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❓ Got any neat iOS/macOS projects you're working on coming into WWDC 2020? I'd love to retweet some screenshots
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I'll start: I have Pastel, a color palette collector (with my ongoing development thread over at…)
Now that Broadcasts has shipped, most short-term development will go into fixing bugs and improving the little things, and then I will be full speed ahead on Pastel, my color-collecting app. If you've missed the story so far, check out my thread on the development of Pastel:
I'm also in varying stages of development on Take One (a clapperboard), an as-of-yet-unnamed Crossword app, and in prototyping stage on a 2.0 for Storyboards, an app that I haven't had on sale since before iOS 7
As all three of these projects use PencilKit, I'm super interested to see what PencilKit adds in the next version of iOS. I really need PencilKit drawing to come to Catalyst this year to motivate me to finish these up, cause right now I can't ship Mac versions of the apps 😔
Flood fill tool would also be a nice-to-have in PencilKit.
I am working on a new mystery story puzzle game called Circulous. All hand-drawn art scenes. More info and video here:
So many great replies to this thread; I can't retweet them all (though it might feel like it), so for sure scroll through the list and give the developers of your favorites some positivity!
This is a lot to ask, especially when I’m volunteering *your* time and energy, but this being a weekly thing would be amazing. So many people are making so much good stuff!
I love what you do but for a non-developer the 100+ RT:s are a bit much 😬
Twitter has a 'turn off retweets' option on my profile, just silence them for a couple days and you'll be fine
Ooh, useful. Thanks! Again; nothing personal, just a bit much for a Twitter completionist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Can I jump on this thread. Have seen a lot of people wanting to add CloudKit. I’ve found the CloudKit+CoreData sample code to still not work brilliantly. I don’t like it, but add observer for remote store to nil object seems to ensure updates happen across devices
I’ve had some issues in the past with CloudKit+CoreData, even with the modern NSPersistentCloudKitContainer. Could you elaborate what you mean by this?
I have been having issues with notifications not being actioned on other devices even after setting the options. Sample Code has the observer for remoteStoreChanged on the container. Seen suggestions to add to container’s coordinator, but observing all seems to work best
I have had some of the same issues. I just recently found out that it magically works on the App Store versions but not when deployed through Xcode or TestFlight. Very inconsistent.
Sync works well when installing the app with Xcode. In production, some users reported that the sync stopped on Mac for a few days. Disabling and enabling iCloud, the sync works again. On Mac the app doesn’t sync until I close and reopen. On iOS it works also with the app open.
I’m working on an app to rewrite and map network requests and responses.
That’s an incredibly great name. Almost as good as “CalZones” (cc @_DavidSmith)
Thanks! I’m really glad you like it! ☺️
How does it compare to Charles Proxy? I like their iOS app but the Java version on macOS… I always have trouble when testing with Charles while I need to be in the enterprise VPN to access internal systems since Charles also configures a VPN connection.
My app also configures a VPN to localhost. The focus o n my app is more on mapping requests and responses rather than inspecting them.
Ah ok I see. I‘ll definetly check it out once released :) Let me know if you need an iOS developer beta testing your app.
Would love to test this 👀
SwiftUI Inspector plugin for @figmadesign Figma. We just launched a new version that supports multiple fills, strokes, and blend modes.
i'm working on a swift ui ARKit app that lets you import a 3d object, map it to your face, and then displays it in a view you can mirror out to use in OBS, this is mostly to help VTubers stream! This is my first time working with ARkit and swift ui but I've been liking it lots.
I intend on trying to bring it to the Mac using coreml for face tracking once I get a good working version on iOS. Although apple's uh "documentation" for a lot of their 3d object APIs has been objectively a bad time lol
SceneKit's documentation might be lacking, but if you look back at previous WWDC sessions you'll find they actually built their slides in SceneKit and offer the whole thing as sample code — really great resource
Oooh, I will look into those! Thank you!
A little iPad App to kepp track of the current score when playing offline card games 🙂 It allows full rule customization ☝️
Seems like a great idea, wish I had iPad :p
I need that in my life! Is there a testflight already? Please?
There is actually already a testflight build available yes. But not all features are finished yet.
Is there any way to join?
Is this released? I need this wow, amazing work!
There would be a testflight version available. DM me if you want to have a first look.
I would love to beta this!
This looks great! Perfect way to keep track of our quirkle games. What’s the app going to be called? Is there a TestFlight?
If you are still interested in the beta here is a Testflight link:
Join the Card Counter beta
Available on iOS
Am I understanding the screenshot right? This is a round-based score keeper that shows the running total for each round? That's awesome. Will it have the ability to export score data to .csv?
Yes you interpreted the screenshot perfectly right. It’s on the roadmap yes ☝️ along with also in-app stats
I just launched a free menu bar utility for Mac called Argus Menu: keep tabs on your Linux servers!
Oh. This looks great. Any reason it’s Catalina only? Only one of my workstations is Catalina, the other three are not, for various legacy reasons.
The underlying SSH framework I’m using is Catalina only. I know. :-P
Makes sense. I figured it was something like that. Good approach to the security tho. Looks very well thought out, and could replace a paid service that I use for effectively the same thing.
Getting a crash after I added my 4th server, how can I help troubleshoot?
Let’s handle this over email! Check out the Support page on my site.
Looks really nice! Ist it open source?
It is not open source, sorry.
Working on my first SwiftUI app! Starting out simple, viewing Pi-hole stats & temporarily disabling blocking. Planning to add more stats about domains in the coming weeks :-)
That looks really neat! I just recently set up a PiHole at home and I’d love to check on it with my phone
Cool! If you’d like to test it, me know :)
Would like to test it for sure 😊
Awesome! I’ll sent you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
If you’d like to test it, me know! :)
I would love to test it :)
Awesome! I’ll send you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
Nice! What block list are you using? Mine only has 87k domains.
Can we TestFlight it 😉 ?
Sure! I’ll send you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
I’d like to test this!
Awesome! I’ll send you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
I’d love to test this. Let me know if I can get in a TestFlight
Awesome! I’ll send you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
Cool! Let me know if you need another test flight user. :)
Awesome! I’ll send you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
I'd be interested in testing as well if needed.
Awesome! I’ll sent you the TestFlight url when Apple approves it.
I'm a new developer working on a note taking app that lets you hold different types of notes, including YouTube videos (big update coming soon, if you want to check it out and leave me your feedback😊) @mitynote
i'd love the 'add' button to be closer to my finger (aka screen bottom)
Bro you're ahead of the curve because that's one of the changes coming with the next update😎 thank you so much for the feedback and I hope you stick with Mitynote as it keeps improving. or DM me with any more feedback
Love the app idea. If you want somebody to test the app. I can help you.
is also working on a note app, you might want to check it out
I created a simple app to control the time you’ve used a facial mask. Really usefull in this COVID-times. Also totally free. I’m really proud of how the independent watch app turned out. It’s 100% Swift & SwiftUI. Download link 👉…
Good app idea, and UI looks slick
This is beautiful! Props!!!
Love the interface. Good going, mate. 👍🏻 Watch App is just a great add-on.. ⌚️ 😊
This’s great! Does the watch app offer compilation because that could be very handy🔥 Was browsing the pics on app stores and noticed this. You might want to change the language of the notification
Yep! I need to fix that screenshot 😅 Currently the watch complications are static, but I’m working on an update to make them dynamic.
You’re holding the facial mask wrong lmao
email client to build healthy email habits
Can we TestFlight it 😉 ?
Not yet. I’ll tweet when it’s ready ;)
That seems like a really cool idea!
currently using Spark mail client but your UI looks very promising.
SwiftUI app for one site with recipes, that I’ll never release, because owner of site didn’t allow me that. So only for home use 🙂
My app is a competitor to your Broadcasts. It’s an Objective C app for Mac and iPhone.
I love that the Catalyst app (Broadcasts) looks a little more native than an Obj-C one… not that being creative with the UI is not-native-looking in a bad way, let me be clear, I love when Mac apps break out of default schemes, especially for media. But still fun.
the Mac radio app landscape was one of the things that convinced me to keep working on the macOS version, as there are precious few apps designed in the style of Apple's own media suite
I think you succeeded. Actually,it’s only after I downloaded Broadcasts that I decided a Catalyst app would be viable for my new project… Apple’s own mostly scared me away 🤪
I've been playing with Catalyst for ~2 years now, and I knew you could make nice stuff with it — just no idea why Apple didn't go further with their apps. Either 1) they don't care, or 2) they have a plan to fix certain things in future & don't want to hack around in the meantime
Some things are so bad, I wonder if they do care… I started as an iOS developer and moved mainly to AppKit - my heart will always be with desktop computers - but honestly Catalyst has potential to build complex apps, only there aren’t many taking advantage of it.
Yes, popovers and modal views are a bit odd on macOS, but I’ve noticed w/ your app (which hasn’t many foreign elements for the platform) and a couple of others, it all fades away if the overall experience is good. I mean, it’s not that Mac apps are a monolith and have been all ==
Oh that’s changing *VERY* soon lol
Sorry for this dumb question but how, as a user, is it such a bad thing? I understand that it could limit the adoption of neat "new" options brought by more recent SDKs, and how quick devs could bring enhancements to it but that may not be what you had in mind, was it?
I’m working on a visual XML editor for macOS/iPadOS/iPhoneOS inspired by Microsoft Notepad 2007.
Working on an app to track your Magic: The Gathering collection and decks. iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.
this way lies madness.
An app to read and write Amiibo.
Ok now you have my atention 👀
Nintendo lawyers would like to know your location
“Allow While Using App”
Nice! How can I download that app?
Still in development. Planning release it before mid-june.
There a TestFlight yet? 👀
I assume you’re intending on it being fully side loaded? Amazing app by the way, I’ve been using Cattleprod lately but it seems like your app is leaps and bounds ahead. I’d love an opportunity to give it a run if/when you TestFlight it!
(No comment)
Wow, is there a testflight? :)
soon, within a week
🙏 OMG Please lmk when you release this. I've been toying with the idea of doing something like this myself, but wrapping my head around CoreNFC was more than I had energy to exert!
An app to track your wishlists within one place developed in SwiftUI.
I love this. This is awesome.
😳 this is something brilliant
Can we TestFlight it 😉 ?
I didn't know I wanted/needed this! 😍 I also kinda need it right now for all the other awesome stuff in the replies to @stroughtonsmith 😅
Anyway we can TestFlight? 🤔 Also curious to know the experience with SwiftUI
Thank you for the interest! I will be providing a TestFlight in a week or two. Stay tuned!
Received many positive comments today. I like to thank @stroughtonsmith for this opportunity to share my upcoming work!
Always 😏 Originate (parallax art app - hoping for more PencilKit APIs):… Cosmicast (skeuomorphic podcast player):… Ayecon (Xcode icon asset creator):… Secret AR project All universal apart from Originate.
Trying to finish up YarnBuddy, my app for knitters and crocheters. 🧶😄
Yeah, we are all waiting for release date! Or at least the first day of TestFlight
This looks so cool! 😍
Can’t remember which Radiotopia show it was, but do you know where the modern meaning of “clue” came from? Was thinking, instead of a “help” button/tab you could label yours the “clue” section.
Message me when it’s out. A nice present for my sister and nephew.
I'm working on a macOS menu bar app to view/manage your pi-hole :)
Looks great. Is it open source?
I’m working an a puzzle game for kids aged 4 to 10 where they learn to solve the Zebra Puzzle
SwiftUI Counter App. #QuikCount eventually on all platforms, focusing on #watchOS first
How’s the SwiftUI experience so far? Will develop a watchOS app soon, still considering if I should try to go with it
Interesting to say the least. I’m probably still approaching it wrong which has been where my issues have surfaced. But hot reloading is very nice when trying to make small UI tweaks. Also all screen sizes in preview is handy. Plan to start making views cross platform
After a brief hiatus, caused by losing access to stairs at the office due to WFH, I’m continuing development on my flights-climbed counter @ascend_flights.
I’d love to test it. Stable enough not to be destructive to Health dot app data, right?
It's read only! You should be good 😊
Sweet! This made me feel a lot better 😁
Soooo pretty 😱
Working on BrandBook, an app for companies that makes it easy for them to share the brand identity with their employees.…
This is what I need 👏
Did you saw AC Helper? Fully SwiftUI and open source, now also on the App Store.…
👋🏻 I just wanted to say that this app is brilliantly executed. My S/O and I just installed it. You have a very great attention to detail. Would you be open to feedback/ideas? Would love to help out if this is available on TestFlight, too. ☺️
You can submit any feedbacks / suggestions on our Github :)… There was a Testflight before the App Store release but now it's only sources or App Store.
Animal Crossing New Horizon companion app in SwiftUI - Dimillian/ACHNBrowserUI
And thanks so much for your kinds words!
How about a screenshot of using the Mac app I've been working on to plan out the web stuff I'm currently working on to sell the Mac app I've been working on 😉
I looked at Laravel, but decided to go with CodeIgniter as I’m a bit more familiar with it
! It’s a super simple app for keeping score in games. The interface is in SwiftUI and was very fun to create.
I think it will be cool to add some haptic feedback.
Finally I always needed this! Can we have some haptic feedback and Apple TV support?
Yes, absolutely. I’m planning to make an Apple TV app as soon as I learn how to.
Accomplished, an accomplishment journal to help track your days and give you fun encouragement. (All SwiftUI, CloudKit, local notifications, etc)
Did you do the confetti view in SwiftUI?
Ah, it’s a UIViewRepresentable-wrapped UIKit view.
haha okay. I have toyed with the idea of doing the hard work and create a confetti view in pure SwiftUI; it would be nice
Haha, it would! Plenty of animation potential there for sure.
I’m working on another game
Hey! I've been working on a SwiftUI app that can help you track your water drinking. I'm planning to add more features later, but here it is:
I've been working on an app called "WaterDrink". It's a simple app to track your water drinking. I used SwiftUI to create it. Below are some screenshots of it. I hope you like it lol
This looks great!!
Continuing my work on @homewallapp. A dashboard app for your home and work.
This is really really cool. Looking forward to homewall!
I would really live to be part of the testing for this!
Hell yes! Reviving Tokens – the best tool for generating, managing, sharing, and tracking App Store promo codes. So everyone can forget about the painfully slow App Store Connect!
What a handsome demo app you’ve got in there…
This is great news. Been waiting for an update to this for a long time.
Perfect! Soon! Happy to hear you're excited.
Doppler 2 for Mac! Full replacement for iTunes/ Supports FLAC/MP3/etc, and transferring music to/from Doppler for iPhone. Get updates:…
this is sick! excited to see this evolve
Thanks! Hopefully out very soon! 😄
How do I get this for Mac??
Sending out betas v soon! Will lyk 😄❤️
omg wow this looks so good, making me wish i still used macOS!!!!
Looks nice! Is this a Catalyst app?
Nice music selection 💽
Looks great! I just signed up for your mailing list. Is that iOS UI in the current version that’s in the App Store?
thank you! yep, that’s right! 😄
Oh dang, that’s one gorgeous Mac app 😍
thank you!! slowly getting there 😅
What about iPadOS and universal purchase?
I’m working on an update to my sketching app, Charcoal, and Wireboud, a revival of the Vesper notes app.
Working on #SwissCovid, the first COVID-19 app based on the new ExposureNotification SDK! Looking forward to WWDC.
How awesome! May I ask by the way, whether the app will be open source when it is time for us Swiss to install it?
Oh I see, I misunderstood something then, thank you very much, how awesome!
Nice, try to join the TestFlight, but it’s full already. Looking forward for the official release.
Any new TestFlight slot?
Working on extracting out more data, specifically dates, on my recently launched Apple Card import feature
This is dope.
You know, I’m actually really happy with it. I usually reeeeeally scrutinize things I make, but I like how this came out 😄
This is great. Do you ever think your app will be able to tap into other online Accounts like the app Mint and congregate them into your apps budgeting tools?
It's definitely not out of the realm of possibility, but it also means I'd have to have some sort of subscription tier.
Aiming to get this out in beta before WWDC. This is one of the start screens. It’s a health and fitness app...
I’m refreshing (well let’s be honest, fully rewriting in Swift) an app I first released for iOS 3! And it’s open-source :-)…
I'm about to do the same thing. (Not the iOS 3 part, but still). Was it more or less work than you had expected? And was it satisfying to build the same app again from scratch?
More work than expected, definitely, but very rewarding. Especially to see my progress as a dev between then and now is a truly great experience.
That’s encouraging. Congrats!
A complete remake of my app @getgametrack with a focus on sharing lists and what you’re playing :) also some amazing new icons by @prekesh
Can’t wait to try this out. I’m a big fan of your app!
An independent Apple Watch app to help build up your running ability without the need to take your phone with you on your run. It's built in SwiftUI so I'm excited to see what advancements we get in June!
This looks really great! I’m interested in testing if there is a beta.
I run regularly, curious to know how does it help me to build up the ability (lactate threshold? VO2 Max?)
I would love something like this!
Don’t have an Apple Watch but have thought about it so honest q - I thought this was an out-of-box feature?
Apple Event Timer, with widget, Apple Watch app, notifications and more 😊
Is this out? I couldn't find it on the app store!
No, but I’m planning to have it on TestFlight before WWDC and on the App Store for September
sweeeet keep up the good work!
I was working on an app to that is a personal “scorecard” on things you want to do better in your life. I got a lot of work done while briefly laid off, but my new job has been taking away a lot of development time. I do still hope to release it eventually though.
excited to see this!
Nice job! But have you thought about real world uses? What extra info is this AR app providing if the user is already pulling out their phone?
Yes, at the moment this is just a gimmick. But maybe with #Apple glass it makes more sense.
Ahh I see what you’re doing there 😉
My main interest is that you don't have to swipe around in the air but interact with an augmented reality eyewear device in a more socially acceptable manner. Even if it’s just an iPhone right now.
I have been working on @PodcastAlarm , letting users wake up to their favourite podcasts.🤞🏻for an alarm library!
Yes please 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Storyio is a learning platform for kids of different ages to explore and learn. Read through digital stories with magical characters and mini games to test kids knowledge. 100% ads free & completely free.. Looking forward for your valuable feedback.…
Continuing to work on my private thought “tracker” — hoping to launch by the end of next month!
what does the app do other than button_pressed() { textbox.Text = "" }
I think that is precisely the point of the app. 😊
Essentially, yes! It’s a simple concept but I think it will be a useful app for a lot of people.
Intriguing… what happens next?
Finally adding sharing to Crouton. Setting those recipes free 🥳
I just downloaded Crouton yesterday!! I love how simple and elegant it is. Still have to put it thru it’s paces tho 😋 Sharing will be a great feature tho!!
Very kind! Thank you :) I’m still working hard to bring it up to speed with the other apps in this space, definitely a few gaps at the moment. I’ll be able to exhale once sharing is done, and the crash free % is higher 😅
Working on wrapping up Anonymous Camera, a camera app developed together with investigative journalists to capture anonymised footage in real time.
I need this in my life. Regardless of my profession.
That's a fantastic idea! Very cool!
Can it alter the sound of the voice in the recording?
Yes it will be able to 😊. There’s lots more things shipping in 1.0. For example we also have full-body anonymisation in place.
This is incredible
it’s that you? 👀
Is there a TestFlight for this?
Hey there will be again over the next couple of days :)
World changing
Love your privacy policy descriptions and your data policy!
Thank you! This is something that we’ve been working on for a while @playgroundAI - designed by @sarahmautsch - we will open source this soon so any developer can use it for their app.
Already saved some screenshots as inspiration for my new app that also doesn’t save anything but deals with a sensitive topic (health and diet)
You’ll sell your customers’ data or you’ll go broke.
For anyone who's interested in trying this out, follow @playgroundAI for updates. A new TestFlight will drop early next week.
Any update on this? Will this be iOS only?
Is there an option for gaussian blur?
Does it both identify faces and blur them on device or is there a cloud service involved?
Hey Marc — great question! Everything is done completely on device. There will be a little digital pamphlet included in the app on "Safety & Privacy" going a little bit more in detail on that. Here's a sneak peek:
Also, just to be super clear: We never ever identify faces, just detect them. 🙂
Looks unsafe. Pixelation by itself is imperfect, and this "static noise" might allow for differential analysis and statistical averaging. Hope it won't be used for people in danger.
Hey — very valid points — the final version of the app will use just a solid colour as the default filter. The pixel size and blur radius will be much bigger in the final version as well.
There are inherent problems with pixellation and blur, which will be explained prominently in the app. It is however useful for less sensitive use-cases (doing design research in factories for example) as well as for getting useful pictures for bigger crowds.
Is it an idea to use 'shallow fakes' to overlay a generic face, or perhaps to detect facial proportions and distort them prior to pixelating/blurring? Or would that be too resource intensive for realtime?
Yeah unfortunately we couldn’t get that working in real time. It’s something we’ll come back to though.
I should think that if you randomize the pixel color such that it's not strictly based on the content below, that'd go a long way toward making it unrecoverable Pixels in general already do loads better than blurring, since so much more entropy is lost
I believe it could be possible to reconstruct high res in some cases. Think about it: you have a (relatively) static object and a low resolution Video of it with a moving camera. If one frame reveals 100 pixels then a second of 30fps footage reveals 3000 pixels…
A similar technique is used in google phones. It allows taking higher res pictures than the sensor provides by processing multiple subsequent images which have slightly different camera positions due to shaky hands
See Better and Further with Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 3
Posted by Bartlomiej Wronski, Software Engineer and Peyman Milanfar, Lead Scientist, Computational Imaging Digital zoom using algorithms (...
But I also see that pixelation is the common way of 'censoring' something in video and makes it therefore more apparent to the viewer. Maybe some kind of fake pixelation that either adds a random factor to the pixels or generates them from an ever lower resolution/fps pixelation?
Very good point. There are also attacks possible through neural nets. That's why the default option in the app will be just using a solid colour, not blur or pixelate. There are use-cases (for example in design research) where filters are preferable to solid colours.
Feels like if you randomly distribute the colour sampled in both space *and time* (i.e. sample 0-5 frames in the past) it might make reversal much more difficult?
definitely not an expert but afaik you can unblur things with deconvolutions. not sure if that applies to pixelated images too - i just hope its something you've looked into. looks great though.
Yup — the default option in the app will be a solid color. There will still be an option though to use blur/pixellation (with a much bigger radius than shown here) as it's preferable for some scenarios (like bigger crowds) and less sensitive situations (design research).
Additionally the Privacy/Safety card goes into the risks involved with anonymisation in simple terms covering for example also reversibility through neural nets.
Super Cool! Also want to point out that with AI, there's a possibility you can reverse this:…
Wowww this feature is in our roadmap to protect kids image 😍😍😍 Nice to see in use. Love it.
Maybe call it Accomplice App? Or Antifa Approved App? You’ll do whatever it takes to seem woke.
Please add an option to cover the face with the laughing man logo
Also add a blackout box, some pixels can be recovered
Hey, yeah this is what the final app is going to look like. A solid (with either colour or noise) is the default.
When and where available ?
great idea, looking forward for this to evolve
Not iOS/macOS, but I finally *just* released my take on gesture typing for watchOS:…
this is awesome! What's the + for, emoji's?
Thank you! The ⊕ brings up the system input selection with dictation, Scribble and emoji. This is currently a workaround for numbers and symbols that are not yet available directly on the keyboard. To insert emoji from the keyboard: double space, then use crown to change the "."
Ahh that’s wonderful! Great work 👏
Looks really cool! 🙂 Do you support other languages other than English?
It's English-only at the moment, sorry!
No problem. 🙂 I really like it, but being bilingual, I find using different modes of input for different languages makes my brain complain. 😀 Will keep an eye on the app. 🙂
The logic behind gesture typing has always fascinated me. Is it powered with a third party api?
I love it, but would use it a lot more if there was a way to add simple punctuation. Even just a comma would go a long way.
Double space to enter a "." and change it to ,?!:; or even emoji with the Digital Crown. More is coming soon!
Thanks for the tip. It seems so obvious I’m embarrassed I didn’t discover it beforehand. Just read the other tips as well.
I so very much hope that Apple allows Keyboard Support Apps like they do on iOS on the Watch. this is a lifesaver and it would smooth the end user experience a ton.
Any chance to request a Swedish keyboard?
Is it only me having hsrd time tracking finger movement?
What kind of a strap is that? 🤔
Working on an update for @figurecase . It will finally support grouping of collections and models. First I have to win some battles against NSPersistentCloudKitContainer though. I hope it will get better next month 😅
I'm almost done with my first big game for macOS. Here's a few of the regions in Thousand Threads.
Sure! The app to join confcalls in 1 second (SwiftUI, Combine, 80% codeshare between Mac and iOS)
Jump In Meeting for macOS and iOS (both iPhone and iPad)
Connect to the conference calls in 1 sec
Interesting, using any WebRTC library for the calls?
None, just parsing the calendar to save time looking for the right URL to connect
Ah got it. Still cool 👍🏻
Oh man, you made the LensFX app! Thank you so much, it's so much fun.
Yes! I love dinosaurs!
Too early for screenshots, but I’m working on an APNs app like Pusher, for iOS.
My own personal SSH client built with SwiftUI and my vastly advanced SwiftTerm terminal emulation library:…
Let me throw cash at you for a non-terrible ssh client!
Better yet - throw lines of code, it is all open source!
Not available in the app store (yet)?
That’s what I want to know about
Still developing in the open
MC was a nice touch.
This looks incredible! Have you looked at this… ? you can probably provide some kind of local shell somewhat easily (I'm not nearly qualified to understand any of it, but I know it's used in many apps for these purposes e.g. Blink and a-shell)
Drop-in replacement for system() in iOS programs. Contribute to holzschu/ios_system development by creating an account on GitHub.
I have seen it - it is fantastic! I am hoping they will one day switch to my terminal emulator library.
I’m thinking about it too.
really cool... does it support vi(m)? :)
nice :) this must have been a lot of work
Everyone needs a spare time project :-)
How do you like your Google WiFi?
Nice! Builds and works on macOS 10.14.6 if you change the deployment target too!
dA Baby, a baby activity tracker, with charts, CloudKit sync and sharing.
someone finally made the app!
Amazing! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
🤗 what was the story when you were going for the app?
ahhhhh typo: what was the story when you were looking for the app?
I’ve just released a biiiig 2.0 with loads of new features! My workout ranking app, 100% SwiftUI and developed in the last month.
Thanks for the RT, you’re the best 💓
Serum for iOS?
Just two days ago I released App List for iOS, a comprehensive app bookmarking/wishlist solution. Does that still count? It’s free ☺️…
Thank you very much, I've been trying to find a good solution to my iOS / macOS wish list needs. I went the Shortcuts route, but that tends to be so janky.
You’re welcome. This is a typical “scratching my own itch” kind of project 😉
Gratis is free
We look forward to adding support for this application 😏
Ah cool! Do you have a URL scheme I can use to add apps?
Not yet, but it’s on my list
Love this app to bits, i do enjoy using it, the only things i wish you add to it are the possibility of wishlisting a song, not sure of books & podcasts? Thanks for a great app.
No plans to add that, sorry. I intentionally focused on apps. As far as I can tell there are already plenty of apps for songs/books/movies etc. out there, though
Oh this is great! Searched for something like this since Apple removed this function from the App Store app.
And you got tips - not subscription?! Are you from Earth?!
This is exactly what I was looking for, Thanks 👍
Does it have a price change notification for those apps that are a little bit more expensive?
Yes you can receive price change notifications for apps you’ve selected.
Work on a brand new SwiftUI Version of Planny, but can‘t release until Apple adds 2-3 things for SwiftUI 2.
A tool for editing your displays' retina behaviour and display modes on macOS. No screenshot yet as I've only built the backend so far, which in this case is just a CLI. Waiting til WWDC to see if Apple mess up my tech with 10.16 before I put in the work on UI & polish.
Working on adding Ambient Sounds to my deep breathing app, Breathable. And making the Mac Catalyst app look like it actually belongs on the Mac. I've been having fun adding menu bar functionality!…
Oh yes. Finally I’ve found such app with a lifetime or subscription options that’s available on all Apple devices. Great work.
Thank you!! I like to give everyone lots of options while making sure that I can continue to financially support the app.
Yeah. I don’t like subscriptions. I’ll gladly pay a lifetime fee. Come on developers. Target me. 😉👍🏻
I’m working on Fill The Circle, a SwiftUI app that imports Runkeeper/Strava data and highlights the parts of your immediate neighbourhood where you have never run. Not much to look at yet!
I love this concept! I always want to explore new streets, what a neat idea.
I love this! Have so often wondered where those areas for me are. Do native activity api's allow access to this data too? I only use workouts on my watch.
Thanks! The COVID-19 lockdown here limited us to these circles around our homes and I found myself discoving new roads and places I didn’t know existed on my doorstep. I’m going to look into the Workout/HealthKit options for sure.
Love it! Do you have a testflight and could you also import Workouts data as well from the Health app?
Thanks! Not at the TestFlight stage yet. I’m going to look into the Workout/HealthKit options but I don’t think there’s enough data there.
That’s such a cool idea!
My wife and I are working to repurpose our contact tracing app, Further, that never made it on the App Store as a person-to-person, Bluetooth-based wellness app.
Whoa! Beautiful neumorphism!
Thanks very much! That's the wife's doing. She's an amazing designer. I just make it do the stuff!
Will you get access to the contact tracing APIs? I thought that was for state use only.
No, we built this prior to Apple's announcement, so it's a fully in-house solution. We did a version that does leverage the Apple/Google API, but won't get the entitlement since we're not a state/health org. It'd be cool to offer our own solution, but repurposing will be fun!
Recently designed and built an app for people who contribute to @unsplash. It’s built with SwiftUI.…
Looks great. How did you get that awesome animation on your numbers??
Working on app(name is Hoofprint) where user can see weekly, monthly and yearly reports. It will also show how much music did user consumed during activities and coding. All the data is stored locally using SQLite.
How do you track coding? Do I trigger it manually on the app?
Yes, an audiobook app! #SwiftUI + #Combine 👉
Will it use iCloud to sync audiobooks?
Second this, been wanting that so bad
What does N stand for in the icon
It's actually a calligraphed version of aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In this form, it also ressembles a stylised fire camp. Both of these elements echoes the name Bookcamp 🙂
looks very nice! congrats! Can't wait to test it!
This UI. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Will there be a Watch app that actually plays books standalone? Instantly sold, if so.
Not at first, but it's definitely in the roadmap!
This app looks near perfect for my needs, i have signed up already. Just wondering if it will have - bookmarking features - possibility of posting tiny audio clips to friends - icon pack Can’t wait!
This is beautiful!
I just released, which shows a list of people you forgot to reply to over iMessage in the status bar
This is an awesome thread, I’m now following so many more people to keep tabs on what they've got coming soon.
Debugging all the things 😁
Really nice Xcode Instrument for Combine!
SwiftUI app for iPhone that consolidates all the beers available for pickup and delivery at breweries around Portland, Maine (by scraping all their websites) called @HopHoundApp…
Dude! This is awesome
Thanks! I‘m designing it and @jeffjax is coding it. Hope it’s helpful for you! 🍻
should expand beyond just Portland if you can.
An update to @scythekick with a better flow with some things I learned from @wingmatecompan1. And why was shouldRestoreApplicationState deprecated and who uses it anyway :)
A Read-ir-Later app without an account. All articles stored on device with iCloud Sync. Also Import/Export options and offline reading experience.
Sounds interesting. If you want to rock in this category: save web pages and articles from Safari as PDFs (one-paged and paginated) with clickable links in them. Apple Pencil, highlights, annotations. Also option to create “clear” version without ads and other crap from pages.
Thanks for the hint, much appreciated. I currently have something in the works which might adress this. Ads etc are already cleaned from the reader.
Definetly will check out this link. Currently only iPhone and iPad with a functional Catalyst port for macOS. But I want to write a separate macOS app to meet my design/system integration goals.
Is it available on the App Store?
Not yet but will be in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed.
Good luck and I’m already love it
here is a new candidate to be a perfect research app.
Thank you so much to everyone for the interest. I thought i give it a chance to see whether there is a need for this kind of app and the response is more than I could have dreamed of. I‘ll follow up with some screenshot of the iPad version with SplitView support soon 👍🏻
Can’t wait to try it out! I started prototyping the same idea a few months ago, but didn’t keep up with it.
I’m scratching an itch with this, but I have an app for expiring images, and sharing without saving called Snapshots almost done. It’s for all those temp picts you want to take and share, those out shopping, rental car damage, images for contractors, but that aren’t keepers.
My wife and I share these temporary pictures ALL the time and got tired of them cluttering up Photos and iCloud, and having to go delete them later... 😬
What is name of this code editor in the first photo?
Did you come up with a good approach for grids?, I manage to do it but deletion looks flaky 😢
Here’s my license plate collection app Plate-It. Recently I moved from storyboards to programmatic UI! It’s free to try :)…
Interesting app! Why does the U.S. allow such diversity (and customization?) for license plates? Is this always the case or only started recently? 🤔
Every state has their own plate, and in the last 20-30 years, each state has released various ‘graphic’ plates that people can pay extra for to support local charities, organisations, sports teams, etc :)
Looks pretty cool but why do I need to create an account to try it?
Data synchronization. Biggest feature request was to have things sync between devices (soon there will be web and android apps), and so this was how I approached it. :)
Makes sense but I wish I could try it without having to create an account. Even just decreasing the number of things I have to fill in to create an account from first name, last name, username, email, and password to just email and password would be beneficial to reduce friction.
I’m looking to add ‘Sign in with Apple’ to make it a quicker process, especially for those who just want to try it :)
Stormcore, connects to your electric scooter, skateboard, unicycle, etc to see stats, track your rides, configure, whatnot. Home tiles backed by DiffableDataSources and db by Realm
Ooh. That looks good. When available?
Soon! I should mention the caveat is it only works with vehicles that runs the VESC open source standard
Ah. I know of VESC for eSk8. Never heard of any EUC using it. cc @Afeez_Kay
Yeah, gyroscope support and HFI is enabled in fw 5.x and people have been building onewheel clones and EUCs
Well it seems to exclude me but good luck.
Nice work! Loving the detailed data/presentation
Working on a SwiftUI Journaling app
Working on a new project: app for tracking your most important activities (daily themes) every day. SwiftUI, Neumorphism: all you need for an app in 2020! Please, join the Beta 🙂
An app for seeing the rankings of apps in different countries. Doubt Apple will approve it tho, it got removed last time.
What does it call? Thanks 🙏🏻
My own API that webscrapes different sources to get rankings up to 1000. It’s not the fastest but it is interchangeable with the iTunes API which only gets you ranks to 200.
Because of the use of emoji I assume?
Nope the previous version had images instead. It got removed because it had a search feature for apps on the AppStore. On the call I had with them they said I cannot pull down rankings no matter what API I use, there’s or a 3rd parties...
Interesting, thanks for sharing
If it’s not approved you should consider making it open source! Would help out tons of developers and they could contribute features in (any iOS developer knows how to download and run an app anyways)
Or release as a Catalyst app but not on MAS, agree this would be very popular
I took the time to finish AeroCodes, an app to browse information about all airports and aircrafts
Hey i had a similar idea. How did you store the data? JSON? And inapp or with a server? And did you wrote the data by yourself? I appreciate an answer
Data are mainly coming from (open data) augmented with Wikipedia scraping. Everything is stored in a SQLite db embedded in the app so it’s completely available offline.
Thanks for the answer. It sounds complicated but ill look into it
We should talk! We know this data inside out at @FlightyApp
Hard at work on Camo, to let you use your iPhone’s awesome camera as a webcam
Yes but v1 focus is on macOS, Windows will come after 👍
This would be great for video interviews we do on @gocreativeshow!
This is great! Also, I’m afraid an idea already marked for inevitable Sherlocking... :/
Yes please! Tried a handful of alternatives and nothing cuts it.
This is great! Does it have the “flip camera horizontal” function? I know many people who are streaming their workouts are having issues with this.
Looks like there is a Mirror Video option 🙂
I have an app that does this now but it is super unreliable. Please test the heck out of this!
This looks great! The existing options appear somewhat sketchy, some requiring positive reviews to unlock features. Signed up for access. Looking forward to trying it out!
so using the 4K camera of the iphone become possible ? I'd liv to have beta access
Please add LUT support for advanced color grading before the image is passed on to Skype, etc… ;)
Without drivers? That would be awesome for my company Mac!
Very cool app. Would love to use it as a built in camera is terrible)
iPhone webcam is becoming the vogue. @dmosher…
If you're looking for an easy way to use your iPhone as a WebCam you can do pretty well using CamTwist (free, MacOS) and Full Screen Camera (free, iOS). As a bonus, you can do fancy text and graphics overlays, as well as cheesy effects! Here's a how-to thread: 👇
Will it be capable of using TrueDepth for background replacement and/or DoF?
A to-do app BUT with built in Pomodoro timer, iCal sync, task sharing and competition with friends. Wip
Me suena a cierta conversación que tuvimos jajaja
JAJAJAJAJAJAJA ups me descubriste 😬
App name Please.
Still work in progress. Will let you know when it is out. Hopefully before WWDC
I’ve just implemented searching & query building in my resource manager. I’m happy with the UI but I need to optimise to boost the frame rate!
This app seems pretty neat
My first 100% SwiftUI app ‘SatNow’ was released a couple of weeks ago. A super simple app for tracking the ISS, and future passings are graded by location, weather, and time of day. :)…
Just downloaded your app, love it! Thank you 🙂
Thank you for downloading!
Potentially a bug report for you, the viewing quality showed correctly first time the app was launched but every time since it’s showing could not be determined for all viewings. Double checked and Location Services are enabled etc
That is likely to do with the weather API that I make use of. Location is definitely working, as that’s how the future passings are determined :) I’ll take a look, thanks!
Just downloaded your app, looks nice, thanks! 2 quick remarks: (1) would be nice to distinguish between notification states (a filled bell?), (2) the ‘Clear scheduled notifications’ menu item immediately clears them but the chevron made me expect a list or sth behind it first.
Thanks for downloading! Yes I'll take your feedback into consideration, it's very much appreciated!
Awesome, looking forward to it 🙂
Small suggestion: Using the system mono-spaced font for this countdown would help it not shift around as much.
Thanks! Great idea.
An app that helps people find wins in their lives 😁 currently awaiting App Store review
How did you connect Bitmoji's to your app? 😳
Using Snapchat's SnapKit, it's awesome!
This app is amazing! I love that it allows me to acknowledge quick wins in a fun way and all the times I can look at it and remember those small wins. Makes me so happy!
thanks broski 🙌
Working on a SwiftUI app for cocktail recipes, that can suggest what to make based on your ingredients. Bit more of a learning exercise than anything else, but it's been fun testing the recipes!!
Would you share more info about the app? I’m avid cocktail fan
Hey feel free to DM - looking for TestFlight testers! App is still very early on, but would be good to get feedback and suggestions from a cocktail enthusiast.
I would love to know more about this app! I’m developing one myself and I am also a professional bartender. I can happily help you out with cocktails if needed 😄
Happy to add you to the Testflight! DM me if you want to chat about the app, open to ideas - your app looks awesome
Please, share your app as well, I’d be really glad to test it
finishing up AudioTune - a real time pitch correction app. it's AUv3, meaning you can use it as an effects plugin inside another app, similar to how you would use a VST in Logic or Ableton. but on iOS!…
working on MIDI input for my upcoming iOS pitch correction AUv3 plugin
Really great stuff!! Been testing this and you’ve really outdone yourself. Thanks 🙏
been seeing your videos on this pop up. Would love to integrate this into @audiobridge when it’s ready. We should catch up!
Very cool. Can I export my subscriptions data?
(Possibly sensitive)
This looks great, checking it out now! If I can’t fly anywhere just yet, I might as well plan for when I can.
Thanks @ckelley ! Hope it'll be of great help!
I’m working on a coffee brewing helper app! it’s built using SwiftUI and will allow the user to log brewing methods. I started building a couple weeks ago on my twitch and am only working on Mondays. Goal is to have CloudKit support.
shouldn't those be the other way around
🤦 you are correct! And it’s being added to the Trello board to fix. Thank you!!
Sounce. 100% SwiftUI app that let you mix, adjust and listen to ambient sounds. From visuals to interactions, it has been designed to deliver a true peace of mind experience Released it today!…
Just downloaded it. It’s awesome 👏🏼. 5 stars
Thank you very much ! First review, much appreciated 🙌🏻 More sounds and features coming soon
Very nice app but the logo looks like a vagina
Damn it !!! It was supposed to remind you a hear 😱😭
😂😂😂 good luck
People see what they want to see 😂
I like it. Great app.
Worth notifying: no analytics sdk, no database, no internet communication, no dependencies, nothing. Just buttons, icons, and sounds.
Directement téléchargé et 100% adhéré ! C’est du super travail, ca merite un avis et 5 etoiles !!
Merci beaucoup ! 🙏🏻
Brilliant app. Well done! Having a play right now
Good to know ! Thank you 🙌🏻
Well done man, the design is great.. I would love to use the app but it requires iOS 13 :( is it possible to support the older iOS versions in the next update please? I have an old iPhone with iOS 10 and it would be great if I can run the app on it.
Hi ! Thank’s for the feedback ! Unfortunately, the app is made in SwiftUI, which is only supported since iOS 13 ... Sad to know people can’t use my app
Ok, that’s understandable.. Thanks for the clarification 👍
Beautiful. I love it!
New update : AirPlay support !
Working on code editor for iOS. In my plans, this app should support TextMate bundles and install additional tools for work (clang, python, PHP, nodejs and etc) Notifications, Git, and File tree were written on SwiftUI.
Awesome! Would love to use it for developing my nodejs webapp
May I make a suggestion? 😅 RoundedRectangle( cornerRadius: ..., style: .continuous )
Whats the app called?
A simple task manager think of it as notes + reminders + jira/trello! Create multiple projects, organise with tags and customise your workflow for your individual projects! Sharing and syncing across all devices. @thetaskapp launches in 2 days (1st of June) 🚀
Holy moly 😱. The app looks insane.
Thank you 🙇🏻‍♂️
мечты сбываются?
OMG ! This look awesome 🤩 Will definitly try it 😀
Hope it wouldn’t be a subscription only app ;)
You have the option to either subscribe or buy it once and use it forever across all of your devices!
How much will it be? Just wondering
$10/year or $35 lifetime (for launch week)
Ahh okay, that’s a fair price! Can’t wait to try it out :)
2 projects are completely free to create and use, however sharing is locked behind the paywall :D
This looks amazing, did UI design yourself?
Yes I did, thank you 😃
Ooh this looks great! Will be sure to check it out! 👍
It’s already on the App Store, I just downloaded it😅
Nice, is it free?
It’s free to begin with 😄
quick... someone tweet a screenshot of whatever replaces Catalina. Because it HAS to be better than Catalina.
A foster parent survival guide. Yeah, it’s basically a notes /to do app, but the point is that it’s a one-stop-shop so foster parents can access their kiddo-specific files quickly and securely.
This is a great help, from you Steve to all Indie Developers 🙂🙌🏼🙌🏼
This is Codye, a syntax higlighting app for code presentation
Is it iPad only?
Of course not 😉
(Possibly sensitive)
My stack is completely separate from theirs. I use highlight.js and JavaScriptCore iOS framework.
I’m working on Cleora: HTTP & WebSocket client for iOS & iPadOS, getting ready to release lots of improvements before WWDC, so that I can then focus on supporting the new iOS version and build SwiftUI/AppKit version for macOS: It's fully in SwiftUI 😊
May I make a suggestion for the left-hand pane? RoundedRectangle( cornerRadius: ..., style: .continuous // ← )
Good suggestion, thank you! Will add it in the next release.
Paid for the year. Works great for my use case. Would suggest maybe offering a few connections for free so users get an idea of what it can do!
Thank you, Tom. Great to hear that it's useful for you. I’m actually planning to add some approved endpoints for license free interactions, hopefully in the upcoming release.
Touching up Pocket Rocket before Saturday’s launch :) It’s designed to help you never miss another SpaceX launch, and see their rockets in AR.
It is amazing how many great apps there are in this thread 👌 Keep up the good work everyone 🚀
Working on a job application tracker!! Easy way to track all the different jobs you’ve applied to! I share the entire process on my Instagram
Working on drag & drop eBook highlighting on my project 😊
How do you make videos like that? It’s so cool
Love the icon!
Thanks, Cezar! 😊
🤯 how is this free?!
I'm working on @liftr_app a workout / weight lifting tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch
wow, this looks fantastic! my trainer has been giving me at-home weight routines and i’ve been looking for a Watch app to track them. let me know if you need a beta tester!
Thank you ☺️ definitely! Here’s the public beta link:
Join the Liftr beta
Available on iOS
Looks nice! What’s the pricing structure?
Right now it’s not finalized but I’m leaning towards an extremely affordable subscription price of $0.99 / year
Very low price point. I mean, I hate subscriptions in general, something psychological would make me choose a $4.99-$9.99 one time forever unlock lol. The mind works in mysterious ways.
Haha yeah definitely - I’m also considering a lifetime option for those who dislike subscriptions - somewhere between $2.99 - $4.99
Awesome design! Love it👌🏼 Best of luck 🙏🏼
Not necessarily tied to any one OS, but still exploring lots of AR interfaces recently!…
Indeed a brilliant idea!
I’ve been working on an app (PenList) to track fountain pens and inks. Running on iPhone and iPad now, working on Mac app next.
I’ve recently launched @PixelNodesApp 2.0, a Live Graphics Node Editor for iPad
An image board viewer written entirely using SwiftUI. I hope Craig has some exciting SwiftUI news for us this year, because I had to bridge lots of gaps so far 😅 (screenshots featuring artwork from the great @ashleyloob)
I also have a fun prototype of a native MakerBot iOS (and iPadOS) app in the works, also in SwiftUI! It’s already implemented some features not released publicly, so this is all I can show right now sadly. (This is just a side project—it won’t end up becoming the official app)
SwiftUI is just so so so fun and great to develop with. Used to dread iOS development but now I want MORE! Hair Force One, please pull through
For this one, I wanted to implement as many cool “magic” features as possible (and that made sense). So far, Handoff, iCloud syncing, and drag-n-drop of posts are implemented.
omg is this from my e621 tag
Podcast player app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. An all-SwiftUI universal app. Recently launched and free:…
Paul, I'm betting on TCA behind this one. 😉
Is it open source?
looks good!! Are you doing the feed parsing on device or is there a server component?
All client-side. There are a lot more features to go, but trying to minimize server need.
Yes, an iPhone app that replaces your background in any web conferencing app (like Zoom, Meet, etc,)
I’ve been working on a major update to @Sofa_HQ that I’m launching next week. Been hustling to get it out before WWDC
Finishing up my side project @CritNotesApp. Built with SwiftUI, plus a macOS version with Catalyst.
We're working on a big update for WWDC, definitely rooting for some PencilKit love with you :) @penbookapp turns your iPad into a magical notebook – any developers who want to use it to sketch/prototype with our iOS stencils, @ me for a free license
Wow this looks great Ben!! I would love to take you up on that offer : ) Really love the clean design I’m seeing here
hey thanks! DM me your Support ID (you can copy it from the app's settings tab)
This looks great I would love to get this offer @ductionist Thank you
🙇‍♂️ for sure, just DM me your support ID (from the app's settings tab)
Your DM is not open I guess
Whoops, sorry! Try now :)
Now I wish I had an iPad 😞
hit me up when you get one (or when it gets released for iPhone/Mac :)
Any chance of a licence would love to use this for 1st stage prototypes?
Sure bud just DM me your support ID (from the app's settings tab)
Just downloaded. Seems like a great everyday app. Would like to see it in full capacity. Thanks.
For sure, DM me your Support ID from the app’s settings tab :)
I would like a license, please.
Sure, DM me your Support ID from the settings tab :)
would love a rotate canvas feature 😋
Cool idea! What other apps have you seen that implement this well?
Love Zinnia! Great ideas, thanks a lot.
Never seen this one before! Looks awesome.
Are you in the beta? Muse looks amazing, so ambitious
yes, since the beginning.
very cool 👍
Hey awesome. I would like a licence too
Would love to give you one, DM me your support ID from the app’s settings screen and I’ll hook it up
I love this app and hate to mooch, but I’d totally use up a license.
it’s not mooching when you’re offered it ;) just DM me your support ID from the app’s settings screen
This looks great! Would love a license
For sure! Just DM me the app’s Support ID from the settings screen.
This looks awesome. I’d love to check it out
Hey for sure, just DM me the support ID from the settings page in the app
Looks cool! Very generous offer, too. Apps like this are useful for so many people. It’s what I love about the iPad Pro.
Hey thanks! If you want in on it, DM me your support ID from the app’s settings page.
I’d love to try this
Absolutely, just grab the support ID from the app’s settings page and DM it to me
Hey 👋 looks great! I would love to try it 🙌
For sure, just DM me your support ID from the app’s settings page
That looks awesome. I’be been wondering how best to sketch so ideas on iOS. Maybe I should invest in an iPad to use your app!
I highly recommend it :D
Oh wow! I'd love to use this for design!
For sure bud, send me your support ID from the app’s settings page
Oh yes. So much.
Send me the Support ID from the app’s settings page and I’ll unlock it :)
That looks great! Any chance that offer is still up? 😄
For sure, DM me your support ID from the app’s settings page :)
Hey Ben , I would love to try the app. also thanks for generosity 🥳
You are welcome! DM me your support ID from the app’s settings screen and I’ll hook it up
I would love to give it a try
Definitely, just DM me the support ID from the app’s settings screen
Will love to give it a try! :)
For sure, just DM me the support ID you can find on the app's settings screen
I wish I can get a license
Definitely, DM me your support ID (from the app's settings page)
Wow, @penbookapp id love to try this out! Thanks!
Yeah! DM me your support ID from the app's settings screen and we'll unlock it.
I’m happy to pay for the app, this looks fantastic and exactly why I bought an iPad. Well done!🙂
wow 😳 thanks very much. Would love to hear your feedback.
That looks pretty neat, would love to try out the stencils!
Definitely, just DM me your support ID from the app’s settings page :)
I appreciate the offer and would like to take you up on it. Well done on an excellent app!!
Hey thanks! DM me your support ID from the settings screen :)
Wow this looks great! I’d love to take you up on your offer :)
For sure, just DM me your support ID (from the app’s settings page)
Hi Ben, what a great looking app and idea. I’d love to get a licence from you, if that’s OK. Much appreciated.
Looks great! I’d love a license if the offer still stands.
Definitely, just DM me your support ID from the app's settings page.
Whoa!! Totally interested if you’re still being generous with keys! I’d love to dig into this.
Definitely, just DM me your support ID from the app's settings page :)
May I have a free license, too?
Yes :) DM me your support ID from the app's settings page
I would love to get a license for this for sketching out app ideas!
Right on 👍 DM me your support ID from the app's settings page
Hi Been, this is great! May I get a free license too?
For sure, just DM me your support ID from the app's settings screen.
Hi Ben! Does the offer still stand? 😇 $RCAnonymousID:7819f8b58749469581a9a7aae70c9f6d
✨Try restarting the app, or hitting 'restore purchase' :)
I was just looking for a prototyping app and it is surprisingly hard to find a decent one. This looks awesome! Is there any license still available?
Sure! DM me your support ID from the settings screen in the app
Hey, if this offer is still available would love to take you up on it
Ben nice work. Interesting to see the progression from Surface, etc. Love a license if still open. Otherwise, keep pushing it
Thanks i am a developer and would love to have this offer
Currently test flying Kontaktr, a catchup logger/reminder with clean UI respecting the user’s privacy.
I have a time zone app that I plan to finish before the WWDC. It is called Dilims and written in SwiftUI.
this is super cool!
Thank you Eric ☺️
Looks neat and useful to many!
Thanks, that is the plan
I think I've tried every timezone app, never found the perfect one. yours is looking good!
Hopefully I can solve that.
Congrats Eliz, Looks fascinating! 👍🏼
Thanks Batuhan 😇
This looks fantastic
Thank you Ben 😇
Wow, this looks great. Is this going to be open source? I’d love to see how you achieved this type of layout with SwiftUI
Thank you. No plan to open source it, sorry...
Ah, no worries. Really cool to see how mature of a framework SwiftUI already is!
Would love to try this out! Happen to have a beta?
No public beta yet, unfortunately.
Ah okay, can’t wait to try it out eventually!
Is this on the TestFlight yet. I would love to try it out.
I like this a lot
Looks too clean 👍🏻
iOS 12 de çalışmıyor değil mi? :(
Maalesef 🤷‍♀️
I’ve failed at so many “before WW” deadlines, good luck 👍🏼
After 10 years I'm rebuilding one of my first puzzle game that I released on the AppStore in 2009 for iOS 3. For iPhone, iPad, macOS & tvOS. Before / After:
Ooh, I want that game, I love those puzzles.
I’m working on updates for my bookmarking app “Bookmarks”. It already has iCloud sync, drag’n’drop and uses iOS13′s LPLinkView. Next up are custom collections and shortcuts support ✌️…
Looks neat. Do you plan of doing macOS version?
For sure! Musiker allows you to save sheet music to your device. It’s got iCloud Sync, image annotation support (with PencilKit) and allows to scroll through the sheet music using face tracking! @musikerapp
What do you use to render the sheet music? 🎼 Looks great 😎
Just images 😂
I’ll check it out!
For anyone wondering, beta coming soon!
I have a system monitor and information app for the Apple Watch coming out on June 5th called Clockwork! (@ClockworkApp_)
Birthdays! Get reminded of birthdays. 99.9% SwiftUI ToDo: — Image picker — Date math for “in X days” (Any ideas? 😬)
No math needed, you can use the RelativeDateTimeFormatter for that purpose…
The documentation on that (by Apple) is useless. I do use “.timeIntervalSince“ to grab the age. Any help or pointers for getting to the end goal for “”days until”? —thanks!
You’ve got great example here by @twostraws… hope that help
Wow! Great work! This looks really good. It would be greatly appreciated if you’re willing to send me in the right direction.
I will! And thank you for a review.
I’m working on a #spritekit game called Flarts (flying darts).
I’m making an app that tracks upcoming streaming events so you can schedule and be notified when it goes live.
Can you let me know when it’s available?
Getting very close to launching an independent watchOS version of @whatsmyeta 100% SwiftUI, calendar integration, lists that are fully managable on the watch and customisable complications.
and you just took my money. Been looking for this solution for years!
I have been woking on a speedy audiobook player @SpeedReedApp for iOS in my free time and it is (finally) in public beta!
Created a Sheet Music and Presentation Creator! Releasing on MacOS AppStore this week 😎
getting the crappy keyboard (space bar) on my MBP repaired by mail-in, does that count as a "macOS project?"
These threads are always a treat, keep up the great work everyone ☺️
Working on an almost entirely SwiftUI audio app.
Days 92 to 94 - the UI is starting to get somewhere. Lately I’ve been working a lot on getting the code organized and reusable wherever possible. D.R.Y. is the motto. Inheritance is key 🔑 #100DaysOfCode #audiokit
I'm working on an iPad app called ReadLists. It lets you create playlists for webpages. You can have a ReadList filled with your favorite tech blogs, one for memorable poems, another for interesting articles about some subtopic, etc. TestFlight Link:
Helps you make exercise a habit. #WIP
Working and released an advanced indie video editing app for #ipad called @filma_app key framing, animated masking, motion tracking, multitrack among many tigger features #visionframework #metal #inspireothers
Oooooh exciting!! I’ll be checking this out!
Thanks! 🙏🏼
Your app is great but crashes so often :/ where can I file bug reports?
Oh really? It’s been pretty stable lately. Could you use one of our contact ways within the app “Give Feedback” and “Contact us”?
Thank you, I’ll do so if I can find a consistent way to trigger a crash.
You can also use our discord channel. The invite is inside the app too 🙏🏼 thanks for the feedback ☝️
Thanks so much
Thank you! 🙏🏼 really appreciate it
Thanks 🙏🏼☺️
Man this looks super exciting…
Thank you!! ☺️🙏🏼
A podcast player that actually listens to what the podcast host says, and lets you subscribe to topics
I need to add some feature to CanIGetUp (because it’s too trivial for Apple right now). It’s an app that you install on the device of your child. When you child wakes up, she can look herself it it’s already time to get up without waking you up.
I’m building a(nother) Markdown to slideshow Mac app, but with the added twist that it embeds native SwiftUI views defined in inline codeblocks. Theme and layout can be set up in SwiftUI too. @dias_app
Moving away from OpenGL to Metal on this super niche tool for backdrop photography.
wow love it where can i get it
I'm working on a synthesiser and sequencer for iPadOS. It's called Assemble. I added light/dark themes this week, which can be seen in this video. :)
It has some ORCA vibes. Dope work!
Super cool! Would love to try it out :D When can we expect it? (Rough estimate of course :) We all know how software estimates can be)
Thanks! I'm planning to launch it in July. :)
Woohoo! pls dm i will be the first to get it
That looks terrific!
Thanks, Charles!
That looks crazy fun. Can’t wait to play with it!
Looking forward to this release!!!
This is super cool!
If you want to, I believe scaling it down to iPhone (as well) would boost your audience potential to 3-4x the size just given pure numbers. Not a lot of extra work relatively-speaking.
cc @b3ll let me know if you want to unsubscribe from the "conath found a synth app" newsletter, until then i will cc tweet these at you 😉
this is very neat!
This looks great. I can’t wait to play with it.
This looks great. Please add me to your press list.
Working on @rocketsim_app, making it easy to record the iOS simulator into MP4 or GIF. The GIF can easily be dragged into GitHub issues or Pull Requests, which is great for visually showing code changes 👌🏻
This looks great! I wish it recorded touches, but I assume that’s probably because the simctl command doesn’t record the touches 😞
Would love this as well.
I'm working on a pet project, Kitchen Gnome (SwiftUI+ pointfree composable architecture). The app helps keep track of your groceries and figure out what you could cook based on ingredients. Sign up on TestFlight beta:
I’m working on new features for @highlights_app - a PDF reader for research on Mac, iPad and iPhone.…
And app! I just downloaded and, while I don’t see myself using it every day (I annotate very few documents), I want to find a space for it in my workflow, it’s brilliant.
you might like this :)
I'm working on PastePal which can be your next favorite pasteboard manager
Slowly making progress with my "learn SwiftUI and macOS development" project @ProveeApp - Profile Provisionings Management app.
I'm working on Session, a focus timer app with Analytics. This is my first Apple software. Made with SwiftUI and available on macOS and iOS :) Really sad that I can't release it as I've tried to apply Apple Developer Program from the past two month without success.
Exploring SwiftUI with "Wash Me” a guide on how to read cloth care symbols :D with Core Data and CloudKit. I’ve also worked on some SwiftUI Preview tools like SafePreviewDevice :D
We released @maydaymaydayapp for iOS and Android very recently!
I developed a subscription service manager completely using SwiftUI…
Woah! This is what I needed. Thanks @serverConnectd
Happy it could help out
Of course! Thanks for asking 😀 Trying to make developer’s life easier when it comes to deeplinks and iOS simulators.…
Testing Universal Links on Apple Watch Simulator? 🤔 With @AltumApp it is so easy! 🥳 #iOSDev #macOSDev #SneakPeek #indiedev
I’m rewriting my heart rate tracking app @cardiobotapp in SwiftUI. Still work in progress, but summary screen is ready.
Arc Mini is an open source, SwiftUI rewrite of the core #ArcApp functionality. Will be available on the App Store and is already build and runnable from GitHub source.…
Always working improving my Watch-only flashcard app to learn Japanese. But starting to mock-up the UI for a new iPhone/iPad app.
I've been working on 🧳Suitcase, a command line tool that can create SwiftUI interfaces to other tools. It supports interpreter mode for scripting or direct use from the command line. UIs support drag & drop, dark mode, doc icons and menu bars and more.…
The name reminded me of old Windows 95 special folder thingy :)
This looks like it could be a far more functional notification system for #macadmins Might have to play with this one for providing easy to use GUIs to command line tools.
Very interesting. This is the kind of thing that AppleScript should be doing, were it actually *developed* and not left to languish.
Can you control other (built-in) apps directly with Swift or is that done via AppleScript?
With Suitcase you can call command line tools directly and using the Apple Script command line to control other apps. It would be possible to add Apple Event support directly but that comes with a bunch of sandboxing issues. /cc @SuitcaseCLI
Thank you. Yes, I understand. But there is no Swift ‘interface’ to Apple Events that is more low-level/efficient than AppleScript right? In the same way that creating a window with Swift is more low-level/efficient than with AppleScript.
There is a low level Apple Event API that is C based, and looks grim in Swift. I’m not sure how well supported it is either.
That’s a shame. It would complement an app like this very well.
There’s macOS’s ScriptingBridge framework, which is garbage. There’s the SwiftAutomation framework I wrote some years back, but I do not do maintenance or support. Least awful way is to call AS handlers from Swift via the AppleScript-ObjC framework:
Hey, this looks super useful!
I saw this go by in my GH feed! Looks really cool, and I definitely appreciate interpreter mode. Are there/will there be shorter aliases for some of those options?
There are current only a few short alias’ but I’m not opposed to adding more. There are boring technical reasons why it’s not straightforward. But it’s not impossible. Please create an issue on GitHub. While in alpha I’m happy to make breaking changes. /cc @SuitcaseCLI
Hi Steve @TrainBeacon shows Great Britain trains in augmented reality
I'm working on Boop, a scriptable scratchpad for developers. Paste some text and run operations on it such as JSON formatting, removing slashes, decoding URL entities, etc. Fully native and Open Source!
didn't know how badly I needed this in my life until this exact moment
It comes from a personal frustration of not having a good place to do those simple tasks... I’d lose count of how many times a day I would look up “JSON Formatter” and blindly paste sensitive data into random websites.
Was *just* thinking about this the other day. curiousconcept has probably seen more than the NSA. Super excited to take a look at it this weekend!
This is so cool! Can't wait to try it out 🤩
Thanks! You can grab it on Github, or wait a day or two for me to make a proper release
I guess I should have included a link if you want to give it a spin: I’ll make a proper release and finish the website sometimes this weekend, and maybe put it on the App Store. Feel free to fork and/or contribute custom scripts!
A scriptable scratchpad for developers. In slow yet steady progress. - IvanMathy/Boop
Can it provide HTML / RTF c;lip format?
As in, export highlighted code? If that’s what you mean, not directly. But since it’s really an NSTextfield I believe copying the text keeps the colors. I could add an HTML exporter too!
Want. This looks *so* helpful. Always finding those online tools for this!
Thanks! Yes it’s crazy to me how simple operations like this become cumbersome to deal with especially when you need multiple at once
looks so promising!
This is nice! Will we be able to write our own operations?
Yep! You can create your own easily in JavaScript, and either keep them in a local folder or contribute back to the main repo. See the docs on how to do that:
A scriptable scratchpad for developers. In slow yet steady progress. - IvanMathy/Boop
Dude, well done. This is such a great little utility. I’d easily pay for this
Thanks! And no need, it's free!
Working on LazyBoard, custom keyboard app.
A simple app to browse movies/tv credits, color coded by ratings
Your app is great looking but I have some reservations. The Star Wars Holiday Special should have a hard coded override to green. Not sure it can be taken seriously without that feature.
lol .. it could be argued that a movie with a low number of votes should not show the color.. maybe that value should be 250 😅
I think I was misremembering it. I think that now I’ve thought about it some more, I think it might be one of the worst bits of TV ever and may be deserving of the red 😂
Wheww cannot unsee
Developing the AR part and the UX of FitaDo!
I've got a mac project i'm working on. It's part of my vision of what Siri could be. Always active in the background, and available offline. #voicefirst
Hey man, I have one feedback (if you’re not looking for it, please ignore) Answers should always start with the most relevant info and be stoppable In that case: “it was XX degrees 20min ago, I can’t check right now because we have no connection” PS.: this is valid for all VUI
Also, the more concise the better. Even if that implies being “less human” I’d love to have Siri answering to that as “30 degrees 20 minutes ago, I’m offline now” only
Cool, I appreciate the feedback. Siri will always be offline in my case so the mental model is just a tad bit different from what people are use to today. The best part is you can custom the responses to be less verbose and suitable to your Myers-Briggs.
That’s a very interesting approach!
You can also interrupt the response or barge in just by talking over it. So you could say "Oh, well never mind" as Siri is talking to stop it.
That’s genuinely voice-first
Demo of me barging in before I used the Siri voice.…
#voicefirst barge in demo. Using @speechutility for speech recognition.
I’m working on Eyeye, an iOS app written in Swift that utilizes the TrueDepth camera & #ARKit eye-tracking API to help you take care of your eyes with daily exercises.…
Working on Tesla Companion, an app with WatchOS counterpart, here is the iOS part and the rest @TeslaCompanion 😊
L'appli doit apporter quoi en plus par rapport à l'appli officielle ?
L’Apple Watch, Siri, Shortcuts et d’autres.
A little late to the party, but we're wrapping up a rewrite of our home inventory management app, Home Inventory, w/native iPad and iPhone support & a ton of new features. People can sign up for the beta, which begins after WWDC week, here:
Dose the app will support a universal purchase? And what about Setapp users?
The current plan is to launch with a universal purchase. We currently support Setapp and hope to continue to do so with version 4, but haven't made a final decision yet. Version 3 will continue to be available via Setapp, though, as long as they allow it.
Made a simple app that allows you to store and save your favorite 10 things of anything. Trying out SwiftUI, Combine and CloudKit/Core Data sync at the same time.…
Hi Kotaro. Having a few problems with the app. Love the design and the idea, but unable to open my 4th favourite and cannot scroll down past the page on an 11 pro?
Thx! I will look into this. I got your form submission so I’ll follow up thru that.
Planning to add CloudKit support to my app xTravel for saved journeys, location based service updates and add more service providers in the coming weeks
Privacy preserving proofs of computational integrity is going to be a game changer in healthcare, trading, finance, etc. Starling Studio makes this tech accessible to engineers with a one-click install IDE SaaS frontend with integrated VM based on the Swift-like Zinc language.
PoweResize. It’s gonna be out June 1st. Crop and reframe images using AI. macOS first, then, lather this summer iOS. I’m thrilled and terrified for this launch…
I am just waiting for iOS release. Would be so great to reorganize some of my unused photos.
I’m gonna release it as soon as I can. Thanks!
I’m close to shipping my SwiftUI puzzle game, Wisdoku.
I'm working on a cool update to Endless Paper, a spatially organized note taking / white boarding app with a custom Metal renderer
Man this looks like fun. Nice work!
Have been working hard on integrating CloudKit with ByTrain, an app for UK train times and disruptions!
Would be great if it was available for users outside the UK AppStore! If your on holiday you can’t get it...
Looks cool. You should make it available in all country stores for visitors.
I wish more apps looked like this
Working on a task / habit building app. 100% SwiftU with custom UI and all. Still need to add a lot of features.
Could you share how you build the grid view?
Used Combine and its modifiers. Go ahead and check out @rudrankriyam ’s article on this. Helped me a lot:…
Just released Llama Money. Built with UIKit. It’s really just a simple app for tracking what bills you need to pay before payday. I like using it a little better than a traditional spreadsheet…
Would a future option be to sync with your bank?
Not going to lie, I am interested in that option, but there are already apps built by large companies that already do that. The draw back of apps with that feature is that due to limitations imposed by banks, the app’s data can be hrs/days behind the current status of the account
I miss what Mint was doing years ago!
What did you use to create the App Store screenshots with the iPhone spanning across two photos?
I used Previewed: it is a pretty great tool, frustrating in some respects but still pretty great
I’m working on a social network for developers. It is a platform that allows devs to find other people to work on project with.
Last month I released @xlaunchapp for tracking SpaceX launches! I’m now finishing up iPad support (with a fresh UI that takes advantage of the extra real estate) for the next update soon 🚀😁
Here's a #OpenSource reimplementation of the classic Internet game Netrek using #SwiftUI ! SwiftUI has issues with 3-button mouse support, so it's not as good as the SpriteKit version in the MacOS AppStore. Here's hoping for improved SwiftUI mouse support at WWDC!
Motivated by my school' app dark mode (or lack of therefore) I've made my own app - learned a lot of things 😄
To działa z librusem? Jezeli tak blagam udostepnij tą apke nienawidze librusa
I’m working on @timeinorbit, together with @airkai. It’s a time tracking and invoicing app for macOS, written in SwiftUI and AppKit. We are also writing the backend in Swift using Vapor. We are super excited to launch 1.0 soon! 🚀😃
This looks so cool! Really wanted something simple like this when I was freelancing.
Have you run into (or more importantly, worked around) troubles with SidebarListStyle on macOS disabling gestures & drag & drop? I banged my head against that for weeks, it totally derailed a big project I had going.
We had a lot of different issues with SidebarListStyle as well as NavigationViews in general that we had to find workarounds for. Non of them were related to drag & drop though. What issues did you run into?
I had a sample to-do app based on the Reminders UI which allowed dragging items in & out of the left hand list view to import/export, and allowed delete/move gestures. With SidebarListStyle, all that stopped working. I spent most of April trying to find a SwiftUI-only solution.
We had problems with collapsible sections, it would sometimes break item selection. We decided to disable it for now. Fingers crossed that we see some improvements for lists with SidebarListStyle during WWDC 🤞
Looks great!
Wow looks so smooth and well-designed... can’t wait to try it!!!
To learn SwiftUI, I made this to-do list app based on @_matthewpalmer’s .todo file type. Got to say, it’s been a fun project to work on! Still don’t know if I’m actually going to ship it or not.
Oh, and it syncs using iCloud Drive, in case you were wondering.
Thanks! Let me know what you think/suggestions :)
We're working on a personal finance app: daily expense tracking, monthly planning, saving for a goal - coming soon 🙂
Is there any way to sign up for beta testing? For the life of me I cannot find an expense tracker app that doesn’t integrate with my bank and doesn’t look like it’s straight from 2010
We're currently fixing some bugs and are planning a public beta in the coming months. We'll gladly notify you via Twitter once it's available.
We try to combine funtionality with extraordinary design - glad you like it 🙂
Im imagine that its a lot of work, but the result its the best
Honest anecdotal feedback. I severely dislike the line graph, second worst is the circle with the water inside. The septagram is insanely good, I feel like the style would be used on fancy gameshows. I would replace all with strong, straight edged graphics like that
This thread seems too good to stay out of 👋 Continuing work on my first ever app. It's an independent Watch app that helps you keep track of your training routine on your Apple Watch (without needing your iPhone).…
More features added in latest release, 1.4 🎉 - Your training stats directly on the watch face, with complication support. - New insight with your total duration training each day…
This looks fantastic! Great job!
Thanks! Let me know if you run into any problems. Watch+HealthKit+testing is not easy 😅
Bought! (But it seems to crash immediately after setup). Great concept, can’t wait to try.
Thanks! That's not good. Can you send me a DM so I can help you?
I made Countdowns, simple day counter app. ⌛️
A Rule of Three (Cross-multiplication) library with iCloud sync and also complex config for recepies
Working on my Hue menubar app @LightSwitchMac (whenever I have a spare moment or two)
Looking for beta testers? ;)
how did you do that table/menu.. its osx native? how did you set the color... im asking because of this:
+@lapcatsoftware & @sindresorhus thanks for your reply. this is what I have at the moment. Im using a NSPopUpButton with a custom cell: class DBPPopUpButtonCell: NSPopUpButtonCell
btw... looks awesome :)
The popover is a custom NSWindow subclass. Essentially all window chrome turned off, and a custom contentView that uses NSBezierPath to render the shape.
If you are looking for open source projects you can take a look at mine: implements a custom menu with over 30 different settings… custom popover like in that app
Custom macOS Popover 💬 [WIP]. Contribute to iSapozhnik/Popover development by creating an account on GitHub.
I love it... I will try to help ;)
I have groups, would be nice to support that.
I am working on an anagram assistant app, so far un-named. It is written using SwiftUI and I am very impressed with the high number of SwiftUI responses to this thread.
I hope the name is an anagram!
I just released version 1.1.1 of Artmospherez, a weather app using historic paintings to depict the current and upcoming weather.
I recently released an app to track your recurring expenses, built using SwiftUI.
Is it out yet? Looking so gooooood !
Yep! I plan to update it frequently with more icons and requested features.
I like the icon part 😃
Thanks! Glad you like it ☺️
Would it be possible to have multiple outcomes groups? So that I can calculate Outgoings for my company and personal too
Could be done using tags but to swipe from one list to another would be great
Coming in the next update…
Looks very nice 👍🏾
I recently released an app to track your recurring expenses, built using SwiftUI.…
Dude I love this! Does this app have its own Instagram page or do you have a personal Instagram page? Would love to give a shoutout
Thanks! I don’t unfortunately :( retweets are always welcome though! ☺️
This is awesome! I was wanting to make something similar cause this follows how I do budgeting. I had so many issues with how best to do the UI. You killed it I love the ui for picking recurring expenses, it’s genius! I’m so glad you shared this. Thank you!
Thank you so much! 😄 I’m glad you like it. I’m a big fan of apples human interface guidelines, and tried to stay as close as possible to them when creating the app.
iOS 13.3 is not supported?
Unfortunately not. There were some annoying bugs with SwiftUI in 13.3 and below which didn’t make for a nice user experience, so I decided to target 13.4 and above.
Got it, good job on the app, it looks very useful:)
Really nice ! I wanted to do something similar and I achieved it with a shortcut and a reminder list, but it not as beautiful as your app :) Did your app can tell me how much money can I use for this month (before next salary) ? :)
It (currently) doesn’t take into account your salary. You can however choose to view the amount remaining. For example, if you have an outgoing that occurs every month, and the due data has now passed, it will no longer be included when calculating the totals.
Perfect thanks 👌
Is the bottom sheet a native SwiftUI component?
Thanks for sharing!
Great app, Gian! 👏 Out of curiosity: Why did you decide to use a TabBar? Wouldn’t a settings button in the navigation bar make more sense, also to have all space at the bottom. I don’t see any advantage of having a TB here. No hate, just asking tho 😇
Thanks 😃 I did have it there when I first started developing the app, but as I added more functionality the nav bar started to fill up, and it looked kinda cluttered with 4 icons at the top, imo. 1/2
2/2 Hopefully there won’t be 2 tabs for much longer though, as I’m currently working on implementing lists, which will have its own tab.
I love it!!! It’s perfect
Nice work! It’s a cool app with a great UI 👌🏻 I’m looking forward to seeing this app gain more features :) Would love to see a payment-reminder function via notification and a way to link urls. Or a way to define how you pay a specific expense (different credit cards)
Just installed! Really great and helpful. Value is worth it. Makes you think about how much €€€ you throw away 😅
Glad you like it! 😁
Do you plan on being able to put my monthly income and then the app makes the math, like, how much % i am spending? Would be a Nice touch of awareness. And yes, just tried it, and it is awesome! That design... 👌
I’ve thought about adding that functionality, but haven’t got around to doing so yet. I’ll try to take a look at that in the near future.
How'd you make the individual navigation links? I've been trying to do that but it puts way too much space between list sections.
This is the styling I used for the rows. I’ve also hidden the separator insets for the list.
Thank you so much! I literally spent the entire day trying to find a solution.
And if you don't mind, how about that popup modal view in the bottom? I'm guessing something custom?
A bit late but adding more features and cities available to Neural Bikes, an app to predict bike sharing demand 🔗
Today I launched Readit 🚀 (an alternative for Pocket or Instapaper). You can download it for free on iOS, macOS or Safari Extension…
Wow! Thanks for sharing. This is beautiful brother!
Sorry, right now it's only available for iOS
Great idea, crazy buggy though. How should I report bugs?
Thank you Jeff! don't hesitate to send me an email at I will fix it ASAP
Great app. Any plans for Mac version?
Yes! you can download de Mac version on AppStore…
How’d you create the iphone mockup that spans across two photos in the App Store?
Experimenting with sound feedback and smooth animations. Might release it in App Store soon. Feedbacks are welcome.
Has to be one of the smallest side projects but I’m working on a basic video player that can play video with standard controls. A bit like what the current QuickTime is on macOS:…
Working on a very small side project, a basic video player that lets you play videos in the standard iOS video player with picture-in-picture support. It’s practically got no UI except for a document picker to select local files, but found it pretty useful for myself.
I want this for the @YouTubeTV app on iOS— the Clicker app for MacOS does this and I always keep @CNN on in a small screen when working. Very handy, but not available on iOS :(
Hoping to add support for YouTube videos to it at some point. :)
It would be great if it works for YouTube TV
Reminders app for iOS with a history bar. Replaces tab bars and also has back/forward swipe navigation. SwiftUI! (Not done)
I’m building a little .txt compiler for my novels! Only reason I used the incumbent Scrivener was the ability to compile many small chapter files into a draft. Simple floating pallet design makes a perfect SwiftUI test too 😊 Even if I never release it I’ve saved hours already!
Here is @FilmNoirApp for tracking films and tv shows. Unfortunately it seems Apple doesn’t want us in the App Store. Our account is flagged for termination in 2 weeks. I hope someone at Apple will notice this so we can get it resolved
Will this say where is any movie is streaming?
Hopefully yes! We’re interested in adding support for the @JustWatch API to provide links for any streaming platform or where to buy/rent.
are they providing APIs like that?
why dint I know this? may be because that is paid :( Thanks man
No problem, they also have an app if you want to try it out.
What caused it?
Probably Apple TV app
We really don’t know. We asked for clarification but only got a generic response that didn’t gave us any clear explanation or a chance to fix the issue.
Damn, that blows :/ I hope it gets resolved in your favor, the app looks really well done
I was really interested in downloading the app! Will you let me know if the situation changes?
Sure! You can also subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll send a TestFlight link when it’s available
Film Noir is a movie and TV show tracker. Coming soon to iOS App Store.
Damn I wish the iTunes Store looked this clean and nice
I hope this gets resolved, I would love to use this app!
this looks really good. Don’t give up about the approval process, App review seems to be a joke for the most part.
A few more screenshots in dark mode 😍
It's not a "proper" app, but I'm writing a tool to let me play multiple music files from Files, via Swift Playgrounds. Mixing SwiftUI and UIKit, so I can make lists much more easily. Don't have playback going yet (working on getting the edit button working), though…
Released @punktapp, a private and secure one-sentence journaling app, about two weeks ago. Still overwhelmed by the incredible feedback I’ve got and that over 5000 people have started journaling since then.
i’ve got my first solo side project, @yahaHQ
Fun type face! What is it?
It’s probably Georgia or Times New Roman :)
Congrats! This is a great idea
Take a look at Apple New York, Similar type face but scaled much better, especially for smaller font sizes
ah nice, will do thanks George!
I've been working on @GitJournal_io - A Notes App integrated with Git.
Just an idea, on Git Host selection, wouldn’t be cool if the button widths are wrap_content with 20(left,right) padding ? Maybe 20 padding to all sides as well ?
Makes sense. Will do!
I found myself wasting too much time on my Mac. So I built this app where you have to "request time" from your budget before going on Facebook, News, etc.
I want that! Especially if it allows for minimum quotas, not just maximum limits. Is it available to buy?
I built a "Letterboxd for Video Games". It's cross-platform (iOS, Android, and Web). You can check it out here:
I use this app to keep of games Im playing and want to play. I love it! Super well done!
Awesome looking tool. Curious to move to it from Does it have an entire database of games? Where is that db sourced from? Grouvee contains every game I could think of.
The data is currently sourced from IGDB and I can't imagine they wouldn't have everything you're looking for 😁
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