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Do you need another sign of civilization's end? Here's one: I tweeted "Immigrants: we get the job done" with a video of Mirai Nagasu's triple axel. The line is a Hamilton reference. I know she was born in Cali. Her parents are immigrants. I was celebrating her and them. (1/2)
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For this tweet I am being told I am a racist, a ghoul and that I deserve to die. So I deleted the tweet. That's where we are.
These articles make you look even worse tbh
Of course it makes her look worse. The hard left hates when you use facts to argue with them.
None of these articles called Mirai herself an immigrant.
What the hell is wrong with you? Just admit you f*cked up and move on with your life.
Yes. Keep tweeting through this, you'll totally change everyone's minds
Bari gets the job done
I just learnt that your own sister experienced discrimination by IVY league schools . It is sickening to see person like u been accused of discrimination.
You're not a ghoul, nor do you deserve to die. But you are a teensy bit racist, and you're supporting the racist society we're in. Please learn and do better. Mistakes are OK. Doubling down on them isn't.
Oh fuck the @nytopinion page is about to somehow get even worse, innit?
Wow are you full of shit.
wow bari im sorry everyone is ganging up on you over this when you must have had family members or ancestors that were immigrants at some point. disturbing to think about
i mean all immigrants deserve to be respected for their contributions to america, such as joseph massad for example,
Bari please keep tweeting through this. You can do it!
Fact check: no one tweeted that she deserved to die, one person called her a racist ghoul, and yeah, a bunch of people called that tweet racist (because it was)
Here's what you should have written: "My bad. I know she's not an immigrant. I tweeted that Hamilton reference thinking it would celebrate her parents' immigrant roots, but now I see I came off as wildly ignorant of the American immigrant experience. I've deleted the tweet."
Don't think it would have worked. When people want to find racism this badly they will not let an opportunity like this go that easily.
Nah. Real contrition/reflection works. She obviously doesn't think she did anything wrong AND is pissed other people are calling her out for a shitty tweet. Note that my suggestion says "came off as" and cedes no ground on intent.
It’s so “I’m sorry you felt offended.”
You can authentically say you're sorry for saying something shitty without admitting shitty intent, because you didn't actually mean to say something shitty. The key is admitting that thing you said was shitty, which she refuses to do, apparently.
why do you hate asians so much?!!!
+@bariweiss no, those three linked stories on her do not vindicate you. The first two are written by Asian-Americans, they have more license then you, the third refers only to her parents and immigrants and doesn't emphasize that fact.
Why do they have more license?
pls keep going. this is so funny lol
Privileged white girl makes racist comment about Asian-American and calls it a compliment.
Don't listen to the haters Bari, they're just dummies who didn't make the obvious connection that when you reference someone as an immigrant, you're actually talking about their parents
It’s really not worth doubling down on this. Take the L.
This article also does not say she's an immigrant.
I don't think you're being told you're a ghoul for this comment in isolation, but rather for how it fits into your (ghoulish!) body of work. Glad you've found a courageous high ground as the one true defender of civilization against all critics, though!
Maybe you should’ve just… not tweeted it? And just be like “Yeah that was my bad, I didn’t think that through“ and then everything would’ve be cool?
Could just say sorry?
Keep going. You'll dig yourself out of this hole eventually, I'm sure of it.
Bari stop please this isn't making it look any better.
Bari Weiss: she gets the job done (white victimhood-wise)
She is doing amazingly horrible today, it's breath taking.
How is she still getting a salary... this world ain't right
ha ha yes because Bari is white so she's not allowed to complain about people treating her like shit and sending death threats, I get it
do those tweets exist
footage not found
BARI: people are treating me like shit ANGRY MOB: no they aren't, you lying bitch
BARI: people are tweeting specific awful things at me "ANGRY MOB": actually it appears that didn't happen MATT: Oh okay so you hate her because she's white...typical
You brought up the race thing, not sure why you’re pinning that on me
hmm maybe race is an issue here because she's essentializing immigrants of color in a completely stupid way :)
she’s not essentializing anything, she was making an awkward but encouraging reference to this person’s status as the child of immigrants
it could’ve been worded better but the reaction was just absurd, and then you decide to bring her skin color into the picture like it delegitimizes her complaints about how she’s being treated
do you honestly believe she was referring to her parents man? come on
her skin color is inherently brought into it because she is a white american talking about non-white immigrants dude. don't try to come in here as some woke savior and pull this ignorant shit on me
People of color who were born here (like me) to immigrant parent(s) do not like to be referred to as immigrants because it's both inaccurate and racist. Like our status as poc makes us automatically alien. This is what ppl are reacting to dumbass
mirah what if I told you that people were being mean to Bari Weiss
lol, woke savior, is that like a white knight? okay dude She’s a white American talking about how great immigrant families are. You think that’s worth raking her over the coals? Excoriating allies over minor linguistic infractions is not a good look for the Left.
you implied I brought up race in a conversation about asian immigration. "okay dude." Weiss was talking about how great an "immigrant" was, who was not an immigrant. and I brought up the race card. did you vote for trump
Repeating pablum from Hamilton makes you an ally of... immigrants? Asian-Americans? People with foreign-sounding names who don't look white? What's your story now?
How the fuck is a darling of the far right an ally to the left?
Funny name too.
Anybody got a copy of the letter this idiot's sister wrote???? whole family needs kick rocks.
Every tweet making you look smarter Can't stop won't stop
are you just googling her name now
White girl says something stupid and offensive, doubles down, and then makes herself the victim. A time honoured tradition.
But she does it so well! 😂
So you have a problem with immigrants, Quentin, so much so that you find it offensive to call someone one, if that person is not one. Oh... hmm...
Zero chance that Bari had Asian-American friends at Columbia.
Sounds like you were using her parents to make a stupid selfish point,and got called out for it
I’m sure that in another 5-10 tweets showcasing how everyone else is wrong, Bari will finally realize she just can’t convince us that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her tweet. It’s a shame we just can’t see her side in this.
5 Fast Facts: 1) Yr original tweet was highly offensive. 2) "Poetic license" never absolves racism. 3) Lots of athletes w/ immigrant parents whose countries of origin majority-white but u would've never taken that "poetic license" 4&5) U really need to stop trying to justify it.
Keep going. You're doing great.
The "And I have Asian American friends" tweet is surely coming next.
I actually have an Asian American wife. Her response is here:
The model minority myth is used to celebrate Asian Americans' accomplishments, which is why many people don't realize the harm it has caused, and continues to cause, for all minorities, including the minority group being "celebrated" (
'Model Minority' Myth Again Used As A Racial Wedge Between Asians And Blacks
The perception of universal success among Asian-Americans is being wielded to downplay racism's role in the persistent struggles of other minority groups — especially black Americans.
You "have" an Asian American wife? Is she your possession? Disgusting.
No. Common expression. I have two brothers. I also have a husband.
Just because someone isn’t white doesn’t give you the “poetic license” to co-opt their story for your personal gain.
It’s like watching a monk workshop self immolation instead of just lighting the match.
Here's the thing. The line in Hamilton? They're singing it about themselves. They ARE the immigrants in question. They weren't singing it about their parents. To say that's the angle you were going for is silly at best. Your tweet was obvs referring to Nagasu, not her parents.
She is not an immigrant. Why you want to promote the fallacy that she is.
So are you just trying to condescend your way out of this then Consistent, I guess
Linking a shitshow like is beneath anyone, but you make big money for the New York Times, right?
Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, TV, Tech, Gaming & Health.
My parents immigrated, I was born in Canada. I'm Canadian. Get a clue.
Every one of you knuckleheads commenting in this thread might as well be volunteering for the Trump campaign.
Just take the L...
JUST APOLOGIZE ALREADY. Why is it so damned hard for you to realize you screwed up and apologize?!
THIS. Do you know how many dumb ass things I've said because of my privilege? THE LIST IS LEGION. And I learned from each mistake, apologized, did better next time. I'm 100% it will happen again. Privilege makes one stupid. It's just how it is. You have to learn sometime.
Looks like the Weiss parents are 0 for 2
Her parents are immigrants. She is a Nisei , Japanese American.
1. She’s not an immigrant....
Forget it, Jake. It's Twitter. Go drink wine. Tomorrow we'll be angry at kangaroos or something.
The biggest sign that civilization is over is you being an editor at the nyt! What the fuck! Under qualified, over opinionated and dumber than a box of rocks. We're definitely fucked! what
Fact 6 she was born here
Weird. The headline doesn't refer to an American as an immigrant in any of these stories. Just admit you messed up.
“Her parents are immigrants”. A story that does not call her an immigrant, like you did, isn’t helping your case
Sony Pictures just applogized to some lady because her son has allergies. We're living at a time when everyone is outraged all the time and every person is trying to morally one up someone else.
Fact 1: not an immigrant Fact 2: not an immigrant Fact 3: not an immigrant Fact 4: not an immigrant Fact 5: you’re a racist
"I was wrong. I apologize to Mirai. I have learned from this and will not make the same mistake again!" feel free to steal this w/o attribution
damn, you're just continuing to drag her amazing moment through a knee-deep trough of self-centered racist white lady crap. She deserves way better than you.
the more you tweet out takes that actually aren’t at all similar to yours, the more everyone sees how ignorant, shallow, and racist you are
It's probably in your best interest to log off twitter.
never heard of you until now. Please delete your account before you harm yourself further.
You: Twitter is the worst Also you: tweets 7 million times in the last three hours
I was too harsh on you earlier Ms. Weiss, it wasn't that hard to view your tweet in the intended context. Apologies.
this is honestly getting sad
Too little, too late.
#6 she's not an immigrant.
Stop, just STOP.
Lol, by all means keep going
More pitchforks needed in aisle nine!
i’m not racist! for example here’s some google
That site doesn’t say she is an immigrant. It says her parents are, were her parents illustrated in your original tweet?
They all look the same anyway
Think about it this way. If her parents were from Ireland, Sweden, or France, would you still use 'Immigrants' quote?
Bari you have a choice here-believe the world is all wrong or relook at what you tweeted and figure out how to do differently next time so your message is received? lots of headline interpretations we need to adapt.
Those articles mention her parents as immigrants... not her. They don’t defend you at all. She’s not an immigrant by definition haha.
Give the hard left victim seeking clown car a few days to chill out and they will find something else to shout at that they believe they are victims of.
i wouldn't exactly call heavy's 5 fast facts you need to know a form of credible journalism.
Bari, I was born in the USA to immigrant parents. I get “othered” still to this day from time to time by well meaning folks (mostly white) and I find it offensive.
You could also chalk it up to the fact you quoted something the majority of the country has not seen.
Twitter is filled w/ bots or people who will start a line of thought that they assume is your position and bots that are russian and represent themselves as liberals sorry this has happened to you. Don't be discouraged people are on edge the amount of bs from DJT distorts reason.
I read these pieces to see if they had, in fact, refer to Nagasu as an immigrant. I was not surprised to see they had not. Go approve another garbage article about the quiet nobility of racist rural landowners
Guaranteed 9/10 of the trolls trashing Bari below and deciding what is offensive to immigrants are white and American
Bari Weiss: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: 1. Very prestigious job w huge platform 2. Tweets badly 3. Calls reasonable “misreadings” of bad tweets “utterly breathtaking” in their “bad faith” 4. Meets reasonable objection to bad tweets w “deep resentment” 5. Zero introspection.
Let's do it again!
American Chloe Kim wins Olympic gold medal in women's halfpipe…
Fire @bariweiss please. You are turning into a joke otherwise!!
My god, you really really don’t get it.
if they aint WHITE, they aint ameriKKKan right?
god damn it, you're really a piece of shit
3. Also, many of us would not consider the continuous movement towards a more considerate society "the end of civilization".
Why don't you drop it already. You suck.
My 9-year-old daughter’s Valentine’s card box.
FYI, Nagasu's immigrant parents have been in this country longer than you've been alive.
When only trolls, bots, and MAGA sycophants are your only supporters here, you've lost the popular vote.
Did you just delete a tweet about Mirai Nagasu?
Would you praise someone who said, "Jews, penetrating media"?
In the future, don't call people who were born here immigrants just because they're not white. It's really simple.
Bari Weiss thinks all non-whites must be immigrants, and she thinks that immigration is good because some of them might become successful. In her ideal ethnocracy, nonwhites must justify their existences through feats of superhuman achievement
In this way there’s really no difference between the soft-racism of merit-fetishism of Trump and Bari Weiss
Counterpoint: don’t stop.
counter counter point. STAHP IT.
Counter counter counter point: #WengerOut #MourhinoSucks
Immigrants had better be Olympic athletes to earn their keep! Meanwhile, Bari Weiss makes a huge salary slandering victims and protecting the powerful
Democrats in Congress and the White House are using this logic regarding the Dreamers. They are the good immigrants, they're in the military, go to college, etc. Dreamers deserve to stay, but so so the other undocumented immigrants you know cause they are fuckin human.
That only works if you ignore every proposal that Democrats have made on immigration that has a path for citizenship for people who are here and undocumented.
Dems in Congress conceded to Trump, want to give him his border wall, restrictions on family reunification,ending of diversity lottery. Try again. Dems have instead of moving left in the era of Trump, are moving right. They don't care about ordinary people. System is fucked.
Oh, you think that far right legislation is being proposed because the Democrats are shifting right. It's that they don't control the House, the Senate, or the White House. You're seeing legislation that looks like Republican legislation, because it is Republican legislation.
Dick Durbin & Chuck Schumer agreed to the things I listed above during conversations with the White House. Why? Especially when during the shutdown they had leverage. The Dems are spineless, using the Dreamers as props, did the politically expedient thing. They don't care.
So you don't care about reality and just seek to spread misinformation. Got it.
Respectfully, what I'm I missing? The Dems were willing to sell out (Wall, Limitations on Legal Immigration, Diversity VISA), how is that me not caring? If anything it shows you care about the needs of a political party over ordinary people. #PeopleOverParty.
Dems had leverage, and chose to negotiate with the racist orangutan in the White House. They should of asked for a clean Dreamer bill, especially when there was so much support for it. They didn't. Dems offer no substance, just vague plattitudes.
My God, where do you people come from? So it’s true, social media is where scum goes to multiply.
Your TL shows you to be a raging bigot.
what do you want the nyt opinion page to do next, not venerate nazis??? geez
Her parents were immigrants. Why the hate?
She's not an immigrant. When someone says something racist, it's not "hateful" to point that out.
That says that her parents are immigrants, not that she is. Do you see the difference? Because it's important. It's why Asian people are asked again, "No, where are you *from*?" when they name a US state the first time that question is asked.
bc she is not an immigrant
Yes you are right, but why the hate on immigrants? I bet she is proud of her parents. They worked hard, and gave her daughter the world.
Nobody is hating on immigrants . . .
Yes, but you aren’t many people. You’re Bari Weiss, professional power defender and injustice rationalizer, and of course full-time ghoul.
Oh please. You weren’t “celebrating her story”, you were lazily assuming it.
So after how many generations does a family stop being an immigrant? Or perhaps...we should realize that we're all the product of immigration (other than Native Americans) and perhaps be kinder to those who want to come to the US today.
Now you're just racistly citing left wing news outlets that made the same point.
I mean, how many first generation Americans have quoted the same thing with respect to their efforts? If this tweet came from someone else, we'd be less warlike. Be less warlike.
Um, do you know of any? I don't. The first generation immigrants I know are very proud to be natural born American citizens. If I'm wrong, please feel free to @ me some of the tweets you allege probably exist.
Your tweet was in no way similar to that article.
Even in this article that you referenced they noted that she is American and she describes herself as being from California. Not an immigrant. Her parents have been here for over 30 years. Just take the L and hush!
So is this technically a quadruple-down on your part?
She nailed the landing on this quadruple putz.
Dude... this talks about growing up with immigrant parents. It doesn't call her an immigrant. You're purposefully obfuscating now.
If ten million had, it wouldn’t make it okay, correct, or less racist
These articles - all of which are hundreds of words long- do not say what your tweet said.
Lol, you’re all in on this, huh? (For clarity, this does not insinuate that you’re a ghoul or should die; it’s just kinda stupid)
This is a false equivalence. You no where mentioned parents. Video of an Asian American and your caption is ‘immigrant’. Just stop.
You weren't celebrating her story, though. You celebrated her (not her parents') accomplishment, as an immigrant. Which she isn't, and which you only assumed she isn't because she's not white.
That article does not call her an immigrant.
I must have missed where they referred to her as an immigrant.
No the people that said that you "deserve to die" were just taking some poetic license, that makes it okay right?
Isn't "Deserve to die" a line from Hamilton?
Stop. Talking. You are making an embarrassing spectacle of yourself trying to justify your dumb take.
Would you have used that "angle" if she had been white? This is a fair question, and the answer doesnt make you racist. And its important to note that other's took the same "angle" But it DID show prejudicial thinking. Both you AND HuffPost. Keep writing, keep listening. ❤
Doesn't make it ok.
You weren’t celebrating her’d be wise to stop tweeting. Attempts to justify your tweet are making it worse.
She CLEARLY WAS. She wrote" Immigrants WE get the job done" (including herself as she is a child of immigrants). Y'all are so dumb & dishonest, it's incredible.
“Many people did an accidental racism” is not a good excuse??? Like, if you need help understand why this is offensive just apologize and ask for it. But for the love of Gd don’t double down on it.
She should not apologize to morons & other people with bad faith. In fact,she shouldn't have deleted the tweet at all. It only feeds the morons
And the article she linked to correctly identified the fact that Nagasu's parents, not her, are immigrants. I'm failing to see the point she's trying to make??
The only point she's trying to make is that she doesn't think she should be held accountable for her fuck up.
actually, I just wrote a factual story about her family.
She tried it with this one.
The density of her objectification of “immigrant” was completely out of context. The level of blindness that it takes to pull your story into her vortex of ignorance is beyond troubling, typical of people trying to prove themselves by utilizing minority voices to deflect.
Bari googled "Mirai Nagasu" and "immigrant" and started pasting the results on twitter. Her refusal to take this on the chin is almost inspiring.
Lol, nah. This is Twitter. Nobody shuts up,& if they did you'd go first, Alyssa.
do you know how to read?
You've questioned leftist groupthink publicly. That can't be allowed and you must be swarmed on social media. Welcome to the Dark Side. Never delete, never apologize... it just feeds them.
wasn't this a Seinfeld episode
Bari, ffs, they mentioned her parents being immigrants. They didn’t call her an immigrant or tweet out Hamilton lyrics claiming an immigrant did this. Are you doing the same for the white athletes who are also descendants or immigration (all of them).
Okay...but that explicitly shows she is not an immigrant, rather her family is. Clearer story, you can't compare.
Better idea. Let's admit she's Japanese, and give Japan the medal. If we can't win medals without mercenaries, too bad.
This story tells the story of an American born to immigrants. You wrongly called that American an immigrant. @nytimes, don’t you expect your columnists to be able to engage criticism in good faith and acknowledge obvious and offensive mistakes, or nah?
You didn't mean anything malicious by your tweet. People crying "racism" and that they think you should die need to really do a self-evaluation. It's like people feed off of dragging and humiliating others over minor mistakes.
So what you’re saying is that you don’t feel like being a nytimes writer holds you to a higher standard. Exactly why I don’t subscribe to your paper anymore.
"Irritable LSD user"
But they didn't do it as incompetently as you did. I mean, I can see why you're struggling. It's not like you get paid to write for a living, or anything...
Why not just say “I’m sorry.”
Where’s the fun in that? Plus she already went to the store and got all these nails and a really big cross to nail herself to sooo...
See but this is *factually accurate* whereas your tweet was based on a racist and false assumption. You can't possibly be this dense...right?
Ugh, yeah you could’ve celebrated her background by saying “children of immigrants” rather than just “immigrants” 🤦🏻‍♂️
Also. To be clear. Immigrants - good. Illegal immigrants - bad.
Rabid leftists are the most hateful nasty cry bullying people around, best to ignore them.
Just...stop. You shoved your foot in your mouth, and instead of taking the damn foot out, you're now trying to deep-throat it.
"Other people were almost as tone deaf and racist! Don't blame me!" Fucking hack.
Except that's not what you said. Her parents didn't do a triple axel. She did. So "getting the job done" doesn't work there.
Saying someone’s an immigrant, when she was born here, in no way celebrates her or her achievement of being the first woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics.
Why do you feel so inclined to defend these prejudicial assumptions? I'd suggest taking a step back, reading what the author of the article said, and apologizing to the athlete and your audience. My parents came here as refugees, but I'm not an immigrant.
Calling her "born of Asian American parents" is NOT the same thing as calling her an immigrant! Do u really not see this??
You didn't make mention of her immigrant parents. You employed--by your own admission--"poetic license" to label a Californian-born American citizen an immigrant because she is not white. You didn't "similarly celebrate" anything about her. Your back-pedaling can get you nowhere.
Japanese people don't believe in immigration. They are a nation state. They take in 0 refugees, migrants, immigrants and want to immigrate to others countries/cultures so I don't see any need for any admiration for the Japanese immigrants.
That's not the same as classifying her as an "immigrant". She is not her parents, just like I'm not a war refugee just because my parents fled during the fall of Saigon...
Ignore them. Repeat.
LOL Wow. Linking to the huffington compost makes it even worse.
"Other people did it so why can't I????"
I too loved her story AND that triple axel. But she is not an immigrant. Here parents are. My great-grandparents were immigrants. I am not. They came on a boat and through Ellis Island. Children of immigrants born here are not immigrants and don’t see themselves that way :)
Oh so when someone without bias talks about the same topic you talked about Their lack of bias extends to you & grants you permission to wield yours even more aggressively? *scratches head*
SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT ANY WAY YOU WANT. These insane fools that have fainting couches ready for outrages are not worth the stress of a response. They see apologies as weakness and double down. The best response would have been to tell them to get lost.
You don't deserve death threats over a tweet. But you should acknowledge that your tweet was (unintentionally) misleading. Descriptions like yours is one reason why Asian Americans are repeatedly asked, "No, where are you really from?"
Dude... Welcome to the left... From one yid to another, extricate yourself from these people, they’re effing nuts!!
🧐 deleted it,but posted another tweet “quoting” what the original tweet supposedly said w/a full description & explanation?Why did you delete it then?Something tells me that’s not a completely accurate recollection of what really happened.This makes no sense.I’m dizzy.😕
So, you wanna say there are other racists too🤔
Your stupidity was on full display with your later tweets. How did you get into and graduate from Columbia with such low level of intelligence?? I guess people like you do fall through Ivy League admission cracks. Delete your account and quit your job at NY Times plz!!
It is sad that you don’t understand why people find your original tweet offensive. Would you have tweeted the same thing if Mirai was blonde and born to parents immigrated from Germany?? You are thick beyond belief!! Unbelievable
This isn’t the same. I can’t believe you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself.
Mirai not an immigrant. Plain and simple. But I see that you are trying justify your original tweet while also disclaiming any responsibility for it (by deleting). Can't believe you work for @nytimes. Wait... no I definitely can.
You should have said “CHILDREN of immigrants”. Calling Asian Americans foreign= using the N word with African Americans. Just need to be more sensitive.
LOL Did "many people" also call her an immigrant? Didn't think so
1. The article didn’t call her an immigrant. YOU did. Doesn’t matter if you meant to say her parents are immigrants. You didn’t tweet that. I watched Hamilton. Lafayette is calling to the attention that they were immigrants getting the job done. Nagasu isn’t an immigrant.
2. It’s because of people like you who can’t see the mistakes made. It is people like you who are perpetuating these microaggressions toward Asian Americans. Perpetuating the idea that Asian Americans are outsiders and must be immigrants. That they can’t possibly be “from here.”
3. You should just own up to the mistake you made. As an Asian American who was born here, I’m tired of being asked, “Where are you really from?” Just because my parents are immigrants doesn’t mean I am not American.
Is it physically impossible for you to accept that you said something wrong?
She didn't. The skaters parents got the job witnessed by their daughters performance. Duh!
I feel like you said "Duh" un-ironically. Even if you didn't, you should have.
I interpret my own tweet in two different ways... On one hand, Bari made a silly tweet, and on the other the backlash against is ridiculous...
The "backlash" is people telling her that what she said was racist, and her refusing to accept that.
IMO, it was not racist...and it's usually a bad idea to apologize to an unruly mob (the angry group kind, not the Italian organized crime kind)
Well, it is racist. Calling someone who isn't white and is born here an immigrant is othering them. It is implying that whiteness is what makes someone American. She could have acknowledged that and learned from it. That would have been a better response.
So let me step in it a little... Living in CA, basically it's a given that people's ethnic origin is really important, and that we should acknowledge, celebrate diversity. Asking "where ya from?" is part of this culture. It's part of acknowledging diversity/ethnicity.
Nationality != ethnicity. Conflating the two is how ICE stays funded.
I saw somebody else put it really well, that Bari is the type of racist who would keep asking an Asian person where they're from after she received an answer like "Iowa." She's also utilizing an Asian form of this nonsense:… And what makes it so damn
galling and cringeworthy and rightly mockable, is she thinks she's doing it from some morally superior SJW high ground. Super extra points for rationalizing it all as a Hamilton reference. She's a Portlandia sketch given life.
Ouch!! Lol. Sorry, I know that was serious tweet but that last line was great.
I think there's a pretty big gap between what the NY Times purports to be and what people hold it up to be, and what it is and how the writers and editors actually are. This gap creates a much deserved wellspring of backlash the more that gap is found.
Journalists are heros and only those with authoritarian leanings or those who praise those authoritarians would EVER criticize the NYT. NYT is flawed (see obit of Castro vs obit of Ailes), and their op-ed section is having a bad month.
Journalists have power and a platform, so when they use that to push racist ideas, it's really good to call that out. (Even if they didn't intend to say something racist, and thought they were saying something positive)
I look at intent first (vice or virtue) it's what I try to do. I have known good people to say cringy things, but out of ignorance, not out of malice... Bari seemed to have meant well.
Well, everybody means well. I guarantee you that those we would both consider the worst people on Earth mean well. The world needs more than that. I expect NY Times editors to meet a higher standard than simply that, and recognize when they don't. Bari failed at both.
And while I do agree with a lot of your sentiment, and I presume I do 'get' and agree with what you say about multiculturalism, I think there's a whole other issue that people are reacting too. People are frustrated that legitimate immigration concerns are being maliciously
and cartoonishly (as here) portrayed as Hitler-esque racism or ignorance of the magic of immigration by hicks. And sorry, but if that's the game people like NY Times editors wanna play, don't be surprised when you get a taste of your own game.
I see the light. Mind changed.
Racism isn't always done out of malice, that's why it's useful to point it out when people do it. How she handled it wrong was to get defensive and deny that what she said was racist, instead of just acknowledging her mistake and learning from it.
Insisting that everyone else was wrong and she was right just doubled down on the "I'm right because I'm white and I said so" feel of the whole thing.
I'm not adept at catching that sort of behavior (I'll take another look at her words).
just admit your line made no sense. She isn't an immigrant. She landed the jump, not an immigrant.
Newsflash: educated immigrants with high social capital from non-antagonistic nations who enter the US through legal pathways and transmit values and capital to their offspring are a net plus to the country!
We get it, and your tweet was awkwardly stated.
This is definitely the most mature way to handle this
There are no more liberals
You are missing the obvious point Trump's immigration plans make. He has a (racist) hierarchy of acceptable immigrants from other cultures. Asian immigrants are "above the cut off line" because their stereotype is as hard working, where others stereotype is as lazy.
I never heard Trump or any of the current administration say this or anything close to it. Do you maybe have racist voices inside your own head feeding you this narrative?
Its call being pedantic its a way to be right all the time without participating in a conversation. Its very common in tech at all levels. In person to person interaction its a conversation killer so it stops. On twitter its a game so it doesn't.
Go up to an American-born Asian person and casually say they are an immigrant, then see how far you can carry the conversation with them without acknowledging your mistake.
Did they say she was an immigrant in the article? Or were they saying (other) immigrants and their broader communities nurtured and supported many athletes? I mean that's a pretty stark difference...
Nah, you talk sense and are a breath of fresh air. Good for you. Sorry there are so many people who kneejerk to everything, itching to jump on someone.
she’s a racist, tina
If you were born in America, you aren’t an immigrant, you’re an American who faces unique forms of systematic discrimination. It is also unbelievably ignorant to attempt to use an Americans achievement to get retweets and likes.
No bari we are not falling for the same weak shilling, big difference between chinese immigrants and people from third world countries who come illegally. Not the same but i already know that you’re pretending so go on.
She’s not an immigrant nor does that article say she is. Resist the urge to utter dumb things.
or, and now hear me out, maybe you were wrong
"other people said incorrect, ignorant things so why can't I?" you said she's an immigrant, by definition she is not. just apologize, correct your error and carry on like a non-ghoul.
...that thinkprogress article makes it very clear they are born in the US since imposing perpetual-foreignness is the main way anti-Asian animus shows itself...
You have to wonder when “immigrant” became perjorative, and whether those outraged at yr original post are “outsiders” who don’t know we’re all immigrants here.
If we're all immigrants (we are) then why the need to label her? And btw, can you tell Trump were all immigrants, he hasn't gotten the memo.
And it became pejorative when Trump decided to wage war on them (at least the ones of color).
Daca is a separate conversation. If we can’t make distinctions, conversation will be difficult. “How dare you say ‘immigrant,’ you immigrant!”
You asked when it became pejorative and I answered, it had nothing to do with DACA. I don't think there was nearly as negative a connotation to the word until Trump said they're all rapists and murderers.
Trump made “immigrant” bad? This immigrant disagrees.
You're welcome to your opinion. I'll stick with mine.
Did you miss the "sh*thole" countries comment and the rest of the last 3 months of Trump comments about *legal* immigration - including family reunification, etc? Those were all about *legal", documented immigrants.
How Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Comment Echoes a Century of American Immigration Policy
"There’s always been this history of favoring some over others"
Would she have called a white first generation American an immigrant?
So how many generations born in the United States before her family are no longer immigrants? Would you have said the same if she were a white 1st gen American? I think not.
My parents are first gen Americans. In 80+ years, they have never been referred to as immigrants. ps. They’re white. @bariweiss holds a prejudice many of us share, own up to it
You know, none of this is going to take away from that tweet, and your subsequent lies about said tweet. All you’re doing at this point is affirming that you’re a moron. And you deserve, probably, 70 percent of the backlash you’re getting.
I say 70 because bots say really ugly things, and you’re no doubt on the receiving end of some bot abuse.
I've yet to see any of the claimed abuse actually. I see dozens of tweets telling her she should shut up and stop being an idiot, 1 calling her a ghoul, and zero death threats.
I see an American. Her parents, who respected our laws and immigrated here legally, are also Americans. What do you see?
Is Chris Mazder chopper liver?
Holy shit, you just can't admit you were wrong, can you? This is breathtakingly stupid and YES, still racist. Three important things to remember:
1) White people don't get to be the arbitrators of what's racist and what isn't. 2) "Other people did it too" isn't an excuse 3) If quoting song lyrics makes you a "poet", then based on my 1999-2004 AOL messenger away statuses, I am the US Poet Laureate.
Wtf is wrong with the hard left? I’m more concerned about them than I am about the hard right.
The majority of Americans wouldn't be here without immigration.
and how did that work out for the natives?
How hard is it to admit you said something stupid? Don’t justify it, just admit the stupidity of the statement and move on.
Just enjoy the games, forget about the the twitter circle jerk and all the extraneous political BS.
Instead of doubling down, take a moment to listen and understand what people are saying. It’s valid and you’ll learn something incredibly valuable.
These articles you post are in good taste. Your tweets were racist. But nice try. Someone with your ethnic background should be the last person to be a racist asshole.
Still spinning... ur just mad your true racist self made an appearance and you don’t like how the shame feels #stfu
You’re a professional? Like in a professional journalistic position ? Christ almighty. Learn and grow. That’s all anyone is trying to say. Oh and stop tweeting. Def stop that.
May I suggest some introspection? Maybe, stay with me here, maybe you’re not always right? Maybe you’re in a position to learn more than teach? I presume from your work NYT editors aren’t big into “research” so thought this might be helpful 😊
Every American of non-Native descent wouldn't be here without immigration...
If anyone was offended by this, they need to grow the hell up or go back to grade school.
Don’t forget to congratulate the other immigrant for winning a gold in the half pipe. Oh wait she was born it the US also. Idiot.
How many Native Americans are on the USA Olympic Team? Literally none of the participants would be there without “immigration”.
Justice deals with individuals. Social justice deals with groups. And Jews are socially guilty of being succesful, having light skin and bombing dark skined people. We go right in the cauldron with the rest, Bari..... we might not go in first, but we're going.
is that the california girl you friggin ghoul?
You are a racist ghoul tho
We really need to go back to not knowing every waking thought of every other person on the planet. This social media experiment was a complete and utter failure.
I wouldnt have deleted it, then the idiots win
Now do the honorable thing and follow up by deleting your whole account.
Are you the one complaining about peter rabbits allergy?
deleting was a bad call! Legitimizes outrage mobs
to be fair it was an extremely racist tweet
But you have all you need for next week's column, so win-win, amirite?
You're not a ghoul and you don't deserve to die, but obviously you're a racist.
I would have retweeted it 60 or 70 times rather than delete it
Therein lies the problem. An unwillingness to acknowledge and take ownership of even the smallest mistakes.
And the mistake was what?
You just made my point.
Ah, now I get it. Her tweet wasn't specific enough and so some people assumed she thought the skater herself was an immigrant and took offense. And for that perceived transgression, she deserves the extreme vitriol she's received?
People have no sense of nuance or humor.
Yes, the nuanced view is to casually refer to anyone of foreign ancestry as “immigrant”
No I love a good joke. This had neither nuance nor humor
people notice when you say racist things.
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
I think you know what you're doing, which is poking and prodding reactionary twitter so you can make spurious platitudes about the state of our culture.
Then it's working pretty good, wouldn't you say?
listen everyone this racist haz a sad
I love every time you do a bad tweet, you have to find the few really bad ones to make you become the victim instead of taking responsibility for your bad tweet. You don't want to act in good faith though.
Ignore people who specifically find a plausible or possible inference of your statement which is negative, and imply you should be held to account for it. Especially after you have clarified it wasn't an implication you intended.
She said it was poetic licence, then when that landed like a lead balloon she said no, it's about her parents. So, no.
Intent ≠ Execution
not for nothing, but you could have mentioned that her parents were immigrants in the original tweet.
Why are you capitulating ? Either you believe or or not and thus bear the burden of your convictions and beliefs. Put it up again, damn it!
"I fucked up. I apologize. I can do better." Has worked for me in the past
That's for people with integrity and not in to making excuses
My integrity is still pretty fucking suspect tbh but fair point!
I deeply resent the implication of your tweet.
Don’t capitulate so easily. Please put it back up. It’s what “THEY” want.
nah, you got what you wanted/needed
Why did you delete it then?
It was very offensive. I was born & raised in West Virginia. But I'm considered an "immigrant" by people like you. You wouldn't have put that Hamilton quote on a white, American-born person.
😂😂😂you are a jackass.
Says the guy who's crying
Of *course* the bozo with this for an avi would stridently defend Bari
You are a BOT No followers and following 500.
Not as big a one as you are being.
This is the civility from the dispicable anti-Semitic organization amnesty international. Keep up the great work bro.
As a Jew, I’m so glad to see you categorize even the slightest suggestion that Israel’s human rights record is not completely flawless as anti-Semitic. We’re all going to be so glad you’ve done that if the worst comes to pass and we have to face truly anti-Semitic fascism again.
Your arrogant and careless use of a term that’s supposed to describe something genuinely dangerous and evil to smear anyone who doesn’t toe the Likud party line definitely won’t ever come back to bite us in the future. Thanks so much.
Your arrogant and careless defense of an indefensible movement (Palestine and Islam) is dangerous and murderous.
Oh, you’re just a straight-up Islamophobe. Sorry, I mistakenly gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you were just a severely misguided right-wing Jew, but in fact you hold beliefs literally equivalent to Nazism. You’re making us all so proud.
Also, Palestine is a place, not a movement. But that’s somewhat less troubling than you being a Jew who’s apparently completely comfortable with religious hatred. So happy to see a Jew really fulfilling our aspiration to set an example of religious tolerance for everyone else.
Yes an islamaphobe because I’ve read the Quran and seen the actions. Islam HATES us. It calls to kill us. It does kill us.
You are living on a rainbow with unicorns. Go move to Europe with the lovely migrants and tell them your Jewish. Go to Palestine with a giant Star of David on. Go to Saudi Arabia, Somalia, IRAN. Etc etc. just stfu with your koombaya nonsense.
Maybe if we hadn’t disgraced the Star of David by making it the emblem of the ethnostate perpetrating the ongoing ethnic and religious cleansing of Palestine, there’d be no issue proudly displaying one anywhere in the Middle East.
You know, the way things were for Jews in the Middle East before 1948. If you want to blame something for current attitudes toward Judaism in the Middle East, blame Zionism.
Things were always terrible you idiot. We never had it good under anyone else’s control you useful idiot.
Was it significantly worse in MENA than it was in Europe prior to, like, the 19th or even 20th century? For 99% of our history, in every region we’ve tried to make our homes, we’ve been persecuted. So please fuck off with your theory that Muslims/Arabs/whoever started it
And, again, there were Jewish communities that had existed throughout the Middle East more or less peacefully for thousands of years. That ended with the Zionist project and it’s deliberate pitting of Jews against “everyone else” in the region.
Yes because before Israel was created Jews were sooo safe in the Middle East and everywhere else 😂😂😂 go read history. Not from Edward Said. Real history. We lived as dhimmis under Islam and got slaughtered every couple decades. But this is Israel’s fault
Jews have lived, mostly peacefully, sometimes less so, throughout Mesopotamia for thousands of years. Only after Zionism did so many have to move to Israel.
You are a fool if you believe that.
Did you read my reply about the Persian Jew I met in Shiraz, whose family had lived there peacefully and productively for hundreds of years?
Do you know that 90% or more Iranians Jews left after the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION? the few Jews left there are protected by the govt and still in danger.
Interesting, the Islamic Revolution was in 1979, more than 30 years after the implementation of the Zionist settler-colonial project. Wonder if that might have gone different for Persian Jews if Zionists hadn’t conflated Judaism with ethnic cleansing of Arabs for 3 decades prior.
Oh you are such a sick person. Please go move to Palestine or Iran or Saudi Arabia. Put your money where your pathetically stupid mouth is. You fight for them - go live amongst them. Bye
Interestingly, of all the regimes to cozy up to the Saudis, Israel is the one that seems to be most enthusiastic about doing so. You feel good that IDF field hospitals treat Al Nusra fighters from Syria? All they have to do is cross into the Golan, and Israel’s happy to help them
I spent a week traveling through Iran, that hotbed of anti-Semitism, last summer. I met the Jewish owner of a trinket shop in Shiraz, who proudly sold all sorts of Jewish “paraphernalia,” Hebrew letters and all. His family had been living there peacefully for hundreds of years.
It is not with Jews that Middle Easterners, Arabs, or Persians have a problem, it is with Zionism. So fuck all the way off with your Zionist arrogance and Nazi-style religious hatred.
You are fully unhinged and don’t live in reality. You hate yourself. Self hating Jew. It’s sad.
No one is perfect but you are fighting on the side of savagery. Why analyze the speck in my eye when there’s a plank in yours.
Interesting how you get to tell him "grow a pair" and expect civility in return. Have you considered that "fuck off" was exactly the response you deserved?
Yeah I’m sure @amnesty would love to know one of its “board members” is telling people to fuck off on Twitter. Seriously get a thicker skin and stop being so offended.
He has a pair, that's why he's speaking out against this bullshit narrative
You’re a totalitarian leftist. Go ban more words and create more genders.
He just binge watched Paul Joseph Watson videos for 36 hours straight. He'll tucker himself out on his own eventually. Poor little racist.
Love tucker Carlson. Hate real racists like you and identity politics.
Love too be the real racist between us
Yes it’s a book about anti-semitism and anti-Israel/Zionism which I’m sure you are. Read it and learn.
Are there more cute cartoons in it or just on the cover?
Whole thing is a cartoon. Read it and learn.
honestly anyone who loves Tucker Carlson is a few brain cells short and shouldn't be giving advice to anyone. also, to "tucker" oneself out does not automatically refer to Tucker Carlson. pick up a dictionary.
why don't you go use some wp rounds on a hospital
Like yo mama?😂😂😂 Fuck off tadpole!
If that white American born person was a first generation American, then yes, she likely would have.
Don't worry, anybody with common sense will realize that you are American, you don't have to be white. 😀
Ignorant white liberals man. They just virtue signal. I didn’t have this opinion until I lived in LA/SF. Truthfully, most conservatives that aren’t idiots have a better perspective on this subject than most white liberals. This is coming from a left leaning conservative.
Are you feeling any better now?
I am an immigrant and resent you appropriating injury. There is no offense.
We love our legal immigrants. I think he is pointing out that he has been defamed by those who vote liberal and see the world in a color spectrum unlike most Americans who just want to be left alone. We wouldn't still be having these conversations if the law were enforced.
He said all that, eh? Really fluffing up his comments, as well as "the law."
He also said that Constitution gives us the right to own semi-automatics. And his final words hinted at celebrating Dallas Cowboys
He really liked their white sox...
Typical liberal soy boy. All I see when you idiots tweet anymore is Reeeeeeeee or Waaaaahhhhh with all of your collective crying and perpetual victim hood
Exactly that, the bigotry of low expectations. Proud to have fellow patriots like yourself standing up for what is right.
She is being attacked by the same crowd that chant "We are all immigrants unless U are an Indigenous person !"
I would think that a board member of Amnesty International would have some semblance of scale and perspective, given the unfathomable horrors of this world. Nay, you got all butt hurt about a funny reference about the legitimate accomplishments of immigrant families 🤷‍♂️
I can't wait for some even crazier lefty to accuse you of culturally appropriating the Spanish word "gringo" in your Twitter handle. #omgSoTriggeredRightNow
It wasnot offensive at all.
People saying you said a racist thing isn't the same as saying you are a racist. I bet if you hadn't doubled down, and instead had said "dang, I was thinking the phrase applied because her parents were immigrants, but you're right, I messed up," the reaction would be different.
Sort of agree, there's just one problem, the original tweet doesn't make sense.
Have you considered that what you did could in any way be wrong? Because it doesn't seem like you have done anything but double down on it.
So brave Bari.
shut the fuck up
You're not a ghoul and you don't deserve to die. But native born Americans with brown, black and yellow skin get taken for immigrants all the time, and the reason for that is the color of their skin. You should acknowledge the reason why people are upset, apologize and move on.
Nobody needs to apolgize. That’s ridiculous.
We're living in a time where every thought must be approved and every emotion monitored. The rampant sanctimony is enough to make you want to vomit.
just try not to be fucking racist, Willy
Preach brotha. People have had it with this nonsense.
You aren’t a death-deserving ghoul just for this, but for your recent streak of defending power, impugning victims, and just generally being loudly and proudly on the wrong side of absolutely everything.
exactly this
Anyway, back to paying baby boomers wearing blazers with no ties six figures for denying climate change and defending child predators
We can read your @'s. No one told you to die.
Bari, don't you realize that Twitter has nuts jobs.
After being on Bill's show, some are salivating over your tweets, hoping to find some ammo that can "write you off as..." Its a shame. Keep love in your heart for everyone, especially the haters,
“I celebrated an american who didn’t look like me by calling her an immigrant. For this I am being told I am a dipshit. So I doubled down & pretended I knew she was from Cali & that was also a hamilton reference and so I should be celebrated for my utter stupidity”
Nice work! 👏👏👏👍😉
You should have never deleted the tweet. Stand up to the fascist political correct progressives who want to shut you down regardless of what you say.
but you haven't apologised and you've made yourself into the victim. mirai isn't an immigrant; she's an american and using hamilton lyrics doesn't make anything acceptable. it instead belittles both her historic win *and* the show.
Stay strong. This liberal is with you! I’m also doing my best to speak out against this new strain of leftist authoritarianism
Tweeting at someone for making a racist tweet is authoritarianism?
It would seem her deleting the original tweet - and thereby breaking the conversation that was occurring below in comments - was the authoritarian act. She didn’t like the conversation so she nuked it, and started it over again with a lame self-justification.
Her tweet wasn’t racist. It was only deemed racist by a small but vocal mob
Think about it
I am also the child of immigrants, born in Germany. No one has ever called me an immigrant. Bari, can you guess why that might be?
How is that authoritanism? That people telling her that it is racist? As an Asian - american, I think it is. But how is telling people it is racist an “act of authoritarianism”? Or there is no such thing as racism or it’s only deemed racism if YOU personally think so.
I’m an Asian American as well, and Our views are obviously different. Those specific tweets may not be authoritarian. However, I’m speaking to the authoritative class of the left which are usually the same suspects who would label her tweet as racist. Deplatformers for example
No one inherently deserves the platform of being an NYT columnist, criticizing someone who has that outsized platform isn't authoritarian.
You’ve misunderstood me. Speaking out against her is not authoritarian. I agree. I’m simply pointing out that those who mislabel her as racist are usually the same suspects who are in fact authoritarian left. Deplatformers or those who would regulate speech for example
oh so this is some larger culture war bullshit to you. boring.
And also Bari said that people wanted her to die for her comments, but if you search for them.. there are nowhere to be found. I find her assertion to be ingenious at best
footage not found
I cannot speak to that and I’m agnostic to it. I stand by my original point I made in solidarity with her to be strong against being mislabeled a racist
But is calling somebody racist an act of authoritarianism? Who is an arbiter of deciding who’s acting authoritarianism? It seems like you are suggesting that people calling her racist is authoritarian because YOU personally think so.
You’ve misunderstood me. Speaking out against her is not authoritarian. I am simply pointing out that those who would mislabel her racist are usually the same people who are on the authoritarian left. Such as deplatformers and those who would regulate speech
"you see, the thing I'm talking about isn't the thing I'm talking about, I'm actually just mad at a whole other thing and interject it into every convo I have on here"
Strawman. My original comment was in solidarity to her. It was encouragement to stand up to those who are on the authoritarian left. Not everyone who mislabels her racist may be authoritarian left. But all authoritarian left would mislabel her racist.
Can you tell me how many people who said that was racist are “authoritarian” left and how many are just genuine good faith criticism. She said it’s the end of the world, so I’m just assuming all her critics are acting out in bad faith 🤔🤔🤔
Certainly not all people who would mislabel her a racist are on the authoritarian left. However all of those on the authoritarian left would mislabel her a racist.
Also bruh in the originally tweet she didn’t even quote Hamilton correctly. She said “they” instead of we, and that’s why I find her excuses so predictable and racist.
Presumably because she is not a immigrant she used “they”. She maybe inaccurate but saying that immigrants get the job done and that they should be celebrated for doing so is hardly racist
Dude, that’s the whole point. Nagasu is ALSO not an immigrant, her parents are. But when people correct her, she acted in complete rage and said it’s “the end” of the world. I don’t think people would criticize that much if she just said “My assumption was bad, the end.
No she’s not. And perhaps she could have been more technically correct to save herself some headache. But she is the daughter of immigrants and the sentiment of celebration of the immigrant experience (parents/children) she was relaying is something you can still understand.
In the orginal tweet, she said “they”. People laughed and corrected her. She deleted her tweet. The tweet she put up later said “we”, and then decried that the world is ending because people are telling her to die for a tweet. I’m just saying Weiss is lying and a hypocrite.
Either she said they or we should not matter. In both instances she was not being a racist and should not be mislabeled as such.
It is racist in my opinion and I would appreciate if she can take the criticism instead of victimize herself.
The tweets themselves may not be authoritarian. However those who would label them as racist are usually the same suspects as those of the authoritarian left such as deplatformers or those who would like to regulate speech
oh so this is some larger culture war bullshit to you. boring.
I am indeed speaking to a larger cultural issue. As a liberal I am deeply concerned with leftists ideaology. As I am concerned with right wing ideology
just say you're a republican it uses a lot less words
Well as someone who disagrees with almost every republican policy that would be kind of difficult. No one needs a purist or ideologue
"universalism. humanism." aka "i'll make vague statements about wanting to improve the world but if you try to point out any specific problems i'll complain and call you divisive"
I don’t think you know what universalism and humanism means
please never stop tweeting
Bari’s continuing foolishness is somewhat amusing, it’s true!
One of you has to stop tho
You don’t deserve to die. But for many reasons, you should probably disappear from public life
ah, So u persecute Jared Fogle just because he has different beliefs? Do Tell. (girls get mad at me) Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it
Why not just admit the mistake and keep it moving? 'Poetic license' does not in anyway imply parents.
soo...then you reposted the exact same thing people told you was awful but framed to make yourself seem like the victim?
i guess you got a lot of practice when you were caping for rapists during the last few weeks
I'm starting to think behavior like this is a requirement for appearing on the NYT Opinion page.
Don't leave Maggie Haberman out, she'll get Jealous And Mad On Twitter.
Yeah I don’t get deleting the original tweet if we just doubled down here.
Same thing as cathy newman
You should definitely keep doubling down on this instead of apologizing and moving on
“Civilization’s End: I Am Derided for Mis Birthing A Stranger.”
have you met Twitter? This is how it works most of the time.
You said something stupid on Twitter, didn't like that you got shit for It so you deleted the tweet. Now you're trying to make the response to your dumb bullshit as some indictment on "where we are" instead of what it really was.
Seeing you digging your own hole is better poetry than your stupid tweet.
I’m sorry, no. When you are factually incorrect, deleting your tweet and/or apologizing is the right move. Don’t try to make yourself a martyr over it.
making up a lie about death threats to make herself into the victim should be a firing offense
I'm with Bari at the NYT Harassment Headquarters. We're watching the death threats come in in real time... never have seen trolls so brazen
I can also confirm. I work on the other side of the office doing harassment for NYT while my colleague monitors our enemies jabs back.
Ashley, you must me unaware of Bari’s way of doing things 1. Be a dumbass 2. Get criticized for being a dumbass 3. cry about being a victim 4.collect a check from the times 5. rinse & repeat.
This.... more people need to know. This is the Trumpian way to seek attention & get in news & making money. Controversy = Fame & Money from RightWing MAGA trolls. More Controversial bullshit = MORE. Her intellectual honesty is lower than Trump’s intellectual capacity.
I don't see attempted martyrdom. I see someone who takes her public record seriously, explaining why she deleted a tweet, then offering reasons for her actions beyond "ghoul." Plus feelings, coz we're not bots. Doesn't that add more to this conversation than an insincere apology?
But still less than an apology which is what's required.
"required"? Or else what? For the time being, we live in a free country. It was an effing joke. If you want someone to police wrong-think, move to North Korea. I hear they have a killer cheer squad. You'll have to practice your smiling, though. Are you familiar w/the concept?
If you don't see the attempt to cloak herself in martyr's robes, then you're not looking.
Delete your tweet, weird black lady.
For some reason, some people (very wrongly) feel they have the right to savagely insult journalists & celebrities on twitter. Like, you're public property or something, or they feel they're punching up and holding the media to account, idk.
Maybe next time say “Americans: Getting the job done” or USA USA USA!” Simpler, tactful, positive & not political when it comes to the #Olympics.
I just want to add that you were a complete dumbass before sending the tweet too
you should delete your account too just to be sure
Also bullshit. However, the tweet was racist. Her parents are immigrants. She is not. Tweeting that was ignorant and racist. Do you tweet out Hamilton about all Americans as we are all products of immigration. You fucked up. Admit it. Sit down for a bit.
I don't know about you being a racist or a ghoul or deserving of death, but you did mislead people for purposes I assume are based in partisan platitudes. You're only as good as your words, especially in your profession. It's not too difficult to figure out, so figure it out.
if twitter had the power to end civilization don't you think we'd all be living in caves eating worms by now
at the very least we would have forgotten the capacity to write
I definitely am.
"I said something that's not true, then ppl dunked on me for it so I deleted it!!!! This is not normal!!!!"
you are racist lol
Bari I think I speak for the group here in condemning any threats you may have received but also stipulating that you should definitely quit your job and delete your account
give me your job bari
Like, I genuinely can't get over how you watched an American woman do something amazing, tweet something about immigrants doing it, and then think "BUT HER PARENTS" works as a corrective.
lmao unbelievable
This is literally the alt-right raison d'etre: civilization is ending because I'm being held accountable for saying racist things
Well the problem is that everything is in fact racist.
Hi Bari! I agree that the reaction to your tweet was too harsh and disproportionate to the offense, but it might be helpful to know that Asian Americans face a very specific type of prejudice called 'Perpetual Foreigners' - meaning no matter how many generations we've lived (1/3)
here, we’re seen and assumed to be immigrants or foreigners. (i.e. leading to q’s like “Where are you *really* from?” “California.”) I think your tweet's intention were kind and noble, but it’s worth noting that since the video you posted was of only Mirai Nagasu and not (2/3)
her parents, it could easily have been misconstrued to be that you were accidentally falling into the common, unfortunate assumption that Asian-Ams are always immigrants. Anyway, I agree that Mirai Nagasu's family story is a beautiful story of immigrant success! Hope you're well.
beautifully explained. Thank you, Karen.
You treated her with much more patience than she deserves, since she clearly doesn't want to learn, but for real thank you for this.
Thanks, Karen. Appreciate this.
Isn't open dialogue wonderful? This is how we will heal America
Yeah that was the polite and civilized way of saying “hey Bari you’re a stupid fuckjng bitch”
Thanks for showing Bari why her tweet was racist, Karen
Perhaps it was uninformed, but saying it was "racist" is a bit much.
So you can see how your tweet perpetuates a racist narrative or nah?
No one's expecting her to apologize or hold herself accountable at this point.
But Karen, have you learned a lesson from this ill-advised tweet?
Notice Bari doesn’t apologize for the racism though she fully takes the generousity of Karen in saying criticism was too harsh. She doesn’t get it at all
As an Asian I know why this is pretty offensive. But most people that are not Asian don't, and Bari intended to praise immigrants and people that descend on them.
When people let you know you’ve said something offensive you profusely apologize and tweet something else if you care. You do not complain about your feeling & insist you did nothing offensive at all to begin with. She’s refusing to learn or stop centering herself
I do agree. When you are explaining yourself you are losing.
When you are explaining yourself you are losing?!
Ha, that was my reaction, too
Or we can be adults and try to understand a person's intentions instead of vilifying them for poor choice of words. Let's act like adults instead of policing every little mistake. You can't control the world but you can control your reaction to it
What you've said offends me. Please retract and apologize.
Offense cannot be given, only taken. On top of that, no offense was intended. #GetOverIt
As an asian --- this was not offensive at all. IMHO Don't jump into this weak victim culture shit-this shit where people pretend outrage for a misunderstanding is undignified.
Say for you. I think that's offensive, and that has nothing to do about what other people say in the internet.
Why do you think its offensive? She was trying to commend a person that accomplished something great. This whole fantasy that she it was secret racism is insane.
But *I defended her intentions*. I just pointed out that Asians are specially sensitive with people alleging that they are foreigners, even when they are not.
If that account is actually run by an actual Asian person I will eat my hat
How dare you. Filipinos are not hive minds. Japanese people are not hive minds. Just because you crazy fucks are looking for reasons to become outraged at anything in the world does not mean normal people do this.
Of course you are a gender studies professor. You crazy fucks with you are crazy outrage culture are ruining the world.
I am not a gender studies professor. I am a historian. It’s in the name. You are suspect af to me and I stand by that assessment
Do you think Filipino people are a stereotype? Do you want me to go and make you some lumpia to prove it? You baizuo are clueless useful idiots. Your ideology of hyper offense is rotten to the core. And you were using it to hide your own racism.
Why are you such a racist? What do you think a proper Filipino should do? Should I dance for you white lady? Should I remember my place in agree with you because you're a white lady?
Not white, nice try
Well whatever you are lady - or sir - You are a racist. People are not hive minds and you acting like everybody needs to be in your camp because you want to play this victim game is sad.
And blocking now because you are abusive. Do deal with your issues
Who are you talking about dude? You don't speak for me. Maybe in Brazil. Why do you say you speak for Asians when you speak only for yourself?
Indeed. Perhaps you meant to say, "people that descend _from_ them", but the typo might be closer to the truth.
Why, Andre. Explain why you find it offensive that someone recognizes a person is of the Asian heritage.
So you have a problem with immigrants, AH, so much so that you find it offensive to call someone one, if that person is not one. Oh... hmm...
You're so judgmental
You were so convinced that you could not have offended (if only people could see the context then they’d understand) but Karen showed you that our takes, especially those of a nyt opinion writer, warrant greater thought & research. Hopefully this will improve your future opeds
The REAL issue is that an educated woman like Weiss is blind to her bias. She's not some sports editor from Oklahoma trying to rile up the boys, she's cosmopolitan, well-educated, and presumably high IQ. Hatred for a man can blind any woman, as Ms. Weiss showed today.
Who did she show she has hatred for?
Good lord, I am so confused 😂 Who wete you referring to, as biased?
It’s strange you’ll acknowledge this critique but still won’t admit any error and insist you’re only a victim here
It's the bigotry of low expectations. Why do liberals start jerking off every time a person who happens to have darker skin accomplishes something? They should be doing great things, why would we need to single them out based on race unless you're a closet racist and surprised?
Listen Bari, it was ignorant. That doesn't make you a monster. But it is the mark of a decent person to admit when they err and try to do better. I am a subscriber. Do better.
Don't u recall the incident inn the White House few weeks back where the moron in chief acted just this way with I believe a CIA agent?
Thanks, Karen, for doing all my emotional labor for me.
Lol fucking thanks Karen? Obtuse af. Enjoy your little shit storm, you made it yourself.
If only all respondents were this thoughtful...thanks for taking the time to explain this.
Bravo, Karen! That’s how one should express a differing viewpoint in a constructive and polite manner. Twitter needs more Karens! 😁
Changed my life with this! Thank you!
My family has been in the US far longer than Donald Trump's has been. As far as I'm concerned, my minority family views him as an immigrant. 😂 @bariweiss, the color of your skin should never be used to judge your "foreignness."
No, the hard left is really just trying to find anything to attack her on because she was just on Real Time supporting due process for people accused of sex crimes.
Thank you for a kind and educational response. This is how we change conversations and perceptions.
This is such a great response. I wish people would communicate like this ALL THE TIME.
If you have to use more than 250 characters to explain someone’s else’s are really wasting your time.
Karen Chee, Thank you for showing how we should be talking with one another on Twitter. And everywhere. -M
Omigosh why can’t all of twitter be this measured and reasonable. Thanks for making the Twitterverse a little better.
What is the correct way to ask an American if they have a cultural heritage from an “old country” and if so, where and how it differs from American culture ?
Isn't that what our great leader did at some point? And said the woman should be in some diplomatic position with ROK because she said she was of Korean descent. And just had to comment on her looks. What a guy.
Thank you for laying it out with so much grace, despite a situation/continual behavior pattern that must be infuriating.
My stepmom immigrated from the Philippines 40 years ago. She got her MA at Georgetown when she was only 19. Quickly rose through the ranks of government and is now the go-to counsel on international economic policy. People still think she's the nanny.
I wish there were more people who express their disagreement on Twitter like you do, Karen. I have an understanding I didn't because of your tweet above (the "perpetual foreigners" thing).
Honestly don't think this is something whites who don't have immigrant parents know much, if anything about. 1/
My mom, a former high school English teacher & American citizen born in Hawaii when it was a territory, was complimented on her English when she moved to the mainland. People also asked her what currency they use in Hawaii.🤦‍♀️ 2/
I’m sansei (3rd gen) on my mom’s side but also an immigrant because I was born in Japan, but being the daughter of an American English teacher I speak fluent, unaccented English & have a better command on the language than some native-born Americans. 3/
I’m in Boston so this doesn’t happen often but I have been complimented on my English (by people who didn’t know I was born in Japan), and like any Asian American most of the time when people ask me where I’m from, they’re not asking about my hometown, but my ethnicity. 4/
Didn’t see Bari’s original tweet but saw her comment about deleting it. Thanks, Karen, for educating and not freaking out. I get so tired of the folks in minority groups I’m part of who like to trot out the “I’m not here to give you my free labor and educate you.” 5/
Yes, there are resources out there but Google & Wikipedia can only get you so far. You have to know what you’re looking for and they’re no substitute for someone explaining calmly why something that someone said with good intentions may be perceived as offensive by some. /end
I never knew that asking someone, "WHAT Asian Country do you originate from" is offensive! Oh well, live and learn I guess. My grandparents originated from Naples, Italy, and always proud to share with anyone who asked.
With this, the 4,000th "the problem isnt me, its that everyone else is too mean on twitter to appreciate my nuanced idiocy" The @nytopinion section gets a free ice cream cake saying "libertarianism is never having to consider ramifications".
But still no apology or evidence of learning?
You guys got yourself a golden pick right here! She is only outdone by the climate change denier and Trumpets apologist.
No, just wrong. She's not an immigrant, and the fact that you knew that and said it anyway is, um, side-eye-worthy.
I literally can’t believe the comments I’m reading. It was a non malicious tweet by a leftist. This is unreal #mustquittwitter
Sure your 87 followers will be heartbroken. Bye Anthony!
She didn't know it. Couldn't admit she was wrong and triple-downed with disingenuous garbage...
Bari, you certainly don't deserve to die for the tweet you wrote, but it was very stupid. Write better posts.
You valued their opinion by going out of your way and deleting it. Screw them twitter thugs.
As far as making great Americans, immigrants (her parents included) do get the job done.
Triple double-down on your shitty opinion. That will solve the problem.
If I felt compelled to delete as many tweets as you have recently I would think about maybe listening to the people asking me not to be a ghoul.
Serious question- why is it racist to say someone is an immigrant? It may be incorrect, but not understanding why it's racist.
You were wrong case closed. No need to pretend you are some poor put upon victim. Apologize and move on.
Yeah... I didn’t see anyone saying you deserve to die.
Are you going to declare the dawning end of civilization like this every time you need to delete a tweet or does gracefully admitting you were incorrect seem like a reasonable option?
The world is over: A NYT columnist has been critiqued over her bad twete
Is that how someone with a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia would do it?
So you're really doubling down on this huh
Don't delete tweets when you are right.
It owns that you are trying to play the victim after being a racist dipshit. Also, you are named after the worst beer Leinenkugel’s puts out.
Maybe you're just a special kind of stupid.
You are totally the victim here. Godspeed.
You are a racist and a ghoul. But not solely because of this tweet. I think people are taking the opportunity to let you know about your history of racism and ghoulishness because you fucked this one up so bad. Also, capital punishment is bad.
But you ARE a racist and a ghoul.
Love too play the victim after you insult Asian-American athletes
Perhaps you were not ready for the big leagues.
I don't think you're a ghoul or racist. But I think you assumed people knew the same references you did. There's a chasm of difference between racism and a tweet maybe you should have thought more about. And, you know, people just can't wait to jump on other people sometimes.
Consider reversing your lobotomy you clown
I don't think you deserve to die. On the other hand that tweet was pretty racist
Even if I don't like what you say, I have no right to threaten you. This is horrible and so unnecessary, when just explaining why I think you got it wrong. Sorry you were subjected to hate.
People are crazy and seem to enjoy seeing the worst in others. And it probably has nothing to do with this tweet. (I see Glenn Greenwald and co. aren't a fan of having you as an opinion writer for the NYT. Good luck with that.)
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
Using a Hamilton reference by itself disqualifies Weiss as a serious person.
The negative comments are a litany of incompetently argued, irrelevant, ridiculous "What-Abouting." My suggestion: tweet your thought-provoking zingers and don't even look at your notifications until just after you've unleashed your **next** zinger. In summary: You Go Girl!
feel free to delete the rest of your bullshit too
you think people hate you for your politics but it's really mostly your sadly not-uncommon blend of smothering oblivious dumbness and constant shameless disingenuousness
Don't forget the boundless self-regard
To be fair I also hate her for hee politics, having just become acquainted with them in the last five minutes
and the politics
absolutely, but her politics are also trash. and i don't hate her and nobody should threaten her but sorry your politics and worldview are a dumpster fire. signed: an actual immigrant.
She's not an immigrant. So you're wrong. It seems like you made an assumption about why shes an immigrant. People reacted to that assumption. Their reactions being inappropriate doesn't necessarily mean their assumption was incorrect. Your comments do nothing to refute it.
No NYT reporter or editor or columnist has ever apologized for making or admitted a mistake. They have some quality journalism. I’m a subscriber and daily reader. But the staff must think they are infallible Gods. Geez. What’s the problem with admitting a mistake?
For one of those you should report the offending tweet. For everything else you should do some introspection to understand why you got the criticism you did. Maybe your views & wording are morally/socially acceptable/appropriate or maybe not.
You could've just said, "Sorry, my bad!" and deleted the tweet instead of continuing to defend something that is a negative comment that undermines her accomplishment Pls talk to some PR peeps today to get u social media training on stuff that u prob should keep off ur main acct
How the hell does it undermine the accomplishment? Is Hamilton no longer woke enough? Immigrating is a tough thing, and the idea/trope that they work hard and are successful is said in admiration.
She was originally commenting on an American-born citizen (Nagasu was born in California). If she does this again w Chloe Kim's success w her gold medal win, ISTG she's just being rude
ffs, her parents are immigrants and she grew up speaking japanese and english. Yes. shes not an immigrant, her parents are. That can make things more difficult. Bari didn't say, "well her life is easy, her accomplishments mean nothing".
The "Immigrants, we get the job done" is a humorous line in Hamilton. Nagasu has a link to immigrants. No the line isn't 100% applicable, but it is also a joke. It doesn't detract from her accomplishments at all. Is it exhausting looking for things to be offended by all the time?
Who said you deserve to die? I see fellow writers pointing out your error.
every time you tweet something dumb you always end up as the real victim 🤔
You’re still a racist ghoul
Or maybe you're just an unaware racist.
You don't have to be self-pitying. That's a choice you are making despite having more of a platform than literally anyone who called you out.
Yes, you are definitely the victim. Poor thing. You're going to fit right in at the @nytimes
you know anyone can search your mentions, right? one person tweeted the word "die" to you before this tweet, where they said this was a strange hill to die on. why lie about something so easily disproved?
Thank you I'm thinking too many are overlooking this assertion .... show us the proof bari
You won’t see that proof. She’s pulling a classic bad faith triple axel: draw legit criticism for saying something horrible; downplay awfulness of what you said; smear your critics as the horrible ones.
💯when losing the argument play victim
Bad faith reading of someone in an emotional situation. How cool-headed are you when 100s of people criticize you? Are you sure you would always stick the landing?
Really? I never knew you could do that crazy, I knew never to trust anything from @nytimes guess the people who work for them as well
It’s not “we”’s your and your horrid takes
There are many other fitting quotes from Hamilton you could have used. There is no need to be dishonest about her. She's American born and raised, not an immigrant. You messed up, apologise and don't embarrass yourself any more by rationalising what you said.
I'm not going to say you're racist as a whole, but that action definitely was. The assumption that a person of colour is not American is racist. Own up to your mistake and learn from it.
It’s just the online world. When everyone has access there will always be the bizarre minority no matter what is posted. I’m sorry you were insulted, but our civilization has endured much worse than online trolls
You’re being told that because you’ve been dismissive of the critique from the get-go. Part of being good at your job is learning when to de-escalate and say “inappropriate reference, sorry!”
don’t delete your tweets @bariweiss
Honestly stunned
(Possibly sensitive)
Hmmmm... (((Bari)))(((Weiss))) being racially divisive...
You don't deserve threats, but hopefully you can see why using a native-born Asian-American woman to make this argument is rubbing people the wrong way.
It was super racist tbh
I gotta say, you're responding to this with all the grace and professionalism I've come to expect from the New York Times opinion page in 2018
You do deserve to due though
what about your opinions on Arabs who do not support israel?
You certainly don’t deserve threats. But do you genuinely not understand why the tweet bothered people? The logical conclusion that you thought she was an immigrant; the history of Asian-Americans being treated like outsiders. It seems so obvious.
someone: takes issue with bari's racism bari:
I mean, you are a racist and a ghoul for this and other reasons, but you don't deserve to die. You should probably log off, though.
you are definitely the first two things
Well, that's where YOU are.
Could you point out one of the tweets telling you you deserve to die?
It wasn't a celebration of her achievement. It was a political statement so you could score a point. Please keep politics out of sports.
Just shut the fuck up you vapid dolt
But how many people @'ed your employer tho?
It was racist though.
but like.......... you are a ghoul
What you were was ignorant. Someone born in this country is not an immigrant. Facts only.
you are a racist ghoul for many other reasons
This meme might be useful when dealing with such vile trolls. Also, block, mute, and report.
All the racist right motherfuckers hated it too if that helps
issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the terror group ISIL. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"
You don't deserve to die Bari
You were trying to be cool with your Hamilton reference, also throwing in a dig at trump for double coolness, but you were so eager to do this that you forgot to check if the woman in question was actually an immigrant. You should admit you acted like a dumbass.
Yeah it can never be that you were wrong and not thinking when you made a dumbass tweet, everyone else is the problem. Good catch Bari.
How about you not be a pussy and don’t delete the tweet? Stand by your words or don’t say them
Jesus lady, just take the fucking L and move on with your life.
That’s really fucked up! Keep doing you! I love what you stand for!
Wow, the fact that you got owned online is a certain sign of civilizational collapse
Or you deleted the tweet because it revealed your prejudice that all minorities are immigrants
No greater sign of civilizational decline than being told to fuck off for saying stupid shit. You are an astute person Bari and I’m glad we have people like you to be the barometer for our culture.
No worries, we have it on replay.
Hi, @bariweiss. Admitting you spoke ignorantly & deleting is SO MUCH easier than what you’re currently doing. I promise
no offense, but without knowing you and just seeing the tweet, it seemed pretty dumb, and borderline racist, however i know that wasn't your intentions, but it just wasn't properly phrased.
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
NO! she must pay! she wrote words on the twitter! off to the GULAG!
Brings to mind Peggy Noonan's description of modern America as a nation of "sullen paranoids."
Also, Twitter is like that times a thousand
Weiss is a racist and she lied about people telling her to die. Who’s really paranoid? (Narrator: it’s Weiss)
The skater wasn't an immigrant. She should have admitted that she made a mistake but instead she's defensive and thin skinned.
tom nichols being thirsty in the mentions.
I beg to differ. I meet great people every single day out in town, it’s like Twitter is a parallel universe of butt hurt.
for once I'd love to see somebody just apologize for a mistake and move on with their lives but noooooooooooo that can't happen, I guess.
That’s a bit much. You are terrible at your job, though
Dw about it. In America you’re allowed to have an opinion and make a statement. Any opinion. Any statement. It’s a great thing.
Don't let the Twits get you down.
You should have deleted it because it was pure ignorance couched in feel-good-about-yourself coastal liberalism that perpetuates a base-level racist idea that any native-born POC US citizen is inherently still “foreign” but that’s where we are
She was born in California, you nativist racist.
I don’t agree with name-calling but maybe you should just admit yo made a mistake, instead of playing victim
This isn't even a weird passive-aggressive apology. Instead it's you trying to justify what you wrote, refusing to admit you made a mistake, and not cleanly apologizing. P.S. do you really believe the vast majority of Americans are intimately familiar with lines from Hamilton?
This is an argument for speaking in lowest-common denominators. "I don't understand what you said so I will impute the worst intentions to it and then attack you for having those bad intentions".
Also, commanding someone to apologize is garbage. Either they feel as though they did something wrong in which case they'll apologize on their own or they genuinely *don't* think they did anything wrong in which case you are demanding a false apology.
You don't deserve to die. But your IQ is lower than your shoe size.
NO!!! saw you on BILL MAHER YOU'RE AMAZING & AWESOME!!! They're too stupid to get it! #RacistTrump It's all his fault hate to blame but gotta be honest.
Actually you tweeted something racist and got owned
well, not just for that tweet, that was just a particularly obvious example
Where we are is on Twitter with someone unfamiliar with what “hill to die on” means. Who then distorts it, or just plain LIES, about it being a threat. Ask Maggie Haberman to show you the google machine.
Wow when you deleted the original tweet I thought your self-regard might have a limit
Why delete it? Let it stand on its own merits?
Is there proof someone actually told bari to die
Try telling the truth. It's the best policy.
You shouldn't have deleted it Bari. Don't succumb to the mob, unless you genuinely think you've made a mistake. In this case, you didn't/
maybe the problem is that you selectively choose trollish arguments to make broad generalizations + ignore thoughtful pushback[there’s a lot of it in this thread for ex.] I imagine you also don’t get the benefit of the doubt on here for this very reason.
in fairness you are a ghoul
no apologies from you, but a tonne of being the martyr. be better. stop making yourself out to be the victim.
it was a racist tweet bari
try apologizing you come off worse with every tweet
Who said you deserve to die?
Don't delete!!! Let the crazies be crazy.
Let us not forget everyone's favorite ghoul: Catherine Earnshaw. The moors shan't be graced beneath moonlight by any better than she.
Hey, Bari, please do not let anyone silence your voice. Please do not let anyone deter you from the work you are doing. Please know that real people who aren't bots, trolls, or haters appreciate you, respect you, & value your thoughtful input. Block hate ASAP. But don't give in!
in all fairness though, you are a racist ghoul
"end of civilization" = mediocre asshole facing mild criticism in response to some lazy bullshit Okay, dude
Taking pride in anyone's culture or accomplishments for that matter should never need an explanation. Maybe some should pause and rethink before hitting reply button.
You were already a racist and a ghoul
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
Do better cuz you really suck at your job!!!
Wish I could feel bad for you, but I don't. You couldn't stick the landing on your left wing talking point and got smashed by the virtue signaling, PC police.
An hour ago I'd never heard of you. Now you're the woman who's a really sh*tty liar & somehow has a job at the times. I don't believe you received any death threats quite frankly I think you can't deal w being wrong.
please don’t die, you are a true beacon of stupidity that i plan to use as a ‘don’t be like this person’ example for my child for many years to come
In your defense tho you were a piece of shit way before this
Please get over yourself. Is there anyone @nytimes who isn't a sanctimonious hypocrite? As a journalist, get your facts straight & don't have hissy fits at people who correct you. You are beyond obnoxious. You don't get to tell people what should or shouldn't offend them.
YOU WERE BEING RACIST! Where we are is that clueless privileged white people don't get a free pass for being insensitive idiots anymore, and that is a GOOD thing. Death threats are inappropriate, but don't equate substantive criticism with the few people who mouth off.
You don't deserve to die. But all the other stuff fits and I'll add "idiot" and "clueless" to the mix.
Nah. Where we are in Clown Trump's America, is in an increasingly racist dangerous society for POC by white nationalists/supremacists, who attack people based on their names, accents and skin color.
Because you are racist. You let your eyes tell you where she’s from and that was it. #dumbass
(Possibly sensitive)
Did she spin “hill to die on” as like “go die on a hill?” lolol
you’re a ghoul for the awful shit you said about MeToo
You were a ghoul before the tweet.
Drama Queen 👑 much? No one gave you a death threat. Take that L and cut it out.
You have a nytimes column. You’re a public figure. People being unpleasant online comes with the territory. Suck it up.
We can search your mentions and see no one is mentioning death or dying. You are a blatant racist though, which explains why you've run so many puff pieces for white supremacists
I'm white but born in South Africa. I'm an immigrant, she is not. But I'm white to it doesn't make for a good "I'm so woke" piece. Race has nothing to do with immigrant status but if you'd like to do a piece on what an actual immigrant has accomplished, let me know
Ah, that Constitution of yours with its 1st Amendment needs defending. (said a Brit) 🙋
That's where "you" are.
Sorry, but it was racist as hell. I'm really shocked you don't get how that buys into permanently othering POC.
Nothing quite like writing a moronic tweet, getting called out on it, and then being the victim. Bravo, job well done.
there’s one reason you deleted the tweet...when pressed, you couldn’t defend...
No you weren't. I read the tweets. It was racist implying names equate to being non native born. It was virtue signalling with a bias. You were rightfully called out and now your playing the victim. Just for transparency, I'm a legal immigrant and found your tweets childish.
nobody told you to die. quit crying
Hang in there, Bari Weiss, it's not you, it's them. The world is in a sad state right now. I love your tweet.
Some people are looking to be offended.
You altered your story twice: Changed "They" to "We"; went from citing poetic license to honoring her family. And no one said you deserve to die. The NYT deserves better than this unprofessional meltdown
So many people offended by "immigrant" as if it's a bad word. I'm proud that my great grandparents were immigrants. Why can't it be used as a compliment? I'd certainly take it as such.
What you said was racist. You dont deserve to be told that but you at least owe it to asian americans fo have a bette dialogue than play victim here. Cheers
Is this about banning porn or nah?
Sorry for the idiocy on twitter dot com. No escaping it, I'm afraid.
How come you won't make space for anybody who thought Weiss's original Tweet was idiotic?
(It was "they" get the job done, by the way, so don't you think it hurts someone's cred if they fudge something as small as that?)
[@bariweiss writes a pro-immigration tweet about an Olympian skater and daughter of immigrants] Woke Twitter, people who are also pro-immigration: "she was born in California you HORRIBLE RACIST" Woke Twitter, you are the absolute dirt fucking worst
And yet you clearly haven't learned that it was a racist tweet, or anything else.
nobody threatened your life, you're just a sad little victim complex lover because you think people telling you genocide is wrong is hate speech against you =)
Bring back historical revisionism! Yass!
Is it really that hard to say, I made a mistake?
When has a white person ever apologized or admitted guilt for anything?
You were extremely racist tho. Just assume it and stop justifying it. It's a Hamilton quote that doesn't apply to her bc she ain't an immigrant. Just bc she is a minority u think is applicable???
Nah I would've definitely kept tweeting through it
Maybe it's because your desk allows things like this to run:
You shouldn't have had to delete it.
Ah, the benighted hoi polloi! They are why we can't have nice things. How are we to know they can't score tickets to Hamilton?
it was sort of racist, yeah. you being a baby about it like you're the victim and not the victimizer makes it worse, tbh
Nah. You're just an idiot.
Report the abusive tweets, no one has to deal with stuff like that. Wake up @Twitter and do something about this, asap
You don't deserve to die and you're not a ghoul, but referencing an Asian-American citizen born in America as an immigrant is kinda redneck level racism. 'Yall aint wite, so you is a imm-a-grunt'.
Have you maybe considered that what you said MIGHT have been racist?
She's an NYT opinion writer. She gets paid for having an opinion, not for considering if it is bad, harmful, lazy or racist.
Well, yes, but being racist should not be part of any editor's palette. Not that I necessarily agree Ms. Weiss was being so.
Nobody thinks you deserve to die, everybody thinks your brain already has
You should have left it up. Don't allow them to determine what you know is right.
Not many on tweeter give you a break. I look at your feed and see someone who's sensitive to alot of issues, including prejudice. People need to chill.
You don't deserve to die and you don't need to carry on like a victim. You just need to own up to the fact that you effed up and made a racist comment, pretty simple. Trying to leftsplain it away isn't the answer.
Have you tried deleting your bad opinions?
I saw you on Bill Maher and I think you are fantastic!
They’re not calling you racist for that. They’re calling you racist because they don’t like your columns and they view labeling you a racist the easiest way to discredit you.
People say dumb stuff because no one wants to do research every time they want to tweet something. But when people call you on it, admit you messed up. Playing the victim here just makes you look like a child.
I believe you were told deserve two diet Cokes, and some time to think about why you did such a bad tweet
Sorry your racist tweet got backlash you giant baby, maybe @TPUSA can loan you a diaper
How could it be racist if we're a nation of immigrants?
Man, it is upsetting that so many people have turned out this way. Please hang in there. You're smart and reasonable and you're the kind of opinion-maker we need in the media.
Not for being racist or a ghoul. It was for being dumb and ignorant.
oh i see, so u don't like Black Panther huh?! 😡
You're not a ghoul and you don't deserve to die. But I'm sorry if you don't see how it looks like you're infering that she's less American because she's Asian. You're trying after the fact to claim that you meant you were talking about her parents.
It's fine if you don't want to acknowledge the white-centric view of what it means to be American you express in your tweet, but don't double down on this, don't dig yourself a deeper hole, and don't feel sorry for yourself.
Why would you give in to the idiots?
Listen, Becky, as an American born product of biracial parents (celebrating their 40th anniversary today) I have to tell you... you suck. Just stop. Your glib defense of your stupid joke is inexcusable. It’s insulting to the POC you claim to be celebrating to not take ownership.
No what you said was factually incorrect and when called out for it, dug deeper on nonsense excuses. That doesn't make you a racist at all, but it hurts your credibility as a journalist
You were a racist ghoul long before this, lady.
An apology for doing it wrong would work much better in this space than your poor-me narrative. Asian Americans don’t need to feel bad for you at this point. You messed up. Call it out and move on.
Maybe just listen to what people are trying to tell you? Instead of just keeping on digging?
I can’t believe the hate on Twitter. I’m sorry you had to delete your tweet because some people suck. I’ve done the same.
You're also being told that you don't know what "poetic license" or "kosher" mean. Put that in Google Maps.
Well actually most of this unfortunate rhetoric is because you're either trying to normalize white supremacists or excusing the behavior of creepy abusive men. Maybe own your actions a little.
Nah, you're just racist. Chin up.
bari, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I sincerely hope you can get through these trying times of deleting your dumbass tweet. xx
No one is telling you anything. You know you are racist #maga #trump wins again
A simple I SCREWED UP would have sufficed. Too late now.
To be fair, people may be calling you a racist because of the racist thing you tweeted.
The hard left is looking for anything they can to attack you on now that you were on Real Time supporting due process for people accused of sex crimes
luv you maga fags and all your adorable nicknames keep it up simon, keep standing up for idiots
It wasn’t any of that; it was just blissfully ignorant.
Deserve to die? Nah. Racist Ghoul? Probs. Nice way to reinforce WOC as not really American.
No, that’s where YOU are
you also deserve to be fired for doing an awful job with the nyt op-ed page
I’m sorry people were slightly mean to you Online.
It would be smart for you to listen and take the criticism seriously, rather than being so defensive. Just saying.
That kind of harassment is inexcusable and I'm sorry you suffered it. But do you see how the original tweet—while not maliciously racist by any means—perpetuated the real and serious problem of the "perpetual foreigner" stereotype that dogs so many Asian-Americans?
Given that you often call for a careful and nuanced response to serious problems in American society, I had hoped you might take the more thoughtful criticism in stride and reflect on your unintentionally offensive tweet without striking a defensive posture.
By citing your worst trolls you avoid engaging directly with the substantive criticism of your tweet, instead writing off the entire backlash as "another sign of civilization's end." I hope you consider the possibility that some of your critics make their arguments in good faith.
Just for the record, her @'s are public. Literally no one told her she deserved to die. She made that up. One person said "This is a strange hill to choose to die on". That's it.
Really? All the drama over that? Should see my hater file. Might toughen up a bit.
Thing is, a big part of the problem is that Bari doesn’t seem interested in making a good-faith argument, herself. It’s disingenuous to pretend not to understand where she screwed up, and to continue to draw it out is just self-promotion.
You are a racist. But only your kind believe racists should die. So what would you say your punishment should be?
“But I’m a victim of reverse racism!”
Don’t delete it and give in. Stand tall and celebrate her and all our athletes from all their backgrounds.
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
You are racist.
You can't hide under "this is where we are now" when overly-sensitive libtards like you are the REASON we're "here right now" - always crying wolf, being "offended" at every little thing no matter how ridiculous. Welcome to the world YOU people created. Fun, isn't it?
You doubled down and played the martyr instead of listening, apologizing and trying to learn about a perspective you hadn't considered previously. Disappointing. It's important to know when to be contrite.
Stay ignorant, your choice.. The rest of us will move on and teach a better way and a better world where folks like you won't ever look down their noses at lives different than theirs
I dare you to tweet that the sky is blue. Won't matter if it's true or not. Once you're marked as the «enemy» by ideologues, they'll come after you.
You are racist. I don't know if ghouls exist and I'm not one to judge who should live or die, but I certainly understand racism when I see it. And cowardice.
There are parts of the Twitterwebs that are defending you, Bari, and know exactly what you're going through. See @BretWeinstein, who experienced the meatspace version of this phenomenon and came out stronger because of it. Don't back down. Don't apologize. Fuck the mob.
Well, it is racist and not very cool. It offends people and makes certain groups feel alienated. You might be a ghoul, you’re most likely a racist, but you certainly shouldn’t die. Just try to be a bit more careful in the future.
You just retweeted the tweet you just said you deleted in yet another attempt to make yourself a martyr. JFC you're insufferable.
lol that isn't what you tweeted and that isn't what people said.
One can be a racist and a ghoul, both can be true. Take a look around you.
You're just hot garbage but we know that based off your affiliation with the @nytopinion
I haven't called you any of those things! I called you incompetent and rascist.
Right, you get paid to write and you can't write a tweet clearly enough to avoid being condemned as a racist. Must be nice getting paid to write, you're so skilled at it.
You are just an odious cunt but you have a history of supporting ethno facism apartheid in Israel so this is no big leap
It is calming that your rational tone is alive in modern liberalism. True liberals are being cast off so that aggrieved progressives can dictate cultural mores in order to claim their intellectual superiority. Speech is not violence, violence is not speech.
put this racist ghoul on the #RektorScale, NYT oe-ed edition.
i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
Yikes. This is kind of scary... where does this road lead us.
Your original tweet was easily read as racist, whether intended or not. Mirai Nagasu was born in CA. She’s American. Period.
Regardless of what anyone says or types-wishing death is really twisted and wildly inappropriate. Sorry you have to experience this. 👊🏼
if people keep calling you a ghoul will you delete the rest of your tweets
Just ignore everybody.
you don't deserve to die but you are definitely racist and a ghoul
Imagine diagnosing the end of civilization because you said something dumb and got called out for it. What a joke
Welcome to the liberal cesspool of Twitter where facts don't matter and feelings reigns supreme.
Why did you change ‘they’ to ‘we’ ?
Not to pile on, but no one here in California refers to it as “Cali”
You deleted it because you're ignorant.
Where we are is people are deleting tweets for fear of what others think. Fuck them. Honestly. Don’t like the things I have to say, fuck off my timeline. Don’t let them influence you like that.
Sorry to hear it. I won’t say those things but I’ll say that line from Hamilton is weakest in the show. At the time nigh everyone was at most a couple generations from immigrant. Couldn’t understand why it got such huge applause
You should be fired Weiss.
you didn’t delete it because you are sorry for being racist that’s for damn sure.
Yes I find these so called progressives so pathetic. Rather than focusing on what's going on they are attacking their own. This is why people tune out.
who did this to you fam, who hurt you was it the SJWs
I agree with the racist part. Just because you delete it doesn't take away the fact you stated it. Also please dont play the victim as your original action was the cause.
Most the criticism seems to be that you called her an immigrant even though she was born in California. I wonder if you went with "American born and raised athletes makes history" if they would have complained you were ignoring her heritage
If true, no one deserves being told things like that. But let's be clear: that's not where "we" are. That's where you are. You said a ridiculously dumb thing that perpetuates the current climate of ugliness. If it provoked more ugliness, that's something you should reflect upon.
I doubt you are any of those things, but the tweet was nonsense. To loosely toss around the word immigrant is to feed the ignorance associated with classifying someone based on their name. It was irresponsible and as someone in this field you should know better.
Twitter is gonna twitter, they're gonna form online lynch mobs off some fake woke BS. The left going after the left for not being left enough.
No... Just a moron
You can see archives of the tweet. There were no death threats. Are you a liar too?
That's an insult to ghouls. Smoothskin or not, you're a racist
Because people on the left who think they are progressive are certifiably insane. I literally don’t care anymore and I think people are actually seeing now how crazy this is. You can’t win with them
Isn’t that what happens when anyone posts anything on the internet?
If it makes you feel better, it’s a tossup between your #RealTime appearance and the @BretStephens #woodyallen piece as to which made me cancel my #nyt home delivery.
You are none of those things. Maybe an entitled ignorant person who should think before she speaks, but that's it.
Fine. You're actually just an intellectually stunted, privileged snowflake. Is that better?
you don't deserve to die but you should definitely delete your account for all our sanities. awful person.
It’s never going away. You slammed a skater who you’ll never match in any way shape form because you have no class. You call yourself “liberal” but you are just a sad little writer needing to be extreme to hide your inadequacy
First: your description of your tweet is inaccurate. Second: if you truly believed in your words it would still be up. Third: a reminder of your exact words is attached. Fourth: leave your SJW shield at home.
next time don't delete. it encourages them.
Just take the L and apologize.
Why even mention her ethnicity at all? Is it germane to the events in question in any way? Here is a brilliant athlete pulling off a stunning technique, and it occurs to you to bring up her f*cking race! Oh, and the fact you saw it as "complementary" is highly patronizing.
You shouldn’t have deleted the tweet and you shouldn’t have to. The tweet celebrated immigrants and their role in American history! SMFH
Don’t listen to them. You can’t satisfy everyone.
Lol how do you think us trump supporters feel? He wants adore open immigration policy than Canada or Australia and we’re all Nazi’s
Death threats aren't called for, but yes, assuming someone is inherently lacking (e.g. of immigrant status in a foreign country) because they are Asian falls under the textbook definition of racism. Racism doesn't necessarily entail joining the KKK.
being of immigrant status is inherently lacking?? Unjustifiably lacking? Maybe. Inherently lacking? Nothing inherent about it. Wordsarefunny
Not sure which country you’re referring to, but in most countries, immigrants are given fewer rights/privileges compared to citizens.
Right. Something I consider unjustifiable, not inherent. I believe the “lacking” to be a symptom of society, not inherent in the immigrant.
The Left hurls insults at everyone all the time-everyone is a racist and a bigot and a xenophobe blah blah but you know your own heart and what you were trying to convey-scary times when the mob is running things and purposely misconstrues everything.
Yet you are still here. As is your worthless paper.
Why delete it? Let them eat shit.
Crazy. I'm so sorry you had that kind of twitter abuse. Especially from a misunderstanding, ignorance, or racism. Thank you for the post.
You're fine. It's retaliation for your Bill Maher interview; folks will look for reasons to pretend to be offended by you since you decided to speak out against fringe folks.
Utterly ridiculous!!
You have a national platform to spew your neocon brainworms. Hell is where we are.
Could have pulled off "oops, I made a mistake" and folded gracefully but lack of integrity and intellect drove you to double down on the "I'm stupid and dishonest" card.
It was racist and ignorant. You should apologize aside deleting.
You are a racist, and a ghoul. You don't deserve to die, but you should probably learn a lesson. *looks at tweets below* Yeah, maybe you should REALLY learn the lesson and it's not "OMG everyone's so MEAN" it's "Wow, I said something awful I should apologize"
Don't make dumb tweets then and you won't have this problem.
bari may I be your husband please
You’re also racist for editing an imperial white supremacist editorial section.
Blocked ‘em both. Boring.
Let’s say I go look for receipts on every single one of your claims & find none, Ms. Weiss. (Because that may indeed happen.) Let’s say I don’t find them. Will you apologize for lying? Or lie about lying? You support oppressors so I do need a commitment before I spin my wheels
Oh Bari, you shouldn't be told to die (not sure if there is evidence of this?) but you are generally awful and say racist things on the regular, fyi
If @spookperson tells you you're wrong, you're wrong.
Be careful. One or two more clever quips and the Virtue-Signaling Left will force you to join the rest of us free-speech "Neo-Nazis" on the "Alt-Right".
Please just apologize when you’ve made a mistake. Don’t bend the truth just because it works with a Hamilton line, that’s not your job.
it's divisive. she could've just been an American. Like I consider myself, born here to immigrant parents. but you chose to virtue signal using this girl as your tool to signal. why many people despise your types. We're "here" because your side refuses to drop identity politics
then when getting justifiably critiqued, you broadcast your victimhood.
Had you tweeted “Americans: we get the job done”, you’d have made a powerful statement. At the very least, it behooves you to be aware of the current climate and take extra care with your choice of words. Hateful responses, however, are inexcusable.
Stay strong Bari !! It’s nothing more than a witch hunt by a bunch of moral fags.
I think it's way overblown. I know how you meant it.
Do see how fast that escalated? That’s how liberals attack normal people everyday
u don’t deserve to die bari you’re just tremendously stupid and should log off
i dont think ur racist. lacking cultural awareness, YES. seriously tho, stop w the crocodilly tears. stop w the defensiveness & take a moment to reflect upon the words u used. they matter. u of all ppl should know this. basically, OWN UR SHIT.
Why delete it though? Shouldn't you stand by your opinions?
Maybe you could just, I don't know, apologize for the bad take? It's really not that hard.
Not before if was screen shot. You should know better in this times of ours. This country is too divided and you aren't funny.
i mean if youre listening to people telling u to delete the tweet you should maybe also listen to the people telling you to die. important to keep an open mind
Well I think you're great. I like your articles in nyt
It's not fair you are getting harsh criticism for this tweet. Instead you should be getting harsh criticism for your deplorable views on Israel/Palestine. ;)
I wouldn't go that far... but you are being divisive.
Keep it up. You’re doing the right thing.
You should retweet that, IMHO. If they don't like it (or you), tell 'em to delete their accounts and have a drink of Drano. Or something to that effect. Bottom line: Don't let bastards influence what you say (or tweet).
In the interest of echoing others: That is /not/ what you tweeted. You tweeted "...they get the job done" For someone of your professional accomplishment and chosen field I would expect you to know the difference and be capable of understanding the outrage
Instead, you doubled-down. Then, you deleted the tweet and proceeded to not only triple down, but also misquote yourself and claim victimhood. And as a bonus no one can check what you actually originally wrote.
Your conduct, while morally questionable on a personal level, it also raises the question of your professional ethics as well. Is this really the behavior @nytopinion / @nytimes looks for in their staff?
I'll add one more late night bit to this: You write professionally at the highest level around. If you don't understand your failure to communicate and then your continued failure after the fact then I don't believe you're in the right career field.
They can see it for themselves here.
Ah, there it is. Thank you!
Way back machine.. It tends to tell the tale. She may have deleted it but they didn't. 😉
If it helps at all, I still think you're a racist but not just for that tweet
“I was wrong. She’s not an immigrant”. Boom done. Not so hard.
That's an overreaction (by them.) You have to remember most people haven't seen Hamilton, and are looking for any reason to be offended.
It’s where YOU are @bariweiss try not being so deep in your own cognitive dissonance that you can pause evaluate your own actions and unmatched intentions, and possssibly take responsibility for something. This is where you are. An adult who can’t remotely be accountable
Did any of those people happen to mention that you're also stupid as fuck?
You probably are guilty of being less than clear. It happens on Twitter. I don’t see the ghoul, and the death penalty for ambiguity seems extreme. Just be careful.
I’m confused now.
😱you had to delete a tweet??
The quote just doesn’t make sense. “Immigrants they get the job done” when showing an American athlete... or did you mean her parents did a good job making her? 🤷🏼‍♂️
You're an editor for a tabloid. Fuck off.
nobody said that you clown. another reason @nytopinion sucks.
Few things are more satisfying than spiting zealots on Twitter. To that end... Followed.
But u are a ghoul
Yeah, that sounds like Twitter in a nutshell.
hey could you please stop being so fucking stupid all the time
I’m sorry this is happening to you when it’s obvious you‘re struggling to be a good person. I recommend just laughing. This is a small revolution, so do look around at your fellow targets. Sure, the pain is pretty extreme at first, but the company in here isn’t terrible.#Strength
I find it useful to start a wall of fame - collecting the most hyperbolic and disconnected critical responses
Stand tall @bariweiss you have exponentially more fans than critics, it's just that your fans actually read what you write and we know what you are made of.
Most of us on the right have been advocating in FAVOR of more immigration from Japan. They're cultured, commit VERY LITTLE crime and work extremely hard once here. Very few are on welfare. They all know English, too. Illegals from Mexico? Complete opposite.
Seriously. She was born in Cali? You’re just widening the divide.
you're absolutely NOT a racist. (if you similarly note the immigration status one or two generations back of every white american who accomplishes something, otherwise you're quite racist and you made a big mistake)
that's because you are fucking racist. it's where we are because you're a fucking racist that said some fucking dumbass racist shit lmao goddamn
Stop. Deleting. Tweets.
I hate euro trash genocidal Maniac occupiers of Palestine !!!
Some people should not be allowed on the internet, they can’t resist turning everything into an argument. I had no idea how many people were insane until Twitter and Facebook came along.
I would not have deleted it. Forward those that said it to the authorities.
No, you're just way over-rated and totally unnecessary as a "diversity" addition to the @nytopinion pages, as you are just a carbon copy of Brooks, Stephens et al. Oh, and slightly racist and butt-sore about having that pointed out. Too bad, not much real martyrdom to wallow in.
Funny how that althete has to put up with your shitty misleading comments, but you can’t take it when people say shitty things to you? What a weak individual you are. That’s where we are.
That is what happens with racist tweets they come off as racists I know it's something they practiced at the WSJ so why are you surprised that people find you a racists
Except nobody can find threats calling for your death. In fact people couldn't find much more than people calling your post racist, which was the truth. You appear to be 'butthurt' and are now playing the victim card for attention. Please stop, it's quite pathetic.
You aren't a bad person, you just need to learn more about your adopted country, that's all.
Very sorry to hear people calling names. We all make mistakes. No one deserves to be treated that way. Please don't delete tweets. Own them (unless a cat steps-and-sends; in which case delete unless it's funnier than what you'd been composing). And you did apologize, right?🤔
That's where YOU are: a place where, hopefully, you will have learned a valuable lesson about how to tell the difference between native born Americans and immigrants.
To be fair you absolutely are a racist ghoul, but there's a much larger body of work than this shitty tweet to reference in that regard
Nah. You just a shitty person 🤷🏼‍♂️
You don’t think the tweet, then doubling down on it, was racist & bigoted? Something Dotard or Kelly would do? Wow
you're a racist and a ghoul! eat poo
But have you admitted you were wrong and apologized thou? I won't call you a ghoul or threaten you or even call you a racist. But can you just issue a correction here? I've read every article you posted on this you are still the only one who called her an immigrant.
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have you at NYT opinion. Ignore the haters; never change!!!
Don’t make this all about you.
Screen shot the death threats or it didn't happen.
I don't think you are bigot. You are just a talentless white chick trying to become relevant by flirting with bigotry. Classy.
Terrible reason to delete a tweet. Who cares if the Twitter mob calls for you to be drawn and quartered? That’s what the Twitter mob does if you don’t tow the party line. If it is what you believe, stick to it.
You don't need to explain, it appears many of the commenters here find being offended online a favorite pastime.
Probably the reaction you received by some unhinged individuals is because folks such as yourself keep trotting out examples of legal immigration (Mirai's parents) as if them doing it the right way is somehow tied to the 12 million undocumented who don't.
Nobody said you have to die, and calling her an immigrant (even with the best of intentions) was pretty dumb for someone who gets paid to write and edit what others write. Do you at least get why children of immigrants find it frustrating and dumb to call them immigrants?
I’ve decided that you just really like attention.
I think alot of the crazy hate stuff comes from bots & paid trolls. Check out the feeds of the worst - you'll find few followers, no avi, thousands of tweets in a short period of time, etc. Don't be disheartened. ❤️
Its wrong people told you to die. The tweet was racist though, and you are racist for refusing to believe it was. You are honestly very bad.
It seems maybe she was exaggerating. don't deserve to die. That's excessive. The other two tho'...
I saw the tweet. Things like what you said is why people hate liberals. I hate having to defend stuff like that to my conservative friends\family. It devolves the conversation our country needs to have. You certainly don't deserve to die. You are simply part of the problem.
The super-sensitivity is getting out of hand. Knowing where you come from, I'm dumbfounded that people "thought" you had racist intentions. Let's face it, some people have a fetish to "correct" others and are big on virtue signaling.
You did absolutely nothing wrong. The people who are offended are insane.
*tosses a shovel down the hole to Bari* Yeah clearly you're the victim here, keep going with that.
I am an immigrant with a US born daughter. If she successfully executed the a triple axle.. I would fully appreciate your tweet celebrating her success raised as the daughter of an immigrant. It's a different kind of sacrifice altogether. "We" appreciate your "they".
Find a different job u turd
Complimentary generalizations are as bigoted as uncomplimentary ones. You're not a racist nor ghoulish. 😨 Just stupid. Death really is the only known cure.😱
You deleted the tweet? That wasn't smart. You don't EVER back down or apologize to neo-Marxist social justice types, because they are just a mob, the next member to come along doesn't know or care that you apologized to the ones who preceded them.
Their outrage is manufactured anyway, they are cowards and your apology will be taken as an admission of guilt. You did nothing wrong and the person who should be outraged is YOU. Stand up for yourself, for god's sake. Stand up for reason. Stand up for decency.
Sounds like caring about the "liberal" crowds group think may be bad choice.
So if she is an immigrant and gets the job is Trump. Maybe Trump won because his mom was an immigrant. Actually we are a nation of immigrants so are we all winners 😮 mind blown
Friends who are of Asian ancestry will tell you they get offended by the presumption they are not Americans. Just like those of us with”ethnic” names hate getting asked where were from. Now you know.
Congratulations! You got a job done. More congrats when you successfully undo it.
You don’t deserve those kinds of harsh teeets, but don’t let that turn you away from sincere messages about it. Alot of us wouldn’t have known it would have been offensive either, now we know.
U shoulda picked chloe 😂
Weird, an inappropriately over-defensive NY Times contributer.
And oh BTW, nobody effing sez “CALI”, you boorish dimwit!!
You are certainly not a ghoul who deserves to die, but you messed up and should apologize. You're responding with indignation where contrition is warranted. Again, you very much messed up, but you refuse to admit it. That's why people are mad. Why is apology so hard?
Oh yeah, I was called a racist for asking why someone else thought @SarahKSilverman was racist.
You should have deleted it, and you should learn from it.
I think hard Left has hijacked a lot of good ideas and butchered them with manufactured outrage, & PC to the degree of idiocy (if not irrelevance).
it’s still all true
Another sign of civilization’s end to you is getting pushback on Twitter? LOL.
I got it and loved it immediately. My immigrant Irish grandad who arrived at Ellis island alone at age 16 would have loved it too.
Those are criticisms barely worth addressing; but given how easy it has become to get deported from a developed country now re: immigration status, they are all the more ludicrous.
Congratulations you've reached peak 'leftism' when your friends and peers denounce you
You should be fired for that tweet
All they want are shibboleths
The world is ending — and I’m only half-joking. There is a growing percentage of people who are vicious hair-splitters.
Be yourself, Bari, and know that you will meet many fellow travelers. Caught you on Real Time and your take was thoughtful, smart and refreshing. This is no time for anyone to be afraid to try on ideas that make them uncomfortable. You help open the door to doing just that.
At best, you're ignorant of the Asian-American experience and guilty of 'othering' an American born athlete. At worst, you're possibly a racist ghoul.
It's not very nice to be called racist, when you're not is it? Maybe you liberals can learn a lesson from this- you call names and accuse the right of this all time. Endless virtue signalling and name calling. Doesn't feel very nice when the shoe is on the other foot does it?
Hey now. I wasn't just calling you a ghoul for this -- thought your comments on Real Time were also really awful.
Not here to threaten you, but I would like to call you a dummy
Where are you from? No, where are you *really* from?
*civilization's end* 🤣🤣🤣 White people are such snowflakes. You get called out for claiming an American born athlete of Asian descent is an immigrant and somehow you're the victim?
You shouldn’t have deleted it. I know you’ve seen how giving one inch is what empowers them to bully you more aggressively next time.
“It’s everyone else’s fault that I tweeted something stupid.”
You work for NYT so you are a ghoul.
Nothing wrong at all with the tweet..Where you went wrong is deleting it and folding under the pressure, that just gives them power
Political correctness wont end untill people grow a spine and not give into this...just because youre offended, doesnt make it offensive
At least you have a variety of choices on how to identify as a ghoul
Your underlying intent was to differentiate meritorious immigrants v. otherwise. You cared more about the narrative more than the facts/story (what's diff betwn you and the left?). 5 sec. of research coulda saved your credibility. @CHSommers
Well, it does appear you are kind of a dope.
Ever think better of your mistakes and perhaps apologizing for them?
You are just stupid.
You know there’s a difference between immigrants and the children of immigrants, right?
"the line is a Hamilton reference" is the least surprising excuse in this whole mess
She's not an immigrant though, she's born in the US.
LOL even when she explains it you still can't figure it out. Eat some chicken and go to bed, child.
After all, aren't we all immigrants? Even the Irish, now that we're used to them. Eventually we'll stop hazing the Messicans, too, once they've paid their dues.
There's a difference between 1st and 5th generation Americans. Liberals have no problem bringing up the immigrant angle on her when they can use it to try & attack Trump:
If it were up to Trump, these U.S. Olympians wouldn’t have made histo…
archived 13 Feb 2018 00:45:40 UTC
Trump: Look at the pretty Chinese lady!
No, because words mean things
I love this comment. So concise but so brutally honest and more importantly, factual.
Liberals are bad folks
I don't have a particular angle on this yet but holy shit Henrik at least read the fucking tweet you're responding to before 'splaining it back
I mean I know nobody reads the article but jesus christ dude
Her parents are immigrants- they raised a child to be a great Olympian ie THEY GOT THE JOB DONE
She obviously made it clear she was referring to her parents. But ok, whatever. When you're a retarded hammer, everything is a retarded nail.
It's a Hamilton reference. Oh that fixes it.
Hahaha rock solid defense you got there
But she’s not an immigrant
Her parents are. Do you think they just dropped her off on a street corner or maybe they had something to do with raising this remarkable athlete?
Bullshit. You got called out and now you are backtracking on the deleted tweet
Burn her burn her burn the Hamilton-quoting witch!
You probably don’t want to finish this thread
excuse me are you trying to tell a woman wut to do? these are respecting women hours buddy
Keep aspiring to be funny one day you might make it.
God I hope so. Thanks for your kind words
You need to get a life.
arent we all these days..
You are correct! I've seen bits of it and that's more than enough, ugh.
Her parents didn’t land the triple axel.
oh, it was from hamilton. OH WELL THEN.
Folks, Bari just nailed the triple double down. The gold is hers.
No, she needs to nail the quad in order to win the gold, is this the first time you're watching the Olympics?
Only the men's events necessitate the quad.
if she makes it another 180 degrees around and issues an apology, that'd be a triple praxel
I don't wanna be sowcowtow'd to.
I'm not proud
You should be. That was magnificent.
Take your damn heart.
No. No. First rule of internet outrage mobs is do not apologize. These mobs don't understand good faith & will take it as admission of wrongdoing. Best to ignore cry-bullies until they find some other new, shiney outrage & shamble off. Shouldn't take long. Stand your ground.
The Internets are yours for this Olympic moment.
I thought you could only get the triple double down at KFC for a limited time! I'll see myself out...
they* get the job done
Ivana Trump wasn't from the US. Where's the picture of Ivanka saying "Immigrants, they get the job done"?
Rather, a picture of Ivanka with that caption.
Or Melania. She probably reluctantly got the job done.
I dunno but the picture of Melania is probably on Pornhub
I would submit that this is the result of you tweeting this out without context, in a time where anti-immigrant sentiment is being stoked by a xenophobic White House and where the NYT's own Opinion section is giving puff piece articles to racists. Pick your jokes carefully.
She’s selectively only responding to people defending her. Ye olde safe space.
Smh. That is just weak.
Heaven forbid you and other NYT opinion writers listen to your critics when you can just blame it on the end of civilization.
Or, heaven forbid that whiny little snowflakes get called on their shit!
So your celebrating that her parents had a kid?
So help me out here. You tweeted a clip of her landing a triple axel with a quote from Hamilton. She's not an immigrant as she was born here. So the job that was done was her parents getting it on to make her?
If so, it trades heavily on Tiger Mom stereotypes, but it's probably the most charitable reading available to her!
And stereotypes tend to be a bit racist
By that definition, you could use that line for Trump as well, correct? His mom was an immigrant. Stop justifying.
do you by any chance work for the @bostonpolice department? your tweets sound familiar 🤔
This is effin crazy.
Keep doubling down, it's hilarious. This is after you drew false equivalence between drug policy and sexual assault.
Bari no, just take the loss and just... use this as an opportunity to poke fun of yourself. Please stop for your sake.
Hey now! I needed those laughs! You keep going, Bari!
She also had dual citizenship and chose the USA over Japan.
So, because it's a line from Hamilton, no one should be bothered that you continued the majorly white-minded trope that POC, and particularly those with Asian heritage, are from somewhere else?
Please don’t ever stop digging this hole
Excited for Bari Weiss' next column. "Why banning porn, and ending the discussion of men marrying their own children, just gave all the assholes on Twitter more time to bully me".
It was a very bad tweet, you moron.
This website is very good for me and my brain.
TIL I can say whatever I want, and as long as it's a reference, it's poetic license and completely OK.
"poetic license" is the new "it was a joke."
bari, what if i told you, that hamilton... is also racist??
this ones my favorite
It's true, being told you're a dumbass when you say something stupid is the end of civilization.
Say, weren't you the one who compared men getting fired for patting their coworkers on the ass to people getting life for an ounce of marijuana? Keep up the great work.
Tweet through it dude
People called me out on my vapid, performative bullshit on Twitter and now and it’s the death of civilisation smdh.
Are they legal or illegal immigrants?
Actually you said “they get the job done.”
'they' because an LA-born American kid who was unjustly bumped from the 2014 team by USFSA in favor of a blonde skater with an Anglo-American name is 'them' I know nothing about you, never heard of you before, and guess what? You're racist!
I can’t tell anymore if this is sarcasm.
"Civilization’s end” = getting made fun of for being stupid on twitter
Well, there's your problem. Broadway is not good policy.
Anyone who isn’t as awesome as I am is racist.
people telling you a shitty tweet was shitty is not the end of civilization, no matter how self-centered and clueless you may be
yup, everyone else is wrong, you are right, you are the smartest person alive and nobody even comes close to understanding your immense intellect.
I was celebrating her and them
“I would have watched her perform a third routine if I could”
Nice follow up. I love this movie.
Not that I agree with the sentiment, but very nice one. Bravo.
If she could she'd have the judges give her a 6 again
You said “they” though.
It’s a shame that people have given up their sense of humor. I think we’re stuck with knock knock jokes from here on out.
It's a racist tweet
“It’s a Hamilton reference.” I’ll have to remember that one whenever I tweet something shitty and borderline racist.
Mirai Nagasu's skate has nothing to do with immigrants, it has to do with one girl's dream and hard work, that's all, learn the difference.
you said 'they' get the job done, which probably betrays your intentions more than anything else.
If she said "we" everyone would be tearing her apart for pretending to identify with immigrants.
How the fuck is this racist? Liberals are so oversensitive it makes me want to stop being one
A woman born in California is assumed to be an immigrant bc she’s Asian. Willful obtuseness isn’t a good look.
Fake outrage at things that aren’t offensive isn’t a good look
And you, a white dude, are eminently qualified to judge what’s offensive to non-white Americans. The othering of citizens bc of their physical features is a real problem in this country today. That you don’t see it as such is telling.
Aren't you doing that?
Instead of whinging about how unfair it is, perhaps you should look at the criticism and ask if your tweet was actually as innocuous as you think.
Tweet less, smile more
Celebrating them or just making a dumb joke?
Yeah, if I needed a sign of the end times it was definitely people telling you a racist thing you did was racist, and then when you doubled down on the racist thing, them still telling you it was racist.
you're a dumb fucking racist and the sooner you croak the better for the rest of us
Hey shut the fuck up
I'm just sitting here watching the ratio go round and round... @IPM_GS #RektorScale
“People don’t like something I tweeted” = civilization’s end. Super reasonable! That’s the @nytimes we’ve come to know and despise in the past two years.
You really need to stop tweeting for the day.
why so defensive? hyperbole much?
just outstanding usage of this wonderful memelet
Shut the fuck up and take the L
You must mean the L train bc she’s straight up Bushwick. Probably Williamsburg but she says Bushwick.
That’s not what you tweeted. It was “Immigrants: they get the job done”. Which I know sounds worse and I’m assuming why you changed it in this explanation
A good twitter rule is if you’ve been ratio’d, someone definitely screenshotted your tweet so lying about what it said is a 100% dumbass move
Pardon my ignorance but what does “you’ve been ratio’d” mean?
When the ratio of replies to RTs/likes is high it means the tweet is getting more jeers than applause
Ah. Thanks for explaining that. Makes a lot of sense.
holy shit I just learned about this dumb person earlier today when I stumbled upon a video of her explaining how MeToo was bad. She's gonna be bigger than Thandi Lahren
This is you, stop.
the end of civilization is people being mad you labeled a non-immigrant an immigrant, got it
This is a bad website. I'm really sorry it's probably part of your job to interact with it.
Counterpoint: Just take the L for your bafflingly misconceived take
Also, “it’s a Hamilton reference” is the most out of touch, bougie white person defense you could have made
My goodness, that was beautiful.
Yes. Now liking the all POC hit is the century is racist, right? Jesus. You people are just out, of, your, minds.
Also, anyone on twitter should understand the high probability that your tweets will be misconstrued. If she wanted her message to be understood, she should have been clearer in the original tweet.
Or maybe you shouldnt be so quick to judge. Youre looking to be offended. Thats not a productive way to live.
Who exactly do you mean by “you”? Because I never said I was offended. Making assumptions or putting words in people’s mouths doesn’t seem like a productive way to live either. 🤔
What's baffling or misconceived? She celebrated the child of immigrants representing her country at the uppermost levels. Immigrants can move to a foreign, very different country & raise a child who not only achieves great success but represents & is loved by that new country.
She’s the opinions editor for one of the most influential newspapers in the world. You shouldn’t feel obligated to assume good faith and take her explanation at face value.
No. You take the L. And shove it.
what is your annual salary. also you are in fact racist
please step away from the shovel and stop digging now
It's a real shame that we as a society judge people employed as writers to be judged on what they write.
This is like the raison d’etre of the NYT editorial page under Weiss.
Nobody should be using that language with you, but it remains that she's not an immigrant so I can see why it wasn't well received.
Delete your account Becky👌
Seems like wanting to insert your kewlll Hamilton reference was more important than facts. For some of us, these small details matter.
Lol. God you're dumb
is it that hard to just say you're sorry
You triggered the INTERNET RAGE MACHINE. It's on you like a fire hose until it either gets distracted or you post a video of yourself crying and begging for mercy. You would be mocked for that video too, but they'll leave you alone after that. INTERNET!
So... you said something factually inaccurate (which looks great on a senior executive at one of the nation's top newspapers), can't simply acknowledge the error and correct it? And the problem is... people who criticize you. Okay, then.