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Biggest thing keeping me on Facebook is a private group of residents of our small town that I get much-needed info from, mostly from older people. It’s small enough that I *may* be able to get them to move. Anyone have any luck moving such groups off of Facebook? To what? Slack?
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What about Next-door?
To the average person, Facebook is the internet.
Telegram group chats are not end-to-end encrypted. Signal or maybe Threema are probably better.
Get them on Nextdoor. Pretty much the only viable alternative to something like that.
I’ve gotten some to move to Slack.
Is NextDoor available?
No suggestions, but I think this is the right time to do it, now that everyone’s suddenly aware how gross Facebook really is.
Anyone who looked into Graph API back then would have known how much was being shared. And nobody sounded the alarm? Now all of a sudden, they went back to look at the API and freaked out. Should have freaked out years ago
People have been saying for years how much data Facebook collects. It takes a lot to penetrate social consciousness. Facts alone are rarely enough to convince people.
Collection of data has been known for years. It is the lax sharing of all those collected data that is now freaking people out en masse. But both facts should have been clear long time ago. Devs that cry out about Graph API now, what were they doing when the API came out?
For us Retro conputing nerds it’s Facebook only (almost).
I hesitate to suggest it but… Nextdoor?
Band is pretty good for this I think.
That's what Facebook is great for. You can't move them.
I agree with others who say Nextdoor is the obvious replacement, but in our area, it's MUCH less active.
Sounds like the exact use case for @Nextdoor
Do you think people would pay 20 cents a year to be part of a group?
In Ireland all those sorts of groups are in Whatsapp
I mean one with no ads and no information harvesting
What about standing up a phpbb or Joomla instance private on your own host?
Nextdoor - popular hyper local social network
Nextdoor I guess even though that sucks too
Good luck. I’d be willing to bet many of those people have family friends on Facebook too. They aren’t moving to slack. If they can have one familiar place to get all of that, they’ll stick to it, regardless of how shitty it is.
A forum? But this probably requires some regular maintenance work and users to create separate accounts.
iMessage groups and twitter are my only social networks now. iMessage=personal Twitter=everyone else
This is an incredibly important civic engagement question.
I tried this with a friend group. Slack was not user friendly to newbies and the mix of phone OSs made it more challenging to do a messenger thread. Ended up staying as a FB group.
I still want a private website or app for sharing family photos. Apple requires their hardware for it to be good. I don’t want to use google photos. Not sure what will happen with Flickr.
WhatsApp (yes, it’s owned by Facebook, but all data on it is end to end encrypted)
Nextdoor, which is its own type of hell
Try Nextdoor
Signal or Groupme
Viber groups, but that is in my country where Viber is much more used than WhatsUp and similar messaging services.
With a bit of tweaking, Apple could create a sort of social network based on photo stream tech, couldn’t they.
Why not delete your profile, then rejoin and create a near-empty shell of an account simply for joining the neighborhood groups?
Private neighborhood group keeps me there too. Just today off loaded a bunch of old outdoor toys thru that group. I can’t imagine trying to get them to use Slack or something else.
Here in the Netherlands almost every area is on a WhatsApp group. Works good but it’s still Facebook unfortunately 🙈.
I’d suggest an install of Vanilla Forums, phpBB or Discourse somewhere. The latter two have app integration (Tapatalk and Discourse respectively) which might help. Slack and chat just aren’t the same.
The small town where I live used to use Yahoo groups and now just switched to There are about 5,000 residents.
Yeah Nextdoor or an SMS group or email (a listserv somewhere or just CC all in one long thread). Possibly Remind.
And this is why Whatsapp is so popular around the world. Here in South Africa it is basically the norm for communication. Pity it is also part of the problem in a (thankfully smaller) way.
Their whole families and friends are probably on FB, so no way they I’ll move off it.
Google Groups, GroupMe, GroupSpaces, Cluster, Slack, and lots more. Just think of all of the innovation indie apps that could spring up and succeed if Facebook died? Good luck! I deleted my Facebook this week after liberating my data to my own website -
Freeing Myself from Facebook
Ever since my discovery of the IndieWeb movement, I've wanted to free myself from Facebook (and Instagram) and their brand of surveillance capitalism. I want
For me it’s event invites. Seems like most people *need* Facebook for social interaction planning rather than the newsfeed. Perfect opportunity for a new social product targeted at just those needs?
Groups is really FB’s killer feature. It’s a wasteland out there. Most cross platform options have no topic/message threading or are a usability nightmare. I’ve found no suitable replacement in the six months since I quit.
This, but an activism group. Trick is the older people do NOT know how to figure out new tech.
Nextdoor is good.
Eveyone uses WhatsApp here for this kind of groups. So, Facebook again…
If you/they don’t mind sharing phone numbers, whatsapp. You can mute group notifications if needed.
I love Nextdoor. It's been invaluable since moving to a new city last year.
Telegram! Seriously!
We use Nextdoor- it’s perfect for that
Why not make a WhatsApp or a Viber group?
My neighborhood watch runs on WhatsApp. We are considering changing to Telegram.
Why not come to this new social network
We have a family Slack which works for us, and it’s free of all the distractions on Facebook.
Is moving it from one platform to another going to make a difference at all? So you will become someone else’s asset or self host.
Telegram. Slick. Secure. Destop/mobile.
Use a forum there are several free options out there
A #deletefacebook anecdote: family member said bunch of friends want a cross-platform alternative to Groups, but mostly Messenger. iMessage won’t do. Some are on Android. They found Slack, but I recommended Discord instead—one account, many ‘groups’. 👍🏻👍🏻
Google groups email works great for my neighborhood.
Good luck moving old people off Facebook, especially to Slack. Instead, just reduce FB usage to minimum viable and strip out any personal information you can, and stay logged out of FB in your browser (or better, use a dedicated browser for FB).
I have a couple different groups like this and I’m really not sure where to move them. If you figure it out - please let us know. Slack seems ok if you’ve only got one group, but I’m already a part of so many slack groups….
Social Slack is how my former colleagues stay in touch. Slack has a real market opportunity if they could offer low-cost private tenants for friend and family groups who value chronological feeds and privacy.
A lot of people use WhatsApp for this (I know Facebook owns them).
I humbly suggest my service, @groupsio. Several neighborhood groups have moved to us with good success.
Exactly the same here. During Fire season it is incredibly important to have access to our fire and emergency groups