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1) "Pink elephants on parade," the dream sequence in Dumbo, is 100% nightmare fuel, full of grinning, mutating grotesques:… Did you ever wonder what it was doing in the middle of Dumbo? Not just tonally but stylistically anomalous in a Disney kids' movie?
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2) I did, and today I found out There were two main schools of animation in the early 20th century: West Coast & East Coast West coast is what you think of as classic "Disney" - naturalistic characters, moving in naturalistic ways. Stories were wholesome and conveyed some moral
3) East coast (NY) was not naturalistic or wholesome. Characters moved like they were made out of rubber; "stories" were a dreamlike series of happenings, only loosely connected; tone was often dark and surreal, w/themes like death, drugs & sex E.g…
4) Walt Disney's studio employed some East Coast animators, but West Coast style was dominant Until Dumbo in 1940. Walt Disney himself managed it at first, but then gave up on the project because dealing with WWII, striking workers, etc. was occupying too much of his resources
5) Disney's absence left a power vacuum into which stepped his colleagues Dick Huemer and Joe Grant, two veterans of the East Coast school They rewrote the movie & added the Pink Elephants sequence And that is why generations of kids have suffered nightmares since 1941. The end
(P.S. I learned most of this from this paper, "Regionalism in Disney Animation: Pink Elephants and Dumbo" by Mark Langer:
(P.P.S. Sorry for messing up my threading so badly at first that I had to redo the thread)
notwithstanding the Disney thread makeover - the twitter nightmare lovingly endures unabated
Thanks for that! I honestly didn't know that. Like learning stuff like that, cheers!
The "black crows" in Dumbo are also interesting. Racial innuendos have long been part of Disney's stuff. Not to mention the voices used for the hyenas in Lion King and I don't care that Whoopi Goldberg was one of them.
I don’t know anyone who had nightmares form this part. That was the fav bit for us. 😃
yooo i definitely did and i've heard the same from others
I have wondered this for years, thanks! (Love the scary elephants, by the way)
As a kid, it was my favorite part of the movie. Sometimes I would fast forward to that part and play it over and over again.
Winnie the Pooh has a similar dream section "heffalumps and woosles" *Shudders*
Yes! That was also legit creepy!
I suspect Disney used the same sketches again (I'm sure there is a proper animationing name) Or they used cuts from Dumbo, because the scene is so very similar.
Dumbo was my go-to Disney as a kid, bcs I had a lil cuddly elephant that I carried around with me everywhere. so ty so much for this thread! <3
I did always wonder. Thanks
That was really interesting, I remember loving this sequence as a child, it was disturbing but in a good way
These hallucinogenic interludes are all over Disney productions. Every one of the Winnie the Pooh cartoons has one!
If you watch the original Betty Boop cartoons on YouTube they are brilliant but surreal and frightening.
Fascinating! I’ve always wondered about both that and the Heffalumps & Woozles dream sequence in Winnie the Pooh because they’re so out of place. But Winnie was made decades later, so that one may have just been drug-induced!
I never knew that! Now I know why I thought that part of the movie was absolutely TERRIFYING. So much so that I'm pretty sure I refused to watch it again after the first time.
Yes, complete nightmare fuel. Was completely shocked by it and still gives me nightmares once and again.
I’ve always hated bits like that and now I know why. Thanks!!!
Interesting read.
Then there's the anti-Disney: my second cousin Wallace Tripp. He's an influential illustrator who bucked cartoonish characters with anatomically accurate, yet anthropomorphic and emotionally complex animal characters.…
Thanks for the history lesson. That was interesting. And for the link to the paper. I’d like to read more about it. 👍🏻
Did it mention the Heffalumps and Woozels song from one of the Pooh movies? I felt like it was mostly copied from Pink Elephants.
Great thread. My gran's VHS version of Dumbo, which we always watched as kids, had a couple of trippy aperitif cartoons, including a sinister version of the three little pigs.
Interesting! Count us as one family that found the sequence disturbing, creepy, and out of place in the movie!
This is pretty fascinating - thanks for posting! I’m no Disney expert but I’ve always thought Dumbo was creepy and a really odd choice for a kid’s story. Plus the racist crow scene...
Thank you! I did wonder!
Walt Kelly, creator and animator of Pogo, also worked on this scene.
(Possibly sensitive)
So interesting, I've always wondered about that.
i'm guessing this also explains the Heffalumps and Woozles sequence in Pooh.
Fascinating! But it strikes me that the East Coast style is perfectly suited to the ‘primary process’ (as Freud might characterise it) nature of dreams.
Why not just make a Medium post?
This is absolutely fascinating, it's literally two different styles, and influences. And yes, utterly terrifying and unsettling 😥
Loved that thread Looking forward to sharing
` That was a bombcylone for my TL....., but worth it.
Be curious if they mention hephalumps and woozles — they comes in ones and toozles! — as well. That’s the one that scared me/had me scratching my head, even as a child. But really interesting thread! Thanks!
More family fun from the same period; pretty sure some of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was a nod to this:
Fantasia, Night on Bald Mountain1
Fantasia, Night on Bald Mountain1
wtf u doing in my twitter -_- get off! people in trouble in this f world and u talking about disney? f off!
Thank you for sharing this! I think I need to go read about it now. :)
Thank you for posting the source!
Does that paper explain why Winnie the Pooh started tripping balls in the middle of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day? (Heefalumps & Woozles song)
Man, I remember watching a Betty Boop cartoon that had prisoners being electrocuted, only the electricity stuck it's finger up their butts. It's was pretty trippy.
Very interesting. Always wondered about those creepy 30's & 40's cartoons. Thanks!
If it was pink elephants, shouldn't the answer been "Pepto-Bismol"?
how do you find this stuff? actually, though, how?
Kids? It gives me nightmares!
Two Jews, coincidentally...
5) Disney's absence left a power vacuum into which stepped his colleagues Dick Huemer and Joe Grant, two veterans of the East Coast school They rewrote the movie & added the Pink Elephants sequence And that is why generations of kids have suffered nightmares since 1941. The end
Does this also explain the slightly psychedelic heffalump nightmare sequence in Winnie The Pooh?
Also, just listened to Pink Elephants On Parade and there's a Hammond Novachord in there, which is basically a synthesiser from 1938!
This was terrifying. I could sympathise with poor Pooh.
wow thanks for this, I had never actually watched any Betty Boop before and that was… strange. way better for an adult than a child, for sure
I love Dumbo! That sequence is excellent 😄
When I was very small, I loved the sheer surreal creepiness of the Pink Elephants sequence. It was my favourite part. But I may have been a little odd.
The scene still had to make it past Ben Sharpsteen (West Coast), the director who ruthlessly vetted content for Dumbo
I guess I don't find the scene that anomalous - because I agree with Disney's assessment, that they weren't really making kids' movies.
Thanks for the history, always loved that scene :D
What makes it worse is I would watch Dumbo when home sick with a fever or something. Wasn't sure any of it was real. -_-
I'm gonna throw this out there. As a kid I was never afraid of this style of art. I was intrigued by it. It was dark, and strange. And I LIKED that. It wasn't the frilly pretty imagery we always saw in the disney movies. It was strange, dark twisted and different. Just my 2c. 🙂
Super interesting, thanks for sharing!
I've loved the rubber hose animation since ever. It's just always was not into how weird it was and funnier too! Thanks for the sweet thread 😁.
I always found amusing the temporal coincidence of Dumbo and synthesis of LSD - the latter was in Switzerland, but simmilarities are uncanny.
I made no nightmare. This sequence may be my favorite piece of animation ever.
Also, animated Disney movies back then weren’t considered “for kids”.
Very cool info! I've always loved this sequence, but I know it's pretty polarizing.
I thought it was fun. My Disney movie nightmares were from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of Fantasia.
Nightmares? I recall thinking it was cool... Then again the Fantasia scene with the singing alligatorscgave me one. Go figure...
Interesting stuff! Actually, I always enjoyed the pink elephants segment. Now, Pinocchio and "Pleasure Island" terrified me.
Show clear effect of demonism
Nicely done Julia.
I had nightmares because his mother died. Same with Bambi.
Where can i get a hi res version of the orange elephant and the lightning it’s amazing
That must explain the one Looney Tunes where Porky Pig takes the nickel he's supposed to put in collection at church and buys weed with it.
this was amazing. thank you
How did you make the correlation/connection as to this being the direct reason for kids having nightmares?
This particular scene always scared me, and Pinocchio's pleasure Island (not monstro the whale, though)
Brilliant stuff. We underestimate kids too much these days. “Pinocchio” and “Snow White” arguably far superior to crap like “Frozen” or “The Little Mermaid” 1/2
Fun fact: female characters had on average 2x as much of the dialogue in “classic” Disney as in modern ones - yes, including all those “empowering” princess ones (“Frozen” gives barely 30% of speaking/singing to females)
But West Coast animators always killed off the mother, i.e., Bambi, Lion King, Fox and the Hound, Dumbo (kind of), etc
This is an amazing exploration, thank you for doing the research and sharing! On @soundtrackio, this scene is the source for one of the most popular tracks of all time, "Pink Elephants" by @cottonmouthDub, conveniently attached now as more nightmare fuel:
Pink Elephants - Cottonmouth Remix Dubstep - LSD Music Video
Crazy dubstep video! Animator on drugs! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: SUGGEST A SON...
Okay but can you explain Willy Wonka's Chicken Decapitation Tunnel?
I, for one, was captivated by that scene as a kid, and thought it was fresh compared to what was otherwise very mundane Disneyisms.
That is amazing, didn't know that. The other thing about that sequence, looking at it now is knowing that every single frame is drawn by hand. Incredible.
Does this explain how the Latin American dub talks literally about Satan instead of just mentioning the pink elephants?
Dang I wish everytime I went on Twitter I learned something as cool and clever as this. Thanks for sharing!
Fascinating stuff. Do you have more resources to share on the subject?
While the boss is away ... Walt was such a tightwad. I'm sure the animators relished any opportunity to get something past him
WTH was that !!! creepy and messed up.
Ooh, now I wish West Coast was a bigger influence in Disney movies. We missed on an alternate world with much more interesting movies
I mean East: bizarre, not naturalistic
Thoroughly enjoyed the Betty Boop one. Deliciously bizarre.
Bet the juice were involved in this
This particular cartoon went viral on Reddit today, did that in any way inspire this thread? Strange coincidence otherwise. Also, weird how it precedes the discovery of LSD by almost a decade, yet has so many attributes of a psychedelic trip.
Yes! I saw the cartoon on Reddit and started digging
Which is the name of this cartoon?
I did not know this. I'm intrigued. And wanting to see what weirdos in the 30s had on their minds
you can look at this old stuff and see where John Kricfalusi got his influences
I was just thinking about how off model they were and just plain absurd
It was Max Fleischer who invented the famed Rotoscope, which lent animation a more fluid & realistic movement. Bear in mind these animated films were made for a largely ADULT audience. Do not assume that all animated films were for children!
I keep forgetting how hardcore 30’s jazz can was
Damn I just watched the cartoon pictured and it was a fucking drug trip come to life. Weirder than anything actual LSD soaked hippies ever came up with. The weirdest part was the dude's flesh disappearing and he doesn't notice or react, just goes on singing
(No comment)
so guessing you don't like family guy? 😀 IMO some balance is nice; too much of one would be tiresome
Where is this image from?
During my young years, I was regularly getting high watching Dumbo and Fantasia. I totally get the East Coast school. West Coast is pure evil.
Now I'm imagining some crazy feud like the East Coast/ West Coast rapper feud, complete with diss cartoons and drive-by anvillings...
My mother was 5 when Snow White was released in Britain in 1938 and was so scared by the Evil Queen/Witch that she had to leave the cinema
I was nearly 10 when it was re-released on the big screen. And I had nightmares fro her popping up as the hag. But Dumbo was always one of my favorites, and I loved the Pink Elephants sequence. Not sure what that says about me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
What coast explains Watership Down?
Just like Rap music in the late 80s and early 90s East Coast, West Coast beefs...but a little different
thank you so much for sending me down this clickhole
Haha I literally tell someone about "that trippy scene?! Ya know, with the elephants?" Once every couple of months.
I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. i ♥️ you and your account.
R/t @TristanACooper interesting thread you might enjoy!
you know that each frame was hand drawn and that mean't armies of women going blind over light tables ?
Outside of musicians, I've never met people who do more drugs than animators. So I always assumed LSD or mushrooms.
Reminded me of an acid trip I was on in 1971
Nope - LSD first synthesised 1938 and first real effect in 1943 and only thereafter used initially in medical experiments . Dumbo released in 1942.
I wasn't really serious, but I did think Dumbo was made as much as two decades later, actually..
Ward Kimball, one of the animators on Dumbo, did experiment with mescaline in the 60's at UCLA but I think it was plain old alcohol and DTs that were being referred to here - 'pink elephants'. Quite what it is doing in a children's film is another matter.…
Any idea if might have influenced '"Heffalumps and Woozles' from Disney's 1960s Winnie the Pooh?
Someone once asked a Disney animator (Art Babbitt?) what he'd been on when he made some legendary mindblowing sequence, and his answer was "Milk of Magnesia."
@eyebeams Constipation or ulcers. Plenty of explanation for me
@eyebeams What’s that?
Same thing as Pepto Bismol
It’s like a 1940’s #TidePod
Milk of magnesia is a heartburn/ indigestion remedy.
yeah i figured thta, just thought this was some kind of slang for another drug
It may have been a coded admission. Milk of Magnesia was a favourite hangover cure. But that might be reading too much into what he said.
I believe it was also used for constipation.
Correct! Very useful after a stint of Opioids.
A friend said "I used to take acid; now I take antacid"
It wasn't a children's film, it was a family film, a 1940 family film. Kids could be exposed to rougher stuff then. I saw an old Warner Bros short where a canary pulled out a pistol and blew it's own brain out.
That's what I thought of when I saw it.
That sequence was definitely freak out material.
What about Alice in Wonderland? That shit was wild.
Totally had nightmares about thee Pink Elephant Song Parade as a kid...and it lasted a long time because Dumbo was my favorite movie. I had huge ears and could feel Dumbo’s pain.
Me too! Mine weren’t so much huge as sticky-outy
that segment destroyed my childhood
Wasn’t Dumbo supposed to be drunk, not just dreaming? Maybe it’s a lesson about the evils of liquor!
HOLY shit i remember being scared of this when i was a kid
I never realized it was two "schools" within Disney. I wonder if there was something similar going on in Looney Tunes between the more conventional Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner, and the occasional "Dodo".
Kind of. Dodo was one of Bob Clampett's creations, while most of the (mainstream) WB Looney Tunes characters were created by Chuck Jones.
OH MY GOSH!!! I'd forgotten about the "Dodo" from Buggs Bunny.
Looney Tunes animators consisted of men who were rejected from Disney for being too edgy.
Omg i totally forgot Dodo existed... wasnt there a dodo character in Tiny Toons, too? Holy crap.
Yes there was. I remember when the Tiny Toon character came out, and it reminded me of the Dodo cartoon that I saw probably only once in all my years of watching the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show.
You add the best stories to my twitter everyday
That’s the best part of the movie! But, yeah, I think it did scare me as a kid, but scared in a good way, maybe, because I still waited for that part.
the original "Don't do drugs, kids!" sequence.
Thank you for that. I hated that scene. It did, indeed, give me nightmares. I remember something similar from Winnie the Pooh, I think.
This thread made me realize my young brain conflated the pink elephants on parade scene with the Winnie the Pooh "Heffalumps and Woozles" scene. Deathly terrified of both.
winnie the pooh heffalumps and woozles song
heffalump and woozle song part of the movie
Oh I remember this! I'm sure the pink elephants were an inspiration
Me too! And it reminded me of the slightly terrifying part of the Pooh's Hunny Hunt ride at Tokyo Disney Sea. The Heffalumps and Woozles start at about the 2:20 mark if anyone is interested:
Pooh's Hunny Hunt Low-Light POV at Tokyo Disneyland
Take a ride on the trackless Pooh's Hunny Hunt at Toyko Disneyland park in Japan. SUBSCRIBE ►
Hopefully the children on the ride would also be screaming so no one could pin it on me.
Disney’s Fantasia shared some of those elements.
Lol nightmare fuel... I listened to a Disney playlist the other day on YouTube and this song came up.
Where would you put Ub Iwerk then? Also if we go by your description of styles, The "West" gave us Bald Mountain in Phantasia and Goddess of the Spring. Which are much less in comparison than Elephants on Parade.
Some of Fantasia is a bit weird as well. The Sorcerer's Apprentice, although Micky Mouse, is distinctly nightmarish, and dancing ostriches and elephants sequence escalates into strange places.
And it is the very best bit!
The Night On Bald Mountain sequence always scared the bejeezus out of me. Still does as an adult.
What scene was that again? I havent seen Fantasia is soooo long. I do remember being terrified by the walking brooms trying to drown Mickey.
This is a great bit of info. Thank you for sharing it!
It was obviously to give kids a totally false idea of what being drunk is like.
Cool, informative thread, Julia. Had just been thinking about this and Heffalumps and Woozles, as I’ve recently been reading Winnie-the-Pooh for the first time. (Picking up some of the children’s classics I missed as a child: Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, etc.)
Heffalumps terrified me as a kid
I never had any nightmares as a kid watching I probably will
Dumbo was the first movie I saw in a cinema when I was like 4 years old and the only thing I can still remember is that nightmare fuel sequence.
thanks for the flashback. . i'll be okay, just hand me a drink and close the coffin lid, please
I honestly found the entire thing to be very relaxing. Also it is a warning about the dangers of boobs.
For the record i meant to type booze........
Damn you autocorrect
Either one works, though. Too much of a good thing....
Boobs are also terrifying. I should know, I have a set.
Yes but disney had a completely seperate song warning about those.
...please tell me which it is because I've obviously missed some classic literature.
Hephalumps and woozles from winnie the poo. "They come in every shapes and size."
BAHAHAH Excellent
It also looks like some lsd thing
I was thinking it was maybe like the opera scene in Bohemian Rhapsody? But it is maybe like most art, there is some hidden subversion? This is a bit more in-your-face than usual. Great scene.
Delirium tremens (DTs) is a rapid onset of confusion usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol. When it occurs, it is often three days into the withdrawal symptoms and lasts for two to three days.…
Exactly. The fact there were 2 'schools' may not be as relevant here as the scenario being about the effects of alcohol; thus a different style is completely appropriate. And you can tell the animators know exactly what the DTs are like! All-too descriptive of the real thing.
People try to drowned the sorrows of the Government
This was my favorite scene in the movie--I never knew any of this. Thank you!
I was gonna say... maybe proof that I'm a twisted induvidual, but I loved that scene as a kid. Sorta glad I'm not the only one 😅
for me, as a kid, that was my favorite part of the film
(Possibly sensitive)
I loved that sequence as a kid, still remember the song to this day, one of my faves, always had a fascination 4 the psychedelic &creepy, even as a child.
I had zero knowledge of any of this! Thanks for the information and for what I'm going to do this lazy Sunday morning [research early 20th century East Coast animation✨].
i remember being the only i knew who thought that was the best part
I always thought it was meant to scare kids away from booze.
Howard Swift and Hicks Lokey animated the sequence straight ahead. No key frames, no outline, just straight linear improvisational animation.
One of my favorite animations, even though it used to terrify me as a kid. It terrified me and fascinated me!
I love the pink elephant section of Dumbo - I always thought of it as like the dream/ballet sequence in classic Hollywood films. Great to hear the history.
All the history in the dvd extra... Dumbo dethroned Peppa Pig this Xmas, I have seen it 10 times recently !
As a kid, Dumbo didn't bother me. The scary/nightmare images in children's literature and early animation have strong antecedents in children's literature. Eg. Brothers Grimm. Nice to know Disney history, though.
Who did the collaboration with Salvador Dalí?
Fortunately I didn't see that movie until I was an adult and had kids of my own. I was like "Meh." The kids survived.
I want to say kids don't get nightmares about such mild stuff, but I had a bad nightmare when I was 4 or 5 about a wasp-man stinging me. Probably caught a glimpse of John Belushi's bee on SNL.
Hmm. What would Freud say, I wonder?
Very interesting, great research on that. Myself and my daughter's love this song and other weird stuff like this. I mean, not drunk baby elephants but trippy little musical interludes.
I mean, Dumbo was only 12 years after "The Skeleton Dance", so they weren't exactly strangers to that sort of weirdness themselves.
Well that explains why I like it so much. My dad's friend ran the east coast cartoon museum and I mostly watched tapes he made of that stuff for the first few years of my life. Thus warping me forever.
This is a lovely bit of info, thanks!
This same sort of thing happened in “Tron”. Only in that case there were only 2 digital shops in the USA-one was geometrical, sharp edged style, the other was round and malleable style.Which is why it’s such a buzzy film, some film effects were caused by humid weather processing
If you buy the Tron DVD they have a fascinating “making of Tron”. describes in detail the bizarre methods of marrying analogue (film)and the digital. They sent film to Malaysia to be developed and it was charmingly uneven, effected by moisture, causing unintentional Cool effects
Does it say anything about the middle of the film where all of a sudden you have animated digital creatures? It went from special effects to animation.
Tron was made right when digital was just beginning they decided to incorporate the new technology with the old- a lot of this was going on-the early 80’s was filled with these unique mixtures- they wanted it to LOOK digital - inside of a computer after all.
You can google “the making of Tron” and there are a lot of little videos about it
The dumbo dream sequence was actually a drunken dream sequence and I LOVE it ;)
Pinocchio turning into a donkey always freaked me out
Pinocchio turning into donkey was WAY scarier than heffalumps and woozels dream. And the heffalumps and woozels song is super cool. As a very young child, I didn’t find the H and W dream particularly scary. But I understood that it was scary to Pooh. I didn’t agree with Pooh.
this is definitely in your wheelhouse
weird stuff like this happens a LOT in Disney movies
Otherwise known as "my most skipped segment of Dumbo"
i guess there was a reason why you were always freaked out by that scene
Now I want some answers from who ever came up with those terrifying cats from Lady and the Tramp.
Awesome thread! Kudos!
I figured ol Walt was dabbling in LSD
THATS IT. the official theme song of the goofball so called womans march!!!!!!!!!!!
(No comment)
Dumbo was drunk
You realize you just gave me an earworm from Hell? You monster.
Precursor to the Beats
Does “Heffalumps and Woozles” come up in the paper?
Seriously much of that seems like copy/paste.
Wow. Seems like a proto-acid trip.
Thanks for posting. The pink elephant thing has always creeped me out.
I saw Dumbo when I was 7 and that scene never scared me. In fact, it was and still is my favorite part of the movie. Incidentally, Sun Ra did a cover of Pink Elephants On Parade that's worth a listen.
Great information there. I think it made for wonderful variety in animation, that we don't see anymore. Started wrapping kids up in cotton wool. I saw Dumbo as a kid for the first time in the 80's & it was one I re-watched a lot. Along with Watership Down.
“Heffalumps and Woozles” was another segment that scared me as a kid.
Very interesting to get this sense of the generalized artistic motivations behind the scene and its rather stark contrast with the rest of the film.
No, but I do wonder at people who wonder why this was just a "kid's movie". Also, the more "wholesome" stories had their dark moments as well. Now, what's more creepy, an animated film's dream sequence...or drag queens reading literature to children in real life?🤔🤨
Is it bad that the part when a random single “eye ball” becomes the focal point of the shot, I started rethinking the legitimacy of the Illuminati? Seems evil lol.. Like WHY WAS THAT IN DUMBO!!!?
Oh my gosh, does this explain Winnie The Pooh's hefalumps and woosels, too??
Very very similar to the Heffalumps and Woozles from Winnie the Pooh / Blustery Day, directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, who was an animation director on Dumbo. John Lounsberry also worked on both projects. Both men are counted among animators known as "Disney's Nine Old Men."
Hmmm I bet the Shiny sequence in #Moana is a callback to that... the first monster that she sees when she lands is nightmare fuel that would fit right in with the East Coast stuff. How fascinating!
Omg I just realized that this is where my recurring childhood nightmare came from! 😮
I had so many nightmares about these darn pink elephants
By the way, @juliagalef, I think this thread has been a nice respite for many people this weekend. Thank you :)
That never bothered me as a kid. Watership Down and ET scared me.
Watership Down was responsible for years' worth of nightmares for me. Bright eyes, burning like A DEMON HELL BUNNY IN FIELDS OF BLOOD!
I have never fully recovered.
WHAT were the elephants doing in the middle of Dumbo? Aside from breaking the fourth wall? I tried reading up on it, but didn't find the answers I was looking for.
I still refuse to watch Dumbo, or let my son watch Dumbo, because of this scene.
It’s just an acid trip what’s the big deal 🤷🏼‍♂️
My niece (2yo) loves it
Also, Dumbo was the 4th animated feature by Disney. They were still at the “throw shit against as wall and see what sticks” phase
It is supposed to represent delirium tremens. My patients with them hallucinate.
Oj you racist against pink elephants or sumthin
Thanks for explaining the terror
I figured it was padding since the movie is barely an hour long.
The reason the scene was in the movie because... The director was drunk.
You know what’s nightmare fuel? The hell sequence in All Dogs Go To Heaven...
(No comment)
It's just interesting to read why we are all scarred
It still upsets me. I can't read that
When I was very young disney would shut "off" and play old disney cartoons etc after like 8pm and it was all stuff like this that was nightmare fuel like Skeletons on Parade. Surely they had more than a few east coast animators?
This was one of my favorite parts of the movie as a small child ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thank you for that information. I always have hated that movie.
I always wonder how the surreal Cyd Charisse bit got into Singing in the Rain. Thematically and tonally it has nothing to do with the rest of the film. I assume it's to let Gene Kelly let rip because Debbie Reynolds wasn't a dancer
I dunno what this says about me but when I saw that sequence at age 5ish, I laughed my ass off. ^_^
Nope. You’ve just been big-lipped alligatored.
it took years, but apparently twitter has finally actually become a microblogging platform…
whispers - even as a kid I preferred the surrealistic (NY) Dumbo style Disney to the Miss Goody 2 Shoes style (California). Dark versus everything is wonderful worldviews. Nightmares reserved for:
I always loved this sequence as a kid. I guess I’m an east coast kid through and through, eh?
As a kid I LOVED that scene. I danced in circles with my brother during that part.