only machine. And I’m a senior software engineer at Apple, so I push the machine to it’s limit.
You don't do much photography, so probably don't feel much pain with the SD slot going away from a "pro" machine.
“You don’t do much photography...” Um, are you new around here?
Apparently I don't know you
The SD card inconvenience remains regardless of if I know u. If u don't find that an inconvenience, all the power to u
My daily shooter is my iPhone, with my Fuji’s as travel cameras. Since I offload those cards in bulk, a usb-c reader is faster and not an inconvenience for me.
Understood. I personally prefer not having to remember to keep the external card reader but we can have our own preferences. On another pt, iPhone X RAW perf is great so I can see using it more and syncing it via iCloud.
iPhone has been a very capable camera for a while. Have a lot of 24” prints on my walls from past iPhones. And with the latest models, I find myself using my other cameras less and less.
X is my first phone with 2 lenses. Roughly 28mm and 50mm are pretty good prime lenses
I’ve heavily used both the 7 plus and the 8 plus. It’s a great system. The X is even better. It’s not a traditional system, but once you get the feel of it, you can make some incredible photographs with it.
I tend to have camera vibration when I hit the button on the phone. On a DSLR it's relatively easier to hold it steady. I haven't tried iPhone rigs or sth like that so my experience is from hand holding only
This is why I stopped shooting RAW. The ISP processing on the iPhone is too damn good to ignore. And I’ve found the JPEGs have enough headroom.
For majority of cases, I'm sure it's great. Sometimes I highlights meter and underexpose to recover the shadows in LR. So better dynamic range in RAW is very much welcome :)
Also when you use the volume up button to take the picture (whilst then holding your iPhone steady because of sorta squeezing it)?
Yes. Going slower than 1/30 is a challenge when using that button, esp thru a case. OIS helps but not a lot.
Here’s something I wrote last year about shooting with the iPhone:…
Do you use an external keyboard?
When plugged into the monitors.
Same, but I also use it on the go quite a bit. I'm holding off on upgrading a '14 MBP at work and a '09 MB at home, _entirely_ because of the keyboard. Tried new one at the store, low travel makes me hit keys harder. Serious RSI concern. :(
What monitors are you using @capttaco ? I’ve got a 2016 MBP 13”. On the road it’s fine (travel a lot) but in home office really want screen real estate
I have never been as happy with a machine as I am with this one. Some day I'll replace it, but certainly not today. Not even tempting.
Well, honestly, at this point would you really consider an opposite opinion ?
I still regret “upgrading” and want to go back every time I borrow my old MBPr from the kids. It was a 2013 model, but is doesn’t feel slower than the brand new one I have.
The new TB3 only models went too far with their vision of "purity" or "simplicity". I have to admit that the older MBP's, with their large variety/quantity of ports LOOKS less modern than the current ones - but are WAY more practical.
best description for best laptop!
Reading this on a late 2013 15" rMBP (500gb SSD, 2.3GHz i7, 16Gb DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M) - purchased in 2014 and still going beautifully. Still happy and no regrets.
btw I also got the 2012 pro, it's great.
“Everything else about this machine was an upgrade” Quibble: MagSafe 2 was definitely a downgrade from the original.
For me an upgrade my old MacBooks charger always broke
Interesting. You might be the outlier there. At the time, many people (myself included) complained about the loss of MagSafe 1, which stayed plugged in far better than 2.
Yeah I think I know what you mean. Old one stayed plugged in better but suffered from damage more easily
How do you keep the software up to date? They wouldn't offer updates anymore would they
Well, current macOS runs on every Mac made since 2010. So the 2015 version might be very well supported for another 5 years from now.
Have the same feeling about my 2011 Mbp
That is mine. Can’t imaging giving it up.
I needed to “upgrade” from my late 2012 rMBP recently and... well... performance of the 2017 rMBP does not match the increase in specs... considering the price this is really shit
yep - plus it had a real escape key, lighted keyboard - audio controls. I was my fav. way better than my current 2017 MBP.
I’m quite happy with the new MBP 13”, except the keyboard reliability issue. Thinner and lighter are way more important than other things in my checklist, as long as it’s reasonably powerful.
The 2014 was the best. 2012 had the ghosting on the screen. 2015 had the limp R9 m370x that has major throttling issues.
What throttling issues are you talking about? I have the 2015 with that graphics card and haven't noticed problems with it
Run bootcamp. Install MSI Afterburner. Enable GPU frequency overlay. Play overwatch. Within 5-10 minutes it’ll throttle from from 800mhz to 300mhz. FPS will cut in more than half. ~60 to 23.
The state of Apple’s MacBooks is one of the primary reasons I went with an iMac this year.
Fully agree. I recently returned to my 2013 and it’s likely the best computer I’ve ever owned, and still feels impressive.
Great piece! I am still using a mid 2012 13” and after upgrading to SSD & 8GB RAM, it feels and performs very well.
Logic: We’ve added a touch bar. Videographers and Photographers will love it. Also @Apple logic: We’ve removed the SD slot because not many of our users are photographers and videographers.
They want more people to use iPhones. Some of us still have canon powershots and don't want to buy accessories
I almost wanted to tweet the same thing today. Still remember my 2007 17" MBP which I absolutely loved. That laptop in a unibody frame would be to die for. (With updated ports)
Agreed, but I prefer the 13” version. Not as powerful, but I like the 13” form factor.
Bought a Late 2016 recently to replace my Early 2013. New screen is nice, keyboard is fine, but battery is a massacre. For the same tasks, the duration on battery is less than half of the old one with a fresh batt. I really don't get what happened with this gen...
Agreed! I'm still kicking myself for selling my 2012 15" rMBP to get this "supposedly better" 2017 MBP with its touch bar. Yes, its fast, thin, quiet and light... but man... even after almost 5 months, I still hate the keyboard.
It's an odd choice to have headphone jack on the right side on new MBP
I never realized the new ones have it on the right. That is awful. I have headphones like Marco mentioned with the cord off the left side. I would literally have to wrap my headphone cord around the back of the laptop so it doesn’t get in the way.
Although I’ve moved on to a Razer Blade, I still have my 2013 MBP and still marvel at its utter *completeness* whenever I pick it up.
I see so many new MacBook Pros driving 4K displays at 30 Hz because people didn’t know any better and got a cheap USB-C HDMI dongle. The (2012–2015) MBP is the new MD101LL/A.
This is what I'm doing, what's wrong? Why won't it do 60 FPS?
Apple’s adapter can only do 4K @ 30 Hz. Usually it is best to connect a computer display over DP if you have a choice.
Can other adapters do more?
This applies to TVs too, I assume, where DisplayPort is not an option.
I guess. I just wish Apple would endorse some so that we wouldn’t have to guess.
I built our company on this laptop
Apple user since 1985. Former Lisa & NeXT owner. Ex Apple staff. The best laptop I’ve ever laid hands on was the original Chromebook Pixel. Years too early, but it made all other laptops look like greasy pizza boxes. My only complaint on this MBP was I got too small a HD.
I agree. We continue to purchase this model at my work.
Anything particular to look out for when buying used? Sounds like a great option.
I’m just saying, but if *I* of all people use a 2015 MBP, it’s gotta be pretty good indeed
So it deserves the “Viticci Seal of Quality”?
I'll never again buy a 2016+ MBP unless major design changes happen but that won't stop others from buying. Don't forget Apple had record sales of current gen MBPs.
This is v. interesting; I generally agree w Marco’s laptop pref but AppleHQ is getting a strong positive signal from record laptop sales. 🤔
My 2014 model is doing great. It even has an Sd port and hdmi. Dongle free, it just works.
The simple fact that the non TouchBar only has 2 USB-C ports makes this a MacBook, not a MBP. It’s completely unfriendly in docking environments.
MBA -> stop the insanity MB -> New MBA MBP non TouchBar -> New MB MBP TouchBar -> New MBP
True that's why i haven't upgraded... newer models doesn't wow me!
Totally agree my mid 2013 MBP has 5 dead pixels and starting to make some fan noise. Dreading an “upgrade” to the new one. Thinking very hard about a 2015 one w/regular keyboard.
this is why I went with an iMac and still use my 2013 only when I'm away from the office, Apple needs to get with it
Yep. Totally agree. Left the real working pros behind.
Exactly same here also 12.9” iPad Pro.
They are still making these? Didn’t see them on the website
Using mine now. It does nearly everything I want, plenty light. All of its flaws are endemic to laptops, not exclusive to *this* laptop.
I love the 2017, but this was a really nice piece Marco.
Got one from work. Had it three years and have no interest in upgrading. Love the thing and got a used one for my cousin because it’s built to last!
The really best laptop is the 13 inch version, and they don‘t sell that anymore 🙁
Great photos (and words). I still love my 2013 15-inch.
If I had to pick just one thing however, I sorely miss the lack of a removable battery, even if it came at the expense of thickness.
This is a perfect post. Thank you. - someone who bought a lightly used 2015 13" this year, and loves it so much.
Completely agree on this.
Last Jan. Bought i7 13” 16/512 discontinued 2015. ❤️it.
Miss my 13” MacBook Pro, I feel my 12” MacBook is a trip to the Genius Bar waiting to happen with all the keyboard problems. I’m selling it before that happens.
Enjoying reading this on my…
Love my 13” Pro from 2014. The skepticism about the new laptops (and the price tag) have made me hesitate about upgrading- hoping they’ll either fix the keyboard concerns and go all in or bail on the Touch Bar.
I’m looking to upgrade from a 2013 MBA. I do a lot of photography, so I figured I’d need the discrete GPU. You don’t feel like anything’s lacking using the integrated?
Largely agree, but: - in 5 years I went through for 4 them (various internal component failures), - lots to dislike about the OS, - I perceive the chime (or rather the lack of an option to turn it off) as a middle finger to the user; interesting to see you celebrate it.
I wholeheartedly agree. I have a 2014 at home and 2015 at work. Hope they last a long time.
That's why I bought a maxed out 2015 model the next day after 2016 touchbar mutant was presented. And I'm seriously thinking to buy a spare one just in case.
Unfortunately the 2015 version with AMD graphics is a very noisy machine...
At work I have a brand new 15” sitting right next to that one, and it’s just gathering dust. I almost feel bad about that…
Totally agree with this! Bought a fully upgraded touchbar Mac a few months ago, but I am still using my late 2013 regularly not feeling it being inferior at all, even though I was planning for it to be replaced entirely.
Seems Jobs' externally projected reality distortion field collapsed onto Apple with his death. Apple, no longer able to see Pro users' reality, went on a minimal design spree that failed to address Pro users' needs. Apple shows faint signs awareness but the field is still there!
Turns out @marcoarment is *really* good at packshots! Oh, and reviews of 5-year old laptops.
The best is yet to come
I prefer the previous iteration (2008-2012) as it had a discrete GPU and less throttling issues.
My 2014 MBP kicks ass!
This is an amazing article. It’s like you read my mind! I am holding onto my 2014 as long as I possibly can. Nicely done!
I'm milking mine from 2012 because I haven't found anything I like better. It may get more RAM and a new battery and remain my primary machine for a few more years.
I’m still using my 2013 15” MBP and really loving it. Looked at the new MBPs released last year and thought ‘nope’, glad I stuck with old faithful here.
Was expecting a word about this little thing 😀
great blog, but Im one of the few (or maybe the apple greater mass) that owns and adores the 2016 Touch Bar MBP. Sure it is not perfect but I would not go back to the 2015 model. Admittedly my definition of "pro" will be very different to you as more akin to a power user than I
I’d do this in a heartbeat were it not for the fact that I ditched all my MagSafe cables. All is lost.
Totally agree. I have one for work and it’s just perfect. Does everything I need extremely well. Some odd choices have been made since this laptop unfortunately.
God how I miss those cursor keys!
If you get one that doesn't develop the screen delamination fault, that Apple may try very hard to get you to pay for, and seems to involve several weeks without the machine to get it fixed....
well said! in an era where the new shiny toy is somehow sought after I have had a horrible time convincing folks these are an overall win over a base 15/touchbar/mush keyboard. 👏👏👏👏
Totally agree .@marcoarment - the hardware design choices & stability of OSX & iOS have steadily declined since Jobs died.
Kinda regret selling mine ...
I bought this laptop in 2012... top spec... it kept crashing and was very disappointed. On eBay 4 weeks later. Now have an awesome Alienware which would kick the arse if ANY apple product! Still very happy with my 256gb iPhone 7 though!
So backwards...👎
Shush! Now prices will go back up! (Love my Late 2013 model)
My thinkpad p71, Xeon processor, 64GB of ram, up to 16GB GPU, up to 3TB SSD kicks this laptops ass.
2013 15" rMBP still going strong
Thanks for putting your, our thoughts, down to words. @tim_cook @pschiller @cue @AngelaAhrendts
My 2015 still heats up to egg-frying temps too quickly. Other than that, # of ports, SSD, screen all ++. The pre-Lenovo Thinkpads had incredible build quality though. Some lasted 10+ years.
Yep but had to pass mine to my parents due to the MBP 17” 2011 motherboard recurring death
Don’t have experience with touch bar models & fortunately Adorable meets my notebook needs, but am inclined to agree with this analysis.
Thanks for writing this, it started my descent into a rabbit hole of research that made me realize a 2015 MbPro is my future video editing laptop vs a Windows laptop. The used prices on this model are too sweet to ignore.
Heartily agree! 💚💚💚
Just sold my 2016 13” NTB and downgraded. Very happy (and sad at same time over current lineup)
An the only MacBook without “MacBook” written under the screen! I love my 13” version.
I honestly miss my 17” 2011 MacBook Pro. Thanks for reminding me that it’s gone. I’m just a little sour that Express Card didn’t make it as a tech standard.
You just had to, didn’t you? #GladYouDid
Recently own the latest MacBook Pro. New to the Mac family. Yes, I had to adapt. But it is still a delight to use. And I'm ever hopeful of Apples future.
I have the mid 2012 model but it’s getting sluggish especially while editing video. I’ll have no choice but to upgrade. Also the speaker blew on this model, and I have a staingate screen so I won’t say the greatest ever. My 2010 model was flawless and upgradable.
Lenovo x200. Better keyboard. No trackpad only pointing stick. Great keyboard. Huge replaceable battery ...
So much truth here. I had a 2017 touchbar MBP fail on me after 3 mo's. Switched back to my late 2014 retina MBP and she doesn't miss a beat. That felt like the peak of Apple quality.
Agree though I would say the MagSafe adapter style on the previous MacBook Pro was actually better, it didn’t break away if your leg bumped it accidentally.
What about the sound and screen quality? The speakers of the 2016+ are really surprisingly good. Does the 2015 hold up against them? Did you notice a big difference between the displays?
Fruit has had terrible keyboards for what, 10 years?
I couldn’t agree more.
The ending was really powerful. I have saved bottles and cans for a new MacBookPro to replace my mid-2009 one and truth be told I am getting a souped up mid-2015 one because it is the only one worth getting. The TouchBookPro is Not My Apple.
I still have my 2012 model for all of these reasons.
Couldn't agree more. I was apprehensive at first with a non-user-replaceable battery. But I grew to love this thing and loath the day I must replace it. Hope someone at @Apple will bring a true successor to the 2015 Retina.
Yep, totally agree. I have a Mid 2014 and it still works like a charm 🙂
btw, great photos. That post looks really beautiful reading on my iPad.
The original MBPr design is great, I like smaller so I still use a 13" retina. I bought another 13 used but battery serviced one for my fiancee. I now have the touchbar at work, but still vastly prefer the OG retina design, mostly for ports & keyboard.
You just may have saved me from spending $$$ on a (used) 2017 tbMBP, even if High Sierra doesn‘t seem to like my 2012 rMBP GPU very much.
I'm facing the same issues with mine. Any tips? Thanks.
Fully agree this was peak. Downhill since really.
You're absolutely right @marcoarment. Whenever I play with the new ones, the keys feel wrong, no magsafe scares me, and dammit I need an escape key (vim). I have a 2015 dGPU personal one and an iGPU early 2016 for work. I'm very happy. I'll use them until they croak.
Maybe the best MacBooks ever made, got a 2015 one. Prefer form, size and weight of my MacBookAir though. It's just lacking RAM and resolution. The current models are a no buy unfortunately.
I'd say the Panasonic Toughbook CF-5x series is the best laptop ever, at least for heavy-duty (200K+ miles/year) road warriors like me. It comes installed with Windows, for those who must suffer the low quality thereof, but makes a dandy Linux box, if you can get away with that.
I do not share your vitriol for the new Pros, yet agree with what you said.
I have a 2017 non-tbMBP and the fact that I've been shopping around for a hub annoys me and makes me regret ever buying one. I love it until I want to use it at my desk.
It's my favorite. It's an amazing work horse. I have yet to see another machine that lets me run 4+ virtual environments simultaneously, w/ 50+ tabs open, alongside countless other software, while being portable and nice to look at. I really hope they stay true to their vision.
Couldn't agree more about the keyboard. I can't seem to get used to the new arrow keys and the overall shorter travel. One wishes Apple stayed with the "Inverted T" layout.
What a brilliantly articulated article.
Wrong. The best laptop ever made is either the t420s or the 12" G4 Powerbook, depending which side of the apple/pc line you're on.
Mine will be the last Apple laptop I own. The newer stuff is getting worse and worse.
Do you actually hide your dock? Also, your preferred dock position? Left? Bottom?
Word. A 2012 15″ MBP is still my main dev laptop, even after trying and liking newest 12″ MBP and others. Cold dead hands, man.
*Err, 13″ MBP, 12″ MB, et al.
I agree 💯 percent with every word of this article.
15”? Pah
Hey the keyboard is superb
I dont deny that but 15” is basically a small CRT monitor
Hhahahhaha true
I've got a Late '15 13" MacBook Pro and Early '16 MacBook. MacBook is the best laptop computer as a whole. True portability (size/weight). Exquisite display. Excellent battery life (10-12 hrs). Solid keyboard. No extraneous ports. Simple.
Got a fully loaded 1TB SSD 2013 15" MBP which I love. Dreading it's eventual demise
2012 model still chugging along after a recently free screen replacement (staingate). Still an amazing machine!
No dedicated pgup/pgdn makes it virtually unusable.
So I guess I am not doing so bad with my 2011 iMac. I might even try to start my 1988 Atari 1040 I have kept all those years.