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Not sure I agree.
Hello Please come back to Tv somehow We miss you.
X. Or perhaps W.
H is for Heck Yes! As in Duke Basketball! Heck Yes!
😎🇦🇹 Hi Charlie, whats up in New York? Greetings from #Vienna #Austria #in Europe
Butt tweet?
Given the current situation, maybe 'dick tweet' would have been more apt.
Hi Charlie Rose. I miss your interviews. I hope you are okay. Praying for you. God's grace be w you.
Yeah he was fired for sexually harassing women. Pray for him all you want but he got his just deserts.
H-E-L-P----:45)!&&?!%^>€#*,£ arg
I miss U on tv! 😔
Geez, you really hate him. Someday, someone is going to take the time to analyze his interviews for honesty, depth, and relevance, and he'll be in trouble a 2nd time.
How's this for honesty? 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
Sorry for not doing a better job on this tweet! You blew me away by retweeting the Wapo story to each idiotic response bc I've thought of doing same & now probably will. Not looking away believe me.
No, *I'm* sorry for reading/Tweeting too fast! Have a wonderful day, Rosalia.
Yea well Trump has allegations against him too and so does Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, Tom Conyers, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly, and the list goes on & on & what is your point???? 🤔
The point is you should stop excusing this behavior.
I'm not by no means excusing this kind of behavior, I'm just pointing out that he isn't the only one that has done this! And I am stating a fact that I do miss him on tv! But I still don't condone what he done, either! So what makes u think that I am excusing this behavior??? 🤔
Right. He’s not the only one. And it’s unforgivable. Until we stop forgiving this behavior, abusers will keep abusing. It stops now: stay gone, perpetrators.
Crystal: if Charlie Rose were angling for a comeback, do you think comments like "I miss you on TV" and "other guys do this too" would A) help or B) hurt his cause?
yeah if my favorite cook turnout to be a serial rapist, the first thing I should be thinking about him is "I miss your cooking!"
You said you missed him on TV with a sad face.
You can have your opinion but he was a creep to women on TV for years too. Great one on one interviewer but anytime he was on with women he was disgusting.
He can be an f-up, which it sounds like is the case. And she can miss the TV Charlie Rose. Quit skewering people for shit sake.
Charlie Rose is not Donald Trump or Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein if you're not willing to accept that you're not willing to accept reality
I assume you won't be supporting any more Hollywood content that glorifies promiscuity. Great start. Real change.
I pretty much only support Hollywood content with super heroes, robots, or dinosaurs in it....but consensual behavior between adults is not equal to harassment, Dave.
So you feel you have the ability to distinguish between immoral behaviours that are "acceptable" (eg, consensual) and obviously unacceptable, & yet someone else who exercises a different choice, you condemn as immoral. The pattern here is subjectively rationalising immorality. /1
I too condemn harassment and uninvited sexual behaviour. I also condemn the gross sexually promiscuous immorality, consensual or otherwise, promoted and normalised by Hollywood. Let's not stop at singling out responsible individuals who are a product of their industry & culture.
No, I have ability to understand that sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by Title III of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You don’t like promiscuity? Fine. Don’t sleep around. That has zero to do with this issue.
That trite response is as dumb as saying "Don't like racism, don't be a racist." It does nothing to help advance conversations about industry's responsibility to cultural problems. Be capable of nuance.
Ok again, how am I excusing his behavior??? ALL I said was that I miss him on tv! I NEVER said what he did was okay! U are reading wayyyyyy too much into a simple statement! I DO NOT condone that type of behavior & NEVER WILL! But he is still one of my favorite journalists!
And they ALL need 2 hang it up. Sorry Charlie. Out of sight out of mind.
And they've all suffered consequences. Except Trump, of course, which I really do not understand.
Damn Charlie, you still have the ability to generate a conversation. :-) :-)
Makes one of us...
Thank you for doing this.
I guess 8 young women being routinely sexually harassed is worth it so you can watch Charlie on the TV huh? But hey, priorities, amirite?
Hang in there we need you back
Hi Charlie, miss your interviews. Hope you return soon
Uh, no. Eight women came forward saying he sexually harassed them with nudity, groping and lewd calls. Their stories corroborated one another. You don't return from that. He is done.
Give me a call Chuck!
No return? He can easily be a president
Trump has lowered the bar so far that maybe even Charlie Rose could trip over it? Is that what you are saying?
Ya Slick Willy Clinton’s bar, where he raped women and shoved cigars up puss’s in the Oval Office while his family slept above him, isn’t low enough already...... morons
Can't get any lower then getting a blow job while sitting at your Oval Office desk. I'd say Bill Clinton set that bar pretty low.
Ha ha yes after Bill O'R and Weinstein
I hope he returns that is for sure.
Is this your day job Shannon?
I agree that his career is over but who are you to say there should be no forgiveness? I’m more interested in what his victims say.
He was fired for pulling his dick out and harassing women. Hope he stays away forever.
Lining up conversations I trust
Have some fun. Charles.
No, dumb-fuck! It's called: A test. You meant to type: "Testing... testing... teeesting, testing 1, 2, 3." Like that, see?
I know exactly what you mean
Will you be coming back to television or hosting your show online?
Sounds great.
Hi we still love you
❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊Texas Tech vs. Duke!
I miss you, the alternatives are shit
Not for female employees trying to do their jobs without being sexually harassed by Charlie.
Wow dude. When you have a daughter and she’s groped you’ll feel differently
The alternative: a non-abuser for a journo? Sounds good to me. Good riddance to garbage.
Playing H-O-R-S-E? Basketball fever everywhere!
Better cryptic than creepy.
Miss you and your show Sir
Welcome back sir...
No way this guy deserves a second chance. Stay gone, sir.
Please come back!! HBO, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon.. Anything please!!
I'm sorry who are you?? Another self righteous white lady?? Please stay in your bubble... y'all are the reason stupid Trump is in office.
Might want to do a bit of research before you open your mouth and put both feet in there. LMAO!
Gross.. And nope, I still don't know. Something about buying stuff online? I use Venmo and Amazon... thanks though.
Mr Rose, I so much want to see you reinvent yourself and return to the media. You have so many followers who miss your insights and interviews.
Yeah, Charlie . See if u can reinvent yourself as a non lecherous, pervy, expose -yourself-to-coworkers, harassing kinda guy
Wow 😮 you really need to get a life
And you need to stop giving your empathy to sexual predators.
I guess 8 young women being routinely sexually harassed is worth it so you can watch Charlie on the TV huh? But hey, priorities, amirite?
C'mon don't be shy.
Miss you, Charlie!
heart attack? SOS?
Is this real??
My sister had the best idea, given that you are such an extraordinary journalist. You could do an extended program about the harassment of women as a means of apology.
This seems to be a good idea.
I read your apology. True repentance is important. I sense that. As a confessed sinner I know the shame of past deeds, as I know the hurt of false accusation, & of deep misunderstandings. Frankly, I had stopped watching due to your political bias. May we all learn of God's grace.
I miss you so much. Just not the same...
I think it's time we get to see you on the air again!
Nope. No comeback on this one.
Hope your doing well.... miss your presence on TV....... you’ve always been great at what you do ...... it’s not over........ you’ve got a lot of people hoping to see you back
Yeah, they just don’t want to @charlierose ‘s dick
You were my lifeline to all things important in the world. Please come back
Doing the lord's work
I guess 8 young women being routinely sexually harassed is worth it so you can watch Charlie on the TV huh? But hey, priorities, amirite?
I miss you being on TV!!! 🙏🏽😢
You’re social progress roadkill (you adhered to standards that became wrong with time) and I’m happy you publicly owned up and apologized for your mistakes. When will you come back, despite the dent in your reputation I think you should come back, you’re one of the best ever.
Definitely hold your breath.
You’re killing it, Shannon. ❤️
That poor little girl in his avi...
Slay sistah - slay....
Please hold YOUR breath!
Standards? Harassing women was a standard? Please reconsider your life choices.
Daniel HAS to be a troll.. no human being is this stupid
He’s not a troll (I don’t think) and I wouldn’t call him stupid, either. It’s just a reality of our society that most men don’t take sexual harrassment seriously. Until, you know, they end up@being sexually harassed by some dude, then the world is ending.
Wow! My tweet became means to bot / propaganda... this thing is really messed up.
Or maybe you are just a terrible person and people are just finally realising. I guess 8 young women being routinely sexually harassed is worth it so you can watch Charlie on the TV huh? But hey, priorities, amirite?
... women who don’t like sex predators are human, chief.
I didn't realize pulling your dick out in front of your coworkers used to be ok? Are you nuts? This serial sexual harasser got what he deserved.
He doesn't get to come back. #TimesUp He had a 40+ year career. Not indispensable, not irreplaceable.
Kind of agree with that... what you’ve been using to replace his show? I couldn’t find anything like that so far and I really miss it.
I get you, I loved the show, too. Frontline still there, even PBS Newshour is great. I recommend podcasts you can listen to while working, driving, doing chores: Freaknomics, NewYorker, Longform, This American Life, BBC's From Our Own Correspondent, many others on NPR
All the men lamenting “their” loss. Poor boo’s. Have any mother’s? Wives? Daughters? Maybe you should consider how prevalent sexual harassment affects women and rethink your position on CR.
When in time was groping & exposing yourself to unwilling women who work for you considered ok?
Dent? Scaring the bejeesus outta women for sexual gratification counts as a dent in your books?
Only response I’ll reply, regardless of you being a person or not: you’re right, dent is the wrong word, his reputation was (deservedly) destroyed... are a fair person. I respect that.
U should've denied everything like Donald or the military on ufo's.
Do you really? Knowing he is a sexual predator doesn’t bother you? You just want to reach out and cheer up the fucker?
Charlie, welcome back. Your absence has left an intellectual void not only in my life, but that of many of your viewers
He pulled his dick out in front of his employees.
He should run for president!
Let he who has never whipped his dick out in front of co workers cast the first stone!
There are smart men who aren’t sex pests.
He could fill that void with his flaccid penis, if you’d like. He ain’t shy about unleashing it in front of others.
What does 'H' mean/stand for??
But why would HE send out a tweet with 'H', is he trying to imply HE was harassed, you think?
I would absolutely ponder that question if I were in the least bit interested in the answer.
You are my spirit animal.
I pray for your return. Everyone deserves to be forgiven it’s the Christian beliefs. I forgive you and hope that others will as well. Give Charlie back his life. Believe that he’s a better person today for facing his demons. 🌝
Can the women that he scarred get back their lives as well??!!!
CHAAAARRRLLLIIIIEEEE!!! ... we miss you man!!
What we're seeing in these replies is a part of what causes folks to support trump: celebrity worship. Twitter - especially - allows people to interact with the powerful, and it's intoxicating.
Thank you for your work in these comments.
Yes @shannoncoulter, I'll never forget. I don't know any Charlie Rose but the TV persona - a gentleman - and that's who I miss. Pity they aren't one and the same. What he did was deplorable and we can't tolerate it. I do hope he is sincerely sorry ... his persona wud be.
We miss him harassing women?
No, “we” don’t. One less sexual predator in public life is a good thing.
Charlie you are truly missed @CBSThisMorning and the alternative replacement is truly disgraceful to viewers. Why John on International Women's Day told Norah that he would just love to jump in her lap like a dog.
You Are Irreplaceable...
😂😂😂. Good one. Also, no.
Why nobody talks about #potus or republicans or russian ones ;)
You seem to be hateful!
Wow! So great to see a liberal actually care about the real victims of sexual assault for the sake of the victims alone and not temporarily for political gain. Thank you.
Wait! What? ... H = Help? Hi?
H... ? Is this thing on?
Can I have the big table?
Sounds like? Come on Mr Rose, you can do it!
You misspelled “Go away and stay gone.”
OMG I miss you so much!!! I’ll never forget the day I met you!
Hey glad your back !!! We need you !!!
No, "we" do not. Turns out, some of us aren't ok with serial sexual harassment that destroys women's careers. WACKY ISN'T IT?
nothing but respect for my Shannon Coulter #RaisedRight
I am a believer in innocent until proven guilty. I also think some of this going around is for attention . I mean come on they thought so little of themselves that they can't say no, a career isn't worth sacrificing your morals.
My guess is a friend of his bought the foreign car from the Simpsons’ Mr. Plow episode and asked Charlie via Twitter which gear he should drive it in.
Hey charlie..we miss you !!
To each their own...we meaning my husband and I. You all aren’t my concern
Whereas I'm *very* concerned about any woman who would root for the return of someone who has been accused of on-the-job sexual harassment by eight women. The behavior they describe shouldn't be shrugged off. Stop normalizing it.
I’m none of your business.
Post a public comment, get a public response. Welcome to Twitter.
I figured I’d get this response from someone. I have my own story. I stand behind all women.
We all have our stories, Sherry, and for whatever yours is, I'm truly sorry. But encouraging & supporting a person who gropes female staff members and exposes himself to them is not "standing behind all women." No.
If you support a serial sexual harasser you don't.
When you use tge pronoun "we", which is inclusive of me, and her, you decided to become our business. Words matter. If you mean your husband and you, then say, "my husband and I miss you".
So he should he should just disappear for the rest of his life because he made a mistake. Charlie Rose is not Donald Trump.
Wishing you well ! You are miss
I am sorry for the women who suffered and I certainly do not condoned the unacceptable behavior. ALL of us human beings have different facets to our lives, some good some bad some worse #Humankindness #forgiveness #InnerPeace
Lovely sentiment. Quick question: would you expect to be permitted to return to your job if it was discovered that you'd repeatedly groped members of your staff and exposed your naked body to them?
I'm sorry if my post hurt you or offended you in anyway. I respect your opinion I am open to your point of view but I am not on Twitter to create arguments, disputes or trying to prove a point. #MeToo #Godbless
I'll take that as a "no."
I take it as you have a vendetta going on here.
And why not? If only more people stood up against well documented bad behavior with multiple, unrelated accusers. I totally get being wary of the pitchfork mobs on social media, but this ain’t that.
Vendetta, Norman? Against institutionalized sexual assault and harassment in every industry under the sun? Yes. I like the sound of that. Yes. I have a vendetta against that.
It’s all part of our vagenda. Seriously. Nobody should be defending this guy.
Another thing, he is 76. Nobody's opinion is going to change. Try something new. Why not retire and go trout fishing in Alaska or something. There is more to life than interviewing people.
It’s not just unacceptable, it’s criminal. Worry more for supporting the victims as they rebuild their lives and careers - if they’re able to.
I think this is a typo... didn't you mean "You are a mess"?
Hi Charlie. Good to hear something from you.
Probably not what his female coworkers ever said
Hey Charlie Rose. You are truly miss. Hurry back dude.
you are missed!
What is wrong w/ all the women in this thread saying they miss “Charlie” ! @pensivecmm seriously, what’s wrong w/ YOU. And the men too, people need some serious soul searching.
Yes this "boys will be boys" shit is cancelled.
dont know what H means. Hope is means HI. Welcome back Charlie. We Missed YOU
Your absence creates an enormous vacancy for the types of conversations we desperately need. Be well Mr. Rose
I'll take women not getting sexually assaulted on the job anymore over "good conversations," thanks.
at this time of turmoil we need your journalism and professionalism. Hope to see you back on the air soon
Professionalism? You know why he was fired, right?
They don't care. The party of family values.
I don't know if it is a party thing or not, but his professionalism is something we should be without.
It definitely IS, a party thing. I think that's obvious.
I'm not even sure which party we are talking about (not trying to be a smart ass).
It's more about the behavior that's being defended and ignored. Precisely what is going on on the GOP.
Yea Charlie Rose was a real conservative favorite 🙄 Are you joking or is your worldview that dumb?
Hey, hey, hey. Let's keep it civil.
The BEHAVIOR. The right defends this type of has become ingrained in the fabric of the GOP. Franken, accused, out. GOP accused, crickets.
I'm confused as well. Assuming they believe he is a Republican?
I believe there was a confluence of sexual miscreants within this thread.
lol, why do you think Republicans are fans of giant shitlib Charlie Rose?
Professionalism ... except for all of the sexual harassment. 🙄
Only in a locked a padded cell with male guards.
Mate, maybe you should volunteer to see his dick everyday and give his female interns a break.
When treating women like a piece of meat, is "professional". ^^^
Heroin? That's a tall order Charlie...gonna take some time...
You’re slaying this thread, I love it.
The people want you back Charlie!
No, "the people" don't. Speak for yourself.
Yes a majority of people do want him back. It’s YOU that don’t!
Hell No damn rapist.
I asked 4/5 dentists and I think they agree with me
Sorry aBOT my stupid tweet
No, no we don’t
Charlie Rose, please come back! We are starving for intelligent discourse, there is no one like you!!
Good to see you again @charlierose
Miss you, sir. Perhaps mistakes were made. But I never doubted your journalistic ability & integrity. Hope you find your way back to us.
Miss your show so much. A big hole in the universe. Please return.
Stay in the hole, Charlie.
Help? Hillary? Hire me? However H is defined, @charlierose we miss your intelligence and voice in this insane cacophony.
Agree when can we see you next?
Miss u, wishing u health & happiness.
Hang in there Charlie. Hope you get through this and come back stronger and better.
Really? You're saying that no matter what he says or does, how strongly he atones for his past and changes his behavior, Charlie Rose is irredeemable?
In terms of the aforementioned comeback, yes. That's what I'm saying.
What about other offenses? For instance, what's the worst act for which Rose could hypothetically be forgiven?
I think he’s just trying to find the line - which is a valid question
He passed the line, end of story
I agree. Still curious about where folks draw the line.
My line is blatant sexual harassment. That “should” be everyone’s line
"Folks" do not draw the line. The law does. Visit your local library.
The law tells you whether or not you can make a comeback in your career?? I thought that’s what we were talking about.
There isn't going to be a comeback fella. Let it go.
Do you troll female teachers that bang 14 yr old boys as hard as you troll Charlie ?
Haha.. I know, accept and agree with that.
“Huh?” Good choice of words. What’s next from you? “Duh”.
Precisely. I'm just curious to understand the threshold of forgivable sin.
Your hypothetical is meaningless, harassing and exploiting women whose job he could imperil on a whim is what he actually did. No need tyo speculate on what lesser offense he might be forgiven for
Come on. You understand the question. Your use of whataboutism is wrong. Eg would be “but look at the president - he still has a job”
Why would you expect Shannon to know that line If you don't? If you knew the victims, what would you say is forgivable after what he made them endure?
I think the line is different for everyone. Some family members of Dylan Roof's victims forgave him. Don't think I could, but there you are. Weinstein did much worse, and I can see his bar being much higher. At what level is the mea culpa adequate?
But I see this as two different things......redemption in his life is achievable......redemption as a person with ethics high enough to question another's public...... is not so easy....
To clarify, I meant "Weinstein did much worse than Rose".
Thank you so much for pointing out there is a Wiki about whataboutism. That is awesome. Keep fighting the good fight!
You are a badass. Keep at it.
Will you tell me what H means? Also you are indeed a badass.
So no one is worth forgiving? Harsh.
Look no further than the example set by new Prez..
He may be redeemable. He is not the best person for that job anymore. He is not trust worthy.
Okay, I buy the loss of trust argument as far as news reporting. But what about his eponymous talk show? Did we need to trust a host who's interviewing authors and film directors? I'm assuming he made a more heartfelt apology and promised not to do any more inappropriate acts.
Well, I have a great deal of skepticism about his assumption he is a changed man. However, to give your question fair consideration....if he is truly changed, women will hear it.
I hope you are remembering that we are not intending to be cruel or vengeful or such. Men are our fathers, brothers and sons. We love most of them. We care. We just need to care better.
Serving time might work....
If he violated criminal laws, sure.
Kicking someone when they are down does nothing but add questions about your motives.
He's a rapist, he's not coming back, I always knew there was something weird about that creep.
I hope those 8 young women get through being forced to see his dick everyday. But hey, I guess you getting to watch Charlie on TV is more important huh
Not a day past without thinking about you Mr. Rose
Even a tweet with one letter would give us hope you are coming back Insha Allah
Did you get in the water and surf? It's good for the soul.
Miss you fellow North Carolinian.
There is no sunshine when Charlie is gone
That’s true there is no sunshine where there should be no sunshine ONLY when Charlie is gone
Is that an H for Hi! Mr Rose?
I miss watching you every day. You are the only one in the media worth watching. I hope you can come back soon. Keep the faith Mr. Rose.
Miss you in the morning. 😢
Miss your interviews Charlie. Hope you’re doing well.
I don’t miss him and hope he stays gone. He’s a sexual abuser. He can fuck off.
No, we dont.
Blink twice if you need help!!
Meaning.. post a blink emoji twice
Whats up Charlie
Really disappointed at you. Thought you were the utmost gentleman and yet...but must admit it, I do miss you!
You are right! His actions cannot be forgiven.
Wow really, u just flipped the script! Did a 180 quick! 🙃 You went from missing him to naw, you can never be forgiven! 😮
A problem I have with the Mr Rose case was the sexual banter nearly everyday with his two female co hosts. It was odd and creepy. Don’t say I’m victim blaming. There were two grown women playing along.
Still miss his intellect and his excellent reporting
Here are the Twitter feeds of 118 journalists who also do excellent reporting, many of whom are on TV and none of whom have been accused of repeatedly exposing their genitals to staff members.…
You can miss his excellent reporting - and still very much support the women he harassed. He got exactly what he deserved - purgatory that he'll never return from. If his passion for the truth had only been more self directed. Goodbye @charlierose
Best Interviewer Period!!!!
So what, Shannon? Nobody cares about those accusers anymore. They were crybaby naive idiots and we see in the #MeToo movement that they willingly went to a mans apartment! Hint: No man ever invites you over to “watch TV”, and no Women invites you in for “a cup of coffee”!
Human nature NEVER changes! Been like that since men crawled out of the swamp and dragged his women with him. You don’t set your steak on the floor and beat your dog for taking a bite! (Well, you might, but wudnt)
So you have no argument if your own, only sometimes be else’s meme’s. Thought so! At least my statue is real, and your unicorn is horny!
I guess 8 young women being routinely sexually harassed is worth it so you can watch Charlie on the TV huh? But hey, priorities, amirite?
Seriously? The man could hardly stop interrupting with his own discursions for his guests to get a word in edgewise.
Really enjoying the archive. Relying upon it for masters thesis! Hope you do come back!
I am only CK without the H ... please give it back.
Miss you Charlie. When are you coming back?
Here's a hint: never.
You're my hero for this.
Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We miss you Charlie!! Pathetic to see some of your “colleagues” go after your name when you were down. Just know MEDIA does not speak for everyone. A lot of people being judged and convicted after a mere allegation. You’ll come back stronger. Wherever you go on. #charlierose
I see a comeback @charlierose Outside of corporate America. The snake @NorahODonnell stabbed you in the back
What are you thinking Charlie? Miss your prospective. Blog-we will read!
Thinking about prison/ criminal justice reform- doing drug abuse/ recidivism-incarceration syndrome so wrong. Healthcare so broke - let families help families-HSA’s for use for family members- grandkids with diabetes. Why not!
I’m thinking about why women don’t come forward to report their rape or sexual harasser Janine
Hold your head up
I miss you 😘
Charlie: Explain ‘H’. We need your insight during this turbulent time. Ask the (insightful) questions now.
Miss you greatly. Hope your new #mitralvalve is good. Be well friend
H...... Stands for......?
I do miss you. I hope you regret the past...
Hi Charlie, miss your interviews
I miss your interviews, Charlie!!
Charlie Rose, I miss you on bothCBS and PBS.
You made my day... tears from spontaneous laughter..... thank you. :)
We need you now more than ever. Come back!
Hello Mr. Rose....
Miss you on tv Charlie. Come back soon somehow somewhere. Be well.
Miss you! Miss you.!Miss you!
It hasn’t been the same Charlie Rose!! Missed U! Hope as is well with you my friend!!!!
Let’s talk about a path to redemption...we are a forgiving people.
Charlie was held accountable for his reprehensible actions. His life still matters. A path to redemption includes making amends to his victims. Redemption, for Charlie, does not nullify the empathy and compassion we all share for the victims.
I wonder what kind of world it would be if women stopped trying to rescue and redeem total assholes.
Peach it, sistah!
I wish people were even slightly as concerned about the path back for the women whose careers and lives were impacted, as they are for the redemption of the harasser/assaulter.
Are you hiding from something that happened to you?
Maybe they could stop trying to redeem total assholes, and not stop trying to redeem, say, Charlie Rose.
Who aren’t necessarily trying to redeem themselves
He can redeem himself by modestly and anonymously devoting himself to supporting programs for survivors of sexual abuse, not by getting his job back.
Dude would really cry if he had to pull 120 days .never mind dat 365×5= true repentance =)
Carol grow up!
Maybe you at not the type to forgive.
You deserve a medal for the work you've done in these comments.
One letter and you forgive assault and emotional torture? What happened to you that your empathy was at brutally murdered?
Need you back
Hope you are well, nothing comes close to what you have done as a journalist, please come back. Miss you, the CR show and the table. You were part of my life and kept me informed on many aspects of current affairs. I'm a lot stupider since you left.
Keep it up, Shannon! #Awesome
Oh how I Lol'ed! 😂😂😂🙌🏼
What a smart comment.
I’ll say!
Charlie did you buy far only one has as many as 6 followers
I miss your show! Come back bro
You never denied what happened, walked away with grace. The world is right when you are on camera. There will be a path back.
And if he denied it then he should not come back?
What is wrong with you? Seriously. EIGHT women came forward and their stories showed a clear pattern on his part. Stop cutting men who break the law and destroy women's lives so much slack.
This is what happens when I'm forced to participate in conference calls that I don't really have to be on.
brb going to book you on several conference calls
Then hire you to hang out, schooling people in @charlierose’s mentions forever.
I have no idea what you are talking about. Appears harsh.
Please don't ask what is wrong with me. Unfair. You've got a view, mine is different. I empathize with those 8 women.
People who truly empathize with sexual harassment survivors don't promote "a path back" for the powerful men who repeatedly grope & expose themselves to staff members.
"Help us build a future where nobody's afraid to walk outside including the people who wear blue." @BillClinton #DemsInPhilly
+@BillClinton +@BamaBoi51 +@HillaryClinton OMG so excited to have you back in daily news cycle, Bill. Love you both!!
seems to deserve some kind of apology here? Just sayin
Thank you. I didn't anticipate a firestorm. It's a volatile area. I still maintain people deserve a second chance, no matter the reason
And you’re entitled to express that opinion without worrying about some blue checkmark ganging up on you for it. Apologies, The internet
The hypocrisy of the apparent unwavering support, and “love” for ‘Bill’ was particularly frustrating. You seem like a great person, unfair indeed.
He had a second chance and third and fourth and at least an eighth chance. No. Just stop n
Please don’t insult our intelligence with your totally disingenuous claims about your feelings.
You're empathize so much with them, that you want to give their abuser a second chance; you're part of the reason why victims don't come forward with their stories.
Wrong troll 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Ummm, getting fired for sexual harassment is not "walking away with grace." Put down the kool-aid, damn.
“I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.” That is denying what he did by framing it as a misunderstanding exposing your genitals to 8 women is not a misunderstanding. It's sexual harassment. .
Resurface soon!
You are clearly missed. interviews are just not as good. Reporting is amateur hour without you.
You are really missed there is a hole of objectivity as a result of your absence. Charlie I was disappointment that you didn’t stay around and fight those allegations. What happen to due process? Hope you are well and planning a comeback
Were you paid to post this comment today? It's the only way I can account for this level of stupidity.
What could it mean?
Personal mistakes we all make, we are human. Hope you are doing well. Would love to see you again on TV., but if not please enjoy retirement. You have gave so much to so many. I believe you’ve change the world with your reporting, you made a difference...thank you. Hurry Back.
Love you and miss you...@.the punishment does not fit”the crime””” those who judge you have cutoff their noses to spite their faces...., you are a needed entity out in the world of Trump.
Miss you Charlie. Hope you return on tv soon!!!
Hey everyone makes huge gross mistakes, right? Repeatedly? Over a period of decades?
Butt Tweet?
This should be on Sesame Street.
heyyyyy ..whats up with you lately?
He who gropes and runs away lives to group another day because he’s a rich white dude.
Dear women who are responding to this tweet, REALLY? Signed, everyone
Yes he really did sexually harass his employees!
for real. And yet there are tons of people (women especially) saying how much they've missed him. WHAT? Oh Charlie Rose, go away.
And they wonder why women don’t come forward . I’m embarrassed for them . Seek some help
Those aren't real people behind those accounts
Dear ANYONE responding to this are they serious?
Ey. I'm a sexual predator.
I miss your interviews. 😒
Flop open that bathrobe and show the people your old balls. They miss you
I don't really miss how much you interrupted your guests.
I don’t miss a sexual abuser having a public platform. He can stay gone.
Back at ya! 🧐
I so wish you had behaved as well behind the scenes as you did in your journalism. I miss your intelligent interviews. Wishing you peace and good health.
Pretty much sums up the extent of your character.
is for Harassment. ha·rass·ment həˈrasmənt noun 1. the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly; persecution: "She sued her boss for sexual harassment."
I'm not going to take off my clothes and jerk off for you. Go away.
toe in? how’s the water?
Well H yourself....let's play add a letter!!! I'll add an "I" Hope you're OK Charlie R!❤️
is for honestly... you are disgusting, you need to delete your account and everyone commenting below on how they miss you need to keep the prayers they are offering you from for themselves.
...ow can I redeem myself?
Boy bye 🖐🏻
Today is brought to you by the letter H, which stands for harassment. Tomorrow will be brought to us by the letter s.......
H is for horndog
Just going to leave this here.
Cultural differences fascinate me. In🇺🇸 ppl like you & Weinstein never quit - you're always looking for a way to get back in the game. Meanwhile, in🇰🇷, men continue to kill themselves out of shame. I'd settle for some middle ground, where shame exists but isn't lethal.
F**k off.....all those woman you hurt and/or destroyed! You should be in jail.....
is for “how would you like to see my penis?”
What is wrong with people? What have they done with their morals and integrity to encourage people that are know to have done wrong? These are the same people that do not understand Charles Manson followers
I miss watching you Get yanked off The air
For the sake of keeping the little faith in humanity I have left-to all welcoming Charlie back and telling him he is missed; congratulations on awakening from your comas! You won’t BELIEVE all you’ve missed. There’s so much news to read as you’re nursed back to health. Good luck!
... What does this mean?
Who knew @charlierose was both a perpetrator of sexual harassment AND a master of suspense?
Probably someone hacked the account!
is for harassment
Miss you. I was dreaming of being interviewed by you when I finally publish my book! I hope that dream is still possible!
Today's sexual predator is brought to you by the letter "H".
Now, we see the "Trump Elite "at it's best! 👎
EVERY single positive post in this thread was done by a BOT... Why are you fishing for public opinion now?? You are DONE. Go off into the sunset & F O.. 🖕🏼
BTW I reported & blocked them all too! 😉
Is for fuck you Charlie
You should retire and devote the rest of your life to promoting women's careers and keeping your bathrobe in the closet and your dick in your pants. @rtraister
U broke my heart Mr. Rose, u really did. I loved your interviews but it turned out u treated women horribly & R a self-entitled, self absorbed dick. Do I miss your interviews? Yes. But w/o very serious apologies & acknowledgement of harm done not enough 2 listen 2 u ever again
Charlie knows what’s good.
H....H....what starts with it! Horrible Harasser.
Breadcrumb-ing are ya? You are not welcomed back. Your actions and treatment of your fellow colleagues says a lot more than your interviewing skills. #BoyBye 👋🏽
There are clearly a bunch of bots responding. Please fade away Charlie. No one needs to be reminded of you and your disgraceful behavior. H is for HARASSMENT.
Horse's Ass. I'm sorry you felt the need to sexually harrass women. I thought you were better than that. My bad.
What does H mean leud man? Assimilating someone to HRClinton?
Drugs aren't the answer, Charlie.
Charlie came back for some pussy
Por Que Não Te Calas?
I always thought you were an old Ken Doll. Just my thoughts. @charlierose I believe you meant to say "Her" which is the new TV show you've developed to showcase a woman's rise in the workforce by her own merits and not by how she reacts to a man in a bathrobe? It's a start.
Are you trying to type in the code for the hentai tab on 4chan? Would probably make sense know. Your disgusting behaviour and all.
Hi can you show us your pecker?
I was annoyed by frequency of CR interrupting guests in middle of their answers and thoughts to insert his own, throwing them off their train of thought. It was narcissistic of him; he wasn't listening to them, but to himself. Now we've learned it was all his ego. All of it.
We all miss Harambe.
"...old me accountable for being a gross ass pervster?" Is that what you meant to say?
ow many women did you sexually harass?
For a second, I thought it was Crya’s first tweet. Disappointed now.
There are better ways to feed your habit, buddy. Twitter ain’t great for finding drug dealers.
What's coming through is alive. What's holding up is a mirror. But what's singing songs is a snake Looking to turn my piss to wine.
...ell is inevitable. Is that what you were going to say?
Miss you dearly at @charlierose, no one covers world political and economic affairs with the substance and unbasis approach as you. Please come back soon.
to the Izz-o, V to the Izz-A Fo' shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in VA
Ummm...not all women miss you. Not unless they also support your shameful actions.
And EVERYTHING the marvelous @shannoncoulter says in this timeline is 100% correct.
super creepy - go away
Were you trying to type "HELP" with your nose because you're being held hostage?
Your forgot the J...Hand suck Chester FU
is for "harassment."
finally discovered humanity, is that it?
Go away. I hear O'Reilly has time on his hands too.
Hi. Please come back.
Hi. Please stop letting serial sexual harassers off the hook.
No thanks. Appreciate your opinion. Has no effect on my opinion of @charlierose. He was one of the greats in journalism.
So if a man repeatedly gropes and exposes himself to members of his staff your response is, "No biggie. He was good at his job." Got it. Thanks for having our back, sis.
H. Stands for horny. #horny
No one ever wants to hear that "Rose between two thorns" joke again...ever.
The sex pest has logged on Eat a bowl of shit charlie
Did Trump ask you to work in the white house yet? #PatheticSexAbuser
Am I the only one who doesn't understand this tweet ??
Sir what you did was deplorable, and many of us were hurt not just by your actions, but also by your deception. We thought you were one of the good ones. That being said, your professionalism was unparalleled & the vacancy you’ve left behind is felt like a defending silence.
I can only hope that you do what you can to find forgiveness in the women you have unfairly & selfishly burdened. But also that you look within yourself to find the answers to becoming a individual, free from your own transgressions. The 1st step to redemption is self reflection.
Then and only then can the thought of a return to the profession that misses you dearly,even begin to be entertained.
ell is for those who whip their dicks out and call it ‘romance’.
charlie’s chasing the dragon...see where all this toxic feminism leads guys?!?
sexual abuser is back online!
Take that f'n H down, you have no business putting it up. You could use it if your tweet wasn't some half *ss attempt to virtue signal.
Shouldn't you be in jail pervert?
I tend to believe in victims of sexual assault/ rape that speak up, at least until there is considerable doubt. Why? Because I wish that I could have believed that that support was there for me when *I* was the victim. Clear your name first, if you intend on ever returning. ✌️
I This is fun.
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? Allegations, allegations... are not substantial and do not merit what was done to you! Luv ya Charlie!! Cream always Rises to the top, FAITH!
People he did do a good job! but he did a bad thing we all have done a bad thing at least once. I am not patting him on the back by all means.
Charlie apologize give a heartfelt apology in a comprehensive interview and get back on the scene we need you
Forget it Charlie - time 2 hang it up.
Your the goods charlie, we miss you.
Let me say we have all made mistakes of judgment. But some people serve a public good. I’m disabled partially and somewhat home bound. Mr Rose made my life better I looked forward to seeing him every night. There must be a way to bring these men back into society.
Charlie, if you're going to apologise then do it properly without lying. You expect me to believe you thought you were pursuing shared feelings. I don't think so, pal. Hint: When a girl shudders and squirms when you touch them, that means they don't like it.
Did you have a stroke
Give Hulk Hogan his H back
Question how many the accusers have been checked out. How do we know which are telling the truth and which are not. Everyone concerned deserves their day in court. Guilty or not judged by a jury of their peers.
People should pay their debt to society. Then they should be allowed back into society. Men and women’s lives have been ruined. We must legally seek out the truth and proceed accordingly.
He didn’t go to jail, he didn’t have to pay a fine or do community service... He just doesn’t get to be on TV. Lots of people way better than him don’t get to be on TV.
Will the next letter be P...for predator?
Akuna Matata
I don't miss you at all! #TimesUp
ere comes Pacman...
"…is for Harvey, he's very much like me!"
You are TRULY missed Mr. Rose! 💗 You are an excellent journalist, who worked very hard to reach such levels. I miss your reporting, the exclusive interviews, your personality overall in the news media is pure! You MUST come back!
Miss you on t.v. Charlie!
I miss miss MISS my Charlie Rose
Nope. Your appeal was that we trusted you. I no longer do that, nor will I ever.
Hi Charlie we are missing your interviews. When are you returning?
He's not Clara because he's a creepy, lecherous bastard who harasses women, so he doesn't get to interview people anymore...
Can you hand me that towel?
Please return to your show!
He doesn't have a show, and for good reason. He doesnt deserve one, try to keep up.
I miss your nightly interview show. It was the only one of its kind on TV which afforded the viewer an in depth examination of the issues. When I was working as a News Director in radio, I advised my staffers to watch how you conducted interviews as a guide to doing it right.
Hi Mr. Rose. Hope you are well and keeping busy with special projects. I am looking forward to seeing you return to Television.
H= harassment?
Maybe Charlie won't come back from this. However he might have a bright future as president because the one that we've got now isn't nearly as informed about politics as Charlie Rose.
I miss you. Ever so much.
Charlie, you are a human male. Come back to the news! I am tired of fluffy news. We need some one like yourself that is not afraid to ask questions.
I can’t wait for S to respond with some smart ass comment. Grab your own wallet. Do you think that all people that do something bad do not DESERVE any type of redemption? From you post it would seem that your opinion is that everyone ACCUSED of something wrong don’t. WHY?
eck of a way to end a career.
“H” is for Hope to see you again on TV and Hear your wonderful interviews.
You want to hear and see a man who sexually harassed women who worked for him? Why?
yeah, fuck off.
He's not back. He's never coming back.
Go eat your socks, butthole
i have to respect that he tweeted h but thats about all that i respect here.
Charlie would be a fine GOP candidate, only difference is his intelligent
The two worst things I had to do as a police officer was to make death notifications and to interview sexual assault victims. Nothing he did as a journalist could excuse what he did to his coworkers
H for #hell, something you put your victims through.
to the izzo
Charlie, as a person who has grown up with your program and gotten so much educational value from your guests and your style of interviewing I am hoping you will continue the courage to continue future great conversations perhaps via podcast?
Hey Charlie , keep your head up , your still a great person #420
Come back Carlie Roseeeee!
Please stay out of the public sphere for the rest of your life. You do not deserve to take up any more public space.
Do not ever finish this sentence, and please enjoy a quiet retirement.
Your value as a celebrity is worth less to me than the value of any one of the women you harassed.
Is their any other show similar to The Charlie Rose Show playing? Deeply miss the depth and breath of his show. I can’t find another show with his variety of guests.
What does "H" mean?
Hi, We miss you!!!!! Forget the haters... you have more positive responses than bad one!
Stay gone. KThxBye
Hey Charlie how are you doing? I miss seeing your interview's and hearing your point of view. Are you doing anything online? I would watch it . I quit watching the CBS news