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What’s one little tweak/enhancement you’d like to see added to Android in P?
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Top of my Android P tweak wish list is for apps to be able to display a progress bar on the standard audio playback notification. Not so much for music, but this would be awesome for podcasts/video.
Top of my Android P tweak developer wish list: I want the "stay awake" developer option to expand from a switch to "Never", "When ADB connected" and "Always".
That's exactly on my list
There are apps that can do that for you. Would be nice if it comes by default. I haven't used it in a while especially now that emulator works well.
Awake for Debug - Android Apps on Google Play
Keep your phone awake only when debugging, not when charging from a wall socket.
Thanks. It looks nice. I'll need to try it out to be sure though.
Is not a tweak, but I would love to see more real material design in more apps
This is certainly annoying. I imagine a tricky problem to solve though, given querying apps seems unavoidable. But man, when that UI jumps…
It's worse that even though to top sheet is still loading in, clicking on an app in the bottom sheet often shows the visual effect of the click, but does nothing!!!
After seeing a sample of bottomsheet that has a custom share sheet and is INSTANTLY fast, making the same query, I'm not sure where the problem is.
bottomsheet - Android component which presents a dismissible view from the bottom of the screen
That share sheet doesn’t have dynamic suggestions (the last N people you messaged in Messenger, SMS, etc). Collating this is the time sink.
Right, but with me it is twice the lag, one to open it, and another when it jumps. They could make the first one disappear, and make a loading while making an async fetch for the second.
I wish I could turn this off. It's too slow and when it finally does load, none of the suggestions are ever what I need.
Here's 20 share options you don't care about and when you find the one you want we'll move it just as you tap on the option.
A consistent design language. Material Design is so dead.
I don’t even know what to make of this…
Er, I mean that Google needs to launch a new design language. They haven't been consistent with Material Design for ages now.
I cannot tell you how much I disagree with the notion that ‘Google needs to launch a new design language’…
But they can't continue with this total lack of consistency across their products.
Lack of consistency 🤔
Your thoughts, Chris?
My overriding thought is I think comments about a lack of consistency across Google's products in 2018 completely ignores just how bad things were in this regard until recent years. I completely disagree with your point.
True, years ago things were much worse. Yet they could be better, could they not?
So why not just push for more consistency rather than a whole new design language? 🤔
It feels like they're experimenting a whole lot. Look at Google Play Games. It's a wild departure from Material Design. While greater consistency would be nice, it seems more likely that they're pushing toward a new design language.
A design language is a fluid, evolving thing - by not sticking completely to it, Google is experimenting with new UX paradigms and making things better for users (in the long term. In the short term it can be frustrating).
Perhaps something along the lines of Material Design 2.0 might be in the pipeline, then. Either way, something needs to happen. A new design language, a revamped Material Design, or a redesign of a few Google apps to address the consistency issues.
I'm fairly confident Google is revamping Play Music (there have been redesigns on two platforms now - Android Auto and Android TV). Other than that, I'm not sure. Material design 2.0 could be possible, though.
I don't think the lack of consistency is a problem of Material Design. I think the problem is different teams inside of Google deciding not to follow material design. If they switch the design language, it will just make the inconsistency worse, IMO.
Toggle for root in developer settings...😂😂
a decent backup/restore method, which backs up apps AND app data consistently, without requiring the user to hack into the OS and grant root access
internal pdf reader (open pdf without relaying on some HEAVY library or opening chrome)
Agreed with Mark. There should be a backup/restore where the app data is backed up without the need to root. Does iOS do this? If so, why can't Android? It's 2018!
Ability to turn vibration off for notifications when the ringer is on system-wide
When replying via the notification don't let the enter key be send. The amount of times I've accidentally sent a message midway because I hit the enter key is mad and it drives me insane.
Face unlock should unlock even if you clicked on a notification before it unlocked.
Can be achieved by third party but, a screen recorder, built-in VPN app, SMS integration in Allo.
An easier way to change volume. Sometimes I lower my volume and then go to play a video and android is like fuck no and blasts noise. Also the DND mode needs to be more apparent?
Full fledged backup, ability to reply to notification when phone is locked if enabled by user.
The camera not crashing the phone when filming videos
Some sort of button combo to enable flashlight
That's one thing a miss from the Moto G 5+ , two "chops" to activate flashlight. And wiggle to turn activate camera.
Monochrome/Reading mode option.
the ability for apps to run in the background without requiring a continuous notification.
Share and make some of the Pixel camera software know hows accessible to all OEMs. Many of good differentiated Android phones are DOA and won't be able to compete without a good Camera (Essential, Razer, Moto Z, 1+ ...). This is for the good of whole Android Ecosystem.
System wide dark mode. Sms spam filters, something similar to continuity on the Mac
Something akin to the iOS "smart invert" would be super cool
Get rid of the awful lockscreen/notification shade tinting
Developer quick toggle for proxies. Having to edit the WiFi network to turn a proxy back on or off is annoying.
Gradual transition into and out of scheduled Night Light instead of just on/off.
Night light for everyone!
Remove album artwork from the lockscreen when playing media. It looks terrible now that media notifications are tinted. Example:
Good app opening animation : )
Left-handed mode!
Have the BottomNavigationView be more flexible (like having it be easier to have a notification badge/dot on an item, customizing the shifting animation, etc)
I'm not a dev, but isn't that more of a support library thing than a platform/OS thing?
That's correct! Since there will be newer versions of the Support Library with P, thought I'd mention a tweak that could help. Didn't realize this was a discussion of only OS features whoops
A notification center where I can view all my notifications for the last 24 hours. It becomes irritating when I'm about to swipe clear a notification and another one pops up and gets swiped without me knowing what it was about 😫. Not sure if this has happened with anyone else 🙄
You can add a notification log shortcut to your home screen. It's under the settings shortcuts.
Move the notification bar to the bottom and kill any user input at the top of the phone.
A control panel like iOS 11 and gesture based navigation and removal of those horrible navigation buttons.
Android has the notification shade and quick settings - it doesn't need a "control panel". What do you propose replacing the navigation buttons with?
Replacing the navigation buttons with 100% gesture based actions is my proposal. There must be a way to nagivate a touchscreen without needing buttons right? Quick settings..yes...the UI must look slicker is my point.
Not without severely impacting the UX of the device. The fantastic thing about Android currently is the generally really good UX. Not many items are hidden behind swipes or other gestures. Building a gesture-based nav system would change that.
Also designing apps to account for accessibility would become much more difficult.
Quick settings: they could be improved but then so could everything. Look at iOS's notification mechanism. Garbage. Likewise, Android's share intent is probably the worst thing about the OS. So yes: swings and roundabouts.
Native screen recording. iOS did it last year and I think it's a great idea.
Top of mine would be the removal of manufacturers skins. That seem to have an ability to bugger up bluetooth communication. Looking at you @HuaweiMobile and your inability to Allow a @GarminUK Vivoactive 3 to work
DND actually doing what it says without deep settings!
Do not disturb mode that applies to VoIP (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber etc.) as well as cellular calls.
I'm working a video on the specific topic
Might sound stupid, but I would love if they introduced a system api, backported to the support lib too, similar to the iOS "App Rating dialog" thing instead of every app having to implement something different. And like iOS give it a system wide toggle to disable the dialog
Wanted: a Play Services library for apps to gracefully request user reviews. Only Google have access to a user's review history, and could use it to prevent users who've already left a 5⭐️ from being prompted again at a later date or on a different device.
native desktop UI, like Huawei has done, Razer has done and Samsung have done.
well its made by Sentio, not Razer :P
Can't wait for my Superbook!
Except implementation a hell of a lot prettier on Razer hardware!
I'm going to 3D print a bracket that let's my mate 10 Pro clip to the side, so I can still use the front camera
I saw it at CES. Pretty bloody awesome. Although it did look a hell of a lot like the Huawei one re-skinned
Right, so it's not available yet. The Huawei one is a third party development iirc? So could be exactly that!
an update for my device. (stuck on M....) :'(
Upload notifications showing speed and data volume