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After a month with both devices: iPhone X: nearly flawless. Cannot think of a single thing worth complaining about. Pixel 2 XL: So unbelievably shitty in literally every way that I can’t believe Google shipped it. The power adapter it ships with is nice, though.
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What’s wrong with the Pixel? A few family members have asked me to get them Pixels for Christmas.
And a reason to keep them in the iOS ecosystem would be good (for me)
Don’t. Get a Samsung device or iPhone.
Did you just recommend a Samsung phone over Pixel?
This year's Samsung's leave Pixels in the dust
It basically comes down to this: Get a Samsung if you're into Android. If not get the X
problem is that sister and dad are convinced they want a Pixel 2 and nothing I do will convince them to get anything else.
I’m hoping it’s either bad enough to convince them in the return period or good enough to get them through two years without complaining. If either of those happens I’m fine but if they decide they don’t like it 6 months in that’s when it becomes a problem.
Last year I would say Pixels were a great choice. This year the Samsung phones entirely outclass them in every way except for camera
You talking hardware only??
Well there go my Pixel 2 plans. It really is that shitty? I want an iPhone-equivalent on Android. Any recommendations?
No. Pixel 2XL : EXCELLENT SOFTWARE, UTILITARIAN HARDWARE, BEST 📸, PERFORMANCE ONLY BESTED BY IPHONE X, & FULL DAY 🔋 . iPhone X : Software is NOT well thought out, very HEAVY, slightly inferior 📸 , best 📺 , full day 🔋 and unbeatable performance.
And iPhone X is much more expensive!
Dont let a stupid tweet decide fr u...its an incredible device.i own it and its been a great so far.ppl are crazy bout its camera and no jank or hiccups like samsung and apple.
That sounds impartial
A little bit more details on Pixel 2 XL? What’s wrong with it?
How much is Apple paying you?
Less than nothing! I wanted to love the Pixel.
Best thing about the Pixel is the camera. Unfortunately, Android still sucks.
Yes, the camera is incredibly good.
So don't miss that detail at least! Misleading information is not cool :)
This is literally what I tell people. Even editing photos sucks.
I hear the regular Pixel 2 is much much better than it’s XL cousin but I’m just sitting here on my iPhone X going...
Face id and no home button are incredible.
I’ve always been Apple but after multiple iPhones I have to agree, the X is the most seamless yet.
Some specifics, please.
I really wish this tweet explained more than iPhone X = amazing, Pixel = terrible
You're crazy.
Are you high? What the heck did you find wrong with the Pixel? "Unbelievably shitty" is quite a bar...
Really?! Control center fcuk ups on wifi. Such a fundamental settings. Wtf apple. Seriously, is that just me?!
I'm glad I don't have the XL then. Regular Pixel2 really won my heart so far. I'm surprised myself as I've been an iPhone owner since ever.
The overall user experience with the IPhone X is breathtaking 👌🏽
My experience of the pixel vis totally the opposite... Just shows how subjective this sort of thing can be
That’s a bummer. My first gen pixel was great. Haven’t gotten an X yet because the notch is ugly as hell.
If you don’t attack Apple on the internet, the internet attacks you. 😁
I’m holding out for a full screen iPhone SE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Im pretty happy with my iPhone X but Id like a smaller form factor such as the SE as you can operate on it one-handed much easier.
Haha interesting 🤔
Sorry, that's absolutely untrue. Glad it's just your bad opinion. Hopefully people don't take your word for it and try both devices for themselves.
Most people don’t get the chance to use both for a month to find out. 30 seconds playing in a shop is not enough time find flaws
What a top notch tweet!
So which one do you recommend?
The Beatles "Abbey Road": Flawless in almost every way. The Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed": Unbelievably shitty. Nice record sleeve, though. It's just tribal opinion.
Untrue.... spreadin rumors