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Yesterday I asked my 12-year-old son what other kids at school think about him having 2 dads. His response: They don’t care but they don’t like how I’m immune to “Yo Mama” jokes.
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I remember when this first came up with my son. He was in Kindergarten. We took him out for dinner and asked if he had made any friends. He goes "YEAH, I have a boyfriend". It was quiet for a moment and the he said "He's a boy and he's my friend..I am not gay". It was funny! 😄
Lolz I have lots of Girl Friends Boy Friends not so much 😉 As to whether I am gay?.... Girl should always retain a little mystery 😁 @munkihanger Thread! 👌
Feel free to block and report!
My son has two adult sisters. The other day I learned that my oldest daughter is beginning hormones for gender reassignment. When I asked my 12 yo son how he felt about it, he said, “Cool, I always wanted a brother.” Kids can be absolutely amazing.
I love it! Also, kudos to you! A child who is exposed to these type of situations in a postive way will grow up more understanding and not ignorant of things that goes on around him.
We have so much to learn from our kids, don’t we? I love how each generation is more inclusive than the last!
I sure hope that’s true. Sometimes the haters overwhelm me and I despair. I’m hoping it’s increased exposure and not increased numbers of haters that we are seeing.
I think you hit the nail on the head. Social media and media in general focus on the haters and horrible people because that’s more newsworthy. Nice is boring.
My son is 22. One of his best friends recently came out as bi. I asked him how he and their group of friends felt about it. He said “why would we care?” ❤️ This younger generation is so awesome.
My kids are growing up in the same rural Southern area I did where you COULD NOT be anything LGBT in the 80s & 90s. Now, in her 8th grade class there is at least one of each: gay, bisexual, trans boy, pansexual.
Hearing this made my day!!
He's your son not your daughter
I think it’s up to her to decide that - not you. She *just* started hormones and still presents as female. SO many people telling me what I should and should not do. Here’s what I *am* going to do - I’m going to listen to my child and do what SHE wants.
Madre mía ya me jodería tenerte como madre, la hostia, a ver si te crees que empieza con la testo por las risas
That is not for you to decide. Would you out your closeted child before they are ready?
Madre mía qué pereza la cis tm, peor que mi madre y eso ya es decir, que es cambiar un puto pronombre tet
The pronoun will change when my child tells me, not when you do. I’m sorry you’ve taken this so personally, but this is not your story to live.
Tampoco es la tuya y tienes 0 sentido porque decir que va a empezar el tratamiento y a la vez que la llamas hijA por no sacarle del armario????? No le estás sacando del armario diciendo que va a empezar con la testo??????
That's just brilliant!!!! Nice job Dad!👏👏
Your kid is awesome!!!
Bryce, this wins Twitter! 🎉😆
What a wonderful child :)
Classmate. How does it feel to have a transgender mother? Son. She will always be my daddy.
Kids totally get it
😂 From the mouths of babes. 💗 this. Our girl is gay. Always was. Lol! Healthy, intelligent, straight As all her life, artist, musician, peaceful, tactful, kind, loving, quiet, University Senior in a beautiful relationship with a PHD candidate. We love her to the moon! Lucky Us!
@TeresaSfsumom Lucky you. Lucky her. 😀
@TeresaSfsumom I went full Jewish mom in my head, "ooooh ya got yaself a dockter." That's all so exciting!!
@TeresaSfsumom Awww that is just the best!! Congratulations on having a very fine daughter, and kudos bnb to her for raising good parents!! LOL
@TeresaSfsumom I always wonder what is wrong with the parent/parents that thinks less than of their child just because they are gay. It actually makes me angry and very sad. Nothing in this world would stop me from loving my children.
Obviously bringing him up right Carry on 😍
Plus, he doesn’t have to worry about stepping on cracks in the sidewalk! Haunted me my whole life.
I still avoid stepping on cracks and I'm in my 60's. Amazing how the little things from childhood stick with you.
I broke my back in 1998. My son & nephew told my daughter it was her fault for stepping on a crack. Poor baby believed them & was absolutely devastated. I had to take her with me to my surgeon so her could tell her it wasn't her fault. So I get where you are coming from.
My heart!!!!
One of the best Dad jokes ever.
like you, your son is priceless.
Your son seems well adjusted and it's obvious he has grown up in a progressive household and seems to flourish in it. Ironically now, my first serious relationship, ended in me realizing he was homosexual (very amicable break up), got married 8 years ago. (1)
Was his "best man", he was co - maid of honor when I got married in 2006. His husband and him just adopted fraternal / male and a female set of twins new born from a minority woman. My husband and I were references. To see this is beautiful. He and his hysband got trolled (2)
Online and in real life from a couple of co workers. Both play in a huge orchestra here in Canada and teach music as well. The organization they teach with is for low income clients. They do private and group lessons. All their student's parents know their sexuality (3)
One instructure tried to get them fired as this worker is like a Canada MAGAT and she tries to tell their boss and coworkers that their deviants. Needless to say she has a first and final warning for two years on file. And most people troll her in everyway as a lot of us see (3)
As vile and ignorant. She tried calling CPS on them even. We live two blocks away from each other and they needed me one time (as I'm on disability and having an infant daughter) for a family emergency and CPS came then. I explained the co-worker and she was fined $7,500.00 (5)
And any mention at work, she's fired. Any other false claims to CPS leads to up to 60 day stint in jail. I have heterosexual friends, not worthy of being parents. When it comes to parents, I feel you have it or you don't no matter who you are. They are amazing (6)
They are hoping for tolerant parents and students when their children go to school. I've been following you a while now and you seem alike. They are big into N. American politics. We all went to L.A. for the woman's march after Trump became president and the next year too. (7)
I hope they stay this way with activism like you, to teach their kids about acceptance, and that there's no room for bigotry and discrimination especially within the LGBTQIA community. I'm an ally, women's right advocate. Having 2 invisible disabilities,I do awareness speeches(8)
For med schools and nursing schools and my ex, and our husbands do LGBTQIA speeches (as invited guests). You do so much, I feel sometimes I not do enough when I read what you do. I just want to say thanks for your initiative. The world is a better place for you!