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If you know of any progressive web app news feeds, let me know. I've been collecting some on - list of new PWA's, medium posts, Thurrot etc.
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Probably @g8production might provide some.
Not exactly a news feed, but i believe Bulletin is built as a pwa
yep, that's already in the list.
A lot of the things in the list don't seem to be installable (aren't actually PWAs)?
We should maybe have a flag or tag to only include those that pass installability criteria? /cc @ade_oshineye
We could add the option to filter the feed by a minimum lighthouse score. @juliantoledo
I'd like to see only installable things listed. There's a score cutoff that corresponds to that, right?
I don’t think so. Perhaps Lighthouse could expose a flag is_installable_in_chrome and equivalents for other browsers?
Hrm, I thought we had this baked into the score. /cc @ebidel @paul_irish @vinamratas
Theres a pwa score and a test about offline... We could just cut it at 90 and that would probably work.
Yea, just check that audit result. Render UI accordingly in directory :)
I think the directory shouldn't even show sites by default that don't pass this. They aren't PWAs.
It's nice to have developers working on building a PWA to be able to track their progress until it becomes installable. I think we can add an "Installable" tab and / or badging.
I like the idea of an installable tab if they’re sorted by score and date of addition
I'd like uninstallable results hidden by default. They aren't PWAs.
That’s going to result in many bug reports when people add them and they don’t show up. What about making installable the default tab?
Sounds good. I'm only suggesting that you should have to hit a button to show (hidden-by-default) non-PWAs; not precious about implementation